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The Cape weekly tribune. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1914, April 17, 1914, Image 6

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Local ana rcrsonai
S '
August Wagner
has moved li this
of Chester,
lit .
A complete line of toilet articles
nt Jours', Broadway and Spmii.-h. IS
A. Coombs i
the Cupe on
f Piggott,
a business
Stella Burton
Cape Monday
of Idalia was in the
on bsincss matter!'.
J. C. Graham and John IVal of
Blndgctt are Cape visitors this week.
Wright rf Campbell has busi
t he Cape this week.
C. L. Reynolds and wife of Chaffee,
;re Cape visitors Monday.
J. T. Williams of Fornfelt, paid the
Cape a business visit Monday.
J. N. Moore and C. M. Hall of
Dexter are Cape visitors this week.
Bluchcr Sperling of Jackson, was a
Cupe visitor Monday.
A. J. Craw ford of Drown wood had
business in the Cape Monday.
Walter S.
was a Cape
llosea of Green
visitor Tuesday.
H. M. Mcintosh of Dexter
the Cape on a business trip.
J. D.
Darling of Coldwater spent
in the Cape transacting
. Miles shipped out to
a carload of hogs and a
load of
cattle Tuesday.
L. M. Hcnson, John I'. Trench and
J. N. Little of l'oplar Bluff arc in
the Cupe this week on legal business.
Judge II. E. Alexander returned
Monday night from a hurried busi
ness trip to St. Louis.
Charles La Pierre, formerly of Jack
son, now of Jefferson City, was a Cape
visitor Monday.
D. C. Collier of Gideon and J. A.
lark of Morehouse are Cape visitors
lid week.
J. S. Fruzier a prominent citizen
I Kcnnctt, is in the Cape this week
ooking after business mutters.
F. D. Baughii, grocery salesman
from ( 'minimi, is in the Cape on a
business trip.
W. H. Wilson of Maiden, is in the
Cape this week attending to some
. court requirements.
Steamer Cape Girardeau arrived
at the Cije Tuesday morning at
,S o'clock with a big cargo.
Geo. W. Ray hill and
of Wnrrcnsbtirg were in
business Monday.
D. Fitch
Cape on
H. I.. Demi of Advan time to
he Cape Monday to look after some
uisincs matters.
W. A. Russell,
chant, of Neelys
the Cape Tuesday
business matters.
a prominent mer
Landiug came to
to look after some
The city authorities
after the bad place in
where the C. G & N
should look
the sidewalk
tracks puss
Gooil Hope street.
llr W. II. Uiisse of Sehath is
in the Cape this week, being a wit
ness in a case coining up in the I . S
D. I'. Brewing! on, formerly princi
pal of the Lilbourn .-hcool-, now
iiroinineiii merchant and druggist
of that eitv. is in the Cane this wet
a witness in the V. S. Circuit Court.
A. II. Lewis of Sutton, Ncbr.. ami
M. L. Lewis of Newton, Iowa, are
in the Cape on I heir return from
Hunter where they have been look
ing aft i f a big hind deal.
from i,
a prominent
phuu, eume
i answer in
hi- service
'.fli-i d, l.ow i
to the
:i suiu-
let III I
I.. '
lii. hi ;i
n I . e .
l.loh;' I
loom '.
U ter u
out of
s li
I l
r. ii i .1
;i t i
1 1 ' ' i : i I i I I
i hi' miliar
Lie p. l-soll
i I on ,.oi;.e
', 111. Il II
, i.tid l!...! 1.
...- .-liMcll.
i.w n poci.i I .
. o ,'. i vi r, for
il.le. J. .1.
! It, but
,.:..lc il g I
Tin re w us
A Lit ll he w as
Johnson, un
d. lay,
attorney from 'una In i.-viile, n present
ed Mr. Collins, The both n Mined to
their home Tuesday morning.
D. O. Lutes of Nellyville is trans
acting business in the Cape this week.
A. W. Fields of Portageville was n
Cupe visitor Monday.
J. A. 'league of Campbell is in
the Cape on legal business this week.
R. C.
Lewis of Poplar Bluff
in the Cape this week.
George Davis of Puxieo transacted
business in the Cape Monday.
Charles Clayton of Lilbourn is in
the Cape this week on legal business.
Geo. E. Conrad of Marble Hill
is in the Cape on business this week.
Henry Meier of Jackson
Cape visitor Monday.
was a
E. A. Armstrong of Poplar Bluff
had business in the Cape Monday.
Win. Haas of
Cape a business
Sikeston paid the
call Saturday.
