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(Ti a a urn , vri nrl
jM.VV TfiiV IlAIv.
i. 1-'. M'KK, E.litor.
VOL. 4.
NO. n.
lTZTn, A TI Tr
VMZLtlZrl UK I .-r-lt.il I )'
(Copyrightes iro ly (hi
l .
I A party of cavalry
rutl ur.r rfcitrgs ol Com. (fonnHlr. s
prur to nun fnitvn, wHifiun at, we
ave, and r. wi pail- to boavd an old, us
m4 r r,.j i Ftltaift Foii'h
U mi cur 1U rvrutts. At Ostleri lAuL
ftiifv.Riint tomrdu tha train aria U strut k
svlth ths beauty os youa le-aa-r mmi
ttr. . Ha trie lo rnak her acquaintance,
ut la uneuce:,sfui.
rnAPTKK II.4Myvraajit dlacovaraati
a. M fffin Hav riaujFlit.v nf Raw Ma
baa an encounter with a drunken recruit.
Murray, who swear revenge. Karly nasi
aiorriing the old recruit car ta dlsooverte
a fire, caused by hsat'ng of Journal boxes,
and the (j.llc-T barf If arrajit atth llwlr
lives. Htuyveesnt help, rescue Murray, but
ta severely burn-, alias Hay helps tend
the lpjurrd. Iiicliia'ing Btnyvraanl. Kcs
ler. although injured, declares be la In
ted of no aid.
CHAPTER lit. MU Rajr leaves train
at BacraTnentn. On arrival at Oakland
Btuyvvsant receives telegram saying lleu
teaant e commtnrlon annits Postvr at Sun
francleiro. In looking aim up It la dlacov
area that ha baa disappeared.
CHAPTER IV. Stuyveaant. attached ta
Oan. VIuUmis staff, la questioned by on a
Wen. Drayton aa to Mrov.Uge ot Foaiar'a
rnerAbout. rrayon aaawa him h-lter
from old friend, Footer's uncle, tvlllr.g of
Poster's nwetlii- with M"ln Ray s.untlrno
previous In ttetturky and hi Infatuation
for her. rUiiyvaa:int suggests looking (or
bun In Sacramento.
CIIAPTKIl V.-Kurray. tkr uorulv re
arnlt, la discovered to b a deserter. Stuy
veaant aoctcVntally an net a L4 ut. Ray,
brother of Mips Rar. at tfctn KraAtl.ro.
They aoclrientlljy svak of Foster, whim
Ray know, and lia says hla slater's deter
mlnatloa not to marry outaldc tha army
mu.t hara caua.d ater ti civllat and rn
dearar to win the atrapa.
CHAPTEU VT-a-a Bay. with her
mother, coiura to tian Kranclnca. but HUiy
aaaart, although car anxloua, h. not
the plelj.tl" 01 meutlac bar. Lieut. Hay,
while vlaltlng thtm ore- fveninc, reerlr.-a
rord thnt irfonera under hla cltarft have
eecupr d M:d Ilia qu3rtra li.iva ba.n nubWU.
When trur.tpnrt ou w hwh tftuyvartt aai:
la leaVric iMrtior he, with party of af
nira. 4uori ar eacort ateaiuer to bid
frienda (area. all. Miee Hay la aboard and
be la introduced. Thay spvak, and h.
fireaaea hopo of meettaac her uion bla re
urn from Manila, nba amlliairly an.weca:
"1 think you may tea mebetorc tbt."
CHAPTER VIL-H la Warned Murray
la one of eecaped priaonera and that IL.M
La am one Lavut. Rtiy'a mlaainc property,
CHAPTER VIII. A RnanlulM trtraoanW
diera ara Involved la a Heht wttli thr-
drunken aatlwia by a burly, rraahily dreaaed
at r4 nicer, a recent arra4 on law laUlula,
known aa Baukelt. rHuyreaaat h-ara of
fiKht and from demrlpUoja MeBCirVa atran
Rer Murray, and &Jacvere him while
aecrecly attmfrttRa; to la- for ahfp
bound, for AuetraJla. A acurrla eaauta la
which 8tuyviranl la aily atMed.
