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Vol. XV
Capo Girardeau, Missouri, Friday, February 14. 1913
No. 7
Wednesday va3 Lincoln's birthday.
Plenty of cold weather this
L. P. Gober, Benton, was in
the city Monday.
C. Wielpuetz made a business
trip to Illmo Tuesday.
Attorney M. A. Dempseymade
a business trip to St. Louis this
C. II. Marchildon of Thebes,
III. was in the city the first of
the week.
Lafayette Caruthers spent a
few days on his farm near Arbor
this week.
A. II. Schollmeytrof St. Louis,
well known in this city, died
last week.
R. L. Ward an attorney-at-law
of Caruthersville was in the city
W. II. Bohr.sack, Jr., mer
chant, went to St. Louis Tues
day on business.
Hold on to the troubles, you
have for when they go there may
come worse ones.
At Springfield, a circuit judge
recently granted thirty-seven di
vorces in one week, v
The' business men of Parma
net last Fi May night and or
g:t!ii'.ijd a commercial club.
Business betwven Cape and
Jackson is picking up. Another
;U ) is making regular trips.
Mrs,. R. 0. Hough , who lias
been confined to her bed for the
past week is much improved.
Have you received a good
turn? Forget it not. Have you
done one? Remember it not.
John F. Woody, formerly of
this city but now a resident of
Bloomfield, was in the city this
A. S. Handmacher, the tailor,
will dye for you. Give him a
trial. No 30 Main street. Phone
875. Adv. 39-4t.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kies visit
ed their sister Mrs. John Bark
ley, at Jackson Wednesday, who
is dangerously ill.
B. F. Cain, formerly a railway
mail clerk on the Gulf, is as
sistantjpostmaster his commis
sion having arrived last week.
In Scott county last week. 520
acres of land sold for $37.50 per
acre, all being unimproved. It
is in the Little River Drainage
We shall not have our grand
mothers with us long, and may
not the thought impel us to cheer
her and make her as happy as
we can, while the opportunity is
given us.
look after our interest in Cape
Girardeau and adjacent counties.
Salary or Commission. Address
The Harvey Oil Co Cleveland,
St. Valentino day.
Job work at The Herald.
fashion h'a3 been declined as
a peculiar influence which makes
a women drape herself in a horse
blanket and think she looks
Never whip a balky horse.
Sell him if ycu can't manage
him and let the other fellow
match his temper again.t that
of the horse.
Every time little Johnny sits
down to his morning bowl of oat
meal, he constitutes a minority
of one in favor of putting sugar
on the free list.
Andrew MeGuire, colored, died
at his home on North Spricg
street Monday morning. The
remains we e taken to Jackson
Wednesday for burial.
Ilandmacher's tailoring estab
lishment has the only Dry Clean
ing machine in town. Phone
No. 875 and he will call for and
deliver your suit. Adv. 39-4t.
Alfred S. Ewing a New Mad
rid boy son of Alfred Ewing of
Tennessee is now in the U. S.
Coast Artillery stationed at Fort
Adams. R. I. New Madrid Rc
ord. Judge Kelly deserves and has
the thanks of the entire news
paper fraternity for a much ap
preciated order. On opening
court he ordered that a table be
furnished inside the bar for the
accommodation of the pencil
pushers. Heretofore it has at
times been a difneult matter
get the proceedings, when the
limit, d.
:011 :
7 Doyen want to change cli
mate? Buy a fruit ranch in the
famous Bitter Root Valley, Mon
tana. We ow n a large tract of
developed and undeveloped land
in this fertile vallev on the Pa
cific side of the mountains where
the climate is perfect. Grand
scenery, fine water, mild winters
and cool summers, fine hunting
and fishing. Write for prices,
etc. TheO. VV. Kerr Company,
20'J Andrus Building, Minne
apolis, Minn.
New Nickels Coming.
