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Vol. XV
Capo Girardeau, Missouri, Friday, January 31. 1913
H Wednesday
was Carnation
A. M, Tinslev, superintendent
of the Water and Light com
pany, Vent to St. I)uis Monday
on business.
Henry Meystedt bought a large
bunch of hogs this week.
Attorney B. C. Hardosty had
business in Jackson Tuesday.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Hugo
Mueller, Saturday, January 25th,
a boy.
The Mail Carriers ball on Feb
ruary 4th promises to bo a de
lightful affair.
II. F. Sehultc. former coach at
the Normal, was here Saturday
visiting with friends.
Quite a number of our citizens
attended the funeral of Wiley
Goza at Jackson Tuesday.
Saturday evening, a gontk
man, who was well acquainted
with the prices on printed mat
ter, called on The Herald for
A. S. Ilandmacher, the tai!orr sorne job work, .stating that he
will dye for you. Give
trial. No. CO Main street
875. Adv. 3!Mt.
him a
look after our interest in Cape
Girardeau and adjacent counties.
Salary or Commission. Address
The Harvey Oil Co., Cleveland,
Ralph Burge, Frisco Engineer,
moved to his new home on South
Middle street Wednesday.
Miss Marie Besol, who has
been working in Lhe office of the
Scott County Abstract company,
has accepted a position as stenog
rapher for the Losey Marine
Motor Co., at Cape Girardeau.
Scott County Democrat.
William Liles of Blytheville.
Ark.. was in the city this week
visiting his many friends.
Josef Lhevinne, the Russian
pianist, will give a recital at the
Normal auditorium next Monday
night. ,
The ferry boat Gladys has re
turned from Fayville, 111., and is
making her regular trips to
Valentines are provided for
all. Like the rain, they may
Albert O. Phelan. Judge II.
C. Riley's official circuit court
stenographer, lived in California
for a year or so, has returned to
his old home at Bloomfield to re
side permanently. Southeast
Missouri is the best country he
could find. New Madrid Record.
The fourteenth of February is
a day sacred to St. Valentine. It
was a very odd notion, alluded to
by Shakespeare, that on this day
birds, begin to couple; hence
perhaps arose the custom of
sending on this date letters con
taining confessions of love and
had been informed by someone
ytiu an tvuc.ii, Ljiat tot II
office was the only printing office
in town, and at the same time
asking exorbitant prices on his
work. Determined not to pay
any such prices, he looked fur
ther and was advised to try The
Herald, where he ieit his order,
and saved one dollar on every
1000 impressions we printed for
him, and at the same time got
strictly first-class work. 'Tis
very bad when a competitor has
to resort to such in order to get
a little business. We could very
easily tell that some office was
suffering a big loss of their busi
ness in their job department, on
account of our fast increasing
business, but at the same time
we didn't think the old boy was
taking it so serious. Now (WE)
as you term yourselves, are not
the only ones in Cape Girardeau
that turn out printing, and the
people have found it out, and
are educated to the fact that
Service, Quality sfd LEGITI
MATE Prices, are three things
to be considered, exactly what
you get when you leave an order
at The Herald office. So now
take our advice and tie your little
bull on the outside and come
Card of Thanks.
I wish to extend my thanks
descend upon the just and upon j to all of my neighbors and friends
the unjust
Attorney Moses Whybark re
turned from Poplar Bluff Wednes
day morning where he had been
on business.
Mrs. Asa Key returned home
last Saturdav from a visit with
relatives and friends in Jackson
and Fruitland. .
Hyman Caldwell, of the firm
of Caldwell-Sherman, merchants,
went down to Kennett Wednes
day afternoon on business.
who so faithfully helped me in
the time of sickness and death
of my dear husband.
Mrs. Laura Farrar,
Fruitland. Mo.
Marriage License.
Edgar Truvillian, Cape
Gertrude Minton, Cape
William David, Cape
Albertine Edrensehneider,
Elmer Fischer, Randies
Rosa Richardson, Randies
Miss Mattie Reynolds of St.
Louis visited Mr3. Geo, Patton
on South Lorimier street Friday
and Saturday of last week.
Love at home not only helps
make that place sweeter while
you are there, but helps pass
away the hours of absence.
Edgar Trouvillion and Miss
Gertie Minton were married
Monday evening, F. A. Kage,
J. P., performing the ceremony.
After a visit of a month with'
relatives and friends in this
city, Mrs. A. C. Lorimier sc-
turaed to her home in St. Louis
. Handmacher's tailoring estab
lishment has the only Dry Clean
ing machine in town. Phone
No. 875 and he will call for and
deliver your suit. Adv. 39-4t.
