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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, February 09, 1917, Image 5

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lifc'S AdicjAlarlill Be&tS Miss
Fiorii Ns . as Co-
, OD
u J i. ro
' v1- 1 fA - -
.ir-. u parfed After
Xiawonc:. r is
Two gii h !
s'::c factory, -- ;.. a
y.;....::iay aft : i-i
Inr.thed eivid ';.- :
ring rtround th ' "
i c:-urred Hrir S' ..r-'.- '
f-:;e of t!it city 1, ,v!s.
Tl:" girls wen :
draighter of (icon
lhcs h' the lied l':-.- A i...:!.-.? .
Ad:e Merlin, who i'v. ,,tt th-.- I;
!xa:l. Miss Niswon..er '.a
beaten by the other g, :;'.'; . :
abb- to return to her vol h
tives said.
Y.'tf-rday's fight was a ' ;..: f.
.-cuffie h t -.veen Miss N; .v.
Jem:!'" Mur!in, a sister cf i: t '
vest-. T'iay".- battle. The Irv
v.:.-: over a a.e -r fhocs, !'i. :.
jiic Miiii-i had Tiackcd.
Witnesses to tho light lictv ..
nie Vj;-;.i r.r.d thf' Xi.swoji; r
s::i : tlie latter ::truck Miss Marl v
a st'-k during t!:e fiirhc, threw r.cr
t'H- ::co.- and slruc-c her with her i
soveral times. The con oatants
s'-nara;ed bv one of th- foremen.
' :'
A'He Marlin, enrageil over the t'-eat- :
;re nt cf her h.-Ut by Miss N'iswcngcv
he to task ye-te!lav raom- !
in-. r.tu. c:v!'a'aa-ai her to a liir".t. to 1
!.e s'ala-i' 01
ou'.-ide of the factory. Is
ord-T t: '.r:i;i" arrest bv the 'e:
: ':.' r.awonger gin anu auic
Maria; wen
lo a pu.ee no: th 01 .-voaa ( A ate for the contcft 11a, not hoc- 6fe.' "V i
tsidi the city limits. I fiCt u v.-as d-cidcr!, however, to have ,yY
th- factory, who hui thc Yiil ,,..., early in the spring. "S'M; r
. ab!o b Ha een the girls, j The obi-ct of the oontt will be tc VV'T SSt-' !
it:ua,ed the battle. fn,.. trds to aat in thM ' -v
ga behig Mnaller lhanc;tv lt b,.li..Ve.l that this wi'.i aU
. as thrown to tlu
he two had exchaaged
The Marlin girl struck
rs in the fac drnwip"
- tatic'.i Oil by one
' prog-aaaed. the .-.pacta-; j..ri,.;(. Iirtere.t among the bay:.
e-.- aiaiiai a."a and each combatant j n entertainment ill be giea b,
received k-; of encouragement from j w Civic lmrcvcmT.t A.-acia'.ior
lier "ieaU"s." Dun'pg the bout both jj.on,e time next week to raise fends tc
girls lore their dre;;.- s and soiled jCi,rrY out a campaign for 1m aid' Tying
the::: in tl-e mud. They were escorted j tj10 ity. Misses Mary and Martha
back to the factory by their f r'onds, j Albert of St. Louis will be on the en
vrhere Miss Niswenger had her wounds 1 trrtainment program,
diessed. Her face- was badly beaten j reat number of a;.ures depicl-aa-a
one e.' lo-r eye.- cloeed. j ,IV, nc jniproveinrids j-iada by the :ts-
Tliis is the third light among em- j sociation during the last year v. id be
j'loyes ef the sh.oe factoi y in two days. shown.
Monday afternoon two young nxii. The ladies who attended the meet
who are iiking in the factory, en- j jn.- -ure: Mes.hir.vs ihi'ph Schuliz
ga-a. d in a ii. t light, during " hich one i president; Paul L'-ming. a cri lary; 0.
v.ss bitten in tiv right tlmrnb ani j to Kckhardt. Karl G. tJ rami tug. j. P
right arm. JM '."'er-; ami Miss Winifred Johnson.
