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The Cape weekly tribune. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1914, March 20, 1914, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Anli-Trust Measures Nearly .Busy Scene When Doors of
Ready for Introduction j Institution Were Opened
Into Lower House j for Business
City of Sydney (Joes Ashore
Near Halifax, Nova
West Wall of Kuin Collapses
and Workers Buried Be
neath Debris
i .
Sherman Law Will be Clarified, 1 (ihes Expressions of Satisfaction
and Organized Labor (ietsa j of Manner in Whiili Hedania
Slap on the Wrist j lion Was Accomplished
Tun Ivosemary Keatlud Vessel ' Tuo Men and Three Women arc
Alter (iroiiitdinn pud Repot ts Caught in Collapse and l.hes
Steamer Total Loss Hespaited f
',, s VL-ri
fS I'll i(:i k ll:
in. i in
...: 1. "
i '
1 1
? ' i
t . v.
Washit::: n, ."!!. 'i ! -'1 h.ais
of r. P si iii.r '. . w.'.i 11' the :nl iniii
lstraioii a.:; i-' .- . :. 1 !'s in :i!..nit c: :t.t
'I He I'i 1 (1. lii, in tin' ih billable
Croniri .' . ;tv Ih a ieri;,.iii law V 111
'11. c 1 irst Nat iotial Hank
Las 1m i ll -.- t fi',f se I Mil .!;,;
order ll':it ' 1 1 :i i 1 1 iM am li n rut
hilli t In' ii lju- li il. opi m il H -
Vi i ll in -.!:. i:M iriii :i i. J :i i:.
.ii-:. I f t tin' tails
i. m -
ll :i -
hi' (!,
li. ll -..v!
t i
III".' I II ' ' V ! . 'i
I h'VII a ,'! colli 'i
!!: :l i
m.'.a l..'.v :. il
C.mi.;. -
'i I . . I :
V.lll II' I . , a
ill" ': . ' ' .
I :i'll : : ' '
T ' I
ill! 1.'.
'l le
ill I !
;l! I
, . :.i 1 1 all vi.i!. i- ' 1
aa 1 a-.v : I ' ' ::-
. !,'i:i :.l t '.' I I.T. ! !
i.i.'i- i ' : ..' . i ' ii . i
i:.M ,. M
I. ii
. 'I I a
'. l - i '. .
i .
, I
.in t
I 1
i: -
tvl i i tV.- '
'. :n . .or,v
ii i r
i.i i I ; '
i i.l.
i i.t
V7wi.. j:
3 H '
i t"-
li !..
Via;: 'i 1 1 1'.
'. . N'- 1 1 i
, i . . , I .. i ... I.
:; 1 .'..! h. i
S' I.. ;
l!,.' '.. - l
.1 : l '.'V.
..i . ' i'..;i
'I I
! . w . - H I, ,
V. ircii In A ... .!!; of
ll i I l in- M V . ruins
i A I I v w i;n ;il .' .l p.
". I., . :i t!,i. I.'. I rl !.f ii. I-
i r ..'! S: I .l':::- ,1 I illll-
1 I
hi ..
...I l"
- : : 11
.. '. il
.i" nt
t!,;it 111. :
i J 1 I, , .
t!:i- i;:v.' ::: :.
Ill" .f. s .1 :i.
.::.! 1 ' r
.".' !. . .::!". .1 .)
I . ii t.:. i up 1 y ' ! . ! : iU V i il.
r is:.:: n !. i :ii ail- I l..r. n ... '. I." . t;'..r. . I I I "
thority. ""M.. of tin- ii'l"!.i.i- ; I'.'itliin ' ii.i, : i. '.' in. i:.! . r,. i : n-. ti- . :'
trust l.il's viil r..H- v liipMti-; Mr !.:,i,l.. -nil f...,-, (: i of
ti -: '..lii.iv in ..i :li" i';.' raiidii of ; ,i :lVl.
tin' SI . ; i:;an :;. . v , .lV(. ..", , j .,',,
No Exemption for L.'bor. I i,r t, .. t" l 1,. .-
i ion is Ii.Im ii l.y tin- ailii.iu- ,,. ,t il.i,- t....liv i it .. I!-.,.' i.
