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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, January 23, 1914, Image 3

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Preparing the Ground by Taking Out Al! the Old Root.
F you wore a countryman
whose farm van not pay
ing very well and an ag
ricultural expert c.anio
along and uuld: "Let mo
show you how you can
double and triple your
present Income ;'V If the
man looked aune and In
telligent, you would doubt
less jump at the chance.
Furthermore, If lie made good on
his assertion lie would win your ever
'lasting gratitude and perhaps you
would recompense him with a little
cash bonus, Now this is Just the op
portunity that the farm management
depavtmont of tha Missouri Agricul
tural college is offering to the furm
ers of the "show mo" state.
The department save: "Ask for our
.aid and W9 will how you how to tonic
your alckly bank accounts and how to
Increase the profits of every branch of
your farm." Even the most skeptical
who, to begin with, made fun of the
proposition have been 6llenced because
'the Missouri farm management depart
ment has made good on all Its asser
tions. Today some COO local farmers are
r,.nually recording greater profit on
the credit side of their ledgers aa a
result of following the advice and
jilana mapped out for them by the de
partment. u
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' v.
An experiment in growing cow pea.s
wMi corn on one of tho demonstra
tion farms. The pea will fatten
from alx to 10 western lambs at a
profit cf $10 per acre.
Tho department waa organized In
3 00; under the direction of l'rof. W. J.
Spllhriun of tho United Hutea depart
ment of agriculture, und V. 11, Mum
furil, dtan of tho jMIbgoui I Agricultural
college, for four year It work was
confined to an accurate atuciy of local
farm . conriltiia t, ' fsum of tha
knotty problem of tho Missouri farm
er and ho'.- ho could bo best uided In
aolviuj; them.
Then when the fovce wa thoroughly
conversuut with tho "tar boarder"
farms of tha Htate auJ had planned an
itl.iciit catnpatgn whose object waa to
-rraillciite the evil feature of the un
profitable farm, they orTored to help
the general farmer re map bl eyitem
of nuwi&gement, his crop roUtlo.m, Ma
tnethoilM of murkellng hla produce, and
to adapt til linn (( farming to tha
legion In which be reulilrd.
Confldenc In Organization Crow.
It waa a Ctta of "first coins, Cist
i-rvad," and after th;ai) bulne.ia inan
iiiieut doctor had cured a ftw
jri caiea of "loafer" fmrua nud mad
tli( i,-i profltoblu and morn productlta,
r:icitti'in rpiiucattn aid cam tu
like hot cakes from countrymen, in all
portions of the slate.
Aa an Illustration of what these ex
pert farm managers could accomplish
in rehabilitating a good farm which
was run down, due to mismanagement,
take the case of "Jim" Urown, who wan
considered one of the best farmers in
K t. .t a
- V -4 . "
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Removing With Dynamite
hi district; yet be, on the quiet, ap
pealed to the department for aid.
' A representative visited the farm
and found It apparently In good condi
tion, supplied with good buildings, and
annually yielding bumper crop of
grain and roughage, 30 bushel of
wheat, GO bunbela of corn end two tons
of hay to the acre.
It was a different story, however,
when tho export examined tho live
stock. Tha dairy cow were scrubs cf
tho worst variety, with slating coats
and every lib showing, and with ud
ders not larger than a man'i two fints.
The swlno and horse s were alo In
ferior ei lmens of twentieth cntury
live stock, viillo the supply of farm
machinery wus In no sense modern and
efllck nt. Here was a eustj of a coun
tryman who was exerting all his ener
gies toward tho production of profit
able crops, only to feed them to un
profitable live stock.
from 12 cow he obtained only
enough milk to supply the need of his
family of six persona. Tho department
showed him where the leak was, and
explained to htm how he could hr.r
r.ionlzo all hla bperation and render
his farm more fsrtlle and profitable by
maintaining better live stock. Ho ac
ceded to thylr advice and today Is
gaining a profitable livelihood and
yearly fattening hi bank account un
der a standardized system of manage
ment. Farmer Take Kindly to the Plan.
The popularity of this movement to
rejuvenatu sick farma Increased to
such an extent that a year BtiO the de
partment organized tho Mlusourl farm
Management negotiation, the pioneer
so'.iety of II character In America, the
members being recruited from among
the ranks of tho owner of unprofitable
farm who de;lred to nurso all the op
erations on their acreage back to a
wagu etrnlu condition.
Tha object of this auciatlon was
to organize and combine tha farmera
of Missouri who were Interested In
practical ayatem of farm management,
it aldud tha department In ao much aa
ilm country m n who needed and want
ed h-.ilp wore centralized In the organl
xiitton, while It aided tha fprmere It so
fur a tha department expert prom
Inert to visit and teplitn ca.h puco In
turu, To hundred fe-nently Interested
farmera Joined tha iioclety tha DiMt
year, while at prca ti. the motlrjnt
la douWrt Unit iiumbnr. I.nch i-ovtttry'
man pay f I H murubemhlp .-i the
funds being used to aid the depart
ment In its wotk.
