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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, December 01, 1916, Image 1

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ri i - re i -n
GUN DISCHARGED $1,037,368.95 IS
3 V.
1 Trrnr Tin
tjiu s- a s&g?
Weapon Carried by E. Blank
Accidentally Discharged
as He Steps Oyer Log.
AccidentalSlayer Collapses When
lie Learns He Has Killed
His Friend.
A hunting party planned by himself !
proved fatal yesterday to Charles R.
Hank, 20 years old, when he was ac
cidentally shot and killed by his best
friend, Edward Blank, while they were
walking through the swamps near the
rour.ty line, south of the Cape. The
whole top of the left side of the
youth's head was blown otT by the
load. The gun was discharged as
Iiiank jumped over a log.
The body of the dead man was
brought to the Cape yesterday noon
and later in the afternoon the inquest
v:ik held by Coroner Dr. E. R. Schoen
at the undertaking establishment of
the Lorberg Furniture Co. The jurors upon the caim of ; WM upon his motion tha. a rCf!0,ution
held the death was accidental. j yr Houck whicl iia(j )oen approved was passed to abolish all convict labor
The young man lived with his J j,v Fauntleroy. contracts which expire on the lust day
brother-in-law, H. A. Dlank, C19 ; jn v;ow of the court's action in not j of this year. The resolution was adopt
South Smnirir street, bv whom he was
nnccino linrtn the C G. & X. case, it ! ed without onoosition and was ordered
1 11-1 t t . . 1.1 Viic? '
l t' t
reared. When 10 years ohl, his
brother-in-law took charge of him and
cared for him as he would a son.
Tuesday night young Bank suggest
ed that he, his brother-in-law, Ed
ward Blank, and their father go hunt
ing. They started early in the morn
ing, arriving near the county line be
fore daybreak. The elder Blank being
unable to walk very far, remained near j
11,0 i-;r tn talro mre of the horBe. The !
.. ,r
ouiers sianeu miu me wum n. ,
and Edward Blank were walking to- j Mr. Houck was joined m nis m.iKa
gether while Henry Albeit Blank was ! tion against the Frisco by the St.
some distance away.
It was hardlv 15 minutes after they l
had entered the woods that the acci-
dent happened r.awara o.a.
UUII i jv -
way through some brush, Blank walls- .
ing about ten feet ahead of his com-
panion. He had to jump over a log j
that had fallen across the path and 1
x a nor tl1f lofr the i
1 - u a
gun was discharged
'With the explosion of the un,
which was an automatic, I heard a s ur-
pressed outcrj-. ana turning I
saw my
Blank. "I hurried to his sine ami
..-lion T c:iw where he was shot, I be-
... . - - i . . 1
can to cry for help. Several minutes .
Rinsed before mv brother heard me,
and when he reached the scene. I show- ,
e,l him what had happened.
"Al ran for aid and I began to do
for the unfortunate man all that vas
my power. I pulled my coat off,
laid it under his head and began to
wipe the blood off his face that .had
begun to pour in a heavy stream. In
the meantime my father arrived, for
he, too, had heard my calls for help.
Several men. who were hunting, came
upon the scene and they tried to stop
the flow of blood, but our ertott-. weie
of no avail."
Because of some trouble on the tele-1
1 4:wa n
phone wires, it required o..ic tio.
fore a physician could be reached. Drs.
mil and Taul Williams were sum
moned and they arrived with an am
bulance. When the doctors arrived
they pronounced life extinct. They had
to administer stimulants to Edward
Blank, who had collapsed.
Albert Blank ,a brother, told of the
toruble he had in getting in communi
cation with the Cape and summoning
a doctor. On his way to the road
house of Lawrence Welder, he was
overtaken by a man in his automobile,
whom he told of the accident. After
he had notified Dr. Williams he hur
ried back to the scene in this auto
mobile. Almost two hours elapsed be
fore he returned to the scene of the
accident. He found his brother-in-law
dead. He had lived almost three hours
after the shooting, despite the fact
that the shots had penetrated his skull
and the brains had begun to ooze out.
