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Every Friday by
The lack of interest in bridging the drainage ditch crossing the Rock
Levee road prompts The Tribune to again call attention to the business
that is being driven from Cape Girardeau. It is, estimated that one hun-
Vjrbd automobiles would enter this
machines could pass over the drainage
Scott county people vill not swim
aiid the business men of this city should not expect them to do so. But
thvy do want to shop here if it can conveniently be done. . ,
-There is m highway leaning into Cape Girardeau of more importance
to! us than the Rock Levee Road. Nearly every person living south of
this city enters Cape Girardeau over the Rock Levee. It is therefore of
i lie utmost importance both to the residents of Cape Girardeau and to
lir ne'ghbors living to the South that this thoroughfare be kept passable.
It is the duty of the Commercial Cub to take .the initiative bridging
'Iv Diversion Channel. It is the duty of the merchants to demand thai
something be promptly done. If we can construct nothing rnoie than tem
poral v spans, they should be built without these aggravating delays,
ilut we .-ho ul l dev;. some means for obtaining a permanent bridge. Who
will take the lead?
'George l;ittulio, in the Saturday Evening Post.
Europe! I wouldn't give half an acre of American soil for all I've seen
not if I had to live over lure. It isn't that the European countries are
n't beautiful, for they are perhaps Jovier than our more rugged land can
r or hope to be, and they have every hing to make existence easy and com
fortable. Hut the life is belittling, and that's the truth. What the causes
nark of it may be 1 don't know probably it's their social system; anyhow,
Europeans a n't so broad-guaged as Americans. Of course, the average
European would hoot at that. He considers an American an uncouth barbar
ian, because 'h" A me i ican happens" to have customs that differ from his
own; but he's welcome to his delusion.
The Ki;.:o:wr;n thinks and acts by rule of thumb. lie is suspicious of
his neighbors and hates other nationalities. Now, with all our faults, as
a people, we don't hate anybody. We haven't time. Anyway, what's the
use? Results, why should we? A man hates for two reasons envy and
fear. We aren't afraid of anybody o you could notice it, and we don't have
t envy any nation.
My ov.n theory aho it tlu difference between the European and American
viewpoint is that ours is a land of hope. Over here there isn't much ahead
for the avc?Ktg: man. his opportunities are so limited and that makes him
spiteful. Rut in Co United States, any live wire with brains can get a
strangle hold on v whole round earth if he- is man enough to go after
it, 'so he has .-ii.tdi ti.i.e for cny of
in Europe they aiv long past the
are acing the-dawn.
Our people wiil be tr--n.endou.si
busi;u-s.-. Mixing v.-;'h all kinds
!;'. 1 n - ii nav rew itieas of geographv and tne other neoiues ot tne
earth, uml they v.iil junk a lot (-f shibboleths of the past.
And Aa.erii.-;-. w .ii have to be mighty
r.O per cent cf the young folks you talk to over here- say thev's going to
i "nrcd Stat.-s wh.'T. tho war is over. Un'e-; their o. n gi.vernments
l:oh:biis criigrat ion. v have to put up the bars o- be fai;'y swamped
They thir.k we're t -.- li. kie-.L rc-o.tle alive. For a long while the average
Ftvi.ch kid was p i shaded that al! American soldiers marched in motor
Americans have two charasteristic
going fishing. Capo Gil ar-leaa is a ypical American town.
With the aitproach of spring whic means a icvhal of automobile tiaf-
f:.. nvv pi ..caulLons against aecidents,due to careless drivng, should be taken
The city ordinance" rer.i'.hitir.g motor traSic. has aeeompli.Mied little, if any
'h'ng. The l:.w is violated many times every day, both in speed and in re
ference to pitrnals which are intended to minimize the danger.
