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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, June 14, 1918, Image 5

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Answer Your
Telephone Promptly
Business And Professional Men Tell Why
Drainage Spans Are Needed Cape Loos- '
ing Enormous Amount of Trade.
A Courtesy expected by every one is that his
telephone call be answered promptly.
To allow your telephone bell to ring longer
thin necessary, not only keeps the calling party
waiting but it results in unsatisfactory service
both to you and to him.
If the telephone is not answered within a
reasonable length of time a "don't answer" report
is given by the operator.
You expect prompt answers when you call.
Do you answer promptly.
The reasons for the calling of a , the Cape were annexing all the trade
special election to vote ?200,000 of; that was brought to this city before
bonds for the construction of perma-! the drainage channels were cut
nent badges across the drainage, through the lands south of the city
channel on the Rock Levee Road. County Highway Engineer Dennis
were discussed from all angles at the
mass meeting at the court house yes
terday evening, presided over by
Mayor H. H. Haas.
Scivally estimated the costs of the
proposed bridges over the diversion
channel and the smaller ditch at
j $100:C00. In order to get a solid
About 100 men from all over the foundation for the bridges, he said it
township attended the meeting, many) would be necessary to dig through
being called upon to express their 1 14 feet of gumbo and a strata of
views of the proposed bond election, j sar.d the thickness of v hich had not
At the close of the meetine- it was i yt uetn ascertained, ihe mn
decided to amioint a committor to bridge, he said would measure 190
idive cnarge oi me campaign tnrougn . xeec irom one came oi tne diversion
out the township and to arrange for j channel to the other. The remain.!
meetings at various places in the ! er 0f the sum raised by the bond is
.z, . .wn.-jf iu liiu i EUC couui D3 spent ior tne reecn-
voters and taxpayers the necessity of j struction of the roads in the town
voting the bonds. 1 ."d
Hairy E. Alexander, one of the Citv Commissioner Louis Wittmor
leading attorneys of this county, was j suggested that the issuance of the
the first speaker. He explained why j bonds and the construction of the
he believed the bond issue should car- I permanent crossing ovev the drainage
ry in this township. He pointed out ; channels be postponed till after the
I A 1 ! - . 1 , , . . I
I citizenship These modifications and p'e injury mulcted upon tne business I v.-al v-hen the prices for building ma-
i,o.. o the city for ths reason that no ' icr;al had become normal sirain. He
i t'JiiviKViicv yi uv i.-iuun nu.v u'ws 1,v l . . ,
thousands of aliens to the naturaliza- P " 3 ' I that tne c the en-
rardeau and tho southern counties, i th ,. ,r,iir,f,- M.nn-,t0 ,v;m, tv,a
Ion offices in the cities making it im- since the temporary bridges over the ; aroniont of the Cane Girardeau North
possible for the officers in charge to diversion channel and the drainage. 0rn railroad to maintain a connection
Fire Believed Incendiary Fol
lows Threat Letters To
Local Board
At Your Own Frice and on Easy Terms
We have hth-crade, USED Automobile, taken in exchange for our new ears.
You can take ycur pick at a lower "price than you would have to pay for moot
rlieap cars at the factory, nad yo'-c car will be shirked to you READY FOR YOUR
IMMEDIATE UJE on receipt of the first small payment. A used hifih-prfced car is
a better buy at its low market rricc, than a cheap car at the same figure.
Kart!!, 13VT, 4-cyl.. 5-pasa, Eurnrcr. Cj Meteor Roadster. 1316. 4-cyL. electric
(tood Lenses, extra tira ad tube, li-hts and starter, .... -
Overland, 191C-. 6-cyl., 7-pa3s, cloctria Paice, 1515. 4-cyl 5-pnss, electrie lichts
lights and starter, ...... C75.VO and starter, - -- -- -- - $450.00
RAYJES CiXS, rosrtaart. 3, 5, 7-, wrti writer and ssmortscs. S33O40 ts $1,300.00
Put your money jfc?o a powarftrf, amootb-numtng, com-.
fortb!e, bJsh-grido, vaotJ cer, rail than m chomp
No Clew Found Leading Tolden
tity Of Suspects hoCaused
The Fire
e Girardeau Bell
Telephone Co.
