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Published Every Friday.
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Entered at the Post Office at Cape Girardeau, JIo., u
Second Cass Matter.
They lc ii France
Where iiil.es bloom;
That guard oath tonui
Are saintly souls
That smiling stand
Clu-.c by them in
That martyred land,
nd mutclv intrc the long nifc-h: shadows ueop
1-W.i iuiet bills vo mourn for them who sduen,
While flci tiu-m thioiign t"v dusk go s-emly
The gihving clouds that sW.y drift to sea,
nd aieiv loinal them moaned the Winter wind
!;uent mr, sounds so eoiaij, mu.
.Senator Reed, who was chairman of the Senate Committee's inquiry into
the sugar famine, a short time ago, a'most broke op the meeting when Ire
interrupted the testimony given by Earl D. Babst " head of the American
Sugar Refiining Company, and Mr. Hoover's chairman' of the International
Committee on sugar. ....
Babst had denied that he and the other members of the committee had
fixed the price of the Cuban sugar crop.
"Your committee controls the purchase of all Cuban sugar anj a!i
ether sugars, from Anitnea, Fra-nce, Ita'y and Great Dritian, docs it not,"
;TiCd Senator Keed.
"Yes." rcp'rod tht sugar trust man.
"Then, why dcosn't it fix the prices."
"We have no power to fix pi-ce.s. We can on'y arrange a price above
which we will not approve purchases," was Mr. lkibt's answer.
"The gentleman takes the position of a man in the murder trial it was
net the bullet, but the whole in the man's heart that caused death," inter
rupted the Missouri Senator. j
Mr. Babst thereupon charged the Senate Committee with an attempt to j
show that his company had profited when other .sugar wcnl up to the pr'v:
asked for Cuban .vjgar. We do not knew that tho Senate att mpted to j
show that Mr. Bab.-i hid benefitted by the appointment he received from :
Mr. Hoover, but it is rspparent to all that Babst shou'd not have been pV.cc!
"n this imnortant notation.
j It is not necessary to pat a trust man in charge of a commodity which i
i h'f- company :"pparer.fy controls. That has been the trouble with so many
Ml Mr. Hoover's appointments. . i
Newspapers are r&iirrally charging that Senator Reed was unfair in !
this inquiry, but we cun see no danger from an investigation of this kir.d. ,
I'rosdcnt Wilson enthusiastica-l'y endorsed them. j
Ii is si y to say that Senator Reed hoped to ombarass Pres'dent W.'l-Tjn '
i oy masting nii sugar .investigation thorough, l 'resident Wi'so' cordd v I j
,1k- expected to look after everything at cne time or to be 'everywhere r.t '
cr.ee. He expected Congress to assist, him in protecting the Government
jrnd the ncop'o.
j There is no horse so gentle thct it can be driven without a br die under
j rJi circumstances, and there is no governmental machine that wil' opeiate
j peipetua'ly and we'd without supervis ion. This was all Stnator "ce,i at- :
tempted to do. He has been cal'cd "the watchtlog at Washington,'" and lh 1 '
! pubFc has been convinced that anyone who attempts to trespass v. h- ro ho '
keep vigil is in dai.gcr of being treed.
The Washday Before Christmas
nia vv iisnuuy objure KuiinsTmus
i I i ; !lJ
a fPfWr m i (am hm& iff r ;
this corporation
invest ga-j
, i t:th thnsr waitimr heart:;
that ful.-e
when tunis iorever
In France they lie
Where liiiici bloom
Thos' i'.jwers fair ,
I-'c.r them in: ie room.
N t vainly placed
The crosses stand
With .i that brave
And str cken k.nd;
Their honor lives,
Ther l'jve endures
Their noble death
The light assure.-?,
they sha-Il have their heart's desr
who unfliching, braved the lire,
ti.e iio'd
The Hog Island Hogs At Work
The Congressional Record gives a the payment of wage:-, the most g'ai-
complete reply of Senator Vardar.u.r.j :f? incompetency was shown in Ihc
rf Missi fippi to the charge of :n:s-j purcha1 o of materia', and in the gea
j jepresentation mive r-ccntly by Rearj eral ma-nagemcnt of ihe compa.iy.
