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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, December 14, 1917, Image 3

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RIVALS EXPLOITS ! parted for years,
Cocotone Skin Soap
A 25c Cake Free
nr .rr ,..nM REUNITED BY WAR
To Our Xmas Savers
If you will be good enough to come to the
bank on Saturday, December 8, with your
Christmas savings card we will be glad to de
liver your Christmas check.
We congratulate you sincerely on the nice sav
ing you have accumulated during the year.
Cape Girardeau's Big Bank for Savings, the
Linked With the Government
Ur J&5t jpt5
Career of Walter Blevins More
Sensational Than Any Dime
Novel Hero.
Sen to the St. Franc-Is liispital l CAPE HAS CHANCE TO LAND
IU.rns h:.s been bedridden for sove-J (Continued frcm page 1.)
week?. It is hoped that the treat-;
Killing of a Holdup Victim in Montana
Brings to Close Remarkable Rec
ord of Daring Criminal
Knoxville, Tenn. Rivaling the ex
ploits of Jesso James were the thrilling
experiences and adventures of Wal
ter Blevins, alias Walter Curtis, alias
i Walter Dean, who recently was taken
irora mis euy to Anaconda, Moat., to
be placed on trial at Anaconda charged
with murder and highway robbery.
Blevins belonged to the famous
Harvey Logan clan.
Investigation by secret service men.
post office inspectors and other fed
eral officers at Knoxville has dis
closed deeds and crimes ultrihmod t
Blevius which are unparalleled iu the
most popular '"Diamond Dick" uud
"Nick Carter" stories.
Many Desperate Deeds.
Cold unlets were stolen in Alaska
by Pleviii-. ami on this charge and
j jaii-liivak'iitf ju Juneau. Ai.isk.t, lie
j was d to the federal p. iiiten-
I tiary at Fort Leaven oi-iti liv the ter-
Brothers Separated When T in
the Balkans BrouglU Vu
gether In Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, Pa. The great world
war which has separated thousands
from their families brought together
here recently two brothers who were
separated while tots in the Balkans 25
years ago.
Today the elder of the brothers Is
Capt. David Albala, a member of the
Serbian commission to the United
States. The other is Joseph Kauf
mann of Pittsburgh.
Both men were born in Rocmania
and their family name Is Covo. Their
at the Hospital will relieve he;-jt:' iliOIH 0:1
i sary umber of women for the
Weal lur fi.rca.-t: 'Fair today, rising! of her ailment.
n I'pei.iti.rc i -AIart'n Roth, Jr., who was stricken , factory, the business men of Ilimo,
suddenly witu appendicitis taturcia;. . ;Fornfe!ty jatk:-cn &yl ether towns
evening underwent a successful open-! , ... , , . ,
Mi.-. Herman Roloff un le-rwent an
. p. ration at the St
cst-io..y mo:nmg. it was i.ie inn..i t!:iy m,nim..-. The boy, 'who
v itliin the la.-t six months. She was jcars old, feit the first effects of tlvj ;
r. puted to have .-tood the o'deal wed. ' Painful attack Saturday night and up
Jainrs Davis and Harvey Harper, j on advise of the attendin physician wa3
two young men who we:e drafted in- j immediately removed to St. Francis
to the national army three months ago, Hospital for the operation,
hae been discharged because of phy&i- j 1
cal disability Davis .suffered an in-; ROCK LEVEE WILL
.'ury to his right thumb aome time lv ! HE CUT MONDAY j offered the clothing company a loca-
f ri the draft took p'are. and has been : (Continued from page one.) jt ion for the branch factory. Mr.
i:eal. ie to use his thumb. Ha per, was
Francis Hospital . , , u . . . . . , . ; nearby will send the missing number
iliwn tt.u'i; pi, a. lUUU II J Ltl it I '
It was the third ...... T',a l.nv is ti to lms c;l-
The Marx-LIa-s Clothing c-mipany
manufactures .ve-.rng ap :wcl 1 1
kinds such :is corduroy suits, khak,
winter suits, and also summer .suits,
all of a moderately priced clothing.
A number of towns in Missouri have
c.i.scliar't vi on account oi a defect o!
the heart. Hie had been pronounce !
.-.-und by the physicians of the regis
tration board.
