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East LoaeOak.
High School Notes.
The Delta Kappa Literary Society It looks now as though spring had
in a recent meeting elected Eugene . come. We hope so, for we would
Arnold reporter. A vote of thanks : not like for the weather to continue
was given to Messrs. G. P. Wyatt, very long like it was about three days
Ed Culver and Win. B. Miller for of last week.
their presents or a .dollar eacn on our Rev. Bengtson filled his regular
curtain fund. Any contnoutions re- appointment at Peru Sunday night
ceived will be deeply appreciated oy There was quite a crowd out to hear
the worried looking officers of the
societies. ,
At a meeting of the Athletic Asso-:
ciation Friday, Windell McHenry was j
elected temporary base ball captain, j
Mac is just the man for the place. He j
has been one of the leading players j
of the High School since his enroll-j
ment. He is quick witted, aggresive
and a good judge of the worth of a
player. He has decided that he will
play shortstop. A position in which
his talents will shine brightest
As Mac believes in an early ?tart,
the first practice was held Tuesday
evening. A large squad of promis
ing players reported and with this
material Captain Mac will undoubt- !
edly pick a winning team for the
spring games. A list of the players
and positions will be published later.
The Association is in need of funds
The little Misses Fern and Dot
Harper spent Sunday and Sunday
night at the home of their uncle, Will
trnest uougn visited mends in
i Kansas City the latter part of last
' week.
Mrs. Roy Latham, who has been
very bad sick, we are glad to note, is
much better at this writing.
Miss Nellie Thomas was enter
tained at the Mrs. R. A. Belt home
James Slyter and wife visited with
Harry Latham and wife Sunday.
E. E. Eckles and wife spent Sun
; day with Mrs. Ella Thomas and fam
juy. ! Lot Warren and wife visited his
The Republicans met last Wednes'
i i .i ii
aay ana tne following were nomi
nated for the respective offices: Trus
tee, L. W. Smith; Collector, F. L.
plankenbaker; Clerk and Assessor,
Roy Latham; Justices of Peace and
members of township board, J. A.
Marstellar and T. J. Morgan; Consta
ble, Ernest Gough; Township Com
mitteeman, A. M. Beard.
Mrs. Visa Gough entertained last
Sunday W. C. McGinnis and family,
H. H. Evilsizer and family and Joe
Rogers of Rich Hill.
for the baseball season. A benefit t SISier' Mrs- ueo- nomas aunaay
nnfnrtoinmont rf enma bin ft U.'i II nPfiL 3 ft 61710011.
ably be given soon to supply the nec
essary cash. Many business men
have contributed to the Basket Ball
fund and the association is sure
thankful for their help.
Sophomore Sputters.
Of all sad words of tongue or pen,
Of all sad things within my ken,
Of many deeds in many years,
Of many acts to bring sad tears,
The Juniors gave a program.
The Juniors really did give a pro
gram. Yes, it was a marvelous thing.
They got right up on' the stage and
said things and sung things and then
read more things. Anybody would
have known them to be Juniors. No
body else would have the face to
wear such remarkable garb. Many
of the tortured spectators thought
that some circus had strolled into
town and loaned the High School
their animal exhibit. Nothing was
missing but the cages.
Sister Funk in a neat but unauthor
ized little article wonders why we
did not join in the yelling. We did ;
not notice any yelling. When I ask-
cd a friend if he had heard it. he re- i
plied that he had heard something! Uell wasn't last Friday and Sat
but that when he was just getting in- j urday some winter weather. If we
terested a pin dropped and the spell j owed e editor a month of bad weath
was broken. j er and he wouldn't take those two
However those who were seated ' days for the debt we wouldn't pay
on the front row said that the pro- j nun anything.
gram was good. We will have to j The party at Ed Winfrey's was held
give it to the Juniors. They can get j one night last week.
A Little One Takes Away.
