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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, January 23, 1914, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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explain cjiN'ACASunnEroi'n
Who! Mex'r. ViHaje, ti Dogs and
Fi a ticj Cct", Interned n U. S
Soil Crfcjco Is Charged
With Cowardice.
n Pa.o. Tex., Jan. 21. Guarded by
I'n'.ted S ..'? cavalrymen, the S,3ui)
M'AK-an f'.-ifrst i-oldk-rs and their
1,C9 -women end children camp fol
low tb,, who were forced to (j k asy
lum i!i this co.nilry during tt;e haul?
at OjinMga, Mexico, are .Interned at
Fort V'!!b fr irn Indefinite ay on
the footing ot prisoners of war.
Each train of rvfutwa was run Into
camp on a spur. The unloading pre
efnx.il varied, sod animated, eenes.
With the wmnon jnd disarmed Mexi
can soldiers there tumbled of dogs
r.d fighting cocks saved from the bat
tle of OjSnaga and lovingly carried on
the long march. One family oven un
loaded a burro still packed with, do-roe-slic
iit.i)Kll8. The bedraggled and
exhausted picture of a whole village
of people sudde nly dumped off on for
eign s')ll vc&A brightened by brilliant
ly colored blankets and shawls of the
Geu. Salvador Mercado, tha former
chief of tho Huerta army, showed bis
gratitude for the treatment of himself
and hiH men by tolling the Mexican
soldiers to obey orders.
Gen. Merrado also charged that Gen.
Inez Salazar and Gen. Antonio Rojaa,
volunteer commanders, were cow
an!!? under fire, find that they aban
doned their posts as noon as tho rebels
Jan. 20. Tho sinking of the mala
and sir shafts of the new mine of the
I!f:ii Mining company at West Frank
fort, southeast of Duquoln, 111., has
teen completed. The mine will have
a capacity of 4.500 tous dally, equal
to any In Illinois, and will be equipped
with a. steel tipple.
Jan. 21. Senator William Hughes
of New Jersey' told President Wilson
that' there w3 a conspiracy among
leading Democrats in New Jersey
against him (Hughes), which had
been disclosed by. a vl-.fit to Wash
ington recently ot Edward Grosaeup,
chairman of the Democratic state com
xniit;e. Jan. 21. Radium was described to
the bouse committee on mines as the
only cure the medial world hi dis
covered for cancer the disease for
which no cau;e has &n found and
w-titeh tho PYXiPrtx hef.lrA Cbn pnTr.
rriittee labeled a rebel against all tho
laws that govern homan .Issues.
Jan. 22. Ivrd Strathconan and
Mount Royal, high commissioner for
Canada, died at London.
Jan. 21. The latest reports eeem
to indicate that the IiritiHh cabinet
Is likely to be split into factions over
the forthcoming naval estimatei, with
Winston Churchill, the first. lord of
the admiralty, leading the fight for a
big program and Chancellor of the
Exchequer Lloyd George opposing It
Jan. 21. Gen. Heufesse Larocho
and several other leaders of the Hay-
iittn revolution arrived in Kingston
irotn i.ape Jiayu on ine sieqinsriip
Albingia. After an unsuccessful flKht
with the government forces the men
took refuge In the foreign consulates
at Port R'l Prince, whence they sailed
for Kingston.
Jan. 20. The number of victims of
Alpluo oeclierits during 1013 was 102,
according to statiHtlca Jtnit made pub
Jan, 20. Late advices from Kago
ahirna say the volcanl;. eruptions are
eubduing. Then in great Buffering
throughout the Inland of Rakura, for
it baft been found Impossible to give.
shelter or food to the thousands who
have lost their homes.
Jan. 19. King Gunlave of Sweden,
In his speech from tho throne to the
Swedish parliament, announced the
Intention of the government 8Kin to
auk parliament to grant to women the
franchise and the right of election to
Jan. 18. The entire rallroail nerv
Ice of Portugal wan suspended owing
to the declaration of a central strike
Tby the employes. About ono-third of
the railroads belong to the state.