Dockets Of U.S. Courts Crowd
ed During War With Applica
tions Of Aliens
Naturalization of foreigners, in
clulincr su!).icfts of this country's en
emy, has teen permitted by the jrov
ernnient during the time of war, and
a;; a consequence many men, who are
of (Icrman birth, are making applica
tions for their citizenship papers.
In some of the large cities of the
country that are inhabited by many!
foreigners the naturalization offices
have been flooded with applications
for citizenship, and as a result the
Circuit Courts have been called upon
to examine the applicants and issue
naturalization papers, where it is
found justified.
. ii:' ..:on 01 anon enemies
.. h;:s been made condi-
:. f" reign birth who de
iiu: .: ! in the army are
.! immediate admission to
pass on all cases in due time
Why do your cows give less milk
in winter than they do in summer?
Just because nature does not sup-
ditches had been washed awav.
with Scott and Stoddard and other
j 1
constructing permanent image?, 1 adjacent counties in the south. He
he said, would be cheaper than build-1 believed a daily train with several
mg temporary spans, which were caches could care for all traffic with
likely to be washed out bv
heavy rain, he said. Figuring the; j- Lcminari chairman of the
cost of the temporary bridges at : .onCcial . road commission of Cane
Sl.r00 to S2.000. he s.-iir?
p.y uicm wiui grasses ana green fi,w w wi, nc saw. tnoug.- township, told of the many plans that
food. Cut we have come to the as- ni"e would soon be wasted to pay xvcre laen up fjy the commission b
sistauce of Dame Nature with B. A.
Thomas' Stock Remedy which con
tains the very ingredients that thl
Dloomdeld, Mo., June 12. Follow
ing up a clew that is believed to lead
to the men who are suspected of hav
ing set lire to the Steddan County
Trust building in this city destroying
ail record-; of the selective draft reg
istration, Sheriff Oscar O'Neil left
the city tonight on a mysterious trip
in an elTort to locate two men, who
were seen in an automobile near' the
building ihorily after the lire was
discovered. The authorities would
no'i state the purpose of the sheriff's
leaving the city nor his destination,
but it is believed he went to Advance
i:i search of the suspects.
The Trust -building, in which were
stored all draft records of Stoddard
County, both of 1017 and 1918, was
destroyed by lire, which was discov
ered about l:-"0 o'clock this mornin.
The entire building, one of the larg
est in Southej'.st Missouri, was burn
ed, only the wails remained.
rhat the origin of t!i2 fire was in
cendiary is indicated by the fact that
a strong odor of ccal oil was detect
ed by those who reached the building
first. The room, in which the records
of the diaft were kept was a mass of
fla.nes when the fire fighters arrived,
lb' is bolkved that the flames origi
nated in this room.
Other records kept by professional
oowr Cr that saay pro wo imrrKsblo.
Writo toi!y fcr Oct LATEST LIST and fall details of our Easr
Paymrt Dan, cr. if you are c-C to b in town, ccme to our
bcautifcl chow rooros and lrt ns demonstrate tba bargains we offer.
RFiYEU. MOTOR CAR CO., 2521 Lccust Street, ST. LOUIS, M0,
ft -
be known until the debris has been
moved away. It is believed by the
officers of the bank, however, that the
vault offered protection against the
Anonymous letters received by the
local board of Stoddard County,
threatening to kill the members of!
the board, or to blow up the building j
stroyed. A can containing several"""
gallons of wood alcohol exploded,--blowing
out part of the building. All
fixtures in the barbershop of lien
Tryor were also burned. This shop.,
was located directly beneath the
room in which the local board bati
ks offices.
