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Fills .;.!, im' r-
j!irli'jTi rav to h;l.".dlo
1 (? TYfi -
4 C
w i t i t e -t '"5
The ladies of the Christian
church will give their annua!
Chrysanthemum Show November
1f-17 Et Arniorv Hall. "Ma
Usenberry" and her pretty girls
" will be there but will not have
anything particular to say. "Ma"
says she cannot be at the first
show but will be at the second
chance or the slightest benefit of j
a. doubt, it takes ten cents to j
get in the hall but you will be;
w?l!tnfr tr nsv fur the fun Vit-- ;
sides helping a good cause. Two
excellent dramas are being re
hearsed nightly for the evening
entertainments. Music will be
furnished by the orchestra. Ad
mission each afternoon 10c.
Children under 6 years free.
Admission each evening 25c,
Children between !C and 12 years,
Kev. Ross, who has been in
Kansas City attend img the
Presbyterian synod, returned to
Jackson Saturday. While in
Kansas City Rev. Ross was in
strumental in geiting the synod
to meet at Jackf-on next year,
which will bring something like
eighty elders ami ministers to
this city. The synod met here
sixteen years ago.
Much interest is being mani
fested in the sale to be held by
he Cape County Stock Breeders'
Association in this city No
vember 16th. Some fine stock
will be offered.
The Westminster Circle met
Tuesday evening at the home of
lira. Sallie Hutfmeisier and the
usual routine was carried out
with success.
Mr. and Mrs. A. lb Milde are
in Hot Springs where they went
to improve the health of Mrs.
Milde, which has been bad for
gome time.
Edw. Houser, the popidir
cashier of the Cape County Sav
ings Bank, has returned from
St. Louis where he went on
Mr. A. Taylor, manager of the
Jackson Steam Laundry, wuit
to Benton, III. the Jirst of this
week on business.
Fok All f Koaskjns.
J. 17. f!eC0r.SS, JR.
UiidSfUii'g 2ni fs!n'itg.
Day Phoned) Night Phone 144.
t! I
iv '
li iv
!! it
' f
Assistant Ca.iici'
" j
The Ihursday Utemy Club.
met in ca.led session with Mrs. i
C. W. Henderson Tuesday even
Clinton Coyert, ps.d:-ted by
Harry Wagner, are install!!.? an
electric light plant at Uur field.
Gov. XIadley Issues Thanksgiv
ing Prockmjiion.
Jefferson City, Nov. 6. Gov-
e10r HaaIe-Y 8 Thanksgivi ng pro
iclamation, issued today, follows:
"The president of the United
States, in accordance with an
appropriate custom that has
come down to ua from the be
ginning of our national life, has
designated Thursday, November
30th. as the day of Thanksgiv
ing and prayer.
"I feel that the people of Mis
souri can appropriately join in
the observance of this occasion.
During the last year nature has
brought to us a bountiful return
from farm and field; labor has
bsen generally employed at fair
wages; business has boon hot
active and prosperous. We have
enjoyed a freedom from lawless- j
ness ana public disorder; ourj Fees Collect" j
laws have been generally satis-i . '
factorily observed and impartial-j'f cial Street fund.
ly enforced, without resoi t to L Rp''i'vv fe 03 -.00
extreme or unusual efforts. Our
mihlicKei vice has hnnn f.fncipnl-
ly conducted and free from .scan -
dais or abuse: the niihhV ho ,!i h
hem Bafoiior,i A im.!
pioved;our public schools have
furnished adequate oppoicunity
for an education, whils the con-
ditions of life have furnished an
equal opitortunily for success and
"1 therefore request that the
people of Mirs-juri ceaue their
usual avocations aiid on Thurs
day, Nov. 30th, return thanks
to Almighty (kd for the blow
ings they enjoy."
look after our interest in Cape
Girardeau and adjacent coun
ties. Salary or Com miss ion.
CO., Cievcla.'id. O.
Attorney at Lav.