The United States mint at
Philadelphia are stamping the
new 5-cent pieces designed by
James E. Fraser, the New York
Twenty-five die machines are
each turning out 120 nickels a
minute, so that in all a total of
$150 in coins is produced each
The twenty -five machines
working steadily every hour,
will turn out 180,000 nickels and
in a day or eight hours 1,110,000.
The new nickel is thoroughly
American, the low relief designs
on the two sides depicting, re
spectively, an' American bison
and an American Indian.
The place of the classical figure
of Liberty, with regular features
and Grecian nose, which deco
rates the old 5-cent piece, will be
taken by the head of an Indian,
a lean and rugged aborigine,
whose countenance suggests both
strength and character.
On the opposite side appears a
bison. There is no capital "V"
on the new nickel. Instead,
under the buffalo, appears the
words "Five Cents." On the
same side is the rest of the legal
inscription. "United States of
AtnericA" 'E Pluibus Ur.um."
Cape and Jackson Commercial
Clubs Meet at Jacksoe and
Discuss Important
The meeting last Monday
night of the Cape and Jackson
Commercial club3 was a very
pleasant and profitable meeting.
There wa3 twelve members of
the Cape club, who came over in
automobiles. President Schae
ferof the Jackson Club presided,
and the discussions were of
matters of interest to all parts
of the county.
Farm Adviser McWiliiams,
spoke for a better and more thor
ough organization of the farm
interests of the county, and
Judge Hays suggested a plan
which had been mapped out by a
special committee, to divide the
county into 24 districts, each
district to have a president, who
is to be a member of Countv Ad
visory hoard. Prof. Babcock
assured hearty co-operation of
the commercial club and the
agricultural department of the
Normal; Prof. Roberts also spoke
in favor of the plan of organiza
tion. A. II. Ilinohey, Sec'y of
the Cape club and Fred Naeter
spoke, both gentlemen assuring
of their hearty support.
By motion the meeting endors
ed the work of Mr, Scivally in
his efforts to maintain good roads.
J.X McDonald, county school
Cerintendent, spoke of the
importance of the organization,
as it effects the educational
interests of the county. The
fact is, the efforts of organizing
means, co-operation and every
body knows that united ctferts
whpn iirnnfrlv made' will trivet
good results. The meeting ad
journed lat'.' aL r.icht. and the
members le!t well paid .i
tr- :. o, niton.
Congressman F.
At the request of the Xavy
Department. Washington.' D. C.
Congressman J. J. Russell will
appoitit a midshipmen for ad
mission to the naval academy at
Annapolis, between now and the
4th of March. If there are
more applicants than one our
congressman will order a com
petitive examination to be held
at the State Normal school in
this city, Saturday, February 15,
but if only one he will make the
The applicant must be able to
pass a good mental examination
in punctuating, spelling, English,
grammar, geography, U. S. his
tory, arithmetic, algebra and
geometry, and be between the
ages 16 and 20.
Mr. Russell will also have the
appointment of a cadet to the
military academy at West Point
next June. The mental and
physical requirements are the
same but the age must be be
tween 17 and 22. Anyone desir
ing appointment write to him at
once care of House of Represen
Superstition is nearly as old as
man and that it exists now quite
as strong though not as wide
spread as in the early ages of
our world, is proved by the var
ious rites and ceremonies practic
ed on certain days throughout
the year. Even those who ridi
cule them, yet participate in
them "just for fun," have a
lingering half suspicion in their
minds that it might come true;
especially ia this the case when
inclination paints the way. St.
Valentine is the acknowledged
patron saint of lovers; and the
peculiar customs connected with
the day were referred to by
writers nearly COO years ago.
The St Valentine who suffered
martyrdom on the 14th of Febru
ary was one cf the fifty-two
saints of that name but nothing
has ever been found in his life
or in the lives of any of them
that would give occasion for the
singular observance of the day.
It has been maintained that it
wa3 an ancient custom among
the Romans during the Luper
ca'ia, celebrated in the month of
February for the men and boys
to draw the names of their fu
ture wive3 in honor of their
goddess Februate Juno, and that
the Christian clergy finding it
absolutely impossible to abolish
this heathen rustom changed it
to a religious ceremony by writ
ing on the slips "of paj)er instead
of the names of wurnen those o
particular saint? im tnev
were to follow and imitate dur
mg the rar.