'"i" '" i.i., m ,. ,. , I
I I All
. : nn;
' i :, ii
I: It
I - .11
111 .1
' h.l.l
r tin.
I' 1 ..' t;. I
i: v. ilili 1 1 il I'.n.nH - l!asy;aine
lor Met I 'i t 1 1 ice I'l ielid of
'ane Aiiin I tt iver
istr.ii 'mi la a . is tii. ii in
Win'.' :il laldi' vvoa'.il iin'i.ii tin. aia. nl
ill;: of tlic law ami this t!n jin slili nt
in nun iiliii; tn l.avi' il..in .
'i'la ii' is a Mill' li..',lit ia i-imjif'.'s.:.
. . I. . .-. :. - i . n :: I i.:i I i
li. .! ii I - iilni 1 ii'it'i a .
l) i - far t. ;.:. i t:
rl a: !v 1 1 .'.i :.t !m I i
I i l.ii im
i ia
till, ml l'i-i-l..r,i r. I ; ( ii ! !i il In n
I lilil) tillll U .1-- I'll;:!!:! at Hill!
conil.il I-,! 1 ' Hi. ml.i of or:-,.ini.i'ii la- ( '' I1"-1'"1 " 'i'""- .v - J;;!1,1-- j
luir, to ii.iini-i- lawiniiiu rs in lien i.t an ' 1 , :I''' "" 1 ' ' : .v 1,1 I ; Matters of Ii;:.tM ianee are
ailli'iniliii ".f, l.llt it is l!oui;U:il if tl'.i'if : I 'at 1 1.- Hi.lik V ill li-ulri' i: . Li j , ;.;s,.( an, ( li,i)i'se,l of iit
f forts wiil avail ia viow of iho pn si- i 1 i in !!. otil'n! of t in- i..n.-i li.i-tiiin' f U IIhiU"
1' ail's li i'usal to t:ilio up "i lie question i!.iini; aii'l tl.al :: (.naUT fill up- i- j "
in the ioiiiiiii hills. i in .mt for it." ici-i' n i in ivrmn iiv
it is s.ii.i that v.iion tho i.iiu r; ,,Mk,! ,;,,,:,,.-, .,, ... l!( ASK DAI til LNS1 M 1 IDA ; Scantily Clad Sluflents Ban
coin;:li t.il tl.i y will l,e in .-U"!i i-liapi' ' I,., ,,; ,i, i,. nt.it,. ., :...! ' Iv l!seIM I-'roin Bitf
I on I'lticeeils to the Slanthter and
is Successful in Kci coining
S;ia'e lleti-1
t Ii ii t i Ho court:-' will have i'o chanci' to
roaij utiytliiiiu itilo tlioiii that Is not
expressly i oiit.iitn d. anil no jinle can
t.inki r u ith tlieiii.
l.iM.lili.; ii- t.ililiil lie Ijrt tliat
1 The .Matter of (Ju.iro'iiiu' Against
V ' I.i I .,:!. .
! .: i . I . ! i .
i'i on :. .- i :.t t
I:,:!.. m:i am
in!., i i- i . :
t . hi I ' . .
a o c at ill n.ati i for ,-t.
tl.e l.ll-ili."-.-. all'! - 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 : t
I :i I of .-one' that tli.y m n imaMo
to ii.llire a- talli'll as thiv . 1.- i li I .
(lie Sale of! in pure Milk
With Approval
A en i i iini i f 1 1. i i
- I" !! M lav i.l ft ..
Till. A!l IIN'l'l Kl S OK KATII-.i" i.eri.ii nlaMy ,..e...-.l. hioomi in;; ;'''''"" ", '"'" lv '"' !';' " ''
I.IN NO. 1 HIV. 1 NWIII.I (I.MII lc' liitei'.l- H" i- ii!.Kti"wi. t.. K:i:l.-:'! to II' e! ! r. w! . i- .
