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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, October 11, 1912, Image 4

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Fvt V.ioi n-iy rr!.!ii ! v !. -
J'.. C. v.v;!,I )iur.
f'Tit ! ! ainj cla'-s nr-attT at
tl V' fl " fit Cap Gir-- 0. M
.1T t!.' art of March 3.
; !;--. i? -t cf tie Owsrrsl'j and
lUvt.i'fwttt cd tfse Cape Cowr-ty
7srs-J, fi.l!:-!iei ce week
it Cr? C;r?r?'?su, Mo., rjir
dlr fie Act el Ai.. 24, IS 12.!
Editor. II. C. Hough, Cape
Girardeau, Mo.
J.Ianaging Editor, II. C. Hough,
Cere Girardeau, Mo.
Iiusines.3 Manager, K. C.
Hough, Cae Girardeau, Mo.
Publisher, H. C. Hough, Cave
Girardeau Mo.
Owner, Fred Goyert, Jackson.
Known Mortgages, ar.d other
pecurity holders, holding 1 per
cent or more of total amount of
mortgages', or other securities:
F. A. Kage, Cape Girardeau,
Mo. ' ' -.
Herman Ratich, Cape Girar
deau, Mo.
A. J. Flentge. Cape Girardeau,
Mo. j
Cha?.! Sievers, Jackson. Mo.',
Ii. F. D. No. 1.
Sworn to ami subscribed be
fore me this 3rd, day of October,
President Taft and Governor
Wilson met in a Boston Hotel
lately, shook hands cordially,
chatted about health and the
weather and paid not a word
about politics. The Governor
went to bed and the President
journeyed to his country home.
It was a chance meeting of two
great men two American
gentlemen very much interested
in each other. The President
could not conscientiously encour
age the Governor, nor could the
Governor discourage the Presi
dent. It would be interesting
to know the inward feeling of
t ;.; -v it o :
When Governor McKinley ran
fur the Republican nomination
for United States Senator he
asked no odds of anyone but
simply took his case to the peo
ple, going in and out among
them and taking them into his
confidence. Although he was
opposed by able and popular
men he walked away with the
nomination as if he had Bimply
picked it up. In his race for
the Republican nomination for
Governor he was invincible and
received a vote of confidence
from his party.
m' re::'.
j The following important pol
itical events are scheduled to take
jX-'ace djrinsr the current week:
j Through R.:vuM?C3s initiativ
in inquiry will kn started into
the alleged Milk Trust of Chi
czo, td,iy. ;
" Te at; :.-t?rs i.-jluing national ,
convention at Indianapolis, ex
pected to endorse Taft adminis
tration. !
Governor Wilson and Col. W.
J. Bryan resume Western speech
making . tour, Wilson working
I his way eastward.
More than 100 sulTragett3 will
start to march from London to
Edinburgh, 400 miles, stopcing
at every city along the way to
make speeches in the interest of
votes for women.
Red Sox will have support of
President Taft in the world's
series for baseball championship
beginning to-day.
Republicans of Rhode Island
meet At Providence to name a
full state ticket.
President Taft and the Govern
ors of the thirteen original states
will attend historical pageant at
Philadelphia, celebrating the
125th anniversary of the signing
of the Constitution of the Unit
ed States.
Governor Wilson in Illinois.
John E. Gill of the Fourth
New Jersey district will try to
be nominated for Congress by
petition. Mrs. Gill is the chief
opposing force and says her hus
band will not serve if he's elect
ed. She does not like the Bull
Governor Wilson scheduled to
arrive at Sea Girt, N. J., after
second western tour.
Theodore Roosevelt returns to
New York for rest after a week's
campaigning in Maine.
"i" i.:;;u nTc Keen.
The Faddest thought to candidate:
"I see my finish, but too late."
B.v. T. EDDY
"Ifi nineteen-. -K I co.iM rme
ll .nomination like a 'shot,
But thought I'd make 'em want
.. ,r"e b : ;- '' r , -They
uon't; nd that is why I'm
I put up Taft for contrast's sake.
Thinking of him they" soon would
The people don't; they like "his
But hence my righteous indigire.
IV. i Defirre Masons Gather.
Washington, Oct. 7. The
international conlerence of su
X reme councils. Ancient Accept
ed Scottish 'Rite Maso:iv began
I here to-day, and will continue
uniu rriaay next, tvery su
preme council in the" world is
represented at the conference.
