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Oli,?t P.unk ict SmifJtea.it Missouri
1C0.000 xci.rp!,:s and FrofiJs 540,000
. ). AldJKiLT. .President. II. L. MC1D'T
K. !!. OLIVER. V-Pres. J. F. I njjY( A.
find it
Eer tho i'ccommotlutiun of those who
v -iijont; to transiet thir barking hrin
fio;;i.',, our oi,wf'f art open on Snturd;
i'r'Hi (i till : o'i Ifji k.
This extra service is highly appreciate by many of
our eu: tomcrs, an.J is cordially placed at your disposal.
You a re; invited to avail yourself of the f.-irilH
rded by thi- hank, either by opening an account
iccl to cheek or at 1 per cent. interest
in our Suv-
: ?
.Si y
Cape Locals
Louis B. Houck, tho South
oast Missouri R. R. promoter, of
Cape Girardeau, was in Perry
villa one day last week. While
here lie informed Robt. Brown
that he will run a train from
Cape Giranleau to Farmington
by the i'-st of the New Year.
Mr. Brown also informed us that
Mr. Ilouck said to hi mihat after
this train service. has been es
tablished, a depot will be built
where the Cape Girardeau and
Chester roads nr.'eL Sir. Hourk
.says too mucn time will be lost
in backing down to the present
depot; he claim;; it tak;s 3-4 of,
an hour. Perry v die San.
Tho ! flics, of the Christian
church will bold a chrysanthe
mum show Tuesday, November
llth, in tho building formerly
occupied by the Caldwdl-Shor-uian
Company, corner Main and
Themis Ktroetft. Tho show will
tike place in tho afternoon f.nd
a r.ica turkey dinner will be
served at MX o'clock. Plenty of
waiv?rs will ho n hand to b rvc
I matrons with an abundance
of eatables and do one need fear
of r.oin away hun.'.p-y, Tuesday,
November 1; ii.
Tin Ih rald'o job e-art:r.ent
co?linue:i to tarn oi't nice orders
oi printing. Our uhk service,
fair dealing and high-grade work
pleases the people arid the in
crease in our job printing busi
ness pleases us. Herald adver
tisements are also trade winners.
When you think of printing,
think of the Herald end get the
best that can be had for moder
ate prices
Walter .Dcsselman. who had
the misfortune to stop on a nail
badly crippling him, a few daya j The Up-to-Date Cleaning and
ae;o, is now able to walk without ! Works his added a big lot
the aid of a crutch.
Manager Dietrich, of tfce Blue
Ribbon Jce& Fuel Co., went to
Perry county Sunday to f-ee old
friends ami returned home Monday.
Ij. J. Albert returned to hiE
diities at the Sturdivant Dank
Monday after being confined tc
of machinery to its big plant on
Main street snd is starting out
with promising prospects for a
big bu?,ineps. It islhe only well
equipped establishment of the
kind in this section and thepuib
lic should .-appreciate the pro
gressive spirit neccessary in es
tablishing the concern.
' Cvcr-itH rro-jc.ctTiriv
Regular Session.
?Iondrry evening, November
Clh, lyil.
Tlie Counc d convened in regu
lar session with Honorable F. A.
Km.'s, Mayor. 1 raiding and the
following nvaaboi a present:
Messrs. Coervir, Flentge,
Moed'r, Morrison, Wilson, Witt-
I 1 1 - V
mo)-. Aircni. i'.issrs. iiaas, ;
and Med'e;-. Ij
Tlte reco.d of the journal of t
the jirocecdirs of too last regu-
lar meeting was read and on H
motion of Mr. Wilson approved. H
Petition of Darnell & Hawley, H
. , . ..: ... ii. . r -, F
for an extension of sixty (CO.)
days from the e cpiration of their
contract for the work of grading
and macadamizing William
street, from S.prigg street to
Aquamsi street, was read and on
motion of Mr. Morrison, re-
jceiveiL prayer f said OTitract
jors granted a d the Je.tition or-
jdered filwl.
