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Vol. Xill
Cnpo Cirardeau, Missouri, Friday, February 17. 101!,
r t t r y
J 111
I K .... 3
CUuiit tail d Oi ,-.... .va.i
Missouri will have K"'r,e e .-.!' .!
lent racing program: this fall.
A number of the fair associations
of the coui.ties in Southeast Mis
souri have entered into an or
ganization known as the South
east Missouri Racing circuit, for
the purpose of securing letter
race meets at the county fairs.
Representatives of this circuit
met in Cape Girardeau Monday
evening and appointed commit
tees to arrange dates, and the
other details nececssary to be
perfected in order that a longer
and bettor racing meet can be
held this year at the county fairs.
The following fair associations
were represented: Tri-county
fair association.-- comprising
Scott, Mississippi and New Mad
rid counties -A. A. Ebert, Sikes
ton; Dunklin county Fair asso
ciation, 0. S. Harrison, Kennett:
Clay county (Ark.) Pair associa
tion. J. M. Sites, Piggott. Ark.;
Cape Girardeau County Fair &
A. Williams, granted
school fund loan of $1200.
Account of Fred Goyert, Coun
ty Clerk againKt the State of
Missouri for $81.14 allowed and
ordered certified to State Auditor
for payment.
S. I). Ilensley makes report of
Overseer work done in road dis
trict No. 10 showing &5.00 due
which is approved and allowed.
J. II. Langaton road overseer
an uiUiUlUC meeur.g oi , Ti. r.r,. vUJt-r t-.i-fAr-, f t
the Cape Girardeau Commercial; th(f V,.thj;t Mho.ri ! ''f'rr
club r.e!.i Moiway mght. ''cer;Lurf,:r T.cakfv a,,v:iat;.,r,
D Wilson waa elected president .j TutIay rT,r. &rA r, tr.-
of the organization to ."uece'-d;- , , , ffh,.r
?.I.it . L. '
worth, f:-rr: of V"Z, r
will 1.4? trar.-tf'rre-J fro":
Will Hir.sch, the newly elected
- J . f l :
pre-iiuem wno iounu it irnn-; At,,.. v
tdble to retain the position o
account, of bu-ine?- mattery
which demand his attention.
Attorney I. II. Keb, a form .- ;
president of the dub. wa.-teleotf-d
iirardea'i Commercial cl;i
were in a'.t.t r. ;-' r..e.
ro.r,r.,-,Sj.A z. o- -;
tf.e fcningift 'rj:.'.?.i'ri. i ' wa
7 a
I' c
district No. 10 presents annual second vice president by ace!.
settlement which was approved 1 nation.
and warrant ordered issued to! A number of matters v.-frerii...
him for $111.7."). Ip'isednf .t the meeting. A c.-m-
II. L. Hoffnieister Circuit; Clerk jmittee vva.-? aoK.intd to io-.k in
presents bills of cost in Criminal I to the matter of the new ferry
eases amounting to $270.15 which J fservice b'twe-n this city and
was approved, and warrant order- j Ka?.t Cape, (iiranb'su. It v. a
ed issued. , I instructed to as.-ure Cajt. Jam-'-.i
Keijuest. from State Auditor 'owner ef the new ivtry that the
for $7.50 cost in criminal ease I busii.-:s men appreciated his
allowed. securing anew boat to 'replace
Warrants ordered issued for; the Warsaw, which was mn.
temporary relief in favor of sev-1 above Commerce last year. The
era! poor persons, amounting tnj committee v. ill also con ff-r with
$185.00. ,t,he city council in reference to a
Annual settlement . I. J. Wt-lk-! favorable licen.-.e. and the regu-
! ingle
ot.,at.y agree'.
pre;.: j-.h ingle voui
1 that the hert
f- r.
