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232 Broadway
We Clean, Wash,' Store andjRepairCars.
Will Discuss Seed For CropsAnd
Examine Grain Standing In
The Field
Seed com should be field selected
and properly stored. To encourage
this work a scries of meetings in
the. county has been planned. These
meetings will cither be at the home
cf the crop men or on farms that he
selects. Fer cent, of stand, insects
and cultivation will all receive atten
tion while the com is yet standing
and the result of the season's work
can be 6cen.
Thursday, October 24 Campster
K. S. TisdaTe 10 a. m.
Friday, October 25, Oak Ridge,
Wah Miller, 1:1)0 p. m.
Monday, October 27, . Necly's
Landing, J, F. Oliver, 1:30.
Tuesday, October 21), New Wells,
E. R. Hitt, 10:00 a. m.
October 29. Pocahontas, Martin
Klenninger, 1:30 p. m.
Wednesday, October 30, Frkitland
Charles Sluscek, 10 a, m.
October 30, Rock Hill," Ed. "Young-.
Monday, November 4, Cane Creek,'
A. C. Dickman, 10 a. ni.
November 4, Barfordsville, H. W.
Ma vers, 1:30 p. m. ..
Wednesday, November 6, Egypt
A good dining room set one that you can be proud
of before anybody a harmonizing rug and your
Dining-Room is complete.
The days of frills and furbelows are passed. Sim
ple appointments of solid worth are what character
ize modern home furnishings of good taste.
With the advanced cost of choice woods and the
scarcity of labor. Furniture has nearly doubled in
pricejduring the last year. But foresighted pur
chases of the most artistic and highest quality Furni
ture enables us to quote our patrons at prices that
were advantageous even before the present War
time advances set in.
Come inland see for yourself.
Furniture and Undertaking Co.
"Where Broadway Meets Middle."
Mills, Isaac Hobbs, 1:30 p. m.
Thursday, November 7, Whitewater
J. II. Siler, 1:30 p. m.
Nov. 8 Round Pond, J. A. Rob
erts, 1:30 p m.
There are now 15 communities in
seed corn is the first work undertak
en with the Farm Burean organiza
tion.. We are particularity anxious
to make this meeting a success.
Come out and bring all of your neigh
bore. Seth Babcock.
Director Anguish of Paris Division of
Y. M. C. A, Makes Request for
Pair of Pants.
Judging from a request made in the
Tar's edition of an American newspa
per recently, there is going to be a lot
of football played in France this fall.
The Hindenburg line is not the only
one that is going to be smashed over
J. L.' Anguish, director of athletics
for the Paris division of the'Y. M. C.
A recently asked for a pair of foot
ball pants through the columns of .a
newspaper. He explained that the pair
of pants was wanted to serve as a put
tern from which lie hopes to have 12,
000 pairs made for the use of the sol
diers. Inasmuch as the -great football stars
nt the past decade from the E:
West, North and South are with the
American expeditionary force i broad,
there should be some real all-America ti
games staged behind the lines soon.
That is, if Mr. Anguish gets that pair
of pants for a pattern.
Stellite, Metal That Will
Not Rust Hardness and
Other Qualities of Steel
Everybody knows that metals under
go changes through the influence of
Oiygon and moisture from the air
these two bodies being always ready
for chemical business. Therefore, as
everybody also knows, steel knives and
other familiar utensils require contin
ual cleaning because they rust so eas
ily. Steel is even more susceptible to
rust than iron.
The chemists' problem in this case
has been to make a metal which is per
manent and will not rust, having, at
the same time, the hardness and other
qualities of steel. That is, a metal as
"nolle" or permanent as gold and as
hiad and strong as steel.
El wood Haynes, a member of the
American Chemical society, relates in
Metallurgical and Chemical Engineer
ing of a long series of experiments
which he made during a period of
many years, especially in alloys of co
balt, chromium, tungsten and molybdo
num. He finally succeeded in ma kins
some of these metals so hard that they
can scratch any- steel in existence. He
has given the name stellite to the se
ries. Stellite may be indefinitely heat
ed without showing oxidation, except
for the fact that the surface takes on
i permanent blue color. Lathe tools,
milling cutters, saws, drawing dies,
boring tools, drills, etc., have bceu
made from stellite as well as surgical
and dental instruments which have
been placed on the market. Table
spoons and small spoons of stellite
have been in use for six years and
I hey may last, it appears, for a thou
sand years more without tarnishing.