Petition of property ownerson
North Fi-ederick direct near
Nonnal Avenue, praying the
Council t3 place a street lamp at
said ioint, -,vaa read and on mo
tion cf Jlr. Flentge, referred to
the Gommittee on Water and
Lijht f-or investigation and report.
Comiaunicetion from City At
When you buy a Monarch
typewriter there ia immedi
ately established for you a
most unique Forvicc. You are
made to realize that the man
ufacturer who made your ma
chine is going to stay back
of it.
The Monarch Typewriter
Company does not forget a
typewriter as soon as it pass-
but their interest is
in use many years as the one on
cs into a customer 3 nanus,
.3 keen in the Monarch thit h been
its way to a prospective
Monarch Service is established for you the moment the
machine comes into your office, and continues during all the
years it is in use. We are always at your command.
MONTHLY PAYMENTS Monarch machines may be pur
chased on the Monthly Payment Plan. Send for Monarch
Literature. Learn the many reasons for Monarch Super- h
ity. A post card will bring full information.
Bi"n1ii iin f r'i ''
at the followiag'pendence, $10.00. Also for clean-
The Gk'le-Derrocrat made 1
lots be sold
prices: ' ing Broadway. $10.00; Main,
The first ten rows twenty dol-j $18.00; catch basins. $12.00, and
toroey, 12. Ii. WhiteJaw, .enclos- lars each. The second ten rows, j labor for fire department, $.100,
in$I a oommimicatia-s from James fifteen dollars and the remaining j ana Aquamsi. $12.00.
F. Brocks, v.herin Mr. Books ten rows, ten dollars per lot;! Police Judge. II. E. Alexander.
m&kes the p. 'j.oositi on to settle single graves to be two dollar! Said officer reports executions
u,. ,, r,;.,i : tr',j... c.i . '
",,UJ,,t?WJ Jwness.1 u ..uw. . ,Ilig Uixei. free frow interest or and fifty coots each.
, r. an" t fr bT f 1 ' Penalties, for the rcason-that the. Respectfully submitted,
Mr. and M-s. Jno. IL Cray, Cape Normal and a local boy. j:pTOJ)crty is er,oiuH,uriy assessed ,, (Signed) Charles G. Moeder
buned thr , little .daughter, who , was Wmaster at a ban- Wf,s r,d Ag Mr. Whitelaw in j M Morrison
Erma, Monday The child died Que :hclc by the law students t!hig !unmunication, holds ihat Cemetery CoZitte,
Sunday of dyptheria. Ctige, held at Plant- ifiaid .conkl mit 1e r,!Covered : oemetery ummittef.
. , .er s Hotel w St Louns Satardty iajt B!lit &Tid that th(? !
Misses Cora .and B'Weru-e ILik- ,ast- ! r,,n.t .a . ! Mr. Udson moved that said
I ei' have returned home aftej" a I
.ipleasiint visit .at the iujixm. of!
Stanley Ili'llenbeck, the pop-
IaI. Kiiehman it Co.. v ho d
in hides, wool, ithurt, i'n-'s,
t . j
oiu.a.n. eu:.. .s am- -i-ow.ng - 1 ; jlar Illmo -druggkt, was here,tles anJ
esiaoiisnment iiuimj Girardeau. " " '.r,,,,. .,-. TnW n i;,,av.r.,fV, moved that tlu
mi- 111 in nas long been esiai-
lislie.d here and does an immense Alr&- Chas. i'ossaler has re
turned to her lie me. in St Louis
after spending .several daysai
! the home of Mrs. J. M. Shy.
the taxes, less ;rti;j:iHt, penal
ties and eowj?, Mr Coen-er
suggestion of
business, and in their business
like Lt'ethods add greatly to Cape
GirarJey u's tros,)..rit,".
