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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, February 17, 1911, Image 7

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the Fenian r!d of 1S70. Hp 1 jrand master of the Free Atasona of KngUnd?
IX-tldea the title by which he is commonly known he J tbo Karl of Sussex,
a pria.-e of the t'nited Kingdom and of fcfrxe-Coburg and Gotha, and duke of
Saxony. Ills wife was Pilncrss Louisa Margaret of Prussia.
Various reports have been current from time to time, particularly from
CunE'lion sourr.es, that the duke of Connaught would not be the neit govern
nor general of Canada, although on the original announcement of his appoint
ment, shortly Rfter the death of KW.g Edward, it was officially elated that It
had been the with ot the lace kiu that the fluke of Connaught, his brother,
should go to Canada as govjru.: general.
: 3-' ,' . .
AAA, Sv- 'l
VCv A A.
rate is not so high as in cerebrospinal meningitis, the train of permanent
deformities which follow infantile paralysis makes the disease fully as much
dreaded. Only about four or five per cent of those attacked succumb, but
fully k') per cent, of the canes result In permanent paralysis.
Infantile paralysis is a comparatively new disease. Its symptoms have
been described In medical literature for abcat 25 years, but only iu the last
four years, since the epidemic of Yj'u, has it been brought strongly to the
attention of the profession In America.
Vv. -.1'
r'A A'W
ii' -fir.' f
.A" a.
say conditions here and abroad ere almost exactly reversed, due entirely to
bad roads.
Director Tnge has described the condition of the roads of the Vnlted
Elates In making an announcement that the American Association for High
way Improvement has opened offices In Washington. The organization of
this association followed a conference of niiny of the leading road engineers
of the country, the presidents of five of the laigent railroad systems and
representatives of automobile manufacturers and publishing interests.
''t f -AA ',
Fenator isurrows wi beaten Iu tt
tlon of Mr. Tcwnsend to th Bu.ate.
and u Cfty-tjur years old
r 1 JV
! - i- '
It Is o!Ti-!.".I!y announced that the
dl:We tf ConrHUght will s;:cced Earl
Crr'jr In KfptPinbc-r ss governor gen
eral of Canada. He will bold the ap
polntinent for two year and tbat te
nod may be extended.
of Cot.nuuKlit will he the next gover-
car scnerwl of the Domlulon m re
ceived In Ottawa with great satimac
tlon. Aside from his general popular
ity throughout the empire. It Is ft-H
that the prmfiire of ao distinguished
a member of the roral family at Ot
tawa will gle the capital more polttl
rl and social Importance than It ever
ha had.
The riuVn of ConnaufM 1 OT,17
surviving brother of the lata King TA
warj. He Is sixty y-ars of ape, a field
marshal In the Hrltlsh army and was
a personal aid d camp to the late
king, who desired that he receive hl
present appointment This Is not hla
drat trlD to Canada. as he served In
In the laboratories of the Rockefel'
Icr Ir.Rtltute, near New York, Dr. Bl
inon Flexner and hl corps of assist
rttita believe they are about to conquer
that dread dlsrase of childhood. Infan
tile, paralysis, now epidemic in several
part of the United States. Hundreds
of monkeys are giving their lives ev
ery year to the aid of science in con
quering this dread dineafie, the mon
key being the only animals In all the
lint of those suitable for experimenta
tion that they have succeeded in inoc
ulating with the disease. The mlcrc
orgnnlKm of the dlseanc has been iso
lated and an early announcement is
expected that a preventive, curative
and safe serum has been discovered.
Infantile paralysis, or anterior polio
myelitis, as it Is known to the medl
cal profession, has long baffled medi
cal s.lence. Ordinarily It attacks
children between the ages of, 1 and
3 years, but older children and adults
are not Immune. Although the death
W. 1'age, director of ths T'nlted
States ofllce of public roads and presi
dent Of the new American Association
f.ir Highway Improvement, asserts
that the United Slates suffers a direct
loss of 940, 000,000 annually on account
of incorrect and inadequate methods
In the construction, maintenance and
administration of public roads.
This enormous loss is nothing com
pared with the indirect loss, through
excessive cost of transportation,
which is caused by the burden which
bad roads Impose upon the farmers
and others who use the highways, and
this amount, according to Mr. Page's
report, reaches the impre?slve total of
$200,000,000 every year.
