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Half FamistTed Caravan From
. -Chihuahua at Ojinaga.
Ail Were In a Panic aft They Entered
Ojinaga Civilians Among the
' Refugees Crossed Into
United States.
Presidio, Tex., Dec. 9. Out of the
desert came the straggling caravan of
Mexican refugees from Chihuahua
City. Famished men, careworn women,
crying children and disheartened sol
diers they presented a spectacle of
Ojinaga, opposite' Presidio on tiie
Mexican border, was a haven to the
several thousand who had struggled
. 185 miles, with food and water for
only half the number. Many had died
In . the desert, many had been left
tecause they could not continue far
ther without food and drink, it had
been a remarkable hegira. They had
chosen it in preference to a chance
of death or torture at rebel hands.
The trail from Chihuahua is well
marked. There are the blackened
ashes of eight campfires, marking
eight stages in the slow, trying flight
from their homes the eight nights
they stopped to rest in the open . des
ert, sometimes in a raw wind blow
ing off the high plateau and often
within the hearing of the howling
coyotes. There, too, the the discarded
valuables . which the refugees found
were impeding their progress to
The complete rout of Huerta's fed
eral army in northern Mexico, with
the frantic flight of his generals for
safety on the border and the demor
alization of the unpaid troops was es
tablished with the arrival of the
in the caravan were Gen. Salvador
Mercado, Huerta's deposed rhilitary
governor and commander of the fed
eral troops in the north; Gen. Pas
cual Orozco, Gen. Antonio Rojas, Gen.
Marcelo Caravo, Gen. Ynez Saluzar
and a host of subordinate officers.
They had deserted their posts in
fear of Gen. Francisco Villa's rebel
army and virtually had surrendered
to the rebels Chihuahua, the state
capital, and the largest of the north
ern cities.
Villa Enters Chihuahua.
Juarez, Mexico, Dec. 9. Assuming
military command over a large area of
northern Mexico, through the defeat
and flight of the federal troops, Gen
Francisco Villa, the rebel leader, form
ally occupied Chihuahua, the state
capital, evacuated by General Mercado
eight days ago.
Huerta's Men in Atrocities.
Hermosillo, Sonora, Dec. !. Reports
of atrocities by federal troops at Sal
tillo and Monterey were received at
constitutionalist headquarters here.
It was asserted that at Monterey 3."l)
noncombatants were killed in the
streets and houses belonging to in
surgent sympathizers were destroyed.
President Wilson Refused to Send a
Votes for Women Message to
Washington, Dec. 9.Facing a dele
gation of American militant suffra
gettes, President Wilson refused to
send a special message to congress
urging votes for women.
The President also declined to in
corporate such a suggestion in one of
his regular messages. And, until con
gress Itself asks him to, he said, he
could not recommend that the house
appoint a committee to investigate the
however, the President was so dip
lomatic in handling the delicate ques
tion that the women left him satisfied
that if he ever gets the opportunity
he will aid their cause.
The President based his refusal on
the. fact that his private views could
not govern his actions. As leader of
his party, he insisted that only such
organic questions as had been passed
upon by a national convention or a
conference of elected representatives
of the party were subject to his ac
ton. ,.
A Frisco Receiver Out
St. Louis, Dec. 9. Judge Walter H.
b jdorn of the United States circuit
court has accepted the resignation of
' Thomas H. . West as receiver of the
Hi. Louis & San Francisco Railroad.
Mr. West was one of the syndicate of
atnety-nine that promoted the Browns
ville road and sold It to the Fristo. '
Flood Sufferer Ak Aid. ' - , :
Kansas City." Dec . A telegram
sking help for flood sufferers ; baa
been received by the mayor from the
'citizens' relief . committee of La
' - Taw Ti (AlaffMm Mva hi in.
at ramiiiM arw nnmeiess ana
. rmar anrrermsr win result uutcbb ouip
M-'f.i''1'.' ; . . ' ... .. i ..J '
. v Army ami fiooo victims. .
fv-ahinrtmi-: Dec: . Aid .for the
'V.lnatoB, Dec.
ti tro the disastrous flood in
V kia been extended by toe War
-IX taroutt Bri BHaa
r V
Senator Helen Ring Robinson of
Colorado, who Is taking a prominent
part in the suffrage convention in
Washington, will be one of the lead
ers of a delegation that will call on
President Wilson.
of Largest Hotels and
Office Buildings Forced
Clise Cold Follows
the Snow.
Denver, Dec. q. The severe snow-
storm, which hud completely tied up
all forms of business in Denver and
Central Colorado, had ended, accord
ing to the weather bureau here, and
clear but colder weather was fore
casted. With freezing weather came
anxiety as' to the maintenance of tele
graph and telephone communication,
which alone saved Denver from absolute-isolation
for twenty-four hours.
