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September 30, 1EC2,
A fght took placo at Newtonla, Mo,
In which tho Nationals under General
Salomon were defeated by the Con
federates under Colonel 'Cooler.
Commodore Ilarwood. commanding
Fotomac flotilla, reported to th navy
department that the Confederate
bomb-proof magazines at Lower Ship
ring Point, Va., had been destroyed,
tinder the superintendence of Lleuten-
ant-Commander Magaw. They were
eeven In number, and the work was
found heavier than anticipated. A
email body of Confederate cavalry
made Ha appearance, but waa dts
persed by the musketry Cre of the
A fight took placo at Itussellvlllo,
Ky., between a force of Unloa troops
under Colonel IlarrlBon and a body
of Confederates, resulting In the de
feat of the latter.
Grayson, Ky., was entered and held
by a force of Confederates.
Colonel Burton of the. Forty-elphth
Now York, with the kft wins of his
regiment, and with the steamboats
Planter and Starlight, having guns
aboard, started by order of MaJ. On.
Mitchell to destroy eitenslve salt
works at Dluffton, S. C. After a slight
delay, occasioned by tho Hunter's go
ing aground, he arrived, and his men,
under Captain Strickland, landed and
drove In the pickets. The boats then
ascended the river and at sight of
them the Confederates, having no bat
teries, fled, leaving the expedition to
accomplish Its purpose and return In
October 1, 18612.
The advance of General Sill's col
umn, under Col. Edward F. Kirk, en
gaged a body of Confederate cavalry
at Floyd's Creek, Ky., and drove them
from their position on hills behind tho
The legislature of Virginia passed
a bill prohibiting tho sale or removnl
out of tho state of salt, and regulating
Its sale and distribution within the
etate. Salt was very scarco through
out the south, and lack of It was heav
ily felt.
Confederate batteries at Crand
Bton Bluff and "Tho Needles," on the
Savannah river, were silenced by an
xpeditIon of Union Infantry nnd cav
alry under Colonel Harton.
A body of Confederate partisans
were defeated by a force of National
troops at Gallatin, Tenn., after a brisk
encounter, in which the commander
of the partisans. Colonel Bennett, was
wounded and captured.
The Confederates evacuated Shelby
vllle, Ky.
Unionists In Camden county, N. C,
petitioned President Lincoln for per
mission to drive from the country all
the Confederate families, promising
to raise two loyal regiments if their
petition should bo granted.
The Richmond Whig made a vicious
attack on President Lincoln because
of tho Emancipation Proclamation, in
which it stated that "General Butler is
a saint compared with his master."
The Union army under General nu
cll left Louisville and proceeded
toward Beardstown, Ky.
October 2, 1862.
Lyons of Virginia introduced into
the Confederate house of representa
tives resolutions of retaliation against
President Lincoln's Emancipation
Proclamation, e;hortIng the people of
the southern states to kill every offi
cer, soldier or sailor of tho United
States within their borders; declaring
that after the first of January, 18C3,
no Union ofllcer ought to be captured
alive, or, If recaptured, should he Im
mediately hanged: and offering a
bounty of $20 and an annuity of $20
to every negro who should, after the
first of January next, kill a Unionist.
The resolution was referred to the
committee on foreign affairs.
President Lincoln, accompanied by
Jiajor General McClernand, vltiited
Manner's Ferry.
Mr. Foote reported In the Confeder
ate house a set of resolutions Inviting
California and Oregon to declare their
Independence of the Union and join
With the Confederate states in league
offensive and defensive.
John Morgan, Confederate cavalry
lender, became actlvo In Kentucky, at
tacking the town of Olivo 11111, which
wag successfully defended by the
home guardtf of Carter county, and
destroying thirty-five houses between
that point end Licking River.
Hamilton, N. C, whs occupied by a
Union force under General Foster,
which left Washington, N. C, accom
panied by gunboats, and advanced up
tho river.
