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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, March 15, 1918, Image 1

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? ALL. THE y !
ftr NEWS
i mo nrATii rnnni
Many Trees in Ozark Coun
ties were Killed by
o npTP nr iirmo!
L olio ur nuna
ESTATE OF $3,025
Judge to Decide Dispute
Over Estate of
m ai im
Government Agent Touring the
County to Aid Work of
Fruit Growers.
The 1918 peach crop in Southeast
Missouri and other sections of the
State is totally ruined, according to
C. C. Hamilton, a representative of the
Agricultural Department of the Uni
ted . States government, who in com
pany with County Farm Agent Seth
Ilabcock is touring this county, giving
demonstrations and lectures in spray
ing and pruning fruit trees.
While in the Ozark Counties a great
number cf the peach trees have been
killed by the severe cold and heavy
.-mow during the last winter, Mr. Ham-
Mrs. Mina Freeman of Cape
and Sister Claim 40
Acre Farm.
A long drawn Utigation is expected
to arise over the division of the es
tate of Anthony Benson, a. colored,
man. who died last summer leaving
an estate of S.',0.-2...r. The depute
must be decided by kludge John Snider
during the next term of Common
Pleas Court.
Two sets of heirs claim the right of
inheritance to this estate, stvera lcol
ered persons claiming to be the chil-
ilton said, the trees in this county and ,n-v v a
According to Klattntrs settlement
filed in the Common Pleas Court yes
terday, the amount of the estate after
deducting the money expanded for the
oavment of Benson's debts and the
costs of administration, is $S.02".". J
i i
All persons vho claim to b3 heirs'
'ime than in the coun- j
dren bv a common law marriage 01
Benson. He di.:d last summer ith-
put leaving a will, and Charles Biatt-
appionted administrator. n
in the adjoining counties withstood the
cold attack. The buds are complet
ely destroyed by the frost.
Contrary to all previous experiences
the peach and other fruit trees in
Cape Girardeau County arc more de-
V'Oprd at ih;
. :.ujn v v- ... ....-- . .
y .. Hamilton aid. He has just ar-"" l - " ; "
j Pleas. Court to estaoi:-n prooi of ul:er
ic'aim. i hp administrator was orJ?rei
I vesterdav to deuosit the nionc-v in a
Cape Ban!: until it car. be turned over
to the lawful heirs.
Another wi!! case was taken up in
Common Pleas Court yesterday,
namely the suit to contese the will of
George Statin i n of near Oriole, who
died in 1S:!. His will is contested by
Mrs. Minnie Freeman and her sister
Mrs Ollie Obendorfer of XeelyY, Landing.
' ' Ml
ii-niitiiiBin it-"-' iiimwaTwglhli"-- ii3
msS km
General Pershing Wires Latest
American Casualties To War
Department Two Officers Are
Among Wounded
Turkish Troops Capture Erzerum
From Armenians London Again
Raided by German Airships
Five are Killed.
-.ived from Mississippi Coun:y, v here J
he has. 1ie-n .giving similar dmo.-.st a
ticn.s. 'fl. i-'ucli t.t-es. especially, he
said, -re Lo-:t i- behind those in
Cape Giradeau County.
The first tree spraying and pruning
demonstration of the season was given
by Mr. Hamilton yesterday afternoon
in the orchard of Senator K. B. Oliver.
About HO residents attended the de
monstration. Despite the inclement weather,
which developed during the afternoon
the spraying demonstration was car
ried out as scheduled. Mr. Hamilton,
primed an old and young peach tree
showing the proper manner, in which
to proceed in this work.
Today Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Bab
cock will give two demonstrations in
the northern section of the county.
The places, in which the demonstra
tions will be given are:
!) a. rt. John J. Holtz, miles,
south of Egypt Mills:.
1 p. m., J. T. McDonald. 4 miles
east of Jackscn on the gravel road.
MO iVO nt !:' I' "St Pictures :: Sn tllP fTnit Oil Kf:e kiiiUt wr- ?r-c .1 .,-,,... -i,r m
hcl.im- a por ;.!!! of the Uirrfdn- s'-;r nvcinst the Teuton horde. .At the top is shown n section of r trench held
by Ami'iif-ii troops. jn j ,.. Uotm-.n n soMie.r ready to fire n signal rocket as a warning that a German aftaek
uas li.rrnii.
Fred Moore ffTered Brother Ten! JusiicaCharlcf Jaeger in Race j Police Seek Negro Who Writes
Spot if He Won Liber- j -Fred Schradcr to oppose Checks Payable to
ty Bond. G. F. Siemers. ! "John Criddle."