The American furmer is paying two
or three times as much to get bis
products to market as the man who
tills the ground in Europe, and this
added cost of transportation is know n
to be an important factor in the high
r-r.mi rt Hvintr Tirnhlem Hah pnert
l'eihaps because of his ow n person
ality as well as because he Is the suc
cessor of the old veteran, Julius Cae
sar Iturrows, In the United States sen
ate, Charles E. Townsenjl Is regarded
os a figure of considerable Importance
In national affairs. '
When Insurgency broke out In the
house of representatives against the
rule of Hpeaker Cannon, Townsend,
who had been elected to congress in
1803, becamj one of Its promoters and
supporters. His name was even men
tioned as that of an available candi
date against Uncle Joe. Thi n In the
summer of lust yar he began a state
wide i-ampalgn In Michigan to strip
th senatorial toga from the back of
Uncle Julluf, who was veteran In
the house of representatives when
TowriseiuTrafl a student and who al
ready wore the toga when Townsend
was a plodding lawyer la Jackton
county, with never a dream perhaps
of future legislative honors,
if primaries, thereby insuring the elec
Mr. Towukeud l naOve of Michigan
Possibly There Are Otr Busloes
Men to Vhcm This Story
MigHt Apply.
When he left the house Saturday
morning fturton ysnked t the door
as if he wiuld pull It tiff !! hinges.
When be could not open It be started
to grumble until his wife came to Lis
"Wilt's blue blar-es Is the matter
with the door?" be r'jmbled, giving
It another powerful yank without be
ing able to open it.
"The trouble with you, John, dear,"
the wife ventured, "Is that you are
always down on everything down In
the mouthdown on the world. Vet
pi a try It."
With gentle tug upward on the
knob she easily opened the door.
John was about to sputter out a
sarcastic remark when the force of
his wife's logic sank into his thick
"I get It," he exclaimed. "I get the
That afternoon when Ms wife Tls
lted lis office sl.c saw over the desk
a littie motto with the words: "Me
for the uplift." Voungstown Tele
gram. From Pain to Pleasure a Quick Transi
tion. I suggested Rcslno! and gav9 a
neighbor one'of your sample boxes for
a child of a few months whose lower
limbs were broken out with a rash re
sembling Eczerua. Tb'j sample was
applied at once and chsnged the wall
of pain Into smiles. Two jnra were
used with complete recovery Is the
surprisingly short time of two days
That tired mother's looks and words
of gratitude were from the fc?art.
Geo. E. Ames, D. D. S.. Boulder, Colo.
She I know, Alfred, I have my
He Oh, certainly.
She (angrily) Indeed? Perhaps
you'll tell me what they are!
Drink Carfi'ld fca at niht! It inres
ooruiitl action of liver, kuiriej s and 1hji1.
Has an Old Relic of Washington.
One of the most interesting relics of
George Washington is owned by the
city of Salem. It Is a medallion in
wood, carved after a sketch from life.
The same artlBt executed both
sketch and carving, which gives the
relic added value. He was Samuel Mc
Intlre, native genius with a gift for
portraiture. He studied Washington
when the father of his country visited
Suiem on his tour of the east, and
ninde the medallion shortly afterward,
to adorn the arch over the west en
trance of Washington oquare, Salem.
Here the effigy remained from l!s07
until 1 850, when the arch was taken
down to give place to an iron fence,
still in use.
This Washington relic is kept In the
fireproof room at the Essex institute,
Salem, where it is frequently Btudled
by artists and others as an odd and
striking likeness of the great Ameri
can whom no two artists pictured
alike. Boston Globe.
Time for Stillness.
Mrs. MacEachlan was kind to ber
American boarder, but she did not pro
pose to allow her to overstep the lim
its of a boarder's privileges, and she
made It very clear.
One Sunday the boarder, returning
from a walk, found tho windows of
her roof, which she had left wide
open, tightly closed.
"Oh, Mrs. MacLachlan, I don't
like my room to get stuffy," she said,
when she weut downstairs again. "1
like plenty of fresa ai"
1 "Your room will ca' get fluffy In
one day," said her landlady firmly.
" 'Tw as never our custom, miss, to hae
fresh air rooshln' about the bouso on
the Saw bath." Youth's Companion.
Had His Uses.
"You don't make very good music
with that instrument," said the inno
cent bystander to the man behind the
buss drum as the bund ceased to
"No." admitted the drum-pouuder;
"but 1 drown a heap of bud."
I'erhsps MoliHinmed want to the
mountain becauye it was rheuuer than
spending his vm utlou at the seashore.
(Jarf.rl.l Tt-s bu bmuht lu.dth to
thvusauda! UnatiUslaMl for coUDtij.atiuu.
HttlU'lnfai crows at our own fire
tide and It not to be picked in stran
gers' gardens. IXiuglns Jerrvld.