Park association. D. A. Glenn
J. T, Nunn. John L. Miller. jer road overseer Dist. No. 13j!ation of the rate to- be charged.
Col. Ebert. who is one of the showing $11 1.:!5 due him which - - - '
best known racing and horse j is approved and warrant ordered j DROPS DEAD ON EVE
show men in this section of the i issued. j
Rtnto ws rlcctcd nresident of! Annual settlement E. II. Weiss
rf.:ny--. i.-.e re: ty
had r:.'i.v ;.-ivoer:te:i
A r. ir.U-r of other dh
". -re held the aft":.'':
jtion. and the ever.:,
a j:hort ;e - the t:.' r,
piired to th': Cre.-o-r.t r-wh-re
tr.;'.v ;.'1..f:h.t;"'
ba.'.'ijet. v, hl':h is
o'cloek i.'i th- rr.orr.ir.g.
. The ar.r.ual elects. r. of or'heer
i'-r, bhl'j-rr,
Fuller, I'-rV-.-d'-r.t:
J. h'. :
rur.h-r:i'. iiie.
ta.r. :r.g r.t.i
( - . ' .
a he .-2 r
irer; grov, a- e
:,,t!'.e !!
g-t C-? ' '. Gh1"'
:t to have hht- or. .1-
rretary: IF
., trei . ;rer.
. . e
-r . re-
a f. r.e'
.-.: r
r -
- fr,
f.. i
'- f 1
! C
- T--
a r.
. charge o;
'r a:. j .'
; r.e-.
& e 1
,TVir.g the
i' f" t.r f
. ,. ' : . i
to- the avjve o:T.o-er the
Cireetors cor. s
the circuit.
was elected secretary. Harry j showing $318.02 due him which;, ; Kv 'drot.oed dead from W."'
: .i i - i. . l it '
(',. L. f'.o;-:r. .-Vr.ath: 'i. F. H
J. T. Nunn, Jr.. j road overseer district No 17, Krank S.!!? a banker of Hen-f;; .rrk: V;V 15. W. Ri
..,....r I In r.i. : Khmv mf I'ilX !C nim w urn i , . .... ' ..... ..
Machen was chosen as the Cape j is approved and warrant ordered
County representative to the ; issued.
fairs to be held by the associa- i Petition for new road by R. F.
tionsthat are members of thejRiehn, Highway Engineer order
new irnit ' ed to make survey and make
grief and excitement Monday Meterr, Aiu-r.hurg,
night. at the Selle home 807 The rr.id-year rr.eetlr.g vil
Spani;:h street, on the eve of h: he'. 1 at St. Cer.evieve, A;g-.-
mother's funeral. . . .
Mr. Henderson arrived here; V,'. V.. Ragale ca rr.! t;pfrom;
of; ;
it-'. .
I he .
Fir it Li eh ".
The following dates have been' report ai ne.i u-raiuicoun. IMr.ndnv tn attend (hf- furJ .L ....... . -.
selected by the fair associations ;- Requisition on Stata Auditor j,Ie W83 v;hh rrte!nA r'r Z ;, "(.,.t ...
comprising the new circuit; for $100.00 as part salary Co.jlc.8of the famJ1 in thft T(( ) V, 4'";';; ' ilt,ir; t,,
0:-4 v - . - -' . pri - - if i c llI'vUl .Jill r i t f " i 1 1 . fj j - n j ,
19-2?, Sikeston; Sept. 2C-S0, Cape ! Annual settlement of Christ j ffom thechair as the result f,f nari'
Girardeau; Oct. 4-7 Piggott,A:k; Nagel overseer district iso. l''j0f heart di-ea-e
Oct. 11-11, Kennett. showing $30.50 due hun which is f The bodv wa . Sf,r t t FIf.n,.,.,..
The Cape Girardeau Fair and ; approved and warrant ordered ; wn for iJUrJal
Park association has also elected j issued. i
officers for this year. They are: ! Assessments made on all rail-j
. ; i 1.11 .
D. A. Glenn, president: J. T. roaus anu teiepnone companies
the :t.--r::.ri'.
whi'n he fca af.ra'.tf
iip-flnte Vre hire,
to w.e-.-i.- ar;.ar-i f. . ;;1-
; v. ,ir. ar;
r.g r'--iy
vi;'-ei.',a.ty- ;-.r.
a r.v;rr.!v;r of tr.
a for.;;.'.V:.'.t ori.er f .r ear.
F"'jr.era! iter vice-? ar.i i'V-r-
r.v-r.t were LeM Vf-'h'.e
T:.rr.r.7 by the I-ev. A.
