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Volume XVI
Number 18
Bee Store Has Been Organ
ized Into Stock Company
Business Enlarged.
New Teachers Selected and
Bids for Construction of
New School Received.
State Department is Official
ly Notified that the Dic
tator is Ready.
No One In Race So Sure of
Winning (hat They Can
Pause for a Minute.
Spend all Your Time From Now
Until Close Getting the
Big Subscriptions.
But three full working days until
close of contest.
There is no ono in thin race so
sure of winning that they can even
pause for a moment. Lot everyone
K't busy instantly ami lose not one
single moment of these last three
lays. Devote all your time to the
contest, it is well worth it. .This
contest is to mine to a close prompt
ly at 7 o'clock on next Sat unlay night,
ami just think how disappointed you
will lie after all these weeks of striv
ing if you "fall ilown" from winning
the little "Jit-adv farm or piano.
Arrangements for the close of
the contest are now being made,
such u' the selection of judges, etc.
The judaes will lie three hi mniiher.
They will In- men of the very highest
standing, men who are above re
proach, and v.'.o.-e i!i -cisioii i:i this
race will he accepted without question.
Now is the time to g-t subscrip
tions while this phenoii.onal offer
of threc-for-one bonus votes offer
is on. This applies to hoth old and
new business, in w subscriptions or
merely r ncwals. It affords all con
testants of equal chance. To those
who have fallen a little behind it
offers the opportunity if you will hut
ledoublc your efforts of catching up.
Those who have worked their hardest
will hut renew their most earnest
efforts in view of the greatly in
creased reward. This big offer should
inspi ( everyone to tli greatest
sprint during these last few days
that yen are capable of, for that will
be necessary if you wish to win the
grand little farm.
Have you yet made up that list
of relatives, friends, neighbors, ac
quaintances ami fellow workers, whom
you haven't as yet approached.
If you' have not, you should do so
at once, and lose no time in getting
into uommunicat ion with them. Re
member, also, those persons whom you
saw earlier in the contest and who
put you off until a later date. Com
municate with all of these, explain
to them that you will get three times
the usual number of votes for their
subscriptions and under the circum
stances they won't refuse.
It is to be hoped that you un
doing everything within your power
to clinch success. Are you going to
lose for the want of a little effort
and energy in these closing hours of
this race? Wo do not think so.
And here's another thing. It is
the long term subscription that counts
for the most when the tripL- votes
are offered. Did you ever think of
nuking your friends for a subscrip
tion ubout twice as long as you
originally intended? Try it and sec
how very often you will find them
willing to do just as you suggest.
They realize just as well as you do
that this is the most trying stage
of the race and that their help may
mean everything to you. They want
to help all they can. It all depends
upon how you approach them us to
how substantial that help will amount
to. Ask them for a five, four, or
three years' subscription, and you
will get them before you have run
all the way down the scale.
Get out among your friends and
acquaintances, and hustle as you
never did before. Stir up everybody
who is at nil interested in the cam
paign, Make the closing days of the big
show lively ones.
(Continued on page 7)
Physician Sentenced.
PItUburg, April 29. Final arraign
ment of Lucy D. Orr, alias Lucy D.
Damms, the nurse, held on a charge
of larceny In connection with Ihe
death of Mrs. Myrtle Allison at t,he
Bellevue "house of mystery," will be
the next move toward closing the
case. Dr. C. C. Meredith pleaded
guilty to the charge of having per
formed a criminal operation on Mrs.
Allison. Meredith was sentenced to
pay a fine of 6 cents, costs of the
prosecution and to bo imprisoned for
not less than five years. The murder
charge against Meredith was dropped.
Mr. Ische Will Retain Connections
as Member of the New
The Hoe Store which was started
over thirty years ago by I,. II. Clos
terman now deceased, will organize
a stock company with the following
well known business men incorpora
tors: Louis Ische, Jr., Albert Hainan,
Alvin S. rreeman, Wilson Hainan
Mr. Ische who has been connected
with the business for the past si"M,
years, and in sole charge r ihe l.isi
five years, will remain with the new
company, whose plans are to enlarge
and increase the business.
