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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, February 03, 1917, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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ORDINANCE TO Prophet Sees His
EN STREETS jShadow; Won't
West End Property Will Be
Condemned By the City
; Col. Matt Morrison Insists
That This Month Will
j WindUp the Winter Weath-
Investigators Now Convino
i ed Adavnce Informal ion
er His Hens Lay Frozen j
Yesterday wis groundhog day. Col.
Malt Morrison crawled out of his hole
! early, cocked his weather eye at the
Mayor Thinks Sewer Should Be j paste-, n horizon and then crept bad
Installed Before Streets ! in the hay. He ha I seen his shadow,
are Repaired. j which norms that Cape Girardeau wil'
! have six more weeks of winter.
Was Sent to New York.
"I told you we wouldn't get slx-d o!
Vr.- winter i'or a light smart time,"
An ord:n:ince to condemn properK
in the West End for the purpose of
widening and vacating sevcra. p.reot? f mrrkc,j t;u. Colonel after a Tribune
in t.-rat s-ci.on, is oung umhi'i v renorter had coaxed him out ot hi
hole iii the blacksmith shop." I got r
hunch this zero blizzard will be wit
Citv Counselor Knehar.s. iiirmi.r
ftet- is to bo widened to 6 feet from
Attorney Returns to Washing
ton, Where Inquiry Will be
Renewed .To-dnv.
ti ,...
fjf i'lAVi.v;;::: :. . ;. . ... .. , Sf
President Emerges Smiling From
Conference With Congressional
Leaders, and Says He Has Not
Statement for Public.
d Hanover and from ,
four davs vet.
By International Xews Sen-ice.
New York, Feb. 2. Special Investi
gator Whipple expressed the belief
tnat a pac-e leak actually existed.
,ust before departing for Washington
.onipht, her- the investigation is to
be resume.!, 31 r. Whipple issued a it
Now j siaieiTiOnt. assertine- that advance in- i
m&tt?? int. i?-
S : 8&? :
Germany Instructs Ambassador
at Washington to Insure Safety
For Ameaican Ships, Passengers
He - i '.riFon an
Hanover to T.cnton. Harmony wnt u-, i.,t i;t;1o tin f.om vour lormation reu-unlmsr Tresh ent Wil- frMZ?d$i&ji&?&
. ... ,. ..I' ' ' ........... , HfOiff?r&SW? ?
S-t.t!-;f ta .mnfiMnM-? ; and Mails in Supmanne Zone.
vili he w.-cne-d t.. Ml --c-t 1 j ,oVi,. ,Vt:illuv ;.ftcr month. ym Whlpples discovery suited from! ' .Special Dihpatch t. TV- Tribune
Htrrmony ana II:o:.da. ! Kom- tc plant a patch of Irish pota- 'Iffia questicninp: of -Moms W. Malt-! . 'Iv;s '''auuuiKlU Miipin. ,2U. !urst in ii.e Ci:;.-.l Statt-s :,;uy. ; Wa-hiton. Feb. 2The coursv tho Unit-.l Stat.v -a ill tak,- in m.-, tin
After .lr,tlnC the ordinance, the ; .f jie, ,at ?n f K R Hut 1: u: LjTZ with Cmany w:, discussed ton.t at a .:,..,,
C:ty (cunseler will loo tn,o in- ,:.:n:n y,.- Vr.rm- v,v. m v xorK roKers. wi,isU(.v ATiss OimiUh fi-n..-,n, ,.r m. w.,. , ... i t'v.-n sVw.rfrat . :!son ahd a nr.mb.-r of the moM inifueutia! imS!.b
:.':t .if t'.-r lii'e on ail i.ronerty to ; , . . ., ,, ., ! a an c0" to tir.d th.- nnssinjf tele- orated botUe of chamnacnf aaiiisr th. v.'s.-rs !,..v. ' ' " : --f ih.- r.tc, incbidinu- S.-nator :'..n.- of Missouri. Chairman ,f t! - 1
.. ,-.r.,!,.mrr.l. and ihrs lnvor utptior
t.ao:hcr with the bill will b? present
ed to the City Council for action. If
lh b'i is ixifsod bv tiie City Ceu!;cu, j
jio: njr iiacti
j'.s coinersa-
lion a'.MUit ihe biizzaixl, I v. ant to say
j rijrht here that I predicted just this
tr.cr f.iv tlio first, n.irt e'
is withc-u;
C uil
i ..inn oi uo.uac
.... .. l... I
.s.u-.s v-- ..o Vbi-uary, but everybody laughed ai
' . , : mo. Inev sa;. a propr.c
:,n! these- comnussmners v.Ui! h yn b(? damned h
the d:iin:s-:-.. ana ri'r.ei'.ts e.