6 Do you want to change cli
mate? Buy a fruit ranch in the
famous Bitter Root Valley, Mon
tana. We own a large tract of
developed and undeveloped land
in' this fertile valley on the Pa
cific side of the mountains where
the climate is perfect Grand
scenery, fine water, mild winters
and cool summers, fine hunting
and fishing. Write for prices,
etc. TheO. '.V Kerr Company,
200 Andrua Building. Minne
apolis, Minn.
The Aged Christian Mother.
To us it is a beautiful sight to
see an aged Christian mother
basking in the sunset of a life
that has been nobly lived. We
visit her at her home. There
she sits the old Christian moth
erripe for heaven. Her eye
sight is almost gone; but the
splendors of the Celestial City
kindle up her vision. The gay
light of heaven's morn has struck
through the gray locks whieh are
folded back over the wrinkled
temples. She stoops very much
now under the burden of care
she used to carry for her children.
She sits at home today, too old
to find her way to the house of
God; but while she sits there,
all the past comes back to her
and the children that forty years
ago trooped around her arm
chain with their little griefs and
joys and sorrows those children
are all gone now. Some caught
up into the better realm, where
they shall never die, and others
out in the broad world, attesting
the excellency of a Christian
mother's doctrine. Her last
days are full of peace, and cal
mer and sweeter will her spirit
become until the gates of life
shall lift and let the worn out
pilgrim into eternal spring-tide
and youth where the limbs never
ache and the eyes never grow
dim, and the staff of the exhaust
ed and discrepit pilgrim shall
Frisco Fruit, Poultry and Dairy
The Frisco Fruit, Poultry and
Dairy Train will be at Cape
Girardeau Wednesday, Feb. 5th.
Prof. T. E. Quisenberry, director
of the State Poultry Experiment
Station, of Mountain Grove,
will lecture on Successful Farm
Poultry; Prof. F. W. Faurot, of
the State Fruit Experiment Sta
tion, will lecture on the Care of
Orchards, and Mr. A. J. Mc
Dowell, Dairy Agent, Frisco
Lines, will lecture on How to
Succeed in Dairying.
These men have had wide ex
perience under farm conditions,
and are experts in their line.
They will show you what to do,
and how to do it, to obtain best
Both town people and farmers
are invited, as much will be said
that will profit all.
The day lectures will be in
their car, and the night meeting
will be either from the car or
Ladies especially invited.
Vhifcwster Roul 2.
Mr. I'ockins of ('rump recent
ly moved to Whitewater.
There is considerable -icknes.s
in this vicinity now. Messrs.
Jessie McCullough, August and
Willa, two of Whitewater's mer
chants arc very ill. Jesse Wil
kinson of Crump is also sick.
The diphtheria scare has sub
sided ;nd the schools are all go
ir.g on. There was but one
death from this disease near
here, that was Oliver Crump's
little girl.
Miss Vara Allmon has finished
her term of school near Marble
Hill and returned home She
expects to enroll at the Cape
Normal in a short time.
Mrs. Ily. Pruente entertained
the young folks of Cousel Ridge
neighborhood with a pie-supper
last Thursday evening.
Old booze again got in his
work on one of our citizens to
euch a degree a3 to deserve hon
orable mention. The man in I
question, it seems, becomes a
genuine devil when intoxicated,;
although agreeable enough and
withal and honored citizen when
sober. He imbibed freely of the
beverage for which Allenville
is so justly famous, came home
and attacked his family with a
knife, when his step-son struck i
him with a chair inflictinrr a ! 1
wound from which he will lose j
one eye. We withhold the name j
out of respect to his family. !
The recent sleet put all the j
telephone lines out of use. This I
in conjunction with the bad con- J
dition of the roads, and high j
waters, preventing rural mail j
carriers from going, has render-!
ed the farmers unusually lone-j
some of late. I
Now that the Legislature is in j
session, all interested in good J
roads should get busy. Let's j
flood our representatives and!
senators with letters urging!
Pavid A. Glenn, PrHt(itit
II. Kol'-r, Vlcp-I'ivMhl-nt
I,, s. .r,v,ii. c-m.t
C...S. Sutnroors. A.nt, ("ashler
W. (.). 'jonrt;a. J.".t. Cashier
y. Hreuin crirun, Saving lrpT.
cape zinzzm, t:iss:vr.i
i U K ll
1 10,000. on
:.'., r,oo.tio
Accounts of individuals, business firms and corporations
solicited. Interest cn Time Deposits and Savings
Accounts at rate of 4 per cent per annum
1 U
" -"' I 4
J v
j V is 2 P,j ' fl
s t
, L
Capital, $500,000.00 - - - All Paid!
We Pay 4 Per Cent on Time
4 Per Cent en Savings
' Modest Icterest oa alDsposi's
jj Come, see us Be convinced We will then have vaur Dafreiials
them to do all in their nower fori
thoc,n,Mmtf In,,-, l.-t .;ili -""--" '3 lit i : i'j to an cr?un- t
tHV- UCWl LlltlJ I, Jt ItlV.T LUUL Will 1 , , . .