Tiie total 'amount of snowfall in the
storm was given, officially, at 43.5
inches, or 2.52 inches precipitation.
Denver lias been placed under vir
tual martial law with the police of the
Lcity directing all movements of traffic
and pedestrians.
One of the greatest hardships as
companying the storm was the ex
treme shortage of coal. Oilef of the
largest hotels in Denver has been
forced to close. Office buildings have
exhausted their supply of fuel . and
were forced to close. Other hotels,
housing hundreds of marooned trades
people, fear they will be unable to get
Two stage coaches near Boulder and
one near Hnena Vista are lost, and it
is feared the drivers and the occu
pants, if the coaches carried any pas
sengers, have frozen to death. In the
Trnidad mining district, where 'mar
tial law is in existence, the tents of
both the soldiers and the coal mine
strikers are absolutely isolated. Many
of the tents, at the time communica
tion was last obtainable from there,
had been blown down, and the suffer
ing was said to be intense.
Throughout this state buildings in
practically every town have collapsed
from weight of the snow. The Foster
building, in Denver, was flooded by
the bursting of a water reservoir on
the roof, and hundreds of offices suf
fered great damage. The roof of the
First Haptist Church caved in, and
twenty persons were submerged. All
were taken out uninjured.
Reighstag Voted a Lack of Confidence
in Government Because of
Alsace Affair.
Rerlin, Dec. 5. By 293 to 54 the
Reichstag voted a lack of confidence
in the imperial chancellor and the gov
ernment, after a four-hour debate,
The censure .of the government fol
lowed the military outbursts in Alsace
and the utterances of Von Bethmann-
Hollweg and War Minister Falkenhayn
in the Reichstag, in which they de
clared that the military would con
tinue to be the supreme authority in
Germany. -
Emperor William decided that the
time had come for him to interfere
personally with the full weight of his
authority in order to put an end to the
differences between the civil and mili
tary authoritiea of Alsace. The em-
Arthur A. McLean, Treasurer of the
Democratic State Committee
Indicted by Grand Jury.
New York, Dec. 5. Arthur A. Mc
Iean, treasurer of the Democratic
state committee, has been Indicted on
two counts charging receipt of cam
paign contributions from corporations.
Everett P. Fowler of Kingston, the
alleged Tammany "bagman," already
under Indictment on a charge of extor
tion, was again indicted, charged with
soliciting a campaign contribution
from a corporation. ' :
The Indictment of McLean makea
the third growing out of tbe district
attorney's Investlgetlon of John A.
Hennessy's ; charges of graft tn the
BUM nigaway aeparuneni.
farmer and Stockman.
If everyone would observe the
rules of the road, accidents would be
fewer in number. I am surprised,
however whenever I go to town on a
'big day" to see how many "jay"
drivers there are, meaning those who
are driving on the wrong side of the
road or street or who turn wrong
when turning out.
The public sale season now seems
at its height. Those who plan on mak
ing a change before spring are selling
now. There will be another grist
of sales just before the first of March
no doubt. All property is selling well.
I am impressed with the galvanized
steel culvert when it has been put in
right, but when it is thrown on top of
the ground and a little dirt rolled
over it I am likewise impressed with
it, but in a different way. Such
humps also impress automobile driv
ers. The civet cat (small skunk) is not
the pest that it might be wheti the
crib are filled with corn. They can
go where a cat cannot, and they are
just as good mousers. They will suck
eggs and kill small chickens, but I
have observed they do not when
there are plenty of mice around the
This has been a great fall for every
thing sown since early September.
Some of the wheat is getting rather
large. In fact, it should be pastured
rather more than most of it has been.
Too great a growth made before win
ter is just as detrimental as not growth
enougn. l nose wno nave wneat ana
nave it lenced so it may De pastured
are saving much feeding.
I have been watching those who
have done considerable of it in the past '
two years, and am convinced that !
manure cannot be used to better ad- j
vantage than on alfalfa. It makes a
wonderful difference in the hay crops
really making more value by increas-
ing this crop than if used on corn !
land. Of cou.se when a person has;
enougn it is enougn, out lew oi us:
have too much alfalfa.
The cOst of maintaining a good
fence is greater than most of us real-!
ize. Posts are rotting all the time
and some along the line usually need j
replacing every year. Where a fence
is not needed it is better to have none
that is, if you want to cut down ex- j
pense bills. Fields divided too much i
by fences Olteil Cause extra trouble
in farming.