UUi i rva IX-Xlnrwant lingers be
tnreen Ufa imd deth at Ifiinoluki fcir many
weeka. Vlnally lr4fw.paat H!i.-miuetito .ir
rtv. wlti Lieut. Hay. hla mother and sta
t"r. Vhe Intti r a Rad Cmhi nurf. r.boarU.
rlluirvmajit tella drwtMra lie In wI1 etiouffh
to vmreed lo Manila artrh boat.
rilAI-fk'H X -He ftoea, but surTera se.
rlrui ie!tue .-.a a raaiilt. Ilo improve, to
ward end of trip; i'r-eul of Mli Kujr
pruvca a woudwrriil .tmtuiant to him.
lfis wiTe prnvo nntl mixiuiis
vIimh, tin minutr ntr. hi ri'ai-
jicare-il. ".Son is is willi liim," lip mi;1
In low liin.'. lis lie liuiki'.l ilnn into
fhi mviM't, si'i'lnus. uptiirniMl fnet.,
"lip sli.inliln't linvi- trii-i) it. Hi
fiolrrt -.k: ilia'toi'M riinili'lclv. I'll
1 1'M von mure' pri'M-ntlv," h- tulili'il,
ti(iliii).' tliat Mrs. W'i-11:-., willi two or
tliri'r 'if Itw liautl, were In-nriitir tl.avn
upon liiin for tltliiijrs of I In limilM,
' mill Sandy liml lien til n wliti lunl
not? the unfavorable ophtioiiN en
ti rtnineil by I lie Kistt'i'lioni of liis
Iiu I, less, ln'iv -foiHwl frirtnl.
"The tliK'tor lie uttistn't le
'both I mean tlixt utln'il want a to
pel liim try sleep, yaw Know," w'ns liia
litirriei! nntl not loo linppy respoiiMft
to Hie nuerioH of llie three. "Mutter
of InilineKS he watiteil to aak m
nliout, Ihufa nil," he eallrrl baolt, us
'lie broke nvrnv and ilodireil other in
qulrioa. .
Once: in the little box of a atittr
room to which he nnrl a fellow
anlmltcrn had been iixl(rned, ha
bolted the door, tnrneil on Iho rleo
irlc lltfht, nml took from under hi
pillow a Miekt'l of lettrra and at
blm down to read. Ther wai ons
from hu mother, tmtten on her vrny
"back to T.tnvenwof th, whloh be pored
tiver intently and tbeu -eveent'.y
kUsed. Later, and for Uiei aaconil
time, he uufoldrd and read the long-
' est letter bis futhar bad aver peuueU.
It was u (ollowil
"I hav allpped away from ramp and It
counties. Interruption and taken a room,
at the hotel to-nltrht. dear Sandy, lor I
want to hare a long talk with my boy
a talk we ouplit to have had before, Mia
It la my fault that wa didn't. I shrank
- from It eemehow. and now am aorry for It.
"Your frank and manful lettrr, tallica"
me of your severs lora and of the ek
tiers thai fallowed, reached me two days'
afro. Your mother's oamo yesterday, fond
er thau ever and pleattlr.a; for you aa only
muthora can. It Is a matter that hna
cost ua all dear Stnanitally, but thanks to
tha loving mother, you were promptly
enabled to sover the la-aa and eav your
name. , toii know and realise the aacrl
- flees she had to make, and a lac tella ma
that you Inil.t'd on knonlna. I am glad,
you did, tny boy. 1 urn going 1 leave In
your hand, the whole matter of rcpat ment.
"A young fallow of 'M can atart In lha
army w ith many a worse handicap than a
- tebt of honor nnd a determination to work
It off That steadlia him. That matter
really give, me leas care than you thought
for. It la the other your giving way t
. an Impulse to drink that tills ma !th
concern. You came up like a man. ad-
mlt your fault, and suy you deserve pnd
expect my severe censure. Well, I've
thought It all over. Bandy. My he.rt nixt
my tu rns go out to you In your distress and
humiliation, and I have, not one word
''Ot rrproich or bUime lu give you.