A scries of skirmishes between tho
advance guard of General Knell's
Union army and the Confederate
force under Gen. K. Kirhy Smith, oc
curred along tho Hardstown turnpike.
October 3, 1862.
The Confederate General Bragg is-
Bued an order ut Lexington ordering
that Confederate currency ho accept
ed at Its face vuluw In (ill trail suctions,
public and private, and threatening
punishment for a military ufTence upon
uny who refused It, or charged exor
bitant pi Ices.
The tdvar.co brigade of Cv.n. George
W. Morgan's Union army, which had
narrowly escaped rapture In Cumber
laud Gap, readied (ireenaps,buig, Ken
lucky, shoeless, hatkas and exhausted,
a'tw a r-t'eat and ruriitng fVbt of sli
ten days with the Confederates.
A Union expedition of 1,500 troops
and seven gunboats, oieratlng from
Hilton Head, captured the Confederate
works at St. John's HlulT, Florida, and
drove the Confederates up the river as
far as Jacksonville.
General McClellan Issued a congrat
ulatory order to tho soldiers of his
army, felicitating them on their vic
tories at South Mountain and Antle
tam. The Virginia legislature adopted a
Joint resolution exempting from pun
ishment anyone who should kill "any
person, with or without arms, who
might bo found on that soil aiding or
abetting, or In any other way giving
effect to tho lawless and fiendish proc
lamation of President Lincoln liberat
ing the slaves."
Three Union gunboats ran Into a
hornet's nest of Confederate Infantry
In the Blarkwater river, In the vicin
ity of Frnnklln, Virginia, from which
it took them sit hours to extricate
Later In tho day a heavy reconnolt
erlr.g expedition, moving from Suffolk,
Virginia, poked up the Confederates
along the Blackwnter river, near
Franklin, and dislodged them, after a
heavy fight.
October 4, 18C2.
The battle of Corinth, Mississippi,
was fought between the Union army
under General Rosecra.in, and the Con
federates under Price, Van Porn and
Ixivell. The engagement, which lasted
through a large part of the day, was
severe, and tho loss on both sides was
heavy. General Ilacklesan was killed
lending a charge.
Richard Howes was Inaugurated
Confederate governor of Kentucky at
Frankfort, under the auspices of Gen.
Bragg, Confederate general. In the
afternoon the railroad bridge to the
north of the city was destroyed, and
the Confederate Infantry withdrew.
The Military Exemption act passed
tho Confederate Congrers, exempting
from military r-ervice men following
certain (specified trades and profes
sions. The secretary of war of tho United
States Issued an order pubHcally rep
rimanding Capt. Georgo H. Johnston
for censuring his superior officers.
A Union gunboat ran past, the Con
federate battery on Fort Point, Gal
veston, Texas, tinder a heavy fire, pro
ceeded to the town, and notified the
authorities thut they would be given
four days In which to remove women
and children and prepare for bom
bardment. Tho Confederate battery
was destroyed by its garrison and tho
position abandoned.
While a body of Confederate cav
alry were capturing a company of the
Fifty-fourth Pennsylvania, oil guard
duty at Paw Paw, a force of Union
cavalry was plundering their camp of
two guns, ten wagons and sixty
October 5, 1862.
Col. Egan of tho Forty-fourth New
York crossed the Potomac with his
regiment at Nolan's Ferry and cap
tured at Leesburg a Confederate wag
on train containing the personal ef
fects and official papers of tho Con
federate General I-ougstreet, and a
quantity of supplies. Several fine
horse, beef cattle, and a caisson filled
with ammunition were also captured.
Tho Confederate forces under Gen.
Price, retreating from Corinth, made
a stand at the Hatchlo river. For
seven hours the Union force piled
against them beforo they finally broke
and withdrew in disorder, leaving four
hundred prisoners and their dead and
Scott's Confederate) cavalry, at
Frankfort, Kentucky, cut one span of
tho bridge leading to South Frankfort,
took all the paper and ink belonging
to tho state printer, and left for the
south. -
A Union forco, under command of
Col. Bruce, attacked a party of Con
federates six miles north of Glasgow,
Kentucky, killing and capturing a few,
and taking a number of horses and
Jacksonville, Horlda, was occupied
by the Union forces under Gen. Brau
nan. October 6, 1S62.
