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rosa meewng nerc ntxt wctt
ar, ths congenial cash-
ler of t 1 Peoples Nalionnl bank
of Jackson was in the -city last
Friday attending to business. '
The first car 'load of water
melons shipped to -St. Louis sold
for 02 cents a piece,
OHioer Chris Fwman has re
signed from the .police force and
will engage in 4he restaurant
business. Ollicer Kage has tak
en hia beat.
(..has. Vogelsnrcg, who resides
on rural route Na. 1, sheared 812
head of sheep, petting only eight
to ten pound of wool from each
sheep. He thinks the light yield
was due to the warm weather.
Preparation are being made to
celebrate . flag day o n the
14th of June.
Constable &ivally left Tues
day to take John Morie to the
sanitarium at Farmington.
Miss Marine LaPierre. of
Jackson, while the guest of her
uncle, VV. IL Miller, of thiscity,
had the misfortune to f&M and
break her thigh last Monday.
She had juttrrived from Jack
son and wasascending the steps
of the Miller .home when she feSJ
breaking her limb.
II. El Alexander and Orrea
Wilson will lie candidates far
police judge.
Ed. Flentge and wife and
Mrs. C. P. Kentge left Tuesday
for ExeelsAerJSprings. '
Mrs. E. P. Lemley Jeft f-ar
Catiline, IntL, Tuesday.
A man at Chester, liliaois,
eat a gallon of ice cream in 18
minutes. He wagered that he
could pea-form the feat in thirty
Millions of .caterpillars are
said to be going through various
counties in Oklahoma, devouring
every kind of vegatation they
find in their path.
Ralls county a establishing
.quite a reputation as a wool
. center. Since titc beginning off -
"the shearing season,- 16,582 j pastor at the Third Baptist
pounds of wool have been sold j church f St. Louis, addressed
in Center and the sales for one j the classes. The exercises were
eek recently amounted to j held on Thursday in the fore
8,401 pounds. j noon.
Miss Mary Reed Davis of Pop- Joe Fields and R. Lee Smith,
lar Bluff. Mo., will be married i of Bloomfield, were in the city
.early in June to Claude W. Cos- ,ast. Monday, attending ; t h e
grove, of Kansas City, jjr.!""""""'
Cosgrove is secretary nd mana- Henrv Goze. of Essex, was in
ger of the Bracken (Company, the city last Monday on business,
wholesale haberdashers. Miss j He went Jackson to purchase a
Davis is the daughter of Sam W. j a buggy horse.
Davis, f the Poplar Blftff Daily ! The infant son of Mr. and
Citizen-temocrat. St. LJq u i s! Mrs. A. II. Goss died last Satur--Republic,
Sunday. May 28. day n'ght-
Every rsailroad station is Mis-1
ouri where an agent is kept will !
(have to instaill a telephone con-!
nected with 'the local telephone
,,.erchange hiving the largest ;
inuenber of fiubscribers in the;
town, in order -,to comely with a !
new law passed by the legi? la-!
ture. This statute also makes it j
the duty of the agent to answer j
all calls on the said telephone!
and furnish information in re-;
gard to trains, etc.
. Southeast j
Capital, $500,000.00 -All Paid
We Pay 4 Per Cent on Time
4 Per Cent on
3 Come and see us -Be convinced We will then have your
in r-iixr loff C-a, a.
Rev. J. II. Tiller and Mrs. J.
B, Buck, twe delegates of the
Christian church from Bloom
field, were here attending the
convention this week.
' Albert Carter and Miss Alice
j Dougherty, of Dexter, were here
this week attending the Chris
tian church convention.
Prof. William Dougherty, of
Dexter, was in the city last Sun
day. An unusual occurrence took
place ixt Kirksville, recently,
when a. young Catholic girl was
united to a young Quaker man.
She had to receive a special dis
pensation permitting the snar
riage. Sewu-al weeks ago an Iron
county farmer took up two stray
mules, which appeared &t his
farm. One Sunday, a man
from Reynolds county came and
identified the mules as his and
took ithem away. On the fol
lowing luesaay, tae mires re
appeared at the farm, jumped
the ience into the lot and seem
ed 4o be glad to be tbene once
KioBe. Nothing has loe.n riieard
from the man who claimed
Major Brooks transac4iJ busi
ness in St Louis the first cif the
Thi Cape Tigers defeated the
Kage school boys last Sanduy by
a. score of 9-2.
