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1 V'S
State of Missouri, Bureau of Labor Statistics
John T. Fitzpatrick, Commissioner
- $". Jefferson City, Mo.
Greeting: J -
To properly enable this Department and its Free Employment Offices
to assist in supplying you with the desired kind of "help" at the "right time'
and to expedite the work of distributing harvesters, etc., you are respectfully
requested to answer the accompanying questionaire. rlease use pencil,
Might it Interest you lb know that this office has supplied the farmers
of this State for the first quarter of this year with approximately four hun
dred farm hands who, by expressions received from those employing them.
are giving satisfaction and making good in all of the various branches of farm
work, and were sent out in response to requests for single men, man and
wife, families, etc.
Why not make use of this service for yourself and benefit according'
ly? .
Yours for Missouri,
John T. Fitzpatrick,
. Fill out the following and return ttt
JNO. T. FITZPATRICK, State Labor Commissioner, Jefferson City, Mo.
Are you in need of help now? Yes No.
If not now about what date? i 1915.
Particular duties or knowledge . . .
Kind of work
About how long, will employment last?
Will employment become steady, permanent? Yes No. . .
Character of Help Desired.
What Nationality preferred?. Age. .Are you
particular as to size, etc?. Single, married, with
family, would you object to children or babies?
Will your "Help" be required to furnish anything besides their wearing
apparel? , .". ;
Do you provide living quarters for "help" in your home, ...
or have you a house for them?. T , .. : Kind of water, cis
tern, well or spring How far from the house? .Will
you permit your help to have chickens, pigs, cows, horse, garden, etc.
..Day, -$.
10. How often do you pay your "Help"?. .
11. What wages will you pay? $...,...
12. About how many hours is considered a day's work?
What work on Sunday? . . .. 7.
13. In case of illness or injury when necessary do you furnish a physician
- or surgeon? Yes No. Do wages stop during idleness from injury or
illness? Yes No.
14. How far are you from town?. Size of nearest town
Name? How far from school? '. .. Church?. ...
Railway Station? Main wagon road
Use these lines for explanation and information not covered above.
f ....... ; . . , . .
: . .Name. Town .R. F. D.
Rome Newspaper Says "War
Has Virtually Been De
clared Against Austria. '
Concession By Allies Possible
Result of American ; Note of
Protest to Germany. .
Sir John French Reports Big Gains in
West Progress in Dardanelles
Battle Turks are" Desperate. '
Having a bank account and constantly
ADDING to it is the one sure way to make
life a success. :
We offer to those who are not yet .bank
ina with us the services and ssfety. of our
bank. Whether or. not you are banking with
. us. feel free to come and consult us about any
investments you are fturins on. . Without
chares we shall cheerfully dye you our
opinion.;. 3;'' :." ;r:-; r '. .-.
Rome. May 18. The Giornale
a Italia, which has been a strong sup
porter of the Salandra cabinet and
among the first to advocate military
preparations, publishes a significant
article today. i;.
'War," the paper says, "virtually is
declared by concord of the king, the
government and the nation. The won
derful secret dream which for half a
century has strengthened Italy in its
long wait is about to be transformed
into radiant reality. '
"Italy is about to engage not only in
war to liberate the remainder of the
Italian provinces under foreign rule,
but in a war for civilization.'
The Giornale d 'Italia urges a union
of all parties and the cessation of all
conflicting passions.
New British Offensive.
London, May 18. Field Marshal Sir
John French in a .message tonight In
formed the British people that their
troops again had assumed the offen
sive after a fortnight spent in hurling
back . the German attacks and had
swept across and captured all Ger
man trenches to the south of Riche-
bourg-L'AvQue over a two-mile front.
This movement, which resulted in
the capture of numerous prisoners,
many of whom surrendered in bodies,
still is under way and gives indication
of being as important in the matter of
territory - won as was the recent
Krench advance. ..
Allies Gain at Dardanelles.
Athens, May 18. The correspond
ent for the London Morning Post
"Fighting in the Dardanelles con
tinues vigorously and tlie losses on
both sides probably are very heavy.
The allied forces are concentrating
their efforts' on the Capture ,of two
heights that overlook the approaches
to the narrows. The Turks are offer
ing a desperate resistance, but the
steady advance of the Allies and the
terrible fire from ships are eajd to be
weakening the morale of the Ottoman
troops and their confidence in their
German preceptors.
Force Germans from Yser.
London, May 17. Hardly had the
German attacks on the British lines
around Ypres exhibited themselves
and the French offensive to the north
of Arras shown signs of coming to an
end than the British became the ag
gressors , to the north of La Bassee,
and the French and Belgian troops
commenced their attempt to throw the
Germans back from the Yser canal.