Remains Arrived from Cairo
Tuesday Night-Taken to
Undertaking Parlors.
Buried at the Old Cemetery in
This City-St. Louis and Cairo
Relatives Were Present.
Eugi ne Sullivan, the young man
who was so suddenly hurled into
eternity as a victim of a railroad
accident in Cairo Monday night,
was buried in the old cemetery in
this citylWednesday morning at about
j'.l o'clock. His remains arrived from
Cairo, on the Steamer Cape tlirar-
dcau, at about '.)::;) Tuesday ncili',
jund were conveyed to the Hoch
I Undertaking parlors where they were
I prepared for burial. On Wednesday
morning tnc iiooy was taken to the
Sullivan home on S. Lorimier strict,
and from there to the Catholic church
where funeral services were conducted
j by Father Murtauch.
Miss Julia Sullivan of St. Louis
a si.-ter and Messrs. Harry and Albert
Lind of Cairo, nephews of the do-
mm ased, were present for the funeral
which was attended by many friends
of the bereaved family.
I'red Krueger a member of one of
the old families of this city, and a
lifelong resident of this county, died
at his home near Dutchtown Tues
day evening at about. 5 o'clock.
While he had been complaining with
stomach trouble for several days, his
condition was not considered danger
ous, and on the day of his death
he spent considerable of his time up
and around the house. Late in the
afternoon he began to suffer consider
ably and Dr. Schocn his family
physician was called, but failed to
revive the afllicted man.
Martin Lorbcrg was called to pre
pare the body for burial, leaving
the Cajie about 8 o'clock Tuesday
evening and returning about 3:30
o'clock Wednesday morning.
At the time of his death, Mr.
Krueger was 44 years and four months
old. He leaves u widow and six
children to mourn his departure.
The remains will be brought Wed
nesday to the home of Tony Schock
who lives on the old Krueger place,
and on Thursday morning at 10
o'clock the funeral services will be
held at the Hanover Church where
the body will be buried.
Word has been received of the
death of Curtis Short, son of Thomas
Short a prominent farmer living
on Rural Route No. 3, about nine
miles Northwest of the Cape on the
Perryville road.
On account of a mental disorder,
Curtis has been confined for several
years in an institution at Fulton,
Mo., and was an inmate at the time
of his death. He was ubout 30 years
of age, und unmarried. His remains
will arrive in Jackson Thursday morn
ing, and will be buried at Pleasant
Hill Cemetery near Fruit land, in
the afternoon .
Another Meeting Called for Tues
day Afternoon to Consider New
Bids Then Submitted.
At the meeting of the school board
held Monday night at the Broadway
l'ublic School, upon the recommenda
tion of Superintendent Croekir, Miss
l!ice and Miss Gaston, the only two
new out of town lady teachers yut
selected were chosen for the coming
year. A gentleman from I.Yxtr by
'he name of Poughcrty was selected
as principal of the High School.
The following contractors submitted
their bids for the construction of
the New Hi'h School:
M. . Thomas, Sedaha,
Clark Con. Co., Cativ.ll.- III.
Mo ,
V.. Aiv!ci.-on Son v (
T. II. .h-hi, .. ,' S
Hiram Lloyd HI. It
St. Loui-. Mm.. .1. U
Mexico. Mn.. I.. W.
Co., Columbia, Mo .
Cape C.irard. ;.il. M
St. Louis Mo., W.
St. Louis Mo., E.
Cape Girardeau, Mo
'. Kav. :.v, Kalis.,
li. S. dnSia. Vn.,
iV Con. i'",
I'.vai.s Con i. ,
Ihiuia- ,lr. Con.
Vogelsang l'rso.
.. G. I lav! men.
M. Sllth..-!:,!C
V. I lee, nhar It.
McCarthy Con.
Co., I-'armingtoti.
All the bids except those of Vogel
sang Hros and I". 1'. llcgeiihardt were
rejected, and these two parties it is
said will present, new bids at the
meeting hell Tuesday afternoon at
3 o'clock.
Prominent Stock Dealer to
Use Stale Bread for
Regular Horse Feed.