Have yov.v Sewing Maciiine Repair-;
cd while tUi.s ercnt expert is slid her", i
He is located at Taylor. Masterson and i
properly owners living in the town-' ''slcin has vi.itcd Sedaiia, llanni-
, i l,ip affected by tie cutting of tho:l:" .'loiioriy, Loiumuia, .Mexico, and
j 1Y;.-, wet!d come -to the re-scuo by j left yesterday afternoon for Poplar
; assessing themselves according to the ' Bluff whrere he will meet the business
i value of thfi- property, then the mat-; rPlireM.nratIVOS! this evpnm
i te-- eonld hp r;! ii:t.'l !
oi us central location in soumea.-t
not furnish the ncces-' riiorial court in .Mask
He was released from Leavenworth
prison on October 1".. l'JIG. He then
went .y Chattanooga and worked for
two or three weeks as a structural
steel worker.
For two months he remained in up
per Lis Tennessee. During that time
i he post mlier at Johnson City was
entered, the vault therein, as well as
the large safe inside the vault, were
blown open with nitroglycerin and
nearly $10,000 worth of postage stumps
and several hundred dollars in money
In the latter part of February, 1JH7.
Blevins left East Tennessee and re
turned to Montana, where he had lived
for several years before going to the
peiititenliary. While in Montana he
was arrested by state authorities
I 'ciidV
Co., 118 Broj
lakes them better than j
If such an aereement could rot b? '
inched, then a bond, issue would be PIi:4SOUri and its accessibility by either
!lhc only solution of the problem. This, rail or water, it is believed the Cape
new. Don't miss this chance. Photic
matter has been viewed from all an- will be given preference to the other
2. '
Have you tried this famous soap for the skin, if not send the coupon be
low in at once and try this wonderful soap. It will cleanse the skin and
give it the delicate color and freshness so nr.-ch desired by everyone..
Cocotone Co., Pittsburg, Pa.
Dear Sirs:
Your Cocotone Skin Soap is
perfectly delightful, it makes
the skin soft and velvety, re
moves oily appearance and
gives wonderful results in
improving the complexion.
K r.dly send me six cakes by
rtturn mail for the' $1.50
money order enclo.-ed.
Yours truly,
Miss Jos. M. Johns.
I have never used Cocotone
Skin Soap but if you will send me
a 23 cent cake free, will be pleas
ed to try it. I enclose six two
cent SiPmps to cover cost of mail
ing, packing, etc.
Name . .
Agents Wanted.
ri-in no .v. John De peer. Chief i k1ca' lut so,alion 'vas. offerl b-; I cities, if the business men can make an
cxp -rt. t nea St. Louis. !a"yo?c 1:'r d,rfercncf onion f i arcetablo offer to the clotV.inr com-
the aUorneys representing the county
and the drainage company has added F"an
to the entanglement :r. this matter.
While the attorneys for the county
contend that the drainage district
.i- Hospital where lie underwent medi- ",U-,L UUJ,U "lt: &
ea treai ment for several weeks. t,"":a 1Icc Uhc expenditures from the
Mrs. Krnc.-l Go.hring is visiting hvlW0y ovvntl,s ,ivin- in th tcwn"
.I. i ..:.i
Mr :in.l Mi: Ie Vnim- 11 ."'i'' 4'1"- -J 11.,: uniei jmmu
...... ....
City c ounselor Knehuns spent the
day in Benton on icgal matters.
Oi l Freeze, the we!! know n .sal-..n-keej
r. "s abl to b around again
loliovviiig his discliarg from St. Fran-1
. rent.-
II.'Mvilie, I'l:
! maintain t!:at thi; law loes not con-
Mrs. K. ('. Meadows of E,sex, w,i?;tai5 an' sUch l'ision
siiiJCuenfl iiur? inline:
- - . i
The industries committee of the
Commercial Club is expected to make
its report to the Commercial Club
tonight and ask that the report be
approved by the entire club.
The meeting tonight has been called
for the purpose of opening the ballot
boxes and announcing the results of
the election held last Friday night,
j Because of the inclement weather this
meeting was postponed last Friday
w:;s i.-oii'-nt to trie Cape a week ago?
underwent aa operation at the St.;
Fri'uis Hospital ycsterdi.y morning, j
Will Newton, a drag line workcv1", j
-a..s brought to the Cape from near j
Delta ves-tcrday afternoon and taken j
to S. Fn.ncis Hospital. j
County Coilectoi J. Frank Ca'dwe!! j
wi'l be in the city Tuc::da , Wcdnc:- j
day and 'i'hn sday to toilect the coun-j
t' taxes. He will he ?"-l:ii te recei.ei
lax.iavers in tin- office of i hi h a preccrlptioa prepcred eipedalfj ;
i ef c..-rg. ..'!. , Five or x dosea will break any case, and i to call mc 'skinnv' but now mv nar.;..!