.Automobile drivers are not suppose to ass a street car when passengers
are getting off or but it is unusuil when an automobile man complies
with this regulaum. It is txceedingy dangerous lo'pass street cars at j regular election in April, but the!
speed when people are attempting to board them or alighting. Thisjfjy. v De use(j foa a jr00(j thor-
is ;.nc f-:itui-e of the law that should be strictly enforced.
The .-.e-d regidat i-m should be adhered to, especially when driving with
in the city II lilts. Keekl ss d'ving 'n the country, while unnecessary and
ilang.Tous. the driver and the occupants of his machine are subjected to
th greate.-t hazards.
it is impossible to keep a strict wa eh on speeders m tne rural sections,
but it is necessary thai an e-ffoit be made to enforce sane driving through
city st-M-ets. ,
Durng the warm months, when automobile traffic is heavy, this city
.should maintain a motorcycle policeman. Automobiles are killing more
people today than railroads and nine out of every ten accidents are inexcus
able. Eery cit should take all necessary precautions to safeguard its
peopie, and Cape Girardeau should no be a .darker in this re.rpect.
If the automobile ordinance cannot be enforced without a motorcycle
policeman, the city should detail an officer to see that it is obeyed.
"The meat divis o-.i, United States food administration, has issued a let
ter to ai! the packers of Chicago urging them not to buy hoes from the
farmers at Io.-,.s than an average of .?1."."0 per 100 pounds."
Tiieu- is a f"ie irony in this request, in view of the present "trust-busting"
activities of Mr. Francis J. Her.ey.
Heney is breaking open sa'es and making sensational charge? in an af
t'ort to convict the packers of the deadly sin of having acted in common
V.'h'l? he i - doing so, the government, through the food administration,
;;sks tiro packets please to act in common.
(t is the same old paradox that comes from the attemot to label an eco
tiamlc reco.sMty as ceononvc s'n. But the point now is that it is again
dmonst-ated that while Mr. Hiney is trying to dig out evidence of an an
tient combination, the government is asking a present combination in or
der to win the war. And winning the war is the most ital need that faces
us, far mote vital than the n?ed of reviving the art of niuchfaking.
Pioneer Resient to be Laid to Rest
at Lorimier Cemetery Died
Thursday Morning.
The funeral of Henry C. Bartels.
who died Thursday morning at the
age of D2 were held Saturday
under the direction of the Walther
Bros. Undertaking Co., from the home
of liis daughter, Mrs. J. C. Randol, 2?3
North Lorimier street. The funeral
services were Mid at the home by
city daily from the lower counties if
rivers to trade in Cape Girardeau,
other peoples and such littleness.
noon of achievement and we well, we j
changed, though, at the end of this
of r.lionalites. the boys are broadening;
careful about immigration.
weaknesses ru;iiili;g for
olice and
S Rev. A. H. Bueltemann of the German
1 Methodist Church at 10 o'clock this
morning. The body was burie
morning. The body will be buried
at the Lorimier Cemeterv.
Mr. Bartsls was one of the pioneer
! residents of Cape Girardeau, where
:he lived for over .30 years. He was a
native of Germany, but left that coun
try when 1 ye;U3 of age and spent
,the rest of his life in Southeast Mis
souri. He loaves seven children, all
of whom wiil be present at the funeral
; excepting one, who is detained by ill-
Span to be Erected on
Bloonifield Road
court will convene
Last week of march
Road Bonds Pelitien (o be Con
sideredApril Session
is Advanced.
The transfer of the county bridge
now spanning a creek at Craig's Gap
near Delta to the crossing of the
drainage 'ditch and the Bloomfield
road southwest of Allenville, was or
dered Wednesday by county court
as one of its last official actions be
fore adjourning the March session.
It was found that the bridge, while
still in a good condit'on is of no use I
at the present location, as the road,
which leads over the creek at Craig's
Gap is not used frequently, in fact not
at all and therefore the county court
made the order.
The transfer will be started as soon
as the weather permits the work.
By making this order the county
court will save the property owners
in the county a large Sum. It was
decided at the last session of the
county court to make this change, but
not until yesterday -was the official
order made by the court.