Jan. 20.- -The list of decorations
made, public in H'tllc include the
Red FaKie of the third class to Col
von Router, who recently was ae
quitted by eo'.irt niHi ttal of charge
imude )-,a(ABt him In connection wtih
the trouble hiitween tho military and
Uiippnopli it Zabern, A!uc,
Jan. J9.--h'i'jorl of a vnry liieom-g.-lHo
iiatura liiiiicutB no om il!v ro
timl.iti i n ! i.t of h'.iliuifi. wl.ii !i
I it an jnferiKi (t gi"l-n and fUme, Ii
it i, th.. I l),i eiilirti tioiiiiliilinn
' (.,...! ..
Gef)rl Rotha, premier of the Union
of Couth Africa, teem to be utandlng
f?rrn against th lab-r agitators ana
has proclimc:(J nartil law In reply
to th oritur for a gin?rs( strik.
Jan. 20. MaJ. Gen. Wiiiiam II. Car
ter, commanding the second army di
vision at Texas City, Tex., was or
dered to return to Chicago to resume
command of the central department,
Kb. 1.
Jan. 17. Senator Tillman of South
Carolina is confined to his bd with
an attack of erysipelas. He has not
been in robust health for a long time,
and his friends ro anxious about bit
Jan. 19. President Wilson heartily
thanked Edward F. Goltra, Democratic
national committeeman from Missouri,
for the Davy Crockett cap Mr. Gol
tra brought to Washington.
Jan. 17. Defiance of administration
disapproval of the postofflca appro
priation bill because oi the provision
exempting nil the 2,400 assistant post
masters from civil service was voiced
in the house debate by Representa
tive Moon cf Tennessee, chairman of
the poatofflce committee.
Jan. 16. Uncle Earn now has under
his possesBlon exactly 8,000 islands,
supporting a population of 10,000,000,
or more than the entire United States
a century ago, according to a report
just "received by the National Geo
graphical society. It tells the story
of the remarkable development of
tbone islands since the American flag
was unfurled over them.
Jan. 22. M. F. Taylor, his wife 8Jid
twa children were found dead s.t their
home la Fort Worth, Tex. They were
last seen alive Jan. 6, when Taylor
quit, work, saying they were going to
Oklahoma City.
Jan. 22. Tottering undJr the weight
of the SO years, William Eherwtin
stood in criminal court und told a
simple but dramatic story of how his
wife, 15 years younger, had pleaded
with him to kill her, and how he com
mitted the deed.
Jan. 21. Robert HIgging confessed
he murdered his wife at New Hen
derson, HI., Jan. 6, so he would be free
to marry his stepdaughter, Julia
Flake, 15 years old. He was arrested
after the girl told of her infatuation
for Hlgglns.
Jan. 21. James M. Martin, known
also as "Dr. F. W. Laoolx," formerly
of Quiucy, III., dlfcd suddenly in the
Wyandotte county Jail in Kansas City,
Kwn., where he was held pending ap
peal frotu a conviction of causing the
death of Florence , May Crowley
through an illegal operation.
Jan. 21. Harry Filers, the 4-year-old
son of Edward Fliers, Peoria, III.,
died at the St l'Yiinees hospital as the
result of being shot with a revolver
In the bunds of Roy Krxleben. Frx
lehen Is being held by the police on
the charge of shooting tho 4-year-old
Jan. 20. John Krafcheiilto. a ban
dit, who recently ei-caped from the
Jail at Winnipeg, Man., where he was
being held on the chivgft of muider
ina 11. M. Arnold, muuager of the
Plum Coulee branch of the Rank of
Montreal, lias been captured.
Jan. 20. Mro. Grace Holly of Her
nardsvillo, N. J., mentioned ly her
nephew, Paul Ciji, as the woman who
Instigated thV?ruoUng of Monroo F.
Kills two year ago last fall, Is out on
f 5,0'.0 ball as a. material winter. in
the 'ase,
Jan. 20. One mun was klied and
another severely wounded In a battle
of gunmen in the street of New York.
Th despf radon, for whom spechtl
squad of police k- on the lookout,
disappeared Into the building a the
police appeared.
