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No Longer Devoted to Prolonged
and Delightful Reminiscences
of Family Horse.
Machines Have Grown Larger and
- Latest Vehicle Is Seven-Passenger,
Six-Cylinder Affair, Entire
ly Up to Date.
Already the automobile has become
the vehicle of family history. You
know how it used to he, how the fam
ily was forever recalling the clays of
Old Pet, or Solim, and how the men
tion of the old family horses inspired
prolonged and delightful reminis
cences in which the family story
jogged along behind the memories of
the bays and the blacks and the grayj
we used to drive. You remember tha
iwculiar understanding that existed
lietweeu mother and Old IVt, the gray
that had a crooked tail. Mother never
would drive any other horse, and cried
when the crooked tail was trimmed
into an absurdity in an effort to make
it look straight
Memories of Grey Mare.
You did not care much for Old Pet
yourself, perhaps, for she was ::a nr.i
Ming s rt of creature; but thof:r S: t
i:rday morning drives in the country,
with mother holding the reins, had
a charm that lingers about the mem
ories of that little gray mare. As for
J-'elim, mother never understood the
dainty jlaek's Impetuous ways, :r.d
could nt be persuaded to drive him.
1'y the tin? Red became the- fa: lily
horse the children were bepjriuiiv; t
drive by themselves and not just hold
the. ends of the reins, and it is a won
der that lied lasted as long as k- did.
I fe was a tough one, though, that slen
der, black-nosed little bay, and kept
his own independence through many
years of trials that .would have less
ened the courage of another 'horse.
Queen, the big dappled cream-colored
mare with the wavy white mane and
tail, came after Red, and you remem
ber that father almost sold her to ev
ery circus that came to town; and
then IJoy was the last and perhaps the
best of them all. He was' a real
horse, father used to say. lioy came
from Kentucky, and was as proud and
as gentle and as gay. and as wise as
a thoroughbred should be.
Automobiles to. Fore.
That is the way the story ased to
travel. Now it goes by automobiles,
and they seem somehow to take the
family along more swiftly and trrough
stranger ways. There was nit so
much difference, after all, berween
Old Tet and Roy, but the new automo
bile seems in no way related to the
funny, little, long-handled first 'me.
And while the family grew very slow
ly during the years of the family car
riage, it has become, with weddings
and colleges and professions, sinal'.er
and smaijer with the most unpleasant
rapidity during the years it has trav
eled in automobiles. That narrow
cheated, complaining, long-handled lit
tle ne was very soon forgotten in the
possession of a grand affair into which
we crawled by way of the back door,
anu which wearied us all with its fess
a ad noise. That one M as turned iri
for, of course, there is no pleasant pas
ture for worn-out automobiles as
first payment on a second-hand tour
ing car, a remarkable creation that
was forever losing its parts and get
ting along just as weli without them.
Afit'r that the family rejoiced in the
!ossession of a brand-now car, only
to lie convinced, Jr-fore the year was
over, that th-re wasn't really :.ny use
at ail in having an automobile if it
was not at least a s'.x-cyliudcr ne.
And so as the family has grown small
er, the late.-t vehicle of the family
history being a sevon-pa.-s; rigor sis
eyiinder machine that would have
frightened Old Pc-t or.t of her wits.
Good Agriculturists Will Be Per
mitted To Remain On Farms
Any Number of Reasons Why Every
Effort Shceld Es Maie to Make
Home Attractive.
"In traveling through a certain sec
tion of Illinois ihe ether day I noticed
that most of th homes were cheerless
and desolate," Pjrector Charles Adkins
told me the other .day. 'The yards
were full f weeds, there were no flow
ers nor vines and the majority of the
bouses were unpahiud.
"Who would want to live in such a
place? What r. lira ct ion is there to
keep the boys j.r.tl girls on the farm:
I felt like a;-
tiie.se people why
Monday, October 14, tha Commun
ity Committee of the Farm Bureau
met at the court house in Jackson and
classified the registrants that had
given farming as their occupation.
This list was forwarded to the Dis
trict Board at Poplar Bluff.
To loam how any cne was placed yb
necessary to see that committee as no
necessary o see! that committee as no
copy was kept in the eflice of the
County Agent.
Koth the local beard and the dis
trict board had plaeed many of
these registrants before this meeting
of tha Farm Bureau and they are
com.ir.cmg to classify men. Xonophon
Cuveino the Agricultural Advisor
tc the district board can have thce
c'a-ii'cations changed up until a man
leaves on the train.