Responsibility for Good Service
lOOD telephone service depends not only upon
the telephone equipment and thc skill and in
telligence of the telephone employees, but also lo
a greater degree upon the co-operation of the tele
phone users.
The person calling assists in obtaining good ser
vice by always being sure to give the operator
the right number.
The operator assists by answering the caller s signal
promptly and by quickly and accurately giving the de
sired connection.
The person called co operates for good service by
answering promptly, and each one helps materially
by speaking distinctly and by practising courtesy and
patience under ail conditions.
Every Bell Telephone is
a Long Distance Station
Cape Girardeau Bell Telephone Co.
! 1U mh m mm
IMrs. Lelah Cooper cf fJIoomfiek
Dies at St. Francis-Fun-
cral To. day.
After aa iihiess of several months,
ili's- Leluli Cooper, wife of Probate
! Judjje 31. Walkw Cooper of I!ooir.fie!d,
. died yesterday evening at St. Francis'
Hospital. Her death was due to men
'. i'urlt's. The bodv will be shinned to
!Moonfie!d this mom for burial.
Mrs. Cooper was 22 years old. She
! became ill shortly after Thanksgiving
nnd wa- confined to, her bed since that
'time. It was brliecd at first that she
jwculd recover despite the seriousness
., Jof her illness, but she gradually grew
' lnc j weaker and had to be removed to St.
.; batlla : Francis.' Ilcs-pital. She was brought
1 r a vera I here two weeks ago.
;' -; aj The couple were married only a few
, r ;(. ' years. They have no children. Mis.
t Cooper was the daughter of Mr. anl
". " " ;t , Mrs'. C. W. Miller of B'.contfckl. The
f j.i"-rrl will be at the Hiii Cemetery
" ' 1 ' " v Friday morning.
. ' " ' ; Juage Cooper was at the bedside :
' ''of his wife- when sha expired. She
had been unconscious nearly all da;
yesterday, and her de.vd.se bad hcai cr
cicd. Judge Cooper, who had been j
! r-islantlv in atte ndance, while she
a - a patient at the hospital, vnt
i:..-:r..- Tuesday corning to attend to h:
: duties, hut returned early ye
t. ; ; . morning.
At a meeting of the Civic Imprcv; -;
-v.ant Asseciatii-n, yesterday afteraccr
at lhft Cotrmerciul Chib, it was -v oider"
t v,,,., .. i.ii-.lhouse contest, which vil1
!e own to Inns
11 years of age
c i .u i,,...., .. ,..-tp
oeerai ai i.e. iui iue . .i. h'-hi. l.i .
be avard(d by a eoiinvitiee that wi!"
11 - '..I . -1 it. i .. .I!.,.. f
i ne aono. rii-ra ux inv ia..-.v ,m .vmu vj
j;i i)a--i;.hia:r the saa-rews tia.t. iar e
; Lrcanie a p'a. !;uisaiae in the pa.4
j. - car.;.
i -r. , i.-.e'.n-K" -..an 1... , ..k;u;-,.j ..-
j '..i- . ili.il' Li.. . . - ......
., a to leaied "later. A . ira.'ai.
.-t wi;.. iielii ha t year and arai. c'
une urana
cTWan !
trances Elizabeth Lanyon X
(Copyright. :916. by W. G. Chapman.)
'Tinders keepe.s, you know. ll::f
..uus ueepe.s, jou miow. iv. :
Sot in this insiauee. iatlier. Tho.-:.-
en turkeys are sebodvs pno
My moral duty is to locate that
ehody and restore lo hiai his prop -
"Not i
"Becfcon you're ri-ht. s.n," observed
old abriel I'arsous. "Queer wlicro
they came from, thouph. bV"
"Yes, for I luu"t kuow 31 neighbor
within 10 miles in any direction who
is raising fowls."
The fowls in question wore vuon::
v.j . r .. ', .
nauasoiue, wit;i p.nfusion ot electric
and valuable bnml. Ilex ivrso Uli!, ,iRh. f:!I;,i v",-::;,:! UiVV" U! t!r '
awaked cue morning to laid ;.ie li . .. ,. . , ... .