Juu. 1!. -Mor.es Price, 45, of Jxrln,
J.ke liiior railroad detective, vwm
mhot am! killed at Hrtiidui.y, ., by
tur tli.-vt viioni ha watt trril!ug
Mlu liny wort) bn-tiklu iutu tar
la the )'td.
Companion Who A!go Endd Lifa Be
lieved Arkiinj.au Fa'.'mer'a Dii.jh
ter Reward Wh Offered fftr
A. H. Hammett,
lAUle Hwl, Ark., Jan. 19. A. H.
Wol, the "i'e nneshce Jiidge," w ho
wiih a woman, committed suicide at
San Francisco Saturday, in reality was
A. Ii. Hamtnett, defaulting county
treasurer of t'rtma county, Atk., vibo
absconded in October, 1S2 2. The
woman is b'iievet! to !: Blanche
Warts, tho daughter of eti Arkansas
farmer, who lived near Wynne, the
county seat pf Cross county. She Is
said to have been Intimate with Haiti.
nv.t. Fhe d"pfttiel at about the esifn?
time liammett absconded. Soon alter
her father moved from Cross county
and his whereabouts are unknown,
A letter from Mrs. Josephine Rus
sell of Cuero, Tex., which began, "Dear
Brother," was found among the pa
pers of the gulHide. Mrs. Russell in a
sister of A. H. Hammett. Among
other papers found was an employ
ment application blank, on which
Wood signed his name "Albert I).
Wood, 5 years old, formerly owned
general store at Wlttsburg, Ark., and
formerly lived in Wynne, Ark." Ham
mett once owned a general store at
Wlttsburg. '
A. H., or "Wood," Hamsnetti as he
was known throughout Arkansas, wns
a leading politician of Cross county
and at tho time of bis disappearance
was county treasurer. He made the
race for the office of sheriff and dur
ing the campaign his wife died.
Shortly after Mra. Hammett'g dead
and bis defeat he disappeared, but it
was not until B. F. Hamilton, newly
elected treasurer and successor ot
Hammett, assumed office that Harn
mett's absence from his home alarmed
county officials. No settlement of tho
affairs of the treasnrer's office was
made by Hammett to his successor,
and about three weeks after his de
parture Judjre J. F. Gautney, circuit
Judge for Cross cuonty, called tho
grand Jury and ordered an investiga
tion. This investigation resulted in
the auditing of the books of the treas
urer's office and the discovery, of a
shortage of about $40,000 crkIi and
130,000 In scrip. Subsequently an
Indictment charging Hammett with
embezzlement was returned by the
grand Jury.
Jan. 22. Mrs. Viola Hartman, 21
years old, "The bride of the air,"
whose marriuge In a baloon to Dr.
Mllo E. Hartman was the opening
event of tho National elimination bal
loon races at Kansas City In 1912, died
at a nanltarium at Kansas City of
Jan. 22.' The Haltlen government
troops were overwhelmingly defeated
by the rebels and fled in disorder
after a terrllic battle, two miles from
Haiti. The minister of war took
refuge on board the steamer Quebec.
Jan. 21. Representative Hensley of
Missouri tfeslres to Btop the Importa
tion of any material, crude, partly or
wholly prepAred, or any goods, wares
and merchandise" which are tho
product of foreign convict labor.
Jan. 21. Senator NorHs introduced
a bill for a bureau in the department
of agriculture to lend money on farm
land at 4 per cent for a period of five
years, to be repaid at the rate of
oneilfth each year.
Jan. 17. Representative Stanley of
Kentucky, after a conference with
President Wilson, introduced a pro
posed amendment to ll.e Sherman law,
whkh would make illegal the monop
olization Of restraint, of trade "la any
Jan. 1. A composite good . roads
bill, under which each state may
choose between two plans of fdra!
co-operation In road budding, was ap
proved by the house coniuilltoo on
ronds. This measure will be report
ed to the bonne at once.
Jan. 17. Government ownership of
the great coal mines of the country
as a remedy for strike disturbances,
was recommended by Senator Martlne
of Nc-w Jersey In a repcrt submitted
to Chairman tfwanson of the senate
commits which Investigated the
West Virginia coal Ktrlke troubles.