This county must furnish its quota
of men to the army. It may take
men that the Farm Bureau classified
as "good" farmers to Till our quata of
men. But as far as possible "good"
farmers are going to be held ;m the
farms, while, the unnecessary ct'3 go
ing into the arr.iv. This list as made
by the faimers ihemsdves is
best truide that Jtr. Cavcrno
Remember tins thiit for every
man who stays out of the arm:- some
otlwr ifi.n must go. If thl3 man
that stays at home is not working or
is only a peer producer, some v.o'k.- r
must go. There are slackers m tms
county. For every slacker that v.t
can find and send io the airav vx- c.-n
kern on iibe farm, a man that ha been
bus. It becomes the patriotic duty
of every American to inferm the au
thorities of every such slacker.
ii fifiyii
General Reduction in Use of Ail Com
modities Not So Easy as Con
serving Farticeter Thing.
tney ei.'iii i. paini up ana cienn up anu; . . ..rnrvrv' r.v b;-j
. . . ... ... . i i s anfillu l." v-i vy i j i i.i.y -r
KiUiiC ii.'eir nomes iook i.kc semcuimu.
Scldiers are required to keep their
equipment clean and the'ir faces shaved
because of the ifJect on their moraie.
A cUr.u, trim-looking soldier has more
Fejf-respcct aud tights better than a
slovenly oae. The man who takes
pride in the appearance of his place
Is a better furaier aud a better mu
t:i that account. The whole family un
dertakes its tasks more cheerfully and
li.ore successfully because of it.
Prairie Farmer.
was almost wholly constructed with
ectrie. Service
Is saving fuel for the nation
Is saving money for its users
Is helping freight congestion
Use less of ail food; save nil along
th? line. That, briefly, is the con
servation program of this Food .Uiiiiin
i.tratiea for the coming yer.r.
L:ist year there were whoatlessdaya
and meatless days, but this year the
pe.-inle of this country will r.jt le
tasked te stop eating any particular
food. The program will le c:u; of a
drive en unnecessary consumption
To those who want to be told ex
a!cly what they sh.'uii and what
they shouldn't eat it iray appear some
what nebular tc saj- the Food Admin
istration wants ihem tc reduce a;l
feod consumption to the iuinimum
point rf public health and strength.
i:ut the Fe:d Adruinislration is confi
cb nt that sueh a pryrai i wiil be ca.
r:ed out.
r.slvi'n to '"'Id Princip:?3.
"A prcuiram of this kir.d ;s .. relui'n
e : itny of the prir'cipl s t-nnnciuted a
jf-cir aire an , which have 1:. . n i;itre
c.r less h.?t sight c in the ultempts io
Miu-iitute in -i.'-r ga:i i.-j
r.t.'-r vn aftt r ajiuiher," j-.'ij
r, Fed, ral F:-.d A.'; '.In:
lor -NLvonri. "A year i.xc th
A:::V!-:.-.tivt::Ti asked th? A:
p; pi j r du-.v all ur.m--.:.
Mi;..pii;.n and wat-te. Wo pr; .u!
t one
F. Ii.
And i hat i;i
Political Advertisement
Political Advertisement
Candidate for
Representative to the
His platform is: "Those who get the benefits
from the drainage work should bear the bur
den. The Little River Corporation should pay
for the bridges over the Diversion Channel
where it crosses the public roads. But it does
not. If elected, I will endeavor to have a law
passed to put this cost of several hundred
thousand dollars on the Little River Corpora
tion and relieve the people."
He will appreciate your support. 1
Cape Lawyer To Spend Six i)aya
Political Speeches
In The Slate
frs: ! 1 i lae dean p.
;he n .. y I wo v, act ti. ; ,i v. 1::
very household i" MIss-tiri t'ds yen-,
b we ea:. get it over it wiil have a b-f-ter
t.tal result -h.r:i ary plan .;L' hu!i
si but ions to fill specific juora-iis.
"ilr. Jle-.ver believes the hvjewi'e
has set to the point of .-'bica-ion r,n
i'ood questions that v. ill enable us t
till her te use lier own ju.ipiPient anu i
Sot al.'Uj with a.; little an' she cats. II.-h-.Iieves
she wi!i show i-!;.re pride and
more national serioe in it it" sht j.s
jrivv'ii a genrral job to de, thau if
( rythiag were laiJ ut tc hor rtep
by step. '
"The F'cd A.lni5:iir.trati..n is not let
tir:; d,v.n in the food prr-fan. Th:.;
should he understood di;indly. It i-
akiii5 more than ever before. It is
isy tiicus'i for purple t j keep a
men'! ftny; it is net si ra-?y fur p;-I'Ac-
tc reeluce tlu ir cmisuv. p-iea -i
nu at. Ard we are ::r.:; to a.k for
the difficult service a:.d nat for til-?
easy .r.e."
