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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, February 15, 1917, Image 3

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in the United States have received the benefits of their savings,
amounting to $70,000,000.00, at Christmas time through the agen
"cyjof CHRISTMAS SAVING CLUBS in Banks and Trust Com
panies. The good people of Cape Girardeau of' every class should
hasten to join this vast army of CHRISTMAS SHAVERS.
We are gratified beyond measure at the large number who
have joined the club now forming at our Bank. However, there
are many others who should join and will be mighty sbrry they
didn't when next Christmas time rolls around and their friends
are receiving their Christmas Savings Checks.
There is time yet for tou to join. Won't you come in at once?
Member Federal
Reserve System
Weather Forecast: Cloudy weather; j
probab'y more snow; lowest tempera-j
ture lo be about freezing point. j
Mr.-. Marjrarot Jones, a consul 0f!
U 'Y I' i'liT O'Uricn treasurer of t. '
Yinc-M'o Olicjre, arrived here Jar t
..... ,., ...
n:jriu j or an extended visii. mic win
l-;,ve tho Cap.- to journey to Calif cr-
nia, whore hho will rer.iain for 'a j
month. I
Mr:-.- Mildred Kchocnfcld of SI
Louis is .-pc-rding several days at the
hom of Mrs. Arno 11. Zoelsmann and
Tdvs. EI Drum. She was the brides-
maid zi the wedding of Mrs. Zoels- j
iivmn, which was a society event iniierlm Lmbasjy, amvmg here today,
.St. Lord.- last month. She vaj enter- baasador Gerard.
1;n"nol !::t niolit -i n tl-oifAr mi tvi TI AarUraA 41i i fiormam. I,,.
given by .Miss Haze, fianiion folIovel .
by a buffet sr.pper later in the even
ing. Twilight Mi.-s Schocnf cM wTiibe
the- giu st t honor at the home of Mr.4.
Zoel.-iViar.n, who will entertain her
o. ..". v jnn';,in t tr,-
ocna.'ii 11:.-. r. liane is in Jcnei-l
son Cily on legal mailers, lie went
there to .vipoort the bill asking for
an increase in the salary of the cir
cuit judges.
Charles Buchanan, who formerly
lived n.'-ar Helv's rock crusher, in
South Cape has moved his family to '
CO", Go id Hone street. He is the man-
ager u.
the Farm D iiry store in j
J. II. iluiKMoson. tne revenue agent i. . . , ... , . .
of Bioono'i.-ld, was in the Cane yes-K nd' l"C and nt!l tor?o boat flccts 1,! Mti to the bsea cam
terdav on ollh-ial Luslms.. While here j pa'sn-
the purchased
i fine stock of White!
Piymoi-th Bock ln-ns to be added to
his po'.-.I'i. v farr.i near Bloomlield.
Mrs. Herman W. II-.dolT of J.sson ,
was tiurratea upon yc.-icroay nn
nooa at St. Franri.-' Hospital. This
is the tiiird operation she underwent
, - A 1
within the na.-t year. She is the wife!
of the well-known contractor of Jack-.
son. v I
Albert Uhl, who lives with liis mo
ther on South Frederick street, fell
ver-t. nby afternoon while playing in
f -o.-.l. of his home and broke his arm.
The boy was taken to the office of a
nearby physician who resent the frac
tured ann. The boy was taken back
to his home.
,,r TT. Pryor o Chaffee had busi
j Captyesterday.
. i .. aters came down from Tcrry-
. tenlav to transact some busi- i
!; v- than 100 persons dined at the
Cr-.s.-. -it yesterday, when the owner,
( iceman, served a delicious tur
. er at the regular price. Mr.
, . ... bought the restaurant seven
:; , .-..; and celebrated the event by
.. special dinner. Several ex-
.. t had to be employed to wait
r . . ts.
,!o!,:i Met 7. f Oran and his wife were
in the Cape yesterday shopping.
W. W. Pell -came up from Com
merce yesterday afternoon lo look aft
er business matters.