4, -. 1 lag jnr town aii'l was glad t.mt in
turkeys roosting on a seuntlmir flower- i ' f ... .
. . . ,, , , i miro ins !.-st ei(.tlif. lor the ireities .
bed guar.!. They loosed iitv.l and ! , . ,. , ., ... , ,
travel voni. but when he fed :u;
watered them and c!roe them i; ? a
lean-to in onv corner of a two-acre
fenced-in grazing lot. l!v-v seep; J at
fa , , , . , , . . .
home and domestietited fortnwlth.
i:ex ndvtnised his Ibid, leu u; n -
w r . . ....
sults eaiae. grw mterestecl 111 a.-
... , ' .
m iuiinu:i , uii.i sun .in, i'io. io: Hi-:
bors vvere attracted hy th': maa
prettiaess of the fowls a::d ."aa. ..
j them greatly.
,' Tb-vy got tnrough the so-e: : r
j '',:s'-v' ,u
land as full grew on fata:,. 5 : a-1
promised rare eatiua' by t.a' tin.- t'va
year wax our. Ilolahiy tai.- a
praeli.-d when Mr. Parsons e:;pr.-sxc-a
pertinent sentiia'-nt. ,
"Souse money in these birds, :
cents a r.outid quoted, with feaUu-t
counted in." i
'Tin not going to yell titem, father,
remarked ilex seriously. , ..
"Ain't?" '- :
"No. In the first place, they're not , ' .
mine to aell. Ier;t. they e.-mo fiee .:.. '
they're suing free. Here's 1!:o iiaim, 1 i'- ': lola-.i'. c.Vr.i.
aad I've been working n it C-.r ie - ,.de ;a-h la'aiirnt im
time. The season is seen on when ;''' -f b
turkey tnstes best. I've Lean :.;akiag ' Mt. t'.a-.- a.: caaa
! :-i ... a d v.rh Xe"
a - i
. e .
Jfffe:'' . "
Jlm&n. ij '
np a list of the poor popb in the j
tT-i 'l'l..iv.'t.. i...-i ti Ix. P.i..01a. i.v.ir !
IV H .11.1. Ilill . ... (
have meat. There's over ten more who :
J never tnsjo turkey. I wish I laid
1 . .ri -v
fbWTX ..aia.er:---: to -.vdh th- aatJ.
Imiit!4t.'ti' X c, iji..- p. tio some -rood in 'lie .'.iir.
r M ! - -iv,i.,:.:,it,d naive:.
e "x-o-i've done me some a'd. 1 cat
fca "'t. a-( 4-at'.v.vi:e:i; "vim :ind vo.rr "-a!.. :
-r""j!SKVTS.n!j2r. t-er - -
few,? r7i;5f."j 1 .vv 1 ...!: to.
-S Ji-i-v"'- i h- ry cdi-n and thou-hr ot !a-r aaa
r$i& BiWK'W' 1 dre.-iino;l of her all the rest of that
finish I A I-,.,
They Locked Tired and Travel Worn.
enouerh of the fowls to go ar-und. biP. .,iuI1"v. 4i','i-irecesses mid cavities
I haven't, so the lirst class get the j , ro(.Ls afford refuge Irom its im
'n's j placable eneaiies, man. deer, road rim-
"And one b.-l'l for ourselvsV" pro- UT ,.r(.-.ry. Would it he snerileva
pounded .Mr. I'.irsons. mixioitdy. j,,, . ,iu.a.st that Irel ind's sborf-'.xc
"Sure, thai," replied Rax blithely.
