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The weekly tribune. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1918-1919, December 25, 1918, Image 4

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TftE CAfcE GrftARDEAtJ TSlBUlECAfE 6lRAftt)fiAtJ,imS30tISt,
Z In addition, the highly specialized service of a
Trust Company costs no more than that of an indi
vidual. For these reasons, among others, it is more and
iiorc becoming the practice among leaders of in
dustry and finance to name a trust company as ex
ecutor and trustee.
Z It is well worth your while to watch the news re
Tports of the disposal bf large estatesand to consid
er whether ft w. oil Id not be to your advantage to
obtain the bcncfiC of our service for your family,
whether your estate be large or small.
The ofiiczrs of this company will be glad to con
;sult with you on any Trust matter you may have
Lin mind.
Southeast Missouri
Trust Go.
Capital and Surplus $600,000.00.
' ' . $2170.30
There was then re4 th report, of
the Superintendent o Streets and
Parks and Public Improvements, for
the month of November, 1918:
Tark . $22.70
Kntrinecr 2.00
Streets " 662.54
Fire iJcp't. .
December -f iois;rolite I)op,t
for tlie month of November, 1.018:
: Owintil convened
si on with Mayor II.
in rru'jir si's-1
li. I hi prc-
.'jaliiJJ. llo l call of te officers show
ed. Ir W. Fi iss'. tl abse nt.
t.j..oru or picvious
'hj itim of Mr. Wittmor; roll vas
for its adopVcn, the vote re-
as follows: Ayes, Haas, Witt
HiorN'a.vs, none; whereupon the
declared said record duly
TijVe was tn'n read the report of
the upcrin.tciidenl of I'ub'ie Affairs
meeting rear.
Attc! ncy and court costs. . .
Officers' salaries
U. o. IVisunc-rs. Mine
. 26.01
There was then read the report of
the! Superintendent of Public Safety
for the month , of . November, 1!:1S.
Lipht and water ?18S1.32
Court house and yard 60.95
Books and stationery 124.10
Board of Health 112.04
On motion of Sir. Wittmor, roll
was calied for their adoption, the
vote resulting as follows: Ayes,
Haas, Wittmor: Nays, none, where
upon the mayor declared said reports
The following bills were then read
C. P. Stone, $5.50: Wm. Huters,
$2.25; C. F. Stone, $3.60; New Rig
don Laundry, $1.32;Picrce Oil Corp.,
$11.55; Pierce Oil Corp., $4.25; St
Louis Elect. Works, $2.80; Goodyear
Rubber Co., $57.60; Robinson Fire
Apparatus Co., 75c; The Boston Stove
$6.40; Boston Store, $1.50; Cape Gir.
Bel! Tele. Co., $1.50; Jones Prtg. Co.,
?S; Black Diamond Coal Co., $3.10;
Buxton & Skinner, $2.35; S. E. Mis-
sounan, $oi l,. i. ijinusay,
j Bah n Bros., $5.55; R. C. Young, $10;
( W. J. Seagraves, $77; Burroughs
Adding Machine Co., $20; Taylor
Mastcrson & Linson, $8.10; A. C.
Pittlinger, $3.80; L. L. Albert, $1.50;
Cape Gir. Bell Tele. Co., $1.50; Edw.
Hoy, $160.23; A. F. Mauer, $21.70;
Vogelsang Bros., Con. Co., $15;
Ruchmann Hide & Fur Co., $5.77;
H,aas Bros., $15-
On motion of Mr. Wittmor, ro l
was called and the bills as read b
approved and warrants issued, the
vote resulting as follows: Ayes, Haas,
Wittmor; nays, none, whereupon the
mayor declared said motion duly
There was then given the first .and
second resdir.g of an ordinance to es
tablish the office of Electrical Inspect
or for the city of Cape' Girardeau,
to regulate and define the duties of
such office and to establish rules and
regulations concerning the insta'la-
of electrical wiring and appliances
and fixing penalties. j
On motion of Mr. Wittmor the third
reading was deferred to next meet
ing. On motion of Mr. Wittmor,
council adjourned.
H. H. Haas, Mayor
Attest: A. P. Behrens, City Clerk.
"Peace on Earth, -
Good Will Towards AH Men."
'I he approaching Holiday Season al
.ords an opportunity to express our
appreciation for our business rela
lions with ycu throughout the ex
piring year. May peace and the
spirit of Xmas be yours all through
'be year to come.
Williams and Fountain Sts.
!' ?
jk Beware tuberculosis after In-
fluenza. No need to worry If
you take precautions in time.
Don't diagnose your own con-
dition. Have your docior exniu-
ine your lungs several times at
monthly intervals. Uulld up jour
strength with right living, good
food and plenty of fresh air.
,if Poii't waste money on patent
medicines advertised to cure tu
' herculosis.
ifr Become a fresh-air crank and
eujoy life.'
v Washington, D. C. (Special.) Ac-.-enrding
ta n report made to the United
States Public Health Service, the epi
jdemle of influenza in Spain has al
ready caused an increase in the preva
lence and deaths from pulmonary tu
berculosis. A similar association be
tween Influenza and tuberculosis was
recently made by Sir Arthur News
holme, the chief medical ofiicer of the
English public health service, in his
analysis of the tuberculosis death rata
in England.
In order that the people of the Unit
ed States may profit by the experience
of other countries Surgeon General
Kupert Blue of the United States Pub
lic Health Service hus just issued a
.warning emphasizing the need of spe
cial precautions at the present time.