Mrs. W. M. Sherrill returned to her
home in Brazcau ycsteiday afternoon.
She was called here on account of the
death of her grandchild, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Asa SSherrili, who was
buried Monday afternoon,
Thc Young Ladies' Sodality of St. j
Vincents Church win nave a Denoni
picture show at the Tark Theater to
morrow night "The Parson of Pana
mint" will be shown.
T. P. Russell of Hayti was a visitor 1
in the Cap? yesterday.
A small child of Mr. and Mrs. Jack t
Find of North Cape was buried yestcr-!
oav afternoon. Tr.e cinld was only one i
day old.
lis death enstu-d oariy Wed-
nesdav morning.
- xicans, was made by troops, who are operating independently of Villa.
JC kidnaping- is said to be the result of an old feud between the Mormor.s
i;nl thc Mexicans who are charged with tiio raid.
General Funston nai not received a report from the American troops near
! . .
jllachita, X, M., where the raid took place. Whether thc American troons j
crosscd thc border in puisuit 0f the bandits is not known. Dispatches from
.;'. paso statc hr.t they did not follov: the fleeir.g Mesicans.
(Dy Cnil W. Acke:-man)
Cerne, Feb. 1L German authorities
j American Minister to Belgium, to lowier thc American flag over the legation
ji t Brussels, have stopped ail of Whitlcck's attempls to communicetc with
i Washington and are holding all American relief workers as; prisoners.
Gustave Hcrter, son of thc Xew York
force her to remain neutral.
Hertcr himself said he was arrested
nrst ne was reiusen a passiovt.
ft . . M .
Subsequently Hcrter aid he was arreted and put in jail ;;t Mctz, later bo-
:Jn2 leased. He reached Berne exhausted bv hia cxwrienccs.
Heiier nas been aiding Brand Wliitlock in relief work in Belgium.
Berne, Feb. 14. Germany is prepared lo send sybniarines into American
waters, especially to thc region of the Panama Canal. The possibility of
America entering the war has been carefully considered by German officials
but nevertheless they expect to have the Entente at their mercy within
S!X mnths regardless of American developments.
Thy are confident their submarines
i Meanwhile thc Genv.ans are nrenared to laim h n-ionti".- ntTon;-?
Germany is stronger today
the war began.
Because of the isolation of America
ican participation in the war would have
.New- York, Feb. 11. The White liner Adriatic, which carried 44 passengers,
including one American, arrived at Liverpool Monday morning with "all well,"
said a cable to the local offices todav. '
! The Adriatic is the laru-est shin of
york and Liverpool. She arrived approximately on schedule time. The fact
trat she earned a larco roTisin-nmpnt. nf
m shippirg circles for her safety. The American on board was G. W.
Cdriger of San Franciaco.
The Carmania of the Gunard line has arrived safely in Liverpool, the
local offices announced today. She carried munitions and foodstuffs and left
i T?Cew York Feb. 4.
Thc French liner Rorliambcau which loft here Feb. 4, is in thc danger
zone or has already arrived and has not yet been reported.
The Rochambcau, bound for Bordeaux, carries 22 Americans and munition
The Carmania carried munitions and great supplies of foodstuffs.
The Holland-American liner Ryndam, which sailed Jan. 29 for Holland, ;:
back at her pier in Hoboken toady. She reached the danger waters as out
lined in the German submarine war.
The Ryndam had 2-30 passengers on board, who had not been in sigM
of land for fifteen days and who traveled more than 6000 miles without rearm
ing their destinations.
Telling of the Ryndam's voyage, Captain Krol said he put back To Xc v
York entirely on his own responsibility. After picking a wireless telling i i
the U-boat orders he called a conference with his officers.
Why do your cows give less milk
in winter than they do in summer?
Just because nature does not supply
them with grasses and green food.
But we have come to the assistance
of Dame Nature with B. A. Thomas'
Stock Remedy wlrtlli contains the very
ingredients that the green feed sup-
plies in season, ony of course, in a
more highly concentrated form. We
lT,at this vemodv will n,aVe
yeur cows give more, milk, and better
milk, with thc same feed.