The next meeting of .the county
court will begin March 2'Jth and con-
If lUit V V 1 LA 1 . ill.- blllf- j
will not be a sueeial session as had j
he-en forecast, yut will be the regular :
meeting cf Cue county court for April, j
After that the county court will not j
convene till the first Monday in May.
ji,e Kieeting has beer, advanced be-
cause of the fact that the countv !
ij0ar,j Gf PtlUal:zation wiU meet during
!lvf vo.'r: 0f April, when the
r. gular term cf the county curt was ;
to he er.Ued. The judic;- of the cocn-
(y e'irt are a't membss of the-
the ..udges c;
Lhci- icguiarl
.;r.-ii n;et:r.g. i
At'tr.-r i;lept:r?: the petit jury for;
th-? .) '; trr-.i of ti e t-i:cuit court j
.:!"1 trr.i.stct'ng sor-i ? i-outine 'work, j
the ri.':r. h .-'-ssion c." the-counlv court
was adiauvned till Mi;rch 2'Mh.
The petition of th? good road boost
ers. who are asking a special election
on the proposition, whether the coun
ty shall P.oat bonds for reconstruct
ion of highways, will also be present
ed to the County Court. It being'too
late, it will be impossible to have the I
I road bend issue put to a vote at the
ough campaigti through the county
The petit jury for the April term'
of the circuit court was drawn yes
uterday concluding the work of the
docket cf the county court. The mem
bers of the grand jury to go into ses
sion in a short time, will bo named at
the next. meeting of the county court
during the latter part of March.
invited by Congressman Russcli, Own
er of Hostelry to Visit
Southeast Missouri.
CHARLESTON, .March 6. Champ
Clar k, speaker of the House of Repre
sentatives in Congress, has assured
his presence at the dedr'cat:on of the
large Russell Hotel erected by Con
gressman J. J. Russell of this district. .
The building will be dedicated in the
near future, it was announced by Mr. j
Russell in his letters to friends. ,
Congressman ,Russ?ll has notified
several friends that the day of the!
dedication of the large hotel, had not ;
as yet been fixed, and that the date
depended solely upon the convenience
of Speaker Clark.
WASHINGTON, March 6. First;
Lieutenant George B. Kinne of the'
Ohio Engineers. National Guard, con
victed after a general court-mat tial
at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Intl., of
hav'r.g gone several tint's to an apart
ment in El Paso, Texas, with a wom
an not hi wife, has been dismissed :
from the service the WarTopartment j
snrcunced today. The decision of th j
court-martial was approved by the;
president. Kinna's horn? is in C'eve-j
land. - j
( .11"
"There wus once a very small dog,r
said Daddy, "who was named Trolley."
"What a funny name for a dog!" ex
claimed Nick.
"Did his mistress love to ride In the
trolley?" asked Nancy.
"His mistress," said Daddy, "lived
far out in the country. In the distance
twice a day she could see the smoke
from the engine which carried the Ions
train of cars flying past her part of the
country. They never stopped, and they
were some distance off.
"It was about ten miles to the near
est station and if anyone wanted to
take the train a drive bad to be taken
first. This was quite a few years ago.
"About two years ago big, men drove
through, the country in automobiles
and they stopped and talked and ask
ed questions of the people along the
"'What'could it mean,?' asked the
mistress of the future Trolley. She
was a little old lady and she lived all
by herself.
"Some neighbors came to her soot
after that and they told her that the
big men were thinking of having 8
trolley run through their part of tb
"'It will pass our very front yard,
one of the neighbors said.
"Now many poojde said they thought
It would spoil the beautiful country tc
"M;.v Do Ycu Do? I'v? Corns for a
pur tracks and poies and have a trollej
ri'iming along pct li.'Ms :.rd river.-:i-.d
'Tales, litil the little old lady wIk
lived ail alone s:;kl,
"Mh, ' woulda't it be wonderful!'