It. Mitchell of Oran was a Cape
visitor Saturday.
J. C. Prather of Advance paid the
Cape a hurried business call Saturduy.
C. Roberts and wife of Mingo
Cape visitors Monday.
Jaeger of
Jaekson was in the
A. Caldwell of Hinc, Mo.,
business in the Cape Saturday.
G. II. Dover of Illmo was a Cape
visitor Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Children of Perry
ville were in the Cape Saturday.
Hughes of Paris,
visitor Saturday.
J. T. Holt of Campbell arrived in
the Cape Sunday.
II. L. Doty
of Little Rock is
a business trip.
the Cape on
Charles Scott of Curuthersville
a Cape visitor Saturday.
Ira Davis ami W. M. Welch of
Mingo have business in the Cape this
week. .
Val Perkins tin attorney from Lil
lotirn is iu the Cupe thin w-k,
attending court.
Miss E. Johnstone
of Caruthersville
week on a busi-
is in t lie Cape tins
ness trip.
Adaui Cox, a prominent
farmer from Arbor is iu the
this week attending court.
E. J. Hunt of East
Prairi( is iu
juryman this
the Cape serving as a
S. P.
of Marble Hill,
County is in the
sheriff of
Cape on a business trip
Baker of Van Buren and
John F
Smclzcr of Doniphan are
Cape this week, jurymen
U. S. Court.
in the
in the
R. W. Robison, chief of police of
Hayti, is in the Cape this week, a
witness in the I. S. Court now
H. E. Knapton, the Monotype man
left for St. Louis Tuesday afternoon
after spending several days iu the
Cape on a business trip.
Mrs. Steck, wife of a farmer liv
ing on tin- old Taylor place about
six miles iu the country wus brought
to the hospital Tuesday afternoon,
in the l.orberg ambulance.
11. E. Badger, city marshal of Lil
bourn, is in the Cape this week, a
witness in the ease wherein Ralph
Krcw iugton, Geo. Wallace mid Elmer
( line are licensed of robbing the post
olliee at Lilbi urn.
Frank llnh let the contract Monday
for a new residence on North Ellis
street, between Independence and
Themis, Hugo l'li-terer was awarded
the work and will begin at once.
The building i to be of brick and
will contain live rooms.
Andri w I .ii 1 1 1 i I'.i'n
tin- Mcrteil Hotel b
all, r a : lent il'ne- -. lo
w il h pni iiii'.ou ,i . His
er, ilu d nt
unlay night,
w :i
is r -mains w i re
In r I 1 1 1 U i i ; 1 1. i 1 1
- bin it d at 1 1 e
lay 1 1 i r i i 1 1 1 t.t
i ur ii lor :it t lie W .
I'allt.iS and lie V
i ii y eeiiu 1 1 l y Tin
Con- i.l. ruble
made by sunn
o.iilii of the 1
throwing if lis-
complaint i.-- being
of our eil izi lis on He
art ice obeing li'.U'le of
and rubbish into the
sunken spot
hums and
ileal' the corner of Wil
I.orinier streets. You
MVat til'
Hies fast
eont inue.
enough if
C. D. Bcdwell of Oak Ridge spent
Sunday in the Cape.
G. C. Newell of Marble
a Cape visitor Sunday.
Hill, was
Ratledge of
a business
paid the
Charles Martin of St. Louis
looking around in the Cape.
A. Adams of Sikeston has busi
in the Cape this week.
Perry Crider of Morehouse
Cape visitor Saturday.
was a
L. Hodges of Morehouse
business in the Cape Saturduy.
S. A. Stafford of Lafayette, Ind.,
is in the Cape on a business trip.
M. J. Darter and wife of Sikeston
are Cape visitors this week.
U. S.
J. II.
Federal Court convenes here
Watkins came up from Oran
on a stock dealing trip.
P. Harland of Fronfelt had
ness in the Cape Saturduy.
Marion Wade of Benton was a
business visitor in the Cupe Saturday.
Charley Spalding of Benton
business in the Cape Saturday.
Charles Taylor of Puxieo, had busi
ness in the Cupe Saturduy.
Charles Murley of Neelys Landing
spent Sunday in the Cupe.
Cape a
Crider of Sikeston puid
business rail Saturday.
Peter M. Hiuklc a well known mer
chant of Oak Ridge hud business
in the Cape Tuesday-
Jesse F. Angle and
of Advance were Cape
Carey Wilson
visitors Tues-
Emory Delph a prominent citi
zen from the North partSt the County
was in the Cupe ona business trip.
S. L. Bowman of Advance wus iu
the Capo Tuesduy looking uftcr busi
ness intent-its.