When the wood frame in farm ma
chinery was discarded and machines
nrom trmrin cilmncf u'hnllu nf otonl anrl
iron, It Was Said that ShedS tor ma-
chinery were no longer necessary, as
being 01 iron ana Steel, machinery
would take no hurt if it did stand out
in the weather. This has proven a
great mistake. The all-steel machine
loses strength by rusting and rotting,
ll Ot as rapidly as does WOOd, but tO a Dnvall-Perclval Trust Company, aa rent on the
, ,u .. it,:..!, abuve premises, div.ded between the respect
greater extent than niOSt Of US .think lv paritea herein; in the peiltiou It is aliened
rn . i -i.. i 4
The catalpa is certainly a great tree
fnr (illicit arnwth anrl for nrwt niatpri- 611 "",er will to Martna fciien Uerry, bar
ior quiCK growin ana lor posI nidien- bttTA A1ee callings. Mary Jane Poers and
nl nf lnsfintr rninlitips Most nilirk
ai Of lasting qualities. must quics.
prowine timber is worthless for post
material, but the catalpa is an except -
,. uri.i i- i4 1.1
tion. While Very light Catalpa IS
wri) strnnn anrl it hne laerina ihili.
very strong, ana it nas lasimg aDiu-
fiAc in I ho rrrnnnrl
lies, in uie K1 uuiiu.
The road-dragging season should
not end the first Monday in Novem-
ber lUSt because the township trUS-
... ..... .
tees Settle With the road supervisors
on that day. The dragging just be
fore the ground freezes up is the best
one of all.
I hauled a two ton load on a low
wheeled, broad-tired wagon, the
other day, and a few days later haul
ed a similar load on a common narrow
tired farm wagon. I have a kindly!
feeling toward the low wheels and
i . . i . t
oruau ures ior use auuui tue larm, ,
but this one test convinced me it is
not the combination for heavy hauling
on dirt roads. The load on the com
mon wagon pulled much easier.
For a few davs after beino turned
into the Stalk field tbe COWS are tOO.
independent to eat Mything 'that IS j
placed before them in a manger, but :
this pride does not last long. When
the field is reduced to bare stalks and
a few dry husks tbe manger takes on
.... . , i . I
a dllf erent 100K. .,
, , , . . .
The old sweep cob crusher is more 1
t 41..- 4U VtU ,
uut ui tutto tuau tue uiu uiauuiv
spreader, but from it we learned that
crushed ear corn is ffood feed and
those who have gasoline engines will
do well by getting a cob-crushing
milL . " - ,.
'Spare tbe feed and spoiLthe colt"
does not mean tbat young colt should
be fed as much as work horse. It
Is always possible to orerdo a good
tbin.' ',- . .- --:.4..' -
has at last found its true place of use
fulness on the farm and that is the
top and at the bottom of woven-wire
fencing. A perfect fence for all kinds
of stock can hardly be built without a
There are some farms where the
buildings are in such fine shape that
no repairs are necessary but they are
exceptions. As a rule there are re
pairs to be made that were neglected
during the busy season and right now
is a good time to put in the stitch that
saves nine.
Do a lot of thinking on your own
account before you allow a smooth
talking land agent to trade a farm
four times as large as yours to you,
even though he may tell you that the
land is better and the climate "just
about the same as here." There is
reason in all things, but in "hoss"
trades and land deals it is very sel
dom that both sides win.
It seem that there are a few who
think that all pur ills can be cured by
law and at present are making a great
noise about passing a law prohibiting
the sale of veal calves in order that
our beef supply may be increased. If
a minimum price for two and three-year-old
beeves could by fixed bylaw
it would come several points nearer
the mark they are aiming at.
Corn is selling at 50 cents per bush
el at our local markets, which is a
fair price, but what has become of
our "dollar a bushel"' calamity howl
ers of last summer.
For Rent.
A 0 room residence suite
all' in
HghtS) vvater and toilet room;
' KOod shape and weU iocated.
I p -p PAYNE,
j 7-2t. N. Main 528,
Taxes are now due and my
, is
located in circuit clerk
Please call,
J. L. Barker,
j 3-tf
Township Collector.
Order of Publication
static or Missouri,
f , . n. b.iB. 1 a
In theClrcaitl.'ourt, February Term, I'JH In
Vacation November II),
Order of Publication.
K K. Kggleaon, Plaintiff
Mary Jane Powers; William Henry Warder
mai ; William H. Stalllnge; William H. Mai
lings, guardian and curator or Mai y Elizabeth
and Ifdtli Slallings; Mary Eli.auetta Stal
ling j Udell StalltDgs; W. II. S.allioga. Jr.;
bum Ktallings; linien Varner .Stalliuge;
Warderman Pearae Stalllnge; and tbe Uuvall
Perolval Trust Company, Defendants.
