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Begin General Offensive Move
ment Along German front
and Flank in Belgium.
With Import Dutie Gone, War Tax
May Be Necessary Industries
Crippled Warning About
China Given.
Washington, Aug. 11. In seven days
from tbe time England and Germany
simultaneously declared war on one
another, the night of August 4, more
than half the "earth's surface became
embroiled in the great European con
flict' Tbe situation Is decidedly compli
cated and will become more so. Eng
land, France, Russia and Belgium are
officially at war with Germany. Eng
land and Belgium, however, were not
at war with Austria up to the night of
August 11, and France did not declare
war on Austria, German's staunch ally,
until the night of August, 10. Servla
and Montenegro are at war with Aus
tria but not with Germany. Austrian
and German allies are moving against
France and Russia only.
Italy forsook her alliance with Ger
many and Austria, and when Germany
protested Italy threatened to line up
with the allies and fight defensively
to protect her neutrality. Portugal
has officially declared her friendship
for England and Japan, remembering
her alliance with Britain, is prepared
to aid the British against German ac
tivities in the Far East. .
The Week's Losses.
During the week of fighting in Eu
rope 100,000 men, the physical pick of
Europe, were killed or wounded. A
billion of money was spent for troop
transportation and ammunition. Nu
merous villages were destroyed. Hun
dreds and hundreds of acres of crops
were trampled. Some cities were bad
ly damaged by bombardment. Millions
of poor are feeling the pinch of hunge
Yet the activities of the great
armies, vast machines of death and
destruction, have only just started
Not a single historic battle has been
fought, say military experts. So far
there have been only skirmishes on
land and, sea.
Attempting to sweep across Bel
gium, a country little larger than the
state of Massachusetts, and on to
France, a German army of 100,000 met
strong opposition at Liege," Belgium,
an' Important city on the Belgian-Ger
man f rontier. After four days of -fierce
fighting the Germans took the city
but they couldn't take the surround
ing forts which the Belgian defenders
declare are impregnable.
Big -Battles Coming.
T'ie French have-entered Alsace
Lorraine, a territory taken from them
during the Franco-Pi ussian war of
1870. It is reported that important
battles will occur about Anmi.i l.'i be
tween an army composed of l.ftoo.OOO
French, British and Uelian .iIHps and
a German army of 1,000,000, in Alsace,
and between a larare allied army ami
a German army, near Naniur. iVclslum
A great sea battle Js predicted be
tween the combined'fleets of Kniland,
France and Russia and that of Ger
many, in the North sea. The Meets
have been maneuvering for more than
a week. 1
The European conflict is having a
serious effect in the t'nited States.
Import taxes have practically ceased.
On account of this loss of revenue it
may be necessary soon to. impose a
special war tax. Industry here has
been seriously .hurt; especially the
rubber industry, and various niachinp
niaking lines. Cojtton trade with Eu
rope is practically dead. Anil tne
United States may have to send a con
siderable fore to China , to protect all
foreigners. Secretary' Bryan has not!
fled the fighting nations that the neu
trality of China must be respected and
that the United States will undertake
to see that it is preserved.
To Attack German Flank.
London, Aug. 11. A general offen
sive movement by the French and Bel
gian forces has begun. The object is
to retake Liege and expel the German
Invaders from Belgium.
Allied cavalry, supported by field ar
tillery and mounted auxiliary forces?
met the German outposts north of the
Meuse. This flying column is attempt
ing to turn the kaiser's right flank it
la believed. '
Fought In Close Order.
The Dally Telegraph's correspon-
i utuii, wutj wiuiesBcu uiuuii ui tue hhtott
fighting, says the German artillery fir
ing waa excellent,-but expressed sur
prise at the" Infantry In fighting In
close order. Battalion after battalion
was- thrown Into the. fight in solid for
mation, -but, he adds, the estimate of
25,000 losses was an exaggeration.
Allied Troops Advance.
Brussels, Aug. 11. Tbe main allied
army, composed ' of Belgian, French
'ad English troops, has pushed ita ad
vance oat of Louvain. Raiding cavalry
feolnmna have passed behind the Ger
tman lines, burning bridges and de
straying railroad track.
I The German forward movement Is
.1 x aow toward, the River Ourthne. 8klr
wlalifn nmrHam ftr Kktirlnar Ml th
i , r ""J rtCSr TMeaatveworirare be-
Austrian consul in New York who
has charge of issuing transportation
to Austrian1 who desire to return and
Join their army.