These attacks, according to the
French official account; which, how
ever, does not agree with that from
Berlin, were successful, and again
compelled the Germans to counter, at
tack the most costly of all operations
in siege warfare. Fighting at both
points is still in progress today, as
well as in Arlois, where the French
added a further slight gain to those
made during the week, which com
bined constitute the biggest forward
movement nf either army In the west
Washington, May 17. WUhout wort
from Ambassador Gerard as to the at
titune o the German government U
ward rhe recent American note, official
Washington attached much slsuifl
oance to the intimations in diplomat!
quarters here friendly to Germany that
the latter country in its reply might
offer to suspend attacks without waru
ing on merchant ships, while the
I'niteii States renewed its informal
proposals (or the unrestricted passage
of foodstuffs to civilians in Germany,
Officials have been reticent about
discusslne the idea of arbitration or
the proposal with"' reference to food
stuffs, but it was indicated that the
situation had progressed, to the point
where the Tnited States would not be
likely to lie satisfied with any condi
tional acquiescence in the American
position ' The latter, it was pointed
out. is fcaed an legality and humanity
and no stipulation could be considered
which presumed any recession by the
1' nited States from its rights under in
ternattonl law. It was intimated,
however, thu if Germany accepted the
American point of view the natural
tendency of the Tnited States of its
own initiative would be strongly to
press its contention on the right to
shii) foodstuffs to Germany, a matter
still under diplomatic discussion. '
There is a likelihood, too, that some
understanding might be reached
through the medium of the American
government -whereby Germany ' could
be definitely assured that no merchant
ships leaving the United States would
be armed, making it possible for sub
marine commanders' to exercise the
right of visit and search with im
Whether Great Britain would con
sent to disarm all her merchant ves
sels carrying, contraband, is a matter
of conjecture.
That the question of permitting
Americans to travel on armed -merchantmen
may shortly be taken under
consideration is intimated in well-informed
quarters. On the "Other hand,
some officials believe there will be lit
tle necessity for this as" Great Britain
already has informally agreed not to
arm her vessels plying between Brit
ish and American ports.
Colony at Esperanza, Mexico, Fight.
Desperately While Awaiting Help
From the Outside.
Rich Hill Stock Show
. September 21-22, 1915
RiCh Hill, Mo.,-r-The officers of the
Rich Hill Stock Show are ork!njr
hard to make their third annual show
bigger and better than any show in
this part of the country. They realize
that they have set a big task for them
selves but the people have made it
easier for them by subscribing over
$1,000.00 and every cent will be given
away as premiums. "
The offjeers are endeavoring to se
lect the most suitable 'farmers for
their Superintendents and they be
lieve that those men will vie with each
other to make their respective depart
ments the best exhibit
There is one exhibit tp be " featured
and that is The Boys Corn Contest
All boys 15 years and under are eligi
ble providing they have planted," cul
tivated, raized and gathered the corn
they are exhibiting. A prize: of 5
will be given for the 10 teat ears of
corn, $3 for the 10 second best ears of
corn and a ribbon for the 10 third best
ears of corn. ' '
Remember the motto: "For Farm
ers not Fakirs."
Eve Kiddies,' Last Words.
Ion, May 12. "There is one
incident the world will remember in .
connection with the sinking of. the
Lusuania," said the Bishop of London
today, while presidisg at a meeting of
the Waifs and Strays Society. "When
Alfred G. Vanderbilt was faceto face
with death he said to his valet: 'Come
and let us save the kiddies.' The
words will run around the world in a
way no millionaire's millions ever
could do."
.Vogales. Sonora, May 15. With 500
.Mexican soldiers and a band of armed
Americans reported as trying to res
cue them, a colony of sixty-five Ameri
cans, including women and children,
were striving yesterday to fight off
Yaqui Indians from their homes near
Esperanza, south of Guaymas. Their
condition was reported as critical.
Governor Maytorena of Sonora has
promised Frederick Simpich, Ameri
can consul here, that he will make
every effort to drive back the Indians.
The relief troops are proceeding to
the aid of the Americans with diffi
culty, as the railroad over which they
are traversing is only partly repaired.
Several of the Americans have', been
reported killed and wounded in the
fighting. ......
Mrs. Spendthrift
Oh Mrs. Good Buyer
"Where did you get all those pretty dishes I see
in your china cabinet?" -
Mrs. Good Buyer "Why you know J used to have the grocery
man come to the house every morning and take
my grocery order and 1 had to pay 30c and 35c
for a package of coffee and get nothing but a '
fair quality of coffee either."
Mrs. Spendthrift "Weil I have them come to my house and take
orders too, but how about the dishes?" '
Mrs. Good Buyer-"Well I saw in the paper that I couldn't afford
to have a man come take my-grocery order
wheir I was paying for my telephone, so now
I just 'phone 77 every morning and when I
order a pound of 30c coffee they send me a
package of the best coffee that I ever used and
a handsome dish with each package and one
day they sent me this nice 7-piece set with one
package of coffee. I call 77 and get
. "
40)8 good Rice... 25c
3fbs Navy Beans, . .... ... . 25c
3 packages Spaghetti 25c
3 packages Macaroni 25c
2 Grape Fruit... 15c
3 cans good Pumpkin..... 25c
2lbs nice dried Peaches. . . 15c
3 carls Salmon... 25c
3 cans Corn ............... 25c
3 large cans Tomatoes.... 25c
3 large cans Kraut 25c
3 large cans Hominy...... 25c
Mrs. Spendthrift "Whose 'phone is 77 anyway?"