; report be adopted, and also that
i the plat submitted by said com
'mittee of the addition to the
new city ceneery be adopted as
Fred Uranke.. sup'-rintenuent j Wrs- ount. of .Jackson was
of stree; cleaning, had the street
sweeper workirg in gvd ;
t.nis wet.1; ana tne sheets new
look brh;e'. Mr. Brunke
geos at things with a vim .and
1.1 1 1 . . 11 1
go ii;ai rmaracwrues an nisi
-He on busi.es, tVhlle in tho j Atton;V in the matter XiaXo? mST
City he called n tlie-'HeraW, and '?,,Uta an0 tn.? U,v , and the motion carried,
he says -HIbm is moving along W-" notifii accordingly.'
1 u - . , , , , land said o-iotioi c-u-HetL Officer s Monthly Reports,
aucely, business m .11 lines tak- . " ;u"-1 c " u a- ( . .
nn 1; Mr. Coerver. ehairmao of the Street C ommissioner, Fred
;pecial coi-E-raittee to appear be-
t Af. . . 1
"Mrs C. C Hin j-.f -Mlw'c lltri: county ci-uic ana on oe-
Said officer
rej)o :ts amount
here Monday looking over the -n dt half of the ty. a.k for an ap- i expended for gravel, teams and
The Crii:...n huildini' on
Eroadw ay is 'ibo jt tcnpleted and
shows ur well. It ii understood
thfct a local automobile concej n
wiL? occupy the first Door of the
new building whn completed.
A. I. Dennett, who had the
misfortune to hurt his foot at
the cement plant July 30th. has
almost recovered from the in
jury, which has caused him much
pe Ijiyeryiw- hotel, which she is,wral dayg vigiti bend's '"riat!n tov filing a -labor during the month of Octo-
....... w,. 1 raid .to see her childr. who are' " .vt"m J me couru p-'., u smuuitu o.; me
Jatrtino- .vd .f QfofJ House, repoued verbally for following street?: No .h Sp-igg.
Rev. W. T. Price of Napton, !Nma, ' said committee that it iud not ".25; Ccod Hope, $165.00;!
Mo., preat hed an .interesting ' r ! earned out the purpose for which j Spanish, $18.00; Mo.-j.an Oak, r.
ir"lwu - l- terjiiii , LiijtieMiss Golden, daughter ' 1C naa appointed, lor the: f.w, Leuevae. $no.uu; 1 rea
ch urch Sunday. friUnl J FWt( on.i I reason that ihev had been relia-1 piiek, $15.00; South Middle.
A. Bauer is putting in a new
grocery and notion store at 101
Frederick street, hit? first con
signment of goods arriving
Thursday last
wife. -who has been seriously ill ;by informed that the County!-00: Ellis $25.00; Pacific,
fn . 1 . - .... . . . .-..i 1. 1 . 1. , tin no- MM.fV. t? o:. t.j.
vieaver .anu two 01 tvwioid fever for the rcist few ,vas wiuiout iuhus jrom wnic.n - -". t.j, ouu tnue-
Mrs. C. O.
cJiildreu of .Xew York arrived ; weeks, is improving,
Monday to be quests of relatives
in The ci.'y. Miss Fredia Reiek returned to I County
issued. Nos. 27C2 to 2769 inclu-
isive. Fines assessed $;3o.00;
j Costs, 1 $45.90; Total fines and
jco-rta, $1S0.C), accounted for as
j fe"ows:
I Executions stayed, $00.80,
Ba!ance due city by marshal,
City Marshal. W. A. Summers,
Said offi er reports executions
from the Pobca Comt Nos. 27;2
t October, and from Sep
tember unsatisfied executions,
as fol'ows:
For October, Nos. 2761 to 2708:
Remitted $10.00
St-yed 50.80
Lubor 13. CO
Cash 56.50
Total for October $100.90
For September, Nos. 2743 50-52-58-60:
Total for September $C&20
Total for the month $190.10
(Continued on page 4)
if it so desired; and also chat the
Court held that the
;Sikestou Tucsdav to resume her County had no interest in the
Mayor KentWilson anS family ! dntics M instructor of a radical Court House building but the
were here .from Jackson Sunday, wh;t.n 0 ,Vci.,,t!v ,. . r;! title was in the City of Cape
guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Hern 1 ;,0( tiere
1 Girardeau.
Mr. Wilson moved that the re-
j Mrs. Con Parks, who has U en port of the chairman of the spe
CJyuV UoWrson return 1 to j at th-.- St. I- :u-i h-s .ital .:; cial committee be received and
the city Monday ro.n JUodjTett, ideip.oiug an .i-eiv;ti.n . .n u Ii r.t. j the matter concern ine the own-
Phone 60.3. No. 12 Main Stkket
Automobile Supplys of all Kinds.
Wholesale Ami Retail Dealers
where Ja?
visitwi ndatives .and
was able to rev.
at II: Ider'ma.id
Mrs. .1. F. Brooks of Clarktonj ,
Mrs. C.
sick list.
B. Wright i on the
iu.-iaejership of the Court House, re-'
iferred to the Counselor for his'
! written opinion thereon, and the
I itwvuetors i,. i e : M r- ! motion carried and was sn rp-
was a guert of relatives in tkejmal 's, hod were .nsninM f erred. i
city mis wK.JuninKJionaay. hud-.res in th lvc-nt ,-:f-..H ,l. Tlw Judioiarv Committ snh.
jshow :it Oak Kid je. j milted an ordinance concerning
The "white way" or any way 'cemrie nod rivnmmndnil Jt
It Will Pay You to Visit Our Store
Mail Orders a Specialty.
for a greater Cat.
! inennu or iao.)terjt i'rice. passage,
Bioadway j'jMd-rs.
.vl. Mr. Prir. v.-it
h;if dis-.olv-; Oa in. tion of Mr. Coerver said
"i'sv r-
l:iwl A. Cl.-nn. I "-. it t. nt
il. Uo.ier. Vn'o-Pni icin
I.. S. .Iiisi'ph. i 'itstii'M-
(.. s. uiniui'i. Ami . f;i-iiuw
.. iAMii::n. AkkI. I'ji.sl.li'r
II. Itreiiojif rmioi. Savluj; I !)!.
n APirr
Miss Joe Ma't!ws retur-ie!
from Dexter Tue-da: v here she
has Iwen visit inu- relatives end
Marshall Vaughan moved from
Sikeston to the Cape last week
will make this city his home.
buds, business firms and corporations
rest on Time l)eRsits and Savings
uillltS ol ! 1 '
.-ulieiied. iii:
Aecunt. ft.rate of 1 )iei' cent per annum
II. E. Newby is traveling in
the interest of the Portland Ce
ment Company.
crriCE ROOMS am safety deposit boxes for
J. 15. Ilruer of Cairo, 111., was
here Tuesday enroute to Ca
ruthersville. Attorney Doris had business
at the comity court at Jackson
J. C. Duerkle visited in Jack
son Sunday.
retKt . as receit u and the re
c)mmeniation of the Committee
eoncurroil in.
The Cemetery committee sub
mitted the follow'nn report:
To the Hoiioralde Mayor and
We, your ;ominittee on ceme
teries, beg to iepo:t Ihat we
have had the C.'iy Eniner
make a pl.it of the addition to
the new city cemetery, which
plat we herewith submit and
recommend its adoption.
We also recommend that the
City Engineer make ihieeblue
prints of the olat, one of which
to be in custody of the City
Clerk, one to the City Sexton
and one tiled in t!iM Recorder's
office at Jackson. Mo.
We also recomi nd that when
a lot is sold the oo Vctor and clerk
so write same on the plat with
the name of the purchaser, and
we further recommend that the
- S9
Capital, $500,000.00 All Pdd
We Pay 4 Ter Cent on Time
A Per Cent on Savings
Modest Interest on all Dspcsiis
Come and lee us Be convinced -We will Ueo kave your
w2 patrotsae

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