Farmere Co-Operate With Department,
After hk farm has been Inspected by
the department, la cose a member of
the society .follow a out the ur,gn"tlon
of ti e el perm (although he ia nor, in
any way bound to carry out these sug
gefft'id rhnngos) lie bom a co-operator.
The majority of the coopcra
toa adhere etrlctl to the advlc ol
the department.
Each year the department aeliicta
the best co-operative farm In each
county aad mates It a demonstration
farm which conduct local txperiment
al work under tho direction of the ex
pert. In the case of the demonstra
tion firrn, the department asuuroes the
Initiative and devote ax much atten
tion to the place a Is necensary to
make It pre-inSueitly succc f .;1, and
spares no palnn la atislutlng the opera
tor of these farm to bring tbem to
the highest poMilblo state of fertility
and to tho maximum point of profit
ableness. On the other h'ind, co-oprRtor munt
tako the Initiative in all phases of his
work, aiCtioufh he receives aid and as
sistance frm ilic department experts
when he f tumbles onto u knotty )rob
lern. At iiif Kf jit there are l"t co-op-ia-tlvo
and five demonstration fatr-is In
the st;:te, und each (tummer, public
inc-etings aro held on the place of the
demonstrators, when; typical and Il
lustrative renulis have been obtained.
farmer from all parts of tho coun
try are Invited to attend these meet
ings at which prominent agricultural
experts and authorities on larm man
agement dlHciiHs the various lines of
farming practiced In Mlesonrl. At
noon, a basket lunch Is Bprvcd by the
ladles of the county in which the gath
ering is held, and In the afternoon the
men viait each Individual field, study
the crop, and Informally discuss the
efficiency of llj i,,c.:ho'.'H of sed bed
preparation, planting and cultivation
which have been practiced In the de
velopment of this crop.
t :
: . . , -
i 'I
! J,
Some of the Largect Roots.
These meetings have been fittingly
termed "Show Me Inatltutea on JgB,"
and are really regular motion picture
showe minus the nickel.
Woman'a Work Included In "Doctor
ing." While the men are busy with their
field study, their wives under the di
rection of .an expert In home eco
nomic occupy themselves with the
problems of tho faimhous';. Kllicieut
methods of re.plannlng the homo, home
decoration, modern method of cook
ery, the elimination of wastes and the
utilization of byproducts, handy aids In
the kitchen, and the b'-aullflcatiou of
the farm yard are explained and dis
cussed 111 detail.
i he woman expert in charge of tiiie
work occuphs herself throughout the
year In vixlllng and remapping the
ayrtems of home-managenieril. prac
ticed by tii house wives who request
her lid. Khe hi a sort of a traveling
home economies department which
work according to the theory that If
you cannot bring the furnier'a wife to
the college then take tha collepa, and
acleiicu to the kitchen of tha uousn
wifu. Hhe plan out tho uiaiiiii ineiit of
each homo as practically and syutenml.
Irally aa tha lioma p;ckulbook will piu
mil. Tha MUnourl farm iniiiiag'-niAti.t die
pnittiiinit nl.o iiiHlutaina a (arin c
1 counting I Ulllll whP U tmn iiea tin-
stfcte farmer how to mnlctstn a prac
tical and business like ayatem of roo
ords and accomit.
One Missouri farmer last winter lost
5300 cn work etock alone, (!! to tb
fact that he had mora arilnin' than ha
cou'd keep buy. It lu real'y a crea
tion of each farmer studying out hoar
msny hd of anlmala h csri profit
ably maintain, and then not exce'idlnj
thl number. The aamo thinsc la true
of the acrub cowa which ct up tha
protu of the oUier farm departmeDta.
The work of the Missouri farm nian
agfment department la state-wide In
scope and la efficient In solving the
probieme of the flv-acr farm, tha
600 acre farm, or the farm w hose own-'
cr nieraly dealrisa to keep the woif
from the door, or to save hi place
from being burdened Willi a mortgage.
In a word, the department la devot
ing Just as much attention and atudy
to replanting an unprofitable tn acre
truck or fruit farm as It 1 to remodel
ing en 8,0'jO-acre stock farm.
The Concrete Examplea.
Among the practical results which
the department has obtained in It
first nid work to the farmers !; the
case of a 140-acro farm which, the
firvt year It was worked, yielded ten
bufchfiu of corn, 1.1 buiiifis of potatoes,
and one-fourth of a ton of Lay to the
The managerial exports recommend
ed tho iiao of better seed, tho fall dis
tribution of 15 tons of manure to the
acre, arid modern methods of culture;
this farmer followed these directions
and tho second year afterwards he
harvested 40 bubliels of corn, one and
three-quarter tons of hay, and 100 bunh
els of potatoes to the acre on the fields
on which these crop were grown.
