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The weekly tribune and the Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1914-1918, June 28, 1918, Image 5

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City Council
(Continued from Thursday.)
A petition signed by residents and
property owners of the lied Star and
Robinson Gale Additions against be
ing included within the corporate
limits of the City cf Cape Girardeau
was also read.
On motion of Mr. Frissell it was
decided that the question of includ
ing the Red Star and Robinson Gale
Additions within the corporate limits
of the Citv would be submitted to the (
voters of the City of Cape Girardeau,
after boundary lines have been de
cided upon, and same embodied into
a:i ordinance.
There was then read the report of
th Superintendent 01 Public Affairs
for the month of May, 1918, as fol
low! :
Fire Department
Police Department
"61 13'
Attorney and Court Costs. . 14S.43
OHieers' Salaries 573.20
Elccticr.s 60
U. S. Prisoners and mis... 303.2-3
There was then r- ad the report of
the Superintendent of Public Safety
and Accounts and Finance, as fol
low s
Light and Water
Ciiy Weigher
Csiv.rt House and' Yard.
Rooks and Stationery .
Hoar I of Health
O motorics
Port Warden
There was read the report of the
Superintendent of Departments of
Snvcts and Parks, as follows:
Park $116.75
Engineer 340.50
Streets 300.15
The following bills having been ex
amined and approved by the audit
ing coniniitt" were pics- nted and
rra?: McKlroy Electrical Co.. $5.?P;
Rest on Store, $0..")!); palton Drug Co.,
$!..-.; Greene Print:ng Co., $28.25;
Care Rottling Works, $5.00; Was
Foms Drag Store, $1.00; Ruxton &
Skinner. 3! .31 ; The Republican,
$2.75: City Drue: Store, 35 cents; I.
T ' r -rn: )r. W. A. Sehoen.
?.:: '.: A. $5.50; Laikin Mfg.
' ..': ! Glenn Dry Goods
'v .. : A ). hrens. $3.37; G. H.
;' :,.; Fi.-rgy Coal Co., $70;
!'; ': ":'. R;,bn Pros., !. cents;
C-. r... ; Sb-ct Metal Co., $5;
M'S.iouri i'niii.c I'Vjilities iCornpany,
$022.74; Charles Mitchell, $20.00; Vo
gcL.anger Hardware Co., 15 cents;
V. A. Rau. $6.30; Ruxton & Skinner,
$35.50; C. F. Stone, 05 cents; Morri
son I-e & Fuel Co., $3.H0; Taylor
M rer:v n. $1.3.5; Rlack Pros.. $3.45;
Philips I.umhr Co.. $2S.17; Hamil
ton & Mavors. $3.30; St. Louis Oil
Co., $3.75: A. Ditt'.inger, $9.00; W. A.
Rn". $31.30.
This being the meeting advertised
to n-eeivc bids for the city printing
fo- ho year ending, to th first Mon
day in .Tune, 1919. the following bids
were submitted: Natter Pros agree to
do said city printing for the perod
named for tw.nty cents per inch for
display matter and one cent per word
for all notices set in regular reading
The Tribune agrees to do said city
prnting as stipulated in its proposal
for $600.00 p-f year.
On motion of Mr. Frissell the bid
of the Tribune to do tlv? city pitig
as :-tiuplntcd was 'received a id
roll call was awarded the con'.M !
per proposal, the vote ic.-u'Jirg as
A.ws Haas, Wittmor and Fi .-cii.
Nays None.
An motion of Mr. Wittmor the
council adourned.
II. II .HAAS, M.iyr.
City Clerk.
May 3Cth 1 Jib.
Hoard of Health convened in regu
lar session, R. W. Frissell, .Super, n-j
temient of Public Health, presiding,)
with the following members piesc-nt:
Drs. R. F. Wichterich, W. N. Howard j
and G. R. Schulz; absent, Dr. R. P.
Record of regular monthly sess.cn
of May 3nd, 1918, was read and ap
proved. Report of Health Commissioner C.
F. Stone of notices served and dispo
sitions of same for the month of May
was read and approved and ordered
Reports of infectious and conta
gious diseases tiled in the oflice of the
secretary of the Roard by the p-ysi-dans
of the city since last meeting
were read and ordered filed.
