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Every Boy and Girl Everywhere
' You know these funny folks, "Happy Hooliean" and his brother "Gloomy Gus," that wonderful
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Seed Corn Testing
We have secured a supply of
Seed Corn Testing Posters, being
furnished by the Missouri Bank
ers Association, for distribution
through the banks of the state,
and shall be glad to supply, free
of charge, all our customers and
friends who call at the bank for
We believe all corn intended
for seed should be tested. The
Poster contains valuable informa
tion on the subject. Call for one.
Missouri State Bank
"Vhe Old tteliabh"
It is supposed that material of a
gritty nature passing through the
stomach and intestines of hogs helps
to stimulate the flow of digestive
juices. Coal is not digested, but acts
as an absorbant and as a stimulant.
It probably makes life miserable for
stomach and intertlnal worms. Char
coal is also appreciated by hogs and
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The above four S's are the four corner stones upon
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"So you are thinking of writing
a novel?"
- '"What is the nature of the plot?"
"I'm afraid it's rather old-fashioned.
Most of the characters are
half-way decent."
"Oh, well, the novelty of the thing
may appeal to some readers."
Foot Lighte What's the matter
with Joe ? He looks so glum.
Miss Sou Brette Oh, he's one of
a knock-about team and his partner's
in the hospital, and he hasn't got
anybody to knock around.
"Why? Isn't he married?"
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W. F DUVALL, President ;
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W. D. Yates, TKSe Ejouniaer.
Olsea&itot Women and Children a Specialty
Office Phone 20 House Phone 10
Entrance same that leads to Stew
ard's Studio.
North side square Butler, Missouri
Butler, Missouri
East Side of the Square
Phone No. 312
Physician k Surgeon
Office North Side Square, Butler,
Mo. Diseases of women and
dren a specialty.
"Judge Landon Carter is in love
with you, Anne. Are you going to
let the memory of Phil Gaines spoil
your whole life?"
"I wish that you would let me love
Phil without worrying over it."
"You are twenty-five, Anne, and
you have discarded enough men be
cause of your childish infatuation
for Phil Gaines. lie is married now
and out of the question. You are too
clever and wholesome to cling to
the memory of a man who was not
"Remember, dear, that he asked
me to marry him and I refused."
"Of course you refused when the
night before he had been notorious
ly drunk at the Peyton's dinner
"Not notoriously, mother, for I
took him away before any one knew,
and if I had loved him, as you think,
well enough to spoil my life because
of his memory, I would have mar
ried him even if he had been a con
firmed drunkard. That is a wom
an's way."
Anne picked up a little silver
frame on her desk. It held the pic
ture of a big, stalwart fellow with
eyes that laughed and mocked and
yet were tender.
"If you would put that picture
away and pack all his gifts you
would be much more likely to for
got. He isn't the boy vou remember.
He is a man now. I have heard that
he is coming here on his honeymoon.
I hope he does, to disillusion you."
"Why do you insist upon marriage
for me?"
"Because I want vou to be happv.
Marry Judge Carter! He is the
youngest man on the bench, good
looking and comes of a fine family.
You will never do better."
"He isn't in love with me and 1
don't intend to go campaigning for
a husband. Every family needa one
old maid to help mother, the neph
ews and nieces and pay the wild boy?
out of debt. In my rare laces and i
pearls I will be a romantic fisrure as '
I sit by the fire, seeing in the rosy j
flames' the bridge of dreams, span- 1
ning the river of youth, that lead-
into my garden of remembered i
things.' " j
"Don't talk like that, Anne. It
makes my heart ache. Be happy!
You are beautiful and gifted. Anti
cipate happiness and make the harp
of life respond to your cooling touch.
Forget Phil!"
' "If I only could forget!"
When her mother left her Anne
held the picture in her two hands,
staring down in the eyes that
laughed aud mocked and vet were
under the rouge. The man who had
grown out of the bov she had ideal
ized for years talking like that to his
wife! A wave of pity for the little
bride passed over her heart and
cleared it of all memory of Phil
Anne leaned over to whisper some
thing to the judge, then looked up
to faae Phil as he rose from the table.