The dead man had to be carried on
a stretcher for a distance of nearly
a mile, beeause the ambulance could
not drive through the swamps. The
ht?dy was brought back to the Cape
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Judge Sanborn, in U. S. Cir
cuit Court, Upholds Referee
Suit Tiled by Cape Cirardeauan
in Washington, Likely to
be Dropped.
Judge Walter D. Sanborn, in the
United States Circuit Court at St.
Louis yesterday, upheld the report of
Thflmas Fauntleroy, master in chan
very of the Frisco Railway receiver
ship, which awarded Louis Houck of
this u'ty his claim of $l,0f.7,:lGS.0r, for
the Frisco's failure to live up to its
contract to take over the Cape Girar
deau and Northern Railway, which
runs from this city to Perry ville.
The report of Master Fauntleroy
was made to th Federal Court two
months ago, only a short time before
Judge Sanborn approved the Frisco j
organization and sale to a syndicate. I
mv... . " ,
ng Upon me v.. Vi. iv rant-, n.
interpreted to mean that Judge J
. i . AT 1. 1 1 I
was im
Sanborn might overrule the findings
of Mr. Fauntleroy. Mr. Houck there-;
! upon went to Washington, where he
filed a suit in the United States Court, j
! asking for a judgment in the amount ,
of $l,0"7,r,86.95 against the t nsco j
Raihvav. The action of Judge San-j
born yesterday virtually closes the liti- j
gation, and Mr. Houck expects to ne;0fl-erei from men from all over th
nid the amount of his claim within a j cf t 1 n 1. 1 nv:ictical exneri-
- .
Very snui t nw nr. :
uouis cniuon hum v-o.r... ... 1
Louis, which also held some 01 int., j-joani 0f Control of live members jjanlin who claim- nn-i 111 ! tion of the posl-of!ice nin.i.:, aggre-rat
railroad bonds, but the law ' J' lwill be recommended in the report toi, home;iM e M on.l,K ?Tr,.
. . .
several year aK ... j.v ...
what were known as the Houck lines.
four small railroads, un.cn tn o,- ,
ganized by a suosuuaij wn,,, . '
the Frisco into the Cape iiiraicieau v
Vorthem Bv the terms of the con-
,No nern the Frisco ;
bark of the bomls. They j
to $1 -00i000 an(1 hy rcason !
t, ,t th:lt llip Fl.isco guaranteed
. f ft. " I
cinal on the bonds they foun.l a mar-1
cipai on mt- uiio.-. .
Keu .
ketand the funds used in finarcing im-
h.et anu im-lumia u
!PTTChen the Frisco!
went into receivership, the receivers of j
the road refused to recognize the val-
iditv of the purchase of the C. G. & X.
or Houck lines, claiming that the j
aa f nrmvnve the deal. 1
SlOCKIlolucx a 11v1 i.v m- - - - . .
This announcement also withdrew
the Frisco's guarantee of the bonds
and their value on the market disap
peared. The action also forced the C
G. & X. into receivership.
Mr Houck and the St. Louis Union
Trust Company, holding a large ma-
of the hond flied a suit in the
Federal Court, seeking to try out the
validity of the sale of the C. G. & N.
to the Frisco, and thus restore the
value of the bonds.
The trial of the case was referred
by Federal Judge Sanborn to Mr.
Fauntleroy as special master. At the
close of the trial, Fauntleroy, a year
... ., . ifi(r. Snn-
ago. suomitiea a ivjiuii. w
born in which he asserted the validity
of the sale of the C. G.
& N. ana
declared that the Frisco would have to
stand good for the bonds which Mr.
Houck and all other bondholders pps
sessed. Judge Sanborn made that orner m
the court last November, but follow
ing that step, it became necessary for
the court to determine how much the
Frisco would have to pay on the bonds.
Judge Sanborn decided that in order
to maintain the Frisco's contract as a
guarantor, it would be necessary for
that road to pay damages amounting
to the difference between the par value
of th2 bonds and the market value im
mediately after the Frisco went to
into receivership.
In order to establish this amount it
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Governor-Elect Gardner Also
Approves Plan to Buy Big
Tract for Prisoners.
Bridges, Home From Conference,
Says Recommendations Will
be Made to Legislature.