Notary Public
Located at Wh. tstine's Machine
Shop, east Sid3 of puhlit; sOll.irfe.
Special attention toutteriinf
and tin work.
David B. Mays
I Jackson, Mo.
(Jfiice: West Ua of
TeJphona 4i.
'uhlic '"-niiare
(Cor.l .vt3!.)
, to;
o ' ,
;tv"J. for Po've
01 I'?,
I i V C':',
nh;rj ,
0 j ; 1
.''r .1
or i.
Two i"
k 2'.-f
1) i...
tvdjMCO. . .
0-o; ifr.
F.v f.
II-' Hi.:
the ora
3(th: I!
ma nr.. G
K.1. v:
,vs. 2s-. m!i. IT,
. !.'-. 10 -esr.ua..
! ? -: amou !
: iV-r "Phone" re
uu i'or !
rler e-r.ding Sepfembt
turn, 1 1 . Ti z i 0 , Kik-'w'
F'.-uSir;--..', (.-', Druo-.iiiiji:':
t:fi..T)!',:ma!in. Ie?--cl
!cr. Ccllt-ctor.
po. t the follow-'
N 1 1 ,
:ia for the month of
For ta.rts rt
A and jier-
C't O.-s:
Tot l lUr-i
i j onal
tljp'or h-.tfTest on delin-:"-3l
. . 52.20
. ..12.00
For do?: tax snd check
For dram shoo ad-val.
Fnr i;nwr
ror licenses:
Automobile, (6) .
Occupations and
vehicles. 1,750.00
For' Collector's fees on
Del. taxes .
1. uiv ... o.u.)
Tf t-t? oa .f.t innc 1 7 i i
iCtai cou.cuons, h.ito.l
City Sexton.
No report.
City Engineer, C. E. Stive?
Go.!ect:on3 for p. :va .e sur- their ercammation and approval. 'di should be passedardthe
veys. forOcsooe-. ... S:0.00; The Mavchal presented arc- Judid Commitfe
Due from paH.es for Sep- iport showing tne number of;to prepars such an ordinance
tember surveys . 5.o0 street lamps that failed to b.a, d t h gt the ,ext rneet.
.i;.. u a.ou
amount due for services of rod -
men for October 33.75!
Post Warden, II. G. Dcmpsey.
Said officer reoo
officer rep.) cs having is-
sued 16 Wharage receipts at
$2.00 each, dm-mg the month of
City We 'she -A.
Di'ctlir.ger, for Sept.
F. W. Moirhion " ..
J. C. Cuerkle " ..
.$ 7.50!
Robt II. Rheumsn " 7. 10
P. F. Dietrich " . . .
Total 71.05,
C:t ' Clerk, Goo. E. Chappell.
t"1 m "even:e Uflu;
! For building permits 1.00,
! or Excavation permits. . . 3.50
i r or "ncates to copies 01
ordinances, etc 2.50
Total $10.00
Ex-City Clerk C. F. Betten
under date of October 27th, sub-
mits statement of collections
made by him. for fees, etc.
S2 building and excavation
permits, at 50 cents ?41.00
9 Automobile registry fe 4.50
Rent of Missoo-'i Park.
paid by Ed. Flentge 37.50
To'al SS2.00
Louis Stein, City Treasurer.
Balance in tieastoy Septem
ber 30th. last 320,253. 47i
Receipts since said date.
From Edward Wilier, Col
lector 2.175.135
From V'. A. Summers,
Marshal 105.60
Fxom W. A. Summers,
Marsha! t3. CO
i From G. E. Chapi e'l,
i City Clerk 10.00
i From C. F. Beueo,
Ex-Cicy Clerk b2.C0
Fiom C. E. Stiver
City Engineer 10.C0
Fom City Weighers:
A. Diitlif"?er, . .'S 7.V.0
.. 5.25
R. II. Rheiimar.i 7.40
J. C. Buerl-'e.. . 11.25
p. f. d;. :-;.. vjaj
F. W. Moiri . 7.2)
TV:i! 71.05
Fiom H. G. !).-!-ip v .