Aka Higgenbothara, m of
Mayor J. L. Higgenbotham of
Dercie, enter J the 2Jwmal
EJ&r and Mrs. Wm. Baker, of
Poplar Bluff, attended the con
vention last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Oimrch
and Miss Pauline Sisler were
visitor to the convention fram
The Commencement exercises
of the Normal were held 1 a s
week. Kev. J. W. Williamson.
Salesman Wanted
W want flood, lire nun or woman I
to represent our good In tbli town or 1
vicHittjr. w a ara manufaaturar of Ina
Braiturr acd Webster 1'lanoaand other
ink, and have itoret la mot ol the
large cdUea o( the U. 8. We with to
t.LlUh aenole or brancbei in tome of
UK towue ot Missouri anj liiluole and
tbli la one or the plauei we hare (elected.
V e will offer cood lnducementi to the
rtht liarty, either In ealary or com.
wiMitoner both. We will not Insist on
previous experience, but want a party
that Is aiulve and not alrald to work
and one that Is well acquainted In this
l.-nl!y,ui muat be able to give good
references. Call on or address
UU Oum St. SI. Lauli. He., a. E. ft klUkrr. Ugt.
Interest on all Dsposits
Died from lnjurl. ; Fines $lf0. Police Judge's fee
on Big Lend, north of the city, Police fce3 -s; Jury and wit
died last Friday evening, as tho noss fees 1. Total Si'Ji.OO. '
result of injuries sustained from William A. Summers, Mar-
fnllinrr nf air.no '
f-y " v f. : ,
Mrs. Ilobbs was 78 years of
age and lived with her daughter,
M r s . Rob Atichson. Funeral
services were held last Sunday
at the IJobb chapt-1 cemetery.
Was Slugged.
Henry Oberman, of Dutch
town, Lad the mihfortune to be
knocked in the head and robbed
last Thursday week, while on his
way to Maarip;, in this city. Mr.
Oberman was on Good ilope
street walking towards Haarig
when twe foot pads confronted
im st the viaduct, which spans vate surveys $22.50 and uncol
the a G. & C. railroad, and slug- i lclH-'0; a,s0 rePrts
ged him and proceeded to get all
the noney he had on his person
whicfo amounted to $L 75. The
blow rendered him unconcious
and when he came to he found
thatffine of the robbers fcsok his
hat -and , left an oli one
for litm to wear. Mr. Oberman
attended court here as a petit
"Holy RoUcr."
Dsraklin County has same of
the religious sect known as "Holy
Rolleas." and the members of
the isame have created consider
able excitement there in the past
few BEonths. Recently, a young
man named Wilson, attended a
raeeteng near Oeta and
was hypnotized or made helpless
in some imanner. While in tthat
conditio, members ot tfiejed, and urging the appointment
church, jn their endeavor So of Willis Martin, was referred
drive the d e v i 1 ous of him
beat, bruised and pounded
him so severely that he was un-
able to work next day. He had
seven arrested and their trial
was set for iast week. Later in
formation says three of the per
sons were coiavicted and fined.'.
Denies Charcet. .
PmswiiHnir ' Attnrnav Hnnr
Cain was called to Bell City last
Monday by E,q. William Rey-
nolds, who issued a warrant for,
J. M. Winstead, of that neigh-
porhood. on the charge of crimi-
naliy assaulting four of his
young ughter, Win-.
stead is about 56 years old and.
Heaven save the remark, is said ,
to be a preacher. The azes of
the charge, which was made by
the girls. --Bloomfield Vindicator.
n . r. . - - -
Kegenis Met.
At the meeting of board of
regents of t h e State Normal,
school of city, held last Thurs-
Aav n
' .; : "
"t " f ' PV K Pl" IJlVana
ot bt. Louis and Mr.' Rozier of
Ste. Genevieve. The board was
pleased with the work and re
ports made by this institution
a t i i-.nr urninRnpp Nn. vii was ren.i . I )emnsv i-'urf Wo-,l tin nn. -"''-
committed to jail. He denies' Mr. Coerver presented a reao- Chris l oti' Th. i Mayor accordingly declared
uuxuitf me pasi year, uonsid- the Clerk, one from the Cape
siderable business was trans- ( County Herald and the other
acted and preparations for the ' rom Naeter Brothers, publish
ensuing year were made ! ers of the Iiepublican, the latter
Two instructors were given a
vacation and the resignation of
Prof. White was accepted. Pro
fessors Vaughn and Vaeth, a,f
ter being elected for two years,
were allowed a one year vaca
tion to take a course in Harvard
university. Miss Maud Mont
gomery of Farmington will take
the place of Prof. Vaeth. Mr.