The Confederate forces in Centuc ky
three times avoided an engagement
with the Nationals under Buell. Gen.
Sill of Buell's advance, camo up with
Hiem at Hardensvillo and Frankfort,
from which point the enemy withdrew
in the direction of Lexington.
A number .of citizens of Blackford
county, Indiana, armed and gathered
at Hartford, the county sent, In re
sistance of the draft. They destroy
ed the ballot box unj enrolling papers,
and compelled the commissioners and
provost marshal to reBign.
A Confederate battery lately erected
at Cockpit Point, on the Potomac, for
the purpose of closing the navigation
of that river, was shelled aud de
stroyed by a Union gunboat.
Charles Sumner delivered an elo
quent and powerful address at Boston.
Indorsing the President's emancipa
tion proclamation and advocating tho
causo of the African race, who, "slave
as well as free," must help tho Na
tional government. At the conclusion
of his speech George Francis Train
took the platform, and was carried off
by the police when he refused to yield.
A reconnoltering party of Union
cavalry, supported by two ennuon, left
Bolivar Heights, near Harper's Ferry,
and proceeded to ilulltown, Va., driv
ing the Confederate pickets beforo
them. When the pickets rullied nnd
returned, supported on their part by
guns, the Nationals withdrew, under
orders not to bring on an cug.igi
ment. (Copyright, mi, by W. O. Cbupmau.)
TO SICK 170i.T:
Thousands I !avo Ecen I lelped
By Common Sense
Womn suffering: from any form of f
ir.ale ilta are invited to communicate
promptly with the woman's private corre
spondence deportment of the Lydia E.
Finkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
Your letter will be opened, read and
answered by a woman and held In strict
confidence. A woman can freely talk of
her private illness to a woman; thus has
been established a confidential corre
spondence which has extended over
many years and which has never been
broken. Never have they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
written consent of the writer, and never
has the Company allowed these confiden
tial letters to get out of their possession,
s the hundreds of thousands of them in
their files will attest
Out of the vast volume of experience
which they have to draw from, it is mors
than possible that they poesess the very
knowledge needed In your case. Noth
ing is asked in return except your good
wiil, and their advice has helped thou
sands, surely any
woman, rich or poor,
should be glad to
take advantage of
this generous offer
of assistance. Ad
dress Lydia E. Pink
ham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynn,
Every woman ought to have
Lydia E. l'inkham's 80-page
Text Book. It Is not a book for
general distribution, as It is too
expensive. It is free and only
obtainable by mail. Write for
It today.
Indignant Frenchman Had Some
Fault to Find With Postmaster,
and Said So.
A Frenchman with a name spelled
a la Paris and pronounced something
like Ca-choo had never learned to
read or write, but he managed to dis
guise the fact pretty well until he
moved to a new community where the
name was not common. Going to the
poHtofflce one morning he Inquired:
"Got any mall for Joe Ca-choo T"
"What's the name?" inquired the
"Ca-choo. Joe Ca-choo."
"How do you spell UT"
"Can't you spell Joe Ca-choo T"
"No," said the clerk, "I never heard
It before."
Then the disgust of the Frenchman,
which had been constantly rising,
boiled over and he snorted:
"Well, if you can't spell, why don't
you sell your old postofuce to some
one that can?"
Raw Chickens.
Rose Pastor Phelps Stokes, In an
address on behalf of a New York coun-y-yweek
charity, told a quaint story.
"A little slum girl," she said, "stood
tor the first time In her life In a barn
rard, with its ricks. Its lazy cows, eta
yard, with Its rlckc, its lazy cows, its
plows and harrows, and what-not.
