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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, March 08, 1918, Image 3

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A Baby
in Every Home
$4.13 will buy you a $5.00 Baby Bond. See a solicitor at once. In
doing so you make a good investment and Help Win the War.
We have a good supply on hand and will gladly accommodate you
here if you desire.
First National Bank
Weather Forecast: Unsettled and
warmer today. Continued warm Sat
urday. Henry G. Seitz, tmployed as clerk
in the Dalion dnur store on Main
street, has resigned to return to his
home in rerryvillo in a short time.
He has been held for limited military
service and will await orders from the
ir.ilitaiy authorities.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred GifTord, of
Plooniticld were in the city yesterday
lien K. Toe,- an express messenger
of this city, who was stricken with
ptomaine poisoning yesterday morn
ing, was reported greatly improved
yesterday evening:.
We have just received a new line
excellent kid and silk gloves in the
beautiful spring shades. Come and
see them al'Var.divort's. We fit them
for you.
The basketball tournament for
Southeast Missouri High School teams
will begin this morning at the Nor
man. Jeff Roland came up from Caruthers
ville last night to transact tome
O. J. Snider of Fredericktown.came
to the Cape yesterday on some busi
ness. Postmaster T. J. Juden and wife
Avill move into the home formerly oc
cupied by the late Harry Naeter and
family on South Ellis street.
The new ATHLETIC underwear for
ladiel is now on sale at Vandivort's.
We have it in white and flesh colors.
Capt, H. F. Wickham of this city
has written his wife that he expects
to be sent to France in the near fu
ture. He informed her Wednesday
that he had been ordered east in
charge of 225 men, who have been
selected f or service abroad.
Thomas W., the infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. H. W. English of North
Main street, died yesterday noon at
the parents' home following a short
illness. The child will be buried this
morning at Lorimier Cemetery.
T. J. CaruthcTS, County School su
per'ntendent of PerryCou nty, spent
the day in the Cape on school mat
ters. C. E. Stephens, of Caruthersville,
was a business visitor in the Cape
Arthur Gray, employed by Al Pitt
linger, will leave for the Great Lakes
tnrning station in a few days. He
has joined the navy.
Mrs. Jack Stubblefield, of St. Louis,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Cairns on South Lorimier St.
Warren Baker, local Frisco offi
cial, has been transferred to the St.
Louis offices and will leave within a
few days.
C. E. Smith of Bloomfield, spent the
day in the Cape yesterday on some
Homer Fowler of Chaffee had busi
ness in the city yesterday.
The body of the little son of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Pawkett,. of this
city, was shipped to Marshall, Tex.,
yesterday for burial. The little boy
died Wednesday morning.
The engagement of Miss Catherine
Bohlcke, of this city, to Otto Froes
cihkc, of Martinsville, Ind., was an
nounced at a party, of friends in Dex
ter last Tuesday. Mrs. Bohlcke, who
is matron at Lemmg Hall, was noti
fied yesterday of the engagement. .
Charles G Juden Says Crop (o
be Fitly Percent Larger
than in 1M7.
The outlook for a record wheat crop
was never better than now, accord
ing to Charles G. Juden, the well
known farmer and land owner. Mr.
Juden. who has traveled extensively
over this section of the state, says
jthe severe weather of the past winter
jdid not Injure the went in the least.
lne tact mat it was covered by a
heavy blanket of snow while the
wcathe- was so cold saved the grain.
According to Mr. Juden, there is at
least fifty percent more wheat plant
ed in this section of the state this
year than was planted last. "But if
the Government doesn't raise the
price of wheat," said Mr. Juden, "I
am afraid there will not be nearly so
much planted next year. Today com
is worth about as much as wheat, and
is as much as a farmer can produce
twice as much corn to the acre as he
can wheat, I don't believe there will
be much wheat planted next year. If
the government fixes a new price for
wheat, of course, that will stimulate
Government Boat and Bald Eagle
First River Vessels to
Land Here.
Says Crops Can Not Be Gathered
If Farmer Doesn't Get
The river shipping season has been
opened and according to the announce
ment of steamboat owners the traffic
on the Mississippi will be in full swing
in a few days. A government boat
passed up the river Monday to in
stall the river lights needed for the
direction of the boat pilots.