London committee aids
the stranded americans
Agents Meet Incoming Trains
to Care for Women
London, Aug. 10 Many Americans
who arrived in England .on the White
Scar line steamer Oceanic already are
applying to the American relief com
mittees for cash and a return passage
to the United "States. The. passengers
who were released from the Hamburg-
American line steamers Kronprinzes
sin Cecilie and Prinz Adalbert interned
at Falmouth also are applying for aid.
The German steamship lines refuse
to grant refunds on- ticket deposits,
travelers being given only now trans
ferable orders on the New York offices
of the companies.
Theodore Hetzler of New .York, head
of the Citizens' committee, said that
his committee was working in com
plete harmony with the London citi
zens' committee.
Because of "white slave" agents rep
resenting themselves as committee
agents, the committees . appointed
three agents, two of them women, to
meet all incoming train9.. Three Amer
ican girls who were approached in a
railroad station by false agents said
their suspicions were aroused by the
kind of lodgings to which they were
recommended, whereupon they es
caped. The police have now assigned
detectives to arrest suspicious char
Washington, Aug. 10. Secretary
Bryan announced that the American
government was In communication
with all European embassies and le
.nations and that every effort was be
ing mode to care for Americans In all
parts or the continent.
"For many days the state department
had been unable to communicate with
Ambassador Gerard at Berlin, but
communication has now been estab
lished through Copenhagen.
Cruiser Essex. Reported to Have
Caught Kronprlnz Wilhelm While
En Route to Germany.
New York, Aug. 11. Strict censor
ship over the cables leading out of.Ber
muda'are kee.ping hidden from public
knowledge the fate of the North Ger
man Lloyd steamer Kronprinz Wil
helm, which took 6.000 tons 'of coal
out of this port under cover of dark
ness last week before the battleship.
Florida began its enforcement of tbe
neutrality laws.
- The British cruiser Essex has cap
tured the German liner and is taking
her, a prize of war. Into Hamilton,
Bermuda, according to wireless mes
sages declared to have been overheard
at sea. The Associated Preps corres
pondent at Bermuda Indicated, in a
cryptic dispatch, that he had Informa
tion which he had not been allowed to
communicate by cable. . This message
came in response to one informing the
correspondent of the reported capture
of the Kronprinz Wilhelm.
Opera Singer to Jail.
Boston,' Mass., Auir. 10. Florenclo
Constantino, the opera singer, has
been - surrendered at the Charles
Street Jail by his sureties, and locked
up for debt The tenor was arrested
about a year ago on a judgment for
$30,000 brought by Oscar Hammer
stein. -Take Five German Millions. .
London, Ang. ll. The Hamburg
American line steamer Cape Ortegal,
with Ave million dollars in specie
aboard, has been captured by the Brit
ish, according to the Dally Mail. The
liner aalled from Buenos Aires July 16
French Bulleta More Deadly. -
Belfort, Aug. 11. The French sur
geons who hare been caring for the
wounded In the fighting In .Lower Al
sace report that the French bullets
appear to make more serious wounds
than those of the German riflee.
Order of, Publication
County or Batea.
In the Circuit Court. May term, 1914, June ),
19Hi - . .. ' I
S. P. Robinson, Plaintiff
D. M Colbern, W. A. Lacy and Commerce
Trnat company, Defendants
Order of P utiles tion.
Tbe State of Missouri to the above named de-
, rcLdant, U. M. coioern, ureeung: .
Now at thla dav comes tbe nlalntlff herein by
Mi attorney, W. O. Jaokaon. and filea bit affi
davit alleging among otber Ihlnge that defend -ant.
D. M. Colbern, la a non-resident of the
State of Missouri.
Whereupon, It la ordered by the oonrt, that
said defendant, D. M. Colbern, be notified by
nnhlinatlnn that nlalntlff has commenced a aull
agalnat bim In thla conrt, tbe object and g-n
erai nature ot wmcn is id ouisin a u'uree r
to reciud and ret aside a contract oetween s. r
Kobinaon and L. M. Colbern entered Into or the
14th day of March, 11)13 and recorded In Book
232 at pageSllUn the office of tie Recorder of
Deeda of Uateeeonnty. .ulf-eoarl, and in which
D. H. (Jo 1 hem agrees among omer in'niia vu
aell to S. P Robinson 81.1 acres of land In sec
tions Twenty-five, Thirty-flvj- and Thirty six,
in township Forty of Range :is In Batea conntv,
Missouri , said Eight Hundred and Thliteen
(81) airesof land uelng the fallowing:
The West half or the East half and the Kast
half of the West bait and the West Half of the
Southwest Qiart. r of Section Twenty-five.