.... r.m,.kM
t ; E'7 on S - If y o j vaat to know, to
i r "ri. t!,ft co"'. t!'? ?
'r.rH nt.-Mn . writ u:
FRiM: A. KANE. Patent AttOTMT.
ion A 1'ru.t Bldf.. Wsahuicton. D. C.
U. S. Government
P r otcction
rvom page 1)
in Belgium ordered Brand Whitlock,
nrtict and a spcrid attache of the j
brought tins word lo American Am-;
hs M.4iAn.. friUt lmA.;. .,!
ot the border en route from Berlin.
lnen ho wae ordered out vitliin twelve
. . . ... . I
wili naraivze iho -:n- inrf.K'ri.. f !-o
in a militarj- sense than ut any time since
Germonv does not believe that Amor-
any real effort.
tho lino
munlfinnc Virf rnncnri .Ant
After Being Arrested One of Two Ho
boes Is Shown to B; Wife of
Thomasville, Ia. Investigtilion of
two supposed hoboes, who bad been
arrested and placed in the barracks
here, revelled that one of the pair be
longed to the gentler sex.
Upon being arrested the pair gave
tlieir names as Mat Smith and IiltJ
Searey, but when Hill was found to be
a woman they confessed to being Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur' Bessent of Jackson
ville. Fla.
They said they were on their way
to Milwaukee, Wisu and as they did
not have funds sufficient to pay their
way there they decided to tramp it,
the wife being unwilling to be sep
arated from her husband. She felt
that she could make the trip better
and easier in the guise of a man.
Nws Was Mixed, but Realizing Sales
In Face of a Limited Demand
Caused a Sharp Drop in Early
Period of Trade.
St. Louis. Feb. 14. The gram mar-
v. ....... i,.. jt. o T ni. i,
ket as lower on the St. Louis Mer-
chants' Exchange Wednesday.
v 1 J v.. i
w'!;:n fpJt of & llmited demand cauod j
g ; a Bharp drop in wheat in tho early J
S': friod of trade. The northwest led i
j. ;bo decline. Transportation situation!
fe' Ph0 vl no iPi-oeat. while the ex- j
rroved weather map and projects Lred at Indlar,apoIj5. "r l1'" r .pr ' I
f. ... ... ; 4k A i i !. hl'U iL L.I iSS lll'M', t'T' ITI" 1 IC.l-
'-iBwrr...! T, v,as Rlso a bPar ar?rui.ient. May wheat I T .. ,nd,a"ap.,,'s L,1V , i hin0 nct aiu" " than 2r0 and
;r, T , ,,. ', Indianapolis, Ind., I-eb. 14. I'aitle , , . .
Mmutlo" I-.ac at Sl.72; Ju.y l5,2c at ' , ..... the. o'.crhead expenses must corn out
Ccarse grains- off, in eympathy with
wbnat. S Tie profits taken in corn.
M.:v ' oni lost 'le at $1.01 U, July U-:
at ! :"'::(. .May oats declined -c.
Ct. Lcni; Grain Quotations.
y w':i" ti. last close, $1.74 U; earli
i hi'-
i ' '
:h-r-, a:--t clese,
3y low. 51.44U.
last close.
close, i.i.'u- t. ; arly
'n 61 ftir. oarlv
, v,
low, ?1.0lv8.
last fiese
j; . pins (; wheat
- 1 . l'
" X!Zi
local. 4n.
rra rom
enrs corn.
local, 51: cai- corn, through, 8; csrg
ostp, local, 22; enrs cat, throusb, 6;
ton- r:i;.-. locai, 3,o; tons hay,
through. Jt.
Oriis in 3;. Louis public elevators
Wheat. ,4 43,:.i07 bu.; corn. 252,18?
bu.;.o.ns, r13,245 bus.