The Bald Eagle made her first trip
of the season Saturday night, arrivinfi
here at 9 o'clock with Capt. Harry
Leyhe in charge of the boat. The ves
sel lias been revamped and repainted
in a battleship gray color remained
here till Sundaymorning. It was on
its way from the wharf, where the
repairs were made.
The Fagle Packet Co., which owns
the Bald Eagle, lost four boats during
the heavy ice drive on the Ohio a
month ago. The Bald Eagle was an
chored together with the other four
boats that went down in the ice flows
but was the only one to be saved by
the company. The boat will continue
to make its regular trips between St
Louis and Cape Girardeau.
CflDt. J. L. Stout, of this citv. .i
j veteran riverman, who is contemplat
ing returning to the river, was the
first man to board the boat, when it
reached the wharf at the foot of
Themis street. A large crowd, which
was attracted by the familiar sound
of the Bald Eagle whistle, hurried to
the levee to greet the boat on its
maiden trip of the season.
The labor shortage on the farms in
Cape Girardeau County and the en
tire southeastern section of the State
has become a serious problem that
the Commercial Club was urgently
asked by County Farm Agent Seth
Babcock to come to the farmers' res
cue. Mr. Babcock said he had toured
the county during the last few days
an had found a shortage of farm
labor throughout the county.
"The question is a serious one, he
said, "and will have to be solved. The
farmers told me that it was almost
impossible to get enough farm hands
to cultivate their lands for the fall
The majority of them told me they
could get their crops in without leav
ing any land idle, but it would be im
possible to harvest the crops, if they
did not receive help from some source."
President Harrison of the Commer
cial Club suggested that the matter
be taken up with the heads of the
manufacturing plants of the city, and
that each manufacturer release a cer
tain number of employes during the
harvest time. In that manner, he
believed, the shortage of labor could
be alleviated.
Rufus J. Hoke Died at Home Thursday
Morning, Was Long-Experienced
Moberly, Mo., March 5. Moberly's
business section was swept by another
disastrous fire yesterday. Estimated
"oss'of buildings and stocks reaching
W. T. Nanney, Noel, Mo., writes:
"Your B. A. Thomas Hog Powder is
doing the work down in this part of
the world. It proved to be what we
needed to prevent and cure hog chol
era and expell worms.'.'
teronon at Fairmount Cemetery. He
died at his home near the corner of
Rufus J. Hoke, a veteran fisherman
of this city, was buried Friday -af-
Spanish and Independence streets on
Thursday morning, following an illness
of several months. He was 75 years
He was one of the oldest fishermen
of this section of the state, having
spent nearly all his life on the river.
Last summer Hoke had a narrow es
cape from death in the river, when
his boat was caught in the high wat
er and dragged under a government
raft. Jim Wiseman, another aged
fisherman who had been Hoke's com
panion for years lost his life at the
time. Hi odbsy was never recovered.
St. Louis, March 4. Robert Werner
a confessed pickpocket, one of four
men who took ?5,1C0 from a real es
tate broker, in an elevator Oct. 6th,
last, was permitted this afternoon to
return the money to the owner, plead
guilty to "a misdemeanor charge and
take a six-months' workhouse sentence.
Eggs are not bankable but the
money from their sale is. This money
;; your3 for the effort. How do you
trest the hen that lays the GcJden
Hggs? B. A. Thomas' Poultry Reme
'y will keep the poultry in good con
,:i'n and increase the yield in eges.
V r-arantee thi3 and refund your
. loney if not satisfied. F. F. Brain
& Bros. '
Simple Outfit May Be Made of Ordi
nary Pasteboard Box Defects
Should Be Cast Aside.
(Prepared by the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
Only first-class eggs can be mar
keted by parcel p. . The shipping of
bad eggs not only will cause dissatis
faction, or even loss of the customer,
but, In interstate shipments, will vio
late the federal food law If there are
more than 5 per cent of bad eggs in a
shipment. The limit allowed, however,
hi no excuse for any bad eggs among
those marketed.
Iu spite of the greatest care It will
sometimes happen under ordinary farm
conditions that an occasional bad egg
will appear among those sent to mar
ket. It would be wise to candle every
egg shipped. Candling is "the process
of.testing eggs by passing liht through
them so as to reveal the condition of
the c6ntents." A simple candling outfit
may be made uf an ordinary paste
board box sufficiently large to be placed
over a small hand lamp after the ends
have been removed. The box should
have a hole cut in it on a level with
the flame of the lump. Several notches
should be cut in the edges on which the
bux rests, .to supply air to the lamp.