Also the West half of the West half of Section
Thlrty-alx. Aiso the Northeast Quarter and
the North half of tbn Sontbeait Quarter of Bee
tlon Thirty-five-. Alao tha Weal Thirteen (13)
acres of the Southwest Quarter or the 8 mtheast
Qnarter of Section Thirty five, lying north of
the Marala dee C;gnes river. All In Township
Forty (40), Range Thiriy-three (33), In Batea
County. State vt Missouri.
And to require the aald D. M. Colbern to re
turn to 8. P, Robinson a note for Seven Thous
and Dollara (S70O0) which waa executed under
aald contract, and to require the aald D. M
Colbern to give aeonrlty that said note shall
not be held as a debt of S. P. Robinson In the
bands of any third person aid to cancel the
deed of trust given to secure aald note, and to
require the said D. M. Colbern to repay to 8. P.
Robinson Two Thousand Dollars (20IW) paid by
bim in pursuanoe nnder aald eontraot together
with Interest thereon, and to charge aald land
with a Hen for said Two Thousand Dollars and
Interest and to enjoin defendanta W; A Lacy
and Commerce Trust company irom enmg
said land nnder said trust deed and from con
veylng or receiving any rights thereunder and
for all proper relief, and that unless tbn aald U.
M. Colbern be and appear at thla Court, at the
next term thereor, to be begun and holden at
the Court Honse in the city of Bntler, in said
county, on the first Monday of October, 1814,
and on or before tne oral oay oi saiu inu,
answer or plead to the petition In said cause,
the same will-be taken aa confessed, and judg
ment wilt be rendered accordingly. -
And It la further orderea tnat a copy nereoi
b published, according tola, in lhe Huller
Weekly Times, a newspaper published in said
Connty of batea. for four weeks successively,
published at least once a week, the laat Inser
tion to b at least thirty days before the first
day of said next October term of this Court.
Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record,
Witness my band anil seal of the Clr
bkal cult Court of Hates Couuty, this 2(lth
davof July, W14.
40 -4t . Clrcuit.Clerk;
Order of Publication.
County of Batea. S
) SB
In the Circuit Cnnrtof Bntee County, Mls-4
aouri, June l-.ii h, 1!I14. May Term, lull.
The State of Missouri at tbe relation end to the
use of J. U- Stone, Treasurer and Ex Officio
Collector of tbe Revenue uf Kates Couuty In
the State of Missouri, Plaintiff,
- VS. ' I-
Jonathan R. Barrett, Defendant.
Ci II Action lor Delinquent Taxes. '
The State of Missouri to tbe above named De
fendant, Greeting: I
Now at this day comes the plaintiff herein by
her ittiirnrv before the Circuit Court of Hates
i-nnntvln the state of Missouri, and nravn tbe
oonrt for an order of publication herein, and It
appearing to tne oonrt iroiu we return ui ,uc
Sheriff herein that the defendant cannot be
found in Bates County, Missouri, said prayer
la by the co rt granted, n Hereupon it is
ordered by the court that the defendant be
notified by publication that iilsint ff ha com
menoed a suit against him In this conrt by
petition the object and general nature of which
fa to enforce the lien of the State of Missouri
for the delinquent taxes or the year lims
amounting in the angregnte to tne sum of S "t
together with interest, costs commissions and
lees, npon .be following described tr-cte of
land situated In Hates County, Missouri,
Twenty acrea, the South part of the
West half of the South west Quarter of
Section Tweiity-flvrf ('-'61 ID Township
Thirty-eli!bt(3) of Range Twenty-nine
And that unless the snid Defendant be and
appear at the next term of this court, to be be
gun and holden in tbe City of Butler, Bates
connty, Missouri, on the first Monday In Octo
ber, 1014, and on or before the first day thereof,
and plead to aald petition aoco ding to law tbe
same will be taken as confessed, and judgment
rendered according to the prater of said peti
tion and the above described real estate sold
to eallaiy the same.
And it la further ordered by the court that a
copy hereof be published in The Butler Week
ly Times, a weekly newapsper printed and
published in Batea county,. Missouri, for four
week successively, the last Insertion to be at
least fifteen' daya before tbe first day or the
next term of said court.
A true copy of the record .
Witness my band as clerk aforesaid
Isbal with tne aeal or aald court hereunto
affixed Done at office in Butler on
this the 21st day of July, 114.
40-4t , H. O. MAXEY. Circuit Clerk
Order of Publication.
. County of Batea,-
In tha Circuit Court. October Term. 1014.
Vacation, June W, 1014.
Mary Knight, Plaintiff
Jeaae Knight, Defendant
Now at this day cornea the plaintiff herein,
nd aiea bar affidavit, alleging, among other
things that defendant, Jesse Knight, la a non
resident of the State of Missouri.