Jan. 18. Certified copies of resolu
tions adopted by the board of direc
tors of national banks, scattered
throughout ever state In (he Union,
accepting the provision of li new
currency law, have bt-wu reuived by
the treamury department,
Jan, 1.1. four steps of i-Hu fne
portitlice, i-KM iitlal tu phu tliii Pnllfd
Kt'i army In a blutn of n uamiuola
prepwriviiji-nt) lor pomilblu war, w?rt
loroiiiiiiemlod to Kefietury (Jarrhiou
by Mil J. (Jen, Leonard Wood lit hi an
nual ctpurt,
Senator Aihurst of Arizona I au
thor of tho resolution calling for a
senatorial Investigation of th Michi
gan copper mine war.
Jan. 22. Dispatches from Northern
Michigan declare that a strike of the i
miners of the Iron ranges probably 1
will be declared within two weeks by
the Western Federation of Miners, In
hope of forcing congress to intervene
1k the copper trade,
Jan. 22. After a cabinet meeting
Secretary Wilson of the department
of labor, announced that he favored
a congressional Inquiry into both tho
Colorado and Michigan strike situa
tions. The secretary said he had dis
cussed the subject at length with
President Wilson, but declined to say
what his attitude was.
, Jan. 21. The Houghton county,
Mich., relief committee which raised
$30,000 for Italian hall disaster suf
ferers, decided to return ail contribu
tions. Officials of the Western Fed
eration of Miner refused to permit
uuion men to accept outside aid.
Jan. 21. The strike on the Dela
ware & Hudson railway has been set
tled. Company officials met the min
ers' demands that they restore two
discharged employes, Engineer James
A. Lynch and Conductor F. A. Blade,
to their former positions. All strikers
returned to duty at once.
Jan. 17. Directors of the National
Carbon company mailed letters to the
stockholders asking r.pproval of a
plan for sharing profits with their
employes. . Stockholders are asked to
set aside J500.000 of a new Issue of
stock to be given employes. The
company employs 4,000 persons.
Jan. 17. Edgar Wallace, editor of
The United Mine worker' Journal,
was arrested on a warrant charging
bim with violation of the anti trust
law in connection with tho strike of
the coal miners in Colorado.
Jan. 17. Charles H. Moyer, presi
dent of the Western Federation of
Miners, and 37 other officials and
members of the organisation, were In
dicted at Houghton, Mich., on charges
of conspiracy In connection with 'the
copper miners' Ktiike.
greater eecuiltj' fur jMm at sea an.l
their passengers was dealt with In a
thorough manner by the International
conference on safety at sea, which
came to an end at London, The dele
gates of 14 nations signed a conven
tion laying down regulations for the
Jan. 19. A telegram, signed by 14
members of the Progressive party of
Houghton, Mich., including several
county committeemen, was sent to
Congressman MaclJonuld at Washing
ton, demanding that hu retract ths
statement alti Hinted to him "Hiat the
constitutional rlghs of cltl.,:ns and
laws are overthrown In this district."
Jan. 10. The "kcxlak tru;;i" Is the
latest of tho great corporations sued
under the Khermuu anil-trust act to
seek a peaceful settlement of Its
trouble with the department of Justice.
Jan. 17, A wall of water, starting
from tho broken dam of the West
Virginia Pulp und Paper company, on
Bloney creek, moved down to tho Po
tomac, Inundated Si-hell, W. V a.,
where the two streams meet, and
started a. flood wave, laden with
vrrf;kag and ice, down the Potomac
Jan. 17. An inemise of 6 per cent
In freight rates wus favored In reso
lutions adopted by the board of direc
tor of the National Business League
of America at Chicago.
Jsts, 19. The matter of financing
tho 123,000,000 threeyear 6 per cent
note of the Missouri Psuiflc railroad,
maturing r.ext June, It U said, him
been settled by the agreement that
Gvorge J. Gdii1;I, tlie Gould etttato and
James Bpeyer Miall Underwrite a nrw
tuHuu of notes In exchange for tho old,
Jhii, 10. Mr. Cttirle llund llerron,
wlioitu iiiurrhiKit lo Plof. George ).