Leaves foi St. Louis to Arrange
for Regular Shipments of
Stale Baker's Bread
Frank Kimmcl, the well known
and popular stock dealer of this city,
realizing the necessity of taking steps
to overcome the high cost of living
for his horses, has conceived the idea
of reducing expense by a most novel
method. Mr. Kimmcl will leave for
St. Louis Wednesday for the purpose
of entering into a contract with one
of the large bakery concerns of that
city to furnish him stale bread which
he expects to have shipped to him at
regular intervals. He expects to
pulverize every loaf and use it as a
substitute for grain. Mr. Kimmel
states that he can buy stale bread
at the price of 7.3 cents per hundred
loaves of one pound each, and he is
of the opinion that by this method
he will be enabled not only to make
a very material saving in his feed
bill, but at the same time to provide
the most nutritious and strengthen
ing food obtainable for his livestock.
He states that on next Monday he
expects to receive a shipment of 1000
loaves, and he intends to place a
standing order for shipments to ar
rive weekly.
Of course this substitute for grain
will not overcome the necessity for
the use of hay, and he expects to
place his dumb charges on a mixed
diet of alfalfa and stale bread.
Giant Fighter Puts to Sea and Will
Complete Itt Equipment at
Newport, R, I.
(WNL' News Brvlc.)
New York, April 28. The special
service squadron's flagship, the new
dreaduaught New York, with Rear Ad
miral Winslow's flag flying, left the
Brooklyn navy yard on her maiden
voyage for active service In Mexican
waters, establishing a record for
promptitude of preparation for going
to sea. She has gone to Newport, K.
1., to complete her equipment-
Basis on Which Each Nation
Would Settle Controversy
Are Only Tentative.
i WNL" New FcrvletO
Washington, April 21). Spanish Am-
bussudor Klano, in charge ot the af
fairs of Mexico In tin United States,
informed Secretary of State llry n
tlial Cirii. iluerta had unconditionally
ucci i'ti d the principle of mediation us
l:.o IvjJ in tlie proposals of the go
i I'au.i. aia of lirail, Argentina and
I'lul. .
No Americans have been Kill, d in
Mcx.eo t'.ty, none Is In dani.' r and
only o...; Li umler arrest, accomi'if; to
HSMir.it.ci s to the htate d ..irtttu,..l
ire:.i tin ft ;:;.! tan minister i.i tli.il
cu; Hal.
Corrplcing Plans.
W...U the '.n.i..:iig hack of the pel
t3',;lv:i o'i tl'.o M xica'i crisis I luotta's
1 1
p.auce of ihe loo, I olll s
ul .it.
1 ; ..: I
wiii i
l'i a. '.
Su'.;;'i American diplomat -nt
Wil-Mii and Ills nilviseis
the sitti:,;; of the stage c:i
1 1 ! : i seiitaiin s of Argentina,
and Chile hope to bring utiout
The euvovs remained in ion
tcrciii o all niht completing prelimi
nary plans ot proposed mediation.
Their next move, It was suggested,
would be a retpiest to the Washington
and the Iluerta governments for state
ments of probable demands each
would make, preliminary to any at
tempt at formal mediation., The next
ttep would depend upon the nature of
those replies. Upon them probably
would be based the proposals intend
ed fer suhmlsslon to the Washington
SovirunH.it and Iluerta.
Strong Man Needed."
If a rtrorc, man can be developed p.i
Mexico now there is hope that the
tni d'atlon pr tposal may succeed. The
auditors are looking over the timber
lio-iv in t'.i" hope that they can find
tmo Mexican who can get the united
support oi all the warring elements in
Moico City for him as provisional
president. Ia any plan conslderi d it
is admitted lluertu, IVrranza and Vil
! la must b. eliminated. S must the
men who h.-.v. been close to them
since the death of Mndero.
j Tin re is only one imperative do-
niand from which I'reiddent Wilson
will not recede. That Is that Iluerta
J n:ii-; he eliminated and a guarantee
j of actual constitutional government
i in'.:; t he given. Demands for an ln
; ti":.:i;l'y for the death of our blue
I Jackets and marines kl'led at Vera
I'ruz or because of the enormous ex
pense to which this government has
been subjected will not ho pressed.
