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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, January 11, 1918, Image 1

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h !
hr J NEWS -
i i
! j
Deserts Husband's home; Bessie Adams Confesses She i
When Sheriff Starts To
Serve Papers on Him.
She Is known As the Best Dresser
- Looks And lets Like
Mrs. Golda Doyle, wife cf E. 51.
Doyle, proprietor of the Park Theater,
yesterday moved her trunks from the
home of her husband to the St. Charles
H'.'tel at about the same time that her
attorneys, 0. A. Knehans and A. M.
Spradling, were filing ehr petition for
divorce in the Circuit Couil in Jack
Her action came as a complete sur
prise to her husband and his relatives
and friends. The general opinion of
those who were acquainted with thejnary trial am, testified that "Speck"
Jov es wis tnai rneir me was a con
- , ,
tinuou? honevmoon. She was regard
erf as one of the best dressed women in
the city, and all that money would buy
was at her disposal. Her husband, ac
cording to those who knew the couple
best, wanted Lor to have all she d.s-
, u, and there was nothing new m wear
ng apparel that Mrs. E.M.Doyle failed
to get.
Mr. Uoyle had hardly learned mat
bis wife had moved her belongings ;n tj,e snow iea(vjng from the Kousv j A claim for exemption ma
from his home than hc was served with :yarA to tho homo 0f Adams, which is! era! Perkins on the groun-h
a notice of the suit. Deputy Mioriu
Summers served the papers. j
Attorney Knehans last night declin .
ed to discuss the case. He said he had
promised Mrs. Doyle that he would J
not divulge hpr case to the newspapers
and furthermore would use his influ
once to keep the facts from the public.
When a repr.rter for The Tribune call
ed at the St. Charles Hotel lastnight,
he was informed that Mrs. Doyle had
"just stepped out with another lady."
Mr. Doyle said last might he was so
ignorant cf the facts that he could not
discuss the case intelligently. He was
asleep when Mrs. Doyle and her trunks
left the Doyle home for the St. Charles
Hotel. His mother awakened him as
soon as she learned of her daughter in
law's action. A short time later the
deputy sheriff served' the papers on
him. He consulted Judge Edward D.
Hays concerning the suit last night,
but the lawyer had nothing to say.
Those who knew the Doyles best say
they lived happily together. They
w ere seen every day and somtimes sev
eral times during the day motoring in his home in the rear ef tthe Kouse resi j
the big grey Cole car. During thejdence. Feathers found in a bucket at,"
hours when the theater was open Mr. i
Doyle and his wife remained together.
She always stood guard tt the cash
drawer. She was on duty at the thea
ter Woelnesday night, and they went
home together, but her plans were
kept from her husband.
Shortly before noon yesterday a
transfer man drove up in front of the j
Doyle home onThemis street, rang the
door bell and called forMrs. Doyle's
trunks. Her mother in law responded
to the doorbell, and" upon learning the ,
driver's mission, toldhim he had evi
dently made amistake. "Go to the
next door and you will likely find the ;
trunks there," she said.
if lbia nninf Aire V. Af Dnvl n
peared at the head of the stairway and j
shouted: "You are in the right pew, j
step in and get the trunks." He obey j
t. 1 his was the manner in wftich tne J
news was broken to the Doyles. And .
the vounp- woman inserted the necess
ary number of pins in her hat and d?
Friend's of Mrs. Doyle, in comment
int cn the suit last night, advanced the
theory that she was dissatisfied with
life in a small town. She had basked
in the glare cf the footlights before
they were wed, and felt a natural long
ing to return to thestage. Mr. Doyle
met his wife while she was an actress
in Little Rock, although her home was
in Iowa and their marriage took place
at the home of her parents in that
During her stay in this city she has
made many friends. She is a brown
eyed auburn hiii-ed woman and dress
so "stagy."
It -was reported yesterday that her
attorneys drafted her ffivoree petition
on January 2. Tt was filed jrepfcprday
Invaded Chicken Roost.
Testified Against Negro, Who Is!
Held For Circuit Court.