The box should by. sufficiently hirge to
prevent danger from catching fire. An
ordinary pasteboard box will serve the
purpose. Candling is done in the dark,
or nt least awjiy from strong li.uht, stud
each egg Is ludd against the hole in the
side of the box. when its condition may
be seen. An eg that shows any defect
should not be marketed.
Sufficient Number of Choicest Fowls
Should Be Housed in Temporary
Pen and Yarded.
It is seldom necessary and never de
sirable to uo eg?s for hatching from
all of the fowls on the farm. A sutli
cii'itt number of the choicest fowls
should be selected for use as breed
ers. The breeding fowls may be sepa
rated from the main f.oek two or thre .
weeks Before it is necessary to beg::!
' v.?
Mollie Wellington, Light Br3hms,
With Record of 325 Eggs in' One
to save eggs for hatching. They
should be housed in a temporary pen
and yarded at one end of the regular
poultry house or in jrtal!e colony
houses and returned to the main flock
as soon us the breeding season is over.
Poultry House Should Be Well Venti
lated and Fowls Permitted to Exer
cise m Open.
There is nothing more important to
the health of the flock than plenty of
fresh air. The poultry house must
be well ventilated and the birds
should be allowed to exercise in the
open air. When the sun shines or the
weather is mild, open the windows
and door.
No Source as Rapid or Cheap Every
Farm Should Have Carefully Cull-
ed Flock of Fowls.
1 t
Poultry is profitable. No source of
meat supply is as rapid or as cheap.
Every pound of poultry produced will
help in sending a pound of moat
across to the boys that are fighting
your battles. Every farm should have
a carefully culled flock of not less
than two hundred fowls.
4c (frepara d- me unuea states ue- -
partment of Agriculture.)
The early hatched chicken Is J
GET ONLY 800,000
Men From Agricultural Enter- j
prises not to be Called
Before Fall.
jM$M&ih Csms in andepsn
'2..-fJ.: ' .v.."vi it
The arounc-ment .concer:Hng-the;i kMW'W'
second draft, expected soon from'! ' V J:''X'
Provost Marshal a neral Crovdcr,may 1 3 .J? 1 P S.0
1 Ml.) IHHI irnn nrnK-Klv nnf milch I I K& f y : '.' - Asf& r
Washington, 3farch 7. Y.Tiile
large number of men will be called
out during th. present year to fill the
army and complete its organization,
it was learned tonight that War De
partment plans do not cr.ll for the
creation of any additional divisions
in 1918.
moned gradually during the year to
complete the existing organizations.
Delay in announcement as to the next
draft, is umieistoon to be due to un
certainty as to which method of aliot
ing quotas to th? states .'s to'b.? fol
lowed. As to the d:ite of the second draft
n?mb. rs of C-;.ogioss from agricul
tural s-cticiis have been practically j jjar yours
?.-surcd Lhac ;io -.vithdiaval cf men 1
L-Oill ClVil v.iis conv'iHJiaLeo iiiiti.
would embarrass haryest ng. It has
Teaching your children to bank their money is a
mighty important partcf their edrcaticn. As this hab-
it grows on them it develops self-restraint, ar.d as their
balance in the bank ei'O'.vs, their character and self-
reliance also growls.
We will welcome the savings accounts cf children.
j You will receive 4 per cent interest.
called to the colors prior to Jun l.jtf
when equipment, clothing ar.d quar
to:s v .'ill be available.
