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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, May 31, 1918, Image 1

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flA!'.'! E" CP JFT IF3P 0 S ! QJS'T
I III! .
pnvim r
to mmv. NAVY
Father Takes Little Daugh- jCol. Houck Announces Cam
ter From Wife, Who paign Will Begin in Two
Left Him. Weeks.
The Liberty Limited
Harrv Justice Takes Children to ! Aeroplane May be used to Arouse !
Chaffee Police Rescue Wife
From Hivcr.
Interest of Young Men for
Refusing to lister, to pleas for a
reconciliation of her husband, Harry
A. , , , , ir, ! launched in Southeast
Justice, whom ne had tnreatene 1
v.ith a raw after he had taken 'heir 'this city as hindquarters, Col
A big drive for the recruiting of!
applicant; for thc navy will
Missouri v.ith
1 w-vear-e'd
l. 1:.
Houck 'in ounce1 yesterday follow-
in-' hi;: return from St. Louis where '
d:;uv.hter, Katherinc
Mrs. Bertha Justice nttemnto-1 to
;nmn into the river near tW p :ssen-! j10 .n.a,f. arrangements for the cam
i.,(T SUILI )II uu h.uiihi.. ' i" ; ; ; -n. HOUCK, W ii-J OI OI.
southljound train, m wl.ich ;v:r lni?-J Houclc, has had charge of th enli.-t-
hau l was taklnjr th" three chuureit; t-,..rl., f, ;- ty navy in this city .since
1ack homo, was imlliir: into the .na- ; ast faj
lion. She was prevcntr.1 from r-1 ,t ll;,nnftl Coh nou,lc, said yen-,
in-into the water by Tohceman 1' ' tei,Iav to ,,ave :i b: navv !av in
Wilson to whom her iHis!an 1 had np- lh,ut i0 lays or two wepks the day!
utim u "-. jv,n ic announced as soon as ne can
apnrarm at in? swi.on. make the neccs.-arv arransremcnts.
While in St. I.onis he attempted to
The diOnities of i?s- coapl? U.nrvl
. . . . , ... " i i
their inception noons -.'.o cnIi,t the aid cf scme bue .jackets,
when Mrs. Justice lefc her hazard, bjjt wag informcd that these men
who is employed on a farm of F. W.m,ie nf)t available & lhi3 time. !
Dunn near CVaO'ee, coorno: to the; , , !
Capc v. idi the r dnn.rtht3r, an . . , ,
x. rnv i,n;rp4i m J. few days to booK some rnvn! and !
evcentio'-ai.v Pivttv liaxen-naireu .
jhavc an aeroplane sent to this city to,
I mnkfi some fliirhls at the Faii'crou'ids
i t . ..., . i T-''n ' '
pi nere m
mmmmmi M i
d!feWM;lfef J: i
O &J m K)
xr ft n
Two Submarines at Least are See:
in Attacks on Ships near the At
lantiq; Coast Others Believe
Near Scene.
Allies now Increasing their Re
distance on the Western Frant
Fren0 Break Up all German At
tacks!" i
New Y'k, Jne 3. The steamship City of Columbn
regis tcrinfjCO gns, has been sunk by 2 German subin:
rine oil theiilary coast, acrdir to advices reccivt
here late tterftei-nccn by . ttir: mr.ritiir.'i' e::-;
City of Cchinlbns plies bct cc
nah, Ga. idt tails of ths;:;
Yesterd 1 y
r-flerro. n ,.
1 Park. He will al. o arrange to suture 1
Mills Residents Start; Dill Before City Council Raiting j Cape Attorney Exr? cird to Have
Campaign to IJut Stream All SIO Excepting Chief, Clc.ir Fi-?d f Nomi-
Undcr Control. Mighlraan. ! ratios'.-
lhe s'ivr definitely rt jov..
Steamfe-Carolina, trc:n I-Yr
.111.111 n ii.- j - , nmvn hi n-.TE'Vion-: fnr nnf i
found the child pyr."-' in rrrnt of, .u-'uv li;tJ A popular subsc
tin. Iinnse wh.rro Mn Jxt co h i
been livimr pircp she cr
citv. He picked 'up the little rrirl
i,. ' or iwo nays un inv;
Schooners-iiivvard K. Co e, Jaccb S.
bcinrr ; Th-? salaries of the members of the Gcorrre C Hitchcock, treasurer ?
' t m r- T .