Whereupon, It la ordered by the clerk In va
cation, that aald defendant be notified by publi
cation that plaintiff haa commenoed a suit
axalnat him In thla Court, tbe object and gen
eral nature of which la to have and secure or
plaintiff, an order and Judgment divorcing
plaintiff from defendant, ana a grounds there
for avera that defendant waa guilty of groaa In
itlgoitiea to and toward her, thereby rendering
her condition In III as hla wire intolerable,
and further averring that defendant waa guilty
of anoh conduct aa to rend, r him a vagrant
wl rln the meaning of the law, ana failed, re
fnaed and neglected to support and provide lor
And that nnleaa tha aald defendant, Jesse
Knight be and appear at thla Conrt, at tbe
next term thereof, to be begun and holden at
tha Conrt Hons In tha eliy of Butler, in
aald county, on tha first Monday of October,
lilt, and on or be I or the first day or aald term,
anewer or plead loth Petition In aald cause,
the Bam will be takra aa coaleaaad, and judg
ment ul bo rendand acoordlngly
And It la tortner ordered by the oonrt that a
copy hereof be pnbliahed, according to law. In
Tha Bntler Weekly Timta, a ntwspaper pub
llahod la aald County or Batea, tor four weeka
aocesaBlrely, nublianed at lout one a week,
the laat Insert! oat to be at leaat t klrty daya be
fore tha ant day or aald aexl October term
of this Court.
A tra copy from the record.
Wiueaa any hand and seal of the Cir
cuit court of Bate county, thla lotn
dayafAnnat. ll. .
43 4t HO J4AXKT. Circuit Clerk.
- Sale Dates,
John Speer and J. R. Baum, Jersey
cattle, at Round Barn Farm,- Septem
ber 1, 1914. H
J. H. Baker, Big Bone Type Poland
China Hogs, at Butler, Mx, October
27,1914 .' V
W. Z. Baker, Big Boni Type Po
land China Hogi, at Rich Hill, Mis
souri, October 28, 1914.
, .V f - -...fW'l r. ' . '. ' r
-;rt ;.".,-.-v -.v.-.--';,i:'Vv;;.. ,;s. ,
: ; I Order of Publication. i I
County of Bales. i"
In tneClroultCourt, October Tern), 1914 In 1
vacation August 10, 114.
I, M Kretzlnger, Plaintiff j
vs. . '
George W. Ludwick, andthe unknown eon
aorts, helra, devisees, donees, alienees, or
Immediate means or remote, voluntary or i
Involnntary granteea of the following named '
deceased psrsons: Peter B. afoCoul, Peter !
H. MoCool, George Drake, Louisa Pitta and
JacobXutaenhlxer, Defendanta. j
Now at thla da7 comes the plaintiff herein,
by bis attorneys, and files herein his petition
under oath, aljeglng among other things that i
tbe defendant. George . Ludwlck is a non
resident of the Si a e of Missouri and can not be?
served with tbe ordlna v process of law herein,
and further alleging, that he verily believes
there are persons Interested in the subject
matter of bis petition, whose names he can not i
insert therein, because they are to bim un
known; that the respective claims or interests
ot such unknown persons sro d rived by them
from one or the oiur or the following named 1
deceased tereons. to-wlt: Poter H. McCool, !
Peter K McCool, George Drake. I.oulsa Pitts
and Jacob Lutsenhizer, aa the respective crn- i
toils, h(ilr. devisees, donees, alienees or Im
mediate, mesne or remote vo nntary or in
volun ar grAntees of said deceased- persons.
That )i'il Peter B. MoCool entered a part of tbe
re. I estate in plaintiff's petition and herein
after describe t, from the United States Gov
ernment, as shown by tbe piat book of original
entries on file In the office of the Hecorder of 1
Deeds In and for bates County, Missouri, and '
never conveyed the same to any one, so far as
die dosed by the recorila of said c unty.
That Peter II. McCool appears by the records
aforesaid to have aaserted some claim to a part
of lh reat estate hereinafter described, and j
such interest as he may have bad or claimed,
therein, was net conveyed by him by a suffi- ;
elent deed of conveyance thereof.
That George Drake held the legal, title to a
part of tbe real estate hereinafter described by j
deed of record In the office afor aald In Book B, '
at page 36, and never convoved t sesame to any
one rby deed properly describing tbe land.
That Louisa Pitta took a deed by which It was ;
Intended to convey a part of the real estate I
hereinafter described to her, but by reason of i
an Imperfect description of the land, only the
equitable title passed, and whatever Interest 1
ahe acquired by bald deed, which is recorded in i
Book w, at page 801, of the records aforetald
was never by her properly conveyed.