When 'Robert Moore won the S-"0 Jnslic of tlv Peace Charles Jaeger j The police are searching for a negro i
Liberty Kend given away Tuesday at! of J k-on is the l.istest Republican check forger, who has passed several'
. , . , m., ...... ... -- .... -..i.,...v.i. h.t.-v-IX III Ill.ll llllVn . lir-y ,w V T I Utl I IKilllS Ul 1.1 It.
ine piamxiii represenieu y mui-: ;
.... . ,. ' . al sum of S10 promised h'm bv his tion as clerk of the circuit court
nev li. I.. Alexander aitemincd eo
prove that tiiey had an exclusive ri
, . , ... , , line iowman i.ros. ii?any v.o. i no ; nv v. num oe in enp race oopose rne !ri tnat the cnet ks nave been pa
oeen g ven to : present ineiimoer.r, lien .Masters, wr.o hy the same man.
Washington, March 14.Four American soldiers
were killed in action, two died of wounds and fifty
four were wounded in France according to the official
report issued by the War Department this afternccn
following the receipt of the names from Gen. Pershin
in command of the American expeditionary forces in
France. Nine others died of diseases, the announce
ment shows.
The dead are Sergt. Frank O Connor, Corp. Albert
E. Behmer, Sergt. Joseph L Cip and Privates Cecil M.
Conley, Fred C. Brummett, Fred D. Turner. Sert
Cip and Private. Brummett -had been wounded several
days ago.
Among those listed as wounded are Uvo officers:
Capt. Hugh H. Barber and Lieut. Horace B. Smith.
Forty men on the wounded list were slightly injured.
Washington, March 14.--The Netherlands govern
ment has been notified by the United States and Great
Britan that Dutch ships in the American and Allied
seaports will be seized for the purpose of shipping fecd
stuffs to neutral countries, unless an agreement regard
ing tonnage is reached by next Monday.
H.;:L"K, MarcM-!. The mi'-
, t.iuiif. i-iit-i-iw. un im-iin.im.s 01 uii- vlui,.t .,f fl... ..., m .-:;! n-
Jus- city. From the description the police , oii-.-ei-. ii an article bearing marks of
. , j brother, Fred Moore bookkeeper for j t ice Jaeger yesterday announced that have received of the negro, it is believ- f- vernnu nt ir.s;iiaition. .'irtual'y
lp !lhe I'.owman P.ros. Realty Co. Thejbe would fe in the race to oppose the U that the cheeks have been passed abandons ai! ex.vt;.l i..r. ..fa r, inmi
their step-father to Xevvton Stathem
and nis sister, Mrs. Tearl Side.
The plaintiff showed evidence that
they inherited' this estate from their
mothoT, who died about two years ago. i
I winning number had
offensive n tiie west this soring,
nounce-d tin lay. Six houses wtre de
rnosh. d and thirty otheis damageil by
The casualties resulted when one
Ti.-t dl.iHd a
JFred Moore by a merhant a few daysjl as also announced his candiacy forj All checks are made payable to John i WCT M irch 14 P.att!nlawip
a. ,,... -;.. 41-
I. I Ul v Lilt UlrtMlllj; i.'?tl. JMrtl... I
When Robert left the house Tuesday
;re-cleetaon on the Republican ticket, joi.i.ne for the amount of They id the air along the west front.' Ar
r'nce ine circuit cierK s oince nas i,o;vr different
nrnatures. and are til!pr- firimr be-oino nor. nro-
evening to go to the Park Theater lm," a-vlnf ! drawn on either the First Vatioral ' nounccl. especially in the regions of
" . i this luisitinn h5i hwin.p nnr nf th I i- ! . . ... . I . .
, .. .. . ..... ... . h Siont it'ast Al'ssf.uri 1 rust I o. ' I'skcci-hen i:u mill St. Oiicntir.. Sa'i-
Mrs. Freeman and Mrs. Obendorfer - u.mv, hiku. j..ns m u.e rour.., The first merchant defrauded bv satro ba'oons are un evcrvwl.ere. with
of Stathem and Mrs.'"'"1" . .c..tVc, i-a, ...t. ...;tH rho(.k foTr was Cl vv Si-hack, iobservsition ofticers swaying !)eneath,
Wells Fargo Mandamus Suit
Sent to Circuit Court
for Trial.
are step-sisters
The estate involved in this suit is
a larm ot w acres near unoie. ii is
imr him ho would Hve bipi S10. if he :be m the race for election
returned with the Liberty bond.
"I don't care whether I have this
later under I'lucher Soerln?. will seek
said to be verj- fertile and valuable jacket or not I red to.i ins brother i . lection as recorder ofdeeds, R?publ
ground. Wlven Stathem dietl in 180!). couldn't win that bond and if I had can loaders in the county seat, s;Jd
the evidence showed he bequeathed the
! owner of the West Knd Grocerv. Last ' v r Vhint- the ounositiir lines.