A back-to-the-farm movement for j
the inmates of all penal institutions
in the State will be recommended to
the coming session of the Legislature
bv the Penitentiary Committee, which j
1 ..1 . , il. T-l
nas just, neon in session at me i iar.t- j
er's Hotel in St. Louis. The meeting j
consumed two days, tho fii-:t day be
ing devoted to the hearing of all .em
bers who had suggestions to offer for
the betterment of the conditions in the
State Penitentiary and other Slate in- '
stitutions. The recommendations are i
approved by Governor Gardner.
Capt. Harry Hiidges, Cape County's
representative in the Legislature, was
-u wimuui ofjoo.-MLioii .urn iwi.-
sent to the State Legislature before j
which body the Governor will appear
and make his recommendations when
the lawmakers convene in January.
TiK. ienitt.ntiarv Committee, as it is
ca,.,i convened Tuesday morning at
9.o0 After the. purpose of the meet-
Jia(i oen explained, the public
hearjnr was begun. Suggestions were
- ;
ence in nanumg pu.suiiftis ami iun-.
ducting penal institutions. Lieutenant :
Governort-elect Wallace CrossW pre- :
suie(i at the meetings.
ine t)taie i.eg.s.atu.e. ... .
shall replace the State Board of Bar-
don and Tarole and the State Board of
i'enitenuary inspectoi.-.. 11 mi.ui i.u-
.. . T 1 T . . I 11
Qf woman a lawyc.ri a husi
ness man, a union labor representa
, ,. ,
. ,
1-rfsan board
The board shall not only control all !
penal mst.tut.ons. butalso guard the
"man 01 a.. state ....uuiu,.,.. u
ShaH have a p.,-,,,, t.
- ; -
ti.-c l norrl would not on v control the
gtatp IVnitontiary but u
lso the in.-ti-
tutions for dehnquent boys and girls
nnnnv- n. r 1 heothe and Tutoa.
the latter being the State Industrial
School for neg, o g.rls
A State farm is to be recommended ;
where the convicts could be taught ;
agriculture and also raise all products
necessary for the kitchens of the van-,
ous State institutions. A trac
about 2000 or .000 acres was suggest-,
ed as suitable for the purpose,
Here i
i.u 1.1 U lnrrK t raise
me omou. ou... v..... . ----
o-lMt - fnmilinriyp t nnmsf-IvOS 111 the '
............. ..;
brie ling and raising of cattle, aiid j
that wav thev would not he mane
to i
feel that they were being deprived of
their personal liberty, but given a
stimulus to brace up and return to a
better life.
As another occupation for the con
victs the committee recommended that
they be put to work on the public high
ways. This work in the open would
not only be more sanitary than the
pmnlov.nrnt in the factories, but also
( .
benef.ciary to the State ami the public.
! All the highways wouiu soon oe put
more passable condition.
The committee will meet severar
times before the State Legislature con
venes in January. A complete inves
tigation shall be made as to the con
ditions in the State Penitentiary. The
committee will also visit the other
penal institutions of the State and
embody the result of these inspection
trips in their report to the State Legis
lature. This committee was appointed by
Governor Major a few weeks ago.
Both political parties are represented.
The committee is ccmpossd of the fol
lowing: ilrs. H. X. Ess, president of
the Women's Prison Reform League of
Kansas City; Lieutenant Governor
elect Crossley, of Warreneburg; Sen
ators Mike C. Casey of Kansas City,
St Jfi
si rvi-d
s a l!d "ross iuir in iln
i wet xr -r-i
! ' laJW JJ-, MV.ns A'h, rt i, IV- citv last niht. I I.,,:,, Vx
;?S Ev.&45 -4- SLN- T?t-i ,"' it liwamr ;o-maliv K:.wn .hat v ! me i.umatnan an.
Jut - F7"'' r. .it!:i- :..' K , ..),!. t v ..ft ;-,: ,: I,. i.