Ileiron criiited comment amc'iA her
friend nod prominent oiui woilidi
in tlitt mi. I. tin wnfit a demd utJ, died
suddenly lu Kiurencu, Italy,
Ccrwlcii Ued Girl ami Guard ai
Shield in Attempt to Ca'n Lib
erty Woman Captive Wound
ed During the Battle.
McAlestcr. Ok., Jan. 20. Seven
persons dead, three wounded, one a
woman. That is the toll of a sensa
tional attempt on the part of three
convicts Tom Lane, Chliic-y Reed and
Charles Kmitz to escape from the
i-tate penitentiary here.
The mutiner .had one revolver, but
the unerring aim of Chiney Reed sent
three prison officials and a visitor in
Warden Dick's office to death. Ills
victims were Judge J. R. Thomas,
Assistant IV'puty Warden Oaten, I-iy
Sergeant Godfrey and Rertillon Ex
pert Drover.
Using Mary Foster, Werden. Dicks'
stenographer, and Parole Clerk Rice
as shields, the three convicts battled
their way from the executive offices
across the prison yard to the main
gate and freedom. But it was a short
treedom. Seizing a horse and buggy,
they made a last desperate effort to
reach safety, only to be ehot to death,
their bodies riddled with bullets from
the high-power rifles In the hands or
the pursuing guards.
Although the greatest confusion pro
vailed among the 1.G00 prisoners, the
guards soon subdued them and none
escaped. Warden Dick Is unable to
account for the convicts being able
to obtain the revolve?. It is bellevexl
it was secreted near the prison by
Reed. Kane and Kuntz were known
In the prison as "bad men." Reed
had a long criminal record In the
early days of old Indian Territory. He
was sentenced to two years in prison
last year on 'a charge of stealing a
horse. Iane came from Paulsvalley
on a forgery sentence of five years
while Kuntz was serving 40 years for
Jan. 15. Arthur A. McLean, treas
urer of the Democratic state commit
tee of New York, pleaded guilty to
accepting campaign contributions from
a corporation. Supreme Court Justice
Veruou M. Davis suspended sentence.
Jan. 19.--Efforts of the border au
thorities to round up the Mexican fed
eral generals who escaped from OJin
ngo when the rebels occupied that
place, resulted In the arrest at San
derson, Tex., of Gen. Jose Ynez Halu
'ar. Jan. 17. AdoHo 'do la Lama, Mexi
can minister of finance, cabled his
resignation from Paris to Gen. Huerta,
as a proUhi against the action of the
provisional president In repudiating
the Interest payments on the internal
and foreign debts of .Mexico.
Jan. 17. Intervention In Mexico as
the only result of the present policy
of Ihe United States was predicted In
the house by Representative Gillelt of
Massachusetts, a Republican, In a
vnr speech, In which he assailed Sec
retary Bryan.
Jan. 17. President Wilson and Sec
retary of War Garrison had a confer
ence upon the latter'a recommenda
tions with regard to the government
ot the Panama canal zone und as a
result It is believed that Col. George
W. Goetlials, the engineer who super
vised the construction of the canal,
will be made governor and the pow
ers of the "one man" system of gov
ernment which he advocates will be
placed In his hands.
Jan. 20. Charles F. Keys, a light
ning rod contractor, died In a Washing
ton hospital after being struck by an
automobile operated by Rev. John
Spenslcy of the Catholic University.
Jan. 20. A dozen torpedo bout de
stroyers and initio sweepers plied up
and down VVhitesand Bay lor Koine
days, but fulled to locate the submar
ine A7, which ;;Hnk dining maneuvers
with 11 men aboard.
Jan. 20. Three trains were derailed
as a result of the acts of the striking
railroad men. Several Republican
guards and passenger injured and
tho cars and tracks were badly dam
iig'd at Lisbon, Portugal.
Jan. 20. Arthur K. Perry, an aero
naut, was drowsed when he dropped
with his parachute Into the Hlllsbor
oug river iii-ar Tumpa, lla. .Perry
lumped from u balloon when at a
height Of about 1,000 feel.. R U he
lied he boeutne entrigtd In the
ropes und drowned.