Others who lost their offices anJI
in which the records were kept, were contents are: Dr. S. S. Davis, Dr. D.
A Sloan and Dr. Taul E. Tribble, all-
three dentists, who had their office
on the second floor. The offices of
ex-Senator Ferris and Attorney II. S.
Green and the insurance offires of W.
E. Green were a complete loss, as"
none of these men had any insurance
on their books and office fixtures.
According to Trosecuting Attorney
George Munger, who, with Sheriff
O'Neil, is investigating possible clues
that might lead to the arrest of the
men suspected of having started (lie
fire, an automob'le was seen leaving
the city at a high rate of speed .in t
a short time before th blaze in the
for the construction of a concrete fore it was definitely decided to limit 1 ,7I, vn the'r offices in the trust
uhukc wnicn wouiu ue a permanent the issuance of bends to the town
structure. Besides, he added, the loss shr instead of including the entire
of business which has been estimated COuntv. It was sue-fresied in tho bo-
green feed supplies in season only, of at $1,000 a day, would soon exceed1 1C sa;(j Q for orv
edy will make your cows give more J thf ioss b.v way of additional tax- J si 00,000 in the township, but in view
oursc, in a more highly concentrated f . " resuiunK Irom the wance of ; 0f the fsct that the northern secthm
: V
u jvir.g
form. .We guarantee that this rem-
f the township would not be inter-
feed, i
111 A -a - it .
milk, and Letter mlik, with the same T A" , "'i,: "t i !JI ouiuung o. tne onuge, u
,L DeaI sPke of the inconvenience of j .vas decided to inrinso inn sum to
traveling to the neighboring counties t ?200.COO in order to tret enough mon
joining uape uiranieau county m ; cy to repair the reads in the entire
t::e fcouth. since tho drainage bridges ; township.
G iia9iS ha1 been destroyed bjf the flood. Fci--
Will r1,ro RIinTrntfrr,M.. nantnE oruiges would eventually
ralgia, Headaches, Cramps, Colic hav ,to, bc buiIt' the Faid' an,i t1lore j Rf I Jf niMf fV SHIPS
Sprains. Bruises, Cuts, Burns, Old voald llc . 110 wa' to c"vent the DUILiJlltU Uf uliilO
Sores. Tetter. n"-Worm.Kc. . -onstrucucn ot tnese permanent!
zema, etc. Anljs-pt;c Anodyne,
vised internally or externally 25c.
building, were also consumed by the
flames. Whether any valuable papers
of the Stoddard County Trust Co.,
which occupies the first floor, were
burtied is not yet known, and will not
received during the last few weeks,
but were destroyed with the building.
Thus the only clue that could have
led to the identity of the writers of
these letters was wiped out.
The local board members expressed
the opinion that the building might
have been fired by some one who had
no meritorious claim for exemption
and hoped to be freed from the draft
by destroying the registration rec
ords, ignorant of the fact that a triple
record Avas kept of the registration
According to Sheriff O'Neil the fire
started m tne center ot tne room
where the board kept
When the first man
building, it was noticed that a hole of he ,oca' board to show tIie T,:,:n" -had
been burned through the second her of men and the names of the reg- '
intrants for this year. Vmle H-He
original registration certificates is
sued last year were destroyed, the
duplicates are in the hands of the dis
trict lward and also of the adjutant -general
of the State, but no records
are left of the last registration, Ju;ie -5.
With the original registration cer
tificates of last year the questionaires
issued by the board on the first regis
tration were also destroyed by, the
its records. Trust building was discovered.
reached the' No records are now in th hands
floor and the ceiling of the room oc
cupied by the local board was
scroched. This would indicate, the
sheriff s-iid that the records had been
piled up in the middle of the room
and saturated with coal oil to be
burned. The door leading to the of
fice of Dr. J. W. Tribble was found
open This door, the sheriff stated,
had always been locked.