The slum girl drank it all in de
lightedly, then gasped half to herself:
" 'An' Jes look at the chickens
ill runnin' around raw!" Washington
! Why He Sorrowed.
"And then Nero had Rome set afire
', In every quarter."
' "Alas, bow terrible!" murmured llt
; Jo Morlti, with an expression of such
Seep anguish that his teacher asked
j why it affected him so much,
j "Why," said MorlU. "Just think of
!he poor insurance companies!"
niegendo Blaetter.
j ThouQhtful Wife.
! "Think I'll go to the ball game to
! day."
I "All right. Is there a telephone at
I he grounds.
j "There's one there. Why?"
"If the home team loses, I want you
j :o telephone me, so that I can take
! the children UDd go over to mother's
! until you get your temper back."
It Depends.
"Do you think a wife should
through her husband's pockets?"
"Yes if there's anything in 'em."
I If vnij tntinol fT.nl lOo eirm. imota
: LEW IS' Singlu BiuiIlt straight 5c mad
of extra qua lu j- tobacco Adv.
The Style of It.
"How do they serve nirals from
;hat lunch wagon?"
"I suppose they serve them a la
CVWs CarlxjHiialT stops tho pain IriMtnntV.
ureauuLk. Nuautr. Ail JruKiis. id and iv:. Adv.
The principal difference between a
cur dog and a thoroughbred Is that
the cur cau pick up his own living.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Bjrtip for Children
'.evlhtuff , eofieua the g-uina, rtlura Intlauima,
.lot), allays Lalu, curra wiaxl colic, Sjc boltltt.
A smooth mini Is liable to bo slip
pery. BoauB of lhO
)( WVjf
German Scientists Advlss the Eating
of Egg 8helis by Those Who'Ap
prosch Old Age.
Two Germans, deep thinkers Pro
fessors Emmerich and Loawe state
thut eggs shells eaten Increase the
power of resistance against "tie with
ering blight of time," add weight to
the body, activity to the brain and
strength to the heart; that they de
stroy injurious bacilli, prevent Inflam
mation and disease and lend courage
and energy. This reminds me, Phil
ip Hale writes In the Boston Herald,
of the preparation advertised in Lon
don thirty or more years ago as re
moving superfluous hair, being an ex
cellent substitute for table butter,
none genuine unless stamped on the
blade. Eustace Mller, the English
court tennis player and vegetarian,
says he had an old nurse who used
to eat egg shells and crunch them Joy
fully between the teeth that happened
to meet, and she said she ate the
shells because they "shaved the hair
off Inside of the throat." The discov
ery of the German scientist Is peculi
arly welcome to dwellers by the
ocean, for It is a well known fact that
If you do not break egg shells the
witches will put out to sea in them to
wreck vessels, and if you burn the
shells the hens will cease to lay.
Furthermore, as eggs are now absurd
ly high oven case eggs In the neigh
borhood It seems a pity to waste any
part of them.
Thoroughly Up-to Date.
"Halloa!" Jelllson cried, as he en
countered his acquaintance, Barwood,
In the street. "Thought you were get
ting married today. Postponed?"
"Altogether," said Barwood, firmly.
"Not even engaged now, then?" pur
sued Jelllson.
"No. The lady I was to have mar
ried was too modern too up-to-date
for me."
"Up-to-date!" The excuse astonish
ed Jelllson. "How on earth "
"Wrote her last Monday, saying I
was comlDg to see her on Wednesday.
You see, although we'd been engaged
for some time, I never formally pro
posed, and she seemed tqwant it. So
I went on Wednesday lst to satisfy
her whim, as I thought Got there
and found she bad sold tho rights of
photographing me at the moment of
proposing to a cinematograph com
pany. "That settled it!" Tlt-Blts.
Nothing More to Live For.
Without question, the Scots curler
of whom Lord Lyveden tells in Fry's
Magazine, placed the proper value on
hla sport.