"And they built the troliey Hue am!
I.t'-ie uiuiti.cr vtv.r went l.y peoplt-siopp.-d
nt a little trolley station just
i. :ir .ho old lady's home.
"S; r.r.teh of tire loneliness passed
away. And the people who h;i!
t In Kvlit the trolley would ?poil the
beautiful country now took rides are!
enjoyed it Ihorotidily. But the peo
ple win lived in the country where s..
ft en it had been very lonely were hap
j v now. They had the trolley for com
panionship. It made trips every hour,
back and forth.
"Thf trolley had only been finished
a week and people were just beinnins
to take trips when ene fkiy the little
old lady heard a scratching at her
frint door.
"'What can that beT she asked
herself, for she had no one else tc
'Still the scratching kept up. Shr
went to the door and there saw a lit
tle bit of n dog, more like a toy thriD
n dog His hair was shncgy and his
little tail was wagging. He was try
ing to say as hard as he could. 'How-do-you-do.
I've come for a visit.'
"The old lady held aim in her arms.
'Oh, what a dear little dog yoa are!'
"The dog seemed to know he wns
welcome and he licked, the old lady's
band. 'May I stay?' he wns trying to
" T shall name yon Trolley, the old
lady said. 'Ton came right after the
1riUoy did and T was so happy when
I heard the trolley was coming. Some
how I knew I wouldn't be lonely aftei
"She wns so afraid that perhaps she
would have to give Trolley up. and she
searched all around to see if he nad a
real owner. But evidently Trolley had
been a little waif dog.
"He was so happy with his new mis
tress, but one day bo wandered awny
too far, rind he lost his way. His mis
tress hocnnio'ery frightened about bin
:rnd she took the tre.lley down the side
of (he country road.
"'I shall- look from one side going
down. :md .-moltier s!dr "r.iiu' nn. 1
..... . t. .1 i
som where, for It is where he alw.-n
runs.' !
"All the way down there was not a
sign of Trollej. And she didn't we
him on the way back, but Trolley saw
her. He had tried to find his home by
following the trolley before b,ut had
gone in the wrong direction.
"This time he saw his mistress' head
nt the window, though she didn't see
him. And he ran. following the tr6l
ley. stopping for rest when the trolley
stopped, and renching home just a little
after his mistress did.
"She went back to the house for she
hndn't seen him. He had kept a little
behind all the way for he had bad sueh
n hr-rd time rnnnfng. But at last In
rrnched thn door of bis cwn home an!
there- he fell exhausted on the steps
His mistress heard him nt.nneo an
how li-.'ppy she was th.-.t th- ral ti.
Iry i;:u! been the cause of fiii'Iing ti
i Tfoii. y
Judge Dyer Fixes Valuation of
Southeast Mo. Kai'rcad
at $150,000.
ST. LOUIS March 7. United Sta-!
tes District Judge Dyer ordered that
the Ozark Valley Railroad be sold
at auction April 22 if, by that time
the road had not been sold for ?150,
000. Some time ago the stockholders of i
the road and their creditors obtained j
permission from Dyer to dismantle the
oad in order to have it sold for junk, j
They asserted that the road had been!
jnable for years to earn any money;
and was delinquent in the payment
of employes' salaries.
The Mid-Nation Iron Frcducts Co. '
filed an objection to the sale of the j
road for jenk ot the ground that
it was the only means of transpo:t:ng
;heir products. They asked that the
jffer of the citizens of Greenville to
purchase the road for $100,000 and
perate it be accepted. Counsel for
the stockholders said they Jiad rrceiv
id an offer from a source that they
i:u not meoo i0l x,fW ii
.. . , , ..
Judge Dyer than placed a vacation
e ,rn ' , , i 1
if $1 j0,000 on the road and ordered
1M i A ! t - fAA -4-1.!
hat if it has not been sold at that ,
figure before, April 22 it is to be
sold at auct'on to th? highest bidder.