Following the preliminary hearing i
of George "Speck" Adams, a negro, j
before Justice of the Peace Wilier yes J
trday morning on a charge of steal j
ingchicken from John Rouse, Bessie j
Adams, a colored woman, confessed!
to the theft. She was arrested and
will be tried on the same charge of J
vfhich "Speckw will be freed. The!
latter was bound over to the ccrcuit
court by Judge Wilier.
Kessie was a witness at the prelimi
, 4,
:had left the house earlv in the morn
mr and ha'1 turned with two chick
, -ns. Slie said she did not know where
he had gotten the fowls, or whether
; he hatI bought er stolen them. Her j
, mothor corroborated this statement,;
!am, Spf.ck" wa;, hel.l ,bv the Justice :
on the charR0 of stralin the two I
chickens. .
jv comparing the size of the track
-ony a Moc distant, the police yester
,iay arr;VPfj at t1e conclusion that the
t;oft cr,1(j not 1)0 traoe to "Spe.-k"
ljhis Was the tetimonv "iven bv rinf
Whitener yesterday after comnleting .
his investigaticn into the theft of the
At the conclusion of the preliminary
. i , , ,- .. I
that "Speck" was innocent nd rema:k !
ed. it would be unjust to send him to;
the penitentiary lor somtehmg he bar! j
net done. This prompted the woman
to confess. She was taken to the citv
iail, p-!t through a cross examination :
during which she told the detai's oMion filed in t!
the robbery. Tito affidavit , in the rue.- Linnnuin
Prosecutirig Attorney Caiiithersjv;ai il?, iho ...-nature of Mr--. Perk in-
said after neanng the contession of the j
girl he would dismiss the charge ag ,
amst "Speck" Adams. Since he has
been bound over to the circuit court, !
11,. ..I A. 1- - .1 - 1 -1 Jl -
uie iniiij,e cm ie. i uk oi'jjipe'. uiuii me i
lease is called in that court.
.Itec1!" was arrested Wednesday
; morning when the police found him
and two women dining on ch'ckens at'kms ('Ia,m rr txon,l't'
the Adams home tallied in color with
some found near Rouse's hen roost
Adams was arrested, hut denied steal
ing chickens.
According to Prosecuting Attorney
Caruthcrs "Speck" was. convicted of
hghway robbery and sentenced to five
years in the penitent iaiy. He was re
leased about two years ago.
jCape Soldier Gets Second High
est Grade In His Com
ceigi. i.ene 2-pcaic, vi,o nas dcch
stationed at Chickamagua for several
has entereel the Officers'
(Training School, where he will try for
a commission in the army. Of the
sixteen members who entered the
school from his company, he ranked
seconct in grades.
Sergt, Speak, who is the son of Mrs. .
peaK, nas maae excellent re;nount.od. will be hit by the zero weath
corei. nc voiunxeereni a.s private ami
had been in only a short time when ho j A snow storm set n etrly yesterday; I'inif: McCine, who was aecidentlly ternoon. It was found that her condiiway e.f recovery, and hrr husband wiio ;
was promoted. In the ti-aining.CVeninsjf and flakes contineud to fall'phot Wednesday afternoon, while hunt -tion had jrrown precarious due to a , retnahw-u-at her beeUdde for a we: k
school are 13.0C0 men, tnd in the letter 'all night covering the ground for a ' nr .veral miles south of' the city, is elelay of the operation. She became j follow ing the operation departed for ;'
to his mother yesterday he stated in; depth of more than four inches. The reported recovering from a wound in unconscious yesterday forenoon and) his home.
case he failed to win acommission 1: street cars were tied up on account of the left hip. The accident was caus'died shortly after'noon. . Tuesday morning Mrs. Abies began !
would be because 12.00!) '-heat him to ; the heavy snow, all late traffic was im ed when Roy Caracker. who accomptin : 1 he funeral will be held thisafter ; to show the first symtons ofa relapse. ,
i-" ; paired. The late Hoxie arrived more ieel Young CcCine stumbled' over a tree 'noon from the home, KS South Span ' and her husband was summoned to the.