Rv:-.. .He e-nsed hy hi
wife a'.d t vo ia;ghrs..
Worm! Win frcn jacSocn (i
Fait EatiethaU Came.
The .vr:;.a! Ua.i '-t a eleari
'?j;ry tr.rn the J a '. 5 A. C.
ha'.kethal! rr. t . ii.. r..'g-.: at
the r.vrr.'.al gyrr.r.ai I -m. The
team j.y v-hlch Oa-'.h J-xh.-lte
e . a.
:ay; Zt-apii 5?c.
; ia-'-t atr'isy .re- male it'.
; w tv ?::.", a. tear:. -,v2-
diri to.-.ty t ';'. i r..a.r:?-i
. i!h- l-m-t..'r.7 thy, a .:;,..l.a,r
''ytf.rz -ivA that c.'tr.
; Wherj ilri-y arrl.i a:
P.:. a f-j-..r ef hh? ;. - I ;
r v-r 1 h 'i -
rvi -e
i,r c; r.
ar a
tr.e:r o
o f
Nunn, vice president; J. T. Nunn , ; for 1011 tax.
Jr., secretary; G. C. Summers,: Highway Engineer ordered to;
treasurer. H. L. Machen was examine the bridge in Welch;
elected a member of the board of Twp. and report same with esti- j
directors. j mate of cost. j
Mr. Nunn will again have! Following Justices of the Peace;
complete charge of the manage-: quarterly repoits approved, viz: ;
ment of the fair. The success ; Hy. W. llahs, R. M. Sawyer,
he attained last year brought , r. H. Weltecke, W m. II. Miher,
him much praise, and he says he H. W. P.angert. W. A. Yount.
intends to make the 1011 fair
much better, than the one of last
year. Many new attractions will
be secured and an excellent pro
gram is assured.
Captain II. A. Asthoizand Mrs.
Asthulz celebated the fortieth
anniversary of their marriage in
a quiet way Saturday. It was
impossible to hold a family re
union as many of their children
live in distant states and could
not attend.
Mr, and Mrs. Astholz were
married in Cape Girardeau, Feb.
10, 1SC7, and have lived here
continuously ever since. Their
union has been blessed with four
teen children, and fifteen grand
children have come into their
Captain Astholz is one of Cape
Girardeau's foremost business
merj. He has been secretary of
the Capo Girardeau Uuildingand
Loan association continuously for
twenty-nine years, and it is
largely due to his untiring ef
forts that this association has
grown into one of the largest
in the United States.
Mrs. R. R- Oliver returned
home Sunday from Kirkwood,
where she htd been to install
the eilicers in a new chapter of
the Daughters of the American
G. F. Heise. J. F. Steger and!
Albert J. Ilitt. !
Report of Constables presented
and appoved, viz; T. R. McCain
and J. W. Probst.
! Annual settlement of II. A.
f r . i t i i xt
v ranier overseer roaa district inc.
11 showing $101.00 due him
which is approved and warrant
ordered issued.
School fund bond No. -150 J.
M. McElroy ordered to give new
bond. "
School fund bond No. 401 J
M. McElroy ordered to give ad
ditional security
Friday Feby. 10th. 1011.
Annual settlement of Charles
R. Kuss overseer road district
No. 18 showing $2u3.28 due him
which is approved and warrant
ordered issued.
Application for Dramshop li
cense by David Metz granted.
Annual settlement of Henry
Springer overseer district No.
19 showing $181.00 due him
which is approved and warrant
ordered issued.
Annual settlement of Monroe
Proffer overseer district No. 22
.showing $71.70 due him which
is approved and warrant ordered
Ordered that $0000.00 be trans
ferred from County Revenue to
Pauper fund.
Jas. T. McDonald Co. School
SutvL warrant for $50.00 for
prizes, cont ests etc. rural schools.