Copies of notices served, with re
turns thereon, instructing property
owners and agents to sppear before
the council to show why nuisances ex
isting on their premises should not be
abated were read to the Roard.
Mr. L. L. Dalton failed to appear
in response to notice and on motion
of Dr. Schulz there was declared to
exist a nuisance in the rear of the
premises occupied by the City Drug
I Store; also in the rear of the prem
ises at the northeast corner of Main
and Independence streets, and the
matter was referred to the proper au
thorities to see that the nuisance be
abated at once.
Mr. Bowman failed to appear in
response to notice sent him but sent
letter disclaiming responsibility for
the conditions existing in the rear of
the premises at 4C3 North Pacific
On motion of Dr. Schultz a nuis
ance was declared to exist on said
premises and the matter referred to
the proper authorities 'with instruc
tions that said nuisance be abated.
George Goehrens failed to" appear
but tlv Health Commissioner inform
ed the Roard that the nuisance com
plained of on his premises had been
abated since the service of the notice.
n nitin of Dr. yichterich the
meeting adjourned.
Depository City Fu::ds.
Notice is hereby given that in ac
cordance with and by authority of a
resolution cf the City Council of the
Ciiy of Cape Girardeau, Missouri,
adopted June 17, 1918, an ordinance
No. 1000 of said city, approved
March 25, 1912, sealed proposals will
be received by the undersigned for
the custody of the city funds of said
city from any banking corporation,
association or individual banker do
ing business within said city, that
may desire to be selected as the de
pository of the funds of the City of
Cape Girardeau, for the year from
the first Monday in July, 1918, to
the first Monday in July, 1919.
Any such banking corporation, as
sociation or individual banker desir
ing to bid, shall deliver to the-undersigned
on or before the date herein
after set out for receiving bids, a
sealed proposal stating the rate p
cent upon daily balances that such
backing corporation, association or
individual banker ofTc-rs to pay to said
city for the privilege of being made
ihe depository of its funds for said
year, and will agree to execute the
bond vs stipulated under said ordi
nance No. 1009, and otherwise comply
with and be bound by the provisions
of said ordinance prescribing the du
ties aid responsibilities of city de
positories. Rids will be received at the office of
the city clerk of said city up to'
o'clock p m. July 1, 1918, and pre
sented to the City Council at a regu
lar meeting thereof, to be held on
said date.
The city reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
City Clerk.
Discarded Metaphor.
"Nobody seenis to be mending politi
cal fences just now."
"No. Statesmanlike attention at
present Is concentrated on barbwlre en
tanglements lu 'No Man's Land.' "
Far Worse.
Mary 1 suppose he eventuallybroko
your heart?
Anne Worse tlutn that. He played
poker with papa and bmko him.
"Hmit'i tells me he has been gradu
ate.! :'r..::i au automobile school."
"Yes; he feelingly refers to it as
alma iiio;or.
Mot .very d.iy we see bejrun
And promptly finished, too.
iiom task the past has never done
ud .said we'd never do.
A Shock.
"Mrs. le Style got a shock today."
'I.e- got on a car, followed by a
r.ursemnid carrying her baby, and
somebody gave the nursemaid a seat."
Claude Davidson, former Brown uni
versity star, has ousted "Red" Shan
non from Connie Mark's infield. In
addition to fielding well. Davidson is
displaying uncanny ability to hit ma
jor league hurling.
J)ick Rudolph, the Craves' star
cher, who has been holding out for
a certain salary, says that he intends
to accept a position at a big shipbuild
ing yard in the East. Rudolph is
ajbove the draft age limit so that he
cannot be charged with avoiding mili
tary duty.
g mm m
Y. M. .C. A. Orders Fruit Flavors
for One Million Summer
One million Ice cream sodas.
Suflicient to cool the throats of a
flock of giraffes ice cold, fizzy, flavor
ed with "strobry," "razbry," "cherry,"
"peach or pineapple."
Um-ru !
They may not seem so Imposing here,
with soda fountains on every Impor
tant business corner, but oh, boy!
won't they be sample packages of
heaven to the American boys over in
the war zone? Over there where, If
reports be true, drug stores, masquer
ading as chemists' shops, try to get by
with nothing but drugs.