He sent his mother a book contain 'than an hour late, til other trains wer dropping his shotgun. The wound ts ! ish street. Interment will be at the hospital. She died yesteuity morning
ing photographs of all members in h:s behind schedule. ; about an inch in diameter. (Lorimier Cemetery. She was the -bride ab-nit 11 o'clock. The body wa? shipped ;
tic since he entered the army, and his j ; The wounded youth was taken to the of R. F. Pirkey. an employe of the shoe jto Sikeston early this morning, and
signed" to the Fifty Second Regiment, ; company. Sergt Speak has bean ia home 6f his parents, Mr. andMrs. Wil i faetory. The couple weremarried two j will be buried there this afternoon, i
(which for several months has been ta many frends here expect him to win 3 liam McCine, "60 South Pacific street, - weeks ago. She was Miss Anna Host Eoth funerals will held .uneler ih .
toned at Chekamagua.
Young Speak has become, enthusias )
i rhm ess; wzmMZmm; rm&
S3 VM,; cullj
Crew of a German submarine surrendering to (lie crew of (he American
j had been crippled hy the Fanning and the Nicholson, which wore -)tivoying
tograph was taken th I'-Jm:-. sank. .Must of tlu crew were s.ivci!. s.tm.v hv
j t0 resc,,, ehm-
, .
(;t.nera, prkins, Sued tor Di-j
c ..f . T.
rro, hays ttl.e Is lie- ,
that he
had to support hs wife is l in;r inves
tigated bv Sheriff Hutsen. when 1:
wa:5 miormed thtt I et Kin. was recent
ly sued for n ilivorce by his wife. Th
Instil ion fied ;
a. fed in the Common Plea, ;
j Court January .'I
i In an affidav
In an alfu avit accempanvmg
tsiionnao e .'rs. Perkins .-u-tain.
her husband's clam on th.' groun.
tiat slu. xvts .legending upon h's
! p-rt.
Tho couple Jiave been separate
according to tne ji-ii
Common PI-a- ( u: t.
was made out Wednesday.
When Sheriff Tlutson received the
of I
ei.-:.ns yesa-.lav
he rccallr.I htv-ng
ilivorce petit ion in the Common Pleas
Court and began to investigate Per
When Perkins learned that the her
iff Was investigating the ground- of
this exemption claim, he called up She: :
iff Hutson yesterday afternoon to a
cerlain whether any action would b
taken against him for a-king exemp
tion on the grounds that his wife was
being sup pert en" by him.
Sheriff 1 1 ut -on said last night h"
jdid not know whether any action
lb.? taken against Perkins, as he had
jnot finished his inve.-tlgation. If the.
jcla'm fi'ed by Perkins coulo not b ;
e.V. not ll
verified he said, then he would proba;
b'v lav the' matter before the military'.
n,avy Snow Proceeds Cold Weather
' in ..rol,nt f cno,v.
,.i.t ..lt.
.".utnaei ton; io.m
jtrf1 trt rpa h tll? cit-v t0,hl'' aRfI thr ,,;C
rcury will drop far he'ow zero, rrc the
predictions;: of tho government weatn
er bureau. The entire state, it is an
commission- when he leaves thetrain ;
ing school. - j
;Prophet Pass eslBLOMEYER MAN IS
Another Cor-
t t r t
ner m L,iie s
Col. Matt. Morrison W i t h -
holds His Age, But J0tslhin,on1 in nloymey(r rA takn X-
Down a Few Remarks on!Jaf" wht,v 1h,e U hP,,, T
Current Subjects.
remarket Col. .Matt Morris j
en. the gupsebane wenMier prophet. -1 i
h.st muffed another birthday. I am
old enough to be too wise to let my :
wife know just how old I am. Put I'm .
young ai tnat.
"I have tolaff eveivtime I see some
old bird.-; creeping about th
city. I u-urj an old man when th . j
w iiz born, but I'm still watchin" the;
oiks plan: 'em. As I said once befoiv
you can't live two days in one and g.:t -
1 loag. I'm getting' mine, but I al i
, iii :
v. :-v - kef p the brakes on. i
"Well. I see by the papers that we're j
goia' to dam the riv( r. Now 1 ve lwen
dammin the damn thing ever since I
,u,.at,( jn t,is tov.n j )o,e a patl..
of co. n, a bunch of goat.- or scmeth'n'
verytimo it gets up.
"The Xew Year slipped me a lemon. .