ISSK - fT J ::-nd Than' skiving with relatives. S Vor.t.' "
-If Th, ,,t,t ,:,;H ?tat.n,..,t a-
aKS.I 4 .viH ..::.!.. an ir,,;,,-tI)(i ,.r lh. t,, ca.t,.,. of ItiUhti. a c it ,
Ai1n...:n.-on,..,,l is ,;:.!,. I.y Mr. a,.-! .Mr, IS.-nry r..,,r K,,,,,,,. ..f .1,., ' hii!- rstoiz i- --"-'rZ
ongageiiioiu of llicir dai::;!it-r. .Mi .li-auuie Lai 1. t Will::,!!) l"r a !;. i '.nsr at ' !" r.-n- and ?1 !. ?! ; ' . " . ."'" ' ' '
I s.)it i.C I he late Si-lh I'.art.Hi Imvii.1i and .Mrs. .M.:rv V.i!'..t i-.-:;iri I i" 1, :,. v,h' L. . v- 1. . .." . , , 'f'n : ,!" ' v "u,,v
WalUt'r I'oaru. now dcail. wlio ;h Ai,aTi ;!a !:i!niri r Jo ;ii c-c ai.d .'" tiila.
He rcrfii". !y m of af si in 1 iniM'riln! iln- :in o!" lit-; ;ir'-- iiU'in-y.
, i lie Iirsl Illlllj; lie i:l uilll His inoury
White Sulphur Spring--. Va., lor s H h .i m
Chief Hutson is Prorai.sed the !
Story of Where Wire Came
, From Today. j
After having passed the greater!
part of yesterday in the City Jail. -
James Hardin, who. with ,1 man giving
(hi.s name a.s George Howard, of Jones-
t m - . ... . ..1 .. .
u'Jio, 111., promised 10 te.i i . niei mu- :
son weIe tiev drained the several
,rjndml (s of coppcr wire that ;
was foumJ in thcr llo,S0ssion whnil"
they were arrested. i
lamination, that he and his "pal".
ha(, b)Ugllt thp vire from M),.1p ,j(ys
n(,ar (;orhan IH
T. . 1. . J
11 a.-, me.r mien-;
tion t ,,; t,. t r , .
sell it to
.iunk dealer, but the ar- !
rest foiled their plans.
Chief Hutson. while walking along , ti-.c money 1-e was al!aged t- have con-
tho street, saw a wagon standing near j V(,t, ,i t his own uso. and f-,- tl..'.
t,,, watw t,ough at th- corner of'r,:;,on h, is 0,f,lent of bein;, ac-
(.ood an(1 Rtiw.St aml
noticod the wire obtruding from im-
, der the seat. The wagon belonged to
two men who live near Smoltervnle
and who had been stopped by the two
strangers and asked to take the wire
to town. After a short examination.
th" chief concluded to hold the men'oariv W-iiaesday "lorning an vent i'
until he could ascertain where they
got the wire. Hardin told Chief Hut
son last night that he would te'l the
whole story this morning.
A. K. L. Gardner of St. Louis Coun
ty, Samuel B. Cook of Jefferson City
R of Rola; Capt
Harrv Bridges, of Cane Girardeau: I
1. . . ' . ' ,
-jKabD1 ,ouis Uernstein. of Si. Josenii;
I VUlll J JUI 4 V 1 11. W 111 'l J V'..'"- I t
-r n-r i .t r . r
Km r. wooas, ine -state secretary 01
Labor Organizations; David Kreyling,
. :.
(secretary or central iraues ami i.aoor
.Union of St. Louis; Charles J. Lam -
b.ert, president of the Building Trades
Council of St. Louis; L. F. Parker, su
perintendent of Industries of the State
Penitentiary; Clarence Howard, presi
dent of the Business Men's League of
St. Louis; C. C. Raine, of Camdon; I).
C. McClung. warden of the State Peni
tentiary; Matthew W. Hall and Henry
Andrae, both former wardens of the
penitentiary-; Dr. R. Emmett Kain,
secretary of the State Medical Asso
ciation, and Wilbur Jones an attomey
of St. Louis.
Desiring to permit all of the
employes of The Tribune
to celebrate Thanksgiving
today, The Tribune will not
issue a paper tomorrow
(Friday) Morning.
.::--i:-:- v.. v ,
Si-iMjin v.:;r. Mr. i 'M-m ii i ;i r:i :mI ii if
:i Jo p;ir !!; I ivnoli i';.:U' Hi
h 1.
U. S. Commissioner Kage Fixes
Madison County OffinVt's
Kail at S2C0O.