If the new woman comes as
the creator planned when he
"created man of his own image,
in the image of God created he
him; male or female created he
them," by aU that is good and
holy, by all that is peaceable
pure r.nd praiseworthy, let her,
come, and welcome. Let her
voice be heard riot only in the
house but on the house top; let
her place and power be recogniz
ed, carefully considered, and joy
fully accepted and adopted, with
a rising vote of the "party of
the other part" unanimously ex
pressed. If she comes possessed
of the precious instincts of
aiothrl.y aifectton. of sisterly
dt-voiion, homelike emotions audi
.ncies; of
m ii
pro'.eci io'i i.j
ti.( ....
;arers on u
,-oni em th'y
ihe nav tha
of hainan
i .! siKvd
r io the
a avor
..lit ranks el n jnnm eil'.rs
ei Idly progress." A wunrAnly,
oman has a place which no
man nor woman nor saint nor
angel, can ever disniU'.
is uie seat oi nonor in me none:
ranks of the better elements of j
soul being, or religious senii-j
ment. of purity, of saintliness. j
and of the home. :
. i- l. . i i. ; . J. 1 1' A i
What to Take During 1913.
Take this paper.
Take comfort if you can.
Take things easy -within rea
son. "i,
Take the girl you love to be
your wife.
Take care of your health. It
Us the most valuable thing you
Take a hint when it is intend
ed for you. Don't wait to be
knocked down.
Take flattery as an insult, and
an honBt compliment as some
thing to be grateful for.
Take pains to be faithful and
conscientious in business. It
will bring you success.
Take offense only at things
worth being offended at. It is a
sure evidence of a small mind to
notice trifles.
Take hold of any work that
comes to your mind rather than
be idle. Luck always waits upon
the busy.
Take time to be polite and
kind always. Rudeness never
pays, the poor may think so but
he is wrong.
Take trouble like a man. Don't
go w hining about when ii comes,
but 6hut your mouth and stand
up under it resolutely.
Take a trip now and then, and
try to see something outside of
the town you live in. Travel is
one of the best of educators.
Take pains to do vour work
well. The conscientious worker
is the oce who ceta to the front
the one who is never idle.
IavM A. GipTin, PrfsliP nt
II. Kfzir, V li"--Profsll'fit
li. S. Jo'vpb, Cik'.iiT
Accounts of individuals, business firms and corporations
solicited. Interest on Time Deposits and Savings
Accounts at rate of 4 per cent per annum
33 lBI3ElrSl ; prr
. Ill V. . U' ... v. .1
Capital, $500,000.00 - - - All Paid!
n -
, I
We Pay 4 Per Cent on Time
4 Per Cent on Savings
Modest Interest cn zl Dsposits
me, see us -Be convinced -
Farm and Home Magazine S$
' Thn
Si. Louis G
Are you aware of the remarkable Special Offer, open for a
limited time, under which you can secure Two Years' subscription
to this peerless Combination at the price you would ordinarily
have to pay for the paper alone One Year.
Send One Dollar and you will receive the paper including the
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Two Yearly Subscribtions.
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You will need the- GLOBE-DEMOCRAT for reliable News
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Globe Printing Company, Publishers
Last May, in Howell county, q
team of horses became frightened
at an approaching automobile,
ran away upset the wagon and
caused the death of the owner of
the team. Now his widow has
brought suit against the driver
of the car for 113,000.
Ci. S. Summers, .Aest,. ('a.tlitar
W, (). ilowmnn, Amt, ("jnl.lr
M. HrtLimerman, Saving Ix-pt.
i.ir: limit in 4
23, tOO. 00
fmJ O Ul L It L t CQ S km
We will then have year patrons ie.l1
3 Li?.
the family. Sample copies free.
S Ro.-
Dr. fax E. 0::i
- 1 H

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