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was postponed on account of the excess
ive wet weather. It was set late in
t)ctober then because
would be through with sowing wheat
and would have time to attend.
ERS. They contain the plant food neces
sary to promote an early rapid growth and
hasten maturity of your grain. For in
creasing the yield and quality of wheat,
there is nothing better than
The results are early maturity, full head,
-and plump grain.
Every dollar expended lor fertilisers will add
tour to your bank account. It you are In doubt about
he quality, read page 120. Bulletin 122. issued by
Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station.
For the 'Land's sake" place your orders early
and be assured ol your requirements when needed.
44 tf
Now ready. First size imported Dutch, bulbs. Assorted
tulips single or double, dozen, 10c .
Hyacinths, single or double assorted or In solid colors,
white," red, pink or blue, each 5c.
Hardy Lily bulbs each 15c, 2 for 25c.
- Crccus and Jonquil Bulbs, 10c do.
Snow Drops, 10c dozen. -
Chinese Lillies and Narcissus, come by way of the Pacific
and have not yet arrived. , - A '
i Mii 1Z.O "Csvcr u tzar
"U-: ' r-' maXa- Tf vim will
der buy it now. There's no telling how long these low prices
will bsC v ..-V', I ,';s':y-.s .;
Kelly's Flint Bdge without handles, 50c
: Kelly'! Flint Edge with No. 1 handle, 75c 1
KeUy'a Flint Edge with select handle, 85e.
- Kelly's perfect full polished with No. I handle, 95c .:
Kelly's New Blue Bronse Axe with, best shaved handle,
'' 1.00. '' v-;-y-' -- ' ,- -- "
tZHLY'8 DQmS 17 AXZ3 :
KeUy's FSrt Edge with aeleet handlaa, fLOO. ,
KeUy's rrtt fall polished with ie!?et handles, $1.15. .
KeUy's I.. i L.!3e Bronse wifli best shavod handles, $135.
7 Good hirr: r ehoId szes, CCe.;-, ---: . - . . " ,
v Besthcys'f- 15e- fvv? ?;-;
1 U
H. H. HEOK, Secretary
Your Soil
immI an mxtt at all this win
the new date
The question of placing the
male members of the Marshall
High School under military train
ing is under consideration.
A black-winged pelican meas
uring seven feet from tip to tip of
its wings was killed on the Mis
souri river near Parkville, Tues
day. St. Clair county won a ' ribbon
a 1. 1 C!4-m4-a TjV J 1 n of uraalr- ' All
iti I, lilt? uiaic 1. citt. laat v.
her display of farm produce. The
eight ribbons were given in me
following order : Polk, Lincoln,
Scott, Andrew, St. Clair, Saline,
Miller and Randolph.
Prank R. Jesse of "Webster
Groves, deputy grand master of
the Missouri Grand Lodge A. P.
& A. M., was elevated in St. Louis
last week to the office of grand
master at the second day's ses
sion of the ninety-fifth annual
meeting of the Grand Lodge at
the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
State Auditor Gordon stated
Saturday that up to the date of
the present year the earnings of
the penitentiary have decreased
$69,449. The loss is due to two
causes, one being the increase of
the population of the prison anil
the other a lack of profitable em
ployment for more than one thou
sand of the convicts.
Horace Bladcwell of Lexing
ton, speaking to one hundred
farmers in the Thrope school
house told them the proposed is
sue of $55,000 bonds for the rock
road, Levasy to Lexington, will
cost ten cents an acre for fifteen
years. He based his figures on
the assessed valuation of the road
district. There will be another
meeting held October 6.
'. More plug tobacco is manufac
tured in St. Louis than in any
Other city of the world. The to
tal tobacco output of St. Louis is
about 75,000,000. pounds annual
ly. Of that amount 66,000,000
pounds is plug tobacco. The val
ue of all tobacco products turned
ont by , the St. Louis , plants
amounts to $50,000,000 per an
num: That is about one-sixth of
the total tobacco output of the
United States.
'Another: indication that sets
aside the goose bone, ' the corn
knak'and other theories in the re
gard to early frost is presented
by a Nodaway county farmer. He
says there iant going to be any
Iimvt frosts nntil late in the sea-
son. He takes his cue from ob-
mrwr"f tb habits af the eoeUe
t-r rsd te eSaitts he never misses.