France's pet drinks, champagne and
m! wine, are going to turn an absinthe
green with jealousy this summer when
the great American drink begins fizzing
along the battle front and going over
the top of the glasses. And the as
surance of at least a million frult-lla-vored
drinks as a starter is found in
the cabled order just received by C. V.
Ilibbard, general secretary of the over
seas department of the Y. M. C. A.
war work council, from the organiza
tion's official In France. The mes
sage follows:
"Send quickly concentrated " fruit
sirups for one million summer drinks."
And the Y. J I. C. A. war work coun
cil has a way of sending quickly any
thing ordered sent quickly. So it is
a sure thing that when the heat begins
to give the American soldier boys an
awful thirst, they will turn gratefully
from the trenches to the "Y" huts
where they received hot chocolate last
winter, and there they will clamor for
a "strobry," or a "razbry sody."
Possibly to assure plenty of foam,
the same cablegram ordered the war
work council to send one ton of shaving
soap, while the other creature com
forts for soldiers, among the items re
quired, were four American pool ta
bles, ten tons chocolate bars, ten ton
granulated sucar, ten tons flour, ten
tons assorted cigarettes and live tons
smoking tobacco.
There Are 500 Young People Enrolled
in Contest.
Seven girls will raise thoroughbred
njgs this year in Tuscarawas county,
f)., to compete in state and county
contests. Five hundred boys and girls
are enrolled in corn, pig, poultry, cloth
ing and food clubs under the supervis
ion of Miss Minnie Porter, county lead
er of boys' and girls' club work.
Poultry raisers already have set o.
7.riO purebred cj:y:s for hatching. The
seven girls who will raise pigs are
Thrlma Shoemaker of Tuscarawas.
Phyllis Iloopongarner and Grae M.--Cnllough
of Winfield. Margaret tfelihin
mer of Strasburg, M::ry Streb and Mary
Lieser of Tarrall and Zelda V.'iegand f
Sugar creek township.
These girls will try t bring the pig
raising championship of the sta'e to
this county. Two years ago the cham
pion pig grower in Ohio was a girl. It
was said her success was due io il:v
fact that she gave her pig a bath once
a wVek.
It Was in Their County but
Never Heard of It.
The Salina Gun club has found a
iarire lake near Salina, Kan., for the
fall and spring limiting seasons, and
has leased the property for a term of
years as a private reserve.
The lake is in the southern part of
the county, and many of the old-tin:?
hunters never knew of its existence
until this spring. The lake. covers ?.)
acres, and when it has been improved.
Including a large dam. the surface
covered with water will be ;;bout 4:1
acres. On one side of th; lake ther.:
is a sandy beach with the wider run
ning from shallow to deep water and
it may be made a bathing place.
It is also filled with fish of sevend
varieties. Lumber is now beir.tr
shipped to the place for a house which
will be erected at once. The Gun club
will have the exclusive use of the
Because He Was Rejected by Marines
on Account cf Defective Teeth.
John Paul Wesley, v. patriotic young
man of St. Paul, Minn., is mad. In
fact he is not only fighting mad, but
greatly disappointed. .
The cause for John raul's sad an
ger and disappointment is that he was
rejected for the U. S. marine corps be
cause of defective teeth.
"Sherman said war is h 1," storm
ed John Paul, "but I think your exami
nation is even worse. Just because
I'm not aide to bite the kaiser, I'm
rejected. What do you want me to do,
kill 'em and then eat Vm too?"
"Sorry, old man," said Sergt. Frank
Buck. "Go see a dentist and then
come back. Maybe there'll be a chance
Stop Combination Sales.
"Combination sales" are forbidden
under a new ruling of the Massachu
setts ,food administration. "Combina
tion sales' are, according to the dcO
nition of the food administration, any
sales of two or more commodities, or
different kinds or sizes, at a price ef
fective only if they axe bought at the
same time.
C. J. Reisenbichler Atjis Arrest
Of Architect On Bogus
Check For $23
A warrant charging M. E. Worces
ter, formerly an architect of this city,
with issuing a bogus check, was is- !
sued yesterday morning by Justice 0f
the Peace Wilier upon complaint of!