Kor now I sli all tell you whut 1 had
thought to say ahen our graduation drew
'irlKn. nuu v. e oven auie to nia.Ler nic
" clianlcs and inoit cules and other niathe-
tiialical rot rot ai utttil toatavalty otfl.
cer aa a hinooular to a blind man. and that
I ought to h.tve told you when you atart
-ed out for voursi'll us a young ranchero,
but could not bring myself to it to tons
as you aeeiiud to have no Inclination that
way. Times, men. and customs nav great
ly tr.yim.il in the Vast It) or U) years, my
boy, and grtatly for lha better. Looking
bark oer my bo) hood. I can recall no day
when wire was not rved on your graudf ar
ttur'a table. The bristliest mlnda and
"4raveat men In all Kentucky pledged each
othar day and night lu the ut thai aotat;
J. B. LlprlncoM Company.
time rhe.ru and ujttlmes InenMalea, an!
no publlo ocaaslon was complete without
champagne and whisky la ahuadance, no
personal or private tranaactton consider.
auspicious unless appnuiateiy 'wet.'
"ltini" were days frnen our atate.men
raveled In aentlment and aong, and drank
and gambled with tha fervor of tha fol
lowera of tha races. I waa a boy of ten
der years then, and often, mlth my play
tnatea. I.ia-aa called from oucjnorry. games
to Join tho gentlemen over their wine and
drain a bumper to our glortoua 'Harry uf
the West,' and before 1 went to the I'olnt,
Bur.dr. I knew the bert, and possibly th
worst, whlskys made In Kentucky w all
did and the man or youth who could not
Hand 'his glass of lluuor waa looked upon
aa a milksop, or pitied, and yet, after nil,
rrpt-ctud. as a 'singed cat -t fellow who
owned thnt John IiArleycorn waa too much
for him, and he did not dure a aingla round
with him.
"Then came tha great war, and wars ara
alwaya In one way demoralising. W'Ast
Point In the early siatle. was utterly iinlik
the West Fobnt of to-day, and no worse
than a daX9n uf our greatest colleges. Tha
oorps still hrtd lta talea and traditions of
tho uld-ttmn Fourth of July dinners at tha
mt-aa hall, when bveryliody made a di.sh
for tha decanters and oi-ank everything la
glrht. It waa tha only day In the yrar
on which wine viae served. It was In my
time tha Invariable custom for tna tupvr
Intendcr.t to receive the board of visitors
on tho day of their arrival ut his quarters
tad to Invite the ofTloera and the graduat
ing class to mi'i t them, and to s.-t forth,
as for yessr-i h.d been the fashion h( Wash
ington, wine and punoh In abundance, and
the very officers detailed as our instruutois
would laughingly Invite and challenge tha
youngsters so soon to shed the gray and
wear the blue to drink with them ngutn
and ugatn. I have reel, dozens of tho beit
ru.d Urarrst of our fiil'.owa come roellnr;
nnd shouting back to barracks and a
th-niQluiefs set of boys laughing and np
"I was stationed at tha Point soon after
graduation, and the men who drank were
the rul.'. not the exception. Hocinl visits
were rarely rxchnnged without the intro
duction of th decanter. The marvel la
lhat so mtny wcee 'temperatu lu our meat
ami drink, us my rather and grandfather
.ih- iI to plrod v.hen. regularly every morn
ing, the family una tho nirro servants wre
mti-tend for prayere. At every ..:n here
I wus stationed, either In the cast or u h.-ro
1 wns most at horse the far frmitler
wtiisky waa the eutabllhlied cuetoni. and
mull after man. fellows who had mnd. tine
records dunr.g the war. and hrlr-ht boys
with whom I had worn tho gray at tha
Point, till by 11. e wayside and wits courl-mnrtUl'-d
out ot service.
"fu '7i and '71 wo had a boarJ Taut swept
tho urtny HUc a aelne, and relegated eoorea
3f tiiii-lrrH to cliMI Ufa. but tl...t dh.n t
ttop it. Little by llttlo tha anH ar.d man
hood of our i.op! b.atn lo-tell. Llttia
by little the feeling cgaliist stimulant be
gan to develop at the Point. It wns no
longer a joka to net a fledgling olllcer is
tnste Ute tempter It waa a crime. Koirr
yenra alter 1 waa sommlsiiloued we had
one loiul ali.tstner out of soma 50 officers
tt the mess, and he was a man whose Ufa
and honor depended on It. Three year
ago. when 1 went to see you, thore wer
dozen at the tutus who never drank at all,
only eight who rvvn smoked. Athletics and
rule practice had much lo do with this.
