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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, August 11, 1911, Image 4

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500,000.00 All FrJd
y -y
it e
Pay 4
Per Cent cn Time
4 Per Cent on
Come and ice hs Be convinced We will tfeea bave your
zz2 CcurJy Herald
, , .L , ... i
(Formerly the Jacfcer.D Her&ld)
Published ftery Friday by the
I sdvacce.
price: $1.0l per year
Entersd as second c'bpb matter at
tfce jx'S o.Tice .t C'ai e .Gir&rdoau, Mo
oedtr the act of March 3. 1ST9.
The old Capitol cf Missouri
built in 1858, after fine had de
stroyed the original c a p i 1 o 1.
(which stood on the ground now
occupied by the Governor's man
sion) was remodeled in 1E37 at a
cost of 220,000 two new wings
. being: added, with the old struct
ure forming the centre,
the base of the remodeled
building accupying a space COO
feet in length and 112 feet in
depth, with a terrace roun:, jbark suspended because of un
ahoutand stone steps in front j fortanate loans to a mercantile
and on the southern end. 7'he establishment. Hon.John
normern ena stooa ciose to mejE Swan?er. State Bank Corn-
edge of a steep bluff at the base
oi wnicn ne tne traens ot tne
Missouri racuie Kaiircaa. inis'Qnfj r,rnfior,t TnH- i;QK;i;t5oa
bluff is protected from erosion :and assets were ken over bv a
and impairment by a retaining1 new Lank organized under "his
wall built cf massive stone. j supervision. The new bank has
The new building will be set-paid or assumed payment of all
away from this bluff about 3C0 ; deposits of the old bank, which
or 400 feet, facing east, with aha3 gme out 0f business-with no
wide approach on the south to- joss whatever to its depositors
ward the new Supreme Court and very litte loss t0 its stock
building. Its southern line will . holders. Macon now has three
Le near the new court buiMin. j substantial banks,
which is now separated fromj No wonder the bankers of the
tne capitoi parK cy a djock occu- .
pied with brick residences.
These will be removed and the
block will be graded to conform
to the elevation of the new Capi-
cm. ine bireew now intervening imited to narrow bounds
between the north line of thisj thr0ugh the partisian meanness
block and the Capitol r ark andjcf a Democratic Senate. It was
along the east side of the block oniv bv the most persuasive poli
will be vacated by Jefferson City U-possible that the last legis
and deeded to the State, with u .n ire yielded to reason and com-
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Phone 534
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w w v w w
e- y
Interest on
!I Dsposifs
r? rTfTTTrrrrrj rxn m vrrrs st
C0l; &rA the Rround v;est of e
Federal building will be cleared
of the substantial brick houses
now on it and added to the park.
Thus, the new capitol, the new
Supreme court building and the
fine Federal building -will be
grouped, and the environments
of the capitol will be beautiful.
Doubtless the old Supreme court
building and library will be razed
but the armory, a substantial
stone structure on the west side
of the park, will be retained and
made to conform with the archi
tectural design of the Capitol.
No State in the Union will have
Capitol grounds more attractive
than the Capitol park of Mis
souri, though some may be more
At Macon a substantial State
missioner. took charge of it im
jmediately and through his wise
State aDDrove the administration
of Commissioner Swanger. They
advanced money in 1909 and 1910
to keep his department in good
shape, it3 revenues having been
q Sjj
W v W W W 'V
Will Brinr! It
r 0 j-, ,-. vmA j
rv: - n tloancy 't-n-1 'novid lor
the fv,p;-ort of the df , nrtrK r. in
mi and Tho Democratic
i'iiticia.Ti3 in the legislation felt
that bank supervision was
secondary to political interests,
They wanted to cripple the work
jof Mr. Swangcr because he is a
1 Republican whose success might
all luster avid i .'pularity to the
j Hadley State administration.
I Before the ashes of the ruined
anybody had suggested steps for
creating a new Capitol Governor
Hadley pent a messaere to the
i legislature suggesting 5 bond is-
siif under .int rnn'v nf
under authority of an erner-
cy clause of the constitution.
thus pointing out the shortest ,
1 ... . . . . . 1
;anl b?l way to oeal with the
problem created by the destruc-;
tion of the historic old Capitol.;
Hi3 way was adopted by the
legislature and has been ap
proved by the people, and the
walls of the new Capitol will
n?e neiore ms term as uovemor
I. ' . "I 1
"Hoodlunsrun nine tenths of
our elections," says Champ
Clark. But it requires a strong
ger word than "hoodlum" to de
scribe the kind of men that fix
up a Congressional district for
Mr. Clark with only 154,000
population and give the Seventh
district a population of over 215,
000 to overcome the Republican we did last year, if the present
voters in the south end of the! condition of the crops counts for
district. Champ ought to go 'anything. The crop will be
slow on the 'hoodlum" talk.- j from two to three weeks earlier
Bolivar Free Press. i than last year. The cotton crop
0 i of Stoddard county brought to
It is no longer possible to elect ; farmers in the neighborhood of
to a Missouri office a Democrat
morelv twanc Hp ia 3 nn.',U,,f U.l x
erat He must be something
. 7. ' . .
inure; ne must ue niior uieoince
he seeks. The "life long Demo-'
c r at,
"Democratic wheel
rarty standby ,
"Democrat born and bred,"!