St. Louis Hay Quotations.
ii::;otiiy t uoice, n 1.;0; .No. 1,
jis.C-'CT'l'i.O; No. 2. $14 23. (.'lover.
n i'd Choice. ?16; No. 1. $155?
: N'. 2. $1S...'1ST14.50. Pra:ri( haV
j t i cu"e, s:: p. i, '1.5 lr 1 4. "'); .No. J, i
V ,r : Vrft" !
r , H.rTi ,n ; 1
'1 ft
. JT"? 50.
Cotton Is Steady.
Vrt!;, Fob. IL lhf cotton
or.riv :
-.cn 8t?dy and prie s in the I
r.c? were to u mgaer. i cn- i
anpiion liiiires helped ti-.e market, j
Thr wa nims sonthtrn and trad
East St. Louis Live Stcck.
N'atioanl Stock Yards. III., Feb. 14.
Cattle Bcei!t. ?..:M 40
soa'.Iiern. Market steady. Native beef
hots, $7.50ll."r: yearling steers
i.d heifers, ?8.50 & 11.50; cows. $5.50
9; stocker an,d feeders. t.WJ
ca'ves, $6f14.50; Tcxa steers,
$5o0:t. 50; prim southern bef
s:rs. SSll; bpf cows and hei'ers.
14.50 !: prim yezrlinRs and heirer?,
llogn Receipt., 12.0fK) hep.d. Mar
ket higher. Mixed. $12.25'S12.55 ; irood.
512.45(S,12.55; rouh. J 1 1.50 11.73;
light. 512.25 12.40: piss. SfxIL
She-p Receipts. 3,000 head. Mar
ket Etrone. Ewes, $811: yearlings.
$11.5CJjr,.50; lambs, $12.7514.60.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicaxo. 111., Feb. 14 Hogs Re
ceipts, 4C'00 head. Market steady.
Mixed and butchers, $12.0512.60;
pood, $12.20012.43; rous'.i. $1212.13:
litxht. $U.f.o 712.35; pigs. i.3n!S10.S0.
r?.ttle Receipts. 15,000 head. Mar
ket hieher. B?eves, $7.5512.15; cows
rr.d heifers, ?5.20!ft 10.40; r.tockers and
federp, $!.10ff 9.15 : Tex?nB. $8.70 W
9.75; elves, $1014.23; western, $7.85
1 10.25.
Phrep Rpceiptfi, 15,000 head. Mnr
ktt strong. Native, $10.553' 11.80;
western. $11.10(712; lambs. $12.35
14.75; western, $12.6014.9O.
St Louis, Feb. 14.
Egrs New cases included, 39J,sc:
jriod second hand cases, 393,ic; cases
returned, 38ic.
Butter Creamery extras. 42e; firsts.
Sc; seconds, 34S5c; ladles, 3t'c;
packing stock. 25o
Poultry Hns, 18c; ducks 17c;
ge-?3 1215c; turkeys, 13-23c; i
upring chickens, 20c; broilers, 25c.
Calves Per pound, 612c.
Potatoes Northern, . $2.482.58:
vestern, $2.562.S.
Onions Red Globe, $9.50 10.50 per
cwL; white, $1011.
Sweet Potatoee Southern. $1.65 per
hamper; homegrown. $1.401.60.
Cabbage New York Danish and
Texas, $14C165 per ton
Lattuce Southern, $1.75 CJ 2 hamper.
Spiaaoh Southern, $L25 hamper.
Beets New Orleans, 25ff50c per
dozen bunches.
uaduoes southern. 10525c per;
dozen bunches.
Tomatoes Florida. 2.50 ? 4 case.
Turnira New Orleans, 2050c per
dozen bunches.
Apples Wicesapr. $4.75S,5.75; Wil-la-rtwigs.
$4.73(33.75; Biscktwi?s,
$4.505 50: C-enUiag. $4.2524.73; Ben
j DrU, $3.50 4.
Indianapolis Cash Grain. ;
- Wheat Steady. No. 2 red, through
billed. trrfr Jtl R3S?1 87- minin-. !