0cauo of tno
"'""" A a, 1
;F .t-iArvr-(,,
The Cynic (with Incipient mustache)
Poof! Lady footballers, indeed! Why,
I don't suppose half of you know what
"touch down" means.
Young I.Ady Your beet girl does If
you ever kissed her.
8ome Do.
In Brooklyn a lew weeks ago & Sun
day school teacher ackecj bis cla?s of
hopefuls this rather debatable ques
tion: "Who will tell nre what is the chief
end of man?"
From the most attentive pupil came
forthwith this answer: "To glorify
God aDd annoy him forever."
tho antiPM-ptlr powilt-r t.i 1m Biik-fi ito tL
htn .1. II mk yuur ft fei nry ml ct.m
fortavlr Mid mfckn walkiftir d-l)frht. hind
eerywier. o. Ki'utr tu ,t, 11,1 urfrrtrml
Knew His Cue.
"She told hlra that she must not see
him any more."
"What did he do?"
"Turned out the gas." Exchange.
M.my pforile have receding ftum. Rub
Ilamlms Wizard Oil on nuins and stop the
dcrav; chaw the diwane nrrns with a
mouth wau of a few drops to a tpoonful
of water.
The brotherhood of man does mean
better wages, but it also means bet
ter work.
Mm. VClnaiow's Boothia gyrup for CUtldrrt
Uoc, iiayw pfttu, cure wiud cuhc, 2Jc bollia.
" Homely girls rush in under the
mistletoe where jeaches fear to tread.
pir.rs rruFi) jit to i ditji
Totir (lrul will lelur.d mouer A TA.O (!?TT.
fuiU to cum in' cawt uf TurUing, Himd,
Angelfood cakes seldom make boys
Toll the dealer you want a Lew.s'
Binder atruight 5c cigar.
Nothing helps one more than look
ing for the helpless.
ANirtftabk Preparation for As
similatirtg rhc Food and Reg ula
ting rh? Slomachs eno Dowels of
Promotes Diticn,Chrful
nfss and Rest Contains neither
Opium. Morphinf norMinertil
Not Xabc otic
p-ih sou vrSA.Hiunn.fis
At Sm
AWArJ-ffr a
a perfect Remedy forConsttpa
lion . Sour Stomach, Diarrftoea
and LOS 9 OF SlXEP
fac Sim;i Si,nlurr sf
, . i i i ..
7ke CtNTAun CoMPAvr;
new York;
. . . ...... 1 .... iii:l6rtlMKiwiiS!na
j ' - I llnl M IS i if !! : 1
npL Li H!' Cjt.Ait -a-
Exuct CofT Cf Wfn. r. ...rrau. Maaaaan. ... iaM am. . tCNO HIE WORLD OVTg
n K-rxrim rwiftir3""'.,-!. ,.L.. , .... a ' I f ' - i
I i ill B j ! I t v) f - h mada bj- Uumkmi. fut. uar In 1lT anl I m
w h fe- 8 F arl r M.juama. Croc.!. aaU ilapirina: a not. I t ... ,
1 YB tAl t'mm 1 aant) a jo far ?". Wf.e and tccita buak. WiiU to I f
Cr aaara aiS fcHf Mar sl kolaf ! sm af .a. Om 0a HeaiH eol an ftaars. TKai ra 1 ' a-aW at tiisn aai arttw j Tau cas d
tisantaaUviiawttliMMaSMaui. Wiiwi aw Haa tK..a-ia Is Ura, fcaaat ta Sua Umms. MQMXOS UftOii UO., Oari-raij., Wv.
All the world's a e'.uge. and life 1m
the ere a teat on earth.
(Vinal'i'utinn it ii avoi i.ihl.
r nurv lake
GavinvlJ lea, i alms's li.'fb
Soma tonibrttouo Inscriptions are too
good to t true.
LJ Ujl U li
ugly. rixxy. urav hdir '
A -:.
from woman's ailments rt bvited to vrtii r..Sff
dirci-w litre given, for poV-ive
YcgcUbla torojxmnd lo k -
Tnmnr Turn otM
Rnin. Mi .Uti.nuuJ .b.vri,R.rZ. X.S.
Hoi is.
yrr(j;i.-Mr rhr1fttnTW.lnrMt.W51',
hurth Ulo fct.
T!lukw,W l Mr FnMlnw.in t.
Ciiif n, ill. Mrs. Altubirun, lid-O-
b-'Urn Ati.
Gint.,k in Mm R.Tt. ITaoT.TIS Vlitvrtli .
r'rm, Kii-. tin. VV..i (Jr.t..