TllltONK pi'iial .'Jpart-. I tc. 1"J l l '.1 tin i:"lr lo.in.l ,.,, .,,. ,,:,..!.
t : . 1 . . .! . ii.. . . i : r .1
Iv.tl.Kl. Hare. ,!a:;J,.,,' of ( ', 1. "' ' I'""1" ' :' I. . - ' " I ':il!. .,. -,,.,,1,, ,
Hia.e is DiscotrMi liv Voting
Woman un Third Moor and
L'eportt d to Watt hm.tn
a colliTtor of ni. Milium!-.
a pa --i -liner. Hie f'-t-
III lier
I.i r yoiiiiui r
in wiili a
t ii tlie -t ea tin r in tune a i.u in ilia1
K ino.li'lil.i.'. a pet li'.ipar
allie-i'.i -Inlio. wliei
,-i-ti r, iniiie eiiini
I'ollii' il.iir, ilii. h ei it. .- tin- leopar.l
into -lu ll I'er.ii it tliat tin- .-i-ter lia
to si-i-U afi ty in a rime. The len
ianl i- iiieti'il liv Kallilyn atnl lier
I'allier. anil Winnie is lvlo'.-i'ii. 'I'l.o
fail,...- tl,,.., loll- l,is ,1: la...- 1 on 1 I'l'i-oner l.y the people of Allaha
lie eaptnieil the hopat'il, ami ill a
li--olve we see him arriving in tliej
nii k of lime tu save the Kinn Allaha, .
' illipl'oVI tlll'tll - of ali.'l!- -li, . I v.
' i'1'iii'.-e arrives in lmlia. where I n -toes
to In r fallal-'- palace ly v, a
;of rleih.'ilit Kai l., ."-he ha- no si otii r
j ri ai'lii .1 hi- ti-iilenie. when the Himlil.
iilm iia- In en M i retly iollowiiii:, enine
i to her am! tells lier t hat her lai her i
Iileail. when ill reality he i- hel.l a
. VI- . l S 1 . : I
' Welle: ii y, Mass.. .Man ii Is
r. linn.,ri .1 eollee ki!:-, laany of tin in
lint partly elail, e: i api il lr..ni Ilia main
. I i .0: ! 1 ; tie. ol I lii I..1. I 11. . 1 - : 11 1 ... -1 i.o.U
.''.- -.'.!..: I'I I an'. Hi: l.M.il 1 I .,it .-elopleil
a ". ' : I .. I ' ll ; I M : l'..i 1. 1 v. ho . 1 1 1 e- ., lor
I in .l.-y 1,1: i t j all. I I'.lai I. I.. M.i 111 I ape alal .lai'k
l .'.lv..'. !".li - '.ill I '...In I lis a liilllal pa -'Heel'
I 1 . la; a. ' 1 1 I ll .. . I I I .11 I I.. l 1 1 i I. noli II
11 I.i : t'. '' M- v. i ..'nil. p.-. 1.1. ! 1 i .. . n: an:: 1.. .I..I1I1
"' "i I" ' ''."A '' ' " " 1 P'.l!. . lei , ! .. !'. ., .I..,-,', ,,,
I I I a I . . I I 1 a ;. 1 , . la I' I i.e , :il .1 Hi I t l.ln :- -. toll,;; on i 1. I I 1 I I.l ni-
! ' .1" 1 I1' II, !l..'! ' l.i'ty I I'I I' 'I ' ll'l I. lie .,.,.li!. .., r,
'I.e I'I. , 1 1 . .1 I ! I ... f, li t !i l lol.l (.).! Ill, lie loliiil,:. Iloln
11 i - 0. : -I .I.e .. . -., 1!,. t:..ia lli. ear
. 1 1 ' 1 a i hi- I., !.: 1, ! ,1 1 .,1.1., 1 mi , a 1 ,1 ,- ,,f
I ..I.i I l a' I e I la l;,l. . I l.a, 1 e , le !. I.l
I'":1"' I'.' I. I'I "I M'.e III ' ' I . p. I t i'.ll V, .1'- I hell
I"" 'tl I'll I'.1. 1 p' I I! ! 1 1 ' e I ., e-.l, the eil i.e ilalleil
' ii"- I ni'.li".'. I Inn . Ii oi I he -ana I he auto u ,,-i
, , 1 il. . 1 ..... ..a 1 1 1... . 1 1 ...