rom the condemnation procce'.- j
report of the commissioners I
then b? tiled in court m oraci
I ain't about irady to believe it. Yot
cnov.- tc-h people around here ro dipp.
jover what th-- almanacs :ay, but whe-r.
ii tell 'em ji;st what's goinp; to Iiappci
-v. . t .
.man,M.l,1,W:1,tll xorn oroKc-s. w,,isU(.s. xTiss C,miUh M.,rl, f ll,P;.,.,., w...
! n an efToil to tir.d ih.- missing tele-- orated botUe of chauswisnie asuinsf th..' v..s'.'rs"i'..w
rram allefre-J to navo been iv-ceived
'ron their Washington correspondent,;
1 a thlP nii.ld !ir ir Tint, lrnnw vhrtV.. ! V4,4.
?r he had seen the Connolly mesrae (
it all. " j
"TV T.l T-.. i
ocS'Srom Mr ! RJ.imsMoney Found by Kobe, Bur0,r OvsCaM, In Clos
lement of ChicaRo to CcorRo A. El-, Vbo Was Arrested On And Safe Is Not Tam-
'i. Jr., a partner in the Hutton firm.", Suspicion. percd With,
answered Maltbie. '
to -ci"" every property owner interest- some smart Aiex Rets fresn. Wei!, n
-d ii. the matter an opportunity to file j iiaVen't iiit tno weather this seasoi
my exceptions to the report. Tne n bu!r ..rV(, f:ishi0n, tlieii you can
A $100 bill found cn a tramp arrest- j Thj In::;? of Albert V.link.
final settlement of the condemnation;
have mv winter set of reel flannels.
,.f t'nr. nrnnnrtv rests with the Jud,'re Of ,
, ' i "Now. I want to put you next tc
the. court. 1
The widening of Henderson avenue, something: You know I'm a believe
por'h c-f Independence street, vili r!v.-;in the old-fashion idea Cat a mai
cessit.ite the condemrinr: of a two-; ouyht to be bl.'d on?c in a while. Th
story brick residence owned, by h. 0.j.ti;ro ,!rctois used to let out c
.!.."-. :it the corner ot 1 nemi
' i 'J. .cL ii:'. vvii.. - ......
. , . ... , rt ! ilUlO
street and Henderson avenue, .aiui
interectinir Thcnis street, Henderson;
avenue becames very narrow, and injtois now bleed you through you
blood when vou g-oi to feelinf
like a hookworm had vou, but the doc
to widen the street
Other property that will be con
the Vorci- j jMA-ketl-o.-.k. Well, a blood vessel bust
will have to i? lorn oov n. , . . , fo,
demnei in order to wi itn tit-noc-on
four days the doctor tried to stop i'
avenue belor.srs to the Kiueer heirs, pinn nna..y cno.