CiO:inntl. Okio. Mn.W. ii. iiutuia, 7 KmV
r"flf, V IT. Mn. l h E. PurTt.
bur.k.r,l.l Mil. J. ICCuupbcii, tUCytortla
Iiro'ili rn, T..Mn. Ttvt,, rSEninj St,
ih, k r Mr. J.il liuliKud.
mt.hatnfM,W ub. Mra.K'Ta jlMrhr TAwr4m.
flrcii 1 1. t uto 3i r. AJIc ii.lrUn, tii V. et
HmUh M.
lm , i nd.-M r. I.t trl S. HI H, K K. Ttn . JL
v trnnl. La. Mi a. Oto JukrfuUu,LiX
TerpRict,or Ht.
Mlfhirikit, Ind.-Mrs. Cum. Ear,B-, ti3
Kut Mii-inn ft.
!!rin,Vl n.-Mrt. Watt FoMk. B. . Jtoi ft.
lloTvr Fun t'a. M ri. W. MUTd,iiiw. uaA
MMernttr Tnnitl.
Pronsarh. Mo.-Mr. V. V. Aimililm.
R I.-M- Wm.O. X-nf. Bo n.
Cxli'!:, J- itrt. Jxuu f jtchar, &t Horn
toe St.
Fonts BnfiM. M. Mm. fT-rl A. At1n.
bcbnctdr, VY. Mr.ii-fortr,7ci2 AjUiJiy
Tylorrt!l, I!l -Mrs. Jo Grmllthr S3? "W.
Vwidr fit.
Cincinnati, (.1110. Mrs. EopL.'a Eoff, CIS Jf
Wick-i r.
Ve Kon. P. Mts. yr. K. Ioo!r.
Pori,i;i.-Mrs. Luui JL. tialt, R. JL Xa.
4, It. 1 2.
Ang iiUk, lc .Un 'Winn-U In. It-.P .
bl i'ul. lmn.-Mrs. ii. L b?.ttOrn, l-JU
VKHjbrll( St.
Pitta barg. fa.-Km. G. Lir,:; Elxkld
81.. I.E.
Farn-, Mo. Mra. ThorrM Aiknrr-T.
biai I.i. J, 1.1. Mis. Atuia femwArti, r3
OT'tr ht.
Eut 1'. Mm. AWfTisto T.yta,K.rS2.
(prt!oos AvotJd.
Hlkwton, Mo. Mm. lieml H-tbunB.
liATttlunr, I. Airs. E.AWliiLAJUt,142'WMia
inii-7u. (1010. Ms. Jbiim ViieiauO, 24
Monro ht.
PtForat Wli.-Mrt. AvenrtoTeapanuc.il.
ijexUir, iv&CMa. Mrs. I boobU
These women are only a few of thousands of living vritDPSscs cf
the power of Lydia II Ilukliam'd Vegetable Compound to cure female,
diseases. Kot oue of tiiese women ever received compenfiatioiiiii any
form for the use of their name?, in thb advertisement but are will
ing that we tihouJd refer to them beean.se of tho they may
do other puiferinj women to prove that Lvtfia. . K. Ilnkham's
Vegetable Compound is a reliable und Lonest rdRlie, and taai, tha
etatements wade in our advertisements regaKUjug iu merit tuo tho
truth and nothing but the- truth.
Tor Infants tnd CliiTcIrcg.
Tho Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tho
UJ For Over
Thirty Years
-;---3 r n nnn n i
St Mm
SarirraJ a' II
WW ltMJ I.. W14
i. a sua a. r,.vi.
mmmmmw mm
U CKfcOttf HWH HiMjU VUECu &ixX ru:
Alt - A
jn '? .
vv i. j ,l f.
proof Lap I, (fa JA .?y,kbaiu')
Eu'Jo ilw. v
2intor. V !.' " l-ax.ial
CV w'.. rt-Jlm. Tiu. Tulry, TC2 C&dea
H..W P.t
ansa. Wo. Mm. n B. Ji'.vi,
i. taUfd. MWi Abti1 !'.
.-iiiii A.'.th Mm Min-tWt.)'ll. i.
Omi.., .'!". V m. K. V. W 7ir. Has mJ.
e-ir "it-. " '"'it v.-t.-opt.
1 1 .l ' 1 ? -1 il t li '., W in. .il . J Hi! lUauv-Lacfc
ii.2i. 1.
Bu tTlo, lJT.-Mni.Ciwt Ir'rke,t7 Mari-
tli'Ut E'W.