ThatJacab Lutsenhizer ootalneil title to a
part orthe real estate hereinafter described by .
deed recorded In the office aforesaid in Book i
C, at page 150, dated In 18SV and by will at- 1
tempted todlspjseof the same which will so
Indefinately describes said r al estate, that the ;
aame can not now be ascertained, whereby his !
heirs at law appear to bare an interest in said :
land. I
Whereupon, It Is ordered by the clerk, In va- ;
cation, that the aald defendants be notified by :
publication,, that plaintiff has commenctd a
suit against tbem In this court, the object and :
general nature of whicb la to divest the said
efendants and each and all of them or all right, 1
title an 1 Interest, or appearant right, title and
Interest, that they or any of tbem may bave, in
or to the following described real estate lying 1
ana being Bituate in Bates county, Missouri, i
to-wlt: The south east quarter of tbe south
east onarter gr Section Fifteen (IS); also that;
part of ttfe south west quarter of tbe south eaBt i
quarter of Section Fifteen lift) desc Ibed as fol
lows: Beginning at tne souto wesi. corner oi
said tract, and running north to the center of
the channel of Deepwater creek; thence down ,
aald creek to tbe soutn line of i-nid section 11 f- ;
teen l'i); thence west to the place or beginning. ;
Also tbe east ten (10) acres ol a tract aeserlhed ,
as follows to-wlt: Beginning at n point Mw"
(15) rods south of the north east comer of the;
north eus'. quarter or the northeast quarter of 1
Sectln Twenty-two (ttf), running theuce west ,
eighty (80) rods; -thence south to Deepwater i
creek; tbence down tbe middle of the main !
channel nf raid creek to the east line of said j
section Twenty-two (tl): thence north on said
section line to place of beginning. Also a tract
defer I bed aa beg nnlng at tbe north west corner
of the north west quarter of the no tb west
quarter of Se.Jtion Twenty-three (at); thence
running eaBt twenty vtv) tons; inenue buuiii iu
the center of the tiiaiti rh mnel of Deeuwaler
creek; thence westerly, with the ineanderlnge
of said creek channel, to the west line of said
Section Twenty three (23); thence north on said
section line to tne poiuv iu ueg nniuK, an ui
mid real estate being situate In Township
Ftirtv (40), of Hange Twenty-nine ')). In said
county anil State, and by Its judgment and de
cree vest the title to tbe whole of ea'.d real
estate In the plaintiff herein who claims title
thereto by limitation under the laa of tbe
State of Missouri, and that unless tbe said de
repliant be and appear at this Court, at the
next term thereof, to be begun and holden at
the court House in tne city oi tinner, in sata
Conn ty, on the first Monday bf October, 1014,
ami on or before the first day of said. Term,
answer or , lead to the Petition In aald cause
the same will tie taken as confessed, and jn g
ntettt will b-i rendered accordingly.
Andit Is further ordered, that a copy hereof
be published, according to law. In Tne Butler
Weekly Times a newsuanr publltbed in Bald
Ountv uf Hates, for lour weeks succ sslvtly,
published at least once a week, the last Inser
ts n to be at lea-tt thirty days b fore the Urst
day of said next October Term or this Court.
H. O. MAXEY, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
Witness my hand, ami seal or the
(SEAL) Circuit Court or Bales county, this
loth day or August, 1014.
4S-4t . H.O. M.tXEV. Circuit Clerk.
Order of Publication.
Connty of Bates. J"
In the Circuit Court of Bates Connty,
sourl, June 12th, 1014. May Terra, 1014.
Tha Htfttn nf MUaiuirl t the relMtlon and to the
use of J H. stone, Treasurer and Kx-omclo 1 publication, tnat piaintiunasoommencea a suit
Collector of the Revenue or Bates County in ! against them In thla court, the object and g -tithe
Slate ol Missouri, Plaintiff, : eral nature of which la to divest said defend
v.. I ante and each and all of tbem of all-rlgh, title
James Jenkins, Meredl h Jenkins Annie Saur- i and Interest, or apparant right, title and ln
esaig, P. H. eauresalg and Abraham Gregg, tereat, that they or any of them may bave. in
Defendanta. or to the following described real estate lying
Civil Action for Delinquent T.xea. j frSJ- tbe" aout'h
The State of Missouri to tne above namea ae
fen isuts, Greet!' g:
her attorney before the Circuit Conrt of llatea of aald 1 tract and Running thencwest twenty
., r: .t.. a. m.....i .K.t hl seven (47) rods: thence aouth twenty-fonr 1X4)
i?".27 "Y i...n-h.,-Vnd ill
.nn...i.. to th. nnrt from the return of the
Hberlff herein that defendants cannot be foun t
in Batea County. Missouri, Bald prayer la by
the court granted Whereupon ft la ordered
u " --"ZZr- K-; "-l"
against them In this court y petition, the ob-
ject and general nature oi wnien is to eniorce
.T B... . - .....