Selma Hir. ch. and Ktta Fcivally. I "I know now that I had too much
Painter avenue it is proposed, will j yood jn ri0 i j.a,i j-,lannetl to have ;
doctor bleed me in the soring, but na-
jture beat me to it. I feel forty yearf
be continued to Hroadway. It now
ttvminates at Harmony avenue, in or
i - v. t'rin nf T.fi feet
will h .ve to be iaken from the proper- younger as a result,
ty owned by C. J. Kcichcnbiehler and j "But this has been the coldest day
W. C. Lambert. j in many years. I went out to the
Other pieces of property alone: herjhouSp th.-s afternoon when I rav
Painter vi,h will have to con- d
dc"i"ed to widen the street are o.'.ned. v
bv Henry Soehau,en, Fmi V. S.-hra-1 cackling-. I found each had laid a
dt r, Al Farrar ami William Pierce, j ft-.vn cg-r. They felt like hunks c'
Th 'se lets are ail on the east side of j coah I thawed 'em out and ct both.'
Pal iter avenue. ' "
The largest number of property j) CITY OVERSEER
hoiders to be affected by the proposed j HANS USELESS "SPECS'
condemnation live on Themis street
which will be widened to 06 feet from
Henderson avenue to Benton street.
Small strips of property belong-m- to
Jr-ob Ruebel, Bertha Vogt, Johanna
Sander, Gus Sander, S. Geiser estate,
C. Bock estate, Ben Buc'temann, Au
gust and Chri.? Haman, the Hoard of
Education, Johanna Pacre and William
. ...:n v Jnv! This
I. nplTWOnOL Will L'tr I'U icnn u. t ii,
rth side oi - -
n : rosii'ent ' rl.-on and
cf ih .-:;r.te, im-hidin S.-n;
e:-;u iivlraions Co 'tmittf o.
- , The -:'!-.fc-e-.ce ii.-cics!-d the f:t t that tlu ffenrai s.-ntimi-nt of tl
' ...
no... v.a-; in ir.vor of scwrriig- diplumatic relat:.n.- wit!; (iern.aiiy. '.::
i t-v;t I'-mcv:itic -n-ito;s w er ore.-ent, and in ioavinir the nr. i 'ir -. a i!i-
t:iu--.;::-!u o menib.-r. v no asked tliat his nam- n.t be us :;. .-aid i' r. a ia:--.-
tiiy of thoc in the council favo:v-d a break, and tf'.at Pr.'. !dsit Wil-
i s...i ;:.,; v.a: ir.csir.ui ii:a; way.
.-. 1! Of th" tOT"i-ri"-s l ft the I'r';iiii-nt's mmn with :. v.
laM" k'lown tbat the confeivnc resulted in Pix-'.-id.-nt V
s.rrt-i taat v." '.ouid have the support of Court
j continue diplomatic relations, with Germany.
The P-esident lft the Capitol building-. .mi!iiiR and ;t;.r-.M-.-d i.t 7TTT,.,I
! frame of taind. Hi ---aid h-- had n-t cemt- to tli. Capito' t. as!, f.u i..:?
iJ3 i 'inrr and had :iot arrant-ed a ioir.t vi-ssit.n of (r.rv.f.v t. .'i:.-... . ;ti...
or::!; 5'n.iTo- uPA..t ....... , it. .1 t. 1 ' . . '
' " -om-u 1.1 . pe:t- or w U ?nw. he had not decided on th.- cui-s.- !-. I'.-,:
:"acs. It
ss. ii Hi.' Ot-iXi'in i;t .1
S-'rtvf 1
"Is this the irxessape you saw?'
isKea wnippie, siiowm- the. witn-ss . 0(l in SL Luis last Sutlirfav
WWn,!,, 1.0.1 "ie! Uliea Y naries Uuchanun, owner 'iurm- tn- absence of the fam
Seen in evidence for two days. ,01 int J ann Uair Co. in Haanir, and y. -Mr. mank and his family return-I He made known his satisfaction th.at Con-n-ss was i.-hin.