The entire stock in the drug store
of J. W. Ferirs, cx-scnator, was de-
The sooner the bridges were built,
the better it would bo for the business
fr' H-'V
ill- l
man as well as for the farmers and j U-Boat AtfacksOff The American
Coast Speed Up Construction
Of Vessels.
the property owner. In as much as
the funds derived from taxation were
'oo small to defray the expense of
erecting permanent bridges across
V;n iK'lnnalj .....!.? Krt
i. i luiijuti.-,) ii uuiiu inuc woum wi
the only practical solution of the
problem, said the speakers.
Washington, June 13.
man submarines began
Sir.ee C.er
their raids
off" the Atlantic coast on May 25, the
! eutnut of the shinvards buildinir ves-
Bcnson C. Hardesty, another attor- sels has cxceC(v, the sinking of
ney, dwelt on the suggestion made by 'American ships by more than 100,000
some opponents of the bond issue to i thad weight tons. The pijbduction
have the State Legislature enact a ' durin" this inten 'ai has bec: 21 vcs"
seis, totaling 1.(,04J tons
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ular aboard U. S. men-o'-war and in the
military cantonments.
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Manufactured and bottled exclusively by
Anheuser-Busch St Louis
Bottling Wcrlir:
E:.,.r.r.l"-: ('Aril CIiRARDMAr, I
law compelling the drainage company
to pay for the construction of the
bridges. This would be improbab'e,
he said, for the reason that the bur
den of financing the construction of
the bridges had already been deler-
Exclu ?-
ing the Vessels salvaged, the sub
marines destroyed 10 American ships
totaling 26,000 tons.
Six ships were completed during
the frst week of June. They to
taled 24,1"C tens. In the same time
letter Insurance of Conserving Character
Protection ill Cast The Best Obtainable.
$2.00 i'er S1O0O.OO on Accepted Risks Secuie and Sound.
mined by law and by the courts and j iheer were 14 launchings, totaling
jthat in all probability no Legislature; 75,470 tens. Seven of the ships
cculd be found that would change j launched were steel and seven wood,
these laws. The Kaltimore Drv Dock and Shin-
Clyde A. Vandivort, one of the lead i building Comoanv todav telegraphed
ing business men of this city and a j Director General Schwab that a ()4."i0
supporter of the proposed bend issue, i ton steel steamer would be launched
told of the development of the lands, j there next Monday in less than 40
once known as the swamps of South- I working days. As the ship is being
east Missouri, and from which Cape j built on the longitudinal system,
Girardeau would yield an enormous : v.hich requires mere time than the
amount of business within the next j transverse system of construction,
two or three years, provided proper j the time is considered excellent.
connections were established and j Recent acts of Congress, princi
maintained with the district that is ! pally the espionage act, have so bur
now under the course of develop- j dened the dockets of th federal
ment. . courts in all Darts of the conntrv that
He said he had spent several weeks j it is almost placed out of question to
in Stoddard and Scott Counties and ; hear the naturalization cases and ad-
had observed the wonderful progress ; mit any of 'the applicants to citizen-
in farming in these twocounties dur-1 ship Since the government has be
ing the last three months. In two . gun the prosecution of men charged
or three years these two counties, he ' with disloyalty and sedition, th,rt ap
said, would offer the business men of I plications for citizenship have been
Cape Girardeau a vast source of rev- j postponed, thus increasing the nam-
enue for their business. The farmer ber from term to term.
and every property owner of the city
would benefit as well as'the merchant DpiXG THE WORK.
I by the prosperity resulting from the ;
increase of business coming from j W. T. Nanney, Noel, Mo., writes:
i these two counties. "Your II. A. Thomas' Hog Powder is'
Ex-Mayor Will Hirsch called 'the! doing the work down in this part of
present bridge situation ridiculous, j the world. It proved to be what wei
The business men and property own-j needed to prevent and cure hog chol j
ers, he said, could not go to sleep, i era and expell worms.'.' - '
while Cairo and other cities south of --F. F. ERAUN & BK03. 1
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