Th:i bit- hi;?id borse tb.nt TVe ben n I i
.- i -ii i i I
niu.-iii ivm .-xxii. i iMiii ii 1 1 ii ii .-Lixiit i i
they wuz tollin' the hells for Xew
V.a:'.-. I hard a co:.:motion in the
ham an gits my latern. When I got
out li:ere he -ir. Knnn-in,, i the :iii
..... . . .. i i ...!. t i ....I
ge:- ;tn as cieau as a smoheii uu Keiai.
"Happv Xew Year', -;avs 1 to mvself.
a i t wen duck nome an cnmneu into
m-- winter ni:ittres vvi'h nv tli.ies on i
"Two days later 1 lost two of my
teoan-s. One dropped dead as he start
. . .1 " : i
iM ";- get arrestcu. I m navin annul ;
a- ir.ueh luck as the Czar of Russia. j
n. hhj- iiia k ji'p ji.tii t' i
y-t. As 1 said before, it looks to me.
like the world's done gone plum bug-." !
Well I see the City Council is go!
m to ca:l a snccial election to choose-
a Councilman i n the Third ward.;
u !-y that oifices been vacant for six
months, an' it's now onlv fiftv riavs
I'll' "''.I"
to the regular election. Wh.,fs the i
,. .. ... r.,.. :i !:.. tr'fiied of the effect of an operation she 1
-Il il.'tlll IlltS Mlt'l l.ll fl'lff'l-'llll- .
Council can't fire a policeman, we ;
ought to cut out theextra expenses and
'buy sausages and cornbread forth-
,.i,;ir: i,: l, ,..
o i umuin oi mis i.-eie ii.ii.
Comnanion Di ons Gun and son.! T)i--;
charged into his Left Hip
1 .
after his companieny had given hom'ettlcr of Clarkton before he marriage j
emergency treatment. land had been employed in the local
di'sirovr Tannin" after tlieir vesl
norch.int shi;. .Invt afnr this phu-
.f.i ri- ::n scani.-n wl . iuiiMted ovorboiir j
Suspected Of Stealing Corn, and
Beinrt Draft Kvader.
Krnest Pruitt alias Kinest Wiltiaiii-.
was i:rrest.;d yesterday afterno m
oi ourgiarx ami ui.ceux. rn.nr m-....
: Hut son isinvestigating an additional
"'K 'doping the prisoner had faih d
. .4,. t-AA-ifoe Pniitt tt- M-.-llJ.W l wfi'l'
l" - ' i
ing corn from several farmers near
Blomeyor. but he denies any know
jf (j 0p ;,,. tu.ft s.
Sheriff .Hutson was informed ye. ter
dav morning that farmers in and near
Piomeyer had missed seme el .li.-:r.
com supply, and was told tliat Pruitt
ia,( 1:, bushels of corn in his ha U-i. ;
vhWi w,n. nn. boUffht frcni anywI. ll j
. . . . I
P'.cvmever. lie was aiso IjIu that I rti
t hadboasted of the fact that 1v had .
could be trace . to ::omr bosy e!e. An
27 years old.
When confronted with this
by Sheriff Hatson after his a;re-t. Put ;
itt said he was "2 vears old
md wrs :
not subject to the regulations of t'v.:
, . - i i , i
til ; 1 1 L . Ill aiMi leoen i:itii in n-i i
stolen anv corn. He said the thefts
reported by the farmers near Piomeyer
" ul" ,M'l"M'-" l" 5"""'", " "
cr.uld betraccd to somebody el-e
An I
in' vivif:A!i i.in--Tn Ke l-orl'i i-t- ' oi A : I V '
"' " .... ,
Uenv will issued todav bv the pro.v j
I ' ' !
jcuting attorney.
I Wll TA I Tile M I
; pavo Ikm tin c-Iio:ivM" violin, s!it c i I
UHQDITAI CIirniMR'p it until h larr paired I
Mrs. Anna Pirkey, inde oi l wo
Weeks:, Dies After Op-
Two deaths occured at St. Francis ;
... .i a .... 1 I
- '
' - 1
uneletwent Wednesday afternoon, Mr-
I,. J. Abies of Sikeston succumbed to'
'al ai!mont for which she had been :
, , , ,1 1. .1 f.
treated at the hospital for -several
Mrs. Pirkey was taken to the hospr
tal Wednesday morning for an
immediate operatiem, but her condition ,
.was such that the physician had to ;
I . . . .i . 1.-1 4:11 1 1 :. a1-
nosinone ine orue'a.t 1111 iaie; 111 ine ai
Robert Cowan Accused Noi-
mat Teacher of "Switch-
ing" Violins.
r . ,7T
Prof. Beck Maintains He Merely
Made Mistake, While Re
pairing Stradivarius.