The men are n-.-ed-d to fill up tojlTLT I'NTiL I9t. OFI ICfluS SAY
full divisituis slated for early depart-j
.ire to Europe- and also for field ser-j ..Chicago., III., -larch
vice and lorps troo-.s not aitae hed. j fan powc-r on the v. c tern
The rcplaccmont d'.tac-hmcuts also
must go forward ac ua acr: loraiin r
rate since American 'rccus are now
holding s ector cf the rrench fr-'
r.nd iTien av hcin': killed or v. un-ic- .i
in r.ctioTi rverv day. '
7. America's- i'v Vovk, ZUivh 7.?. lark Keiua,
front i-i c" 01 ol ir- ivi:iion of the united
Europe wit not be fAl before Ov-s fuel adnrnistration, declared
vin.tn-jr of V.'l'X t'cl. A. D. K:i: -1 eif. tonight thr.t there is no expectation
i ('.;; '.t-r:naste-i 5 ic;.-iitn:?nt, i;i.t?J - C4
the m
Tiiere's ;i kKiiU::? of blue, there's a
sprinkl.- of
There's a 1 ftze i:i tbe s!i-s c-ver-lt
Thort's a buiUV'iff of leaf, thort-'s a
s"'rrirr r.T
In t;ie l.L.irt ui tlio hy.iciiith bul.
MI AT 3.
i for-"' lv.erril-t-rs c
The- frnMiT
t A-sovkiticn of He -aid t';ere is ample oi!
v. u'i:.i co":t:- ;n
e-t tii? !i
.:0, mI exj.'ui!!!
J t,!'.!"1 -er'ntr slo'.vn of An?ika
j;avat:o:ts by trie siatement that
i.i.- ':-y " eu:r.':rv' a ri!- ti.er.'
Ir fo::y v.oi s.!;1;- :n hi'n
iti; f...-d V.n el;,.i.,i!rur..l:e-a.
tc-T ritory :.vailab? tlo maintain the
s: of j tvoh'iim c.tJ chat he onlv
s;. ion.- problem iu bo considered
h: of tu.r. poiiation. The'je wrc
; coi.clu: or. ? dm w n hy R 'piui following
a c-'r'"r?:i- of oil n-f-n ii this city
t: ;-onsid-.-r tie t.et, ..ki( s'tuation.
ft tr9- ASH''. H "
. - " x: - i
Haw to
3L U
?fU;i?5 md jiieons can take V.n
r.l:ne ol" inin h in iiiT !Mt-:u tbnt i - ;
n e o il d ;il'r.:v'. 1
Mf Jf'fWy ?" Uabbits au.l vs;ri- !
$S3tZi4 ...r s.-n. d fn j , ..
e)lli (lOr'S
lroi!T, they are uViciuus.
Pigeon en Compete. l!rnn n :"
'iij'l'iil of swee't f :it with fo:ir jtSeor.?.
bnr.vnin.s tlum all over, t!i:i rerimve'
t'n-:a from the ?:ni.v;,:in and rev!:p.-o
wiili t);i(-h:ilf n j,;ii:d of s:,!t jcirk
i-v.i into eli'.-o aud .'! d-wii v. Lit
onions. Wl:n browned, rcmovo msist
cf the fat and a-ld a tal-Iespi.ijnf'.il !.
lit. nr. stirring until ivll browned. A'id
a c;:p:'ul of bouillon, stir until .sj:i!cU,.(
then add tin pie-uns with th; r t uf
the fat, suit, P'I'Iht, a i-urlc; f
parsley aini a bayleaf. 'over and coe.k
or." hour. Th n add til-. I nnvi. -.l
onions, a few mushrooms, ami co.i.T;
thirty minutes longer. Servo with the
jrravy poured around til' j i.eou".
Pigeons With Green Psao. Iirown
four iiii.reous in a half a cupful of
sweet fat, add one-half cupful of soiri
sto k, suit. pepp'.T and small bunch of
parsley and four :vi-n onions. Cover
and cook for an hour and a half, then
add a pint of .slu-II' d peas and crk
thirty minutes longer. Conic uutil th
peas are tender if it takes longer.
Potted Ratbit. Cut the rabbit Into
five pieces after it has been carefully
cleaned. Remove the Kiddle, , make
two pieces of tin.' hind quarters and
two of the fore quarters. Fry a quar
ter of u pound of bacou until the fat
ir we'll tried out. Put the rabbit in.
turn it .until brown, then dust with
salt aiid pepper; cover with another
p:tn and bake i:i a quick ofeu for an
Roasted Rebbit. Lard the hind qunr
ters with pork and leave in dfep dish
covered with salt, pepper, bay leaf,
i .:':l..:e r !J .