C. J. Rc-isenbich'er. who va fnmior. i
J. licisenbiclVer, who was former- i
ly engaged in the contracting busl- '
ness in this city. Keisenbichler, who
is now engaged i.i business at Ca-
ruthersville, told Judge W'Her hs
held a check for ?25 agdnst the
bank funds.
said the check was drawn on a
in which Worcester had no'
He received tr,3 cheek last ;
February while still a resident of'
this city, and had been Ufiable to col- j
Jet t the amount of the check, al-
though he had asked Wo:ccster sev- j
oral times to make it good. !
Worcester is now living in Caruth- j
lh; alleged offense was committed in
ii. 3 c .i v jit-isenoKTycr cam? up to
, . xi ,
wear out the warrant in this county.
He rail he would return to Caruth
ersville to have an officer sere tli
warrart and bring Worcester hen
for trial
The chartr? on which the '. rr. ;
v. s issued is a misdemeanor
;shablo by a line or a jail sent
;d p!l'.
r.c e i r
WASHINGTON, June 27. Ship -I
pinir operating in the arc:1. :ist f j
longitude 40. between latitude iifj
Cape Race and Bermuda, h;w be?:! .
warned of enemy activity the Navy J
Department announced. :
'The government on yestei (by ev - i
nimr issued a warning to -hippir-.r j
operating in the area cast of b"rK-1
tudc 40. betw en latitude of Ca: !
Race and Bermuda," said the v- '
No explanation was givr n. bul :i
of a German raider
: t!-.'t .
A '.-u-! iV.r-.
cimty was brou
pert yesterday
steam :r.
rht to an
by an
PARTS. Junt, 27. The
fount il of Paris decided
?duni f ,
to eha:!
tlv? nismc of the Avenue Trocad?1'
to t'K'.t of "Avenue President Wilson"
Street signs bearing the new nan
wi'l be- T)laced in position on the
Fourth of Ju!v.
HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. June 27.
"Weddings by wire," of soldiers sta
tioned at Camp M;l!s. near here, wex
P'jt under the ban tonight by the town
cl uk. following an opin'on by the
denutv attorncv general that such
nnrrrasres were looked upon a" com-1
mon law marriages. A large number!
or soldiers nave oeen marnea Dy tei
etrraph to women in distant cities
since the camp was established.
Notice is hereby given that by vir
tue of an order of the Cape Girardeau
Court of Common Tleas of Cape Gi
rardeau County and State of Missou
ri, made at thc February, 1917, term
and amended at the May, 191S, term
thereof, I, Tillie Lance, administra
trix of the estate of Henry L. Lance,
!ecased, will on the 22nd day of July,
1918, at the cast court house doer
in the City of Cape Girardeau, Coun
ty of Cape Girardeau and State of
?Iissouri, and during the session of
the Cape Girardeau Court of Com
mon rlNis of said County, soil at
pub'ic auction all the undivided one
half interest of Henry D. Lance, de
ceased, in and to the following real
estate to-wit: An undivided one
half interest in and to all 'that part
cf let 18 in range E in the City of
CapC iG'rrardcau, Missouri, bounded
as follows: Commencing 56 feet
cast from the southwcut corner of
said lot 18 in Range E, thence east
wardly with, Broadway street 131 feet
to the southeast corner of said lot
on an alley, thence northwardly along
said alley 223 feet, more or less, to
the northeast corner of said lot IS,
j ther.ee. v cstwardly with northern
boundary line of said lot 124 feet,
thence southwardly parallel with
Middle street 223 fect more or less,
to the place of beginning on Broad
way street.
Terms of sale, cash.
June 12, 191S.
' Administratrix.
Superintendent Of School For
Blind Paid $1,000 A Year Too
Much Since 1913
Tt''3t the Coaid of Manucrs of thc
Jlisr'oari S'.huol for the Diind, a slate
institution Io-"at,,l at s- Louis, have
hccn PayinE to the superintendent, S.
:,L Grctn' s?nc? -,!ay 1' $1000 a
year more in salary than the law
authorizes in the finding of an audit
i rustle by Herman Groeschel, a state
1 examiner, to Sta'e Auditor George
! E. Ilackmann today,
j Grotschel holds thai the salary
overpayment to Green to May 1, 1J1S,
amounts to
The examiner in the audit said
Martin j. Collins, member of th,Q
Hoard of Managers, told him the sal
aiy of Green was increased from
v20f'O to $:,C0l)
1. 191:;. after he
consulted Gov. Elliot W. Major
:id State Auditor John P. Gordon.