It is Jir. lloevcrV. opi.don that i.'
e'. ery ri;:ji, n ! child ri tlir
I'aifed S;tes tests i ery M.'t::.r. w r
day and every hour by the y.v tr.tK-h-st
n rl.es this e:r th;;t '".tvlnute
the war? fJerniany en:, be heal en i;;
th" p.reat Alii' J r:s:::p;iiir of ts.ie su:--n.c-
r.f W). Defer - ?irt :.;ir.r.:cii ;
there is no pr:.sp? et o.f a proper end
ir.;t of the w.'.r, he !. live.:.
What :u3t B2 Accc-v.plifhva.
Te. a Main victory ard Vbr-cs: thi.1
dve idfui bur.ir.ess t. ar; end," the :id
lowirs "lust he .-iffcr-i-lisni :1:
Jlore than r.,5CJ,0) fi.shtim; a
:o; st he phieo.-! in F.ur; p?; we must
supply the greatest nw-ehaaical eq'iip
ir.ent ; v- r $;iven au army; ve r.rjrt
prevhic ships f ;r vur army and, te '
1'M. cut d v,n jiir i: ip-.i-ts-of :-;:i;',rr.
h p.'.rt Oil
si:c duys
:.o:-d.iy, vet. -S i'-i a si
: reec!' 11'. .!::' .inr.i:ii":i f
.-laie, seii.:t,:r.al and vott.civ.vsiona!
noe lince.-- .i tl'.e In necr;iiic t:cliet.
He wiil visit -ev .Tabid ctnuty" 3
Cody Of Cape County Soldier To
Be Burled At Neely's
aw a
ceffee and tr.-ic:d iniit:
d".vs b.-.-mrhr: itb the
f;om 1 iivTi - will o to Klodikird to p'a
in three u;.y in th:.i eo-sa'.y.
Y:i lioin.c !e v "v,o
:ic. AKxnv.d ; from
t h.-'i.-iV,;!!1. ol"
!' tiie J-'tate Dcnio-
a; Ii:. Letes a.-k?:e
dard and Xew ?.Ia.t
a wi.-i;. A., he was
and did :i ;t jr;t to
;,' c:'re .:s t--t-
- 1 :m t i i itfee f.i- tr. 1
he-n e.,!.d up :h
l - nr. I on T.-c by
7 - r ! ),ivis j:j would
a Iri'.r
.lo'hn T. "!;. i ,
.peahev:; luie ;:;;
'"i:e t ':.!:: '-.,1a-bi.r.
to . visa St
lid couptic:; for
avav iron i h-.m
1'iswe;- ihj Li
i;:wed by :t te'V:
nTr.vlexr.?v!r state- i!'n:!:.-j-:i:
pi-e.n te'-!
aeerpi the as-ile
Two year
sent to ror'.hw .
.-ncr.t Iv. j -.vi"
i'i woi- .it'c i'.i l:
...... T.-.,:. ..1,1 .fi. -..ir.i' f(i
vli U'L I' IMIi'.'liL el IH. a V!'-'. l-i.i
;t tele;; r a en Sunday evenintr from
t'a-iip - le-Arthur at Waco, Texas', that
his ton liohmt Knic.ht, had died
tlu:e at " o'clock that day with an
attack ct Spanish lrdiuenza fuiiowed
2Hh and.) by pn umorna.
j Mr. Kni'aht made arranprcmc nts to
j have the remains of his snn interred
:it N.e-'iys Lundtriii- aiul wired to
C; rip yuAnhur asking thai the re
:r:;:r;s ,r shipped t lie re. O.vin.u' to
the lnre' number f deaths, it vm
;. ;!, tlvj undc-t takers at the camp
Vv'i re Vnii id with thc. f-nibalminjf
wo k and a tror.d deal of delay was
F. A. Kage Auctions Property
For $1,068.80 Sawmill
Not Sold
;neer ()
aw" was
-Iiviv he
I n- is a
riy -vitaiile be-fe-ie th-' Iiedy to'iM be
sh'rpr u.
ii-. Knbt fcrmeily lived r.e:tr
I-'ypt ii;'!s ut is now makiupr hi?
Iior.'.c with hi.- sop-inlaw-, (I. Vv.
iieyneiiis at South Fountain street.
The re:, ain . of tii." you;ir shinier will
be In!: ? at Xeely's Tindinsr besides
the u:::c3 f his is;othcr anil b .-other. .
Aibiit. a b;:the- cf the1 deceased.
i in I'.snve. and auoth.r brother,'
Wilbur, i- at the tmspita! sorvir at
:;n Oi'io camp. Kobert was at Camp
M7AFI Cm niPDCi-A' v w
U Ub&W OiShmilfXO- in the draft and left here
the cariy ;'.rt ef September.