Washington, April In spite of
mediation plans, activity continues
unabated in Army and Naval circles.
The Hrazil minister is doubtful as
to the outcome and Iluerta now
demands seven members of the
Arbitral ion conference.
Denver, April 1!'.) Regular troops
of the
I'nited States have been as-
siirned to tire
'serve order in tlie v oio-
rado strike region
.n rioung louay.
Eecles, W. Va., April 1M.--As the
rescue work here progresses, ,r7 miners
have been rescued from the two mines
and eight dead bodies brought to
the surface. Hopes are entertained
that many more are alive.
Tank Steamer Blows Up.
Algiers, Algeria, April 29. The Rus
sian tank steamer Kometa blew up off
Sidi-Feruch, on the coast ot Algeria.
Tassing steamers picked up 15 of the
crew of 30. The others perished. Of
the survivors nine were injured. The
Kometa burned.
American to Be Shot
Galveston, Tex., April 29. Reports
have been received that William
Schoolman, an American arrested at
Tumpico, has been ordered shot as a
Bpy. He was a saloon keeper.
Try a Tribune- Want A I
bring results.
It will
Attempting to Board Freight
Train Loses Footing and
is Hurled to Ground.
Barely Esrnprd Beinj; (Ground
I'nder Wheelsof Fast Moving
Freight -Is Injured.
(!. 1 Turner, the well known
stockman from Mloomlield had a iim-t
dangerous experience Tuesday iol'IiI
at about 0 o'eloek when attempliuu
to board a ipovinn stock ti tin,
passim: through this city. Mi.
Turner was accompanying a .-liip-I
n ut ot stock to M. Louis and stopped
t IT at the Cape for a few minutes
I 'i secure a lunch. U hen I he t rain
pulled out he attempted to board it,
but the speed w a ' so v rt : t that he
i I hi- hold and v.a- hulled I . the
ji.rouii'1 v.ilh iieat furee ,-iliir havinc
! hi I'll ill iei'C .1 fnr 'Mi 'e ,! a .
j It lie e . ! i 1 1. neeuri i ! ee - !;.!.
! t hat he bai'i l In: -ed hi m ' run
over by t he I rain lb a-- en Mit
jably bruised and ri o-iu d -nine , m .
'about the face and ,e:i-l. lb- Poled
to .o.-.r. 'lie ll;. . ,-, v.-l ell.-d
ill t.lke l,e Noltil li.i'll'l p.i--el;e,-
a few liinii- lalei
Many Rural Schools Will be
Represented City Chil
dren to Participate.
I moving riiiuri's to do JUhi-n oi
I School Children Parade Big
i Display of School Work.
Itiiral school Exercises at Lorimier
auditoiium, '.)::'.) a. in. until noon.
; Ihtsket Lunch iu Court House
park at noon.
j School exercises in park from 1
until .'t p. m.
j Normal Training school pupils and
i Normal Military band will meet at
Training school nt 'J:ill p. in. and
; l. mi
march to Itroadway school.
Hroadway school will meet at
I p. m. ami man h down Mioailway,
I rear of column waiting at Sprigg
Street for the .lelTerson, (loud Hope
and Washington schools.
I (lood Hope school and ,b Hereon
school will meet at 2:1.1 and march
to Iiroailway and Sprigu streets,
falling in behind the Itroadway
school in line of march. Washing
ton school will meet at and
march to fcprigg and Jlroadway,
falling in line of march behind JclTcr
son anil Good Hope school.
I.orimier school and High School
will meet at Lorimer building and
march to Itroadway and fountain
streets, falling iu line as parade passes.
The liura! schools will form on
Lorimier street, facing Hroadway,
at 2:"i to fall in behind Lorimier
school in parade. After leaving
Lorimier street line of march will be
down Hroadway to Main street,
south to Independence, west to Lori
mier, north to Court House park
entrance and into the park, not dis
banding until entire parade has en
tered park, Moving pictures will be
taken of parade as it enters park.