tbe lien ortne otate oi juiesouri ior iui ueiiu- " .' - , ...... " , -- , , ;
quent taxea of the year 1008. amounting in the plaintiff herein, who claims title thereto In fee
aggregated the sum of 0 78 together with And lhatnnlesa the said Defendants Se tod
"it" reat. costs, commissions and feea, npon the appear at thta Court at the next term thereoi,
following described tracts of land situated in j to Ubt gun and holden at the Court Houaeln
H k im cn ii n i t Mlasonn to-wlt: the City of Butler . In said connty, on I be first
B"UK.Vth.rof thouth-et. Quar- . . Monday of October 1014 and on or before the
ter of See tlon Eleven (II) In Townahlp rf.V,1or,"1l? T."rn,,.B W2i!iiEiS?i,. m
rortytwo(4i) Range Twenty-nine (20). Petition In aald cause same will be taken aa
And that unleaa the aald defendant be and t conreased, and judgment will be rendered ac
appear at the next term of this court to be be- j oordlngly . .t . ,
gin and holden In the Clt, of Butler, Batea I And It la rurther ordered that a copy hereof
Muo"Mlasonri. on tbe first Monday In Octo- be pnbUsbed. according to law. In The Butler
her 1814 and on or before the drat day thereor. Weekly !!" a newspaper published In aald
and plead i to aald petition according to law the ! Connty oj Batea for four weekj ancceja vly.
asms I will be taken aa c onfessed aid Judgment ! published at least once a week, the laat lnaer
rentiers,! ueor-llna: to tbe prayer of aald peti- tlon to be at least thirty daya before the first
ti&XMh!dSJk t." US to day of Mid .x. October term of t Ma Onwt
aatlafr tbe aame H. n. m a as x, circuit iiera.
Arf It la fn.-ther ordered bv tha conrt that a , A true copy from the record.
eop, howof be publlahcd 11. f h. Butler Week-
ifdud i nt nnntt. II isannrl. for lonr weeka
inn ivmiT Dewimnr hibhh hv vmi-
auoreaalvely, the laat insertion to ne at tenet
a. wen aays no ore tne nrat amj vi sac
term ol said court.
A true copy or toe neoora.
iiMtmT hand as clerk aforesaid
(seal) llh the aeal of aild conrt hereunto
affixed. D na at office In Bntler on
thla the Slat day of July, 191.
40 -4t H O. MAXEY, Circuit Clerk.
Sheriff 's Sale in Partition.
A.O. CutahaU. Plaintiff
johnenderaoa. Elam Henderaon, Lanra
rooter, Matile Aakrnm and Belle Bowermaa,
la tbe Circuit Court, Batea Conntv, Mlaaonrl
By virtus and authority of a decree and or
der of amle made by tba a -Id Court, in the above
entitled cause and of a certified copy thereor
dated Jolyltth, 1914, 1 will on . -
. Tuesday, October . 1914,
between the heore of alae o'clock la the lore
aooaaad five o'clock la tbe arteraooa of that
day at the east front door of the Coart Hoe.ee la
Battler, Missouri, sell al pablio vaae. to the
hijtheel Mdder Ue following deasrtbad real
Mne'Nerv'h half of Ue Aonth Kaat quarter of
section twett'-elght (tt) township arty-two
HO, Mage talrty-taassMil), oaten uoaat j,
I of OfiM a rouowa, tu; w ia jaoca.
HAH, unnoun,
Shertger Batea County, Mlaeeari.
. .t:.? i. '. :Vti--
t'7i&:0 iff- j
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Missouri State Bank
"The Old Reliable"
Order of Publication. .
County of Bates. .
In the Circuit Court, October Term, 1!4
In Vacation August 10, I'.IH.