Prof. Karl G. Keck, violin teacher at
jthe Normal school yesterday emphati
denied the repoit circulate i
I through the eitv that le- had made a.
jatten'.pt t' appi'e-priate a valuable vio
!i'i beionging toHnbeit .M . toa,i.
when h.- gave Mi Wlma Fruit, a iv !a
live of Mr. M. Cowan a c!i--;p in-tiM
i!U ):t v. Itilo he ivta-im-I t'le othei- ut.u r
tlie pretext of -..ant in; g ' repair tli
v:i'ua''!" insti (iita-it. !' eMt'ai-i--;
tlie matter le.- :tU'j; ii a ini.-'ae
joa tile yoitMg iad'"s part ho lia-l lr.i-
. Wl.;-;-. tot ! ldi. w M'ii ; acre:i'i'i
he ciaap fiddle.
Mix I'lli't was referred tol'ro
'' vioi.n hsons. Th-- teacher
Pel k
J ln-v penri.-.-'nn to k- p t!e in-irunient
she brnugilt to the .-tlluio on t
.-lieU-ian taking le-sens. saving- li"
iWould repair it. and effeivd to lerd h-r
it.-ume:,; for practice. S,-v. ra!
'1 :'U v tb "l ;i
: y.y;K h;M ,,. ,.,.v., ,I: U, ,
Mis- Fruit tohi The Ti;i-,:i.e hist
night .-he no, iced thtt the i: . t ; at ; a
returned to her b. I'ioT. Pick v.a :i-
had given him for'r -
jiairs, but di.l not t II Mr. Cowan, fear
ing he wou'd hold 1 er reoon-ih! fo-.-:o
In: s !' the v oije. a ide!: he vaii: !
so highly, (rie day. .-'it- mu.-t-o-e e i
ugh fni:: age to reea! her tronb'" '
Mr. Cowan.
After exa'ohii'e; ti e in -t i iinr nt sh
had received fu-m P-"FJIeck. Mi--
!. Mr. Cowan tool, h -r t- the
,,roV,..s utVu, Tht y ,,a,, rol!T,(
the initials "'.. (',.
same i
had b
were on the valuable
carve. i i-n t ie m.-tnrmo!-. i : ,v n n r r-
Prof. Pirk.
When a.-keo!er an exrihusat em
V 1 .
: Ml-. Cowan, .-he .-.aid. Prof. Peck t-oh
thi ni t a clos
he had ih:-e
strumiiits and asked them to pick ?i
the one belonging ioMr. Cowan. Tie-
lattor I-
,e a'igry an
.M-...I ' .,).
co. It w;
hi - violin Ii
'"' "' " "
1 OCU t C: 1 J.t the XolVO
i iv a:
repairs and trie f fort ho voun-.'
ladv's le.sson.
froi. li'ick saic la.-t night tin
d'-m wa ¬
pi ovok. i ly ri!: andei
He said he told Mi.-, IVui?. when
i Cowan s instmment. Site
and to' 1
I Mr. Cowan it was his instrument. ITe
jadiied the difference had been s tekd.
and ho and Mr. Cowan were frienl :-
Mr. Cowan values his violin very
highly. It is a German copy of a
Several t ' h1 i-ts
in.-trunvnt is one o
the city say t
the best tnuwn trbe'n the city, whir
Prof. Pock lat pronotnced It "n--t
Verv valuable. i
The incident, which occured -evera-
iVeeks af has been tie occa-ion for
an epidemic of gossip.
shoe factoiy for several months.
Mrs. Abies was brought here from
Sikeston, Drceir.iier 'SZ lev an operation
..4. I...K r.A I.. .t-
.one v. i.s oeiievto iu-ino im"jii u
direction of the Lorberg Undertaking j
mm mm
Rnknrio a i?ct;..