Irs. II. . Burns, wil'- of the p if taken then as a toaic the Fever will net ,.i,.,.,.i at... ......
No. 63S
j night to Tuesday evening.
How Thin People Obtain
A Plump Strong
Robust Body
"Before I took tonoline people tk.:l
!. , tor of ! !. Amiamsi H ti I was t;k-, return, it octi oa the liver bcUer than
' f slooiel and cocs net tfripc or sicken. 25
Have gained 13 pounds and am ga 'n
jing yet. I look like a new man," i!
llclared F. P. Smith, Pitt-burg, P t ,
who had just finished fne toniiuo
00 busy to
take a
i Wouid you, too, like to quickly put
from It) to "0 pounds of good, solid
siay-t.nere '. jicsli, tat and muscular
tissue "between your skin and bones?
Don't say it can't be done. Trv it
j Let us send you free a 50c packag-'
;of tonoline and prove what it can dr
for you.
Every druggist, is dispensing a
I great deal of tonoline.
t W .1 m.. .... .
lorc tnnn a Half million lh;n
ard wninnn l-rn-n c!
Lcl the telephone light
en some of your burdens.
Utilize the long distance and toll line service.
The time saved will give you an opporiunity for rest
and recreation.
Get the results the quickest way aud wite the least
- possible effort.
Conserv e time and energy.
e n
j test and that tonoline does succeed,
jdoes make thin folks' fat even whi te
! all eisa has failed, is best proved by
j the tremendous business We hav
done. No drastic diet, flesh creams,
i massage, oils or emulsions, but a
'simple, harmless home treatment.
Cut out the coupon and send for t::i -j
Free package today,
j Take Tonoline with your meals ao
j watch it work. This test w ill tell tho
j story.
Cape Girardeau Bell Telephone Co.
This coupon with 10c in silver to
help pay postage, packing, "tc...
and to show good faith entitles
holder to one 50c package of
Tonoline free. Address the
American Proprietory Co., Bos
ton, Mass.
Blevins Shot Him.
upon a minor charge and was given
six months in jail. While in jail at
Malta, Mont., he made bis escape, in
connection with two men, who it Is
claimed were Western highwaymen.
Shortly after his escape from jail
in company with these men and an
other pMrty, went to Anaconda,
and while at Anaconda Ibis quartette
aeld up ten or fifteen automobiles on
a highway about three miles from
Because one of the parties, a promi
nent business man, failed to hold up
his hands as quickly as Ulevins or
dered, k is claimed IUevins shot him,
and also shot a woman who did not
respond immediately to his command.
The man lived n few weeks and died.
Ulevins made his escape nad w as af
terward!" recaptured at Miuot, N. !.,
and returned to Mi.lta, Mont., on the
old charge for which he was serving
o sentence when he escaped. It was
claimed part of the stolen goods and
jewelry was found upon him.
Confesses to Robbery.
Blevins confesse d to the robbery of
the Johnson City post oltice at Malta,
Mmt., and before the Montana state
authorities suspected that he was con
nected with the Anaconda robbery be
was brought to Teuuessee for trial for
the Johnson City robbery of the $H,
000 in postage stamps and several huu
dred dollars in money.
lie was tried on that charge at the
session of the United States district
court in September, at Greencville,
Tenn., when be repudiated his alleged
confession, claiming It w"hs forced
from him by the sheriff in Moutanu.
and, the federal government being uu
able to rebut his claim at that time,
he was acquitted by the jury.'there
being no other evidence of his robbing
the Johnson City post office except his
reputed confession.
Sheriff J. R. Crabb and Deputy Sher
iff Percy Ingalls of Montana took Blev
ius back to Montana with a 20-pound
Were Brought Together.
mother died while the lads were very
young, leaving one to be adopted by
a neighbor named Kaufmann and the
other child to be taken to Serbia to
live with an uncle named Albala. Thus
the brothers received different names.