Admiral Frnncis T Rowlcs, .assistant Kvp.y inan t.al!,,(1 to the seryi(.e uf
; general manager if the Emergency! ... , , . . ,
, cuipuiatioii mm ins wauo.s ieui-
StMiator Yard.:-!
it.!, ami in -ciiit .iia:ic:s, fiiadi.!.u
before tiii.- - over more carei'uilv tht
committee, he made the .;io t glor-1 tmns if trc t o.nmerce Committee i
( U- nr.-m'yes. He sa'd: "We want hail have r. ore to say on the i-uVitct
1o bu;d the ship-; wo want t win In the meant i mo I hepe the ('omnvm
ihc war; sen.I Us io the pen:tontia-ry ! 'on:nvltoe will go further in the mat
after wo win th war: h'V. et :. ' trr ;!"'' nV;ke a re().;t -f the resulis
buiid r hins." Of cei:r .e. ihe faeU that I of invest gation. ' i.et the p tiles:; sun
4' or vrv cent was p-:Jd them upon ! ight of publicity shine in upon the
t vulue of evc rv shin const iuctel i k devious ways of the ; a-
:.el every
had nothing to do ;Ui that burst of! u'" for Prqu! it-
patriotism on h;s part.
i other s n'.erni ise which is minted with I
Slate CfTiri:;! i.ct iiiiin Ki poM
That IVai-c WuKhl fist !'ri t
Of Crain
JiiTerson C tv. .!.:.. P v. .' ! :
et.iiA .Jewell Ma .-.; of th
l-leet Corporation.
! m;!n ha, made charges of
' age-inst certain c.ffic'als engaged in;.'1 !l
graft ;
The ilea-! man who ha,j bce-
their eyes at last shal' see
Through cloud.-, and mit the hosts ol victor.
reri-ival Allen, in the New Yoik Times.
i the Hog I ."and Xavy hip buildinr ' (i 'tcting head of the contract ir.g
' aids. ; 'irm of Stone & Webs'.cr, v,!io it
! In his answer to Bowles, the Sena-; ceived from St.mo K Webster $12-V.f
: to- said, in part. Pr .V(V"' v-ni1 scrvng them. v, A
Mr. Vardf.nvin. .Mr. IVesidenf . ! l llt ;it '-he hoa-i of the Phipbufd'ng
i years age I would h:we experienced I c;.rporat;cn with a .- ahiry of
i an unho'y del ght in taking Siiti-fai-; Vvv ''. For ovnyth::ig that wa.
, tion on the carca-s of the self-con-1 ,l0"" of a similar nature tho Un't.d
v'cted conscienceless slanderer who; States Government w.;. chr.:g v.utl
rradisa' i;.
:itinue for a long time ar.l that taxes wih ... utU-red that telegram. But I have P-Jnuerc.. aecord-ngiy.
W I : . CO
. a;e tne no.n
w i iter savs:
t ' of .un ;.xt'cl recently printed in the passed that :t;:ge in. irier.il growth.; H vi1.a.V-' k i "ciifcinbeivd that
,1 have come to the conc'usion that , when this corpcrati -n i.a l undn- v
v a sixth Liberty Loan will hae to be scid, lire- no'Jr.ng is proven by pays c.-.-l irnibnl j .--.rumon ol ihe Meg sir pp-rg
peace treaty is signed or not. That means the U. S. ' exeep- the supe: ior't v of brute foree plant it triid to Midncc- the Govcr--
:( l;en;e of taxation and b:::nt issues jo-, rn.i tne o"lcr-ninut:on or that i. Iiari'-: o. -.u w nx its c: in -.smoi lor -!-
1 .re.sei.
redtH.-'d oi.!
1- n.-iii'-'ial ",V.i d. The
"A tilth and pot:s:l.'