Jrs. Good Buyer "Why don't you read the papers that's
Josnell's Grocery piE
Mrs! Spendthrift "Oh that's where I see such fine Strawberries,
Oranges, Bananas, Lemons, Grape Fruit,
Lettuce. Radishes! Asparagus."
Mrs. Good Buyer "That's the place always so clean, and nice."
since the battle of the Marne. .
Little Change In East, :
There does not appear to be much
change in the general position in Ga
licla, although the Austro-German
armies have been able to make an ad
ditional slight advance by the with
drawal of the Russian rear guards,
which have been holding off the vic
torious troops until their own armies
could get into new positions behind
tbe San river. This territory promises
to be tbe scene of another big battle,
for the Russians, strongly reinforced,
will make a desperate effort to stem
the tide which has been running so
strongly against them. --
Italy to Help Allies.
The fact that the king of Italy has
refused to accept the' resignation of
Slgnor Salandra and tbe premier and
his whole war cabinet retain office, it
Is confidently believed bere foreshad
ows the almost immediate entrance of
the side of the allies.
Action, however, may be ' delayed
until the meeting of the chamber of
deputies on Thursday, When the prem
ier will announce his policy and will
receive the support of a majority of
the deputies. ... . . ...
More Bodies to Queentftewn
' Queenstown, May 17. The bodies of
three men; three women, two small
boys and one child, a year old, an vic
tims of the Lusitaaia disaster, wore
brought to QuooastoWB today by the
tag Flytnf Fox iy,v i,
Los Angeles, May 15. The navy de
partment, according to a message re
ceived here yesterday, has instructed
Admiral Howard to send a warship
to To bar! bay, Mexico, to succor the
American colony at Esperanza, who
have been attacked by Yaqul Indians.
Pool In Oklahoma
Ignited and Set
Road Became
Fire to
;: Drumright, Ok. May 18. Geneva
Hilton, 28 years old, and Rachel Had
dock, 1J, both of near Drumright, were
burned' to death and Fred Swan, 25
years old, of Cleveland, Ok., was dan
gerously burned when the motor car
la which they were riding set fire to
a pool of oil seepage last night
The three were riding to Drumright
from Oilton and were off the main
road, their route laying through the
thickest of thepld field. ..In the dark
Mas they plungedlnto a pool of seep
age and the car and the pool of oil
at once burst Into flames.
Swan' saved his own life 'by tear-
tmm fT hi. l41iln Ha la Mrlv
Italy into the circle of belligerents h;w.w.-'Both the women
were caught in the flames and burned
almost beyond recognition. This Is
the third tragedy of the kind in this
oO field. : Six or seven persons have
lost their lives through the Ignition
of oil seepage by the cars in which
they were- riding. :' . .. . ".. , ';:'i
Pitched Bail Killed Boy. v v
, Hanover, Pa., - May 15. Flfteen
ysaivald wmiam E. Crawford - was
LZIsd la an amateur baseball game
Lare yesterday: He was at bat -and
t-s struck fa the temple by a pitched
Keep Cool While ironing
This wonderful Iron makea ironing just
like play. It makes a kitchen fire unneces
sary. You can iron in a cool kitchen, on the
shady porch, in the yard, anywhere where
it's cool. No tiresome tramping from hot
stove to ironing board. The iron is selfheat
ing. It heats evenly, uniformly, just right
tor easy ironing ana perfect work
he Improved "Easy" Iron
-.: - -V. , : . .;
is truly one of the world's
wonders, and worth its
weight in gold to every housewife who dreads ironing day It saves
Work, saves time and saves fuel. One cent will do an ordinary
ironing. Pays for itself in a few weeks in fuel saving. Costs little
and will last a life time. Fully guaranteed. Write a postal today,
saying. "I want to know more about the Improved 'Easy' Iron"
and we will be pleased to call and ahpw it to you.
n n i 4- U Local
. Spruce, Uo.
The Peter Schottler Wagon runs fitawith less statin on
your horses than any other wtgoa ia C TTJ. .
- , Tts c:a n:
horses, rr" "
Saves time,
built fa -the ea
(thoioagUy oirdfied,m the moat ear
wm it has mamtaiaed Its npotaC:
And don t toirst thcti' j
and John Pear Eitsi I "
Laval Craca Cjkrt '
vcrs, aC3' - -
'fir jctK.
A Tornado WcJt ftfiMfe fi
Ct Faao, EL, 12 T.Aaa4 tsv
i -. I " 7 ,lL-t CatHt
1.; ... ..... -v,
heoaists . ett cl ,Cer ,: '

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