,rin-t.tr, Tn(? ?rt. Vy Tv1 It R.X0.T.
Ft. Hr N ! J- K. Brera.
(.raii-nia, lii. Mm. .. HL.ar, 1 i
Jbuio. !iio. V.r. OtKK feuUlkiar, ii. JSv.
ilvt ii.
Otiriaa Trahltv
TlrrTiflW, IU. Mm. Om. Mown B. .. S. '
l'Ki;';i.h., i a-Mit LtM. ituau, XiH if.
Moia ht.
Hinoapolia, Minn. Mrs. John O. Holiln.
ftlii Swowl ht., Nortku
WT-d.a.ciiiio. Jim.Lni('rmrfio,fl TU.T.
Va-t wood, MtX.w V m. iJnha F. h'-hariii. ,
IXiujauwB, Ho. Mrs. aluiia Frauu, it. i".l. L
ifatnnt VTeatknaM.
'..7otTTTnta.li;L Mm. Art'eE. HwnUton,"
T'.m . Mo. Mrs. A. O. IaVanit.
Ijaw-rena.iowa. :'m. JnilA.ftno. . 9.
I tK-a, Ohio. Mil. Man iTjariirna. R. K. 1. 8.
JilirTii,OaM. iara. Ckauriay Cuatpoaaii, icJT.
D. ho. 7. I
Eij'n, Iilv-Mrs. Henry Lit.Tg. 7 A4.m
fVhaifnaVrwri, P, Mm. Crme Eetrlch.
.'ramaum, Pa. Mia. .lja T. Aili-y.
J aj." 'iiijca, i'a. ilra. i-iui-a A.lnntam,IV:n
Narraros IVartrwttcwu ,
rooTTSHa, Iowa.-Mm Ciara Frank ,aJTJ). S.
(iro?S'i, Mo. .V ri. V ia M-:Kiiifht.
Cia, N.J.-Jai. V . i'.Vaiauuia, l2Litt-
cin AiDi:a.
Maddr. lil.-Mm. Mw !f'-,!n.
Knjfkiliie, Ohio. lr. K. KlecliOSW
Fit-bittia, Oulo. Jr. C Cola.
i-iLtiadrlhia. a. ;n Fraak Clark, Hit S,.
A.ltiany At.
Tl.s Farmer's Sen's
Grca! Opp:r!nnif
cy witTor tn o a rana tr Dmia
yoar iniTiu.n'-rr tKtai;uw to
Drew-" i.ir jjur imiir
j ne t a yrffTnj now
3 wten iic tiiiM o f c-
Jf. '1 ?a" VTT'C.M fcf-'-f.1
frt-m iMi r(inijfir, en.l of
h-t, Amttt n,u J lijriy,
ajt wil u .tf. ra'.K, v.'
rani: ii fti-a l r ! a m c t s
f 'lOTfUni'-iil Mun i ntxiw
ia&t t: ntutau.rr uf miiiit
let eatTl 4 l (nuti
th I . is. wa tU jr t-nt
lrrr in iwlO tLu uj
Mm. y fm-trr pM
for tLIr 2ni ooi of U&
rfcof4J of oni rrtiifv.
ft r 1 mnMtaf r-f 10?
krr and r.-en)flmi c.f
1 il Tfl tsV Vii ll Ta
in r)liui. K'hmI h
iUfiit smilMtty fmFitLi,
low f rf'ifht rwf; m
rantcu 'f to oiUafJt lorAun
and luw 'iiiftra r ftir to
Lm.. or W CmjaLfcB Ovt t Acnt
C.J l.ii.M.4;i laJbi.jMMp
r d(1rV TIIV( TOM. fl
i. .'"VST1
i ft rtr.
KHr Pworltv. I1L.
CoQslder your personal
4 9 ' 1
1 Pw.
rr rTifrTrr .tttms rik re. Fpuoot.o
,S hli'fr'oij fr'avar
t Catarrhal l"'evirr
plala aa aaattar ia kt.raatarr ataita ara lufoclaU
1M..BU.tU.4Uiia.'1frtfaU.. rMMif
d JxSSkaii, gp.-.a
I (t. aVU.jl M aWUUatva lialaaM-a
aa-d I aa lH- 1 1 A ava. .'. B tl a. ii, i ( II. la.., a.
I. !. hhO 4I ) Jf-rfat .'rWllllMllMjOa. lvua l'aWaV,
(atUaaM aMlMi C U Ikaa. Itatav Wfai aaaU tt WL
jpsHH liEEictL ea.. a.-.r,t'.::.".i ksjei. isj.. u. s. i.

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