The Slate of Missouri to Hie above named
Defendants. Greeting
by her Attorney ami dies her Petition ami Affi
davit, surging, unoug outer ininge mat ue
fendan'S. nullum Henry Warder , an; William
II Mailings: William II. Stalllngs. guardia
and curator f Mary KHznDeth stallings and
Udell stalling ; Mary Kii.aoem sellings;
Urte 1 Stalling; w. 11. stalling, Jr. i l.ulu
Stalllngs: Helen V'ruer Slslllnga; mil Wanl-
i criuan ftarce .stililngs are Lon-resu
rman Pearne Miaiilnira are ioii-realdents of
the State ol Missouri. .,.,.
Uhurunnnn tt Is .inlwra I hv ihn fllurlr In Va.
tbe State or Mlenourl
' cation, that eat-i uerndanu ue notified by pub
agai.ist them iu this Court the object and gen
eral nature ol wnicu ts to partition me:
Northeast Quarter of the Northeast
Quarter of bection 34, la Township 411,
liange ol, Kates County, Missouri,
among the Plain tin and I) femiants, and if the
same cannot be divided la kind among tbem,
to have said property sold an 1 the proceeds di
' that tne piainuu naa acquired me interest or
: .Martha Mien berry, and that the above de-
; acriuea property was owneu uy nnwara w ara-
e.mn at hu death, and that the same descend-
; William Henry Wardernian, and their heirs,
... ,.u ' ,. . .... ,., H.,i,r Aiiee
stalling! diedleaving as her hlreherchildren,
1 11. staiunga, jr., uia staitings, 11 ien vamer
Stalling and Warderman Pearoe Stitllings
woo jointly owns one-fourth interest In said
Ind, sobjeot to the curtesy of her husbaud
wmiam u. staiiiog-, and mat unless me stid
non-resident defendants, above nanieu, be and
appear at this court, at the next term thereor,
, Hrt&
j tjmj.j.r
; the Petition In' said cause tne same wilt ha
.taken confessed, and juigmeut will b.i
I rendered acoordlugly.
adu it ! lurtner uruereu, hum r-upy iitsreui
be published, according to law. In Tne Butler
Weekly Times a newspaper published in said
uountv oi nates, ror lour weeaa succ asivny,
published at least once a week, the last Inser
tion to be at lea-t thirty daya before the drat
day of said next regular Term of this Court.
H. O. MAXKV, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from tbe record .
Witness my hand, and aeal of tbe
(SKA I.) Circuit Court or Bates county, this
Bth day of December lull!
f it H. O. MaXKV. Circuit Clrrk.
Order of Publication.
.sxatk or Missouri,
County of Batea. f
In the CtrcnltConrt February Term, Bill
vacation ueeemoer tn, itua.
Order of Publication.
Lou B. Shelton, Plaintiff,
K T. shaJton, Defendant.
The-ttM of Missouri to the above named Ue
Nowatthladat conies the Plaintiff herein.
MthlhgUainong'oUiei' thrnattiiiTeTend'
ucauoa ih plaintiff dm eommenoed a auit
arai atanot which ia to obtain, a door r di-
toko from th bonds of matrimony ooatraotad
between thanlalaUar and defendant, and for ai
order of CoertmtoriDg tea name of plalnUf
1 -uon aVHoiioway 7
wna anaiean u
appear at thla Coart, at the next tern thereof,
to be begaaaad kotdea at the Court House in
the city ox nailer, la aaia eoueiy, on tae nrat
Monday of Vahraary IM4 and on or before tha
drat day of aaid Term, aaaweror plead to the
Patliioa la aaid eanae, the same will be taken
aaooofeaaesl. and jadsmeat will ba rendered
Ad tta'farther ordered, that a copy hereof
be pabllaka. aeaordlDg to la, la The Batter
Weakly In-, a aawapaper pabUshed la aald
maty of imtm (or four week eceeaaively,
Kbllehesl M laaal aaoa a week, the last laser
a te bee leas thirty daya beltora the a rat
da af aaM aero rtoaary tenat af this Coart.
. H. O. MAXKY, ClMalt Clerk.
amy hand and aeal efthtarcalt
aaALl C -rrBaeaa Oeaaty, thla fth
t-M O. MAXKT, Clremlt Clark. .
Order of Publication.
of Hates. t
In the Circuit Court February Term, MM In
vacation, IJeuember9, lilia.
Order of Pnbllcalion.