To Have Made A
Peace Pact.
. ('crman Paper- Say lS, Articles
Can Not He At-repted As
Told Hy Wilson. -
l'i:Ti:0;i: AD. W.-dne.-day. Jan.I -Tin-
lid-man tl-l-i;t.: ns in Pi-trogia-i
i'i-porti-d by the Kvcniivg IV-sl to
have gist in to'.uh with the Sa itHsli ii
uaUmi IiCic Mitl to have ej.c.cd the
tic.-iic that Sweden act as a between
with (Irivi I'.- itian. I-inncc :ii,u l;alv.
Herman delegations in Petro
I.- ..ent t take uo with the K.i::
-laa- oue-tions ui U t r
e.spt i -1 1 of
ri-!e:i.-e o"
eoireieiviai i--lations and
eeitam rkn- . oi
prisoners. So fir
a- ".- v.i ' e y
ii His charged W'i'iii
in-! in oiiiinarv c.r
n-ai aiia:t.-
; cuoi.-'anccs tin- (lemian (lovenVment
v"a''l not eop'oy muIi tgents in seek
Sv.edinV .erviies as niciliators.
t!.4tlu!is woutii be carried on tilr
X. g
: ii
S-Milili Mini.-tfi at C.-r
the ie ii:iii .Minister at
.e.ll or ii: loltgl
Stock hoiu'.
S t.i't -laud. Jan. 10. -A sep.ir
peace aglei men: ha-; le n signAd
y Russia aid Pnlgarit. the Pund !
A l!uigar-:an orres)ondent of ti:
Pund .-ays Premier Padoslavoff teal
the following di.-uatch, from Pre-t Lit
P.u liainent :
be: ween Ke.--!a and Ilu'garia
Pielora'ic lelatioiss betv-ri
a.! P.ib-;.ria ar- se .-ume.l. II.:
i P'".t!-I;t -.;!) t to eoiihi:-'..'
"te tn an into! nation"! litou'.. -
Pi.- --
a do'
The f.
peace !.-
! v en aided vth the consent f Piilgar.'a".-
pon.i :lv r:
i" ai ; lias aii":,i
i le.
it.; ter io p. . ro'T.o t;
1 o
a" C
.ad !
'o i' . .'it uneil ii
- ei i'eie,' i - j. :e. i,:-n;
a t O. e ,; a.
o.i of no
I 1'.
Pub a- 'o r.-ok n.- j t v i'h ( e; i.iany.
Au.'tria tii( Turkey i nth" f:-i neg"
iaii'in- .it P.rr.-t l. tov.-k aid it h:
beer, a -rei-d that no peace terms
-Aeei.l ii ,e.-d o he the Central Po
wer- eve nt in co-cert, ilowi -ver, :td
. ices ye t-M' lay giving the names of
the.e who tool: part in the first s.-s
.-mhi of tin- h-est I.itvo-' eonferT!ce.;.
when ihi-v were resumed this we'ic.
lo !;ii IP net
of :i Polgai'ian ropre.;
AMSTKPDAM. .Im. 10.-President
Wilson : t,: ace irog; a:i is just as in
acceptable- to Germany as tha f Pre
O'er Lloyd G ol'ge, t'l.,, ('ologne Vol'
.( :tnng declared toi'aj'.
"Pi-e.-hle-rt Wilon-, fourteen po'nts
wiT n it form a program of pence, but
i i'1 lead to in pr;u--. H presur.i.w
t interfere w'tb tie- intei nal affti:s
of An-i -ia Hungary." the official
Xoi t'n German Gazette declared today.
Mrs. (JrareTajJor As-ksThat Her
Maid n Name, Grace Ma
b cv. Ue Restored.
Tiut her husband destroyed her
clothos to pi event her from appearing
in piihb'c. is or.e of thecharges on which
Mrs. Grace Taylor asks a divorce from
her husband . Poy Taylor. The peti
tion was filed in the Common Pleu
Court yesterelay afternoon,
The couple were married January li,
1916, but were septrated eight mnths
later. Aside from the above charge. M' s
TayJr alleges herhusbon. has bwi
dieted V excessive v.sn r,l alcfthol for
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