$l.g2. '
Corn-Easier. No. 3 white. $1.03'
l.Oo; No.3yellow.1.02i1.03fc; No.
3 mixed. $1.0231.03.
Oats Easy. No. 2 white, 594 3
r.O'ic; standard white, 59J.i?j 60''4c;
No. 2 white, 59 60c; No. 2 mixed,
T'Sfioi'c; No. 3 mixed, o'MQZSlic
Indianapolis Hay Market
Ilay Steady. No. 1 timothy, $14r
14.50; No. 2 timothy $1313.50; light
clover mixed, $1313.50; No. 1 clovtr
raised. ?12.5013; No. 1 clover, $13
S 13.30.
Ir.dianapolis produce.
I'Sgs Indianapolis jobbers offering
ountry shippers for strictly fcsn " c:iC!'1? liK;t r:0V e P
stock, delivered at Indianapolis, cur- j was trying to perpetrate urcn tue pub
rent receipts, 37c a dozen. jlic in issuing a statement in the pros-
Poultrv .Toli'.CTs' lmvir nrioos do. ' nr"t'i; tint tlio ..-.-ri:njn- rvwrfjil tn
hu.rv at rmifanar.ii- Hnn, 17??
,10,. r0OctpIS ..mi stnsr t-,- mnmw
t,.,-..vt Yt .1
1 ' ""--i
Butter-jobbers' Wins prices for!162-'5 ncr -er,t ,1:v"bnion a ca?ital
ctuntrj. 8tcckf doiiv, rrd at Indiana.,- -: ock of 1.-0,000.
tiV..,t 2hv; jobbers trlHsg crf-anry ex t As I h:U chart- of tho books from
tras in prin(Sf 4c; m tabs 4. i r( !,. to. iIo to Jan. 1". 1!)17. and
Creatn-Indiannpolis jobbers payinp j ,:tde osti-natcs on tho c'o.-t of all ma-
tood to choice steers. SlOlrt.SO:
coniBJon to medium steers, ?f ZKi
l1.1: ;;oo'l to choice yearliuffs, ?S.r.:r
l'.'.lO; ijood to chph-e heifers. -1
fair to medium heifer. ;t;.50fi
! , JnR ann
! s-.od to ch.oiee butcher b'ii's, SC.5
v: , , ,,,
' ' '
u It.
i Hor Rest her.
: medium and m
: f:ood to f!:n:c Ji
?12..)0 12...:
i ( iTl'llo;) lo c::vti
- - .. , .
i --mnion 10 csedinm iunr. mj-c i--":
, rrsi?-: 5i i it rr. - t,; actr-.n,
! 11 .'J.-.: Kchr nias. lii.r.n : hulk of
j .a;os fjf ROOd hoc? i2.-,l-r:i2.;i).
i c i i . i . i
Si.e'i a.d Lamlis (itiod t( choic'
! ehr. qi-.o-
eo.amon to iredv.im
tood to best l..mbs.
i sii,.p $58.75;
-S 1 :1 J 1 4 .frt; common to lm-diuni J.-mhs. jable. Then read, fm-thcr to where you l j0 jj. , j, p:tor nr he Tribune-5812.7.-;:
yrlings Jl1in.5; Lvo adodtlyt the company wHl s:i Ir 'a b;,;bastjc S,,cch before tlu
pcd m shc mm rmmim
ULiimnssu I (.(119 un;.1 n o f!
TROOPS BEING MOVED FOR THEih"M'p!i W:t:l stc,M'n-c"'i 01 P'"' : !
pnr.i..o n,wr t
location That Early Ciening Is Ex-1
pected Fiohting Last Year Be- !
yc-.ii i. vciuii un i t u. '
cMOn iTTTi Tr v...im?k. , " 1
'"" "" 1 " i
monts ia fJermany preliminary to th
t .-priVR rampaiRn are m lull swm.
rho 'nvomer.t? of tl- troon trains
f.1p r,-r,ni.ronv.rts in i-.rc for (!i'tiie out company v ro wou..i wutu'iv
,r ' irortation of n'ments to th '
places selected for the nw concntra-!
ions are responsible for more than
! the coal shortage, for there are aJsi
Rreat restrictions upon ordinary traf
fic on railroads.