"Xo," re-plied Maltbie, nervously. j was returned to him by Chief of Po-' :;!'ortIy before 10 o'clock and found ! ;'ui": 0 v' ' ti;-"1" !!.. r. v. ill navo d rid-d wha
In response to Whipple's demand j lice William Young- of St. Loui.-i, who ' th ir home had b-en ransacked, j ''!" '''',!!,',,v'',! ''"' t;'" -t-'t-'.- "that will c.-irr f..- the b-.
'.uat ne toil what message from Clem-; t.i(i tht hm ntn if .nc ... A e:,r?f:il Invfi,,; ",,,A!!!"-" p"-!!-.
j " - - - - wtiwi 11, t. VIUIIIICil 1 -" ' V'lUllll I V ttttl 'LI . HJ
mt on U"c. 20 he did see, Maltbie ;
1 therefore, would have no statement to ma!;.-
'1 i
irt. .S; ai
.-. I. .if !
: ir .0 V"-i!
ti.e Cape man.
ever, that the thief did not take anv-J
Three courses are b.ip.e- eon-idei ed.
with Germanv: second hn- th- sw-!
' i'-rced to do .-.0 by ap. a.-t of Cerm.ir.y:
ly opened the front fonvir? the German Cnverr.mr.t of i!i
iiiotoii from memnrv this )isnntrh 1
'rom Clement to Ellis: j Euan went to St. Louis last thinjr.
"I have rent out an earlier messacra week to collect an account, and was . Vh.-v. th f:
ind I object to your sending cut thi j Rea a check for $130. lie had it : door th y fe'.t a cold draft IhrouR a the - t'riv
confidential messaRe as a stock flash." casnctl at the Mfrht and Day Bank in , ? ,-,..,, .nn.,.;n(t Minf ,, . pledge
i'i"V arer First, an ir.-.mvMiiate i.eeak
..nc-- ;' diplomatic 1 !:.t;-!'.s er-tii
: f . 'i;i. i !-
i'-t-4rr.iii.aii;fi t-
i) d. dvp itch a
l.'mt-d Srat's
: ii.ii
teiv if
. r
But when asked bv the lawver to ' St. Louis and asked the cashier fcr a
lell whero the
"I don't kn
Chairman V)
.,l.v.;. V TT.i f-n.i Vin1 ot- rorpv on fhf t";i?n nr In ihn cfn.ofc :
1 : o- ks Qi..t, . turnnp 1,. wnnrf rt, ,f h. u" ' " IUI,ta- -"laiKs t'U tne sins snow- .iiiv 1011. reo. . i.e. n:aay is p.vj.;;-,0 any "P.:: i
Vi.iH"i i::juii.i" J(i.-) leu-maim H , " i t " J- v - 4aiavv-& w n. : 1 - .
111. t h,oi i; n-i u 1 .t. ; f-'j h- thief h-d used 1 l-rr rhil ; American shins passer.';er.s and mads in the n v.- .-.ubmarmi- brocKa o; t.-.-
-rators ihat thev could not remember local police. When he rnd of the ar- ' Ui lt- n ustu l"TR cnisei. '
i ;v si.'t'pici'H'iuai ii:siru.-inn 10 .-tinaa- .-a.- veil n.-i! 1; .
j announced at tne licnnan r.mbas.-y tonight, gives ( .unt von : . rn-ti tr . lull
j p&we-r to m-.ke peace with the United tates. He is t.'d i to.- in. sa;-. t
The draper.; in all wardrobes and; -fori r way for tho safe pas.aRe of Am.-riaa iine:..