Jast co .':i.i, . ;," . . 1:, raised by the resident.', cf Ktryp.i police force, excluding the chief and. pn,i,;:fflI, tvt r.mmiHno . Wllev. liattftf D i: m and S.Ml,:t
., . from JSoutheast 'lissoun can DC f-x-i ... . . . . . i' ' -.v. w. . . -
me to t!.i- m . i Mills and the farmers m that section ; i (,-? . ia:n street niriit w;itcHman won T
. - - i lj
I i n xi3 ii lIiL rl nia ! rt
'i; ' "' '. i of the county to build a brid-re ov-." i be increased
!. 1 TT,rt Ty,ftVlOT..T'T-5ll"l "'"' ' w"- "1 I""""1" " " " Nc'.:.-. -,.rtl- n i lin. Vr.,.4 J, n,l vn-il i-.-,frt,. ' !
ouis yt.--teii'ay sent ;tn ofiicial
i j n. 1 ii a v. tt. v .
I he cdavvue s'.crn cr. City cf Cciumbus, Savanr.:
ward H. I lavs, of this citv
Justin e
IV father down 1h- street, tr.reaton-i exp , , ,. , . , -Ttv.s s-tream has never been br:d;red . passed by that bndv. Uic ordinnroe v'-1'-' I'.
. , -, , I-, ' Manv who have applied rere lor; . 1 . . I. . . , .
ir ' 1o 1 :.v h.m f r rested f le I ; - . !and most of tr.e time is almost im-; was lntrodufcd yesterday ftemoo.i lys declaration
ru-t .give up the (hud. . ,. .J pasaJi.e. hnd jriven two rca .tings, i mat aci ion , Republican n-.-mmation for Confnes
his hiln-er to t-e ; ,rV ' IVrrn'h
Mill 111V IJflli (lUli'llACU .xcll liil
11 a. i uinMiiiin-c 1 uii . vta
T!- T..:i.,.. ,. T,..l T.'.J l c ri ?..?.!. T t 1 1 . . ,
fore the citv council ;slVL-" L" " ur uusma,.iiu p.iacr.crs, v.asaQCCU iaiC today as a:
he applicants, t was necc-?ary
inT. t ) mc1:" the. trip to Sr.Loui
it r ... :. i i...;i ano otae:
Ila!f an liur, -u 1 crosr.inc the ; at this point
ati'-r. for t!ie-(pavy is veiy
I T"i,..T irvi. -f 2i!rrll -v-nfm' f Via r r?A t? n - .-4-U- T. ..-411 ! lii.l fTlil
;.yli- ..iTtii-rtr-,- n ntm;. iyu .ii i.nn..-, v "'"'i v.... a(in .lOO lO C l l it IliOl.tll. 10 v.ll. VI- ' iwv..
. whom he met on the street?., in- v-.iivtn.yHC ' creek is too drop and treacnc"ous to foct all day policemen, includii
1: tv.t h . ii-irn""" ' "" It ' - , , .. . i: ... . ....
ing me ponceiii.ui u..u ... c iora. petitions were in circu.auu'i health ollicer. but not including
ad threatened (o ki'l him with a -..,, ivagc ditch yesterday. Dr. O. J. Miller, of Oak.Ma5n street night policeman who re-
ir ne am not cive up uic . . . , . . K r is T ie leaam-r smrit in tae .;..! nnT-.- , r.mnih fmm iho .-itv
hom' of a frier.! in ?.Ti'--tervide. TIs
.... . rn11.MiTA1 ! liic wifo n; hp left '
Wet- VH"I.1 . i.i.. ..... ... ( f
the house to go to lh pasr-r.ger f a-
tion about midnight.
later Justice appealed to Patrom;m j
Elmer Clifton drove the policeman
f.tnoueh the city until
thev fo'ind the mother n
c.,.. cfvnnr sVio w!is t.iken to the i
I .-.im v. f. ill a
.I 1 ,K, A rn7fir W!l! i 1,C vape,
found in her pocket. She was re
leased. ('i:f;n then took the father and
ii. 1 i:1.1,.. 1, 1,rt ctn irvn I
, i ; men nuuiu iii.ijjiic intm u
the high water
has '"ill be taken at the next
regu ar
bre-jght a deposit of qu:?k sand to meeting of the ci'.y council two wee'
in the Fc;: tcerth District
ti; n had
ih,o North Eend ford, and machines ' hence.
vehicles find difficulty in i Tlie salarv of a policeman is in
i creased by the proroseil ordinance! bune, Ju
g the date for
weeks that Judge Hays would make
""' other probaMcUviciim of the German sea raiders.
of candid.-.cv for the! n. , , . r. ,
I uic iuw. usu.. c i..;own auernoen v;nen wor
i was rzzz '7ci:;cre th i . an S. O. V call for help had con:
fron: her ialtf.i;4ht. Ifcr -.virelcsi message, picked up b
naval vesai!'' stated that a submarine was shelling tl
vessel and5Bt the pas3cnj'ers had taken to the boats. He."