James 11. Rutherford, postmaster of
a viiiage near Frederioktowr,. vho was
rtcent1;.- isul:cle! by tle Feilc ra! (Jrami
!JUry, was released yest
rd::v afiertio.!'1
op. a Ij.nnl sreunn
in i ; v until
. , ,' y
, "'if1 i cnrt. Lath. v-
: 11 1 :.. j... 7 .
loni 's cnarged witn ihe nusappropi
as bi-i'i'L 'it here
1 Sht-riff Sharp of Madison Comity and
ta1011 hofort ;,iavf. Ka.,.. CniUd
States coauritssion t of this di-Ivict.
Thp Mavo,. jix thf. h0,,.i at fi2iM
j liuthorford is said to have lvrjiidcd
-,r K, u,n.. T.: ,,vf.
ju,.S(i.r. y,,
waited lt;:-i t
1. iion receiving tl.i
m: :)"-o !:!i-ne'
rford '!;- )v:' to F'r.vi. r-tl'.-
slieiilf was awiil
- arrived iri tle Ca;;e
icktowii. whi
'r.'j- liitn. Th'
the United Stales rommissiojior wne
t'ie bondsmen.
Rutherford has been postmaster rrr r
j Ince the station had heon e.-tabli.-.l'.e.-l. '
He said that ho got his personal ;
eour.ts co': fused with the money j
, . . 1. ..ii-. .. . . ) : . ; ... t 1
1 . ...
. , '. 1 .1. 1 . , .
tnat lie made ine mom- ywi .:.u-. ;
ii .v.;...5 :
- LlK i-AiIIMIl.aLi.ni . '
T, , , b f th IV,t, r:;1
a.e as laid before the Feu -ral j
nd Ji-ry ami the indictment was re- j
, - , .,rl. f,f t, - b
Tbp ,.as(l wi bo oanrd on jan. 2D.
Tl.. nn.-An.r.r.. f I- v- !nv i nlr
III' 01. I.IH .1.1 III. .'I :..t...- -v;
street, between Broadway and Wash-j
ington street was completed last night
land will bo opened to the use of thej.,ftfl. v)i;il was supposed to b his
public in a few davs. The work was
done by Herman Loeffel, the contrac
tor. The material used for naving of this
street caused two resident., and prop -
i,vn,io-;i. cfi-r.r.t to fiJ.-
l-IIV U II III. I S l'l I t .VIV 4 11 I I' '
a complaint with the Mayor and re -
quested him and the Strict Com mis-
sioner to look after the matter. The
complainants were P. H. .Boyco. 4?f j
North Frederick street, and C. W. !
Schack 124 Xorth Frederick street.
iThe natter was, however, straightened
jout to the satisfaction of all the par
! tics concerned.
Bovce and Schack thought the mi::- :
was 'not uii to
turf, of th material
standard, bscause the gravel u.s.Mjtcriay to St. Lou's and were nwrried
emrd to be too fine. Renort- of f ev- I there, according to information that
! eral export highway engineers were
read to both complainants showing
i'that the finer the gravel used the more
solid the pavement would be.
Bride-tu-ho Arrives in the Maekensen Only 20 Miles
City to Inspect Home From Capital and Falken
Xow Keing Built. ! hayn 03 Miles Away.
Well-Krov, n Couple Plan to ,
Mak( Long Trip When Flowers i
Ccgin to Bloom.
;iit. The
1'y s-'t f-r Cliri.-tm:i Kve.
ol'tlio i-.u t lii.-.t ih'-ir lioive
ioa''y for occupancy u uii
! i' oniai y. ,-e!;t
b.'t lx
I: ..
1! by
a ti
h !y . t'd
:d-. v
to t hi- S,
h:irvr.-t moon a!-
liop.oy moon never
not i-i-trirn to the
w:: .
etl'!, Crn
'..i 1 1
!.'. of shrill"; b:
l't ;:;'!a
. t i'y
.'.'.ce an
a i!
. !:!"
. :nd
Ti'-c o;
:. ;.t-r of J.o
' several y :
v.' as or;.'- of i
-i"-iPT !'
t'lis -ii.
. t ..