Prt Wiira. i) ;'2.0
Tot-d rtceip.ts 2,5,S1.2Si
Warrants paid.
For Gcneus! revenue
Fund V'!,n
For Other Funds
Sih. GO
a. t.:
ort'lO i
1 c i
' C'Oii. . . .
"r trci-'-
j (UiS as
!' Ge
Fur-', r.
Total -V-Din-ccd.
Gentry I Fei'enue
Fund, as per vouch
ers (warrant?) fded
by t-ersurer 3,7-13. r.
Other Fund.-;, r. per
vouchers filed by
j treasurers 1)7.02
Calaneo November
j 4th 1911 ?lS.tn;1.152
j On motion of Mr. Coerver,
said reports were received and
ordered filed and the Clerk in
structed to issue wai rants to the
several parties for the amounts
due them under said report.
There being no objections, it
was ordered, that the Clerk no-
ftify the assisant Fire Chiefs
I that all bids or claims against
the Fire Department, shall here -
, , , .
after Kp endorsed as to the r
I after be endorsed as to their
;tu : , r' , -
t u.. il. . tt:
(o.uv, ut-io:u ueinjf Pe.ucu tu
UU1 UliT Ut LOUe. , Vv HlCfl Oil 11101 on
' Vas received and filed, and the
Clerk insi.ucted to deduct the,
amount of -aid shoitage from
the bill of the Cape Girardeau
, Water Woi-ks and Electric Light
Company for the month of Octo-
The following bills, having,
. t.c j i . a 3:i:
bze1 certified bv the Auditing
Committee as approved, were
7.20Presented and read:
11.25! City Clerk. Mexico, Mo., $
1 Fred Goyert Co. Clerk,. .
Cape County Herald 32.75
; "enryBreme. v. a 4-w
: lIack Diamond Goat tx
I C. G. Water Works and
; E.UOo., (Sept) . .
C- G- vVater Works and
oi t.oo
El. L. Co., (Oct)
W A Summers Marshal
r-83 j
1-80 i
j Temple-Robbins Co
Standard Printing Co. .
Beauvias Co.,
Edw. Wilier....
Brunke Bros
S. Albeit Gro. Co.,...,
' Joe Warner 48.35
' Lawrence Morrison
H. H. Haas,
C. E. Stiver
Cape Foundry and Ma
chine Co 19.00
Cape Co: Abstract Co. . . . 2,00
Meyer & Schwab, 1.15
Edward Healy 27.80
Vogel Sanger Hdw. Co. ,. . 5.35
Phillips L & F. Co., 6.00
Chas. J. Haman 6.00
Black Diamond Coal Co.
Bahn Bros.
Hy. Koch
A. H. Hamilton,
, 1.50
. 5.37
. 4.65
. 9.35
. 5.40
, 37.30
. 9.27
. 2.15
. 2. GO
case of
Wesco Sup. Co
Wm. Sailer
Black Diamond Coal Co.
A. B. Gockel
Union L & M. Co.,
S. Albert Gro. Co
Sam. Randol
Circuit Court fees in
Gordon va City, and salaries for
the month as provided by ordi -
nance or order of the Council: .
Geo. E. Chappell, City
Clerk $125.00 j
Edward Wilier. Collector 125.00;
Thos. F. Lane. City
100. 00
W. A. Summers, Marshal,
Fivd Brunke, St. Corn., . .
C. E. Stiver, City
Willis Martin, Health
OXccr 100
Goo. W. Taliy. K. J. IIwt.?on,
John Mackc, Harry IV
liccrr.an, each CO. 00
W.. C. Stevens, Nirht
'V.tfc h man
C1,:m. IHwn, F. C.
i ,"0!t Jono", A-t F. C. . .
20. 00
(ftrO'iro Uritlon. Janiior, .