FpecC've of whetlu r a
Vt 1 iu.ve i'J coiit lK.o
-o no tiive. tlv;ujrh li e
t,;:i v l-s.-en. With iikic than .$6,M:i,(MM,i:i)! Liberty Bonds just soid. the
'oui' of Liberty Loan is.-.jes I.-- r.o.v ciose to $lG,00i.ou),;0. Annual interest
tv,; and sink r.t, fuad requiiemenls w.l' toLal somewhere in the Tieigh-ii-iiioed
of s(i.".('-..in,ii :.nd it v. 11 trie at leust a jot :-.iul a half to
f!eo,( bolize the- Army .-.r,d Xavy am! place them onve again on a peace basis.
We mi. theivfoi-o om;;t our yeaiiy expenditures in bi'lions instead of
Th re are son:;
country who seem to legaid ic a
the'r God g"v; n privilege, belonging
exchisivel:. to thor.:. to wran their
v.-c'I-fed carea ses in tie American
F!a;-. and with the words of patriot-i
ism upon then- flyblown, impious ! p-;
j-o ever the country dereunchig cveiy
Ixviy who dares tovsi'on t'loir righ'
to continue tiii - iief ,' i"1;:-; business.
!. for one. sha 1 conl'inie t denounc-e .
it .-;nd to ca" atlen!io:i to i'. A-
: ii f oi'tlloM of ihe roport. ff
the 1 epn 1 1 nioe.l of -vl'ii ll deal;!
W'h this (.(lection and can again go j
itTi :euhure iued
people in this' faud undergo siir.hu- inve.;tgati:n.:
i t i nio'e neeessar-- tliaa ihe Ken.:l-,
be .-hail be prese-ve.i a-1 t!v pee;!e o!::V li-nounc ng a:
s:vo:l fieai piun-b-r than that the! harmful to lana v
io!ic-a:e fee in?' - of 'Iv e ,io'la: heart-. i's" tho tunvx
!. st rdid-.uled :,iPn-'s t.u b -,.. :.i!: gipg ih-.it th' t
: pet ted.
' repe:'. Mr. i", e.id. "!. 'he I log
ls!a:d en lei ) .-e i.- ; !.--;. o t- ! U"
ac-nirr t ration. H : :: ::!'f-au! io
st-' '
v fa!
and .
l,! 1
a i
h i ie
n the
. irt'. -
:;" !):) v.
a anifori'i a
;;-o h s i fo f:.r hi- : nl,y
i i!it !i' s of i-'r.-.! c -. It is .m
upon (lit ) iiinjv a
Scein' Things At Night
lot- 1 of the band issues .and the taxation w.l! gra i- , v worth vhiV.
about the
j work it was to perform at i" p- ;
Hog cent, but It w.s finniiv forced do n
enterprise was uttered upon .n-, i ininu. o pei cent, w n n aK' ii
s ..
Editor Tribune:
;p.!re.!s 01 nni! en
-t oi :ng so,
not likely to bring about any
Vow. what 1 said
Island -nt
the floor of tins chamber as ,: 1 :ilte;i " memh.-rs of tae f- aimitioc
States Senator under the sanciitv et what the constructing corporation had
an orth to uphold tho Const tution. done ,-r wa to do to justify it
the laws of the country, a-r.d protect asking the government to p. y it . ?,,--,
the interests of the American people cent on the sh'ps to he hui'.1. in ihe
of ill'., I
n of Me
.... . T I T ,
i icalion ot lie.- i'M.i i-'venue act row inir iia-.ueo. iv.u iiiuic uui-o,. . v..- .x..., vw,....... .......v.. - . ...
r.,,,-, ,i ., .-.;i;, . ,-.f ! ts.v.ntlon n:iel on the I'JIS act stems ss,-; and ciim'nalitv ef the outlaws of 't was the "know how" which tiv.-.
" i . t
f-u-ed at h aot. Indeed, ii may not be until the winter session of Congress, oc-ie.y
of ltn:; that mouiiictitm of wir taxes can -be considen-d.