Jt'.l'f e
err., .-ho oiade lifr
! oni - xv:" :. ,
St. Liiuis.
Mr. Overdo'
f '-;.- . f
! '
! i.O-V'li (
TIKH'GifT MF.M). Fi!??
v. in: wr.i; NOTiii:u
: ohl.
H:. .Jo'tn
. . .
vlitise d'ath ' as
j 1 it! Sc-.;t"t,i-
S" life ii: ',!::!-:.
maiie i-.r'il -ui
:utiii-rii Rai!r-ad
at!'. wa'e! i'-l..
' 'Oil! Vi t in .;. i i C: '
b"-. ''l.'-. ' o-l v.!:'
policy :vi '.:V". was
.-!tt".-,.l against the S
. the :
"W"';- I'.r ill- ii"
ii- of !i. A. Car
la-er of C.i.;
v.;..; not !ead
!. a promi
pr.V . -tin. i
; p....
- hai been in Ca!i-
!g - el
wl-.iie a imitting krev.i
;!'t that w;.:. being miw'o
to r cover t'er his death.
f l!ie
o r.
!.e (iid not S'lPii t r-inv.-eient to
,i to ili-i:- )ve the , !:;);.:. i,t of his
i:i - acio.. to r : vej -A., m-
body of a van as ionr'' on -
Railroad tracxs rear;
; Hunt
t after
; i!!e. This was a dav or t '.n
Head had left his hi.me. His j
I wife and othei
r.'LiTives idt-ntiiied the j
i body as that
I i 1.
TI,.,t II 1 ,v ". I V If eVf'!
Ii 11 V.I I I - j
her hu-hand io...i is shown i.y the
fat-t that she married abovt a year 1
! hoK- had bf-n found. When Head van
tasked by Attorney Car nichael if he j
i I : f-vii."- wife hr re-
'cared to see his form
: -j!- other (Vine- has her now. Ti
.. 4',...- ..v.. lir.i.ov j;rd I don't !
I I ,f ' I. . . I "I'l'l' ' w...-. . -
l,;.n. .-, ir.t."rfere with then
fi....i T.-r;. 1H iJinm -U-.
1 , : i . .... K ...... . . - - ........... ,
in St. Louis.
x';ii:.,m.. f Ti.nn; I
v,..o.Ke ou..,., "
0!-hu. and Mi.s Grace Allayne Black -
j of Commerce. Mo., eloped yes-
j reached The Trib-jne last
ight. :
bride is well known in her home
i ne Dnce is
j town 2nd has
1 number of friends in
j the Cape.
' ;'t t;-. Kii!!i;::iau -:,iti!rti. ami ... a.-
iV'riii.-hing.- tV h-idal liomo. pra:-::ing !-a::.-!y. i :.; f:usN:a ar
Ti r,.. : ,.f !.,. i-.)a'c lias '' .-ot::i. :: r.,n t: i:;:( :.
lu-a ;.-.-:vt'y s-.-sprn t-d for sevrral : :t: "'1- : V !':,A-:,t '
... , . ., . : u:r e r':;-hint;- the .:(! ta'. but it i.--
1 1 will i . 1 . L V .1' I 1)1 K t TI . . .! I'l- ...
A .'II
Says Expulsion of Diplomats from
(Greece Violates liules
of Civilization.
'i't'e Tribune.
2:. - 'i he it treat of
H t'.'. l!iich:irr.;t
j.i i i';:i!oii o; more
.! ttt.it I ...tiuiii iiv:t.i;'t
1 hoi ki':l, ii p- .. i f I'm- r.' '
ht'ad ..'ay tlii-y haw '..aiin-l. Tiif t.
G 'l tMai! arii-s are i-xpeci''.l to come i -U'Cth--i-
v.iii. in ti.e next t.' o day-.. :.rd
! ti..- i.-.ii: si .-autti of thf.-e fore-
v.ouhl be dilVk ldl t iiV-i-i ome. i. r:ti,
i.r:' t fit;" I . hr 'itii
"ot r. :.
. m. t-.-u. .1 ;. 1 .. "; "ri"".