G. W. Sunders of Pcrryville was
iu the Capn on a business, trip Satur
day. W. II. Johnson of Poplar Bluff
transacted business ill the Cupe Satur
day. May
to the
DeVcre, of St. Louis was culled
Cap Saturday on a business
Harry Wagner left Sunday for
Morchousn to install some eleclireal
M. L. Hunter and wife of Cairo,
spent hiauriluy in the Capo on a
business trip.
Charles Mason of Vanduser passed
through the Cape Saturday on his
return from St. Louis.
Frank Suoke, a lumberman fxum
St. Louis had business iu the Cape
A. 11. Twentr, a traveling suivsuiun
of Cairo, is stopping in the Cape for
a few days.
Albert hue ol Carson City is in
the Cape looking after business
W. B. Paty who has been in Jack
son for several days ou a business
trip Saturday.
in the
. labia I'cntou ot Cairo was
Cape on a business trip Sutur
James S. Wiihl, a prominent busi
ness mull of Caruthcrsville, is in the
Cape this week doing jury service
John L. Hodges and Alfred T
1 1 art v ol lUoomlielil were in the i ap
Tuesday looking after business affair
Flunk, Frisco fireman who h:i
laid up in the hospital in S
to the
for several
( ipe.
davs has icturnei
ii.ii- Minor, ,lu
. i nn h r of .'.!:
ape on a hii.-itn
I lav lie.- and
. . lie
ir I
came tt
Sat iirihiv
ine Mon-
I the t
'I In v w ill return to I
'l i t- Ninth'
Will be cb-..i
tioni lll.ot) inn
: i 1 r t-1
, At-ril
l.ii) p.
1 !.
on nci'ounl
Miller, Pre
of t In
dent. funeral of Y
Charles I.anpl.er a will known
stockman find farmer 1'iom Advance,
passed through the Cape Saturday
night on his way to St. Louis with
u shipment of cattle.
River falling. Gauge reads 18 feet.
Mrs. E. Elder of Chaffee was
the Cape on a shopping trip.
A. M. Spradling of Jackson
Cape visitor Tuesday.
C. M. Wylie of Commerce, paid
the Cape a business visit Tuesday.
E. Williams of Pocohontas, Ark.,
the Cape a visit Tuesday.
Walter Zoll of Rombauer paid the
Cape a business visit Tuesday.
Mrs. W. F. White of Lcora, was
a Cape visitor Tuesday.
and Mrs. J.
were Cape
II. Alsop of St.
visitors Tuesday.
II. Mabrey of Juckson puid the
Cape a hurried visit Tuesday.
Hazel Miller of Portagevillc was a
Cape visitor Tuesday.
Mary C. LaPierrc of
Oran, spent
Benton bad
Tuesday in the Cape.
McPhectcrs of
in the Cape
F. J. Cunningham of Caruthcrsville
in the Cape on a business trip.
There was a meeting of the Trailes
Council Tuesday night.
J. C. Graham of Blodgett was iu
rhe Cupe Monday on court matters.
II. L. Bowmun of Longtown was a
Cape visitor Tuesday.
II. W. Davis of Perryvilln paid the
Cape a business visit Tuesday.
Anton Glueck
of Kelso was in the
on a trading trip.
Cape Tuesday
EuianuitL Kinder of Sturdivant had
business in the Cape Tuesday..
C. E. Becching of Anderson, Imt.,
i.i iu the Cape on business this week.
J. R. Morton of Neelys Landing
ws in the Cape Tuesday on business-
A. Clark of Morehouse had busi,
iu the Cape Tuesday.
W. E. Craue of Decatur, 111., was
Cape visitor Tuesday.
W. H. Hugging of BlooinGeld was
a Cape visitor Tuesday.
M. It. Thrower of Advance
Cape vis.it.or Tuesday.
Nona Spears of
Advance was in
the Cape Tuesday.
G. L. W-jbb of Zulma was in the
Cape on :i business trip Tuesday.
Thomas R. Gibson of Springfield
was in the Cape 1 uesUay utteuuing
to business interests.
F. O. c.hade of Frohna and Judge-
Edw. D . Hays of Jackson were busi
ness visitors in the Cape Tuesday..
John Heiseirer of Scott County
came Co the tape Monday with x
load of stock for E. A. Milew.
E. W. Harris, prominent merchant
of Daisy, had business in tho Cpe
J. C. ScLonoff and C. II. LaCroix
of Advauco were transacting business
in the Cape Tuesday.