By virtue of authority in me vested
by law, and in conformity with the
3rdinances of the City of Cape Girar-
ieau, I, Will Hirsch, Mayor of said j
ity, hereby order and proclaim that
a Primary Election for the purpose of
xroinatmsr candidates for th? o:n-i
?e-s of Mayor and two counci.men will
be held on, :
?.t the city polling places in each of:
the four wards, as folio .vs: i
First Waid: At the Court House. J
Second Ward: At Gust Schultz'sj
Barber Shop, No. (506 Broadway.
Th'rd Ward: At Mrrten Biiilding, ;
on ficod I'-)-;e Street. North t
tween ?-1 il lie and Fre.dorick stre ets.
I'eurth Ward: Wheeler Building,
en Spanish Street, East S'de, between
Independence Street and Merriwethcr
And I hereby further proclaim that
a General Municipal Election, for the
ouvpo'ie of voting en said candidates
so nominated, v.iil be held in the Ci-.y
of Cape Girardeau, Mo., at said poll
ing places, on
TUESDAY. APRIL 2-d. 1!18,
and said elections will be conducted
acoiding to law and the ordinances
governing elections.
Witness mv official signature and
'.he seal of said Cit
y of Cape Girar-j
sted bv the City;
kau. Mo., du:.' at tes
Clerk, this 2Sth day of February,
R. W. Frissell, City Clerk.
t i- il. inn .? n !
;vtem of sewers including manholes.! h- work dene ttndr tire contract. Tax.C--:m';- of C.-.pe (IimrdeaJ
-fueh tanks, inets and other necessary bills to bear 10 ier cent interest perj f hr. by c.t.ty :I ...t Marry 7.
ippurtenances tor sewers m Sewer ar.nuir. urlcss paid within thirty :'.0) Morr.ron w;rs g ante l letters ot nrt
Hictrict No. o, in the Citv of Crnej-It.vs. Filers r.vj. t a!st state tkat r.td -trf. : t. ,.: th- estate of Lav
linirdeau, Missouri. jthey will in 'no event hold the City --r.:v e, deceased, on the ate
Sealed proposals will be received by ..!-:h!e cither directly or ir.dir.ctiy forjece wr.t.en.
1- undersi.ated for the Citv Counri! the re- t ot the work or any part time-, It 1 rslrmoiv wnercof, I have here
.f 'the Citv of Cape Girardeau, Mis- of ;-nd vhcn the sewers are compi. .,-1 vnl ' )ny hand and thu-ed t.ic Pea!
:curi for 'the establishing ami con- ed as ,nr planr. specificatiot.nd con- c: o;d Court, this lSiL day vl janu-
,traction of sewers in Sewer District j tract su to the fatisfaciton of thar, IDiS.
No 5 in th- Citv of Cape Girardeau, ! CiV- li.eineer nnd 'he Cv C. .ted,. r-.j Vl.Nr.-.KP, ierk.
Missouri, for furnishing all materials j ;r.y wi'.l pay the cost of t':- Frgi-iCape Girardeau Cw.rt of Ccm.r.oa
tnd labor and construcling sewers in i r.vtV rervices. and any other cOitij J'-R--.
.aid Sewer District No. 5 as per plans I :-;t r, y 1 eve accrued in tm !;n8 He . ,r7'rv 1Tr0V
md .necitieations and estimates now ; c.t--. Al! in accordance wttH Or-, NOTKL (A- AD.lINicl RAT ON.
file in the office of the City Clerk ; d i-tnre No. 1 HSp-acd approv-J 7
,f the Citv of Cape Girardeau, Mis-jet ti.r; City Council te C.ty of Notice is hereby given t..at letter,
wi, which pia.s, spcifxniions and ! Cape Girardeau. Missouri, February: of admimsttiorrun tl estate of
i estimates
were bled by the City En-
! ginecr in the office of the City C.erk;tion
t'. , .-..v.t
of the e-ny en v. ape. Miia.uvuu, v..