'Ugly sent and it is hoped that all hands wii! t
'sof the steamers, cnlv eiht of the Edwsr
i:een received by The "ri
re Hays admitted that he
and v as offc'al'y a canii-ongres.s
Of th(
i ..... t t ,MnTry v, Tyinttori i iL. . t. -i n . ....i.;the raec. but he nofi:n?d to con urn
wou'd be repaired in a short time; " .uM.b - j ana mc crjei, wno is paiu ai uie rawjj
in order to give the young men ar.d j yesterday, he said: of $75 a month. , the report. Ho will oppose Corgrcs -
9 h a!l vho xvant 1( ta've part in thc cel I residents of the northern enu The increase will add $4S0 a year man J. ... Kusseu tor re-eiectioi.
lohration an opportunity to come to! of the county suffer great inconveni- j io tjie exprndiutres of thc city, j It is reported in Republican cire'es
ence by the neglect of this creek, itj jiayor Haas explained yesterday aft-.that Judge Hays will not have r.r. cp-
If possible a navv band will be se-jis one of the few ?t reams in the State
cured for tha celebration of . the that are not hriiigea. me roaa w
great naval lav. Col. Houck said he ! tween Capo Girardeau and Egypt
believed that the appearance of the! Mills has been neglected from the
ctni standpoint of bridges, i nave met
Shortly before in- tram arrived j to thc navy. Thosc mo,h cncoui-agemetft since I began rr,t
ernoon that he believed tha police
men were cniit'ed to the raise on
account cf the increase in living ex
penses and SCO a month was too small
an income for a man who had to sup-
Mrs. Justice reached the station. Heri
husband pleaded with her to go back j
listen to his offer. A ew seconds be-
I who areVubJect to th.e draft may se- circulating the petition. From what;
9 . A 1 ? "I m I
..ti-t..... . f-'"' - 4,- ic fWT, tli. local:! can icarn a permanent unu.m. i.uj ,
home, but she steadfastly declined to; " .n nbo built for about .$1,500. I am sure 011.00 f1II?f I f?D UKQ tW
ooaia iinu uium- .wiawv.i c...v.. , t a 1 I R- 6 l'JIii'g S u' 5 S I U .1 ' "
pr.ner.t for the nomination. Henry
Wilson, D. J. Smith, David V.r. Hill
and Tom Drown, who have made the!
race in the past, agreed to give way
to Judge Hays. Republicans fay.
Judge Hays is one cf the best
known lawyers in Missouri, and is a
great campaigner. He p'ans t- make
I H. Cole arc &own to be safe. They have reached Nc
York and hfe told their story.
Nswsy'$he fate of those on other schooners is an:
iouslv awaited, Naval vesse!s. it is known, have net o.
ly gone to tf.tf.rescue but are securing the seas for ti
enemy. J,V
The potts" of Boston, New York and Newport Net
as well as veral ethers, have been closed conditional
Coast ii3frds at all stations have beer notified to wat.
for shipwrecked men.
Ay. Atlantic Port, June 3. Two dirigible balloc
L... .i.... I the people interested will help us.
une service u:'v num. iv i .
fore the train reached the station Tne VVar Department has called nuse tnat sum
Mrs. Justice ran down the embank- for volunteers for the navvy to bring I
mont east of 'he Nation. She was I the naval strength up to 500.000 men. SERGT. IIIRSCH NOW WITH !
seen bv her oldest son who notified j Votary enlistments is the nfy j AMERICAN ARMY IN rKAXCH;
. . . , . I wav in which the navy can secure !
Policeman Wilson. The latter cautrr.t.
her just as she was about to leap;n -(
into the water. !
Well Known Citizen Taken to
these men. as the draft act merely apilnformed Mother Yesterday Tint He; bt, Louis hospital tor
t- the land fighting force.