AKli bKUUbHl liuuiL
S.I :,!',K"! iT"
bis narents.
Clarence Drum, ?5ofiOfG. Ml
Dri.m, Escorts Krinains Of
Comrades Sack Home
lb urn, of Wef t
Clarrncj !irma
must In-cp thv. Allied m .pnlntion in
p.n-ipb- f..d by shipping this year
l.C50,;00 tons ?::..re nieatr., fats, dairy
produels, etc., than last year, .t',?e
tors it. ;-re breadstnffs, "2.?C.i't(j tt;ns
niore sugar and "';,000 trns v.re Peed
Even this f-rosrrara reeans furth r
self-denial of the Allies next ycs.r.
Tluy are leaking this sacrlfiJe in the
cornrron cause, Mr. Hoover said.
must maintain health and strength
am one: tlieii!, he declares, or they will
be enable to put their full strer,?;-:: j
alongside our own in the suprea.e
Less Censumptien and Waste.
"We must secure a reiuction in the
consumption and waste in the two
great groups of breadstnffs and meats
and fa!3 in all breads and cereals;,
bee?, perk, poultry, dairy and vege
table oil. The average consumption
of cur pecple cf breadstnffs amounts
tc about six pounds a waek, and c
meats and fats to f jut pcunda a wefk
for each person. A reduction of con
sumption to less than one-half pound
a week a person in each of these tvo
great groups of foods would accom
plish our purpose. We wish to em
phasize, however, that we do not want
curtailment in the use of milk fcr chil
dren. "This is not rationing, a thing we
wiil never have if our people continue
to support us a.3 in the past. Wa are
simply making an appeal to the intel
ligence in the homes of America to
woik out for themselves the uieana
and manner of aaviss,"
b-rta.rht the re-
rnniiH of six soldier boys fioin New
Yo;k tn Xeykn- and Doniphan and
i-eents iouth of these two places last
IVieay and' while en his way hern?
Ci.uer.e-e is in lite- ho.-pita! corps
and I.; statie-nvi at a hosn'lal at
ev Vc.k C ity. The- so'dic.s became
ii; at rnilit.nry tamps r.car Xcw York
and weie rent to the horpital for
treatment. They nir victims of
Spanish ini'.uer.za and pnuemoniiv.
Cbirene has been in the service
about i'i months.
The estate of A. E. FeuerhaHn of
Dutchtown. who recently was declar
ed a bankrupt, was sold at public
auction sale by Tush Limbaugh, trus
tee for the creditor! of the estatei
Friday, October 18.
' Among: the various items of tho
property sold, were three horsed, two
work mules, two mule colts, thiwe.
milch tows, and other live stock;
farming implements of various Une'. ,
one adding; machine, one typewrite.,
one check protector, fotir thousai.. I
fc.l of lumber and one half interest
in a thresliinjr machine outfit.
The property sold brought the su-it
vf ' ?106S.80. The sawmill outfil
owned by the estate and th-timber
in the woods were not sold. F. .
Kage, justice, of the peace ,of '-:
(brardeau acted as auctioneer.
In a country week appeal Senator
Harding said in Cleveland:
"It is most pathetic to see the Ig
norance of country life that is mani
fested by the little country weekers
from the slums. k j
"A little country weeker on an Ohi. I
farm went down Into the barnyard i
see5 the milking, and returned wit ;
tears in his eyes.
"'Why, what's the matter, bub'.' :
said the farmer's wife. 'Didn't tin-;
ndlking please you?
"'Xaw, said the country weeke-.
'Them cows o yourn don't give nothi.i'
but milk
"'For the land's sakes! And what
do you expect 'em to give?" said tt?
farmer's wife.
"'Beef tea, o course, snapped tl.i
country weeker.
Grain Insurance On Farms
In lew of the present high prices for all kinds of Grain, I made arrrr e
mcats with ths Insurance Companies I represent to Insure against Fire and Light
niriff, Grain and Seeds of all kinds, cut or uncut, threshed or unthreshed. shelled
or unshelled, in shocks, stacks and ricks on cultivatedflland, in farm dwelling
house, bins, tanks, granaries and cribs.
These grain policies are written for $1.00 for $100.00 insurance, for one year
and I am in a position to take care of you if your crop amounts to one hundred
or one million bushels.
When you sell the crop return the Policy to me, and I willgive you a check"
for the unexpired term of the policy.
The insurance companies I represent have been doing business in Cape Gi.
rardeau since 1866, and have more than one hundred million dollars assets, and
pay their losses promptlyin cash.
Sturdivant Bank Bldg. CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO

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