Lnn.ot lois. Said plans, spec -
ifications. estimate, form of contract
md drawings to be made a part of
Mie contract and may be examined in
theo ce of -aid Citv Clerk in Cane
t?eJrtri" 4nv ono drsir -
L copy cf said plans and specifica -
tons form of contract, drawings-and
Ornate may procure same from the
.aid Citv Clerk noon making a tic -
no.it ofFiftv Dollars ($50.00) there-f
I - ... .
fr wYu-h denosit wiil b3 refunded Dy
the Citv Clerk upon the return of raid;
set of plans, specifications, form of;
ront-irt drawings and estimates, on
. r ... - r 1. 01 1(115
or ueiore .iarcn i
Bidders to comply with the follow- j
inc conditions when submitting: bidsr j
A certified check for One Thousand
One cent a word for one insertion.
Two centa for throe days and three rente a word for a week.
By the month t3n cents for each word.
Display advertisement in this column will cost double the usual rate.
No advertisement accepted for less than ten cents.
FOR SALE My nine-room brick:
heuse, corner Broadway and Spun-
ish slreets;Jhas bath, hot water, fur -
nace host and a". I Tne Jem cor.vc.n -
iences; good location for business, i
Would trade for che cfer In uses en
terms to suit. Apply F. A. K age, 114 :
j FOR RENT 4 furnished rooms with;
i hall, bath and garden. 22-J North !
i . . , .,.
1 Larimier. rhene ;
FOR RENT -2 acres of ground with;
vinyard and strawberries or. shaivs. i
Apply .Mrs. Francts Miatovs, i'lCi j
Washington Avenue.
I WANTED By reliable c: icd fam-i
ily home in suburbs of the c.ty
j Y:.n var(j iarjrC onou-' h to rai.-c.
chkkens and have
dress R., Tribune.
garden. Ad- j
I WANTED A maid, y hite or colored, j
troctl w aires, no vrasliifig. fair.ny ot ;
;thr i,)r,iv :;2! y. ypanish St-!
Mrs. A. R. Zocl ma:.'i.
WANTED -First clrss n "
positJ,m giy4
af ih Tribune r.iiice.
WANTED Chainbrm-:"!.
v.'ference. Wislo i tl- l
lit. A;v.ly 72-'. Vl-.r-.'v
I.. ti;.:
WANTED Cor.:i-vt en'- :;i
al house work. Small l
f:',5 Bellvue. No v iisl
j -- - -
j WANTED To hear from o-a ner el
j farm or unirr.ptovcd l.srd fo:- saie
o. K. Hawley, fieldwir, V isrons n
i WASTED Jar.it.cs,
to do ci aniv"
tr.lv about I j
up in early morn v
hour work dat'.y. The Western.
Union Telegraph Co. ..
Dollars (?1 ..OOO.CO) va
Mavor of the City of t
ible to the;
.iK' G'vardeau. !
' Missouri as a gua
e" !":". t:
e event
U tl-y
,- are awanled the ccruvai
enter into the ame and give the
'required bond, slulli- -:.?:: Led to the
Ibid, and the bid ?:::' that t.w
jwoik will be co.ivu-1 within t...rty
CUM d:ivs from il:e .'a'.? o:' the av.ard-
I ing of th" cor.tr.-.ct no.! rul!y
.o'cle within Fifteen ? 1 " ) months
o:n -
Jt'r said contract h:'s l?on awarded.;:
T!., in ,n in ;i rnl!:ll to one-
ill- .f'Ml-. t -' '1
-.bird of the amount of the contract. ! forever baned.