White will move to California,
where he goes for the health of
his wife. The enrollment for
the past year, was 912.
$7.50; Independence $2.50
Catch basins $7; Hanover $3;
William $12.50: Spanish $1.50
Werriweather $3; Middle $5.25;
Main $10; Hauling sewer pipe
$3; Sewer on Sprigg street $3.50.
Rudolph Bahn. Police Judge:
Reports executions issued from
No. 2717 inclusive, aggregating:
shai: Jirports receiving: exo-
cations No. 2701 to 2717,
May: aggregating fines
and costs. $284. CO. and 2702 and
2703 unsatisfied for April
$52.70. Total $3.77.. 'JO.
Accounted for: lie
$22.70; escaped $19. Labor $77;
Cash $130,10 for which he at
taches treasurer's receipt.
Edward Wilier, Collector: Re
ports collections account:
Ki'iil and ii-MOiial taxes 172ii :!7
Intercut on dlinutit taxew ZVj.W
Morcliants Advaloifiii taxis, 27.4.1
DrAni-iliop Advalornti tu.xc., 2.1.
CoU' ct'ir's fccR, ' 1.59
(Viuetery lot sold. .100
4t Oecupalinri LicnHH 2H;t..1'
Totnl culiootionf. tr-ni- -Wm61li
urcr'H receipt Httaelied.
Chris E. Stiver, City Eng-ineer:
Yormrfe rnl art irtn Qrnimf Tri-
Walter S. Albert. Port War
den: Reports collections durinpr
April, $28; treasurer's receipt
covering attached.
H. G. Dempsey. Port Warden:
Reports collections $40. May,
treasurers's receipt covering at
tached. Carney Kraft, Fire Chief: Re
ports orae fire and one false
alarm during , May, for wnich
there is due for salaries and
firemen, 154. 00.
12 r. Wilson introduced a reso
lution instructidg the City Clerk
to advertise for proposals from
backing institutions ,to act as
depository for the city funds,
for the 5ear commencing July 1,
next, wihich resolution was
adopted, on motion of Mr. Coer
ver. Aresoiatron was adopted by
the Board of Health, deeming it
necessary for the conservation
of the milic health, that a
.to the Council and read. O n
motion of Mr, Wilson it was filed;
and on further motion of Mr.
Wilson that a health officer be
appointed, the Mayor nomi
Bated vvitlis Martin, who was
confirmed by the unanimous
vote of the Council, on the fur
ther motion of Mr. Wilson
'""O.1 the adoption of a resolu-
t inn firrrfn r I r Ainrrunn a
, ,Mnf wnn z.,
, w T-v noo u.uvu i-
I sued to the Mayor for his use for
C0n2P" ... w
permission of the Mayor, took
his seat.
. Mr. Coerver introduced a reso -
lution instructing the Clerk to
advertise for proposals to grade
and gutters on Fountain street.
from Bellvue to North streets, in
accordance with the provisions I
lution. which was read, declar-i
n& it 'necessary to improve
William street, from the
east .
curu nut; ui ouriir SLraHL id ine
u i: e c- : . i a.u
weflt . ,r-v
street, and constructing grani-i
toid curbs and gutters thereon
w"eLr no
ed, the same be
motion oi Mr. wuson.
Tnis bein the meeting adver- -
tised to receive bids for the do-
ing of the city printing for the!
ensuing year, enuing on tnenrst
Monday in June, 1912, two bids
were represented and read by
uiu iiul uenijf in coniormuy w ltn
the requirements of Ordinance
No. 946 providing for a lump
snm bid, whereas their bid was
a price per line bid.
The bid of the Cape County
Herald, being regular in every
respect, and accompanied by the
required bond which the Mayor
approved, the motion of Mr.
Morrison that the contract be
awarded to said paper prevail
ing, the contract was awarded
to the Cape County Herald for
the price and sum of $297.00 the
amount bid.
The Mayor appointed D r .
Hempstead, Mr. Morrirson and
Mr. Flentge as a committee to
draft resolutions of respect, up
on the death of Judge Rudolph
Bahn. Police Judge, who report
ed the following, which were
ordered spread upon the record
and copy furnished the bereaved
family, upon motion of Mr.
"Whereas, it has pleased Al
mighty Cod in his inscrutable
wisdom to take from our midt
. so construct-1 ceived, approved and ordered . 's Xl q u 7 ' S
ing adopted on 'filed and warrants ordered is- ending on the 30th day of June.
F-ral the service of tlh ccn'in
iy?ur bHovr-Lfiff'fu If'T.-ioJph
JJahrj, Police Judge, who deput
ed this life .on the Crd day of
J .;.-. 1911.