As the boys grew older they corre
sponded, but never met. At the age of
Jifteen Kaufmann came to America
and while he was working his way up
in the business world his brother be
came a noted physician, distinguishing J
himself in the Ralkan war and gaining!
prominence in Belgrade. With the out
break of the present hostilities he
;t in"d fresh laurels and was selected
o serve ou a commission to America.
When Capta'n Albala reached Amer
ica his fust thoughts were of his
'no: her. Ue sought the aid of the
i'ittsburgh police iu the search aud
Kaufmann was located.
After an ii'r.e. .s of a few dayj. Mrs.
j Planch Seabaugit, wite oftlie grocer on
North Main .street died at St lYnnrnis
STOPPED ; Hotfpital eaTly y',:i,Iav -"iig follow
ing an operai.oi! tor an internal dis
order. She had been ill only a hort
time, and the operation wa- believed
ito have been successful. A ' ;lniiht
1 here is only one hair preparation - . , - , , , . .
, . . .... , . ; Sauo:iy si;e elapsed m4o u r ci,u-
hat will kill the germs and that is
. ,- t, - .. . nesj aim expired two hours ku r.
Mildredma Hair Remedv. This un-
, - .A, . , , : Tr.e funeral was held veterday
-sual natr restore r with its record of ; . '
, aaei no-.ii at i.orimcr cer.u .' . . . ,-
w ere s;ud at the house I
The e is only one way to cure ckn
ruff and that is to kill the germs
i i .. -,. .
nousanas or cures win grow hair or
my head where there is any life left; "
it cures dandruff, stops falling N.r. ,
P. Sv-iuggs. following v.liVa
ino. itching of the scalp in three- j . J
Mrs. Seabaugh was 2: years o!d. She
was Miss Blanch Gonr, of Neely's
Landing. The couple were married
about six months ago.
Pueblo. Colo. Lo! th
Indian has the distinct i n ;
blazing the trail in one iu-.-iv v;
rectinn forging a thumb r, ret
Kick-Unc-Big-Hole-ia-the - Sky,
sometimes using the Euglish
name of Lang, a Ute Indian, is
under indictment here and will
be tried before a United States
district court charged with
forging the thumbprint of a for
mer redskin companion, one
Wicked Snake, to a government
pay check.
Three-Broken-Ribs and Blg-Little-Hat.
also Utes. known as
Jones and Clark, were indicted
at the same time for burglary
in Montezuma county.
vecks or your money back.
It is the most pleasant and ir.vig
-rating tonic, is not sticky or greasy
ind is used extensively by ladies of
efinement who desire to have ana to
ceep their hair scft, lustrous and lux
uriant. Your druggist is selling Mildredhn
lair Remedy on a positive guarantee
o remove dandruff or money reftnd-1 lia' stomach trouble so badly
d at 50c and $1.00 a bottle. Out of J that nothing 1 ate would digest as it
own customers suopiied by mad. -shouiel." Sadie- E. Hamilton, Port-
iland. Me., as .-he began a remarkable
j.-tory of th" relief she bus secured
jfrom Argo-Pro.phate, the nev recon-
Notice is hereby given that " iter; Ftruciiv . stomach tonic and aystcm
f administration upon the cs'...te of . j-urifieT.
-emuel C Di!!ma,i. deceased, have, "Kverythitg that I tte - orld lie in
been grarted to the u'-idersinnwl. by ' ny stom ii ): like a lunip,' .-he exj.Iain
the Cape Girardeau Couit cf Conuno'i cd. "tla.i would form and I wouid
Pleas of Cape (iirardeau county, Mis-1 suffer eii.-tre. s aii the time. 1 got ;o
souri, W iring date of the 28th day of 1 1 could laidiy keep anything down.
Novemboi-, 1917.
All persons having claims agains t
said estate are required to exhibit
them to me, the undersigned adminis-
Trying i.i get relief, I had my stom
ach pumped out, but even this did not
help mo as I continued just as bad.
"I keot hearing so much about Ar-
rator, for allowance within six j go-Phosphate that I thought maybe
'.onths from the date of said letters it might help me and I decided to try
r they nay be precluded from any Jit. I have taken two bottles and to
enefit oi such estate; and if said! my surprise 1 am already feeling fine,
bairns be not exhibited within one ! I can eat r.nvthinar and I am not trou-
Swallows Boy and Girl, and Bodies
Were Later Found In Ani
mal's Stomach,
An alligator swallowed twin babies,
a boy and girl, while the mother
washed clothes on the banks of a river
near Belize. British Honduras.