.-ay that
of tie. t
Two more L- bcrty
l was di:cuss.ng a public iui iiim:.t me wove, nnn-nt , i'.:
eiuerpri.-.? that no honest man could -,,r' 1 resider.fc, I v.r.-nt to say just
"Two months after the vurn-nder of Gen. Lee in 1865, the War Depart- ; 'ictenct m a 1 of its dcta. Is. It is one of "iei mohing over tne mat-
. . . .... . . , ,i. . . . .i. : 'Vr.o ,,.a. ... ii, ter eaipfn'lv I :it u-i'liin 'U l.......
t:i ni cxncnd.tui't s nad uacneii &i,ii.,j.u-.-o.oiui an, iweivc mourn: .a;er me: '"-- r'"" '"'n m -. il i.v v.... .... Uiu:.n.,
War Dcnartment had ruieeeding in reducing the Army expenses to $28V I grown up smce
i:.4iK. i!t the revenue friar, taxes, which had been 27,28M P00 in the j wr which was conceived bv it- pn
ycarlSG.: vas $55,717X00 in the iiscal ye-r of I860. The War Department j meters in private life in the sin of, corporation who knew any moi-e about
4-.ii. t os.. !n iho ve.ir after the Snnnish war from $229,84 1 0IM) to ' 'i'ishno and brought forth swud-; -Il!Ptu idmg than, the Demoera.i:'
SKI 1.770, . butthe revenue from taxation increased from $4'05,o21,000
to $515.' (A0. in other words, Congress allowed war taxes to go on
for .a ti:r- ::fler jiea-ro sc as to cut down quickly a conideiable share of
1 lie warV cost jm! then too, Government oans being abandoned, reliance cu
laxatcn alcnc for n".v;iui- precluded any sudden reduction in taxes. After
each war the Unite.! States has been m. it has been the pol oy of Congrcs
to retl'.ic.e or aoo'ish the mwt onerous fix burdens, but income taxation and
declaration' of of conservatism when I
ro. there was not a member
enibiem doe? about the nebu ar !iv
has lee:' 'levotin:
sh- 1 tc tell ihe -:!-'i:-:- id !-!;!
; ju -tieo i -no !y a eeiia'n .iiidgo e
this citv.
It goes to the mat ovr Ihe fa--t
tliat a i-eil: '";) iier.-uin v a. f-
rtoppimr an the wpv; siiic if ,'.
street in an antomob le, t!ie line
amounting to $5 for thi . offense.
An. I then sarcastiea'ly remarks ti e
same i'.idge lined a man ope do l.r
for h-at'eg liis 'MeFcaLe'' 'vifo. We
presume ',1k yito t v a.; referrirg i
a r-. cci'.i wr'tet:p ib.n.t a man wlio
woih. on ma'n .street. It is :;:iid
r ' - -.1 1 : fli-
iio.', iv iilioi-' C'l'.l-'d 'iv Mo'ih!
Ai ay I" 'e. ill-- ;i lhe
v,ifi i.; !ileo vill' her aa;i pr-e, I. in
an ban
('i!v iv
bv ng
! lh.
til! II i- l
V. Ii :l
's : -r::;w;.
! over th"
ii li in o.
lid i t i 1 lltT
p.-1 1 tieu':
d'ed in the American flag to serw
s?1fish pin no e , ! Pothesis or v.- pra'rie dog knows ah-:u
Let us for a moment c msld.-r its' the P.'l''t'cal economy of the plaivt
his'orj-. A number of highly respc-i Mars- Jt was just a piece of graft, NfaW Pi Aj U
nil' II.. III' 1 V .ll! i , IUI I I r .1 -- v 1 n . ' t
ed a corporation bought a hog wa!-! tn-"' oxtracrdina'y demand by saying
"ow, which was ritrhtly name! "Hag that' tno rnembers (,f the corpora-;
casi wa
iiia, bu :
i'v- ;! e'. V rd t in
v.iiieh !i" ;- .0 f.i
. : ! inu. ;'.", w as 1 i a
faet tlia! his ma Lad p.