C. tiedford Plaintiff.
vs. .
The unknown consort heirs, di vlsees, donee",
alienees Immediate, niesi e, or remote, vol
untary or involuntary gante of George
Cooper, deceased. The nnknown consort
heirs, devisee, doneea alienees, in medi
ate, mesne or remote, voluntary or Involun
tary grant-ea, or Win. Hrocknian. If be b
deceastd, and Wm ll ockruan, Defenilanta.
k ow at thla day cornea the Plaintiff herein by
hi Attorney an l flies bla Petition under oath
alleging among other things that Defendant
Win. liroekman Is a non-resident ol the State of
Missouri. And that he verily believes there
are pnrs n interested In the aubject matter ol
thla suit, whoae uamea he cann I insert ln-4K
petition because unknown to him and whose In
terest he can not morn apeolUoaUy set out ror
tbe same reason. But Ibat If snch peroone
there be they derive th Ir Interest If any Ihey
have, as the unknown consort, h ira. d.viseea,
donees, alieneea, Immediate, mesne, or re
mots voluntary or ' Involuntary grantees of
tieorge Cooper, deceased who ulrd intestate,
owning title to premleea hereinafter described,
by deed shown of record In Book at pagi tiS
thereof, in the office of the Recorder of deeds.
Bates Co., Mo.
Or as the nnknown cons irt, heirs, devisees,
donees, 1mm dlate mesne or remote, volun
tary or Involuntary grantees of Wm, Brock
man, If be be deceased who took interest in
said real estate, by a defective deed of convey
ance shown in the office of the Recorder of
deeds, Bates Co., Mo. In Book J at page j!).
W hereupon it Is ordered ny tbe Cl-rk in Va
cation that the said defendants be notified by
publication that idalntlff ha commenced a suit
againrt tbem In this court, tbeobject and gen
eral nature of which la to try ascertain, deter
mine and have adjudged tbe interest, r ght.
title, and claims cf tbe plaintiffs and defer d
ar.la herein respectively, in anil to the follow
ing described, real eatate, to-wlt: Beginnng
at the Sou'h West corner of Ih- Soutb Kast
Quarter of the North Kast Quarter, or Section
Twenty-one, in Township Forty-one, of Range
Twenty-nne, and running thence eaatsixty-aix
and two thirds (im !:) loda, thence north
twenty-eight (tx) lode, I hence west slxtv-six
andtwo thirds (itJ-8) rods, thence south twenty-
eight (sin) rods to place of beginning, and
containing eleven and two thirds ill ) acres
more or less.
Plaintiff further alleging in bis Bald p tltion
that he ia the absolute owner in fee of sa d
And that unless the said defendants be and
appear at this court, ai tbe next term thereor,
to lie begun and bolden at tbe court house in
the city of Butler, in said county, on the first
Monday of February lllll, and on or before the
first day of aald term, answer or plead to the pe
tition In said cause, the same will be taken aa
oonfessed and judgment will be rended ac
And It is further ordered that a copy hereof
be published, according to law, in The Butlkh
Weekly Times, a newspaper published in said
county of Bates, for lour weeks successively,
published at least once a week, the last In
sertion to be at least thirty days before tbe
lire I day of said next February term of this
II. O. MAXEV, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record
W itness my hand and sal of the Cir
skai. cult court of Bates county, this ' li
day of Decemlier, IMS.
4t, 11.0 -MAXKY. Circuit Clerk.
Order of Publication.
County or Ita'es. (
IntheClrcultCourt, February Term, lull. In
Vacation Hi cember tith, l!)l'j.
Order of Publication.
A. O Culshall, Plaintiff,
John IlerderBon, Ulam Henderson, I. sura
r oster. Mattle Ankrttiii and Belle lSowerman,
kow at this day comes the Plaintiff herein,
by her Attorney and Hies her Peti-ion, alleging,
Binong other things that Defendants uun
HeuderBon, Laura roster, Mattle Antrum and
Belle Howernmii are non-residents of the Slate
of .Missouri.
Whereupon, it In ordered by the Clerk In a
cation, that said Defendants be notified by
publication that Plaintiff has commenced a suit
againat tnetn in mis i oiirt. me owed and gen
eral nature of which Is to obtain a judgment
anu iiB'-ree or mis .'oiirt part tioning the r. a
estate hereinafter fully described, founded up
on ine louowing aiiega ions in piatnuii's pen
tiun Died herein, to-wit: That Plaintiff. A. O
Cnteliall and the a ve named defendant-
John Henderson, Klain Henderson, Laura
ros it, Mat ie Ankrum and Belle Bow. rman
wn as tennnts in common all ol the North half
of the South eastQiiHrlerof.se tion Town
ship IJ flange .1:1, In Bates County. Missouri;
tbki each one ol tnem own In fee e'niple one
und:v,ded une sixth ol'enid land.