German newspapers .say that on
Feb. 2 n"w and st:!l further restric
tions n train schduls will bo is
sued, and. according to rumors cur
rent In Berlin last week, bofore thai
American correspondents left ther !
an entire suspension of passenger
traffic was contemplated for a period
of maximum Intensity in troops trans
fers. Ths and other siens would Indl
cate that the German Iead?rs pct
the opening of the 1917 campaign
qui'e as early as In th previous ya.
which besan at Verdun Feb. 20.
Th start of tho ruthless suhmarln
c-p.mpal.sn at th parttcnlnr dae sp
Vffed was connected with ihf epct
?d early inauguration of the spring
cor.:pnljrn. so a Herman military nnn
stated during a discussion of the dif
ficulties with the United Strtes.
37.000 Verses in Competition.
Tokio, Feb. 14. Thirty-sc en thou
F.ind verses have lien subraitt-d by
th Japaneso pnopIe in the hh:m;.i1
poftic competition under rroerhl
ruspicps. This year the subject, is:
"The Distant Snow-Clad Mo'infain."
. 4 S.
! Man With Letter Signed
"Frederick Hohenzellern"
Rushes Through Guards
Hoboken NT. J., Feb. 14. A
man who said he ws "a relative
4- of Prince Wilhelm of Oermany" 4-
attempted to rush his way
through Count von Bernstorffs
4 guard as the German embassy
staff was boarding the Frederik
VIII. He waved a letter which
h 9aid n9 nad been fommls-
! rdofiedto deliver to Bernstorff.
and had penetrated beyond the
guards before he was stopped
ard taken to the police station. ?
The man, who said h!s name J
4 was Alfred Hopkins, talked in-
coherently and refused to say -
1 V J Ik. 1 . A. A A ft.
v v no gae mm u - on
4- time he said he had a letter of 1
4 his own for the count. Later he
4 said he merely was a messenger.
The letter was delivered to
4? Count von Bernstorff. It follows: 4
T await here your words to
- consent to an interview. I am a
cousin of Prince Frederick Wil-
helm. I seek an appearance be- :
i 4- fore you to explain myjelf. If
1 . ....
j secret, ' then for Gods sake do "i
not refuse to call upon me to
4 shoulder a gun In the cause.
"P. S. Have 3-ou no in;tnic - 4 -
. . w r r . tp -r. r
Letters From the People
To tho Eflitor of The Tribuno:
j The manner m which you handled
the Republican in your editorial of
I Jan. SI issue is strictly all right. You
! could have added more to what you
! said end it would hr.ve been more in-
teresting to the public.
i L?ke 1 ,vant nothJ
! detrimental to the future welfare of
! tho Freeze company, but I was un-
I willing to become a party to the
i - . a .
iu :.-Lin. i i:'v ii!.;ii:iit-.o un-i nr.." i ci
, ..
;: ""l ;1 Cd"n msit:i:ir.r wou.u oe .--ou
if,:- :itnt-.li..tn,tnri-'-,OlW ranliinT
1 v Io.V;l! to the conrpany and
; wanted to flay with tlirni and do ali
I could fcr the sucvess of the .tock-
' holders. Had Mr. Thomas M. Wil-
, !i;un :) rfsome one of hi., type remrJn-
! , - , t T ,', , ,
i ed as vc!o president T would nave been
j there yet. but T could not remain and
vy. $12.:,.2.fi5;iWork under a man who !.-.ued Mcn
$12..V)?12.r,.-: ; statements as the present incumb-nl
I i! in the prospectus of t.ie company.