"one-gallus Democrat," with no
other recommendation, is no lon
ger available for a victorious
race. The voters are not pow,
satisfied with the brand; they!
want men. Post Dispatch. '
to determine for themselves how
The Brookfield Gazette voiced the sixteen districts in this
a growing sentiment when it ; state shall be formed. It was
said: "Notwithstanding Cover-'the purpose of the Missouri
nor Hadley's denial of presidenial Democrats in Congress to pre
an.bitions there are many Mis- vent a popular vote on cor.gi es
souri Re- ublicans, and Demo- jsional districting, under the in
crats too, for that matter, who itiative and . referendum law.
confidently expect to some day They got into the House bill a
attend an inauguration at Wash-
; . ...
There are 50,420 acres of land
in this state, belonging to the
State University, that may be
sold and profitably developed.
Governor Hadley has lately had
it located py John. M. Curran,
who believes that much of it can
be sold to immigrants and suc
cessfully cultivated.
O f course Democratic poli
ticians are throwing mud at the
cross-state highway movement.
Mud is all they have to throw.
They have lived in mud ankle
deep for forty years and kept
the people on muddy roads
They are veritable stick-in-the-
mud politicians.
Nebraska Republicans could
not be divorced from that larger
element in the party who hold
to the principles on which the
party was founded and approved
the policies that have made it
the greatest political party on
Looks like Lorimer will lose
his seat in the Senate-given him
by Democrats of the Illinois
legislature for reasons best
known to themselves.
Governor Hadley has lead the
way for road building and arouE
ed the people. Good roads will
be the result.
n1KLun loruie purposed seeing, ture thereof." making it nec-
the first Missourian who hasjessary that congressional dis -
ever held that office sworn in as 1 tricts be formed by state legis -
president of these United States. ! latures. The Senate knocked
I . . , , , .... .
o out that clause and substituted
The people (! Canada tre to:
vote in September on the ques-i
tion of adopting: the Taft's reci
procity pact. Having a large sur
plus of farm and forest products
to sell to the people of this coun
try products for which they can
not otherwise find a market they
are apt to vote with avidity for
the reciprocity act that cannot
hurt them.
Turn where they may certain souri. to conform in width to
Democratic politicians Cuul Col th,?. fidewalks already construct--
.i ... ed in said b tk, the work to be
Dave Ball across their pathway, jn accor(ance wilh therro-
He is m the race for Governor, j visions of Ordinance No. 957.
with Pike county back of him; and to be completed within
and a story to be told when the '20 days from and after August
, , ;;c r
LPa(iv fn r,rnvnkp in roritnl Pr.1
Jia'l Vm shampfullv trmtrd in
i$cS and has had plenty of time
to jearn how it was done
The government
show that the cotton crop of i
Stoddard county last year was in !
A . 1 . 1 1
excess 01 tne growtn 01 any sin-
i Vf)-,r ?n tV,M htv nf tv,o
county. The actual number of
the bales ginned' was 4677 or
equivalent to 5010 bales at FXK)
pounds to the bale This was 841
bales more than she raised in
1909 and 24 more bales than in
her banner year of 1908. And
early in September of last year
everyone in the county was pre-
dieting two-tniras ot a crop
This year we will do bettr than
$300,090 last vear, and
' iv tn thi, ct,ni -
jjexter .Messenger
The United States Senate hav-1
ing amended the House bill pro- j
viding for apportionment of Con- j
gressmen to the several states j
and prescribing the manner in:
which congressional districts
mav be created it is now nos -
sible for the people of Missouri
j clause reading
by the legisla -
5 . . . "
for it a clause providing that
such districts may be created
under the laws of the state,
which means that Missouri may
tiative and referendum law. The
Republican State Committee
will submit to vote at the gen
eral election in 1912 a bill crea
ting sixteen congressional dis
tricts and also thirty-four sena
torial districts, all formed ac
cording to the letter and spirit
of the Congressional Act and
the state law. The Democrats
hope to sustain the Major
Roach Senatorial gerrymander
and to gerrymander congres
sional districts by an act of the
legislature. As they control the
State Senate through their last
gerrymander they hope to con
trol the legislature, but they are
booked for a grievious disap
pointment. WcCALL rATTFBNS
elcbrati-ii tor lylt, perfect fit, limpllrity Ind
reliability nearly u j.ir. bold in nearly
eery cilyand tonn in II United Sutea and
Caua), vr by ciml direct. Morv auld thin
any oilier make. Send tut lie cll(f ue.
