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The Butler weekly times. (Butler, Mo.) 1881-1918, December 11, 1913, Image 6

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ADD Coaitfs m4 SanniJs
Beautiful Furs for Christmas--$3.50 to $39.50
New Silks $1 .00 up
Fancy Velvet Belts 50c
Umbrellas $1.00 up
Jersey Sweaters $ 1 .00
Fancy Ribbon, wide 25c. 35c
Knit Caps
Mens Corduroy Pants $2, $3
Embroidery Dress Patterns
for infants $2.50
Bootees 15c to 35c
Dress Goods and Dress Trim
mings Table Linens 50c up
Napkins 98c doz up
Table Linen Remnants 98c up
Linen towels 25c up
Linens for waists
Linens for table scarfs
Doylevs and other fancy work
Huck linens for towels
White and colored border
Turkish towels 35c pair up
Blankets cotton 75c pair up
Blankets all wool $5 pair up
Lace Curtains 75c pair up
IN '
Big Line of
For Men, Women and
5c Up
Men' New Style Initial
Handkerchiefs, all
Linen, 25c
Small rugs $1.25 up
Quaker curtain nets 25c yd up
Ladies' and Misses Bradley -
Sweater coats $1 up
Bradley knit hoods 50c up
Bradley mufflers 50c to $ 1 .50
Silk Petticoats 2.98, 3.50, $5
Cotton Messaline
Petticoats $1.48
Knit wool petticoats $1
White quilts large size $ 1 to 5
Ladies' heavy white
Silk waists $3.50
Silver mesh bags $1.50 up
Leather shopping bags
50c up
Front combs 50 up
Back combs 25c
Side combs 25c up
Braid combs 25c up
Fancy vestee collars 50c up
Fancy ruche collars 25c up
Floral silk bows 25c up
Ruching 25c yd. up
Lace guimps 50c to 65c
Lace collars 25c up
Lace collars and Cuffs
Sets $1 up
Dresser scarfs 50c up
Table covers 50c up
Doyleys 15c up
Ladies kid gloves $ 1 to 3.50
Children's kid gloves $1
Ladies' golf gloves 50c
Misses' golf gloves 25c up
Ladies' and Misses
Mittens 25c up
Be Sure and
A stamp with
every 10 cent
cash purchase
Men's Silk Plaited Socks, black
tan, gray, blue 25c pair.
Ladies' Silk Hose 50c to $1,50
Special Tie in Burnt Wood Box 50c
Ladies' Munsing wear 50c up
Children's Munsing
Wear 50c up
Warner's Rust Proof
Corsets, new models $ 1 up
Warner Redfern corsets
$3.50 up
Kimona crepes and duckings
Sunburst silk to match
Men's E. & W. shirts $1
Flannel shirts $1 up
Big Buck Work shirts 50c
H & P Dress Gloves $ 1 up
Boys gauntlet gloves 50 & 75c
Lined gloves 50c up
Golf gloves 50c up
Mens sweater coats 50c up
Boys sweater coats 50c up
Mens underwear 50c up
Big line neckties 25c and 50c
Fancy box ties, handkerchief,
stick pin, cuff buttons and
. socks all for $1
Burnt wood tie box with choice
assortment ties both for 50c
Mens and boys belts 50c
Fancy suspenders 50c
Mens umbrellas $1 up
Wayne knit silk
Socks 25c, 35c 50c
Mercerized socks 25c
Fine cotton socks 2 pr 25c
Mens cuff button and
Stick pin sets 50c
Mens Packard Shoes $3.50 up
Ladies Walkers Specials $2 up
House slippers
Bed room slippers $1 up
The Fit Wont
Wash out of
$2.50 Wizard Mop and Oil for $1.50
The Quality Store
Agents Munsing Underwear, the very best, 50c up
J he butler Weekly Times
Printed on Thursday of each week
KOBT. 1). ALLEN, Editor and -Manager
entered at the Post Office or Butler, Mo., aa
aacond-clasB mall matter.
pRicersi.ocrjFER year
The owners of the Planters hotel in
St Louis are having a hard time try
ing to collect a bill of $4,470.80 left by
the Taft Republicans during the early
days of the late campaign when the
straight-out Republicans were schenv
ing to beat Governor Hadley and the
Bull Moosers out of the Missouri del
egation to the Chicago national con'
vention. Otto Stifel, the big St Louis
Republican brewer, who made none
mi the bill himself, has paid $2,000 on
it out of his own pocket and refuses
to pay any more.
The country Republicans, headed
by Col, Li v Morse of Excelsior Springs,
- did all the eating and most of the
drinking at the hotel and then told the
managers to charge the same up to
some of the St Louis Republicans,
When the whole bill was presented to
. Mr. Stifel, the latter balked, as he had
, a perfect right to do.
The St Louis Republicans have had
s sorry experience with Republican
poKHcians outside of the city. When
Cm last , 'Republican convention to
" Bflminate a presidential candidate was
keU there Ohio politicians left bills
it tie St James hotel of some tS,000
'1 Cat were never paid, while another
tacJi from the same state left at scH
T rt3 at &e old LjndeU hotel and
jlJtSl was never paid. When
li:t2ttfct asJart ci of the
riaa cfct ftrJe far
iticians pleaded that the club was not
incorporated, and the hotel people
Mr. Stifel must be pretty, weary by-
this time of playing the role of angel
to the Republican country politicians
of Missouri. Thos. J. Niedringhaus
waa former victim of the party in
this way and when he wanted to be
in the United States Senate, he was
handed a cold potato and the prize
went to Major William Warner of
Kansas City who was always conven
iently out of town when a committee
came around his way soliciting cam
paign funds. Mr. Niedringhaus fin
anced the party to the extent of many
thousands of dollars out of his own
pocket and got nothing in return.