okiii;j certain lieinaries
b in keep his motive niaeivnos 111 taoi
path r. We wo-.ii.l sag'.;e. t that if:
there is as many busy-body as theyj
ay we I'.ave in ti U c tv, w ill spea I :
r-ioiv t'ine ,n walcb ng ; 'id Icai-Iiing
pa.rt of their nvn ' y: iigi"-" lln-re :
Ih- bss real news foi- ilio iivo d. ily!
paper witli'n our baiinl-i. I
- -K lis Kriii' le t
Is tho .?2.I whe
Vr.ii 1 Stat I -v.-i-i-;
l;e !ratv -f i"..ro wii
way alfeet the ?2-'J:" per I
gn,ii;ii'tee fcr tie- "heal 'oi
ha-re:-tcd ami oi,j'kfl-.i i
l it- ', :i.-.- v. !i b ni.H
.,1 11 it li ,!iirie I'.f.'.i.
I Under auth o- iy "f ; i:
1 Act, President Wd ,.n.
1 ... ! ,p was p anird, i sued
I . io?i .i-. reo m ;,lia! i !u
j.c-rop be ;oAd. gro'vo. narv
1; - . . ',,'.: .... !!:,- S.;s , ..f '
!h-- I iu- ;::..! . I
f r; ( o'i Iia . n tui'iiu-gi'-
ii i-l . . a.llii r.e-d l'i
:! '. ! :-!: of v, r . Ii
' rea j: v 1 I' ti'l i., ;t-
t;'.n h h ha : or fa ! d. !'
if hich 1 1.-? s n-i- ixi-n !l :a'ii..
I o . fj ! . I
b fo- I -
i:lt w
v, n o a total
much of the internal it-venue taxation will continue for some years and ! Island." capitalized it at probably tl0n ll not themselves know any-;
nnund us that the -jo.-t vi war does not instantly cea-sc the moment peace double or treble of its real value, and ; tlin-2: at)OUt shipbudding, the corpora-'
is ibvlared.' n j ihcn lped it to tho United States ! tion ful n ?hi the Government of the
j for a site for a shipbuilding plant. ! Unitet! States men who didn't knav.y
The land was valued $1,700.00. now- VVUn lho '" a rres that were
and the rent charged thu Government l"'1' U1P' men certainly the United
Ma-garet 'c.-Jo. i i.j. f of tht. Wo-1
men's Division of the- Service, to can-.
vas its special community opening-. .,!,..,. , s..,,...
and in this work the Distr ct of o-:
h.iniba blanch ban given the fullest
I';itn:.iay ever.iv.r -bur, '"!.
the h int .f .. . ; i ;. '
Lev i;; f .-'rin. 2 mi'e; hi: Ilea ! .
Cap", y.n: hane-d lo (in- rn'tin I. I
!.ii 'J i'i; i'' ii.i.;i d (; VI,-.
i! e cnr.ienis con: i : av; . f "11. .
gr.-.in !! :ivd ( .'!-. Lif i .
The Imddinr:
v 1
valued ;it .::! I th - i tt-
In the night time
U;idejvtiie bright moon
Fl t lierc- end there gray spirits
of the dead
And creepinsr things crawled brck
Into th? sjy.'diw-.
Put in the silver daw n
When 1 3 1 sun kissed the dew wet poppies
.nd the l ibt gold ray: "ight upon
A silent cannon
It reveals a mother b'rd
Hopping to feed hei young
In their nest in tho mouth
Of the hz gun
And in tr, nest is, a sudden flutter'ng
Of the young wings tha-t betokens
of the Un'ted States was fi per cent' States Government did not need th
en estimated value of the land, if mv fo' F-ration to ;-t as u labor at'ent
I i) ' !:.;!;.. ! i:-i' I
! " ; tliat tho tjio a:;. Jh
m ... . .. (Pane . Sunday
t ederai iMariiincrj Hope i o l'ind ihe women's n.visiwn of the n,s-
; ti" ct cf Columbia branch had provid
; ed first far the girls who desired to
I reimiin in Washington bv obtaining
; lists of the needs of the bureaus to
! .-
Jobs For AW Who Wish To
. rv
mi'i'ainir Ihe !do..i-
Ijourds wer-' braiigtd d'wn fro-u
Mu'-physboi.). and while to y
trailed the surrounding country. 1.0
clue was obtainable.