fcior lubacritiera than any ether fashion
naifasine million m tnunln. Invaluable. IaU
CM alyleit patlema, dnratniakinr, nnlhneiy.
plain aewlnt.l'Bry netdlewora .haintre.niij.
enque'te, Kud atorlea, etc. Only to tcnta
year (woiUl double), inclmlinir lire pa.tern.
fcubtcritic today, or (end lur uunpi copy.
woKDFunjL iNDucEMEnrrs 17
to a pc.i.. po.ti.i bnnga premium cauiogu
nd new ca.hprn. oiler. Addrcaa
tM DicfijjLt,m i. w w. rt , mw mi
j(JiMA fit i vvA
MtjJice to Construct i-iewa!k.
To Emma Fouruc.
In accordance with a resolu
tion adopted by the City Council
on Aug. 7, 1911. and the provis
ions of Ordinance No. tt7, ap
proved Julv 5. 1911. you are
hereby notified and ordered to
construct a granitoid sidewalk
in front of the north east part cf
lot No. 18, Range G, being 40 ft.
by ISO, and fronting 40 ft. on the
wost Fide of Spanish St.. in the
!fif,. ,f r'n.. Clirr.rAt!U Mi.T
C!itv of Caie Girardeau
IS. 1911. that being tne aie 01
the last of two consecutive in
sertions of this notice in the
1 rt U j.mtij ...
newspaper doing the city print-
; inr; aru that, failing in this.
Cane Countv Herald, the
; said work will be done oy
, .. ,citv at your expense,
statistics! nis,; p r;tu rwir
I . A . i;i.LlLil, kllj iv ...
Notice to Construct iiccw,
!To Jennie Larson:
In accordance with a resolu
tion adopted by the City council
on August 7, 1911, and the pro
visions cf Ordinance No. 957,
approved July 5. 1911, you are
hereby ordered and notified to
construct a granitoid sidewalk
in front of the Southeast part of.
lot No. 18, Range G. being by
35 by 180 feet, and fronting 35
feet on the west side of Spanish
ttreet, between William and
Good Hope streets, in the city
of Cape Girardeau, Missouri,
to conform in width to the side
walks already constructed in
said block, the work to be done
in accordance with the provis
ions of said Ordinance No. 957,
and to be completed within 20
days from and after August 18.
11911, that being the date of the
Iata Ui vu tuiwiiiive uibtri-
tlOHS OI tniS flOtlCe 111 tlie tape
1 V.unty. iera!.d- the newspaper
.aoing me city winung; ano
that -failincr in f-Viia tho ivnrLr
j .1. 111..., 114V . V. 1
j will be done by the city at your
: expense.
Chris F. Betten,
City Clerk.
Notice (o Construct Sidewalk.
- p0 m, Reiker:
In accordance with a resolu-
tion adopted by the City council
:n August i, and tne pro-
visions ot Urdinance ro. 9o7.
approved July 5, 1911, you are
hereby notified and ordered to
construct a granitoid sidewalk
in front of the middle part, 37J
feet by 180 feet, of lot No. 02,
Range G. fronting on Ellis
street between Good Hope and
William streets, in the city oi
Cape Girardeau. Missouri, to
conform in width to the side
walks already constructed in
1 ; .:fu .-
i ions of Ordinance No. 957, and
i to be completed within 20 days
!rom and after August 18, 1911.
! being the te .of th.e
of two consecutive insertions of
thi notice in the Can Countv
111 OvV-UluOlllC Jtll LUC 1JIUVIO-
Herald, the newspaper doing the
i city printing; and that, failing
n thjs, .the work will be done
by the c,ty atrl,!I W'!?'
City Clerk.
Notice to Construct Sidewalk.
To Charles Reiker:
In accordance w ith a resolu
tion adopted by the City council
on August 7. 1911, and the pro
visions of Ordinance No, 957,
approved July 5, 1911, you are
hereby notified and ordered to
construct a granitoid sidewalk
in front of part of lot No. 02.
Range G. commencing 112 feet
north from the Southeast cor
ner of said lot, fronting 37
feet an Ellis street, between
Good Hope and William streets,
by a depth of 112 feet, in the
city of Cape Girardeau, Mis
souri, to conform in width to
the sidewalks already construct
ed in said block, the work to be
done in accordance with the
provisions of said Ordinance No.
