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The Cape County herald. (Cape Girardeau, Mo.) 1911-1914, January 23, 1914, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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vavi: county ni:r:Atn. cm'-c unrAUDEAU, mo.
;r it
O i i U i tit n M
j!i ly f.-. rrn J-If . Warn,
1 HO
f,r (
J fun;,' r
Ik. Lui t
f.,1 -V
, vcuf
iv.-i f.-i:
- T!
e L.tj.-
i.Uf -
I'll! VT-'t y tf
M-.-re than
r.i' wives i'xk
eir tit ni.ii.r
it r ! 'f-4 1121. Thof
do !..(. if.' Ix-le wvcrid hundred
r-o'..r s.' .,.. f, f f,A blr r v;'-t.-fe.
i'.-.i.'M-, Toys, ru'Ti )j.J women
fc'i! l.vi their i ?! I rf. l'or the bahit-a
there wa a 'Better Babies' .t'ho;
fjr tin- boys, corn -And Lve.-tok iu
." ruction and -i'l;-:i!.f ; fr tlj farm
a crm;.! tp boii'-d down course
in aerie. Hirc, meetings of 15 state
-to-ociationa, rvetdnjr program and a
Larnpiet. The work was under the
direction of the college of agriculture
and tLi: e-tate board of agriculture.
I'ive contents were held.
The bubie, 70 of them, were
j-.joV.'-d for L- a. ' : 1 mid lij eical pr
leclion. Camilla Co"in;i, daughter
..f Mr. aid Mrs. ChaM-a CoHini,
3103 I ."ad Avenue, .St. Louis, won
(r r 1 pr'ir.f for all b-il.i.-s and
(irs-t prize, in the three-year-old dims;
Donald Meyer, Kin of Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. Meyer of Columbia, won first
prize in tin? or.''-yf,r-o'sd clum; and
Vivion Loi.c, cj.v.hl ft of Mr. on?!
Mrs. C. M, Long of Warrenaburg was
first in the two--ir-o!d clas.
Hoys V"in !tl7.t
"JLft boys' fchort course, attended
by CI boye nsoj't of whom, won
tUfir trijm to Columbia bj' winning
tome prize in a county fair, was a
feature of the week. Tlit agea of
the boy were from 12 to 10 year.
Tbfry were taught how to play an
w"!l .aa bow to work. Jvan Hutclii
oa of KingvilJe . won the draft
Lot juditifig contest; Earl MarwoU I
of Kit;gvi'!r, tiie Log judinf;; Marion
X'-jviiurt .f llol b-n, th; cattle judging;
atid Vi'oith Lawon of Kirkviilc, the
thM( judging.
iij the Miftaouri State C!orn Fhow a
larjj uuiijber of riz-a were given.
J. G. Douplaaa of Hbelbina won the
f.rand champion p.'i. for the bet
10 faia of cjrn, all clafta; and Oa:ar
Douglui-a of Siu-Ibina wou the grand
tbaiii ion boy' prize for the bent 10
-ara of corn, all clauaea.
Boone county Lams wire judged
beat in the bam and bacon content.
W. II. Thompson of Columbia Lad
the be.-t baiu. Jaoiea Batheler of
Frederti.'ktowo Lad the bttit baron.
In the week's short course in farm
ing conducted by the college of agri
culture, lecture and deiuonotrstiuiiM
were given on ail inariajement; ani
mal husbandry, dealing with judging
and feeding alieep, cattle horses and,
Logs; dairy husbandry; farm mana(?e
Oient, including arrangen-nt of farm
1 .1 I
t of ,
- i '
. 1
ivc Ci.
L.f fr.r
S?reity remin I,i'i'(r X'
rit.i.nl T n Warm
: -J ,- 4
It.'-fSr to
i rui n
Jit 1 rreern
n t'w.'