! -b'sfd.'-ned v. iih
! ',' nr. 1'.- tr v-":l
riili l:at ovcr-
t ;:e f.
r.t cf their license
A!! o-T'n-o of r.utomobiles in this
ly v. ho ar.- d'.'lir..-;ii nt in thj- nav-
ae hereby noti-
h y mus'. nake riayment to
? ; yt r, ( ,iy t'oHector, o.i
h !.-.:!. IMS r.n.l h.is
ty ;.. by Ordi--''
'h do! r.:!'i-rcy.
ri: s. vhitexeu,
Chi. f of Police.
..t i
t -e.-ir- If.
or : f-.. v
If yo'i
c,:vi Li o
: t
eai;rvinv: avovnd 5 or 1't ; O
uniie.iitiiy fat you ai nr.-;
,- vctkciiiu" yotir vital or-j
:;e c:;i'rvir.T
:;v;;r.y3 ''.r :i--r:;ity cf
i here is no tiee-i i'
n; ir .i.i st;j:c
-S:.rl:T.5 For All Cars
I. irdcn w!'.:.i
.:? fi'- 'IT-
yone sn.'fei-! Ar-fo Tirti Dnrlo fr
.-1 r . e t
I li -.. , J .it. 11 J " J
.-..r.t to :e.:tte? yo;:r w.ioht in a fir.i
:!'. ?rU- and reliable way, wiil.oir
a:vaii'i:i, tii-t or tiresome exercise..
ivnd a; n:i:ch time n - yoi can in th" j
: ei; at.-. !-r:u'v; ,! ,e;'y aid pot fn;t.i !
i" c;.).l ii"."--,i.-'', a of t:ic-: .
rMior.e 175. 207 Broadway
i!:e cn
ri-"' b' To.
h aieal atvl
li tir'i'!-; a' I '.;'t.
.:! vou-
rt hv-v
f-. t v..-
or ov-'Ml
i ars ;o'A ;
5 not only the chicken that lays I -verecl v. i sa.t, pepper. r,ay leat,
the winter egS, but it Is the J ul? 7" nJ !
f chicken best able to withstand "ful eaoh f ,,,(r vine.r.
disease and parasites.
j It is In the midsummer J
? months that chickens are hurt X-
most by lice. The late hatched
chicken ha9 not had time to be-. X-
come large or strong enough to
resist lice attacks, but the early J
.hatched chicken by midsummer
has become strong and hardy
X. enough to do so. And because
the early development of the
early hatched bird has preceded
the extremely hot months, it is
-k more apt to live thr6ngh the -k
J sunimr.
Turn over several times and leave for
twenty-four hours. Then drain arid
bake basting with the spiced viaejiar.
For Infants and Children.
Tha Kind Yea F.3Y3 Always Bough!
Tnsco i"
T'lenart'. t
to r.''r:T;"l
T-.-.ohje'y V
v '.'..-' lie hv ire:e:i.:.n
.' s ', ;
, oxven-
irryinjr pewr f the b'.'-.rd. Even n ;
Vw r'".- t ve: 'ipt,' ?i-oi:h! slv-w a no- I
;v, K.r,,.,;.:cVi;n we?.-ht. foot ePs : li T:33 2.C!.. 2:20 3.m 1 p.m., 3 ji.rn.
'irerr.-o )'-vr r. v,i;r wrk "em msicr j
"I li.'r-r and noro buoyant fec-lin? j L83V33 J3Cl!2On-10:3fl 2.3!., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. J
-.-Vis p'. -i'Pi-pioa of yo'ir who', heintr. i "
Tv.'C'V I ("POTI
f-.t shovM nive thL treat-1
':?. therf i. nr.tivnjr better, i
Vv'.ishir.'tDr "arch 5. Federal
court:; have no jurisdiction over bilb
erv at cneral elections for the sel-"c-
t:on of federal officer?, the Supreme
Court decided today in upholding de
crees sustaining demurrers to indict
ments in the Cincinnati election fraud
Jackson Phone No. 228.
Dri7e Anywhere oa Call at Rijht Prices.
Bars the
ytWJ Viilt lii Kti a? i-i .ftlil :i::,.y
- 3 Ni3. faiJ l::u "KiUx-.u.
ik j i aw . i.ir. j r ir .t r
ntn known as V t, Safest. A Iwiy s K ciis; i
Phone 605.
232 Broadwpy.
. - O

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