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Vol. XVJ
Capo Girardeau. Missouri, Friday, January 23, 1914
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Cape Daily and Weekly Tribune's Plans are Lhluring for this Most Wonderful GiftSubscribers to s
The L72v Papers Will be Entitled to Participate in This, The Greatest Contest Ever Ccndnctcd!
Those whose names have been enrolled and those now being received will have
equal chances with others that are now being added by the hundreds every day.
We do not care who becomes the lucky possessor of this complete Farm Home. It will be ready to move right in. There
will be a good house awaiting the occupant. There will be a comfortable stable for the cow and horse. The chickens
will also have a good house and pen. Even the hogs will not be forgotten, for a good, commodious pen will be awaiting them.
Do not confuse this gift with other newspaper schemes that fail to mature as promised. This is a complete Farm and will be act
ually given away some subscriber to The Cape Daily Tribune or The Cape Weekly Tribune will be the recipient. Why not you?
1 t
1. i
Watcli for Later Announcement of Plans and All Dctaib 7!::c!i Arc Ee::3 Worked Out as Rapidly as Pcssib!
(3) Inquiries continue to pour in fur further information about the(Cp
! splendid 20-acre farm to be given away fcy tbe Cape Girardeau Pub.-
3liL Jj;-.
Cp Cirkrdran and AU Other Soulh.
t)(ern Towae Strongly Se'present
r4 at Snaell n Monday
BramW h lif-niost succewful
mwting of llic lin4 evvt li-li in the
etatc wua the annual inrting of the
fedoration of Coinnicrcial rluba of
Southeastern Misawuri . .Monday at
Kennctt. Of -?urtc tb Chjio Oirar
di'au delegation hv'h Imii a special
train ovr tbs Friws, i:ing up lit
tle parties from towns aVng the way,
u the centr of attraction, and the
backljone of the gathering. Matters
of vital iinportanre to the entire
Bouth-eastern part of the t-tate a
the feature of the whim, and evc-ry-
Superintendent Here and In Charge
of Friwco Improvement Which
Will be Rushed.
Jtiver front work was begun in
earnest this werk by the Frisco Con
tractor, J. H.fTitiiH, superintendent
of the MeMurry Congtruetion com
pany of Ksnus C'ity, Mr. Titus
will remove Lin family here as Boon
an he in aide to "secure u residence.
Men and team now are bucy
hauling earth and rock from the
embankments that are to he rut
away. Much Mauling is to be done,
following the removal of the loose
dirt and stone.
John Rouwe hus been awarded the
contract to build the eoncre te wall
thing alnioet esme in for consideration, j fro,n Good Hope street north to
Jtoi!ria,l nt f heir service in everv wnrre the nil rap work begin. A
manner was one of the more impor
tant subjects receiving action, Uie
resolutions committee verting to send
a resolution to the nwcting of dele
gates urging Ix'tter servv in every
way from all railrmds traversing
this section of the state. Appeal to
the state iitilities coiiiniiHston will be
made, it is claimed, if necessary, to
bring about the desired , results.
Another important action was the
indorsement of the proposition to
favor Kt. Louis as the location of one
of the regional banks. This was at
the request of St. Louis men in at
tendance at the sesision.
So successful had been the admin
istration of the present officials tht
all were unanimously re-elected for
the ensuing year.
Eloquent speakers were present
fron St. Louis, the Cape, and all
the towns of the entire south-eastern
part of the state.
The local delegation was graced
by the presence of women, promi
nent among them being young lady
musicians from the state Normal
school. 'I'bey rendered a number
of selections and easily won the hearts
of the lurge crowd present. Other
musiral organizations were strongly
-presented and participated in the
highly interesting and educational
Numerous tramps along the Frisco
near the Cape are causing the railway
company to be uneasy for the safety
ol it property, Also, residents of
the South Side are particularly anxi
ous to we the undesirables routed
out if possible. The tramps argue
that they are here soeking work on
the improvements to be mail by the
Woik on the new home of the H.
Albert Grocery company, opposite
llit Frisco station, is rapii'.Iy progress
ing. Hi it k wink his been punhed
as rapidly fcs ponuible this week and
t5i new vtructur Rive every t-vi-di
ncs of bring ' rnsdy for oeeupucy
within a rhoit tiiuo.
urge portion of this work is along
the river and on it roek foundation.
Additional laborers will be employed
as needed, und it has been steled
that ('ape men will be given the
The many friend of Miss Anr.r M.
Strut man, daughter of John Si rut man,
of this city, will be interested to learn
of her coming marriage to George
Madden of New York. The wedding
will take place Thursday, Jan. 28, in
Los Angeles, Cal., where the bride-to-be
has made her home for the past
three years.