; - ... . . . . . "
!l wi'l ask von to nlease read the pros -
t ... ... . . i
I wi'l ;tsk you to please read
v.-et tus o-f'V ran full v and see
, , - , ... , .,,.,
,., . A, '
' wr.K'ii reie"- to tho Cane 31 if. (
. . .
; ue,"-r 0lK;in,ZP" v " t a',!ia:
! f;t .S2."0.000 fully paid and non - a - sess -
niy :n nw:; aim iwiii uif
, lialar.ee in trv treasury until sucr. a
1 time, etc.
I had been told that the citi::cns
: i ape iirarueau :iai neen uani"
until thov were tired ot it. and as I
'have a clean record of about fifteen
years b-hind me. i t,-,t that I could
not aiToid to be connected with a con-
o i t ki:at 1 Kilvw CU'iiU j'o-.-io:
r.SKC'i tnem to accept m re:-.ignauon.
e is a ii rc.'io.--
board of the Freeze company!
j on t:'.'
misrenrcsent anylhiiiir p -rlaininu- lo
the business of the company, and it
::e?ms strange that thoy would allow j f
the promoter to mr.ke such statments j
as he hasyade. I think it is because
lhey do not know the facts.
Mr. J. II. Freeze deserves a great
deal more credit for his past and pres
ent efforts than he has been givtn. Lut
from v. at I was able to learn while
there, he was in a nosition like unto
tne man
:an who was btt.vet n the IcviI
he deep sea. Between the fear
-nd the
that the other stockholders will wrest J
the fruits of his labors from him and
the wily machinations of a disbarred
ttonvy, he is likely to lose as muchSat nd jn he,. ((;ormany.s) fat.,.?
in account of one as the other
The Republican seems to be very de
sirous of the success of this company
for the reason that practically all of
the printing is done by them, but it
should not lose siirht of the fact that
if a number of pood citizens are stung,
that a great part of the responsibility
would rest on The Republican.
It was brought to my notice quite a
number of times while there that your
pap"f seemed. to take a much clearer
v'ew of things than The Republican.
I wish the Freeze company a ion? suc
cessful period of business, but do not
want to see any o" the citizens of.
Cape (Urnrdeau lose any hard earned
cash to do it.
With best wishes for all my friends
in your city and your excellent paper,
I beg to be,
Yours very truly.
F." M. White.
Lepanto, Ark., Feb. lf)17.
To The Editor of The Tribune:
Thc militarists, the munitions deal
ers and the ammunition manufacturers
of this country are joining hands with
the thugs of Europe to drag us- into
war. There are .three classes of peo-
pie among us who see the matter dif-
ferently: "Cranks." like the writer,
whom a certain other class, who are
f , fc , of Americans proverbially
. t
ignorant of the history of any count ry
and who are easily led by the military
crowd to constitute themselves as
judgss of the patriotism of lhe"crank"
and other who believe as he.
Then there is a third class, satisfied,
like the hog with feet and snout in
the trough, with the knife a short dis
tance away. Like the hog. they do nct !
want to b2 bothered if their trough is
ifuil and the pen is fixed with a good j er; .Misses Hazel Harrison, Jiimreci
jbed. j S.hocnicld of St. Louis, Clara Miller,
j jt j.. time for plain speaking. Do ! Birdie Mae Adams, Nona Stewart. An
i-rw.v,- fV.t rmi. ,ntr,r i hpiiifr'na Wilson. Blanche HarrelL Elizalwlh.
.,.ar on a m,sapprhension and
the erroneous interpretation placed up- .
on the German note by our President,
who made the error ? There is no need
of going to war; the German Govern
ment sent the fci lowing cablegram
when they learned that President -Wilson
broke off gelations:
"The general feeling in Germany
is regret that the American Presi
dent gave to the German note an
interpretation which was not intend
ed by Germany. The German mea
sures are not intended to damasre
neutrals, but were caused by the
necessity of defending Germany
against host'le measures which are
contrary to International Law, etc."