; Fred Sehrader. formerly deputy , Satun!av nojrro pu,Th.lsed Scents jjfON'.jTAXTIXOPLT. via London,
, count'- clerk under r red Goyert ami .v. - v0 . . ,11.lt .. t....,, ..l! mii
" VI Lit ikw un v iiov rvv i J'l . i v rill 11 1 t lii iuiii i .tifiiii't
ZepjM'Iin crossing- the
nom on HartlepoI. In addition to
t!:e- live killed, nine pvr-ons wcrf -in-jured.
This is the second Zeppelinraid "on
Kngland within twenty-four nour?.
T.i.-sil.ty nightV ra'd. wiii.h resu'ted
m the death of one wemaa by siiork,
, w::s the first :t t'm ;t il sinee Septem
ber, i;mt. .
ing a check for $8, made payable to Sunday by Turkish forces, after Ar-
; John Cridd'.e and bearing the signature meninn
ef Joseph Haas. The check
before the ciU
ever ticket but one. this one I did not yesterday. Sehrader i!l oppose G. F. tunie( jlc.ndav as forgen-
was re-i was overw helmed, the Turkish
() ce anniunced today.
land to his two ch.Mren. .Mrs. &mos jhoM . v,ouhl suelv be thc winner, m niers tne present recorder wno Has K(!entlv. thf. same negro attempt- AMSTKKDAM. March l-i.-Oce,,-!
land Xevvton Stathem. The plaintiffs.'. . . . .... a readv announced himsolf a candidate t
claim that their mother was the real I , , T. . re-election. i, . . - n. .' , :,.,.,, hv lVa r:rm;in w:(.r' u,a 'su,,",nR at Jenei
owner of the poperty, and that she tne .merty oonn. im.j With Sehrader and Masters in thelw;. Cj' h7 w ! nbn, ,t ' tb" " Z r, .,t Complete Loss-B
-. , i . I x : ... u
JUUge wrj'iieuiii iu:ui;m.
Common Pleas Court Was adjourn
left .it to them at her death.
race for the circuit clerkship, the mim- j
Snider deferred his deeison to the next Fred came home later than his bro- ibrr of candidates for that office has
term of court. !ther. who could hardlv await the re-!bpen brought up to three. Dan A.
A fecial tern, of court will be .held rf the ..Tv? wor Haldaman a teacher at Central High
within the next tVwr ddys to fmsh the he ! School of th.s-nty, has told huy pol.t.-
iiti iiiL-iuis iiicti nt: win Liy in laiiu ine
I nomination and election as circuit
suit of Peter Deimund against D. C. j.
in Frel's ears, as he stepped into the j
rday following the busiest day K"0"' is sueJ f;r e recove?- o yQU ;
luaji " rtf eaOO tVia mnntif nf n not TlPl- . ... . ... . ...
was detected before he got the money.
The suspicicn of the owner was ar
oused, when he noticed the signature
C A. --A .1 ... - . 1 . 1
oea iieee ;u ine mercy oi ine enimi i
Powers. !
rson Citj a
of Countj Burned.
LOXDOX. March 14. The Jiospital! JKFFKDSOX CITY, March 14.
h1 vester
of the February term, wfiich began
February 24. Many probate matters
were settled, and all cases that remain
ed on the docket were disposed of.
Hhe mandamus suit brought ag
of $900. the amount of a note Dei
mund endorsed for Kynion, when he.
sold him & farm near Egypt Mills in
lf15. The evidence was heard yester- !
ay, but the arguments were not sub-!
could'nt win a hand in poker with a i
roval flush. "Let's see vour bond.
and endorsement on the check to be ship Guildford Castle returning to its, I,u' ' o;f County Courthouse here---. as
the same. -When Andrews walked to-! home Mrt with Red Cross signs j destroyed by tire this afternoon, fol-v.ar-J
the telephone to ascertain who-'showing was unsuccessfully atta -ked j "g a mystero;s bLse which "was
ther Fiank Will'anfs, which was the ; by a submarine in llristr channel Sun-' discovereil in the dome of the huilrting
j Robert produced the government
certificate. Robert said it would vio-
: signature on the check, had an account jday the admiralty announced today.
wiin-me ?outncasr .Missouri iiusii,o. iwo torpedoes were tired at tnei
! the negro ran out the door and dis-; Guildford Castle. The second one '"-en saved
; shortly after 2 p.' m.
t X 11 ....... I 'A. ' 1 .
... "unt.at uriirus ii i.? neneveii nave
ainst the Wells-Fargo and Co., by
Claude D. Speak of this city was sent J
to Jackson on a change of venue toj
lx tried before Circuit Judge Keiiy.
. jmitted to the court.
at the snecal session.