Greece Egypt, France, Italy,
Belgium. Switzerland, Mexico,
Cuba and Canada aire represented.
I thought the people liked my
Admired the way I swung my
The "Bully" and delighted stu;T.
They do not now, and there's
' the rub.
j They used to cheer and howl like
j mad
j When I turned loose my Bowery
; slang,
' But now they call my language
j "bad;"
j The cheer3 come only from "the
I gang."
In nineteen-eight I told 'em Taft
; Was just the"finest in the land."
' I thought 'twas good politicraft
I guessed I overplayed by hand.
He's proved to be all that I said.
His record.s mighty hard to beat.
And now he's way up at the head
I occupy a far back seat.
There has never been the least
hesitancy on the part of any
member of the Republican State
Committee about conducting a
strictly Republican State cam
paign. This has been the de
sire of the nominee for governor,
John C. McKinley, and of every
man on the state ticket. Of
course, anyone of the candidates
on the Republican State ticket
would be glad to have the votes
of citizens in sympathy with
other political parties because a
vote is always a compliment and
is always helpful to a candidate
for any office; yet no nominee on
the State ticket is willing to
surrender his loyalty to his own
party in order to obtain assist
ance from voters allied with
other parties. As far as the
Republicans who are conducting
the campaign are informed no
man on the State ticket is un
favorable to the National Re
publican Ticket.
Children Crater. Hstcncro
M !
. W Q i rn ! D )
Tl; Kin-l You Dlavc Always Bought, and v.Itl-! 1ms hem
a for otcr :;0 jvit has fcorno Ibo plitnuMir of
and has been made undkr hl ror-
, jS7-'- sonrJ sp rislon stnro Its Infancy.
I AJU-y-&4cA Jl Atlorr no f-nc to deceive you tn f hi.
Ait Counterfeit. Imitntioni nl Jiit.i-fuol ' aro but
l"..T:n-inier.t X'.v&X. trillith niul enl;nt:er the lienlth of
luluJuts and C"liUdii UxpcrUnce against HxicrtmcnU.
CnT'oria a harmless fnhstit.ito for C:itor Oil, Pnro
jrf'i'. Jrps and oofhtn? iSyrnps. It pleasant. It
c -.jr.ins neither Opium, Morj'Iiino nr oilier Nttreotic
.tT nice. Its ajre H it grxjarant;e. It destroys Worms
r.i: ::liajs Feverishness. For mere than thirty years it
lvn n eonstant use for t!:e relief of Constipation,
I Ii iilm y , AVind Colic, all Tt ethinff Trouble and
t lurrhu-f.. It repnlate tiio Stomueli and ltoAvels,
:. imil.it. s the Fowl, pivinsT healthy r.nd natural slotji.
Vbc children's l'anaeea The Jlother's Friend.
GEu'uinn CASTORIA alway
Bears the Sijrnature of
.r-r iiiiiimhh mrr
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years
In order to deprive all but
Democrats cf representation in
State Senate, Elliott W. Major
approved a re-districting meas
ure so monstrously unfair and
illegal that the Circuit Court of
St. Louis refused to accept it or
to be governed by it and the
Supreme Court, by a practically
unanimous vote, set it aside.
And yet this narrow partisan is
pleading with the people of the
State to let him be their Governor
for four years.
There are plenty of good, loyal
and competent men within the
Republican party willing and
ready to hold any party office or
t) acceut any putlic office within
the gift of their own party.
The Republican tarty does not
ne?d the "services of men who
are allied with some other party,
tliough it seeks and will wel--come
the support of citizens of
all parties. It is a party of
thorough organization, well de
fined purposes and abundant
Terourcts. No man can injure
it half as much a3 he can injure
himse'f ly abandoning it. 1
"Of all sad thoughts of tongue
or penn,"
The poet rightly said;
"The saddest is, I might have
Politicly, I'm dead.
-Walla Walla Union.
October 9 in History.
1S03 Deluge in the Island of
Madeira. '
1804 Both England and Rus
sia declined to acknowledge the
new title of "Emperor of Ger
many" which the ruler of Prussia
1831 President Capo d'Istrias
of Greece, assassinated by one
of his own countrymen.
1849 Race riot in Philadel
phia, Pa., between whites, called
"killers," and some negroes.
It continued into the next day
before being put down. .
1854 Santa Anna issued a
decree, calling for the people's
vote on the powers of the Pres
ident of the Mexican Republic.
1859 A treaty was ratified
between Japan and Great Britain
by Admiral James Stirling.