One of those peculiarly distressing
sorrows that may come into Our lives
was visited upon the home of Walter
M. and Anna Rice in Passaic on the:
15th inst, when the- Angel of Death
took away their . little son, Leslie,
nearly three years old, after an -31-1
ness of only three days, and on the j
morning of the 17th the Angel of
ure Drougnt into tne same borne a i
little sister thus bringing to them the '
rare experience oi seeing one cnild i
born and another buried from their.
own home and on the same day. Tru-
l 4L. .1 I i j
tjr ujc apu ti iwu uiuvcs uie uiusi ren
der and sympathetic ties of humanity
- - ,
goes out from all of us to the parents !
in this distressing visitation of na
ture s possibilities, for such are the
experiences of life and death though
many generations may come and go
and yet not see the reproduction of, I
an event that is so mixed in with
life's intricate problems. We share
in their sorrow over the loss of their .
little son and in their satisfaction over
the birth of their little daughter, yet
through it all runs a pang of bitter
rPDTPt that mi ict nroHnminato null
overshadow owing to the peculiarly
sad circumstances that cast a gloom
so dark and impenetrable over it all
that tha frlammir fmm Ka Kmrhfr I
... ... V .U . U U . . Will till MUC
can but faintly shine through, if at all.
Not three weeks had passed since ;
the same home had gone through the
funeral ceremonies over the remains '
of a little girl who was was an aunt
to little Leslie another thing thatj
added to the sadness of the occasion. i
The funeral services were conducted ;
by the Rev. Snow of Butler and were '
most solemnly and beautifully carried ;
out at the church in Passaic at 11
o'clock on the 17th inst. in the pres
ence of a large audience after which
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The Democrats held their . conven-! his remains were taken to Oak Hill
tion last Saturday and nominated j cemetery and laid by the side of his
their ticket as follows: Trustee, Neff grandmother, there to await the final
Blough; Collector, J. E Bartlett; 'destiny of all humanity. ;
Clerk and Assessor; Will Harper; Little Leslie was a bright and pre- j
Justices of the Peace and members jcocidus child, with a disposition that;
of the township board. Andrew El-! made him an idol to his mother, n
chum to his father and a friend to all.
ledge and Newton Write; Constable,
Grover McCoy.
Miss Lizzie King is suffering from
ar attack of pneumonia.
up a good program
In the Sophomore history class
there is a lot of excitement over the
contests. The sides lead by Helen
Maxey and Ethel Coonrod are in the
lead at present.
"The Liberty Boys of 76" is the
story many have selected for English.
Miss Boggess stands pat on ''Buffalo
Bills' Secret Mission."
AU jhe classess except the Fresh
men Class- were wearing green the
other day. A bright Sophie tells
The writer took dinner at the home
of Fred Armentrout one day last
George Lockridge and wife took in
the sights at Amoret one day last
Mrs. Shafer of Kansas City died
last Sunday and was buried at the
Scott cemetery. We didn't learn the
cause of her death. She was a sister
j of N. M. Gregory.
us! W. H R'pptnn nnH familv falloH o
that the Freshmen were wiring j the writers eveni Jagt week
their complexions for St. Patrick, i '
They celebrate St. Patrick's Day all j George Fulkerson was a county
the year 'round seat vis'tor one day last week.
Freshmen Flurries. i Weddings seem to be all theg0 out
The ooor Senior reporter's brain ' in LIkhart here of late and we think
Ohio Street M. E. Church.
On Monday morning, March 24th,
Rev. Claude S. Hanby, minister of
this church, leaves for Annual Con
ference. The notices which were
sent out to members, saying that the
pastor leaves on March 31st were in
error. Officers and all concerned
will please accept notice of correc
tion. Sunday morning Mr. Hanby
will have for his subject, "The Res
urrection of Christ A Vital Chapter
in His Quest, for the Least, the Last
and the Lost." The Sunday . morn
ing services both in Sunday school
amtat the preaching hour will have
especial features, in recognition of
the Easter season
Shot Through Heart as He Walks
City Wrested From Turks
Saloniki, March 18. King George
of Greece was assassinated while
walking in the streets of Saloniki this
afternoon. The assassin was a Greek
of low mental type, who gave his
name as Aleke Schinas. He shot the
King through the heart.