"Anne," he cried eagerly, "how
good it is to see you again J"
"Bring your wife over here and
let her finish dinner with us," urged
Anne when she had greeted him. "It
will be lonely in this big city for
your bride while you are busy with
your friends, 60 I want the privilege
of taking care of her."
A sudden challenge flashed in
Phil's eyes and Anne met it un
flinchingly. "She is such a child, Phil ! You
must be very good to her."
"Yes," said Phil, looking down,
"I really want to make her happy.
I've made a bad beginning, Anne,"
he said, confessing his fault like a
penitent boy.
"Bring her right over here. I
think she is lovely. Then hurry and
see your man and get back in time to
join us for the opera." Anne felt
as if she had roused from an un
pleasant dream and was glad to be
awake once more.
"Anne," said Judge Carter, as his
big limousine whirled them swiftly
through the snowy streets from the
hotel where they had left Phil and
his bride, "I love you so and I need
you. I want you to make a homo
with me."
"You need me?" questioned Anne.
"Yes, dear. Every man dreams all
his life of one woman. You are
that woman to me. Fear that you
were unhappy kept me from speak
ing, but tonight you were so radiant,
so happy in your kindness to the
little bride, I dare to dream, to hope
of winning you. Could you learn to
care? What kind of a man could
you love ?"
"You," said Anne softly, a sud
den, illuminating happiness flood
ing her heart, "because you are you,
because vou will always rise to the
level of my need of you."
"And will you love me always?"
"Always," came the quiet answer,
" 'by sun and candle light.' " New
York Press.
Missouri Pacific Tims Table
No. 202 K. C. Mall Ex. S: . m.
No. 806 Kaneaa city Accommodation H:S0 a. m.
No. -Itt Loral Freight, don aot ear-
ry pmrapn .10:50. m.
Mo. W8 St Lout A K. C. Mall Bz 13:40 p m.
No 210 St. Lonla Limited 10:40 n. m.
No. 8M Stock Iiprai, dot aot car
ry paueasera. :to p. m.
No tot K.C.-'oplIn Mall Kx S:85a. m.
No. aot) Sonlhweat Limited 5:S0 a. m.
No. SMI Local Freight, doea aot car
ry passenger.... .. Il.Wp. m.
No. 207 K. O. JodIIb Mall a Ei 1:08 n m.
No. 20S Nevada Accommodation 9:40 p. m.
No. 693 Madison Local Freight, rar-
rles pass-niter. 7:50 m.
No US8 .Madison Accommodation.... 1 :b0 p. m.
No. 87 Bntler Acconimotla'ion 12:01 p. m.
No. 64 Bntler 1.001 freight 5:00 p. m.
Freight trxlns Nos. ti and W4 carry passen
gers on Interstate Division. No other freight
train carry passenger.
All freight for forwarding must be at depot
not later than eleven o'clock a ni or be held
for following Hay's forwarding Freight for
Interstate Division ninst be .Iflivered before
five o'clock p. tn, No freight hilled for this
train in norning. E. c. V andebvooht,
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Relieves Urinary and Kidney Troubles
Backache, Straining, Swelling, etc.
Stops Pain in the Bladder, Kid
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The races of mankind are five in
number white, yellow, brown, red
and black or the Caucasian, Mongo
lian, Malayan, Indian and nero.
The interrelationships of these dif
ferent breeds have been the subject
of study with the specialists for ages,
but the disputes are as numerous as
they were when the study began.
Whether the various races sprang
from some one original race, and if
so, what that original race was, is a
WouMn't it be nice wl'hln a week or so to
begin to eay gordbye forever to the scalding,
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muscle weakm-es; spot before 'he eves: yi-llow
skin; eluRnlth bowel.; swollen eyelMs or ank
les leg cramp'; unnatural eoor. lr alb;,slep
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I healing anil P'.inconquerlnff ower
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j out delay. I w ll sen t you a dollar rackage
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If vou think this matter over, vou will see
I that I could nor afford r msk- this liberal offer
unless 1 believed mt medicines would cure
Kidn y ami bladder troubles a lv.
: question that is still in limbo. Be-
I wonder how well you love her, tween these five races, as found at
this woman who has taken my
place," she mused. "I wonder what
she does to comfort you when the
blue devils get you, Phil. You know
when they came you always wired
me to write quickly.
