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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, April 14, 1911, Image 6

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VVstth Nevict'ti Wins Owner n4
Senator Cuee V 'h r Ottr
tr'y All ConeH) With Ite
Acquisition, Spending or 8?telitioB
nd New Dcend to Gmndiinn.
' The neme of Lieutenant Frederick
rrruKir lir-siketh of the Ninth lancers,
. ' dropped out of Kljjht lust fall, lias
trii stricken from the roila of the
V ;-;titi(s army because of abwnce witta
leave. The lieutenant Is tho second son of
f!lr Thomas George Feroior and Lady
Feriuor-IIexketh and a grandson of
the lata William Sharon, United States
senator from Nevada. Lady Fermor
Heslietii's maiden name woa Florence
F.mily Sharon. She was married lu
A worldwide search for the lieuten
ant. ' instituted soon after his disap
pearance, failed to rercal any clow as
tit Ws where:! ("Hi Is He is twenty
eight years old mid was i-dm-ati-d ' hi
I lie Royal Military college at Sand
hurst and at Trinity college. Cnm
lirmljje. le left his mother's residence at
.f Co ton Neston. Teweester. the after
noon of Oct. 29, saying he would re
tor "soon for dinner. The last seen
ofypim was on the following morning
when he landed from a steamer at
Kingstown. Ireland. It has been sug
pested ho sailed for the United States.
The family can offer no explanation.
'.Curse Fellow, Sharon Gold.
The disappearance of Lieutenant
- Hesketh and his expulsion from the
army make another chapter lu the mis
fortunes and tragedies that have fol
lowed those who have come under the
corse of the Sharon gold.
William Sharon was one of the Gold
hills pioneers. He stepped out of cow- '
hide boots into patent leathers, from
A mountain shack to a city mansion.
From tha Crown Point and Belcher
mines, lu Nevada he became a senator.
Tila wealth he left behind made a pyr
ainid of millions and likewise a pyra
mid of trouble.
William C. Ralston, who often had
ired tho output of his battered cof
feipot' with Sharon In hts roughshod
Jaya. started the list. When the finan
cial pinch caught Sharon's bank and
frightened San Francisco didn't know
whether Its' money was good, bad or
indifferent Ralston accused Sharon and
4&en took his own life.
Getting back to Sharon, the forty
Miner,, some time after the death of
Hn, Sharon Senator Sharon was sued
by a woman known as Sarah Althea
Hill, She entered Into the contest for
Eharon's money with energy and zeal.
Her counsel was David 8. Terry
, Chain Etnbracee Terry.
Terry was a leader of the southern
California Democrats. lie was elecie-l
chief Justice of the CaWornla supreme
court and bad served just long enough
to become familiar with the Judiciul
routine when he and Senator David
C Broderlck, entertaining conflicting
opjttioas. adopted the hair trigger meth
od of settlement at the prescribed
fifteen paces. Brodcrick waited for
tbt second. Terry split It and fired.
Bibderick fell dead.
Terry pleaded the cause of bis robust
clj ut before Justice Stephen J. Field:
Bifaron" died, but Sarah Althea mil's
suit lived on. Terry one day surprised
bis friends by marrying his client
Justice Field ordered the cancella
tion of the marriage contract on the
ground; of forgery. Justice Field
Slipped off a train. Terry and his wife
colncldently stepped from na-train at
the same time. Terry stepped behind
Fl&ld and slapped bis face with the
back of his hand. A marshal shot
Te'rry dead. ..
tjharles Livlnyaton. who was a pro
tege of Sharon's, became manager of
the Palace hotel in San Francisco.
Livingston had boarded at one time
with a certain Sarah Mitchell when
the tight to get at the Sharon millions
was at its height. Miss Mitchell came
in the front with a package of mys
terious letters. She demanded $50,000
for them, but she didn't get it There
ws talk of a conspiracy, Livingston's
B'dne was mentioned unpleasantly in
that connection. One morning he was
i Mind dead in his room in the Palace
Hotel with a pistol shot la his heart
Fate Still Pursuing.
Sharon's two daughters grew to wo
manhood .sui-roundod by luxury. One
daughter fell in love with Senator
Newland-rof Nevada and became bis
wife. The other, Florence Emily
Aharon, was married to Sir Thomas
George Fermor-IIesketh.
Lady Heskeib had two sous, both
soldier. The lieutenant of laacers
wfio disappeared was the younger. Her
life has been In danger three times
slj.ee ber marriage. She was thrown
fAiin her mount while riding with
the Grafton bounds at Sulgrave and
barely escaped being crushed, under
the animal's hoofs. In 1000 she was
Lkten by a dog, and It required a dozen
stitches to unite the wound. She also
underwent a surgical operation for the
rf-oittval ot a fragment of spine.