!i irt i .
ii. -in ( f
id f:,-
r v
. j
( -r iV
-f hi. I
i I.
i.f M
A r t , r vf t s bctwn i-ni'er and
flcarrv. fd.iircn j.eoj.l,. iib biif-r )nr-ts
! i .
r r..i tt.e are oi am r rumnmii oi u:i'
it is lijorii they r ft' h a point whrc
rr,.,fp )l.:in ordinary attent n rfutta.
en tliesH coi.f.'iba ( h a re(d!y
Iit,;,.4. rhuir- I i iniM tpe Jiews;)pei an,i olh'-r
pubi'ii-aMor. r iivluied to "print
the now'' of the nlfitir arid
S'i t thiit.
!.;.:. IV. -,;..
l'..n t
d rv.
y: . e
tv of
proven tb.it. f
r Vf!l f.w
1 !'
4 Cf
a r. r
Drii-if ten p;
w, 1 1
by iuhVp.!
; r..-A I : t
if it rannoi
v every
ror (t w
w -r
El en
i?. r. !vv!
i, e r. i
let it
. 3,
i i s
u h i !
;r, i .,
fen.it for
y .i l F. t.
..I? on this
I of the 1- !...
. t lit The Com
: k. A
c r tr.d other
f.i!in mal
i roup
Dean 1 .
was to(iM m:er. tiov-
I.ili'H W, Major a.nd A. ltoss
j.rc.i lent of the Vuiv r.iit v of
Mi.-oO'iri, were two of the apeaker.
At the 'l'.niy fogbt rr"-ir'g of
the board of education several plana
were pujtmitied for the proposed new
school building. No action w.as taken,
but an architect i to be employed.
Among the architect aubmitting plana
were Mr. Parlow cif '.he Cape; J. 35.
Felt, Kansas City; and A. F. Lindsay
of Sikeston.
Another honor Las been bcMowed
upon Kendrirk Dean Burrouith, aon
of Mra. Frank Iiurrouph, of this city.
According to the vote of bi classmates
he was dc.id'd the nrt aebolarly
member of the senior claim at Yale.
His vote wa 105, the next mao reiv-
a!o ii:g 'JO. Mr. Uurroufch and Mi. Gene
Uurrough, who is attending school at
Staunton, Va., were home for the ho!i
daya and greatly added to the social
f est ivit i .
At the meeting Monday night of the
city council a communication waa re
ceived aigned by the majority of the
proierty bolder in the Gibony-Houck
subdivision, advising the city of their
consent to the proposed oil depot of
the Standard Oil company on the cor
ner of Maple atreet and Gibony avenue.
The cornpauy in contemplating the
erection of ita ptart On the 7'est Side.
On next Monday ivjjb.1 ut the Com-
merciul club ruuiua the newly or
ganized Miaaouri !.'.acine rchiiui
aion will Loli it ;r .t public meet .ig.
The object ot the at .sion ia to probe
into insurance cocditioua here, in
connection ni.-!t' ire-wila Jn-
veatigution'of inouranci. buaii'is. In
surance men from the surrounding
townn are expected to be in attendance.
Only r'le'itly the city of IVoria,
111, waa in the throe of a bitter
campaign against the ryon there.
A certain mipi-ter tuik it r.pon Liro
flf to csi't grave rePerlion 8j!S:n?it
the Kiiloon ir.cn of that city. The
atta.-k e.r(,.-.j to ii.it.fy'a re.-.ly
from the accretary of the Peoria
Lifpior I)ealc" Axiu!.ion J hn
'1 hrrbe. This rej.dy waa printed in
the Peoria Tranaertpt, and portions
of bi interenitng argument are re
produccj as fi.'.lovss, ?.!r. Tbrobe
ret quoting from the sermon in
question :
" 'It ia not a question whether a
etloon or two car-aping the vigilance
of the police, arl! a sltalthy diink
after Riidnight, or sympathizing!)
hold out an un!jful band to a
friendly neighbor dying with tbirxt cm
Sunday. No, no, no, a thousand
times not, but why the whole saloon
fraternity are permitted to shake
their fiats in the face of intelligent
citizen of IVoria and aay they will
do as they blank please about the
conduct of their buaineas.' "
In pouring out bis hot reply, Sec-,
retary Throb had this to say:
"When that former colleague of
your, Hev. Simmons, coromittcd sui
cide because he waa guilty of the
grorMt immorafity, did the aa'.oon
keejiera arie and make it the subject
of their meeting, claiming that all
you preacher w.re like .Simmons?