Lust Monday was the first day of
the second school term ami was an
exceptionally busy day for the teach
ers, oning te the large number of
Display of New Type ia The Cape
Daily Tribune Office Window,
Attract Many Who Pass
Many people have stopped in front
of The Cape Dsily and Weekly
Trioune office the lurv few daya and
looked with wonderment Lri the
large wxd type hi our windows
the largest wood t'V 'n Cape Girar
deau. Th immense letter, which
is used for the large poster work
measures six and fjvft-eigbths inches
in depth. It is heavy and is sure
to be in grea, demand from our
many commercial printing customers,
This is only one of the new faces
of wood type for poster work that
have been added to out' orellenl
equipment. I!cidr4 t lie iarge wood
type, (boxwood being used for tdl
the larger type faces) e have man
ufactured on the rrui(ijkabl type,
easting ami type-setting inai hine
the "Monotype thoUKand of pound
of metal type for kll kinds i.f i.n'u.j
all (haft-cut and nrw.
Co., publishers of The Cape (Daily Tribune and The Cape Weekly
Tribune, both of which will very soon make iheir appearance.
Although the management is yet unable to give out!the full details
of the manner in which the content will be conducted, the matter
is being worked out as rapidly as possible, ta connection with our
other arderous duties connected wi:li the branching of two metro
politan papers.
Suffice it to pay, the farm is going to be given away, absolutely
free, in this circulation contest each subscriber to the papers being
allowed a certain number f votes yet to be determined but
absolutely fair and satisfactory to &1I concerned.
When you stop to consider the fact that won may be presented
with this dandy little farm home 20aces of excellent land,
residence and all necessary' outbuildings it is something worth
pondering over. Who would ot want to hve such a present?
Some one is going to get it nd no great effort will be required.
Our motive is merely to secure the aid of (Lose wh would be
interested in hating such a present, to aid -us in building up a cir
culation for the new Daily and Weekly Tribune. There will be no
question of doubt as to the value of these papers and almost as many
subscribers w ill just as anxiously enroll the ir names without any con
sideration of this rare prize. Anyhow, we want to increase our list
to the very limit and are poinjr to do so. If you chance to be one
of the subscribers, remember, ou will have as good a chance as
anyone else holding the same number of receipts for subscriptions
that you hold.
This farm which is located in Cape county, and not in a swamp
or some undesirable section, will be such that when it is awarded
to the fortunate person, will be ready for immediate occupancy.
It will be such a home as hundreds of our readers have dreamed,
but such as few would be able to invest in from their earnings.
It will be a place where one with one's family can make a home and
be really independent.
There will be no conditions in connection with this contest that
will prevent anyone man, woman or chi'.d- from making the race.
These features arc now being worked out, and we trust that within
very short time we will be able to announce the full plans, giving
out every item of information that hundreds are waiting for. We
desire to select the best and simplest plan, and the one that will be
generally approved by the hundreds who are no anxiously awaiting i
our announcement in this retard. I
Do not be induced to tie up with some newspaper proposition that
l you will regret, until you have had a chance to become one of the
contestants in this great Free Farm Offer for you well know that
a farm of 20 acres, equipped with residence and all necessary build
ings ready for you to move in is of far greater iiKrxrtanr! to Ju
and your family than some thing of a trivial nature in which you
might invest to help out a subscription list.
Resides placing yourself in a good way to become the possessor
of this attractive little farm and home, you will be receiving a news
paper that will equal any other newspaper published in Missouri,
and from this standpoint you are certain to have no disappointment-
The new Daily and Weekly T.Ibune I iti a fair way at tht time
to be regular visitor to your homes within a few days. Our new
newspaper and commercial printing equipment is about Installed,
with the exception of Home additional new machinery whtth can
later be added without delay in instilng the new papcrB. Hc.ndrf di
of pounds of new Job and advertising type has been mad en our
remarkable type-weltiag and typc-mikhig machine the "Mono
type". ThU paper ia printcJ ih all new tjpt art oa lk!s ondcrful
flute of fciachincry, but its success cacriot be wtll judged owltg
hi our hig newspaper fre bating been torn dona In nio'cfojf and
berue tf tbe fact that it ban cot bern gotten la the bctt working
Strog Argument in Favor of Levees
Te Prevent Similar Trouble in
The Future
Memphis, Tenn. Jan. 22. Showing
the Mississippi flood devastation, its
magnitude, and the means or eontrol
ing the stream smd preventing floods,
one of the most remarkable moving
picture films ever exhibited in Mem
phis was shown to a private audience
at One cf th ' M ajeetic Theatres yes
terday morning.
The film is 600 feet long and was
made by H. W. fpungler, of Helena,
It shows the 1013 flood at its
worst near Helena, Ark., the Iieulah
crevasse, and the manner in which
it was closed despite a high etape of
This film will be exhibited before
members of the House aiid ".-r.ate in
Washington next week. John A.