Y.U must also state that bidders
accept sjiecial tax bi'is, issued in ac-!.
n-ir.i t-i-.v -r e,.i! nnvroent foril-lAiL (-1 31
i-Ith, ini. and u.e pians anci Fpecmca -
- 'tiom; now on file with the City Clerk,
: i'A, ,v . nelo .-d ; a sealed enve -
. w...... ...
llone addressed to the Mayor and City!
Council of the City of Cape Girardeau, i
j Missouri, rare of the City Clerk, Cape j
; Girardeau, Missouri, and marked on;
it he outside "Proposals for sewer sys -
Uein in District No. 5." All bids to
! be in sealed envelopes and en file in;wi;hm stx months from the date of
the office of said City Clerk on or be-jsa :d Ftter,, or tney may be precluded
fore March 18th, 1318, at , even o'clock . fro any oencfit of such dstate; and
P. 31.. brds which are on file at that:t sa-.l c!a:r;ts be not exhibited within
time, will be presented to the City on year , rem tne date of th- publica-
.i ?, '.'4.1 tbis rr.i :.-r t:'o- will m -fr.r-
iouncn,at me rcgui.sr mecinis m u
held 0:1 that date.
The City Council oxpressly reserves,
the right to reject any and alt bids, j
F.ids must be made cn blank forms
to be furnished by the City Cle
the City Clerk.
City Clerk.
MOTOR For se cna fivc-horse-
j power direct current motor; in good
; co-dirion. Apply at The Tribune
. Off:e?.
1IM WANTED Responsible, party
wants to buy a stock farm within
f:ve miles of Capo Girardeau. Must
be on n public road and have water
and i nature hind. Give descrip
tion of farm. r.i'Piler of acres, price
waatti p:;d ftate when pcs.-essioi
can be riven. Address Iv. II. Tiw
j Tribune.
NOTICE TO liUNTEL':-? No huutii.g
aJlon cil oh GohrT s Vend on B'oom-
l A. E.
i-C:M.:et?ry work done on
r.-.t trie's.: Season b st now.
;:il f
- r-'a.c-iable. Martin North
, Sexten. Piiene t7t).
it) --Ni.ri't ct ok at M- trop di-r.-i
r.urr.et. A;,piy at once.
! tar. 1,
r -1wris'rtrr'-riTi:s?rT,T.'r-
Stock Salesmen
. i
Wanted for
i r.i c; )
:.r- 1 1
1 '
1 y , . e
d S
.t ;.-i th-
: . i ' v:
the -:u:.tr-.. O'o
i ro:i.;r,i' .- ion.
Zcile Tractor Co.
Wainwrivh: BbLr., Sr. Ltii.-, Mo.
j n im-fr ato?x
c is her. -V.- gvc.t tl.ai Letters
ir.i.-iratt-.in upon toe C'tate cf
ce McTiiscn , deceased, have
tn t".'!-' I to the !nd.-rigne?i, by
' e i.une Glrard-au Court of Common
Tie:;:, rf iiape Girardeau County,
j AH persons having ck.'im- again1 1
: -: 1 id t:-te ere rtqu r d to tri.i') t
: ii.t .,i t: :- f. :- allowance witl.in c
. :.!Ctt::s frost the date of said ielle.s
;o- t !::..- ii preeiutied fro-.-i an-.'
!b - - - :t .f sl'h c.-lnie: and if sucii
c'uirts I v f't e-xe.ib'ted within or.e
r f e;.i ;l.o ea'.c of tiie granting f
crs .n s t: i .-.-tate ti.ev will
Hariy T. Jlorrisosn,
. ............
ueceaseu n;;v oeen giuiue.i to io
; ur..U-rngrca uy ti:e,xiooave v,ourt,oi
(a?e Grtan.eau County, Missouri,
LMth day of January, 191S,
A'! poisons having claims against
.sa.d es.a.e a. e required to cxmbit
them to the undersigned for allowance
- j -
; t-v? barred.
Witness my hand and seal this 12th
diy cf February, 1913.
(SEAL.) C..nAYS,
Clerk of the rrobatc. Court.

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