During a recent curling-match in
Switzerland, the skip of ons of the
teams, who happened to be a Scots
man, was so delighted with the accu
rate shot of one of his team, that he
was heard to address him in the fol
lowing manner: "Lie down and dee.
mon; lie down and dee. Te ll never
lay a finer stane nor that if ye live to
be a hundred."
Point for Sherlock Holmes.
Somebody wondered how long a cer
tain woman who had Just left the
room had been married.
"About 15 years," said the Jeweler.
"How do you know?" asked the Jew
eler's wife. "You never saw her until
"I can tell by the size of her wed
ding ring," he replied. "The width of
wedding rings changes about every
five years. The kind she wears was
In style 15 years ago."
One way to hold a man's Interest is
to take a mortgage on his property.
Important to Mothers
Examliw carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a Siife and sure remedy for
Infanta and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Wasted Energy.
Nlmrod (Just back from fishing)
I got this string In less than an
Nlmrod's Wise Wife There's a fish
store nearer than that, John.
Cole' Carholl!v top Itching- nit pain
and cure bile. Ail drutiimt. JSandxic. Adv.
Mar.y a bcrn leader throws up the
sponge and becomes a follower.
Ckwnresnolsbrik-htrrndfaercolorsthsnanyothrdy. OnolOc packsse colors sU fibets. Ttxy dye in W wsterWrrthansnvolhrrdve. Yoocrsn
ey nny trmriit wubmit nypti g siTt. lite tr Uae boukiet iiuw to Lye. luoaUi and Mir Qjiuus. MOh VOC biti a COMPANY, Uuiacy, lu.
His Modest Request.
"You haudlo large sums of money
In this pluy millions or more lu every
"I see," said Yorlck Uamm.
"And you must handle it lilie you
were used to It."
"I see. Could you lot uie hare a 3
bill to rehearse wltht"
Many a fellow falls to hit the bull's
eye In the big shoot because he. has
wasted all his ammunition In practice.
u!y, firUzly, gray halra. U "UA CHiOLtt" HAIrt UHtSSINU. PHIC2, tl.OO, rotelL
I III fiff! I f' P li
I W Ph Ml l v
i 1
?I Got Thh Fino Pipo With UgscU
cj Llycrs DuWs Mixture"
All kinds of men smoke Duke's Mixture In all kinds
of pips as well as In cigarettes and they all tell the s&mo
story. They like the genuine, natural tobacco burto of
Choice bright lcf aged to mellow mildness, carefully stemmed
and then granulated every grain P"ro, hlgh-grada tobacco
that's what you get In the Lirgctl cV Afyery Duke's Mixture sack.
You get one and a half ounces of this pore, mild, delightful
tobacco, unsurpassed la quality, for 6c and with each sack you
get a book of papers fret.
Now About the Free Pipe
In every tncYotLiggeit &Myen Duke's Mixture WC HOT pack
a coupon. You can exchange these coupons for a pipe or for many
ether valuable and useful articles. These presents cost not one
penny. There is something for every member of tho family
skates, catcher's gloves, tennis rackets, cameras, toilet articles,
suitcases, canes, umbrellas, and dozens of other things. Justsend
us vour name and addrcdi on a rw.sLal
1 1
v NS
IT" ii'aais m A "l III
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aftooa, haoauaa ana mlr riit moaltlvaly antt.ymr far
Batrm at ordinary ah mam. ammo mm
W.L.DougU mie and elli more $3.00,$3.50 -i-00 ho f v j
than any othr manufacturer in the world.
The workmamthip which has mad W. L. Douglas shoes famous tb world
over is maintained In every pair.
Ask your dealer to show you W. L. Douglas late fashions for fall and winter
Wear, notice the whorl vamps which make the foot look smaller, points m sv
shoe particularly desired by young men. lso the conserva tica ttylet whick
have made W. L Douglas shoe a household word everywhere.