Wash'ngton. Dec.
-in the end-'
ess nrocession of voung :tViioj-:; tliat
Vvhiih peace wiV divert much bua'
:ns . These bum us cuicklv absorb-'
U -1. , I. TT - . , , ,
,s pa.s. ta.ono, La.o.. oiao..., eu many cu-.Ks. wnose experience m thcir wa.r work wA 01, Kraiiu;iiiv.
hero since the ending of war are Government work would be of vaiuo i ilU...
C. S. .Y
Many metropolitan papers are excus'ng the extravagant use cf money at
the Hog Ih ud nrvy yards on the grounds that extravagance was ncceesa-ry
to get speed. In as niUv-h as only one .ship was finished" during the war at
the Hog Is'and yards, and' this vessel imprrner'y riveted, it wou'd seem
that the only speed d. splayed was in spending money.
Co!. Kooseve't and .Mr. Taft take the pos;tion that the Un'ted Slates
was only in the w:r to c.srrr the hod. and now that it is over the duty
Among the
camps were
In one case 42 gills
merely bv a tra lsfer
memory serves me coiTort'y. The: in sccumg ca'pab'e men to do Gov
s', mo corcorat'on undertook and C5nmet work, especia.' i" when y;,u
rsrreod io build, the Government of con5'lor the fact that the Govern-
! tho Ifni'ted States nav'r.r- :! exnen-' mont pa':d txv?t' an1 tn!To t'mes a.-
sps. this shipbuiid ng plan at ?n es- ULI' l"r tneir services as they couM piles uf luggage
t'.matc-d cost r.f $21.0MO0. without!.'1" eonen trom private employers r.u.VlCroUs
t i v I in the labar mrketc if nnnni- '.
Miuh per ronu . .. " " dcstincl for ;I i;.rts of the I'.. S.. nt.
nru- , , 1 I want tho in'o. K!:,i' fl..,.. T v .1, v.,
1 no proius wn cp me snipouiuiingi
ment to deal f;vr!y with and justiv
With its ritiyons h it T il-,;.,!- bome
- -. v a , I , . 1
vvorv flnllar IV. , 1 .. . : . CSS0S tllC C CIKS
.i. .u , v-i 1,1111 nc I'rts. iy :
vice docs net expect many l : Pm :ii i -in
tho domobohzation of the g 1 1.- fi
were placed
from one do-;
1100 workers a week, an I eul of lid
number the nrr.r.m t inn of t:i-v; . . I. ,
j - , - -, ...... . .
coiporation was to receive as a com
ni'ss'cn for the patriotic service to
be rendered bv it wa . 4 per ceni on
nartment to another.
nea: uitcases. ine luecace : - : : .u. : ... i
- j aitiui niquiry :i liio va:iou;i cas- j.,., rnK in .,.H,.,
tr.e fact that l:rev
for ihe ;i!ixi-tv
it id! might be classified "going numbers of ihe gir's were impatient n...
, to return to the r home.;. In
desired to
a n ; a c
many jh;. tho P .--d of nmioinp'c viik
And "going home'
the value of the ships 1a be bu:It by lh6 C(,,Poration as commis on on . pvcry young eaer face,
this plant. Thr work in the cons', ruc
tion" of the p.'ant hr.-I not. proceeded
very far, however, before it ws I
termined bv the .corporation, which
we rrr tod wa? organized for patri
ot'e purpo es. that the building might
be fac'l dated bv subletting contracts
, oi ck 10 domestic respcnsjoil.ties
vjiiio i u I,.,. I .,!,. i r i.
ii u.iu I'luiiis-rcti u;r war voir
while the'r hu band
smns DUUt bv Ine sr.-n hail.lm r ..,.f I
tt- T i ', ... , e.ise( from tne Government on.ee
3l l!Cf I 5ar.fl . i I Yr n.-.tt, n. !, . vl
O - .... .- 1.,LI, IT'. Jl-.s.. ; ' . f
than robbery f the Tublic Treasarv. " i,: 1,1 1 'r "'-v-s ' " -"e c:,per. when it i remebi red lha v: ,.