SOLVKD. P,v the Mayor and
'Council of the City of Capo Cir
(ardeau, Missouri, that in the
untimely death of Judge Ilahn,
this city has lost one of its most
eflicient and faithful public s-.-r-
j vants, and Uo community an
honoBt, industrious and upright
citizen, who.se untimely death
will be deplored by all alike.
That we extend to his bereav
ed family our heartfelt sympa
thy and condolence in this, their
hour of sore affliction.
That a copy of this resolution
be spread upon the records of
this city, and a copy be furnish
ed the bereaved family.'
Signed. 15. R.
A communication from the
late Police Judge, Rudolph Dahn.
commenting upon the advisabil
ity of the segregation of the
sexes in the city jail, was read
and referred to the Building
Committee, with instructions to intersection of Independence
submit plans and estimates of and Sprigg streets, and ther
the .probable cost for adding action in the matter sanctioned,
proper facilities to the city jail. Ordinance No. 948, entitled:
The Mayor reported that he "An Ordinance to Amend Ordi
had an offer for the street team nance No. 731, approved July 2,
and that, in view of the high 1908, entitled ' An Ordinance to
prices of food, it would be ad- license, tax and regulate sundry
visable to to sell the same, the business, employments, agencies
offer received being $500 for amusements, public grounds,
team, wagon and harness. 1 and halls and vehicles, by strik-
Mr. Morrison moved that the ing out the last paragraph of
Street and Wharf Commttee be section 54, taxing and regulat
instructed to sellthe team, wa- ing "Fair Grounds" and enact
gon and harness, at a price not ing a new section in lieu thereof
less than $550. The ayes and read for the first ar.d second
nays being demanded on thi3timeat the last meeting, was
motion, the roll was called, thc ' taken up and read for the third
vote resulting: Ayes Flentge. time.
Haas Hempstead. Medley, Moe- 1 Tne ,not',0n of Mr. Wilson pre
der. Morrison, 6. Nays Coer-i vailing, to pass and adopt said
V TKniW,ison' K x.u a ordinance, the roll was calkj
Jtillf: the vote on its passage a 4
n.uuun,s kkuuwiu
walks around the Memorial
fountain and leading from the
fountain to Lorimier street and
from the fountain to the walk
west of the Court House, where
upon Mr. Morrison introduced a
resolution authorizing the Mayor
to nave said walks built and em
powering him to let contract
therefor, which rpsnlnrinn tun
uinciui, mum lejsoiuuuii wasi
adopted on motion of Mr. Wit-
SOn. !
Louis Stein. Treasurer:
ports balance on hand, all funds.
i i 1 o.i o-.-v rr.i .
.,u"' "i,"''uo'
ceiDS Irom a sources. Anrn yh
itn .Tnn 9 tAiKiG ii i tv!
23l' 1 1
treasury 1911 10811 "
' Chris. F. Betten City - Clerk
i and Ex-Officio Auditor: Reports
i balance in treasurer, last report,
,$4008.614; W. A .. Summers
1 marshal. $136.10: W. S. Albert
Port Warden. $28.00: H. C, '
Total $26249 89 Di.
UUL 1 lit I I .
hv th Taom. i
4.4. Balance
irensurv. . nns z. h s-iiii.
. . a . . r'iz- "m '
" '
On motion of Mr ("Wvr
said officers rennrt u.-re re. 1
sued to the several part
titled thereto thereunder for the
respective amounts due them.
rtt r AT.TftWFn
The following bills, passed up-
on by the Auditing committee,
were reaa, ana on motion ot
Mr. Wilson the same were al
lowed and warrants ordered is
sued therefor:
City Clerk's payroll: C. F.
Betten, $125.00; Ed' Wilier.
$1.25; Frank Kellev. $75: Geo,
Britton $20; W, A. Summers
$60; G. W. Talley $60; C. M.
Jr reeman SbO; H. J. Hutson SbO:
. 1 - V . S - IIIOA T" I. ,111 nil .1 n . 1
John Macke $60; Harry Kagej as to its passage and approval.
SSJ-SO. and it was registered and filed
Bills: V. A. Summers, board as Ordinance No. 950.
of prisoners, $44.50; Frisco R. ; On motion of Mr. Coerver, the
R., 35c; The Republican $63.75;, Judiciary Committee was in
Morton Bros. $1.05; Cape Co. structed to have the necessary
Herald $18; Waters Pierce Oil j ordinance for the improvement
Co., $4.35; Standard Printing 'of Themis street prepared and
Co., $25.10; Meyer & Schwab 'presented at the next meeting
$15-: Hnon. Lum-ber ? ?"c: The Council then adjourned
M; ue c:Thoedore till Friday evening at 7 o'clock.