ItMlI Jfctarr fi ery Winy
-r'-Vr Vfcri ft iztet never
i iZzi it tf C isai fciftftile.
tir? atct U XC to fcamre a
err? Ce fcjwij T - .
tit ri
r ill ii y-rs 1
Democrats of Massachusetts in
convention indorsed the candida
cy of Gov. Walsh for a third term.
Charles Hanson, a sailor, shot
and killed his wife, her maid and
then turned his revolver on him
self with fatal result at Erie, Pa.
Former Secretary of State Wil
liam J. Bryan, while at Hillsboro
Tex., witnessed' tne slayine of Dr
A- C. Saylera by a woman who
said she was Mrs. ivirkpatrick.
The bodv of Patrick Sullivan.
an American soldier, was found
on the1 river bank near Fort
Brown, Tex., Monday. A blow
had crushed his skull.
The Keller State Bank, of Ft
Worth. Tex., was robbed of $8,.
000 Monday morning. The cash
ier was slugged and locked in the
vault. The bandits escaped in
motor cars.
The French chamber of depu
ties Thursday decided to discuss
a law invcreasing the salary of
soldiers and non-commissioned
officers 4 cents daily. The pay of
common soldiers now is 1 cent a
An American private was tak
en across the Rio Grande on the
nittht nf Sentember 24. shot five
times and his ears .cut off, accord
ing to a report forwarded to the
War Department Friday by Gen
eral Funston.
The first snow of the season
fell in St. Paul, Minn. Monday,
the slight flurry continuing only
a few minutes. From three to six
inches of snow feU throughout
the Black Hills Sunday night, the
first general" fall of the season.
.Eighty-four years have not
dampened the eagerness of Mrs.
Amy Winship, who has appealed
for admission to University of
Kansas to learn more. She be
lieves in the old proverb, "You
are never too old to learn."
t Orders for 3,000,000 pairs of
shoes have just been placed in
this country by Russian agents.
They will cost on an average of
$5 a pair, making the orders to
tal $15,000,000. Massachusetts
manufacturers have the orders.
i M; Schmidt, alleged accom
plice of J. B. McNamara, in the
rivnamitin? ' of the Los Anreles
Times Building, which eost twen
ty lives, went to trial m Judge
Frank B. Willis' eourt in Los
inmW Cal.. Mondar on a
charge of orarder. , .1
2. It. 4wMit MiMtmnmMtt ttf
jv ri A S. will be held in Kan-
r City in 1916. Atlantie City
i V nude a strong exion to
11 Ka AivMitAn Knt .K'anaaa
li:iy won oat on account of its
central location. The encamp
ment next yearjwill be the fif
tieth." . -
Police Chief ' T. J. Nichols of
Oklahoma City, Okla., was shot
four times and perhaps fatally
wounded, . and Assistant Jailer
Biddle was slightly wounded by
Police Officer J. O. Lung Friday
afternoon, after a quarrel arising
from the chief's lecture about
drunkenness on duty,
The United States Cavalry
patrol and a half a dozen Mexi
cans had a running fight Friday
near La Feria, about JH) miles up
the Rio. Grande from Browns
ville, Tex. The Mexicans tried
to ambush the Americans but
failed. There were no known
casualties on either side! '
The Haitian rebels who have
been resisting the American
troops, resulting in several fatal'
encounters recently, have agreed
to lay d6wn their arms. A con
ference was held Thursday and
the rebels accepted the conditions
offered by the Americans and
promised to cease armed resist
ance. "Chicken Joe" Campbell was
indicted Friday for the murder of
Mrs. Odette Allen, wife of the
former Warden of the peniten
tiary, at Joliet, Ills. Campbell is
a negro who was sentenced for
murder from Cook County.. He
was a trusty at the prison and
served in the family, head quart
ers of the Aliens.
.'Robert S. Knox, of Chatsworth,
Oa., widely known, as "Uncle
Bob" has been granted his sev
enth divorce. He is now in his
ninety-third year and walks as
straight as when he was 50 and
his eyes always twinkle with mer
riment. He says he thinks he will
marry again, as he wants to leave
some good woman Ins fortune,
which is said to be a snug one.
Sheriff Jake Alberty, of Adair
County, Okla., went to the home
of John Weaver, near Westville
Thursday night, seeking informa
tion about bootleggers. Young
Wesley Weaver thought the Sher
iff bad come to arrest him and
opened fire. In the shooting -that
followed Mrs. Weaver the boy's
mother, was killed, the Sheriff
was shot through the hip and
young Weaver received, several
Former Bates County Resident
Killed in an Auto Accident.