I'o'ir , , , , . ..iii'.
"'in:' e.iioiani 01 1 1,. ,.., 11,,, n. :1, M :,r.,:ii. :,i,. -ei.,! In- i.ih
1011 I'i- 1. 0 1 !..: .. I IP- w ,- -on,.- lal-hlp ale I alt.i -hafu,- the ,e
an. I lieele a loot ,
'to ll.l.ee a .."i.
i:..m!. I.. . ., 'Lu
ll 1 - -' 1 1 .. 1 : . I .. ie n
I " I tl; 1 . ill:,'.!!
on. . a 'he . 1 . , 1 1 .. 1 el .
1 " ; ! I 1:.'' la- 1 . 1 - 1 1 !' 1 1
-lllilllit toil l.y tlie l l! enal
I .1, .1 ........ .1... .....I 1
' - . . . ..... ..... .V .... , . . I . 1 . ... . .1 I I
j ilortiiilory ami icini i:u.,; 1 atnm 1 111 1:1 ' ' " ' ' ' "' "" pniuie i.
!"'""C'l. ia- ilt Velh sley eo!!.:a w h -a fir. ,v ' '''', 1 '' :' '"'..In, l.-l I.. .e,.r lil-
'i I e re-, .tin ion op.re.l l.y "an. 1!-' Mail. .1 anil iht ro e.l the .;;ii.liti... : tel ';,- n.a ,.1 ,,,, . -,t. f ,: j, , ,- , .,
' tiiatl Kae-- ol the Ihii'l 1 ai I v a- 1 iiusins il 1ms t-.i. cli .1 to fe..ei ' I I...!:: I..I! It - a . . 1 on n pnaoii 1
tlll'iieil down. .Mr. lyn -s ro...-i "U". "I liailii;.. a I. alal in a .-.-. ft r.... 1;, ;
,f eitv in.pl .M .- Til" l;n is hell, veil to have Mario. I at A iiam e
' I --e-leil
il.h to his
to li the salal'ii"
I'KI.SIINt ll Ol' .Ml..
Kalhlyn fall- into a faint, ami when
he retains eoti-eioii-ne-.- he is tohl .
iy I 11 1 1 ii-1 l:i . the ilimiii, that ina--
in tlie eliemieal lahoratoty on tlie
lo'irtli floor. Ciiis on the tlilril floor
a .
l ......I 1 . . . viumvu m iiav tuni
l'lln.i '.e.,-,,...,,.!!.'.! n.i 111. -mho 1, .-.inn ,ll;lll,.i livvrif
ihiii'mi 11 11, in,' 111:111 Maiiiiinaii. 1 in ,
, ,!,:. 1 , ,.:, .:, 11,, . i 1 inn. n as ine Kinit 1- uean. .-lie laii.-i
.' ' " i" ."o... .. .., . 11-.1.1.
w ho-e councillors hail 1cm rteil him
from .le-l nut ion l.y the infuriated
heast. for his act of bravery the
kinc (lives the colonel a ileeoiation,
which he proudly ilisplas to the
pirl-. Six months later, just before
the colonel starts for Allaha, lie (lives
Kalhlyn 11 latnc packet, upon which
is written: "To be openeil by my
lini(ihtcr, Kiithlyn, at midnight, Dec
'inber Hist." Some time afterward,
as Kathlyn is nhowiiiK the mysterious
packet to her fister, 11 noise, coming
from outside, at tracts their at tent ion,
and Kuthlyn drops the packet as
he and her Bister run outside. Dur
ing their absence, a Hindu, who has
been lurking outside, watching the
girls, steals inside, abstracts the
colonel's message from the packet,
but does not touch the sealed en
closure, writes a note of his' own,
carefully seals the envelope and
As the old padre is ringing the
church bells at midnight, on Decem
ber 31, Kathlyn and her sister open
the packet and find what they suppose
to be the note from their father,
which tells them that if he has not
returned before the New Year, he is
held captive by the people of Allaha
and the only way he could be saved
would , be by getting possession of
the sealed envelope herewith,. Being
a woman of quick .action, she takes
the only way out of Iowa that night,
which is by means of a fast freihgt.