, . , , , ors an, I oilier interested m the estate
result in good roads. In no other
way can they so effectively seivei Oumstian Mitchell Friese
the people. The
should bo made to
ors and others interested intheestfct
legislators i dei'vau'd, that I. tlie undersigned, in-
know thr.t
their constituents want good
highways and arc willing to pay
for them.
Kespt. ,
John W. Farrar Dead.
John W. Farrar, son of Jones
A. Farrar and Biddie Farrar,
was born March Gth 1ST3 in,
Perry County, Mo., and died
Jan. 14th 1913, at his home in
Fruitland, Cape Girardeau.
County Missouri, aged 59 years
8 months and 8 days. When a
young man he was married to
Miss Laura Duggins with whom
he lived happily until death.
About 16 years ago he was
gloriously and graciously convert
ed and he lived as he died with
abiding faith in the saving grace
of the Lord Jesu3 Christ At
tend to niaktj t!nal sett lenient of the
estate of lid deceased at The next
! trim of the l'rohate Court of Cape
i Girardeau County. Missouri, to be held
! al Jackson, Mo., beginning: on the
h'th day of February. lSn.
, Administratrix.
The so-called Major bill to j FINAL SETTLEMENT NOTICE
create a public service commis- Notice is hereby given to all
sion is in reality a bill to provide : creditors and others interested
luscious plums for several of his jn u,e estate of
personal friends. Iheslylox! Wm. Miller
deceased, that I, the undersigned,
intend to make final settlement
of the estate of said deceased at
the next term of the rrobate
Court of Cape Girardeau County.
Missouri, to be held at Jacksoa,
Missouri, beginning on the 10th
day of February, 1913.
2-4t Administrator.
Matildia Sklue
deceased, are notified that theuadtr
signed, administrator of said estate.
intends to make final settlement or
said estate at the next term of tit
Cape Girardeau Court of Common
l'leas in Cape Girardeau County, state
of Missouri, to lie holder) at City of
Cape Girardau. in said county and
state, beginning on Monday, the tt
day of February, IMX
There will be no inaugural
ball at Washington. Such an old
established and popular function
is not in keeping with the taste
and views of the college profes
sor who is to begin his second
course in statesmanship March 4.
It may be just as well to have a
formal handshaking at the White
House instead cf a naughty foot
shaking. But what an ordeal
the new President has arranged
for the ladies.
Secretary of Agriculture, Wil
son says that the increase in the
volume and value of agricultural
th time of his death he and his I products of the United States as
wife were members of the Meth
odist Episcopal Church at Fruit
land, Mo., but now our brother
has passed from the church
militant to the church triump
hant His departure is mourned
hy a wife, two sisters, two
the result of organized commun
ity work is almost beyond the
comprehension of the average
citizen. He cites as an example
ScotJ County, Iowa, the first to
employ experts, in which the
price of land averages $250 per
acre largely because of organized
brothers and a host of friends.
The funeral services were held : community effort It is urged
in the M. E. Church at Perry-j by him that the farmers of other
ville, conducted by Rev. M. O. counties should organize, employ
! Morris, and interment waa made a crop expert, and take advan-
become the palm-sf the immortal i in the Home Cemetery Thurs- j ta;;e of the federal appropriation
State of Missouri, j.
County of Cape Girardeau,
All creditors and others inter
ested in the estate of
August Bierwirth,
deceased, are notified that the
undersigned, administrator of
said estate, intends to make a
final settlement of said estate at
the next term of the Cape Girsr
deau Court of Common Pleas, to
be holden at the Common Pleas
Court House in the City of Cape
Girardeau, County of Cape Gir
ardeau, State of Missouri, on
Monday, the 24th day of Febru
ary. A. D.. 1913, it being the
first day of the February Term,
A. D.. 1913, of said Court
day, Jan. loth, 1913.
'for the development of the land. 2-4
Notice is hereby given that letters
of adminis'ration up,".n tlie estate
deceased, are notified that the under
signed, executor of said 'estate, In
tend to make final settlement of said
estate at the next term of the Cape
Girardeau Court of Common Pleas in
Cape Girardeau County, st3te of Mis
souri, to be holden at city of C-ayf
Girardeau, in .--aid county and state,
beginning on Monday the L'4th day e?f
Februarv. 191.J.
Notice is hereby given to all
creditors and others interested
in the estate of
Christian Weber
deceased, that I, the undersigned.
intend to make final settlement
of the estate of Eaid deceased at
the next term of the Probato
Court of Cape Girardoau County.
Missouri, to be held at Jackson,
Missouri, beginning on the lOtb
day of February, 1913.
2-4t Administrator
j Rm.-813
VI i.wA VriiUul.l.UMi
Iliarmclbcrter-IIarrlsoa El...!.

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