Mother's Cook Book.
Ape is another opportunity no less
Than youth Itself, though In another
And as the twilight fades away
The sky is filled with stars invisible by
What to Eat.
If h cupful or more of noodles are
left from dinner save them and in k
day or two prepare
Ham and Noodles.
. Butter an earthen dislv, put into tli;:
bottom a layer of cold boiled noodles,
add a layer of cold boiled ham, 'cut in
bits, then another layer of noodles and
so on until the di.-h is full. Beat an
egg with one cupful of milk and pour
into the dish. Cover wilii crumbs, !'::
with butter and bake in a mode rat,
Deviled Chicken.
Make a sauce of salt, pepper, dry
mustard, paprika, grated lemon pee!,
lemon juice, Worcester hi re sauce
and a few drops of tabasco sauce. AoM
a tablespoonful of batter and cook
all together. When the sauce boi!-;
add cubes of cooked chicken; 'serve
when well cooked.
Oyster a la Creole.
Chop fine one clove of garlic, n
green pepper and a small onion. Sea
son with salt and paprika and cook in
two tablespoonfuls of butler. Add a
cupful of tomatoes and a cupful of
parboiled oysters. Serve very hot on
toast, or cover with buttered crumbs
and bake.
Clam Cutlets.
Take a quart of clams, chopped line
and a cupful of dried breadcrumbs.
Season with salt and pepper, a tea
spoonful of tomato catsup and a tea
spoonful of minced parsley. Bind with
raw egg or with a very little cream
sauce. Shape Into cutlets, dip in egg
and crumbs and fry in deep fat.
Deviled Crabs.
Take one can of minced crab meat,
add the yolks of two hard cooked eggs,
mashed fine, a teaspoonful of Wor
cestershire sauce, salt and paprika,
the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon
ful of dry mustard, and a few drops
of tabasco sauce. Add enough dried,
breadcrumbs to make a paste. Fill
crab shells with the mixture, cover
brown. Ramekins may be used if
the shells are not at hand.
x Panned Oysters.
Cover the bottom of a baking dish
with oysters and with enough of the
liquor to steam them well. Cover
tightly and bake from five to ten min
utes in a hot oven. Serve on buttered
toast and pour the hot juice over the
Sour Cream Pie.
Take one cupful each of sour cream,
raisins, and honey, one egg, a table
spoonful Of vinegar, a half teaspoon
ful each of salt, cinnamon, and nut
meg, with a fourth of a teaspoonful of
cloves. Bake in two crusts.
0 I S
They Run on Peat
' A Norway firm is advertising en
gines that can be operated with peat
gas instead of benzine or gasoline. The
alterations have been made in accord
ance wi'th a Danish; invention, which
makes it possible to use this fuel. It
is claimed several thousand engines
are being used in Denmark success
fully. The new system is stated to
consume from one to two kilos of peat,
5,2 to 4.4 pounds per horse power, ac
cordicg to the quality of the peat.
" ' " wbbssbsk i
: - ; I
Ammunition Trucks Awaiting Darkness
First Division
There is no doubt that the motorcar is a necessity in business and civil
life today. Neither is there any doubt, that it is equally necessary in the
:;;iiitary service of the United States,
The quartermaster corps, the aviation section of the signal corps, the
ordnance -department and other sections of. tin; army are using hundreds of
motorcars and motortrucks, nnd adding great numbers to the fleets already
in sen-ice here and across the Atlainie.
Though the government has a;kfl that manufacturers curtail their
production of passenger cars for civilian use, there has been no curtailment
so far as military cars are concerned. These are leaving factories in great
lleois, being driven overland to army
ment abroad. ,
"The army has taken a leaf out of the book of civilian life, and quickly
learned that efficient economical transportation of men and :naterials, and
rapid communication between distant
vehicles," said C. II. Dashiell, Chicago automobile agent.