Mr. Stifel has been doing the same and
will get the same reward. Jefferson
City Democrat-Tribune.
It is a peculiar retribution that the
negro, who was enfranchised solely
to keep the Republican party in pow
er, should in the end be the cause of
its ruin and defeat Negro domina
tion was the issue in the last Repub
lican convention upon which the split
occurred. And the old time Repub
cans are now willing to concede the
Progressive demands and eliminate
the negro as the price of party union.
Here we have both wings of the Re
publican party coming to the position
occupied by the Democratic party of
the South for half a century. Henry
County Democrat
' Notice. "
Some time ago we asked through
the columns of - this paper , for all
whose accounts were due to call and
settle. ; We were- surprised at .the
number who respoodeiLrThe : are
still some who have, art , paid so to
tstm we ask them t do so t once
and save the.exps ttf maZing no-
ene," -U;W:KackWkrncL
While we are hustling around these
days selecting presents for the wife
and the kids and granddad and grand
ma and Aunt Molly and Uncle Bill,
let us not overlook the little kiddies
just across the way for whom no one
is doing any Christmas hustling. Of
course money is tight and business is
dull, and the crops were bad this
year and it is going to push us all to
have any Christmas for our own im
mediate folks, but what little we have
we are going to enjoy, and we can't
really enjoy that greatest of all days
if we know some poor little tot just
about the age of our Johnny or Mary
is going to wake up on Christmas
morning to find that Old Kris Kringle j
has 'overlooked the forlorn little
We're pretty good kind of folks
down here in Bates county. We like
our neighbors and when they get
sick or are unfortunate and fall behind
in their work we jump in and help
'em out and are glad to do it We
take care of what few paupers we
have android up our end in pretty
good shape, but say, didn't we for
get that little tow-headed son-of-a-gun
down the road last year? Believe
we did, and I'll bet the poor little ras
cal has been wondering ever since
just what he had done to get Old
Santa sore on him. But we ain't go
ing to forget him this year. . 'Course
we're pretty hard run, but we're go
ing to see that he gets a visit from the
old chap this time even if we do have
to cut the pie out of our Christmas
dinner and pass up mat ten cent cigar
we've been blowing ourselves to
once a year. fi"
The Abilene Plan.
, Abilene, Kas., has had a commis
sion form of government for the last
three or four years. While the nov
elty lasted the Commissioners attend
ed to their duties assiduously, but af
ter a while they perceived that if they
attended strictly -to their duties as
Commissioners they would have to
neglect their own business, and the
salaries would not warrant that They
decided that it would not be neces
sary to poke into everything and
stand over everything relating to the
management of the town if they
could find one good man who would
give all his time to the business of
managing. They therefore pooled
their salaries, hired a comoetent en
gineer to take care of the municipal
plant and let him run it The plan
has worked well and the people like it.
Abilene is only a little -town and
the extreme simplicity of the form of
government which it has attained
may not be desirable or even possi
ble in larger places, but there is an
idea or two behind its government
"which apply everywhere! One -of
these Abilene ideas is the centraliza
tion of administrative power so that
no department of the government
wc-rks at cross purposes with anoth
er. Abilene 's Street Commissioner
will not lay pavements for the Water
Commissioner to rip up. Abilene
has also come to the sensible conclu
sion that public work is largely work
for an expert rather than for a poli
tician. There are many America it com
munities which have not caught the
idea yet But they will. Republic.
May Popularize Auctions
of Real Estate
Col. C. E. Robbins.our wide-awake
auctioneer who has already demon
strated his exceptional ability as an
auctioneer of farm sales and live
stock, may be the means of popular
izing the sale of real estate by auction
in this section of the state.
Col. Robbins who has already con
ducted several highly successful real
estate auctions, added another to his
list of accomplishments last Thurs
day when he sold at auction the
George Baker farm of 160 acres in
the southeast part of the county, at a
price of $62.50 per acre, an excellent
figures considering the distance of the
place from. town. Mr. Robbins in
forms us that the auction method of
sell in cr real estate
. K.VWi. U
other states and he anticipates that it
..till 1
wm uciawic pupuiar nere. . ...
Verne Ward, son of C W.Ward of
southeast of this city left lionday for
Kansas Qfjr where be has accepted a
position in the postoSce.' ; v :
Every gift bought at Jeter's will reflect the true spirit of Chrlsmas in its Intesrltv mA M..tn.
worth it. beauty and charm The following suggeation. show a tTL nl
early in the mornina-earlT in the wek. r.m n ira,i Bv .. . pes... Shop
es.Mef It.l.tl..Vn.Ml " ""."
Scarf Pins
CuU Buttons
Tie Clipa
Collar Buttons
Studs, set of three
Waldemar Chains '
Lapel Chains
Fobs . .. ;f
Signet Rings :
Lockets I
I Fancy Stone Sings
Bar Pins . -Collar
Circle Brooches
' Bracelets v
'.Pendaacs -0-
I i it t
f-. , 4 ' -fit " V 4 '

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