18G4 Sheridan's cavalry and
the entire force of Confederate
cavalry met in the valley of the
Shenandoah, the latter were
routed and much artillery cap
tured. 1874 Building at Acpatia,
Spain, used by the Carlists to
manufacture ammunition blown
up with great loss of life.
1SS4 University of Kief, Rus
sia, closed and 1G8 students ar
rested, charged with being
1904 Russia army began for
ward movement and captured
Bentsaiputz from the Japanese.
1911 California closes most
exciting campaign in its history,
owing votes for women issue in
elections, to take place the fol
lowing day.
No'ii-i' N ln rct'V iM'ii to all civrti!
ors and 1 lifis inUri-sU-il in thi' ro
tate (!
Mauv Ann Kindkk
dt-ceastrd, thai 1, the uiKli isiyiit.'l. in
tend to iiiaki' tlnul settleinvril of the
estate uf Ktld deceased at the next
term of the Probate Court of Cape
Girardeau County. Missouri, to be held
at. Jarkftori, Mo., ixginiiin)r on the
1 1 ih day of November,
Lot is V. Tjiomas
Trustees Sale of Real Estate.
Whereas, II. Clay Phelps and
Eliza Phelps his wife, of the
County of Cape Girardeau and
State of Missouri, by their cer
tain deed of trust, stated the
twenty-fifth (25) dav of May,
1 1910 and recorded in the record
ers office of said county in book
S at page 84 of the land records
of Cape Girardeau County Mis
souri conveyed in trust to the
' undersigned trustee the follow
ing described real estate, situate,
1 lying and being in the City and
County of Cape Girardeau and
' State of Missouri, to wit: The
1 north-east corner of lot one (1)
Range "D", being twenty-one
and three-fourths (21) feet front
j on Water or Levee street, bv
! sixty-seven (67) feet in depth,
also the south-east comer of lot
No. two (2) in Range "D" be
ing twenty-three and one-half
(23J) feet front on Water or
Levee street by a depth fifty-six
and one-half (5G) feet, all in
the City and County of Cape
Girardeau, State of Missouri.
Which said conveyance was
made in trust to secure the pay
ment of one certain promissory
note, fully described in said
deed of trust, and
Whereas the conditions
of. said deed of trust have been
broken by the makers of said
deed of trust by failing
to keep said property insured
according to the terms and con
ditions of said deed of trust
Now, therefore I the under
signed trustee, at the request of
the legal holder of said note and
by virtue of the power and au
thority in me vested by said
deed of trust, will on Wednes
day, the 12th day of October, A.
D. 1912, at the east door of the
Court house in the City of Cape
Girardeau in Cape Girardeau
County and State of Missouri,
between the hours of 9 o'clock
in the forenoon and 5 o'clock in
the afternoon of that day, sell
the above described real estate
at public vendue to the highest
bidder for cash in hand to satisfy
said note and deed cf trust, to
gether with the interest and ex
pense of executing said deed of
Dy tTie use of SWANSOK'S
Tho Great Remedy for
Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Sciatica, Gout, Neuralgia,
La Grippe, itidneyTrouhZa
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Cal lire that Jr:vf quick rei:"f to the .ullerer.
D9in ittnuiiif, II Unit ll aofce ant ptoou
Taken internuly, it dissolves Oie poisooeua
Butuiric and assists rmturo In rtcrinir the
tynum to a healthy coodiueo. SM fry 0rits.
One Dollar pr bottle, or sent prepakl npon re
ceipt of trice if nut iwian in your lucuity.
Kt Lafct Strati. ... Ckitao
Best Raraedy for Constipation. Sick
Haadacha, Sour Stemsch, Belching and
LIvarTreublca. 25c Par Box at Druggists
asy ant! GuFc'Jy t'anFad
Iaid A. Gii'tin. l'n sidi Dt
II. Ko7ipr. YUv-Preskk'iit
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C. S. Summers. A'-st. Cashier
W. O. Howmau. Asst. Cashier
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nd ot i by
krrition hr.ov.il
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aad acalp kiuuura.
His extensive knowledge of
parliamentary law and quick
perception of the best course to
pursue when beset with intri
cate questions made Governor
McKinley a most successful and
popular presiding officer when
he was President of the State
Senate. He is a man who never
jumps at a conclusion but weighs
all the facts, lawyer like, and
proceeds not so much upon the
ory as upon definite conclusion.
J2 1 Snr
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