,t Judge Keiiy.Wf .n
The attorneys for the firm, Oliver and J J fllU
Oliver, obtained a change of venue on J nrir - - rt
the grounds that the company could j Til ILT HKI P IN lQlX
not have a fair trial before Judge Sni- I U UL 1 1ILLI 111 UIO
der in the Comnvm Pleas Court. The j
suit was instituted to compel the ex-jSikcston Man to Enlist All Who
press company to accept hquor ,hij Worfc 0 MissolJrj
ments consignexl to individuals mi
... i; Farms.
ary counties.
A new tvial was asked yesterday by
lat th rnle-s of flprenrv reneat the
This will be done 1 -f, , ' W1 w ,vf i D V fill I TD VOT I TP
nviua .Miu ..iiivii Ji.- ...v. , i rw Hill I r ft P II P
vent to his surprise. The end of the J " I lTIILLLll ii J 1 1 1 Ll
sentence was "this night cost me just i .
i S10.2O."
jto Harrison in addition to $V00 cash
jand $4,o00 in notes which the Miller
i estate holds against this company.
j badly damaged her how. 'Ibe
carried many sick an wounded.
Secretary Maker and Gen. Pershing
today inspecton of the gigantic dock
W H. Harrison takes Over Cane! n return or transfer Harrison i buildings and other facilities cf the
Street Car Stock of
Miller Estate.
jrid. Dunkln, Pemiscot, T.utler andj
' Stoddard Countv. i
Xorrid' sduties will be to supply thc '
farmers in these counties with - farm i A deal between Julien G. Miller
must relieve the Miller estates of its
i indebtedness to the Dank of Morehouse
J thc First Xational Rank, the South
east Missouri Trust Co., Harrison him
self and J. H. Himmelberger, amount
ing to $44,000.
The purpose of the deal remains a
among the two
on will be giv-
hands during the spring, summer a-nd j executor of his father's estate and W.
fall of this year. He will work in co-H. Harrison of this city, involving a-
J operation with the Federal and Statelbcut $65,000 was apporved yesterday j matter of confidence
jFree Employment Dureau in St. Lou-; by Judge Snider, in Common fleas i parties. Xo informati
'' lis. jCourt before a final settlement in thejen out by either party as to the deal.
W. Wade Norrid, a real estate 'dea-j Xorrid will compile a list of all -estate was filed by the executor. The fit is understood, however, that Harrl
Jer of Sikeston, has been appointed persons, men and women, who are will- (deal had been pending for some time 'son is acting as agent for a large cor-
. ... ... - .. . I. . , , , il 1 Mil ..1 , - X J I 1. J . , A? . .
nd J. H. Schwab, who were awarded I federal held agent lor larm labor nyiing to worK on iai ms ana suppiy ine ana win De ciosea in a. iw aays. jporation, wnirn is contemplating tne
amages bv a jury to the amount of 'State Labor Commissioner Lewis, ac- farmers with the necessary informa- ! Under the provisions of the probate ; construction of an intcrurban line be-
City Connsel-or Knehans in the con
r.imnation Puit sgains-t J. G. Keller
$5,700, which exceeded the damages : cording to advices irom
allowed bv the commissioners bv 51,- City. His field comprises
100. ardea-u, Jfississippi, Scott,
Jefferson tion as to how to gt heir- Thoie j order made by' Judge Snder the hold- Ste. Genevieve and Cape Girardeau.
5 Cape Gir-jwho wajit this kind of work are urged lings of the Miller estate in the local; This corporation, it is said, will also
, New Had- y the federal r.-gent to apply to him, sireet car company will be transferred take over the local street car system.
The l.-ss , il! reach $100,-
', it in estimated.
A score of swvtators attempted to
-ave records from the building shortly
after the alamr of ire was given and
in the confusion Eugene Cox ef Col
ombia. .Mo. fell from the second floor
terminal which supplies the America? window yf the burnng structure. He
forces in France. ,-'"as t ken to r. hospital where it wai
. LOXDOX March 14. IHspatchep j Silul his chances of m-ovcr- were
from Switzerland and Rome state that ""ghL
indications point to an attempt to b'axt- spread fror.i the court-
i break the Italian line. The German M'ouse to two two sfry residene'es.
newspapers consider that success isjT'1' e-cuo.-int- were able to save most
posible in an Italian -ff. sive and lliat 'u ir furniture. '.Yearly all fixtures
it would hasten Ih advent of w.-uf. j0' the i-ocrt house were destroyed.
T.r'ge masses o' ttijs l.:e hee.ij . The (ire started in the same myster
eoncentrated by the Austrans on thej'-'s manner in the dome of the build
Italian front presumably to open tr i? lhr 'e which des'.ioyod ihr- o'd
drive on the Italian lines. (state capitol several years ago. It
LOXDOX, 3Iarch 14. One man, spread so rapdly that the entire slruc-y
... .... ( i. m . . '
one woman and three children were
killer in last night's raid over north
eastern England, it was officially an
ture was doomed before the fire de
partment which is across the street
Lad an opportunity to fight ther blaze.

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