John F. Wilson Plaintiff
The unkuown consorts, heirs, devlf ees, donees,
nil' nees, immediate, mene or rni ite, vol
untary or involuntary giantees of the follow
ing named deceased persons: Peter B. Mo
Cool, deceased; Peter H McCool, deceased;
Win. K Price, Jr , deceased and AbBol in
Means, deceased, Defendants
Now at this dav conies the nlalntlff herein,
liv his attorneys and files his uetitlon under
! oath herein alleging, among other things, that
he verily believes there are persons Interested
In the subject matter nf bis petition, whose
names be can not insert therein, because they
are to bim unknown; that the respective claims
or Interests or such unknown persons are de
rived by them from one or the other of the fol-
i lowing deceased persons, to-wit: IVter H
.McCool. Peter II McCool, Wm. B. Price, Jr
; and Absolom Means, as tbe respective con
torts, heirs, devisees, doneeB or ininiedlato.
mesne or remote, voluntary or Involuntary
i grantees of said deceased persons.
I That the said Peter B McCool entered a part
; of the real estate In plaintiff's petition and
! hereinafter described, from the United .States
! Government, as shown by the pint book of
I original enterles, on file In lhe office of the Ke
: oorder of Deeds in and for Bates County. Mis-
sourl, and never conveyed tbe same to any one
i so far as disclosed by the records of said county,
i That said Peter II. .McCool appears by the
' records aforetald to hav asserted some claim
to a part of the real estate hereinafter descrlb-
ed and such Interest as be may have had or
' iialmetl, was not by him properly conveyed.
1 list tne sain ADsaiom means, entereu a p-irt
of tbe real estate In tbe petition anil herein
after described from the Unit d States Govern
ment, as shown by the plat of original enterles,
on file In tbe office aforesaid and in his con
vet ance of the same, hit wire did not join him,
and has au apparent dower right iu and to
Buch land.
That the said Win. B Price, Jr., took a deed
of conveyance, and. held the auuarant fee
simple title in and to a part of th? real ectate
hereinafter described, which deed is lound or
record in the office of the recorder O' tieeas
! aforesaid in book U. No. 1. at page 449, and did
i nut convey the title fo acquired to any one no-
less be did so In and by the name W. B. Price
' and by an Imperfect description of the land In
tended to be conveyed; which Is as full a de
scription of the Interests or suet unknown
i persons as can be aet forth by the plaintiff.
I Whereupon, It la ordered by the clerk, in va
cation, that the said defendanta be not! 'led bv
I east quarter and that part or tbe north west
. quarter of the soutn east quarter bounded and
; uenorlbed aa, beginning av the north east corner
rods: thence 'west twenty-slx and one-half
i (2 roda; thence aouth twenty four (i4)
roda: thence east thirteen and one-half (13 V )
roda; thence south th rty-two (32) rods; thence
east forty (40) rods; thence north eighty (HO)
TOa, to the nlace of beslnnlnir all salt!
saiti lan.i
! bring lS Section Klfteco ,15) In Township Forty
, () or Mnge Twenty-nine is. in aaut j
"?" -"" !'" -
lha rlllaln HinhnUAf IH Nil Mtiitii In the
I , toy H?t-
. i"H-i -
I - day Of August, 1014,
Circuit Clerk
48 4t
' Order of Publication.
County or Bate. 4
In tbe Circuit conrt, October Term, 1914. In
Vacation August 12. 1914.
Alice MoLaln, Plalntlt
JameelfcLaln. Franels McLaln, Wlllllam J.
McLaln, George W. McLala. David B. Mc
Laln, rnotnaa J. McLala, Ziaaey C. Walton,
Samuel Walton, Mary rancla Graham, 8u
aaa Phillips, Andrew I McLala. and the un
known consorts, hairs, devlaeea, doaeea,
alienees. Immediate, meaneaad rem He, vol
antary and Involnntary granteea ot Andrew
J. McLala, 8asaa PhlUlpa. Rebecca McLala
and Rlc-43. Wooda, a d tbe aakaowa eoa
aorUofFranciaMcLa'n, Jaaisa B. McLaia,
TboaaasJ McLala George W. McLaln and
David B. McLala. Dateadaata.
Order of Pabllcatloa.
ne State of Missouri to tha above named de-
readanta. Ureetiag:
- Now at thta day cones the plaintiff herein, by
her attorneys, aa t Blea her BeUttoa and aalda-
that there are pstaaau lam sett d la or might
be laureates la aaejeaa anaiier m see pw
vtt, alleging aaaang ewer tauaga tarn au
known dtreadaatt mat out la ilia caption, ex
eewt WlUlaaa 1 McLala, are noa-reeldanta ol
I nta mt Mlaaoari. aatd alfcMtasT farther.