Climbing into the caboose," she per
ceives, one of kr father's, lions,
boxed for shipment.. ' The , animal
scapes from the cage and in the
mix-up the cower f tbe tool chest
'oliee otll. l I -
1 ir.-ini ii Mil) p. r mo iii h ; Sn.it
i.ii-.-iotier Ml.", 111 i- tool : ii .-'!!. t
1 .';.-.. .. I.;. t .1.... 1 1 .1... ti.it 11.
,..!...,. 17 1 , 1 1 1 ' "" I.. .... ... ... .
become oueeii. Ill proof of hi-" word-, ' .', " . 1 , i lol.i; hu i h I : ll !,- willi (.real speed ami nl '""j 01 ape iviisine-s .Men lor, -..inn
1 s the paeket. show, her llie l" "' " '" 'T " i'U""' : nils in the west v.i,!i ware for, to J "'"I "he.'ks He Had (iii,,!
contents of same , t ran-lat inn a l;.n- ' ? ., ' "' ! ,"irr.v ftu.i ti.e liuiidiut; in nWit at-
1 , 1, 1 1 ( leaner M ...O per day.
(sua tic sin- cannot read', shows her .... , .. . . . . 1 1 '
1 .ii...... iniu .. .i.ui.. , some i-urniiure anvea.
The lil'W bull. lillU ll.'li ill roin'-e of
eiei I ion. and I '111111- ami Sandy
in ii' noil. ini' toia llnr on the roof.
Sudd. -lily the dinner whi-tl.' blew
the note of her father which emphati
cally states -Id destroy the sealed
packet, conferritif! the herhlitary riclit
to him ami his Mieeessor- to the
throne of Allaha. Alone defenceless
woman in a strange land she is more
alarmed than ever, as she realizes that
she is t horoiinhly in the powerofthe
fanatical people, and has nrleady done
exactly what her father commanded
her not to do. She is informed that
she must take possession of the throne
at once, and protesting, she is dra(t(ied
to the palace, placed upon the throne
and held as captive against the day
willingly crowned by the high priest.
The Council then lead Umballah
forward and the populace is informed
that he is chosen as the husband
tof the queen. -
inspector was proposed ami -1 1 tin
A iieneral alarm hrouulit all the
, to meet favor w ith I he ho
The 1 Weill sl. y fire apparatus and later aid
A farmer who was carrying an
express package from a city mail
order house, was accosted by a
local merehsntt "Why didn't you
buy that bill of goods from me?
I could have saved you the express
and besides you would have been
patronising a home . store, which
helps pay the taxes and build up
this' locality." With characteristic
frankness the farmer asked: "Why
don't' you patronise your home paper
and advertise? I read it and didn't
know you had the goods I have here,
nor do I ever see your name in the
paper inviting one to' come to yout
In flames before the firemen hail their
hose lines trained on the huilillilK. H
was Impossible to check the flames
nnd there was time to save only a few
bits of furniture from the lower floor.
The huililltiK destroyed was the
first built by the college. It had a
frontBge of 200 feet and contained 200
dormitory rooms, reception hall, dining
room, pi. one offices for the college,
laboratory and the general college ad
ministration offices.
resolution was tiled for furthii in-j was summoned from Newton, but the
vesticatuui before final action was ; bitililinn was almost entirely wrapped
John W. Thompson.
This is my second year to use
dynamite for setting peach trees.