And you know, without me telling
you, that Simmons' sin waa at least
as great aa the saloon keepers' in
selling their goods.
"It has been iiid that in tliia c'ty
vice is commercialized. Let ua sec
what some ;enrecntatives of your
profession do in this direction. One
good morning we read in the papers
that Reverend So and So received a
call from such-and-such a church in
Peoria and has accepted. In rifting
it down, nine timea out of ten we
find that he accepted the call becauae
Peoria offered hitn more pay than
Hollis of Jackson'a Corner. We see
this same reverend gentleman in
few years leaving Peoria because he
received a call from Rockefeller's
church. Sifting it down again, we
find that Rockefeller pays Lira higher)
new dr. ig t.r aivl coi:f- tion-
ery i,-. to be e'!ab':-!.e.! in v-ry
short lime in. the varjint room in
the bmhbr.f at ti.e fore1? of Broad
way and p-4Tt'ih street. The new
More will be operated by IJerry it
J.;!)i-3. For some time Ir. li-'rry
has b'-'-n ron'.ic-tej wi'.h Quality
drug store and Mr. Jon baa fen
with the Miller A Knuier drug store.
The location is a good one and the
new f.rm wiil start 'out with the a
surance of a grfd business since
both are well known.
It i most gratifying to barn of
the ect abh-hment of new bu;nes
coii.-eri.s. all of which means erpan
s;.,n of Cap Citiv!-au aod provides
more employment for those who live
Mrs. Ezellji P.oyd Las instituted
livor-e j.ro'ojipj agtinrt her hus
band, William Boyd. They were
married in June, 1310. 'Oaekcoo is
said to be their borne.
Ixira Lindsay i made defundart
in a divorce suit filed by her husband,
Joseph Lindsay. Their marriage oc
curred in April, 1910.
Jamea Iaac Ilobbs seeks release
from the ties that bind him and
his wife, Lather Hobbs. They were
married in 189$.
Mamie F'lina has asked the court
to allow her $20 a month from Ler
huHband, Guy E. Flinn. They were
married in 1906 and she claims he
abandoned her in 1911. Request
aio ia made that his one-third inter
est in Cajw property be sold and in
which she should share.
Before tiie common plea court
at the February term suit brought
by Mrs. Emma Milford against Ler
mother-in-law, Mrs. Margaret Mil
ford for 510,000 ia scheduled to be
tried. It ia charged that thp mother
won over the affections of Ler son
from bis wife. The couple married
zt Farmington, March 20, 1012 and
lived at Des I-odge until October of
the same year. Suit wau o.-'j.uaU.v
filed at Farmington, but on tett&i
of the defendant a change i,! venue
waa allowed.
after our interest in Cape Gir
ardeau and adjacent counties.
Salary or commission. Addre33
Cleveland, Ohio.
" ' ' V
Am i
At Your Pest
TbeM U Life .'Act Ion, and
i. Subtile piay to Jii'ir ex-pii-i-.sii.ti
. ......
Tbehti plea-.hu,' cb!irwtf la
Ilea are t-nife'lit by our fast
le.iis.-s and reptoluced In
our portraits
Hrijlt day and lony
i(tiij9 are unneccai-y
with our modem equip,
riTtilTala Street
J. P. McDonald, residing three
miles north of the Cape ia remodeling
hia splendid chicken yards and is
planning, he states, to have one of
the laiu.at plants of the kind in this
section of the country.