Tree attractions, complimentary by
the Kctail Merchants association will
be given at the following theaters:
Orphcum, on Good Hope street.
Princess, on Main street.
Hoy al, on Main street.
Hroadway, on Iiroailway.
Continuous shows at all places
from 3:30 until .5:30. No tickets
needed as the Hetoil Merchants
Association has arranged for the show-
Everyone is invited to visit tin
beautiful display of school wink at
the llimmelberger-llarrison hiiiMiiiir,
open to the public all day long.
The progressive merchant is ipiick to
appreciate newspaper advertising. 'I he ,
Tribune gits results. ,
Two Young Sons of Anna
Teamster Leave Home
Youngest Captured.
Boy Returned to His Parents
Wednesday - Older Brother
Is Still at Large.
Caleb ami Hill liamlleman two
youthful citizens of Anna, III., whose
father is a drayman in that city,
grew suddenly tired of the narrow
boundaries by which they have htte
lofore been eoiitimd. and last Mon
day struck our for rteciier and broad
er hi Id- They wen- ia a mi .ed mi
ld about -upn r t ime, and w In n
the failed t.i make tin ir appearance
at th it lioin , the pan nt - l i-aiiie
atari. ill and .-'.uliil a "eaich which
V a-' kept lli l,l,l il late in ( he nicllt
w It ll, lit U Mill Later, someone in
1'orieed ihe I -1 1 hi r that the ciinest , , s
had bet n ei u , ili.in, on1 nf I ow n
dure: the
upon tie
in I la in i
-.dueled I,,
' he I iinaw j. '
re o lied the
oil.'. liunle
ti. c..l I tiaii
'lieliwon, and acting
0 l"i mat ion, am hoi ii n-
l.l'ol llu tow l;:: Ul re ill
1 e mi I In lookout ti'l'
Tin- day mot emu t In
.-'I.e. and bill, the ,.,1, ,
no lab but m;ahhed a
' I d iu1 limed his journey
i- thought that he
the home of an unci-
headed lor
who lives in IliAtel
about Pi vears ol
( aleb, w ho i-i
age, has been
m Ihe Cape i vi r since, and wa-ili-covered
by a friend of the family,
S. M. Camden, who had been ad
vised by the anvioiiM father, of lln
boys' departure. Mr. Camden turned
I lie hoy over to an uncle who lives
here, Mr. Ed. Stone, .,nd ,, Wed
nesday liiernini', Mr. Stone a 'com
paiiied the young man back to Anna
where he will In delivi red to his
parent s.
The little fellow will no doubt be
relieved when In- gets back home,
for he surely prc.se tiled a pitiful
appearance. lie was foot sore, mid
looked as I In mn Ii he had endured
considerable hardship in his runaway
Kefuses to Come as Criminal
but Willing to Come as
Forgery Case Witness.
Jones Brothers Said to be Willing
to Settle Shortage and Have
the Case Dismissed.
W. .1. Seagraves who was deputized
to go to Memphis and escort C. A.
Mavlnvv back to this city on the
charge of being an accomplice in
the forgery of which the printer
Jones is licensed, returned empty
handed Wednesday morning. It seems
that through "ome sort of proceed
ings the authorities refused to turn
Mayhev oyer until the Court had
time to decide as to whether May
hew should return as a criminal or
as a witness. It is said the matter
will be decided next Thursday. A
brother of Mayhew came in Wednes
day morning from Marion, Ark.,
to arrange to give a bond for his
Mr. Seagraves states that Mayhew
had written a letter to interested
parties expensing his willingness to
come as a witness, but that before
the arrival of his letter a warrant had
been sworu out for his arrest, lie
further stated that Mayhew bears a
good record in Memphis, his home
town according to the police and de
tective reports.
It is said that two brothers of the
defendant Jones came from St. Louis
Tuesday evening, and have offered
proposals to meet all the shortages of
their brother with the provision that
criminal action be dismissed against
Try a Tribune Want Ad. It will
bring results.
Ailvcrti.se in the Tribune if you
want results.

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