Meinbora Foard of Ilo:tltii
. N. II.v.ard,
Dr. G. L'. Schulu,
! Dr. (J. W. WtAkec
IDr. K. F. Wichtcritli,...
I I'iro pK-anl. P.. F. Iltrnn-
. 4.00
. 4.00
hat the
A. J. Flcnte
Clias. G. Moeder,
J. M. Morrison
Mr. Wilson moved
bilk? as read, be received and
ordered filed and the Clerk in
structed to issue warrants in
payment for raid bills together
with the salaries due the several
officers and employes named,
and t.lio motion carried.
Dill of T. J. Schorb, presented
to the Auditing Committee but
not approved, was by said com
mittee submitted to the Council
for its action thereon. Said bill
states that it is for work done
on certain parts of Whitoner
Street and Ye.t End Foulevard,
amounting in the aggregate to
On motion of Mr. Wihon, the
bill of Mr. Schorb was referred
1 f fK Cfw nA
to the btreet and Wl.a' i com
.... . .
I mittse for adjustment.
I Mr- Wilson presented a reso-
; ,utJon dedarin it lh nKe of
1 iMt; tuuui.il mill, a
'Curfew" or-
i ing
On motion of Mr. Flentge,
&iyd resolution was adopted.
L 5' 4a0f jet P'-arco.
Mr. Moeder i'i'e.senttd a re.;o-
aon autnonzmg tne ...aiorto
oraer anu sign wnasever war
rants may be ncees'ry, in pay-
' "l11 tt " '
d.'t'on to the new c.ty cemeiei y.
which resolution was oo. moiion
of Mr. Morrison, adopted.
Mr. Coerver presented a reso
lution instructing the Judiciary
committee and City Counselor to
nscp.rtain the cost of nrir.tina- p!1
!ofthe ordinances of a general
nature now in force, also all or-
- dmance3 conferring upon public
' service corporation fi f nchises,
sajd ordinance to be printed in
! pamphlet form.
gajd committee and counselor
to give title in brief of the or-.
dinances proposed to be included
; ;n k-olfj ni'intincr and mstt-A rv.
port at next meeting.
On motion of Mr. Flentge,
said resolution was adopted.
The City Engineer as instruct
ed by the Street and Wharf Com
mittee, presented profile, plans,
specifications and estimate of
ithe cost of improving Spvigg
Street from the south property
line of Broadway Street to the
North property line of Maple
Street, by resurfacing said part
of Sprigg Street with macadam
and constiucting, where none
are now constructed, granitoid
curbs and gutters.
The Council having examined
said profile, plans, specifications
and estimate, Mr. Wiison moved
that they be received, approved,
adopted and filed as of date
November 6th. 1911, and that
they be so marked by the City
Clerk and filed in hisoT.ce.
Said motion carrit-u a-d it
was 10 ordered.
Mr. Coerver prerei-.red a reso
lution, entitled "A Resolution to
impiwve Sprigg Street, from the
South Properiy Line of Bioad-
1 way Street to the North Proper-
ty Line of Maple Street, in the
City of Cape Girardeau. Mo.",
paid resolution bein? for the
l)!inose of improving said part
of Sprigg Street, in accordance
with the plans and specifications
therefor prepared by the City
Engineer and approved and
adopted by the Council of this
On motion of Mr. Wilson, said
rc.iolution w?.i adopted.
On motion of Mr. Wibon, the
Cemetery ordinance presented
by the Judiciary Committee at
this meeting, wa.9 again referred
to said committee for insertion
of the .subject matter, concern
ing pk.t, prices of lots etc, as re
ported by tht Cemetery Com
mittee at this meeting.
The Committee on Watwr and
Light. submitted a retort
submiti'ing propositions from
the Cipe Girardeau-Jackson
Intrnuvan Ry. Co., and th
Cape Girardeau Water UorKs
ami Electric Light to., for in
stalling incandescent lamps on
certain streets of the city.