How many really know what that'
violation is and it really is a viola
tion by Etijrland yet thc ijrnorant
want war and tell us to "Stand by the
President." They did not stand by the
President in thrt Immigration Bill.
They forget or a-e ignorant of the vio
lation of International Law that is the
mother of all these other troubles, and
of our criminal supineness in not pro-
t testing at the mininjr of the North Sea.
j We are unneutral and every citizen
has a rirvht to protest against this
war, till war is declared. If wc go to
war, I would not want to be in the
boots of ho:e who caused it, when
the : i vtr. We want no entan
jding alliances; no sending of our boys
to Eaiop? to fight for Kings and under
Kings' oflicers. L'nder the Hay Hill
this can bo done, though the liill is
..,nconstitatior.aI. It is braver f lipht
j c,.,vrivpv ,ll0v,, (nt nov than to
"... i- vi ..!
a'.i'l oravciv on
; lkM ,
i 4 "Ll 1 :
American humanity first!
.;"'! "i"-i:- -H)ea.l.
N'o European
p ... -i i, r-.n;.,
1. : . 31. J.. Loliins.
! Jack, on. Mo.. Feb. 14. 1014.
i u.,., .ln.i r..,t I'rr.i.lnrt W!!,,
j .-aid that, in order to uphold Amor-
m '"honor and iritecntv. dinio-
rjm;it:c rc:a(ions with GermanV must be
Where was American honor and in
tegrity when the Wilson administra
tion permitted England. France anil
Russia to use the American flag for
criminal purposes?
Where was American honor and in-
Irgrity vhen the Wilson administra
i tion permittevl the British to hold up
. ..k,-' . i t .1 i. m...
. VII 1 1 1 1 . tl.l UIIIJ, il.lLll UU.II! HIT.
.,,, ctv;n. ".,n,i hn: ihr. v.rUUh
Where was American honor and in-
ioLTitv whm tho Wilson admmi-tra-
ion . permitted British war ships to
capture our merchant vessels and con
'iscate our cargoes?
Where was American honor and in
iorrity when the Wilson administra
tion permitted British war ships to
rifle and rob our mails?
Where was American honor and in
tegrity when, only a few days ap;o.
J r;Crmanv sF
,poxv to wres
-howed the United State -
est the occan-carryitftr trade
f,()m Knghmd during the sreat war
anil by way o reply Mr. Wilson, as
sisted by his British Secretary - of
Where was Mr. Wilson's honor, in
tegrity and patriotism when he boldly
proclaimed that he would deem it a
greater honor to receive a degree from
Oxford (England) University than to
he President f the United States?
Cape Girardeau. Feb. 14. 1017. W. II.
The engagement of Miss Florence
Catern to Reuben Simpson was; yes
terday announced at a Valentine par
ty given at the home of Mrs. W. A.
Cantrell. a sister of the bride-to-be.
A thimble party had been arranged
by Mrs. Cantrcii to announce the
The house was attractively decorat
ed for the event. The guests were
presented with small Valentine hearts
hearing the names of thc bridegroom
e'ect and his fiiancee. Red hearts also
decorated the ice cream and other re-
y f reshments served at the party.
j Mr. Simpson, who has been living
in the Cape for nearly two years, i
employed as, a draftsman by the Little
River Drainage Co. He comes from
Salt Lake City, Utah. Thc bride-elect
Is one of the most popular young la
dies of the Capo society. She has been
a stenographer for Judge Whybark
for several years. Her parents arc
Mr. and Mrs. William Cantern.
It is. presumed that the wedding will
take place some time in the spring,
but the date has not been set yet.
The ladies who attended the party
were: Mesdames Ed Drum, Amo
Zoelsmann, C. C. Hav. Iey, J. P. Meyers,
II. A. Dunn, Iska Carmack, J. D. Por
terlield, Russell Deannont, Harry
Cctf man, George Patton, V. D. Rhodes.
Ralph Schultz. J. M. Reynolds, William
Mc'.Iholland, and Charles Himmclbcrg-
Davis and .Margaret Johnson.

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