Co., $6; Cape Gir. Water Works
& El. Co.. $636.18; T. A. Wil
son $1; Nesco Co. , $2.25; Vogel
Sanger Hwd, Co.. $5.70; S. Al-!
bertCro. Co., $6.16; Independ
ent Pub. Co.. $119.68; Sam Ran-!
dol $1.40; M. E. Leming $1;
I. Ben Miller $2.21; Cape Plum
ing & Heat Co.. $14.10; P. A.
Hoch $6: II. H. Haas $155; Ed.
Wilier $S.52; L. Morrison $5;
A. H. Hamilton $6.83; C. F.
Betten $3.85: C. R, Stiver $2.43;
lofu.:-i,.vSfi,-:Ja-Jfr5 .Ixf.
tion, to nerve at the e-nsuing
special election for Police Judges
were appointed:
First Ward: Joe Nunn, Jr.,
Van R. Caldwell. Charles Lew in.
Theo. Ivxk, Ivl. Llumcr and'
Gerrge Rodenmayer.
Seconrl Ward: Fnmk Williann,
Henry Meystedt, AS. DiftUnger,
V. Llockwendt, Henry Lrune,
Jacol) .Stone.
Third ward -John Welter, Joe
F. r'uerth. (Jeoryro Mover. Aupr
ust Vo'jrel?ang, Christ (ioldmach
er and Charles Zelle.
Fourth Ward -John L. Miller,
1). Adam Frank. Thoins Moore,
Joe Smith. John Klostermann
and James Lynch.
The Mayor appointed the fol
lowing Special Committee to re-
cive the returns of the special
election to be ht-M on rriuay,
June 23. next, for Police Judge:
Messers Morrison, Wilson and
The Street and Wharf com
mittee, through its chairman,
Mr. Coerver. reported the re-
nairinar of the manhole at the
adoption resultlii!? as follows
Av-fw. siy,t. Haas
Ayes Coerver, Flentge, Haas,,
Hempstead, Medley, Moedor;
Morrisou and Wilson. 8. Thw
Mayor accordingly declared saidj
ordinance duly passed and in
open meeting signed the same
both as to its passavre and ars-
An Ordinary erttltled "An
aj;. . v
SS;"inc- Prov,din J.0
vi l"c animal .vwj l"
,nue iax, the Normal fcerwoi
-Ti.m 4- 1 y,-, .? v1
f",UT wfr
year endinc on the nnth A, c
Miit iaji. i ii i ill-
t... inm" r r'
was taken
up a.
On motion of
Flentge said
' or5in.ance was read for the sec-
, ond time, and on motion of Mr.
'S5?)?' theme uas fJspardcd
ffi l7?f,rtl(ii.,or the
i Mr WliSTn'an .i
'Si i aiTed' r11 was ca!!"
Za J v5- on .Passage and
""pU?n resUlC'n: Ayes--
f ri . u . I . m
!fi "j u"llK ujiyrasseq. ana
wuiiHiinesrae oocn as to its
passage and aDDroval. and it
w as resrisiereu ana n im as ir
ainence ISO. m .
L A Ordinance, entitled
r011!?"06 appropriating
for the first time,
On motion of Mr. Wilson it.
was read for the second time,
and on motion of Mr. ?.!Arrinn
it was read for the third time,
under a suspension of the rules.
Mr. Wilson's motion to adotit
and pass said ordinance was duly
carried, the mil was called, and
the vote on its passage andatoo
tion resulted: Ayes Coerver,
Flentge. Haas. Hempstead. Med
ley, Moeder, Morrison, Wilson,
8. Nays-none. The Mayor
duly declared said ordinance
Massed, sicrnwl the Rme Wh
City Clerk
ies en- " li"r mm rcavi
tow ts is! Tisi n ttLtst nzt rare
Wt ar CVte'n Original Hot Etui Wrt
V llk DiKUnxj h tr tit, !.
'" ''- urr nv Kr
I all lima u tual
w.y a iw4 u, fc.ujt, a r. ia
lb awjtMt u mik ciiwr iu. Tb truf
rt llutet M Kvt, In a.f f,tor
to & ur .
a Uilo r. Cuwa aw u,l a.i mt
rlCIUa. VS. m !,., ,lutr U4wf vn,,,
Vc run twa rwi ua it .i . (

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