The Council having considered
the propositions. Mr. Wittmor
moved that the report of the
committee be roceived and that
the proposition of the Cape Gir
ardeau Water Works and I iectric
Light Company be accepted and
the said committee instructed to
have the necessary contract
signed, conditioned that the
lamps are to be installed and in
operation in thirty days.
Said motion carried.
On motion of Mr. Wilson, the
Street and Wharf Committee
was instructed to submit plans
and cost of installing plumbing
for toilet room in Court House
building and make report 8t the
next meeting of the council.
The Mayor stated, that as the
question of providing better ril
ing facilities for the vault in
connection with the Collector's
and City Clerk's offices, had
been previously discussed but no
action taken in the matter, he
had made a personal investiga
tion and found that owing to the
limited space for filing and con
Ivenier.tly taking care of the
books ard papers of the city, it
is a'jjoluteiy necessary that
so.moi.j.in'j be done toward rem
edying the matter and unless
the-e b3 objections, would ap
point -i special committee ta
that en J.
There being no coje.t.rs, the
Major a.joointed the c1 owim?
committee for the purpose:
Messrs. Wilson, Wulm-r and
Mo i r i .-: n. Sa i d c .-: m m tt e e to
make report at the next meet
ing. O; motion of Mr. Wittmor,
the t".ncil then adjo.nned.
Citv Clerk.
We publishimg in this is
sue a "bequeath" which may
throw ire light on the question
of who owns the court house
Th Vi, Hv Bn tha Ancint Omli
Working t Rhorfi.
n'iI.-s.i, that r.vlin-e of BriUtK
Africa lyij tW'ii Ibe 7ambei nd
tic tiirp..no rivers, ha ronsirteraWe '
dei-ssi,;. t.r ihe auolentfl mined
aol farr; ,1 avny Mormons qiiaotltieft j
of t'ie r-v-ioiin meiol, hut under the!
cfentit;- inlnji 'stein of th pre-1
er.t Any '.p'r o,-r,iiioi).i will be greatJy
nrrn.sst.' I.
It baa tta ttiimplit thnt JUiodesU
ttio ancient lan.l of Oribir. the I it ml
o? 1h rTvsteri..us "King Silomcn'8
ndn-M." Vit this theory is stroncly
n.b:ivi by some investigators. Tb
aixicnt j? -.lil worVlngu are t be basis f
mM3rn xorklnpi Kcr every ten
luans rr.:os of ithodesta, it is tte,
thire Kj on nm-ient mine that i,
tbeo? ar 75.010 old workln-which
pics". 'i-jt a nttijTendou8 wealth w
" ibe earth before the drs r,I
l e i: r:-.ae. Mu.-H o th .-weAltb
mxsft. gone to the north &od et.
it ?-ibMy wrooght into the
crown r.f fhe Qnen of Bhcba and 61141
the roffTi of Solomon.
The -.- :ent tniening furnaces r
it'll st"-; t, -,e of oasy re ojnltiOB.
Tb.T sr imk Into Ihe "floor." The
fMEd. i-hwplpeii are ntade of the
f.nt ilte jwder remrni. and the
noMl. i the blowpipes are covertd
with spl.'-ilieg of yolU. The linlngB of
the hul.M are covered with apecka or
trolil. Wtn the firet lining became
worn by the heat a fresh lining of ce
ment of nn excellent o,"altty, which
ha ouil.iMted time, was sivieared rotma
on top r-t the old lining It i Htj
that one can take nn old linlii- Kt!it
off th.: byer with a knife und tln.1
fold -i.i!.i--he In almndance ,
Tl tus of the ancient workers
wM. h h .-e ho far Iwn discovered In
cludi. , .'-,11 Konpntone hanirner ol
buriusi-" f sioue at water worn ro- k,
to .K. 1. ..id gtiU adheres. There are
eTUi?:- thnt the aucicnta carried on
an HV.viM Industry la the manufac
ture t piM oriifliuenta and uteoella.

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