'who told him it would be all right.
I The state records disclose that up
, . ... . ,. i
to I!)!.; the salary of the superintend-1
- lL ... '
in iv. iiie onnu was ftwu a eui.
j Auuaur nuciiuai!ii j:u ins txain-
incrs had bee un .' to lind any
arev.---e:i la- i veasing the
: ';: f X . :ii.er.:r.t!.-: int of the
! a..?: TT...1 : i i.
i A PiSH !i S
NEW i:i-.I t K'-SS UNIT
Nenninger Chosen Captain j
Will Meet Twice Each Month at
Paridi Hall.
A Red Cross knitting unit has been
ti it r r -
ci.-v.-iizcM oy ine women or ji. .wary s
i .-rholic church. The first meeting
: ; held Wednesday afternoon. The
j r. '. -i .Tgs will be held in the future
i ;.' e first and third Wednesday of
j ;; :- month.
I 1 i-s Eugenia Nenninger was ch.os
; e.i c;ptain of thc new Red Cross
I '. About 40 members have thus
I f ined the n--v tuvt. Thov wi'l
i w-.i ' unde r the dirccti'T of the local j
, ;?:-'5 ross Ch::ptor. Many more have
I.-.!.'.-, (1 their membership and ::r
:.n:-::i'us to contribut'' to a splendid
g for the parish.
Better Insurance o! Conserving Charade
Every Home and Every Business should be picleckd will ccd
Fire, Lightning, Cyclone and Tornado Insurance.
Far.u .Mutual is good protection and it costs so little that no prop
erty owner should be without it.
Insure your business, your home, or your automobile with the
Farmers .Mutual insurance Companies ,of Rock Port, Missouri. The
Oldest, Lest and Cheapest Mutual in the State. Incorporate in 19.
Growing Crops Insured Against Hail.
Do some timely and sensible conservation. Save from $2Q.C0 to
$ 10.00 on each $1000.00 insurance.
inn -1 f
! II I 1 9
"A huddled group of
den. stupid, staring men, who clutched feebly at their
rifles and cried loudly in the name of God for rest.
"And each night, at each fresh alarm, that gallant
gentleman, of the strained and haggard face, came
among his men to inspire them with the freshness of
his own high courage-
"Like all others, he had aged years in weeks. His
ever ready smile bespoke the girl heart, which thrived
despite a lifetime of soldier training. At the worst mo
ments he came the quickest at an orderly's appeal, crash
ing through the gap, half blinded from old wounds, to
fling his slender length among his men, radiating a
store of good cheer and solicitude as to uplift the dull,
est of them and feed anew the fighting fire of each.
"Each wound tore fiercely at the raw wound in his
own heart. At each bursting blast that tore its way
through liesh and blood, he
so he stayed until parhaps
ner stormed in with a tale
down the line.
"Good Night, My children!" and he would fade oft
amidst the graves and mist.
Hear the wonderful story of George Eustace Pear
PRINCESS PATS," of which regiment Mr. Pearson is j
one of the few survivors. Of
writings on the war have been published in numerous if
books and leading magazines.
Tuesday July 23, 8 p.m.
Together With Andrew
- Ed Gockel on Way to
Leo Balm, who was drafted scver.il
months airo. has informed his many
friends in this city that he ha been
transferred to duty at the base hos-
Protection At CostThe Best Obtainable.
$2.00 'cr S10G0.00 on Accepted Risks Secuic and Sound.
R. W. FRISSELL, Agent.
TP W"f
half - delirious and wholly sod
muttered: The swine.' And
some other breathless run
of worse than this befalling
late months Mr. Pearson's
pital at Camp Fulton. Kans. H-3
says he and And Bierk, formcily
employed in th- drug store of II. C.
V.asem in Haarig, are in the sama
hospital unit.
Eddie Gockel. Tercy Ost.riJt,
I-ou;s Pollack, Joe Cullotla. who Lift
j for the camp a few weeks before
J Vou:tg Pohn. are somewhere in the
East or probably on tiu.jr way to
France. Balm in ned his friends.

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