Last year we only used it on about
five acres, just to try it and see what
it would do, and this year wc have
used it on about 20 acres, and I
find it to be one of the beet methods
for setting trees that - I have ever
tried, especially where the ground ia
a little ineCne'd to be hard. We
generally try to get the holes down
as deep as two feet and put in about
one-half of a stick of not higher than
30 per cent dynamite; then rake a
little dirt in on top to fill up the
hole so as to make a part of the
force go down and not blow out such
a hole at the top of the ground.
By doing so it will' make a much
better hole for setting trees.
- The trees we used the dynamite
under last year, . I ; believe I would
be safe in saying, are fully one
third larger now than the ones .we
set in the old way, and besides
they grow off so much faster and
look thriftier; and if I ' were going
to plant an orchard of any kind I
would use dynamite under - every
tree. Juornal - of - Agriculture.
Owner ef New York Herald la Sick
Abeard Private Yacht In
Sues Canal.
(WNU Ntwi 8rvle.)
London, March, 18. James Gordon
Bennett, owner of the New Tork Her
ald, is seriously ill aboard his yacht.
LysUtrata,., at Sues,, according to a
dispatch received .here., Bennett is
reperted to be suffering from a severe
fever.' Ke has en on. a three weeks'
cruUe. ' - '
Dee Tango la oVeet; "Pinched." .
Now Tork, March 11. Kicking ar
slipper tnto the .atiaot and shedding
her need eott, pre-ttr Merle, Cameron,
taagoeff through a theater ceowd. la
Bre4y. Copper applauded, ebon
"pinched" her.
Si . met i me in'" a voiieu man l.y the'
name of 11. Turner came to the t'apej
and entered I In employ ol a local '
clnthllli: cilieirn whi le he Hoiked i
for a few dajs. In the brief period
he was amoliu us he named the
.nlllldetice of ii number of business
men to the i Mi nt of about if.Vl
worth of bad checks which he had
forced on bis employer. After leav
ing the Cupe the worthless paper thai
he disposed of and which was sent
to the local bank for payment enabled
the men whom be had defrauded
to trace him through Indiana and
over into Ohio where trace was lost
for sometime.
A few months ago a communication
purporting to be from a brother of
the fugitive, was received from Cin
cinnati, in which a willingness was
expressed to pay off all the claims
with the understanding that prosecu
tion would be dropped and the fraudu
lent checks sent to the writer. The
matter was taken up in conformity
with the terms of compromise, and
as a result those who sent in their
checks have been reimbursed.
Speak and Summers were victims
to the extent of $18; Ed Frenzel,
$15; and it is said that the former
manager of the Terminal Hotel was
touched for $20. Speaks and Hum
mers, and Frensel have been paid
in full and have dropped all proceed
ings against the offender, but the
other victim could not be found
nd for that reason is still out the
amount of the check be cashed.
till, ha.iu'' " said San.h. ".Ma
nee billle ia ilooii in the ba-elncllt.
I maun wear my boots oil truttin'
a' dooii they stalls."
"Sure, bang mi this rope, matey."
ri-poinlei Ileum-, "an' I'll hi ye
down to the ground!"
The descent was all right till the
middle of the building was reached,
when Dennis suddenly let go the rope,
hm. ling the Scot chimin in a mortar
bed, not much hurt, but terrible
"What for did ye let g" the rope?"
he demand. 'il.
"Hegorra, 1 though it was going
to break," yelled Dennis, "and I
had prisence of mind enough to let
Under the re-organization of
the First National Bank was
held Wednesday afternoon, and
the followinR officers were elect
ed: President, Judge W. B.
Rehaefer, Vice-President, Dr. O.
K. Foerster; Directors, B. F.
Davis, Dr. O. K. Foerster, G.
F. Summers, Giboney Houck,
C. A. Vandivoort; Advisory
Committee, D. A. Glenn and
Robert Matteson. Cashier, G.
F. Summers.
The meeting was very satis
factory to. all those interested,
and the selections made met
with general approval.

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