J. II. Campbell, John Savers
(C'oDtiuiuMi oa iiagi 5)
m )) n I V
Ca h.a ki ?
w t -
Since I have moved to my new tfudio in the Crisvoni
building I have now the best equipped sfudio oulh cl
St. Louis and to advertise my new studio, djrix Feb
ruary I will make you one dozen of tny S4.00 and
$4.50 per dozen photos for :::::::: :
Per Doz
We will make only one dvzen to a family. 'fhe.e phot-v.
are mounted on the very' latest mont ar.'i r'.nh.he'l ir the
very best material that can L had. You are .;A-.IaI.
invited to visit onr studio and inspect thi ork v. h ether
you want photos or not.' D .ri't mi h thi-t fhan-'-. Thi
is the greatest bargain ever given in photo. Oit 1-j it
your gain. Cloudy weather is no object. Or si.)!;,:ht
is made of ground hammered gla. the or.iy one of tht
kind south of St. Iouia and h specially adaj;.te'I l-r flak.
weather. We can make your picture in ar.y kir.lof
weather. Studio open 0 to I on S-ir.day.i. Watth tat
show window for the latest styles.
Eriri us your Kodack work, we wul i',vt
it Special Atfenfioa
Sininis' ' Uodcl Studio
Cri&soai CullilirJ, Corner Croajway and Ssi'.i Sirtf.U
'foe Ja'.k'-
'f'tw-i fight .r. toe
the 'A ii vsrt ail
. 'ry. -
Ti-ri at 7 oV.l.-y. 1 j.
E. ch .Ttr. of tr. el:
Clarity v.
. r
? .'fi
tr.e.r tr.r ;
,rn u rr.-.'h rge.'
toio the La!' Jr. vh:-h': tr-e-y j.Ia
v. Ith their
Tr.e f.'-al a-core a.e !?.C to
the rfrr.a!
i-'.g r.e :.r.
; train a hi arrives :
t-A v hv.r-. li .r.
Toe jo.r.g eo.L'.
.thvrt vl-;;: h-tre
.-.oiir a.id r--" -:r-..t-i ;i
!r.ak,e th. :.r f.'t-re h'.rr.ft.
'.1.1 cl
. - j -
r .
:.Z ar.-i R.i j of the Jack-
had to
r.-e '.h-:
I. i-i;
'.v.r. tearrj r.oii'
aga.r-.t tr.
eohteri .th. The !.
Ji.- ';vh. Crar.ger. P.e:
J'aeoff; . ivi, fA'.'.r.-,
rr.ar; f.tal .
;h'..4 ''i'i, t. J .;, i;ro
Hi r;.:.v;: ho rg-:r t.-il !';7.
A. a j.reii::.hrary a ihor: ;.a.".V:
' n t. Laved Lr th: horr'h! ;-' oo::
tean; agai.'.t the Ca;.
oho.! Ir. hi: h the frrr.
: i'-v.rl hy a z.-.-.r: of J
The high k1.J !.;.
ri.:rx g'Xyj gihi. h.
lrata by the r.-orr.hal wr.
. h h' -
- J.oe grx.rr;
'type cperttr.
th e R'.v rr
v.r Th:.rr.i.j F. Lar. hia a
. t . ....
. rri "t ; i
1 f f-V. h
r.vt t 'L a- a.
. ...
at za
r r ' - -
-ear ih :r
(f r i . a h
a i ,' v. .
1 .4 g"-
v. t
:;.e cor
a.h'J b ..
f-r f.v.';..r
, -r "
7 i'
. . a r !..
!; t.r.:.g i;
'A th. .ir
. t:i tr-,',:
Utt t itziz"..
U-.t :. f.:gh: fire
trOv ei the b'.fhe of h'i.r.'.'
!a.':?'js. h.o h vse o.h th Or
this tlty.
II o'clvk
It.. The bv.iig
: T'j'.'Uitrt eor; i ;,h ithOFji.
;re-J. h t: f ho..
5 v..m. h'.r.i o ;
Th fir iurA at'
5 ha-J rh-le tig
it vat dl v.o v -.r-;
fVi'.r.irery. ev.
hj.i he '. a I i
.tr-s-'t . . h.
th j.h ar.y tr
v. . .
t: e ht
; f .
, ....
: t .
'- tre
- : . ... .
j- The
e '
a rr.
:.r "
riit.: t'.'.y tl'.

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