Jan. Id Hurry H.-iu-ii will not lie
hanged lotljiy lor tho murder of Vi-i
Mildred aMIhoii licxrout. Juiitir Car
ter of th uiueiiie court' of IlliiniU
trtHiwd a writ 4 supiri tdu in tli
'.. j
Cougla I. McKsy occupies the Im
portant position of commissioner of
police of New York city, under Mayor'
Mitchel. Thla specially poecd photo
graph of Mr. McKay was taken at po
lice headquarter.
Jan. 22. Lieut. W. R. Talliaferro
of the army's first aero corps, fic-v
continuously from Kan .iilego to Pas
sadena and back as far as KIslnoro,
Riverside county. The distance cov
ered, 2'iO mlhs, Is an American dis
tance record, so far as Is knewn there.
Jan. 20. Ran Johnson, president of
the American league, supplemented a
statement Issued by 'Charles Murphy
of the Cubs, by stating that if the
Federal league was not already dead,,
that it would gasp its last within a.
few days.
Jan. 19. Ty Cobb was offered a.
five-year contract at 15,000 a year
In a telegram sent to him at Augusta
Ga., by President Gilmore of the Fed
eral league.
Jan. 16. Jack Johnson and Frank.
Moran, the I'lttaburg heavy weight,,
signed articles for a 20-round bout for
the championship of the world, to be
fought In Paris on or before the Paris
Grand Prli race, during the first or
second week of June.
Jan. 16. Three of the best known
umpires the national game of base
ball has ever known have signed to
act as arbiters for the Federal league
during tho reason tf 1S14. They are
Tim Hurst, Jimmy Johnstone and
"Brick" Owens.
Jan. 22. The Wisconsin eugenic
law, regulating the issuance of mar
riage licenses, was beld uueonstitd--tlonal
by Circuit Judge F. C. Esch
weiler. Jan. 21. Two sto k exchange seats,
at New York sold for $r0,000 each, an
advance of (.4,000 from the last pro
vlous sale, or to the highest price In
"sevi ral months.
Jan. 21. An anonymous gift of
f 100,000 to Welk-sley college has been
Jan. 21. Mrs. Virginia Bland, widow
of "Silver" Dick Bland of Lehauon,.
Mo., a resident of Ivywold, a fashiona
ble suburb of Colorado Springs, Colo.,,
has been given a clerkship by Presi
dent Wilson In the office of Mark
Shiner, Internal revenue collector at.
Jan. 21. Mrs. C. U. A'lred. her two
children, aged 4 and 2 years, were
burned to death in a lire that de
ployed their home at Paris, Texas.
Mrs. Aired was building a fire lo coolc
dinner when coal oil exploded.
Jan. 17. Forty railroad: entering
Chicago have joined In planing a ast
cooperative system of electric mo
tive power for both passenger and
I'reight transportation in the city ot
Chicago and the Industrial zone sur
rounding. Jan. 10. Mrs. George ('. Lee, widow
of a Boston banker, died at Brooklyn,.
Mass., aged KO. Her daughter, Aiice.
was the first wife of Col. Theodoro ,
Roosevelt and the mot her of Mrs.
Alice lioosevelt. Longworth.
Jan. 20. I.ady Victoria Pcry, daugh
ter of the earl of Limerick, looped the
loop five times with Gustavo darnel
ut the llcndou Aerodrome, London.
Jan. 19. Preliminary estimate by
the department of agriculture show
that of tho 1,140,000,000 acre of tilla
ble land lu the United States, only 27
per cent of It Is actually under cul
tivation. Jan. 20.-The Austrian Antarctic ex
pedition, under the command of Dr.
Fed In Koenlg, who waa a member of
the German expedition under Lieut.
Fllrhiier, will start for the south in
.luvio, H is the Intention of Dr. Koenlg
to explore the unknown territory
Mound Wcddell sen and the Knderhy
lei Ion, w blip lies J iol Konth of thu
AiMuivlh: circle.
Juh, 19, -After the hottest compulirii
i ver waged in i ri ntoii, Mo,, (lie voter
of that city iidoidid loctil option by
majority of i'J,

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