He was a man of very limited capital
and the Feason he requested depart
mental assistance his assets amounted
to $2,000, while bis liabilities totaled
$1,800. At the end of tho second year
following, he wa out of all danger of
debt and had a tiny sum stored away
In tho bank.
Another notable Illustration of man
agerial efficiency resulted where a hog
ralaer on a rough, 100 acre fann shift
ed hla troubles to the shoulder of the
expert rnanagera w ho set lilm right on
his feeding aystern and got him to
study market condiUone and require
ment, ao that be last year realized $1,
200 from the sale of liia awlne, where
aa previously hi high mark for hog
for a single year waa J500.
Although ordinary work atock are
not supposed to yield much of an an
nual profit another farmer cleared $300
in one year from hla work animals sub
sequent to consulting with the depart
mental expert who advised bim to
decrease the number of work anmial
which he kept and to work the horse
and mule more during the winter.
A city man, Inexperienced In farm
ing, struggled along for five year Just
about making ends meet and then he
employed the assistance of the farm
expert who diagnosed his troubles we
a poor rotation, tho use of scrub seed,
and the under feeding of his market
Ho followed their-directions. Improv
ing his mcthode, and now Is gaining a
profitable return from bis made-to-or-der
The farm ha materially gained In
fertility, it ha increased In annual
crop production, and IhU year it paid
off Its back Indebtedness and begin a
new season wllh a clean hiate.
Indian Legend of Interest.
When the Creek cr Muskogee In
dian adopted Into tin Ir tribe the rem
nants of other tribes which were
nearly extinct many c upcratitioDs
were found among them. One of themi I
tribes was the Tuciiabalche. The '
legeiids of the Creeks state that the i
Tin Huba'r lies brought wi'.li them tev- I
en plates, tho oiifin arid oii,eet of '
which have puzzled i-"ien!'lc men ;
fur centuries. The '1 uckabatchea I
claim that theno ph.tes were given
tin-in by their aticehtefi. They were '
not to br handled by ail persons, only i
by particular men. a:: l ihi-'i- chiee-n
Thlr.ga Ready.
by tha chliif or micco of the tribe,
five cf tho plaiea were of copper and
two of brass. The topper plat? wern
about IS lm be lung and aevert Im il
ea wide; the brass ones being round
a.ul ( liiibe lu illiiuii'it-r, havl'.ig
two chainctera on He m ninulur to the
letlera A au1 C"iiiiiied. Tb
pluti-a wero k t burled undir the
limu t,f i)ia chief and ara luiiefad
(o ha attll In i i!t tn u. TallaquaU
(Okl ) Jiemocrat.
ii-n i
t I
y " fy
: : : : 1
ator, and his daughttrr will r present the Cb'rokee at:ain, end CoLgr'tiMuiaa
Charles 1). Carter the ( lux-taw branch of the lire civi;d r.r'?!Vit c-f tie 1
dian Nation, whose emblem is a Eve-pointed star surrourd.r.g t!ie seal of
Oklahoma will bo the r;;ol corjypUuous dc, gn to be tsigravej upon tb
$",V'0 silver service which the atate will present to the Lattk ship.
Misa Cruce, w boso mother is rled, and who is the constant corn t'.r ton'
und chum of her father, is the granddaughter of a gallant pioneer, Capt. La
F'lore. Her mother was one of twins whs names were Chick l and Ciiockio
bcautio of the corriminrrliug of Cliickabaw arid Choctaw blood.
Mrs. Cruce was Cbieklo L fore. The daughter, seventeen years old,
a graduate cf the Oklahoma Ktate Normal school, and the Ardmore V.'-
tehool. She Is a student of laneuag' 3 in the University of Oklahoma and
l'-ader of society in the circles of h r i.ge in the capital. She has traveled
extensively and, though a girl In yers tr.i ap;"eararice, she ia a woman la
intellect and accouipliahnienut. .
Itaouf Hussein P.ey, captain of the
glorious "ilamiuie," is advertising for
some one who will take off 1i!b c.houl
ders the burden of blng a hero. A
year' experience has proved that be
ing a hero la tiresome. Itaouf can
tolerate hi popularity, the display of
his photogiaplis, the Bicker of hla
moving picture face ind Ms prospect
of becoming admiral and marine min
ister. Hut against this Btanda the fact
that when you become a hero In Tur
key influential people insist on marry
ing you to a princes. Raouf resent
this. Though a Turk, he Is more Eu
ropean than Europe Itself, and he
much prefers the European system
under which pretty girl who want to
marry heroes send along their photo
graph. In Turkey they tio Dot get
their photographs taken. Tho aultan
merely commands the hero to marry
a princess of the ancient, mighty and
terrible House of Othman, without
even knowing what she' like.