The mother had left her babies In a
brisket near where she was washing,
and failed to notice an alligator that
tolf up on the bank and suddenlj
gulped down the twins. The woman
notltie'd her husband, who was wort
lng in a nearby field, and he led a band
of men i. the spot.
The alligator was captured before It
succeeded in getting back into the wa
ter. When Its stomach was cut open
the dead bodies of the twins were
found, almost unmarked.
Music and Dance Originated With
Romany Tribe In .Southern Part
of Europe.
Akron, O. Most folks thought the
jazz bands and the jazz music came
from somewhere around New Orleans
and that New York finished the job
by introducing the jazz dance. But
Dr. Oscar Junek, educator of this city,
jsays the music and dance come front
the Isigane1 Gypsies, who roam thi
southern part of Europe. '
Doctor Jonek was born in Silesia,
Austria, and says he often saw the
nmvt.- stAn tsi tin Oia Iot. lfn.a
boot on his foot wjikh bas a combina-l e (hiflks d ing
tion lock which takes about three min-, mnsitt1. mnsr hav- ,itoH tliaf
utes to open, and strong handcuffs.
year from the date of the granting of
etters on said estate they shall be
forever barred.
of Cape
State of Missouri. County
Girardeau ss:
I hereby certify that I, A. J. Ddhuan
.nan, was granted letters of adminis
tration upon the estate of Lemuel G. j
Tillman, deceased on the date above I a local druggist
In testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and affixed the
-eal of said Court, this 2Sth day of
N'ovember, 1917.
Clerk. C ine Girardeau Court of Com
mon Pleas.
bled at all.
"I am completely rid of my old stom
ach trou i lo that I had for three years.
I have tnt felt so well for years and
I am certainly glad to endorse Argo
Phosphate because I want others to
be helpe.l by this wonderful medicine."
The spirit of w anting to help others
is what makes suffering men and
women g;ve these splendid public en
dorsements of Argo-Phosphate," said
Kidneco Is a Wonderful Protection
When disease geis into the kidneys
it is jutt as certain to take a nersoti
.... . , . ... "ff as leprosy, unless it 13 checked
Not.'co is ereby giver that ;m;.e-;. f . . , , . . .
i before it goes too far. h people just
J-ai ?t.-;,s ev il be tv; to enforce i knc,v ihc danger "that lurked in dis-
-u npiia-..-.' .ith that pxrL of Section case;i of lhe6C j,iicale cr?ans thcv
138, Oi-dinance No. 117), pe ruining to !wou(1 a3 caxcfui them as Ihcy
ho reu val of snow fn u sidewalks, I are of (heir eyCj5 peope w, ( bava
which is as follows : I sound kidneys should know bv to
"No person being the ujKr or oc
cupier of any lot or Ia-;i within this
city shall permit or : !i snov to
remain upon any sidev.a'; in front
thereof Lo a greater ueoih ;h:.n cne
inch, ten hours after 'he same has
Every person violating any provi
sion of th-s section of lh;s ordinance
shall be guilty of a misd .'meanor, and
upon conviction be fined not less than
one dollar nor more than fi.'Iy dollajs.'
Issued by order of Mayor V;J1
Hirsch, ihis lltli day of December,
R W. Friasel!.
City Cieik.
(protect and take care of the:; . Kid
neco is a sure remedy for treating
kidney diseases because it r; movs
the poisons that collect in the blood
'hrougii the inactive kidneys.
Just go to any drug store and set
ibout a dozen Kidneco Tablets. They
- inexpensive and will relieve your
kidney trouble quickly. Ma itd by
the Kidneco Co., Boston, Mas.
Ma or Chills &Fc,n
Pretcriptioo No. CSS it preparedetpecially
Five or mx dotes will break any cue, and
If taken then aa tonic the Fever will not
return. It acta on the liver better thaq
Calomel tad doea not rip or skkeo. 2S
Why do your caws give less milk
in winter than they do in summer?
Just because nature doeo not supply
'hem with grasses and green food.
l?ui we. have soma to the assistance
of Dame Nature with D. A. Tnomas'
Stock Remedy which contains the
rery ingiedients that the green feed
upplies m iieason, only of course, in
a more highly concentrated form. Wc
ruarantee that this remedy will mako
cur cows give more milk and better
miik with the same feed. F. F,
Hraun & Pros.

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