0 shall be as .short its possible, or th-.i-
IS, it ;hal' not ex'st at ah With Jiving
expenses at their nnson;. mark thi;
served in the I -s ., ,.- ,. Jmiw-t-.i -a...
... . , , . , j,, , , mil - .-) Ml I J IK'ii.
. 11 iii-i j i s.- on.'m'r'i nhnrs- -i ,! f V n ... t.kni I ..
.Mr. i -resident, 1 w.'s just about to. oraoiy uiscnargcct nom army service.! ---"h'""s..s ,s-iamc wni. tl,.,t rconomy is genei;i!y in fo-sj. ;,
overlook the fact that the plant - IJath and girls accepted tho ! their old portions would be open to ' (Kn!rPr rf :pip.jmj v;( ,, ,-. or ..,
which these p.-evicts for pIf were hi: dens of war brought to them, und ' th' m whpn they returned. illness from undernom-ishmcnt is l:
to construct at an estimated c?s of now oncc more they were free. And One of ihc act v.tles of the EmpToy . bo r.veidr-1.
at a fixed t cf ner ornf th, ' f 21 ,'00,0MI. I am tcid, cost over 1' t-sald .-nr le, fcr the Government- na i been to encoun ge In Uie rcdistributi. n of the v rr.-Wn
e.maod rot of tho work 'IWOWM); and I think it has completed - taken caie that the gonjr home applicants fcr minor chcrKships to Iruuly win Icavp th,. Government s-i-
Sepie of the contractors, it appear
ed from the testimony h"! .st"ck in
Govornm-nt contracfod to build th wU asK ln cha-rawn of ti-.e Commit- t - d tor tne iuture. r " w"e UiU,K "e war g.r!s have been mowm.-.-'
plant without fees Evrrvonc knowJ tpe on Commerce to enrrect me if I Through th$ United States Employ- emergency positions havo been able to ,to improve themselves and to pre-
of the Amer'ran delegate, to the peace conference is merely to s t still and : wh- ha-i paid any attention to the in- am m t?ken. I think tlw corpcr-.tion ment benice tne most careiul pre- u'jr xur fcU -us w pare for promotion In 'numerous
nixl fcashfuSv when our Allies have agreed upon a progtam. There is vcigatiefi of th's enterprise, that in ha completed bat one sh:p. Am I paraxon n& Deen maae ior recon- cases they have. been able to raise the
structicn work. Each of its 900 isirict wumoia Drancn- oi sU-ndard of their work and inor.wt
!M)00)f); and I think it has completed - taken caie that the -o ng home PPtn icr minor cncrKships to Iru,ny wiH Icavr th,. Government s-i-
but cne h p. Cf couisc I want to be ;-heuid mea.r more thin merely fam-. kc Clv-J- Service examinations, and V:ce with experience that wil! hv vn -
fa,r xvith them. I am sure they have i!y. lTunicns; that ithould mean' moet than lo:)!) K'.rls have qualiieii i uable and with trailing that will add
a good mar. ships on the wn-ys.. I waiting nesitioiiS., real chances to tnk"a the tf,ffc- .The g'r! ar in tQ their eiTiviencv. Dur'ng the p i i.vt
upon a progtam
lauch to be ihankful for when we consider we on'y have two "Ivin
rcre is j vwMgaticsi of th's enterprise, that in has completed bat one ship.
... ! 'ko Ki-'n-i -n r.t !, v,iu: t roiTct abiiii: that?
"O I ' .- "lll Wi. VO- - . . . ..... 1.- TT-JxJ Ctt.l w . . . .
the TresHer-.t of brar.cnes has been asked by .Mrs. wiwieu ouues JCiHipioyment Jer- ally to increase sa'aries
p'aat the grossest extravagance in 1 'eri

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