"Now you don't need me any
more. I think that is what hurts
mo3t of all. For ten years we have
told each other all our little hopes
and plans. You meant youth to me.
am giaa mat i could neJp you
over the hard years when you first
wentlo that- little western town
dear, foolish, lovable Phil !
present, there are physical, moral
and mental differences so marked as
to seem to preclude a common origin,
and yet, unless such origin is as
sumed, the difficulty of the case is
greatly enhanced. Haee origins are
an unsolved problem.
Viscount Hardinge, brother of the
i Indian viceroy, in a recent lecture
j on the Delhi durbar, referred to a
much-criticised statement which he
j maintained was absolutely true.
The statement was to the effect
UIHce I'houe 3. Residence l'n. nei(W
H. E.
Registered Veferlaary
Offlce at A. K. (juy ton's l.ivirv Kara.
2.1 tf
recess of her desk and ran for her I whTVer the vice?. traV,ele? in
Attorney at Law Notary Public
East Side Square Phone 186
. General Practice.
Diseases of Children.
Office 901 Residence 541
Office in Gench Bid?.
T. J. HALSEY, tt. D. 0. 0.
tyt, Car, Net and .
- V
' x . . i ureal pocwiisi
( MdlkltttBf MM
"My new blue charmeuse and the
turquoise, please, Elsie."
A little later, as thev made their
way through the crowded dining
room to the table that had been re
served for them, Anne was uncon
scious of the looks of admiration
from every side, but Judge Carter
saw and thrilled with pride of her.
"Every man envied me when we
came in," he declared when thev
were' seated. "Im slad to see color
in your face again. I have worried
about you lately."
"Emergency color," laughed Anne.
"Why have you worried about me?"
- "I I rather fancied you were not
happy, and I wanted you to be."
As he made his order Anne be
came conscious of voices at a nearby
tabl. A young girl sat facing a
man whose back was to Anne, but it
required no second glance for her
to recognize Phil Gaines.
"Don't stare so, even if the wom
an who just came in is so pretty.
Ton will see thousands like her
here. If you want that fish eat it I
have to see a man at eight o'clock."
don't want it," answered the
Cm in a soft southern Yoke. . .
felt her color rising swiftly
India policemen were stationed along
the railroad at intervals of one hun
dred yards. The policeman, he said,
often became sleepy and lay with
their heads on the rails to listen for
the approach of the train. On one
occasion, no fewer than fifty lost
their heads.
Lord Curzon asked him where he
got the yarn. He replied : "I got it
from my brother, and I do not think
he would tell a 'cracker.' "
"V r
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrone sending a sketch and description may
qntinclr ascertain otir opinion free whether an
HiTunrlim is prohnulr rHlentiihlA. Communlca
tioimatrlctlrconndeiiikiL HANDBOOK on Patent
aent free. OMest nceucy for mx'tinua patent.
I'ntenta fatten thnHieh Miinn A Co. receive
pcrtal notue, wit hout cnaiwe, iu ma
Scientific Hrcericatt.
. Lareeat el
. Tertun. J
I newadeaJer
New York
A tmndsomelf Itlnprrated wtHrlr.
reAr; tmir ruontua. L
I.arvwit cfr.
culalton u( any prion itOc fcnirnal. Tertun, ti m
boiu ujum mwNsuen.
Branca Office, 3S P Pt TOashlosTtou,
Honored by Women
When a woman ipnki of ber
ilent secret suffering the
trusts you. Million have be
stowed this mark ol confi
dence on Dr. R. V. Pierce,
of Buffalo, N. Y. Every
where there are women who
bear witness to the wonder
working, curing-power
fierce s Favorite
which saves the
from pain, and
tfrapplc with
nciic and stubborn ilh,
No woman's appeal was ever misdirected or kar eaav
fidence misplaced when abe wrote tut adrioa, to
the Wosxo'i DtsnmAar M aotcAt, Association. Dr.
R.V. Pierce, President, Buf&uo, N. Y.
PttUta ,
rss 1 5
rufe-e !jV
On. Wict's Wean
of Dr.
Prescription f
tuffrrimt urn I' I
successfully I I
nan' weak-1
, r
' 1
l "t
. t. ,. ..
.-.1 V

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