Tth Gc-iT::a?i Kr.ibai y expressed the hope that G-rr :..:; "s defn.'.'.i.aiion
wno v.-ej-r m in.- rorii' rnc wit a Pre-idem Uii.-oa. : :-.
masRe is. Mnltbie ; uuu nil. He put the bdl in h watch- ,. " . " " r " ;i;,t , k .
jpocket, and did not discover hi, ,0S3 , ;eu. .ir,. .Man nurnedly Koarchod the , v..t , , .;!v ftRv ' t- n u:i;., . .Jk:;; ,lt:,
ow what has become of lentil m had returned home Saturday , nouse, suspochnR that a thief had be-n r-,h;n- ,...., . -u. ;.. .
afternoon. !thei- durinR thrir absence. .h..nr of th United Stat..: v-.-uld no'. '-., tor-r-'oh
lipple forced a witness, ifamUms ae mi-nt have lost the. ii f,,mi t.M, .; i..,.r;- wVwi v,- c,.,,;,.
bvn forced. .Marks on the sills show-
whether there had been any advance j rest of the tramp in whose possession! called by burglars a "jimmy," to pry
Chicago, Feb. 2. Wilbur Glenr
Voliva, overseer of Zion City, whos
edicts conrerning- smokin.R, kissing ane'
similar "frivolities" of humanity rule
his followers, has put the "kibosh" or
eyeglasses also.
Vcliva suspects that some of his
ronertv is all on the no
Themis. The property of P.. Schind
wcin is the only piece on the south
side that would have to be condemned.
The maps showing the location of
the property to be condemned were
drawn during the wee$ by City En
gineer Chris Stiver.
When Mayor Kage was told of the
proposed condemnation of property,
be expressed surprise that this mat
ter was being pressed in preference
to the completion of the West End
sewer, which was authorized by or
dinance almost two years ago. He
paid tbat the street oup-ht not be im-
they didn't need them, and his latest
order sets a deadline for those who
may purchase or use them. All per
sors under l years of age must first
obtain from hi::: a written order.
"Some young man has a pain in his
big toe and he gets a pair of glasses,"
says Voliva. "Some say they have a
somatization. All they have is a pig
tail in their eye."
' Voliva also has taken over ths
naming of babies bom in Zion City.
Parents who wish a hand in the mat
ter must first submit their choices and
get an "O. K." And they have been
proved until the sewer has bee fin- tipped off that "Algernon " "C&risc"
j5nei. and similar names -won't go.
formation on the pence note.
W. Frank Packard, an operator, tes
tified he had heard Hutton in the
nresence of all of his operators im
press upon Joseph Beckler that he
1 Becker), could not remember what
had come over the wires on Dec. 20.
Donald McMillan, who said he was
a "modest trader in Chicago," was al-
-o a witness. While not a customer
f Hutton and Company, he used the
laza Hotel office of that concern on
lec. 20 for convenience .
He was shown a telegram he had
-mt to Chicago that day saying in
-ffect that the President had called
1 conference of newspaper men for the
-turpose of promulgating a peace.prop
sition. It was sent out at 12:20 p. m.
"Where did you learn of that?" ask--d
"I think, or at least rny impression
';. that it was from a group of men
fitting around the ticker in Payne.
Webber and Company, he answered.
"How did you come to send this
telegram," asked Congressman Gar
rett. "Why, can't I send a telegram if
I w-Jtnt to." asked the witness.
"There is no reason why you can't
?o far as I know. God knows I don't."
said Garrett, "but why did you send
it out?"
"Because I believed that the report
waR true and that it would have an ef
fect on the market. I had heped it
wouhl have a bearish effect.
The leak committee adjourned this
afternoon to meet ia Washington at
10 a. m. tomorrow.
the bid was found, he concluded that I or;'n the windows.
it was the one lost by him and he hur-.'
vied to St. Louis. He left Sunday aft
ernoon. It was through the number on the
bill that Buchanan identified it and lu3
identification was corroborated by the
cashier of the bank from which he
received the money. Although Chief
Young was satisfied of Buchanan's
ljust claim, he asked that he file a
replevin suit in one of the Justice of
the Peace courts to recover tlfj money.
The bill was turned over to Bu
chanan without protest after he had
remitted the costs of the court pro
cedure, and he returned home. He de
posited the bill in a bank.