Wherefore the p'alntiff asks that tbe court
decree that the said lund bepartltloi ed in sir d;
that it be partitioned am ng tbe parties to thla
suit, according to their interests, and for all
proper relief, and thai if less the said defend
ants above named be and appear at this Court,
at the next term thereof, to be begun nod bold
en at the Court House in the City ol Huti-r. in
said county, on the first Monday of February
loll and on or before the first ,ay of said Term,
answer or p'ead to the petition in said cause
the aame will be taken aa contested, and judg
ment - HI be rendered according!,.
And it Is Inrth-r ordered 'hit a copy hereof
be published, according to law, in the Butler
W eekly Times, a newspaper published in said
county of Bates, for lour weeks successively,
published at le.st once a week, the last inst-r
lion to lie t least h riy days before the tlr.t
day of said next February IMUterm of thisconrt.
II. U. MAXEY, Circuit Clerk
A true copy from the record.
Witness my hand, and seal of the
seal clrcnlt court of Bates county,
this litb day or December IMI.'l.
S tt. H. O. MAXKY, cilcnit Clerk.
Trustee's Sale.
Whereas Jefferson li. Haker and Mattie S.
Baker husband and wire and Conwav iraon
and Myrtle Grayson husband and wile by deed
of trust dated July Jtttb itllO, and tecorded
August l.'lth ltIO in the office or the Recorder of
Deeda of Batea Conntv. .Missouri, in Rook
xftl at Page :jS, oonveyed to tbe undersigned
In trust, to secure the payment of the note and
coupons in said deed of trust particularly de
scribed, the following described real estate
annate in nates county, Missouri to-wlt:
Tne west hall of fractional section three (3)
tha south weal quarter of section ten (ill); the
west hall or the south cast qnarter of section
ten (101; the east hair of the north west quarter
of t-ection trnHO); the west half of the north
east quarter of aeotlon ten (Mi) and the north
east qnarter of the north east qnarter of sec
tion ten (It) all In townahlp furly-two (12) or
Range thirty-three (;i3) containing In all SOI
SO 100 acres
And whereas. Interest coupon, due August
1st, 1113, described In and aecured by aald deed
of truat . has not been paid.
And, whereas, the owner of said note and
coupon has requested me to execute the tiower
veated In me bv aald deed of trnat to aell aald
real estate, and ont of the proceeds of aald aale
pay tne mutoieaneas securea tnereoy.
Therefore in compliance with said request
and In pursuance of the power veated In me by
aald deed of truat, I will aell aald real eatate at
public vendue to the blgheat bidder ror cash
on the Klrd dy of December laia, at the front
aoor or tne t onri House, in the city or Bauer,
in Daiee i"uniy, niHoun.
3-td HKRSC-KLBABTLnT, Truetee.
Trustee's Sale.
Whereas, A. Thatcher, a single man, by bis
deed of trnat dated Jane 17th, 1913, and re
corded In tbe Recorder- a onjee within and for
Bates county. Missouri, in Book .''o zjy, page
4, conveyed to the undersigned trustee the fol
lowing described real estate lying aad being
altnate lo the county of Bale aad State oT
Missouri, to-wlt:
All of lota seven (7), eight (8) aad alas (9), la
block twelve (14). and lota eight (8) aad alae
(Hi, la block tcTtoteea (17), la the vintage of
Merwla, Missouri : which ooaTeyaaoe was madi
la trust to seen re tbe payment of oae certain
a ota rally described la said dead of trust; aad
whereas, default has been made la payment of
aald Bote and tha same la new past due and na
aald. Mow therefore, at tha rrqaaat of tha
legal bolder ef said note aad pursuant te the
conditions cf said deed of treat. I will proceed
to sell the a bora described premleea at pabUe
veadae. to the hia-aeat bidder isreaak. at the
west front door of tbe eonrt house, la tha olty
of Batter, eonaty of Batea aad suto of Mls
aonri, oa ,
Friday, Deoember ltKh. Wit, .
betwesa the boar of t o'atoak la the
aad s'eUck ia the arteraooo of that day, for
the aarpooa or aaaaryiag aaia deot, utataat
aadeosts. C.A. ALXJU.
Order of Publication.
County of Bat 8 f
I lb Ircult Court of Batea County in the
State of Mleeonrl. In vacation. To the Febru
ary tern., lull. November 'X lllll.