'Tfca Palace hotel and hundreds of
iothar places of Sharon property were
f yrs.it ta tfca fire which followed the
jrPjtUui ca tl radio ea.vt-
m votes Fen nc:r;.::irr.
Mur Will Pass Cengrees Unteas
Opponent Talk It t Death Quits a
Number ef Sntre Whs Are Be
tire lA'ill Get Government BrtSe.
Planning For Vacations.
Washington, Feb.' Special. -President
Taft has been compared to
President Cleveland, anil those who
tecul!iM'l the last ndminlstrat ion of the
liisi Itei nieule president are pointing
out that .Insi nil Cleve'and split his par
t.v mi th! iiii'ih'y tuestiiiii Taft Is split
tin his party mi tlv Canadian re i
in o. i;y mies; inn.
t'ii'i ehui.l caused th repeal of tin
si'ver piu'i hus,' clause with a divided
l .iii.v and largely aided wi;h Republic
an vol.'-;. Taft will gain the taiiijea
(inn of i!ie (.'ai'.L'diiiu re iprocity ag.ee
liicnt if U is latiiied whh t divided
J arty and (lie aid of Democratic votes.
Nothing has, coiue up in recent years
which caused cjni te ho much political j
discussion and showed such a wide dl- j
vetslty of opinlnu in the dominant par-
ty as tulii Canadian agreetueut. And
what is quite surprising is the fact
that those who are for it are mighty
earnest and those who oppose it are
equally outspoken. There is no half
way ground. Nor is it necessary for
President Taft to lay the heavy hand
of the national administration down to
make votes for his pet proposition.
There are votes enough to pass it, and
It is oniy a question whether the op
ponents of the agreement have the
nerve to talk it to death.-
No Labor Legislation.
It has been evident that labor lead
ers do not expect anything in the way
of legislation at this session, for they
hare not been giving close attention
to the proceedings of congress as here
tofore. There are a number of bills
which they would Ilka to have passed,
but It became plainly apparent that
there would be no time for their con
sideration with all the other business
which was pending.
Places For Senstor
Quite a number of senators who go
out of office next month are provided
with places on the monetary commis
sion. Others are not quite so fortu
nate. It Is reported about the senate
that ,Beaa toe Carter, falling In re-election
from Montana, will become a
member of the waterways commis
sion. There is also talk about nam
ing Senator Scott of West Virginia
for governor of Forto Rico. Both sen
ators have been long in public life and
actively Identified with the Republican
A Mississippi Historian.
Probably the last contribution which
Senator Money of Mississippi will
make to the Congressional Record was
his speech in favor of fortifying the
Panama canal. He told the senate he
had iilven n great deal of attention
mid study to subjects pertaining t
!li" canal for the past thirty years,
imd Ids speech showed it.
When it conies to history there is
no one equal to Senator Money: not
even Senator Lodge Is a better author
ity. Senator Money' spoke without
notes. In fact, his eyes are so poor
that he could not have read anything,
but he reeled off facts and figures,
with dates and events. In a manner
which was little abort of marvelous.
He coupled names of persons with
geography and told what they had
done, and it is safe to say that few
persons recollected anything about ei
ther the persons r the time and
places where they figured in canal
Preparing For Vacations.
Many senators and their wives are
planning to go on more or less extend
ed trips immediately after March 4
and apparently feel assured of a long
vacation. This would not be the case
If they thought an extra session like
ly. They do not seem to consider the
frustration of their plans r-obable,
and the indications are that there will
be a general scattering when tho
travels full.
"All Cluttered Up."
There was talk of referring some
thing to the committee on rules which
brought a protest from Champ Clark.
"That committee," he said, "is now
'all cluttered up' with business which
will keep it busy until March 4."
How Campbell Looked,
Congressman Campbell of Kansas,
who made a losing fight to prevent the
Increased membership of the house,
had admirers in the gallery. '
"He looks," said one, "like a picture
of an old time British statesman, no
might have just stepped out of one of
Thackeray's books."
Other things fully as flattering were
said of the man with a Scotch name
and Canadian birth.
Smith Wei-;omd Watson. '
No one was more pleased than Sena
tor Smith of Maryland to see Clarence
W. Watson of West Virginia enter the
senate. Senator .Scott cracefully pre
sented the credentials of Watson and
escorted him to the desk to be sworn
In, but from that moment Senator
Smith, an old time friend, took charge
cf the new senator and showed him
tvery senatorial attention.
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Cape Girardeau,
Herald Lia!n
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