Robert Story and Frank Whitehead
of Rrownwood, had business in the
Cape Tuesday.
J. F. Fenuey of Puxieo, name to the
Cape Tuesday to attend to some busi
ness matters.
B. L. Modesith of St. Genevieve
came to the Cupe Moud-iy on a busi
ness trip.
Eugene Walker of Sturdivant is
the Cape this week attending
some court matters.
J. B. Darling
the Cape this
of Coldwater
week lining
is in
W. 11. Rose, of Van Buren. is serv
ing as juror in the V, S. Court iu
session lure this week.
John Marsh
of C;
to h
came to
lifter hu.-i-
the Cupe Ttli-lli-ss
Cape 1) 11:
:i -of
w ee
the popular bottling
'oplur IllioY i iu the
i on
nil't Ir.atler-
John W. Garner
to the Cupe Tin
bii-iiiess mis. ion.
of Advance,
on a
A. II. Wassell, W. 11. Wessell.
lb I man W essell and Albert Rowe
iiriiiiiim nt citizens of Dutchtown,
paid the Cape a business visit
i Tuesday,
Tis not what we have, but what
we enjoy that makes us happy
E. Palsgrovc nnd wife of Illmo;
in the Cape Tuesday on a
shopping trip.
Elmer Brown of Whitewater came
to the Cape Tuesday to do some
D. A. Drum a prominent merchant
of Oak Ridge had business in the
Cape Tuesday.
J. II.
Jenkins of Advance spent
jn the Cape transacting
The jurors serving in the U. S.
Circuit Court in session here this week
are being accommodated at the
Riverview hotel.
John E. Marhall and J. II. Yount
of Sikeston came to the Cape Tues
day to look after gome business
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Elinan
of St. Louis were in the Cape on a
business trip Tuesday.
Geo. W. Rayhill of Warrensburg
spent Tuesday in the Cape looking
after business interests.
G. B. Gaither, a well known citi
zen of Commerce, was in the Cape
Tuesday attending to some business
C. A. Vandivort of Jackson was in
the Cape Tuesday to present some
matters to the City Council at their
meeting Tuesday night.
J. T.. McClure J. E. Hedges and
Joseph Duuch of MeC'lure, III., were
in the Cape transacting buaines
Squire D'jnnemiller of Kelso was
in the Cups- Tuesday witk a big loud
of fat hogs which hn disposed of to
E. A. Miles of this city.
Mrs.. Fred Grossheider and daugh
ter Mrs. Fred Keller of Gordonville
were in the Cape on a shopping trip
I County Notes I
By C. M. McWilllams,
Farm Adviser.
Cape County has never been her
a.dcd for the production of alfalfa
seed, but lust fall Moritz Wugner of
CNcely's Landing harvested, five shells
3 of good seed from the fourth cutting
jfof his alfalfa patch
fthis held has been in
alfalfa for the
past eight years.
R. L. Fronaberger, of. Oak Ridge
who won first ou row-peas at the
National Corn Show, held at Dallas,
Texas was surprised when he heard
the news. A State Institute lecturer
who judg(?ti the loeu how at Oak
Ridge last; fall was responsible for
the peas being shown. The entire
incident gjes to show that often what
we have is ns good or better than
the best anil sometimes we don't
appreciate the fact.
Prof. P. M. Brandt, returned
to Columbia Sunday ufter delivering
un illustrated lecture on the selection
of the dairy eow at Cumpster School.
Fruithuid, Appleton, Oak Ridge and
Pocohontas. Ho was unable to keep
his engagement at New Wells be
cause of unfavorable weather. Prof.
Branit has visitwd the county three
timei anil intends to return in June
and visit the clubs he was unable
to mtrh this time. He speaks highly
of the people he has met in Cupe
When the blossoms open is the time
t.i spray apples for the codling
moth ami other insects. When the
blossoms open the ealy or blossoms
end is open ami the spray can get
into the cavity. When the bloom
falls the cavity is closed and spray-
mir is less ellectual. 1 he most com
mon spray is Bordeaux Mixture which
is eoui posed of four pounds of copper
sulphate, four pounds of freshly
burned lime and "ill gallons of water.
Two ooiiiitls of urseniate of lead
added to above makes it more elTec
live for biting insects.
That the silo is ii
favor here and ha
to be all economic
cut t le is bi ond
ipiilly coining into
proved it's self
f:ietor in feeding
doubt. A lurg
nun. In r
.r silos rtill be
llsoll. Two 1 I'e
erected tin
n.inciit farm
in' nt ii n o
coining st asoii.
els have sit niti
tin ir
enlist met ing cori'i i te
title silo, if pt'opi
and l e-i nfoi ei il is n :
ten t of sueee-s in t
is construction, I m
or t liree I 'ill's I lie I i
I lie con-
en. ; i in tt '
f. ul inn! th
I oil. I. I ' sll
past tv.