Wasl-ir.gloti. .-v. 'j:'. -'i i,e i i
of t!:e Go; -.ian Gowrn'rent aj. aifit
the : ju;.!s;.j'i of diplomatic :-eiiii.. t-:iLa-ti
i 's of ilie Cfiiti-.:! I'o.u'is fr-iiii
(Jrcece by t'.e Ilht.-r.;;- A!ji- v:;:
:'iade .,ib!'r to lay. C : 1.1; ny iSvIa!'- -
i.lv actio'! is '?1 VOP.l-'a' ;,'J of ifitefl'.t -
tioiiul c";:rtey md ci ilizal a.a." Ti e
proles', was .;i ':'t iy 1 e-!l' ;'.t: y to
o irti ies.
ia! !::tj.il h to Ti
.) ine .
. I Sir Joiiu
K. -
iOi (
' oil
. (-. co:rii-.i;.H'!. r
i.: todac ; 1 i: i
of i!t it isii
;lei iirt s .1
-.tig cee !-
urand lu-.l
! o- r:;inil:-a!!y.
.it -;tinaod ' '. I
ice .'o it- ,-.a! S. r
y Vice .'oit: ,-.a! Sir I-'avnl
v. lio coa-iioanil: d th- Briti.-i:
Icruis-"- .-ijiKn-i i.;i j,i , :t!.a
i !eal; .
d ,:..-:.!
' O.lt' I".
Admirai H r.: y B. J... k,m. iie
pr -.(.in -i". i . :i Lord. !-a b"ei
jio'atcd jf -: : l.-'.t of t'.e iloya! X.ivttl
t'i''I.". e :-t ( Iri-euwich.
The aiinouiU'i-m.'iil of t;ie fltaii';e
coi-.itvaiiiiof tl.i B;iti..h gi-and !le"t wa.-t
M'i !( .his a I'll rtooii in ihe Ho;;.e
Cor.m :. by A.J. I;a::"oi:r, Ihst i.of.l
of the Adi.iira'uv. Mr. Balfour s:;;d
'.I ('.-. v.omI'I be : onseijiiefiii.-d i):;i!g'.-"
;;N ia the Board of Admiralty.
The decision involvir.g the appoint
ment of Admirals Jeiiicoe. Beatty a'd
.iack. o:. was taken ott.e time ago, B:1-
lour said, iml tor military reason-; tr.e
announc-fj.-ient was delayed.
On beiag a.-kd whether the iiangos
in th" admiralty meant oiher changes
. in higher inlands. Mr. Balfour '
. pi in! t hat t: . :.!'u!: ."y t here w,iiM he
'changes, whir. v.otiid he announced
i ?- .
ine or unary ciui se.
.'fei;U I m. pan n l') i r.- i i unmr.
B -rim. Xov. 2:', by wireless t'. Say-
vine. ine Ku.-sian hegan aiiiu x:-
yesterday at many piaee.s atong me
.01TaC111 KU 1 Sfl an IMtlll. II .1-1-
nounced ofhciaily. They gained :.m;:!i
local advantage at a heavy co t.
I he Rumanians m Wal.acnia noi..re
. Lucaaie.-. are i-trea,:ng in .hsoroei.
Th.e statement leads:
Special Dispatth to The Tribune.
"Vvoui of Aichduke Joseph n the
woc h d Carpatiiian ; ar1 on the ca -t-
I "
iern front ier of Tran.- Ivania tre Ru
i - . . ... .. 1 ......! . ..t
V:-l i-laV
Kl Jill -I' l .i.L.O K." .
I mt-nv :;cii:Js again-t the ( Jerman
! Au:-lr -II-mr,ari:tn i.'ic-
! ed defeat. .Mir.or
local advantages
j x " .'
i. T;'
id for in sanguinary saer.lices.
infantry of len. von Fa'kcn
ari"v is vi.toriou.-!y advancing
i ra-n s
j a!onff ths entire Wallachian fnnt. Th.-
,Wfatf(, pnrmy is j-rtr.-;iti tifr ca.-t-
j xrar(i ;n disorder
i "Front of Field Marshal von Muc
rnscn. The movements of the Dam-:
'army correspond with those of '.re
forces operating further north.
"In Dobrud.ia there has ben o -iy
i minor fighting activity.

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