The King was accompanied only by
an aid-de-camp, Lieut. Col. Fran-
coudis. The assassin came suddenly
at the King and fired one shot from a
seven-chamber revolver. Schinas
was seized immediately and over-1
Is Lifted Into Carriage
The wounded King was lifted into
1 1 T yl
1 1
Sunday night we are anxious to a carriage and taken to the Pafafion
have a large attendance at our Ep-
worth League Devotional Meeting for
we want to discuss our District Con
vention, for which we will soon be
gin to make arrangements. The min
ister's sermon subject on Sunday
night will be, "The Stumbling Stone
Transformed." Since these services
are the last of the Conference Year,
and since next Sunday is Easter Sun
day, it will be a matter of much grati-
must be terribly racked from writing
such long and tiresome notes as were
seen in last weeks' papers. As for
entertaining the Seniors no such
thoughts have entered our heads.
Of course as the Senior scribe says j 'Squire Jeter tied the knot and -the
'The Seniors are venerable and re
spect is due them" but this only
proves that the old maxim, "Age be
fore beauty" is true.
All the Freshmen are doing good
-work and are having some fine con
tests in history. Mrs. Hill has pro
vided a guard-house for the non-
studious and we are all working
"cum magna constantia" to keep
out of that place.
Junior Gush.
Here are a few of the things the
-Juniors heard Ibis week. ''Horrible."
Miss Boggess (to Junior English
class): "We will take the life of
Stevenson tomorrow. . Come pre
Mrs. Hill (addressing Freshie His
tory class): "What great thing did
Alexander do?"
Paul Sbelton: "Spread Greece all
over the world." ,
: Miss Grube warned the Vergil class
' about a passage containing the con
: junction "nee' very maliciously the
, other day. She said: "Now class
1 look oak tor your 'oecs" We did.
i Miss Orabe: "WelL. Eugene, since
Incola' can be either masculine or
feminine which would choose." ;-:v
-; Ecsne solemnly): 'TenOnine.'.'
that there will two or three more be
fore long.
Evans Spillman and Miss Ella Her
rington slipped down to Butler one
day last week and were married.
boys say he is a boss hand at the busi
ness. We. wish the young couple the
best of luck.
There will be a big egg roast next
Sunday one-half mile west of Con'
cord school house. Come out and
bring the eggs and we will have
grand old time.
W. H. Keeton says he don't mind
cutting the boys hair and shaving
them when they are going to marry
but he thinks they ought to tell him
what is going to happen.
Arthur Westover has got to be
quite a horse trader.
John Garber left last week for
Texas. He is on a land trade.
John Messick has gone to EI Dora
do on business.
uncie joe uiapp was trading in
Elkhart last Monday.
Miss Bessie Allen visited Mrs. John
Messick last Saturday night and Sun
day. JOHNNY.
To Trade.
We have one of the best' family
mares in Missouri that we would like
to trade for a pair of gentle ponies.
For former information write or call
phone No. H Butler, Ma 19-4
J. F. fferrell A Son.
fication to have a large attendance of
members and friends. Remember
that Mr. Hanby leaves for Conference
Monday morning, March 24th.
Decision For City in Water
Works Suit
The Federal Court of Kansas City
has rendered a decision in favor of
the city the case of Chas: Gill Receiv
er of the water works against the
City of Butler.
The suit was brought by Receiver
Gill for the purpose of obtaining an
order of the court fixing a water
rental to be paid by the city, and be
stow power of collection by allowing
the water to be cut off in case of re
fusal to pay.
Under the decision of the court the
city will continue to pay the $2000
per year hydrant rental as heretofore
until the matter is finally adjusted,
with the exception that payments
wul be made monthly instead of quar
Township Republicans Nominate
Only Partial Ticket
The Mt Pleasant township Repub
lican convention held in this city Sat
urday endorsed W. W. Ross and W.
F. Hems tree t, Democratic nominees
for Justices of the Peace, and nomi
nated the following ticket:
Trustee A. H. Culver.' .
Members Board G. P. Wyatt and
J. R. Baum. - . . :
Collector J. O. McMuDen.