I ;t I i'l 'intent
of the College of A g I i.lllt nv h.i
nun to superiuteiiil concrete
hiiiMing- when It .in stt d,
colli itnc to do so iu count i-s
there are Farm Advisers. We ol
si nt
County can
avail ourselves of thi:
Mrs. Henry Overbeck of Burfords
ville is visiting Mrs. Guy Deck.
Louis Hoffmeister has moved in
the Morgan house in West Jackson.
T. D. Hines went to the Cape
Monday to transact some business.
Minnie Althenthal of
visiting her parents in
Fornfelt is
this city.
Manuel Kief of the Cape was the
guest of Louis Kies Monday.
and Eugene Obrrinillcr re
home from Oran Monday.
and Mrs. C.
spent Sunday
Taylor of the
with relatives.
Sherley Smith of Illmo
friends for a few days.
is visiting
George Landsman of Blomeyer
arrived Saturday to visit relatives.
C. Fenniniorr of Bcrtrand, Mo.,
returned home Saturday.
Dr. Jenkins has purchased himself
an automobile.
Wilson 8eilxrt of St. Louis was in
town Tuesday.
An auto load of Marble Hill citi
zens came to Jackson Tuesday to
attend the funeral of W. II. Miller
Herbert Collier of Ark., is the guest
of his mother; Mrs. CoHier and bister
Mrs. Althea Puis.
Miss Alma Koihne wilt give her
pupils a dunce, at the Army Hall,
Thursday evening.
Bob Penzel the son of Gustaf
Penzel who is living in Chicago was
the proud father of another son.
Mrs. Ed Seabaugh left for the Cape
Monday where she will visit her sis
ter Mrs. Tom Taylor.
Rev. Nelson and family of Bonne
Terre urrived Tuesday to be the
guest of Rev. Carnett and family.
Miss Nora Steck of tho Cape who
is stenographer for Buckner Rugsdule
store came home to spend Easter
with relatives.
A fine boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Taylor Sunday. Mr. Tay
lot and family are now residents of
the Cape.
Miss Maude Daley returned home
home from the Cape Sunday where
she has been visiting friends for a
few days.
W. A. Trickey and family are pre
paring to move to tjak Rulge this
week where Mr. Trickey wit probably
engage in liusiness.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sachse and Mr.
and Mrs. John Sachse are going to
the cut-off Monday to see what
luck they will have in fishing.
Jackson's first team of Base ball
were to go to Fredericktown Saturday
but had to postpone it on account
of the bad weather.
Misses Frieda and Christine Med
ley of Poplur Bluff attended the fun
eral of their uncle, W. II. Miller,
Charley La Pierre of Jefferson City
came home i uestiay to lie at his
uncle's funeral, W. II. Miller of the
Miss Marie Schuefi-r entertained
at her home a few of her friends with
a supper Tuesday evening. Those
present were Maude and Rosamond
Daley and Ruby and Pearl Beat tie.
Miss Myrtle Cramer and Earl
Bowman were married at the bride's
home Tuesday morning by Rev. F.
W. Carnet. The couple were both
quite young nnd were pupils of the
high school.
They will make
Burfordville on a
father had agreed
their home at
farm which his
to stake him.
. and Mrs
lay eveiiin;
si .it lLhtfi
i..ll- i'efl'i's
. McAtee i ntt it-iined
: iit their home with
I five hundred puity.
l.luellts wt re st rvc.l
out the siitiie effects,
ii t.il It s of li e bund-
1 1 v i r u
1 In
W . I e si e
.- i 1 1 j o in.
i j I'..
I'Veliii.'i; were
Skill-'l.t . f,
I the Cupe,
Ahin Mil-;.-,
Goekol, Dr.
Mueller Jr.,
M.s. i:. .
II. Mm ll.-r. i
ike, li.il.in.-oii.
I llll.tili Mll.le. t.ol'lh
Vuie.hn I'lie.-t, ll.-nry
Ik K. Atkins, ll.itiiiiii
Mr- S-i
ami Mi
I'i tern. .in lb
Mrs. Win.
I.ol'tlt.l Fo.
titi'.ie ami
B. Scl
Want Ads will
in the Tribune.
give you results
: 7
-!' '
' n
rj. ....
t .
t: e
K : '
j'' . '
V - '.';',

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