Captain ll?ouf Hussein ia a dark-eyed, thick noted, handbme, well act up
Turk forty years old. He served In tho liritith navy, apcaka perfect English.
fciiB tasted whisky and soda, and In every other respect U a civilized man.
It was Raouf who mt to Germany to buy the battleship Welssenburg and
Kurfurst frh-drlch HVllhelui, whirh, renamed Messudie and JJarbaro
Hairedden, did Turkey cuch signal service In the war.
that pertains to a borne Wo recerul
thought of which will alwaya give iny
It will neu r be our joy to live, there.
Oultu In keepln wlih the quaint
fli nineeH and rurbeluwa. the "fjrden
slliipcru," t!n g'.rll.-li b"iiix t and l!i
iioBigaya of simple klnsroma which It
Is the faiiilon of tho moment for the
debutant In the national capital to
carry are tho old fnnhlnnod houra
which tbey aro keeping thia Benson.
Srrt.aki-r Clark daughter, Gctmviuvii,
waa ri.-mihk the most prominent of this
aessiin' "PirJi "
When once an 'nvttuiion lo a debu
tanta'a dane) tor tb b gend "teu" or
"half pant tun o'clock," Unlay the ciirda
read "ulna o'clock." which mean tbat
eupper will be aervixl at miilnUht and
that by two o'cl k lbs debutante s
fu-t dattcM will be a happy rneinory.
Tbo nfornr baa coni withuut any
Dffort. HoineihlnK mora airbtln. than
prtachhitf t-arly toyra In at work In
changing a inod t.i. h In lhi hinl
tell ynar leld ll cell m a Clinliil'l
r'rldy titservi-d that no one p.-reu or
aat of iirori, Imnvitr lui'.m itiUI,
could uproot It Aiiiill'ir fri.ii,ra oi
tumiulua (uiHtiona aa Ilia vrlb-i
When M ! Lwii Ctir, d.visht-T
of the governor of Oklahoma, thrift
ten the new Uniu-d R'.afea bat'
Oklahoma iif.7,t March, th most truly
American warr.htp 'iil b lauocted
the Indian cf the onvy.
Miss Cruce, hiiae't part I'idlan, will
be Biirroanded by the repr-.te?:ttlT
of 40 trllea of red liien of Uie forty
sixth Bta.te. And it the reiu-st of
OVtahoir.a is complied with, ar.d thfc
vessel Ih manned largely by OkIaho
r-ans now in the ravy, a a'ror.gr Vfta
of Indian Mood would be fouiid In tt
crew'a pTsonrf-l.
A rnajnrlty n the lnf).n f) 5i p'e
ent at the launching will win from
th nvo C!vl!I.ed Tribes, but MUa
Cruce 1isints that all ota-r br.!ithf-
of aborigine sh'ill have delegates at
the laund.inz. The.f are 5fpcti to
appear in ria'J-.e ir-:--, and the scene
will be the moFt UBique In tho navy's
Llbtory if her p!a;;s j.rtva:L
I;cl;"Tt L. Owen, United Elate sen
Lamar 1 a farslliar name In the
social annals of the tiational capital,
and, glancing through Ha written
pages. It seems a rare oiicurrentB
when a repreb utatlve of thw family
1 as r.ot ffcun-d. Certainly cot for th
pant 50 or V) yearn. Jij'iire William
1'ailey Ltruar and hi attractive young
w ifn aro welcome addit.'cns to tho
lire! coL-jpoHcd cf former officials
for whoro the lure of the city la lire
alstibb. 1 hey were lterz for .lx year,
beglnniag with tho f ifty-eljiLth con
gress, when the j.rdge, then Kirving aa
atiorney general of hla stare, ws seiit
to the l'juer boute. After s-rvir:g tu
the .Sixtieth cor'.gre.-,3. Judge i.amiir lm
came athliated kU large l-gal lnter
erts in Atlanta, 'in, and resiled thftr
ur.til lu years ug'.-, when te and lira.
Lamar n tu;
il t'i Vi'aj-hlnrton, which
will hereafter be their winter borne.
"fads are something I nevur had
leifi.tri) to cultivate," sal.1 Mm Ijioaar.
"One of my dullghU niatifr lo all
ere-ied near Atlaiita. t;,i.. a hoirn ih
heart a pai.g, for It i-ua.i now thit
10 .
I'ttHOM U tl.ll fci.
I L"i.i.(u lui
!li i il UL Ii i utvly'
I. H l.i u.
:. V
- " I '

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