"We're entitled, having hoti-ed and
bred the whole brood for nearly a
It was rearing the festal season and
liex was brushing Ihc snow from the
woodpile, when a farm wagon drew
np and n stranger jumped r-ui. He was
a brisk, plea;-ant-lookiig, middle-aged , .,lMn, ,j f jis api.ioacli Mr. itatth snahe
man. and his swift roving glance took .nereetly withdraws to a deep ca It ia
In the 11 turkeys strutting about .r0 j ., lai'side, or to the subterranean pus
feet distant. j sages of the prairie dog or gopher. As
"Ah! the right tip." he exclaimed, m, warfare, rntllosnakes are like the
Lis face beaming with satisfac i a. '! i-.-:ai and ourselves tney pref'-r
"I've had a long chase, neiirhhor. Tho-o a,,t so t eat ;mi! the sitratiou becoiaes
are my turkeys." t-v.oier-dde.'' The iie-t known siieeiea
"Vours?" questioned i'ex cmi.'a a.siy, ;u itar southwest is the red rattlesnake
and yet with a faltering seut--atioi. ( re alas aro). These are most d.m-
"Sure, they are. I live over ih? , :ei".s during July and August when
Itlils. west. They tro. ped away one
niglit, eight months ago. Only yester
day a traveling tinker chanced to
speak of a brood he !.ad seen here
abouts, so I drove over. They are n:y
peacock bronzed, sure enougts. And,
say, you've taken wonderful care of j
them." ;
It did not take the visitor Ions to j
substantiite his claim. He was Dud- ,
i ley Marsh and made c specialty ot
raising turkeys. ,
"Mnke out your bill for expense and j
trouble," he directed expansively. "Pi'' i
not be niggardly. Those are an i n- j
ported species and worth fifty dollars ;
a utiir. i
"Oh, I shall charge nothing." sai'J i
'Res. "It's be.'n on'y cefghborly to
i care for them until the owner came ! ( trny. threw the whole luncheon ia
', Elong," and he smiled, hut it was a : , t.; !nn. i.:t;ly Byron cried and left
drearr sort cf a smile. "I've ekeri
d n" dream, " Jic pr eed-. d. ..u-J Qfclie !
sorrowfully. "What I feel worse
t abo-it is that I'll have to flisaonoint
t -aaie good people lo whom I promised
7! j- !-a. ouscHeu alalsli, Ills taeo
rare turkey treat the ccming hali-
i j epi-es-ing some wonderment and cor
lsl.UTBl.lc iwm, "4-wi'ro aha Hut
I most honest man and the best man I
met. colas tv give those poor
ti:rlAtt a t!Cat:h?
; I've a proposition to malci t you, but
j , em i nm .vou w .M aa.-
i "Not ever, - fRs-iaedUfssti-eiiuoubiy.
i "l'y- lam-.'d t-na:g!i iibrut tr.r!.,'vs !(v
v , ii,-iug!:g v-i yours, to stun, m r.im
IM l!'vs.!f. W'i'll T sir-nio.-i Vi,: vii;
"Y-'t then; levied up fcr hcau?"
--. v. ...
dajgluer Neua '.-M i.u-hj
' to sec thcui bach. I .,u : ,..
dd Marh. "Th y -.u-iv her spvehd.
! f,;::- a aarL girl at tiga: -.
I ITi five fief tl- pn?;.)s:tio;i to crdei.-
i ,:itl' ar'(l srr"1 :! Oh. y-s,
! "!"'-'r ul;i!J': ':!1
I lurI:,,-vv- Aa1 U'M M!,v''
iroaisse;! len pen;,,
,1 b.r!
I the i'hvls?
o j 011 over tin (.?'
""''ther br-d-jps: as good eating u
thev.', in faet. !).'';- f. Miii:'c, fcr
'! e Janey fowls rtia t tiu"-ry, r.ttln
!., ,
; t'aiu iavor.
uext !"' about uoun whoa
most aHr.ie! ; e yomii;- uiaiden he i.a-i
; ever had Ids cy -s n :ligrlii'l with .
gi'.-Kei'al spriiig alio siooil awaiting las
, COUli::C; Up.
Jm sur. you i v -or. I'arseiis, f-ij.
I ,.;..,,. r.. , .
( 1 iie v.as away tins rioruiug
, , , , . ...