Mr. McDonald Las a ranch of
some 2'J acres, which he devote
to Lis fancy White Leghorns and
White Indian Runner ducka. He
makes a specialty of catering to the
soring trade and already haa Lis
plans well advanced.
It In Soistlissso
( 1-J , iviissouri I
-a .
'1. V
TIi ICIml Yon Alwny ItotsLt, acl Idr! lia IWn
ta v for ov r CO ytv.r, brn lh bnfttur ut
tuifl Iiai cfi Tia.tlo t!i'r M per
fS S ifJ l p rvlHtori hlne It IifdTicy.
Ww,' v," wwv- ilffw t ! totteive y"tin t!.-w.
All Couutrrfr If f , ImHtioTi anJ " Jutt-aa-pocKl " r b';
Iitprinirntt If ut rj;ij w'tth ami rndanarer th Iieaithi ut
lalAn- and C'lii.iirt?ni:i;-cr5carj ngitloet L.s itrlsxtntm
a r
Cr.nforl is a LorrrJfM e'llifHute for Caotor OH, Iaro
CriN Irop nl ootblu; ;)'rrjp. It 1 p!e&c:ifit. It
ortt.ilns neither Opium, 2Ior7.1iiito iu,r otlur J'arrolio
tnb'.t.-irirr.. Ita are i its Ei?araiitee. It dcatroyg Vj'orirn
nd ;;U.i.T8 I'Terth?)esn. For more t;.an thirty yera it
Leen In rontant ute) foe t! relief of Vn.tntton
I.ttI nry, Wind Co'ic, oil Ttljlnjf Troubles Had
liinrrbcra. It rfrlt',.B the Ktoermch ard llovreU,
nsitnUafcj tiie 3'ood, plrlr sf fceallLiy and iutiirii.l tlw-ji,
'Xlie Child.i-cii' Panacea 1ho 2IotIicr' 1'ricn'l.
uiijs CASTOR!
J Bears the Signature of
0 4F &4
The Kind Yoti Have Always Coaglil
In Uso For Over 30 Years
Twf et ta4im ooimiir, rt sum? rncer, sew um
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Mutual I'ilur. Corporation.
Thewe two famous cowboys gained
la worldwide reputation as clever
riders an 1 expert twirlers of the lariat
while touring with Buffulo Bill's
Wild West show. Director Griffith
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sibilities after he had seen them on
i he screen in Yitugraph western dramas
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every job and prices reasonable.
Tor Iafntit &&d CLliirto.
No. 2 lv Cape 7:CKJ a. tn Ar Perry ville 12 noon
No. 1 lv Perryville 1:15 p. m... Ar Cope 6:20 p. hi
No. t? lv Cup 3:30 p. m Perryville 7:05 p. in. Farp-'igton 10:i5 p in
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No. 10 lv Ant-ell 7:43 a. m.,... Ar Cape 8:30 a. in vviv
No. 17 lv Cape 6:00 p. m Ar Ancell 5:40 p, in
No. H lv Ancell 6:45 p. in...-,. Ar Cape 0:25 p. m
No. 8 lv Perryville 6:15 a, m. Ar Perry vill.j J.;l. 6:20 a. m...,.
No. JO lv Perryville 3.15 p, m. Ar Perryville Jet, 4.20 p.'m
All broken automomobiK? and machinery parts
wcMt'il and tininht-d eijual to new. Wo weld alumi
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specialty. Full line of auto Mipplies; llashlihtH, etc.
We also keep a ood Ktock of ujplie.s and lepaiiM at
: - . ' ft t.
f 1 'i
. . U kl
- "Coiiiiecta at Perryville lunction with north bound I'lisco trairn
H2 1 and ttt2 for St. I.uis.
It. U. fX'HULTZ,
Yiis-Pfeoidegf, and Genera) Mstn-r,
207 CrcsJiy
rhoot eos
' few!

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