Alfie and Theresa Baker Are Stricken
With Pneumonia.
dre.- sers in the house had been search
ed and their contents were strewn over
'ho fkor. Even the beds had been ex
amined by the thief in the hope of
finding something valuable.
Tvq flower vases in the front room I
had been knocked from the table and
broken to pieces. It is presumed the
thief was disturbed in his w-ork and
left the house before searching the
kitchen cabinet.
A pocketbook containing $15 was
hidden in the cabinet. The safe had !
rot been touched.
Mr. Blank immediately took an in
ventory which showed that nothing
was missing. He reported the rob
bery to Policeman Groce, who searched
the neighborhood for the thief.
to appoa-'-o tile United States would prt .em :-. n;j?.i!- hw-en the two na
tions. The German Ambassador :
ovr: i;'-,."i.
Alfie and Theresa Baker, the chil
dren of Jesse Daker of 915 Independ
ence street, have been suffering with
pneumonia since Christmas and are Buffalo, Feb. 2. Reminding old
still in a serious condition. Alfie is residents of frontier days, wolves for
8 years old, while Theresa is two years
her senior.
acc:rib d ! i:?l
power to extend to all bona fide Amricr a shins tl! ur ivii -ro f avoid. ::-r
the blockade. He said he would issue permits f..r the sailing A-:i Hcri-i
J ships that comply with the German contraband regulations.
A member of President Wilson's official family said tonight thai the prin
cipal objection io the Berlin co.icessii..i was that it left to Germany the
important ejiicrslion of deci ling- what American ships could er could not
Amsterdam, Feb. 2. Th eyes of the whole wold are upon Washington
tonight. The neutrals and belligerents await thf action of the United
States with eager anticipation. In the meantime the neutral shipping is be
ing held vp. Norway is facing a fuel famine; Holland's supply of food is
almost exhausted and Denmark is suffering from a shortage of both food
and fuel. Spain announces that she will n t suspend the constitutional guar
antees to Americans who .ire trying to ship to belligerents.
Berlin, Feb. 2. An. important meeting of the Ways and Moans Commit-
I tee of the Reichstag was held today. Party leaders wer given ad litifn.nl
i information on the new submarine campaign. No details were- given to the
public. 1 -aV;
The children contracted a cold at
about the same time and had to remain
honi from school. Several days later
they developed pneumonia. The at
tending physician believed the chil
dren t be recovoringwhen they suffer- j then h?vo been shot. Efforts to trap
od a relapse and became worse. They j the v.-cIvjs alive in wooden devices
are said to be improving again, and J have ail failed. One animal which
hope is entertained that they will soon had its foot caught in a steel trap,
be. aWe to Teacv tnttfr bwJs.
Berlin, Feb. 2. There has been con-1 shorten the war. The possibility of
siderable activity at the United States ; complications with certain neutral
Embassy here since Tuesday, when Dr. i powers has not beer, verlookod by
the past several weeks have tried to Uimmerman, tne roreign Secretary, ; th? government, cut it is t;.at
held a long conference with Ambas- ! Germany can justily her portion,
sador Gerard. The press generally has hailed th"
Should a diplomatic break ceme be-1 new submarine war with delight, al
tween Germany and the United States : though among the conservative n.;ws
as a result of the rew submarine war, j papers no effort is made to hide the
it is believed that all Americans in i seirousness of the step. The people in
Germany will be allowed to depart j Berlin and throughout the country are
with the? American Ambassador. 4 calm. i
The German public ir. convinced that ! It is a significant fact that r.n-
the unrestricted campaign launched i
by trcrmmrf's Tet TMmat fleet will . (Continued on pag? tr.rte )
pick up acquaintance with th? people
around Egleston's Gul!y, on the Tet
bank of Lake Keuka. Hunger has
tam?d them sufficiently so that they
prowl about the back doors of Keuka
Lake dwellings nightly. A few of
bft fff its !c and escarred.

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