;-..! i ir to bring over the tin-
,a.aas. d.v
:i . aa ed itex. as he ghuuvd
.!;! ia tbe w:;ga Pe:;,
- than ten there's fully
. v. ah a:y centriou: ieii." r--s
aelau " lather told a.e
; aalid plan. lie i
" .;, id ni;:n and--- i il ia::
: 'd a a wi;!- a-r !a
. ::H a v: ::' - ia ; e
. . : I.-. .a: s..a -
i" tia'-a ys -;r I.eii(''
.'. :' '.v.-y aroiii!'
i. . '. -a'e r; a:uv-d f."i'" ' : ;
. :. - ', ::X Ki't'dt a;. ' a
d a- tar:
; : :' a. ' ,! ,:
ip 1-1 'rrv a eej) ..
a dy dr -.e 1; -. as Va,
! couid a!ae'-e h.-.va ia
!::! -a rre' i' h'-h i!ri'-r .
. -.fd." rtir.T v
i" y." v,,aii!a'i :a:ad, la::
a. a 't end : ;u:"!a bri .'
. 1 v.Mii'-fr.'v in your way r'd
t'p-r 'n;!i( oyi r vliti lae SeTi,
Ian .!':, i.ir: to d'a-t .-;.'.oja- t
You -ire rare peoP!e and you
i't: - ,m...r m aple the giod thaa you re
Pretlv rCelln entered iii'o the di.-ti'
; liiajoa of the turkeys with :? r atto ;'J
1 d- h--.li:. Xellii and her father slaved I
I i- sapper at the Parsons home. Jte
: e;proe.;l !iospii:di:;r was feadefed, s.c
1 ' pjed. :!, ,vii:!:in a luontti vhits e
! tw.- a the two homes was a routine
: ia:'t.
! U, those lucky turkey.-." softly
a limited el!a, after a proposal.
"And. oh, iueky me,' rejoined Hex -A
Parsons, fervently. if
. '
fv;r. Rattlesnake's Habits.
,,- . 1 .,, a- . a . a-.. 1 1 re-
snakes i.iay be due as we'l to per i
'Jongnes" of boas av to the beguile- $
inoias el Saitit Patrick? On many west- K
eru ranches pigs are kept for the com- f&
moil pi'oteetion of both biped and 5
cjuadruped ; for the knifelike hoof is as y
e'lVctive for tearing and Heaving flesh Q
r.s an inqiiisiiiiinnl weapon, and at th" W
sheading the skiu. Paang both blind
and deaf at this time they sound no
warning, and are more liable to be R
stepped upou thau at other seasons.
, Cyron in an Ugly Mood. U
r pave not. yet read Byron's -'eu- h
versa dons, but tiiere was an aueedote gjj
5n OIU ,,f uM. extracts which eontinas pj
upi:;t 1 heard loag since, but v hieh i g
oou)lj Uljt licj.end on before, be bad aa g
:Versiou to seeing women eat. Colonel jB
was at Byron's house in Pier'.- i
,i.:pv. Lady Byron in the room, and P
irau - beon v.as brought in veal cat-
lets. etc. She began eating. Byron 1
turned around in disgust and said:
- nermandizing beast!" and. taking up
room. 'fold by llaydoa, the
M!r".ev ;.T..l dunai" a t.artel o'
!1 v;i.,.. :
! Weeks-ArguaieBts are jet
I be Heard.
. Xhe tC:.ti..01n. ; thc elcrtlC, .,,.
brought agains
st Argus Cox. who
v. as tieciarcd elected Ju( to of tr.e
-. - . . - .
.';:r:ng,:; !;i Cort cf App'--'s by ;
j ,,5, compic-tcd a.-.l
, .... , ..... e
P-scnteu to tne -ii'rcr,, t.-u.t
tht any ?art of next mer.th.
ry E. Alexander, coir.rii.-siorer i.t U:e
case, announced yesterday wpon his re
u;rn JVom Maries Court y.
vf.arlv SOO witnesses w.-r. h.o.iv
'.uring the two weeks. Mr. Ale::aa k
. a.id. More ihan 3(K oiiiers vt?? M.r.
moned but the exundntion of th?.
.s v:r'v?-' after aa
ecn both t:te co.iusk
' v. a- declared e!e.t.-d
1 1 ll e
. . , ,. T, ..