If you could visit W. L. D oughts large factories at Brockton, Mass-, and aee
for yourself how carefully VV. L. Douglas shoes are made, you would then un
derstand why they are warranted to fit better, look better, hold their shape and
wear longer than any other make for the price. Fern Colar ffaMa.
CAUTION. To protect roe a? lr1nr iSkms. W.L. Do Us um Wis mmmm oa r!- ho
tool. Loolc for tho stajnp. Bowrero, of ruWtitvtoo. W. L.DomUs hn aro oofal sa TS ewe
storos mvA shoo eoators ororrwboro. No OMtfor wKoro row. b.w, too? aro wnku. f ovimcK
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MiaiL aooa At avary wkaro. oolirorr ciuufaa prapatcL WXJimilaa,iiforatoe.Saaas.
Like Mushrooms.
As they emerged from the subway
station they were confrouted by a
giant skyscraper rising Into the blue.
"What building Is thatf shs asked,
not being an habitue of ths downtown
district. "I don't know." ha replied.
She looked at him In surprise, this
Quarter of New York being his dally
locale. "No," he Insisted wearily. "I
don't know. It wasn't there yester
day." New York Press.
Many s pretty women Is merely a
bunch of pride, pretense and practice.
For Headache Nervousness
and Bacltache duefo disorders
of Ilidnqys and BLrddsr
r-f iflm . nJii it liiii i ,mm
noit-ni i n sr. ti arii risii i Lilt St.
liiK.'tlllk l-Cai.i rvfrNiift,slliisi, Ita.iiMM,
Wvks-4 r. J. 1 iXJ.. ivl. A-A), bt. lui, sUiUA.
Texas Irrigated Laud
Wruor.o.UoAlla, l ltUburn.l'a.
S 4lsiIV. baiu:a, iiou lau,
and as a special of far daring
tgrnber and October only vita vuiU
tend jfoa oar new UJcntrated cata
logue of pventm FREE of any
chart. Ope.a up a sack of IAggttt
t ilyert Duke's Mixture today.
wolf trpm Duktft Mr titer W?V fa
with Inrt trom HORSESHOE.
CHANCER TWIST, end Com, trv
FOUR ROSE3 i'. Jc t:- rf,v L
eiAtr tajrt or antimu ua tjt au. .
tho swr ahoma. M .
Tti arstwntlc, tha debSttatod. whether I
iccaa of work of mini or bvdy, drink or
win find Tott's Puts tho snort reakil
tive over altered tue auitcriac invaiid.
It rots tWl V)ti of ort'-"rnn flown" or"yrrm V$
iut, lunar iron. vtaui
rblllillU WSNkA DrS se-a. Uiivrs I.1D ini!)OllUa.u! assal J
write fur aijr It ivdb r.ii. U U vfce axi luu'tt-
ifMsct tKKk fvof wnu-n. It m il bog i w
t'U,0 Kfiwafl litiiAlIiiN" i.HuJs, Hj.
ftud you lvu dtc;dr d rTi'ursell If ttli ih ra.T.W h
OUT fcvilinouU lun l t)4 CUU It.1. ftLsAoJ'IW
tUKH No' toilow-ei? Vip.'iittrs. i)r.L( UnMv
IO.S UTrwlJC 1VU.V LMtLafetLL. J
to U ia
Yoa Caa't Cat Out 5.S5ATMri3
LL",,,.; .J. J
will lima thcmsjlt pt-rainutlT. ami psj
trk ! lotT akU4 Uuio. lo 0l
ltlilr or ruuxif tli liair. u-J
tt.vv .'. d-tw.iM lu.k & V. fro.
A Hst1 lil NK, JK., l.nUu.-ut tts-
BleVn .,)( , IvdUtfe VllU'trtM VoltlV It Up
Vitvtf Miiolt or ,i-:rt.Lik.'iit. lttita'k,4'
(isvtu yuiva(", i nu -V lUd K Wa Do-
t1 ftt d m y t t-r ttUTAfJ. Will uiu )uQ iusoMsf
Li UijiU

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