C. M Walker, Plaintiff
C. A. Logan. Tiffin Sinks, fbas Kearney or
f'haa Carnev, Thomas Carney, 11 K. Ham
ruoiids Stewart Hastings Jr , Ji bn Wilson
and tbe unknown belts consorts, devisees,
donees and immediate mesne., "reinof , vol
untary and Involuntary grantees of C. A Lo
gan deceased. Tiffin isiuke deceased. Chae.
Kearney or Cbaa Carnev dec-used, Thomas
Carn y deceased, 11. K llammonda de
ceased, Stewart Ha-tings Jr., deceased, and
John Wilson deceased, Defendanls
The State or Missouri to all of tbe above
named defendants, Ureetlrg:
You a e hereb notified 'bat the above named
plaintiff ba this day Died with tbe undersigned
clerk or the cir u t enrt of Bittea County, Mis
soiu I In vacatlo , his petliion, duly verl 'ed
boaffiavlt wb-rein said plaintiff atiegea that
none of the above defends,, ts are re-idents of
the Mate or Missouri; plaintiff also alleging
In said petition that the unknown defendant
mentioned in said petition cla'm some title,
estate or int-rest in the subject matter 0 said
petition and to the real eaiatn hereinafter de
scribed, but the plaintiff !aiuiot insert the
names of eaid nnknown defendants In bin pe
tition bt can e tbe names nf said defendants are
nhknown to hln ; In which said petition plain
tiff lurlher avrs that tbe said unknown de
fendants have obtained and derived their claim
to th property he eli.afier iiearrlbed from C.
A. Login lec"aaed. Tllfi.i 81 ks deceased.
Chat. Kearmy or Chas. Carney deceased,
Thomas Carney deceased. II. K. Ham
monds deceased, Steward Hastings Jr
deceased or John W ilson deceaaed, or one or
more of them, as heirs, consorts, devisees,
donees, alienees, or Immediate, mesne, re-
mite, voluntary or involuntarv irrantees of
said C. . Logan, Tiffin Sinks, Chae. Kearney
or Cbaa. arney, Th mas Carney, II K. llam
monda, .Stewart Hastings Jr.. or John Wilson
or any or all of them; ano that said petition
contains aa full correct and complete a recital
and description or the claim or said defendants
and how said claims are derived as tbe tame
are known to plaintiff
it ie therefore onered by the undersigned
clerk aioresaid, In vacation, that said defend
ants be notified that an action has been com
menced againat tlinti In tbe circuit court of
tsates county, .state or Missouri lor tbe pur
pose or trying, determining, settling, defining
and qnieting the title to the following described
real estate in Bates Uountv, State of MisBiuri,
to-wit: Tbe west hall of ttn south east quar
ter of section seven (7) in townahlp No. fortv
(40), range No. thirty (:) and by which said
action Plaintiff seeks to forever bar and ore-
elude the said defendants, and each of them
from aettlng up any Interest or claim In or to
aaid real estate, or any part thereor, adversely
to said plaintiff, and which said action is ri
t rnable to, and triable on, the first day of the
next regular term of this court, to be bolden at
the court house in the city of Rttller, In the
county of Bates, in lhs State of Missouri, on
tbe first Monday ol February, lull, at which
time and place said defendants are required
and commanded to be and appear and to an
swer, plead or demur to plaintiff's petition,
otherwise the allegations contained in said pe
tition will be taken and considered as confessed
and judgment rendered according to tbe prayer
hereof, forever barring and precluding de
fendants Irom herrafter setting up any claim
or title to said real properly.
The Butler w ec-klv T imes, published In But-
ler Bates County, Missour', bavlng been
designated by plaintiff and his attorney of rec
ord as he newspaper most likely to give notice
to tbe del, ndants of the pendency of thin
action. It Is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published in aald Butler W eekly
Times once a week for and during four, weeks
tuccesaively, the last insertion oi tald order in
said paper to be at least ihirty days lie ore the
first day of the next regular term cf this court.
H. ). MAXKY, Clerk.
County of Bates. i 8
I H. O. Maxey, Clerk or the Circuit Court or
the county aforesaid, horeby certify that the
foregoing Is a true copy of tbe original Order
of Public. .tion as the same appears of record in
the ollice of the Clerk of Hie Circuit Court of'
Bates County, Missouri, at Htitler, Missouri.
Witness my hand and aeal or this
(SKAL) omt this '2t;tb dny of November,
ltd::. II. O MAXKY.
Circuit Clerk.
Order of Publication.
County of Batep, t
In tbe Circuit Court, October term, Itils,
louer ii, liii.i.
Order of Publication.
Robert F Smith, executor or the will of ) . P.