' ; it ft - J t i . : . u
He stated last rieht that ' luia ""uuni cietcu uu tu jc.i mi iLtiiiu h v:t:ris:i:x
he did not expect to become active un
boats in Atlantic waters. Beth flew low and were pier
til the campaign for the general clec-j fully supplied with bombs. It is aiso expected that a lar
tion. j number of seaplanes wiI be sent out to search fcr stitmc
Mrs. Justice wa accompanied home ! Pl'XICO MAN SUCCUMBED
by Patrolman Pearrn and her nus-
iKind and three chvl.-en departed on of Isaac .snoehate Shipped
th? train. Mrs. Justic? told a Tribune j ome For uuriai Yesterday
reporter she had been mistreated byj Afternoon.
her husband, and had left him fori
that reason. He however denied this
and offered to take her back for the
children's sake but she refused to re
ened him with a razor, but admitted
that the razor was found in her pos
session by the police.
Mrs. Justice has been living with a
amily named Nicholson near the shoe
Tactory since she came to the Cape,
Isaac Shoemate, a resident of Pux
ico, died at St. Francis Hospital yes
terday morning. He had been a pa-
tient at teh, hospital only a few days
She denied that she had threat -The ermairs were shipped to Puxico
yesterday afternoon for burial.
Shoemate was 53 years old. He had
been ailing several weeks before he
was brought to the Cape Hospital for
tratment for eyphoid fever. His wife
and several grown children, 'among
them a son in the army, survive. .
Arrived on the Battle Front
April 25.
store of James A. Ki.uler, but du' to
the sagacity cf Mr. Kinder his efforts
ito obtain the poison were frustrated
Mr. Kinder said yesterday evening
j .that Mr. Mueller appeared despond-
Maior Scrgt. Emil Hirsch, on oft Hugo Mueller, a .'on of th well-' c.nt when he entered the store to ask
the first Cape boys to volunteer after i known meat packer of Jackson, wavf0 th-? poison. According to Mr.
thc declaration of war on Germany, j taken to St. Louis this morning to be j Kinder, he finally admitted that his
arrived i nFrance w ith his regiment ' placed in a hospital for treatment for j jntmtion was to end his life. When
:. v.: Ati-a Snl-m a nervous breakdown which he suf-uhr .Irurrfri.st declined to sell him the
Hirsch" of this city, learned yesterday rci several weeks ago. He was ac-jpoinsonj yir. Mueller declared he
' - 1 l-r. .T- 4.1 TT TT T..l ! .. .... .......
companiea oy nis liunvr, n. n. i.iu-.-i-, Wou!u get it downtown. He left tne
ler, who was called over from Jack- j store an(i returned home.
The information came from, tne
young sergeant in a letter which he
wrote on Mother's Day.
Sergt. Wil-on informed his mother
that he liked France very well. He
says it is a pretty country. He Join
ed the army as a private May 7,
1917, and or Jefferson Barracks
was sent to El Paso, Tex. Thence his
regiment was ordered to Gettysburg,
Pa., and from there to a camp in New
Jersey, whence he sailed to France.
sen yesterday afternoon.
Tr.e strange actions of Mr. Muel
ler yesterday caused his relatives
considerable worry and after a con
ference with the family physician, it
was dcciccd to send him to a St.
Louis hospital for' special treatment.
Early yesterday afternoon Mr.
Mueller made an effort to buy some
cyanide of potassium in the drug
The druggist called the family phy
sician, who was at the Mueller resi
dence treating the two children for
la grippe. The father of the stricken
nan was rummoned from Jackson
aad arrangements were made to
transfer him to a St. Louis hospital.
Hugo Mrcller is one of the popular
3'oung men ?n this city and has been
exceptionally successful in business.
'sibles. , .
Washington. June 3. Two big, heavily armed Ge:
man submarines, sneaking up off the Jersey coast, ha
sunk three American schooners, shelled a stean er and d
stroyed stfH-ttfher craft.
The thf.ee sunk werethe four-masted Edward H. Col
the schooneracob S. Kaskell and another unnamed sal
ing vessel.
The Navy Department received an S. O. S. this afte
noon saying the Porto Rican steamer Carolina was beir
attacked off the coast to the south of the point where tl
other vessels were sunk..
Th'e steamship Carolina was attacked while en rouf
from Porto Rico Aith 2.5C0 passer.gers. The passcngei
have taken to theiboats.
New York, jfune 3. Announcement of the operatic
of German submarines off the New Jersey coast, led tedt
to speculation as to a possible attack on New York.
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