Colby, Kas., Oct. 2. Three
were killed and two injured in a
motor car accident here early
this niornihg when the westbound
Rock Island flyer struck and de
molished a car belonging to John
Carpenter, a local real estate
man. The car, which carried five
passengers, had just started
north from town and on reaching
the Rock Island tracks endeav
ored to cross ahead of the fast
mail. from Chicago. Just as the
car attempted the crossing it is
supposed that the engine went
dead and the driver was unable
to either cross or back off the
track. The engineer did not see
the car until after the engine had
struck it.
Frienda Carpenter, in the front
seat with his father was driving,
while Gerald Fitzgerald, son of a
local hardware man ; Morgan Ble
vins, a salesman for the Lee
Hardware Company of Salina,
and Carl Ackard, a local boy,
were in the back seat. All were
thrown from the car and the elder
Carpenter and the Ackard boy
were killed and Blevins was in
jured so that he died within a
few minutes.'
The John Carpenter referred
to in the above dispatch was a
former resident of this county
and removed to Kansas where, he
was an extensive wheat raiser,
several years ago.
Bad Accounts and Notes
Collected by an entirely new system.
No charge if no collection. All business
handled by bonded attorneys. Partial
. lars free. Address
Commercial , Reliance Asn,
Ktnsas City, Missouri.
Of -Local Interest Clipped front
, Qnr Exchanges.
The home of Jim Heajtherly
burned last . Tuesday, night.
Nothing was saved from the
flames. The cause of the fire is
not known. Araoret Leader.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Seaman
left Tuesday for Pueblo Colo.,
where Mr. Seaman will be again
employed as bookkeeper for the
same firm he was employed by be
fore coming here. Drexel Star.
S. Moore went to Springfield,
Mo., to visit his twin -sons, Clark
and Clyde" The boys are with
Billie Plumlee's Comedians who
are playing a two week's engage
ment in that city. Border Tele
Urich is becoming quite metro
politan. Postmaster McDaniel
lias received notice from the post
office department that on Octo
ber 1 tlie post office here passes
from the fourth to the third class.
Urich Herald.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis '.Lent are
the proud and happy parents of
a little daughter, who joined
their family circle, Sunday, Sep
tember 2bT1915. This is the first
daughter in the family, the other
three children being boys. Amo
ret Leader.
J.' M. Pulliam returned from
Kansas City Tuesday where he
had been operated on for the re
moval of a tumor. His recovery
was syeedy and he is felling very
good. . His many friends will be
pleased to learn of his restoration
to hcalthi Adrian Journal.
J. S. Hays returned home Sun
day from Excelsior Springs,
when' he iiad been with Mrs.
Hays a week", where she is in a
hospital receiving medical treat
ment, Mr. Hays said she was bet
ter but very weak. He will return
to Excelsior Springs Sunday.
Drexel Star.
E. A. Cherry went to Kansas
City Wednesday morning to see
his son, Happy, who was operat
ed on for nose trouble some days
ago. We understand that anoth
er operation will be performed
this (Thursday) morning. Dr.
Floyd Bates will be present.
Adrian Journal.
Prof. Chas. A. Burke, the Cass
county superintendent of schools
makes his tours of inspection on
foot. In addition to the health
giving exercise it enables him to
meet a greater number of the pa
trons of the schools and thus
learn more of the needs of the
schools. Urich Herald.
Miss Mayme Louise Larson and
Mr. David E. Impey were married
at the home of the bride's par
ents, on East Pine Street Wednes
day morning at 9 :.'() o'clock by
liev. Peter Pearson. Only im
mediate relatives of the,, happy
couple witnessed the ceremony.
Rich Hill estern Enterprise.
The youngest son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Barton, little John,
who had been sick with bowel
trouble, passed away last Thurs
day night and the funeral ser
vices were held at the home Sat
urday afternoon and interment
made in the Benjamin cemetery
east of town. Amoret Leader.
John r. Cox, who had been in
the University hospital in Kan
sas City for several weeks came
home last Friday evening. He
is still quite weak as a result of
an operation but seems to be get
ting along quite well. His many
friends wish him a complete res
toration to health. Adrian Jour
nal. For Sale.
Extra good single comb Rhode
Island Red roosters. Sired by
roosters from Rhode Island.
50-tf J. W. Barnhart,
Phone 7 on 8 R. F. D. No.7.
fi . ".

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