'.aat ah Detnceratic vo'
, , , , ,
anpeah; crurt h:.A been
iv" Johnson, v 1.0 3md
V 1.1 ii
CitPiv- Clcri.
r t-A.reou. iv r-.ac.-'l
., ,
u l? i2' in;tv:'
...... . n.MM-
,a' l- - "-''-
1 ne va a . c
a -s CcuT.ty
cad arcour
i".e i"d:
:': L a.
ol soiid foot:
ci ; a n
IV-.m.., ..- t, i er i
f v -. , v ' .1
0-J fo. g..tj A.ro Pratt in ;
' U Lcm tOUat j
Co!. A. A. IZbcrt L' Oia- l a- ur-'
e:ia.-ed the fa;yu.- farm of the I
-to i
'" ;
I " ..r i vil! -.' f
hog,. iu- . to rave
1 c -.- - . - .
paj .t-0 tor eignty-aere trr,;;.
'. Cch. aa. w-v, died t .ve
years a . .. - a iormor I.ieuwr.tan;-
.;:. an;! becarr'e fa-!
.or of a fann ruiga-; :'" 1 ye.:t. riay by Dcmeiroulis. wl e
t Ih j tract of land' in ; v-' l" - i-1-1 !--
a'aio.-t "() years ago, ' fad to say v. hat th ; amoua
-hutoughbretl stock!0- -hc v e-',! r "
j los aad til? t"-o owners of the poolra--..:
; . : -.-c h.-l-l oa t'ir ! v'0!0 eenft rc.:ce al! :.flornoar y
u. rf-tlnu-. a.td h'M -'11 r :-':i!T. ' Aiexai .r, a -
wiune;--. there, i toraey for Sara and i'auios. Pavis aa
, j, a's ' a rtoch i lot: .ak;s. and t.ieir attorney -. V
. j'jiidj.k that i 'ahi and I'A Drv.'ii, respectively.
:rrt,-e.! by X.rva: j An agreei:ent as to th p i- ca,a
.. 4 .. Fbyi-; 1 r.f t he rcace.! ye:Uraay nfte-i.-'a
Atictiau :-.nd j r t-JMiu- the :sa.ay i--.r
:dk'-. :-.. He again ia.d ni:;hi. U-..nictroi:.L- .-:
a; t- 7; ::vi:ase "' tr.t;t the sa'e would ae c -aa.
arirr :..m Chi-; K :s geing bad: .0 ii: :
aa.-j ;a- cxpeit-; to j coua.r , iia said.
, ,.. - i- -r ,, ; When Tnanetreuh'.- re'r-:i '. f: 01-
- ' arm an a a. em-'
a u i
aec are.!
.: tho
a aa.-: : r i:.-ei! nni ' aa, l.i
iaa a a :
a i'da c:n
a -f the vater taad n-l b
o a : !!
":.is ' -i aaee'aa 'a V
I; -". ' V iaa: Sr.. a, y w:!i
::t t" i': .: ''rr j.; aa-
ri.-a iav Ir.-ii -oa a' he .. "i,r -v.
v -i Ire -a-e a- !',':; ' ;-a!'-.-e
a- Mip.iv .a ,av.:;'. c.;e. iaa- . v.-n it
v "a
beer uinde in any city in
i; is admilleri to as many
r.iri as fisil"i::l??' the Cape
'ch alcohol in a quart of IDEAL
allow cf whiskey.
; contains less than four per cent
i : e amount of alcohol that tjoes
1 , ? M r "v T
il3l t:
: si
Jim IWU says liOHU bclttta
to Europe Alter Disposing of
Interests Here.
The poolroom on Main street con
,'uctel by Demetrius Dcmetrouiis and
Harrv Kotsiakis w:"H be sold today
hi. t.-:-.u. id. iris wi i termniate v
;F'ae,-. -XMdi cau.ui Uc bus
i - r n , . nf
- -
j " n a Lemetrouhs anu his r
;:Hr:ve t tv.. weeks ago.
ectiv . :
artner di.-
The pvj.-i'ce'iive buyer, were bvou.-'.Iv
e; ks trip to C!:ic-.;e.
" -4 v
to ;ae saa:'e,
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a',-wtH; them to remain in t;. nlar
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the United
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