"Experience seems to indicate," Bays
the Surgeon General, "that persons,
whose resistance has been weakened
by an attack of influenza are peculiar
ly susceptible to tuberculosis. : With
millions of its people recently affected
with influenza this country now of
fers conditions favoring the spread of
One Million Consumptives In the
- United States.
: "Then you consider this a serious
menace?" was" asked. "In my opinion
it is, though I hasten to add it is dis
tinctly one against which the people
can guard. So far as one can estimate
there are at present about one million
cases of tuberculosis in the United
States. There Is unfortunately in
complete census available to show ex
actly the number of tuberculosis per
sons in each state despite the fact that
most of the states have made the dis
ease reportable. In New York city,
where reporting has been in force for
mnr.y years, over 3,1,000 eases of tu
berculosis are registered with the De
partment of Health. Those frmiltar
with the situation believe that the ad
dition of unrecognized and unreported
coses would make the number nearer
B0.000. The very careful health sur
vey conducted during the past two i
years in Framinghnm, Mass., revealed
200 cases of tuberculosis in a popula
tion of approximately l.l.OOO. If thess
proportions hold true for the United
States as a whole they would indicate
that about one In every hundred per
sons is tuberculous. Each of th.?se
constitutes a source of danger to be
guarded against."
What to Do.
In his statement to the public Sur
geon General ttlue points out bv,r
those who have bad influenza should
protect themselves a.iiiinst tuberculo
sis. "All who have recovered from In
fluenza." snys the Surgeon Genra!,
"should have their Itints carefully ex
amined by a competent physfeian. In
fact. It I desirable to have several ex
aminations made a month apart. Such
examinations cannot be made through
the clothing nor can they be carried
out In two or three minutes. If the
lungs are found to be free from tuber
culosis every effort should be made to
keep them so. This can be done by
right living, good food and plenty of
fresh air."
Danger Signs.
The Surgeon General wnrned espe
cially against certain d.mrr sbM;?.
To Our Many
Friends and Patrons
Wc extend our best wishes
for a Merry Christinas and
a joyous and prosperous
New Year.
Missouri Public
Utilities Co.
In order to avo.'d ru: li and conges
j lion i:irm;T the last da;.'t of l!e-
nioiili), yc-u mo r incited to conic at
your earliest convenience and pay
your cily taxes for the year I'.U.S.
The county collector wrl not Ic
lire,' but you should not fail to call
at the court lioi'se and make pronijd,
payment of city taxes.
A. P. lit h tens.
,(jty, C'eik.
eluded, and w;.; jjiven
i.ion in the rt-ii'ar c'V
I !i -it v:k cm oiled i.l til
-Ill'K ids l'ii)!! .; i
.U,r.-Mii. .UMIV f them
Fuch :s '"iieciine" ami "VuiUs ulucii
hang on."
These, he explained, were often t!
bpirinning of tuberculosis. "If you dc i '""
net get well promptly. If your cold I month
seems to hang on or your health and
strength decline, remember that thes
are often the early signs of tuberculin
sis. Place yourself at once under the
care of a competent physician. Tuber
culosis is curable in the early stages.
Patent Medicines Dangerous in Tuber
culosis. "Abov3 all do not trust In the mis
leading statements . of unscrupulous
patent medicine fakers. There Is no
specific medicine for the cure of tuber
culosis. The money spent on such
'medicines Is thrown away; it should
be spent Instead for good food and de
cent living."
The o. A. T. .. unit
was discharged and
Friday at noon. II, ,;;s oi-;;:i!! :: d
last .-uiii:ier with C:'.p!:tin Coe.-l tier. ."
regular ;:i:::y ofiicer wao has been in
the services for the pat 1-1 years as
commandant, with Lieut. Yoimfr and
Lieut. Stinkier, also of the F.
army as the oilier ofticors.
Tlx: cadets were pa-id ,' p- r
board :ir., ciuipmcnt in
fo t'.lK
Colli '.''.
i. ml !::
' U Ilea; it
w il i rt ! in
Jiira n at 11. e i."r nin-jit "I '-"' miei
ill the sclioo' j term whit it wdl.b' 1ih-. -J.K'i, In t d. "
paid elf la d j up !;: i viru a- ca I'-e mi ;
(apt. oestner v. as ao!e to ieie!;
1'iat this was tic hi" t S. A. T. '.,
H'tit t ) paid ad' ;u,l d ;-ch:t I 'red i-
I he United Stales, vhiv!i speal..; veil
).ir the in: iitier in whiii tii" v orU
el" tl'-'.iaii'ic has been d'-ne in I -
eaiap. Vv'l.iie tiie re wire over v.n
ill.-'-'.; of illlhiejiza total ill It'"
:.iap. there wa.-. v a s ntrie deail..
Christmas Dinner
Table de Hote
including Cherry Pie
ii'iiHii iii"ljllij!iilii:ii:i ''fi'tiM',l!!,',,pf
The Electrical Voice
IT is a very delicate electrical current that carries the
sound waves produced by the human voice over the
telephone wires.
It reproduces these sound .waves in their minutest
detail and travels with almost the speed of li&ht.'
Sound waves travel through l.'e air at the rate of
1,160 feet a second. Carried through the air at that
rate it would take four hours for the human voice Lo
cross the continent.
It takes one-fifteenth of a second for the voice to trav
el from New York to San Francisco, 3,400 miles over
the transcontinental line of the Bell system, 2o that it
may be said that telephonic communication from coast
to coast is practically instantaneous.
Every Bell Telephone is
a Long Distance Station,
Cape Girardeau Bell Telephone Co.

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