I tltion, whose nam's are unknown to the plain
tiff, anil that the Interests or the unknown pr
' sons are and are derived aa the unknown con
' sorts, heirs, treviseeB, doiuwa- alitiue.es, anil
, Immediate mesne and remote, voluntary and
involuntary grantees of the following named
(11 or Klce U. Woods, the entryman of the
south ea t qtia'ter of south west quarter of
i section Twenty via), infra, whose wife did not
ioln In h s c-invevRnee thereor
(2) Of Susan Phillips, whose Interest arises
under deeds of record In the recorder's office of
Bates ("ountv, in Book 1), at page 5.'0 and Hook
E, at page 'iitl, and from whom no conveyance
is Bhown of record
Of Kebeooa Mcl-aln, whose Interest arises
by deed of word in the recorder's office of
Bates County, In Book O at page 41. ami tram
whose bodily heirs no conveyances of record
are shown.
(4) or Andrew J. Mcl.ain whose Interest,
arises nnder the deed of record in the record
er's office of Bates Connty, In Book IJ, at page
41. as au heir or Itebecca Mel. Mn, and from
whom no convf yances are shown.
T) As the consorts or Franciri McLaln,
James B Mcl.ain, Thomas T. Mcl.ain, Ueorge
W. Mcl.ain, and David H. McCain, uudlly heirs
or Kebecca -Mcl.ain, raid consort's interests
being a dower interest In the land hereinafter
described, and arising under the deen of record
In the recorder's office of Bates County, in
Book Q, at page 41. A full statement or the
Interest of all unknown derenttants as fully aa
tbe saute, is knuwu to the plaintiff is set out in
plaintiff's petition Bled in this cause.
Whereupon, It is order d by theclerk In va
cation that the said defendants be notified by
publication that the plaintiff has commenced a
suit against them In this Court, the object and
general nature of which is l determine and
quiet the title to the sou'h hair of the south
west quarter of Section twenty (.ll) Townshli
thirty nine Cili) Range twen'.y-nlne(ti). Batea
County, Missouri; and to vest the lee simule
title th reto in the plaintiff, and to divest the
d' fendants and each of them or all interests
therein, and thst unlet s the delendnnls be and
appea at this Court at the m xl term thereor to
be begun and beltl at the court house in the city
of Butler, couniv oi Bates and state or Mis
souri, on the llrst Monday In October. 1014, and
on the first day thereof, answer or plea to the
n..ll ,n huruln
, ..,d imminent rendered accordingly
tne same win tie taaen aa con-
And it Is further ordered that a copy hereof
be uubllabed In The Butler Weekly Times,
weekly newspaper published In Bales i ountv,
Missouri, anil designated bv plaintiff as most
likely to give notice to the defendants, anil
said publication to be for four snccesrive weeks
th last InsertiO ' thereor to be at least thirty
dayB lierorethe first day of Bald October term
of this Court
H. O MAXKY, Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the record.
- Witness my hand, and seal of the C r
seal rnit Court this 1'Jth dav of Augnst,
1014. A. o. MXEY
4:Mt Circuit Clerk.
Order Publication.
County or Bales, . J
In the Circuit Court, October term, 1014 In
vacation July 27 1014.
Perry G. Penticnff, Plaintiff
Clata l'entlcuff, Defendant
Order of Publication.
Now at this day comes the nlalntlff h rein, by
his attorney and files bis petition and affidavit,
aliening, among other things that defendant la
a non-resraent oi tne taie oi .inssuuri.
Whereupon, it Is ordered by tbe clerk in va
catlon, that taid defendant be notified by pub
lication that plaintiff haa commenced a suit
against her in this court, the object and general
nature of which la to obtain a judgment ami
decree ol divorce trom said delendant. tnnnded
upon the following among other allegations In
plaintiff's petition, to-wlt: That defendant
has absented hereelf from plaintiff without a
reasonable cause lor a sptire of more than one
whole year next before the filing qf tbe petition
herein, aed that unless the said rierennant be
and appear at tbla Court, at tbe next term
thereor. to be begun and holden at the Court
House In the City ol Bntler, In sali county, on
the first Monday of Oct ber, 1014, and on or
before lbef Irst day of said Term, answer or
plead to the Petltlcn In raid caise, the aame
will be taken aa confessed, and Judgment will
be rendered accordingly.
And It la rurther ordered, that a ccpy hereof
be pnbliahed. according to law In the Butler
Weekly limes a newspaper published In aald
County or Batea, for lour weens auccoaslvely,
published at least once a week the last Inser
tion to be at least thirty days before the first
day of aald next October term of tbli Court
Circuit Clerk.
A true cipy from the record.
witne.s my hand and aeal or tbe
sbal Circuit Court or Batea county, thla --.nth
day of July 1014.
4x-4t Circuit Clerk.
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w A
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uj "
v T - ' -
15 f V

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