Before and After Adoption of
New York's most, famous thoroughfare, Fifth avenue, is eoon to lose
some of its exclusive pomp and
ministration, asking the automobile
tract that wonderful scene of constant
These two photos show bow Fifth
shopping hour, and also when the v.h of tragic lias, subsided. It is almost
impossible to state how much gasoline would be saved by the observance of
the edict, but the amount would be- easily noticeable. These two photos
were made at the busiest corner in the
American athletic sports are serving
a double purpose among French sol
fliers. Primarily introduced for the
amusement of the Poilus, the Yankea
games have resulted In improving the
performances of the men in purely
military duties. Naturally the Y. M. C.
A. Foyer du Soldat which has charge
of this work, is feeling proud. "
Thro Whig Hand Grenades.
As a result of playing'baseball, the
soldiers at a'camp where J. A. Nelson
represents the Red Triangle athletic de
partment are throwing hand grenades
40 meters, instead of the average of
30 that prevailed before. the Yankee
national game was introduced.
An increase of ten meters in the
range of one of these deadly missUes
means more "good Eoches,"-because,
$faz$&g H v 1 i
to Cover Their Trip to the Front-
Ammunition Train.
both overseas and on this side.
camps or to Atlantic seaports for ship
points, is best accomplished by motor-
Gasclincless Edict in Gotham.
cen-inony. The new edict of the fuel ad
owners to use their cars less, will de
traffic almg the famous avenue.
avenue leoks at the height of the
world, Fifth avenue aud Forty-second
as the plainsmen used to say about the
Indians, the Frenchman says that, the
only good German is a dead one.
The men, in addition to throwing
farther, are also throwing more accu
rately. Some of them were many feet
"off the target" before they were in
troduced to baseball.
interest in Other Sports.
In addition to baseball, basket ball,
volley ball, association football, cro
quet and tennis are flourishing. The
French fighters are taking such inter
est in these sports that some days more
soldiers will appear than can be ac- I
commodated with the facilities at
hand. Only when the day's artillery
program has been of such an exhaust
ing character that it has takeji all the
men's "pep" is; there any lack of at
tendance cn the playground.
lL"A Nice
Q Corner Main
Cash & Credit &
Carry Delivery'
Flour, standard brands, per 24-Ib. bag
Hour, smaller lots, -per lb
Com Flour, per lb
Corn Meal, per lb
20-oz. pkg. Rolled Oats, per pkg
55-oz. pkg. Rolled Oats, per pkg
Parley Flour, per lb
Rice Flour, per lb
Corn Starch, per lb
Rice, Blue Rose Grade, per lb
Granulated Sugar
Ceans, Navy, per lb
i'inte Beans ,per lb
Lard , per lb
Lard substitutes, per lb
Evaporatad Milk, tall, per can
Evaporated Milk, small, per can
No. 2 Standard Canned Corn, per can
No. 2 Standard Tomatoes, per can
No. 3, Standard Canned Tomatoes...... 25 2.1
No. 2 Standard Feas, per can
No .5 Red Corn Syrup, per can
No. 5 White Corn Syrup, per can......... ... .47 .50 -
Note The above is a statement
for the staple food articles named by
livery retail grocerymen, respectively,
October 17, Rsiail grocers of the city
these articles of food at a higher price than the prices given. They should
sell at lower prices if they purchased their stocks of goods at wholesale
prices below the current wholesale prices of these articles. These are the
prices fixed for the week by the Price Interpreting Board of Cape Girar
deau County, under the direction of the Federal Food Administration. Mer
chants outside of Cape Girardeau who have an additional expense for their
goods on account of transportation cost, in excess of the cost at Cape Gi
rardeau, may charge slightly higher prices than the above.
Lovely Silks,
When one thinks of Silks they picture a shim
mering heap of soft, beautiful material. We
can make that mind picture a reality by show
ing you silks in all colors styles always the
newest and quality the best.
There are light Silks and Satins for the youth
ful miss the deeper shades lor mother and
beautiful black? for grandmother. When you
need Silks or Velvets visit
Mmmi 29 Main Street
Place to Eat."t
and Broadway
$1.60 $1.65
07 .07
07 Va .08
OoVs ' ' .06
13 ?i .15
.33 .35
084 .08
1254 .13
12Vz .13
.15 .16
11 .11 .
15 .16
14 .15
y. . . 21 33 ,
.27 s .30
15 16
07 .07.
VJ 20
.20 .21
18 .19
42 .45
of the prices that should be charged
cash and carry and credit and de- ,
for the week beginning Thursday,'
of Cape Girardeau should not sell

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