957, and to be completed within
20 days from and after August
18, 1911, that being the date of
the last of two consecutive in
sertions of this notice in the
Cape County Herald, the howr.
paper doing the city printing;
(and that, tailing in this, the
work will be done by the city at
your expense.
! Chris; F. Betten,
City Clerk.
Proposals Vanted-
Vi. tif i
wwij nauicu VIIV VI DTK
, .
' Sealed prOPOSals Will bt P.
, 1 . . . ' , . ,c J
, ceived by the undersigned, for
, the City of Ccpe Girardeau Mis-
jr " ,
l80url for grading, macadamiz-
ing and constructing curbs and
gutters, on Independence Ftreet,
from the center of Pacific St. to
the center cf West End Boule
vard, in accordance with the
plans and specifications therefor
prepared by tho City Engineer
and filed in the office, of the City
Clerk, and the provisions of Or
dinance No. 95S and No. 970.
Bids will be received until
?:.".() o'clock P. M., Monday,
August 21st. 1911, on the even
ing of which day. at a regular
meeting of the City Council said
bids will be opened; a certified
eheck for -:?.V). 00 payable to the
Mayor of the City of Cape Girar
deau, must accompany each bid,
to guarantee that in the event
the bid is accepted by the Coun
cil, a contract and bond will be
entered into and executed within
ten days after the acceptance of
the said bid.
The work to be bid for corn
prises approximately: 2 IS I cu
bic yards of excavation; COO cu
bic yards of borrow; 2137.5 cubic
yards or crushed rock; Rolling
subgradejand macadam, 5 blocks,
distance 1804.5 feet; Sewer pipe
in place: 210 feet 30", 200 feet
15", 3 15" ells, 230" ells; 3 catch
basins; Engineer and superin
tendence Z per cent of total bid.
Bidders must expressly state
in their bids that they will ac
cept special tax bills issued
against the owners of and the
property abutting on said im-
Drovements. and that they win
cost of said work, or any part
thereof; that they will complete
the work within the time speci
fied in the contract, and that up
on completion of the work they
will pay the engineer's services
or any other cost incident to the
fulfilling of the contract.
The city reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
Chris. F. Betten.
City Clerk.
Cape Girardeau. Mo., August
9th. 1911.
Proposal. Wanted-City -ttork.
The undersigned, for the City
of Cape Girardeau, Missouri,
will receive sealed proposals for
the grading, rolling of subgrade,
construction or curbs and gutters
and macadamizing or graveling
(separate bids for either will Le
considered.) on Independence
street, from West End Boule
vard to the western city limits,
in accordance with the plans and
specifications ot the City Engi
ueer therefor, now on file in the
office of the City Clerk, and the
provisions of Ordinances No.
958 and No. 971 authorizing said
Bids will be received up to
7:30 o'clock, p. m. Monday, Au
gust 21st. 1911, on the evening
of which day, at a regular meet
ing of the City Council, said bids
will be opened; all bids must be
accompanied by a certified check
of $50.00, payable to the Mayor
of the City of Cape Girardeau,
as a guaranty that, in the event"
the bid is accepted, a contract
and bond will be entered into
and executed within ten days
after the acceptance of the bid
by the City Council.
Work to be bid on comprises
approximately: Macadamizing,
2858 cubic yards excavation;
Rolling subgrade and macadam,
3 blocks; a distance of 1331.5
feet; crushed rock, 9S0.3 cubic
yards; curb and gutters. 25S9
lineal feet; Engineering and
superintendence. 3J per cent of
total bid.
Or Graveling:
2858 cubic yards excavation;
Rolling subgrade and gravel, 3
blocks, distance 1331.5 feet:
Curbs and gutters, 2589 lineal
feet: Gravel, 98G.3 cubic yard;
Engineering and superinten
dence, 3i per cent of total bid.
Bidders shall expressly state
that the work will be completed
within the time specified in the
contract, and that upon comple
tion cf all the work, thev will
accept special tax bills against
the owners of and the property
abutting on said improvements
11 payment thereof, either by
claim or lein. and that thev w ill
pay the cost of the Engineer's
services on completion of the
. Bidders are expected to famil
iarize themselves with plans and
specifications and the ordinances
governing and authorizing the
same, to-wit: Ordinances No.
058 and 971.
The city reserves the right to
accept any bid for either macad
amizing or graveling, and fur
ther reserve the right to reject
any or all bids
Chris F. Betten,
n , . City Cleik.
mi " AuKU8t 5'
. Miss Irene Williams is visit
ing Mis3 Ruth Glenn at the Cape.

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