Median Plaiulilf.
E. V. Paker, Susan MeCtian and the Farmers
Bank of Pates County, o., Defendants.
The State of Missouri lo the above named de
fendants, (jrecllng :
Now at this day coupe the 1'lniiitiH b'rein,
by bis At ornea and 111,-8 Ilia Affidavit, alk-ar-
ing, among other things ttait Defendant K. V.
Haker ia a non resident of Ibe state ol, Mis
souri. whereupon, It Is ordered by the (onit, that.
said lie'enda -t he notilied by publication that
Plaintiff baB commenced a suit against him in
this Court, the object rnd general nature of
whli histo obtain a udginent and decree o.
this court determining the liability, if any, of
the trust e tate held bv plaintiff for the pay
ment or a certain i ote held by defendant bank
herein ror the sum of SIik o.iO, and to determine
tbe respective rights and interests of the par
ties hereto lo the following described real es
tate, situate in the c tv of Butl'-r, County ol
Bates and State or Miasonri, to-wit: All or
the -on lb hair of lota :: and I In Block i"i in the
town, now the City, of Butler prop-r in said
c mn'y and state, under a certain deed nf trust
bearing date on or about the loth day or March,
HUH. whereby a former owner. Hiram Nichols
anil his wile, conveyed Ihe abovedescrlbed real
estate to one W r'. Duvall, as trustee, to se
cure the payment of a certain promissory note
given oy tnesaiit Hiram nicdois, ami nis wile,,
Kennie Nichols, to.). P. Median, lor the Mini
ofsloOO.oo, ard to foreclose said above men
tioned trust deed, ard tbat unless the said
defendant K. V. Baker, be an appear at this
Conrt, at the next term thereof, to be begun
and bolden at the Court House In tbe City of
nntier, in sum county, on tne rirst mommy or
February lull and on or bniore the first daf nf
said Term, answer or plead lo tbe Petitltn lit)
aaid catae. the same will bo taken as confessed.
and jndgmeu will be 'endered accordingly.
And It is further ordered, that a copy hereof
be published, according to law In the Butler
Weekly limes a newspaper published In said
County of Batea. for lour weeks successively,
published at least onceaweik tbe last inser
tion to be at least thirty davs before the first
day of said next February Term or this Court.
H. tl. .MAXKY,
Circuit Clerk.
A true cipy of the record.
Witness my band, and seal of the
(hkalI Circuit Court of Bates county, thia
l.itn uay or NovemDer, nut.
-It Circuit Clerk.
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue and authority ofueclal Kxecntlon
Issued from the office of tbe Clerk of the Cir
cuit Conrt or Bates County, Mo., returnable at
be February Term, lllll, of said Court, and to
me directed, In favor of J. II. stone Collector
ol tbe revenue of Batea County, Missouri, and
againat C. D. Butterfleld 1 have levied upon
and alezed all the right, title, Interest and
olaim or the aald C D. Butterfleld or. In and
to the following deaorlbed Keal aetata, to wit:
I ot one la Block thirteen in Sperrys addition
10 Rich Hill, Mo., and Lot tlx. Block eighty,
nine ia Rich Hill, Mo. All lying and being
la said Ounty and eitate of Missouri; and I
will, oa Tuesday the Kith day of Deoember A.
O. I9IS, between the hours of nine o'clock In
the forenoon and ve o'clock In the nrternnm.
of that day. At the Kast Conrt House Door In
tbe tatty of Butler, County of Bates aforesaid .
aell tbe same, or so much thereof as may be
rsaalred. at Public Vendue, to the hleheethtd.
der for cash In hand, to sstlafy said execution
aadeosts. HARVR Johnson.
6-td Sheriff of Batea County. Mo.
Notice la hereby given that tetters teatamsat-
ary noon Ihe estate of Robert T. Judy, de
ceased, have beea granted to the aadaratfaed
by the Probate Conrt of Bates "onnty Mlsaoarl.
ooanaa a ate the xow day of November, ibis.
AU aeraoas havtac elalnaa mlut aKid aatta
are reqalred to exhibit them to tha aadenln
ed for allowance wllhia six moatha after the
date of said letters, ac Usy may ba preeiaded
from any baaeflt af aaoh ostatet aad ifaneh
dsdam boaot exhibited within eae year fraat
a, a aa asp IWa - - - Am e . k. -.
" tmw Miami vi wmm MBUotv
Mem aSa,Ae aaftvmll aV. - - - -5L .
inssruoapt this ambllea
fonrar .barred. Dm of
: ,f
After all these years, barbed wire
, .'' ' '.'.'.'.-:v'V ;v':V.-: '

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