AssessorW. P. Hart
ConstableMaiming Wdcoz.
Justice of Peace Harry Gough.
Hospital. He was still breathing, but
died within half an hour.
Prince Nicholas, the King's third
son, and other officers hurried to the
hospital. Arriving first, Prince Nich
olas summoned the officers, and
speaking in a voice choked with sobs,
"It is my deep grief to have to an
nounce to you the death of our be
loved King and invite you to swear
TTdeTiry to your new sovereign, King
Crown Prince Constantine, who suc
ceeds King George, is at present at
Janina. He is expected to come here
with all possible speed.
Assassin Evil Looking
to see
Styles CorrectPrices Right
Mrs. J.W.Allison
and Daughter
Dr. H. M. Cannon and Dr. T. W.
Arnold returned home from Kansas
City Friday where they attended the
annual banquet of the Kansas City
Dental College Alumni. Next year
the alumni and their families will be
entertained at one of the leading
theaters of the city which will be
chartered for one night for that ex
press purpose.
Mens work hats, Black-Arnold;
The new "1913 Model" nickel has
been placed into circulation here, (al
though the writer happens not to be
in spring coats
The assassin of the King is an evil-
looking fellow, about 40 years of age.
On being arrested he refused to ex
plain his motive for the crime.
tie declared that his name was
Aleko Schinas, and in reply to an of
ficer, who asked him whether he had
no pity for his country, announced
that he was against governments.
Schinas maintained a perfectly im
passiDie aemeanor, wnicn was sug
gestive of his being irresponsible for
his actions.
Precautions were at once taken
through the city and perfect order is
King George was in his sixty-eighth
year and had ruled fifty years. He
was a brother of Queen Mother Al
exandria of England and a son of the
late King of Denmark. He was
chosen King of the Hellenes in 1863
in succession to Otho 1.
.' Life Soagftt Omco Before. .
A previous attempt to assassinate
him was made in 1898, but was frus
King George was married in Octo
ber, 1867, to Princess Olga, eldest
daughter of the Grand Duke Constant
tine of Russia, a brother of the late
Emperor Alexander IL -;.
Oar new suits are here. Get one
for Easter; Black-ArnokL : . .
so fortunate as I
the Farmers Bank of this city having
received a shipment of the new coin
some days ago. The nickel carries
an Indian head on one side and
buffalo on the other.
Trsanrple7nooxes inasmuch as the greater por
tion of first class matter is received
here on the night and morning trains.
Visit our new Drapery Department
Arthur Vaughn, who lives on the
Christy farm south of this city is
firm believer in good roads and sets
a mighty good example, by getting
out and working practically to that
end. . The other day he got out his
drag and put it on the road on which
he lives, dragging from the city limits
soutn to the Mound Branch bridge,
stretch or about one and one-half
mdes and he put every foot of the
road in extraordinary good shape.
Spring Munsing Underwear.
Alex Cameron has purchased
one-naif interest in the west side
barbershop from . A. Hobson who
some tune ago purchased the busi
ness from Mr. Cameron. Alex has
been practicing the tonsorial art in
this city form any years, and although
he frequently gets a severe attack at
tee wanderlust and sells out he al
ways "comes hack" and his friends
tod patrons are always glad to see
Smartest styles
19.00 to $17.50.
Postmaster C. A. Chambers on
Sunday, last, put into effect a new
order making one Sunday distribu
tion of mail to the lock boxes, the
distribution to be madeara o'cloclr
a. m. This action was taken in re
sponse to a petition of patrons of the
office which was circulated some
weeks ago. The new arrangement
will put practically all important mail
into the hands of those having lock
Hay Wanted.
200 tons or more of good timothy
or light clover and timothy mixed.
The very best prices paid. Phone
161, residence 150.
39-tf J. S. WARNOCK.
$1.00 for Fifteen from Prize
Winning Barred Rocks
Winning first and second
cockrel; first, second and
third on pullet; also first ,
on display at Bates County ','
Fair, 1912. .Wv-ii
17. II. l!o!!r;:;
213 South Broadway;
EUTLEX. 110.

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