Fox, Secretary-Manager of the Mis-
Farmer Get Other Awards In eas
iest at Farmers' Wee.it In
Many farmers from the southeast
section of the state won priaes in
state corn show held at the University
of Missouri, Columbia, in eonnee
iion with the annual Farmers' Week.
The largest acre-yield vl eora for
South Missouri Ix.ttoiniands was win
by T. A. Wylie of Chaffee. The hoys
also' hftj an acre-yield contest, woi
by Oliver lialuie of New Haven.
In the corn contet, .pen to thfr
state, for the b-st 20 ears of hiir
corn, Klliott Tucker of Ferryvill
won third prize. The bft peck of
eowpeaj) 'in (he entire show was the
property of George Stark of Arcadia)
(derm S. Hansler of Jackson had
the best boy's note lrn,W.
The awards inade in the corn show,
i'busyes for southeast Misouri, were:
In the men's class for the best 10
CMm of u liit rnrn fim.t V I f
sihBippi Hiver Levee Association. willi, , , . . ', ... . '. ' . ' ,
1 ; . ' . hony of Dexter: second. LI'iott Tuck
er of f'erryvdle; third, L. H. Gaie of
use it as an argument in lavor- ol
the Kamlull-Humphreys bill, the ttK),
0()),()(K) flood meai-iire now before
This picture, will be especially val
uable to the levee cause as it shows
conditions impossible to de( ribe.
One of the pietuics shown 400 feet
of eurth gradually slipping into the'
Mississippi river opposite Helena,
Ark., another shows the water beat
ing the levees from the tops of trees
as it rushed through the crevasse at
Heulah, Mihs; another gives a view
of a big force of men at work near
Helena, Ark; sinking mattresses to
prevent further raving. The manner
in nhich the big net works are sunk
near the levees and on the banks of
the river are shown most cleverly.
Mr. Fox, in a few dys, will have a
film made showing actus levee con
struction work. This will serve to il
lustrate to the congressmen from the
North, Kast and West the eflective
neH of levees as a flood preventive.
h'xpert Farm Managers Show Him
How to Uuild n lilt Run.
Down Farm.
Jim Drown was tt farmer who real
ized that Ids farm wasn't bringing iu
all it should, so he applied to the
farm management department of the
Missouri agricultural college for ex
pert advice. He got it. Then he
followed it. Then bti made more
money that he ever had before ia
bia life.
This incident and others are re
lated in the article "Poctorhtg a
l'fofnl.ns Farm," on another pge
of this Louie of the Herill. It
an article brimful of bitvrtst to all
farmeiM, but is intended only for
those who wart ia improve their
f.ums an. krrtsMt ttu'r lucosues.
Utile you are id list cists, Jg;'t
it&l it.
Hali; fourth, I;. J. liayer of Ches
ter held.
For the lest 10 curs of yellow corn,
Krst, U. J. Mshoney, Dexter; second,
H. W. i ai'euiant., l.lmout; , third,
Willivic .A.'!tr, Jjkson; o.,sw, II.
C. Her.ft!-", J.V'Ifson.
In the young meu'r ria-, for the
best 10 '.ars of white corn, firsi, G.
S. Ilemdcy, Jackson; second Can
McCauley Doniphun.
In the boys' clans for the best
10 ears of white corn, fiist Lee Mi
hony, Dexter; second, Site Hcmdcy,
Jackson, third, Otis ilhams, Tamo
litt; fourth, Addie McCauley Douiphaa.
na; fourth, Addie MeCuulcy, Doni
phan. For the best 10 cars of ytl'ow
corn, first Hobert IUndel, Doniphan;
seeor.d, Joe Hetvsely, Jsa'xsoii; third,
F. arl McCauley, Douiphun.
Decision in two cases he Las LclJ
under advisement since December
were handed down this vcek by
Judge It. G. Kacney. The li. J.
Hcmmes company of. Memphis is
allowed judgments aggregating $2C'J.S5
against Oscar Huediger and the
fleeter Urewing company .of Illinoia
An injunction wu granted the C.
G. N. lUilroad eompsuiy against the
tLe city which restrains the improve
meat of Merriwtther street, as pro
vided by ordinance. An appeal it
to be takeu by the city,
Th spring rub in on iu the (.'ape
for residences. For some time thero
hue been a marked ecarcity t,f delh
line,. Tho procul wetk aeveral
ptrtic from Jackson. Lave been en
deavoring to Cud Cult able. irwJcticq
property here, but thu fir Lave bee a
uueuccrmul. It ii to b LovJ they
will suceerd in ai leit fjiidaig tern
poisry k)uatler unl.i the tiumcroi
new dweliinga are buifi the coming
tpiing ud iit(UAo r. 'i he Cap ccr
tuy wt-lfni a!l irot.irts.

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