I know, but there baa gradually rT.velopeit
all uver our laud, notably In the. cotnmu
tittles uhvre the custom utod to be mult
honored In the observance, a total revul
sion of sentiment.
"tjuartur of a century igo even among
mnr.y gently nurtured women the sl.ht of
a man ove-pome by liquor excited only
furrow and symiia-thy; now It commands
nothing less than abhorrence. 1 and my
surviving contemporaries started In Ufa
under the old system. You, my dear boy(
ate more fortunate In having begun with
the new. Among the old ololrs there urs
still some few votaries of Uacchus who
have to count their cups most carefully
or risk thair commlieton. Among thoes
under W our srmy has far mora total ab
stainers than all tha o'hers In ths world,
and uotj auldlera a Grant, Crook, Merrltt
and I'ptou, of our service, and Kitchener
of Khartuuni, ar on record as ssylug that
th staying powers of the teetotaller exceed
those even of the temperate mnn, and
ataylrg power la a thing to cultivate.
"Aa you know. 1 hAve never banished
wine from our table, niv boy. Hoth your
mother and I had been eccustumed to see
ing It in dally use train chllilhnud. yet she
rrvly touches It. even at our dinners. Hut,
rlanford. I Hent Juliu Uurleycorn to ths
right about th day your biassed mother
promised to bo my wife, imd I hough 1 al
ways kept It In th liOelioiird for old com
rades whose heads and stomachs sre still
sound, slid who find II agree with them
belter than wine. I never offer It tu the
oungiers. They don't need It, 8andy. and
no inure do you.
"lint yuu cum of a race that lived as
dlgV their fellow men t whom cardie-Mi
bottle and betting were everyday affairs.
It would be remarkable li you never de
veloped a tendency towar.i. one or all
of tin ir. and it was my duty to warn you
befrre. I luoiirii every hoar 1 wasted over
curd and every dollar I ev.T won from a
comtaiU muro than mtii'h more than the
ni.ir.v hundred dollars I lort In my .at
rial yeait..' upprrntLce.-lilp to poker. It's
'nl about the t'pore.t Investment of time
a ololer can -devl-e.
"Know ir.g all I do. and looking back over
the path uf my life, strewn aa It la with
the wreck of lullow-men ruined by whisky,
I declare lr I could live it over again it
woo d be with the determination never to
!nu''h a card tor money or a gtaas for liquor.
"And now, my own Lny, let m bear tlis
blame of this your flr.t Iranagres.lon.
luu are mora lo us than hav ever told
ycu- You ar now our sister's guardian
and knight, for, though she goes under th
wing uf Mis. pr. Wells, and, owing to her
latent- uesir to take . woman's vhjv w
oould not deny h.r, hot your mother and
I are Ailed with anxiety aa to ths result.
Tu you we look to be her shield In every
portlhl way. V lines never ceased to
thank Ood for the prld and Joy He has
given ua In our children. (You youraelt
would delight In seeing what a Up-top little
soldier Will Is snaking. You have svr
been manful, truthful, and, I asy It with
prlds and thankfulness unutterable, square
aa boy could be. You have our whole faith
and trust and lov un.pesksbl. You have
th beat and fondest mother In th world,
my son. And now I hav. not SB mor word
to urge or advise. Think and decld for
yourself. Your manhood under Ood will
do th rest.
"In lov and confidence,
When Marlon came tapping tlmldlj
t the stateroom door there waa for
moment no answer. Bandy's face
was buried In bis hands at he knelt
beside the llttia white , berth. lie
prMiitlT arose, dashed some water
over his eyes and browt, theu shot
bnck the bolt and took bis aister U
bis arms.
(To be continued.)
How General Grant Lost His
Not many Americana know
that Hiruin U. Grant was the
eighteenth president of the
United States. Yet it is true,
for "Ulynses Simpson" was never
legally the name of our groutest
general. This interesting fact is
brought out by Franklin IJ. Wiley
in the Ladies' Home Journal for
September, in "Famoiie People
as We Not Know Them." The
story of Iiow it came about was
told by a member of congress
Thomas L. Iiaraer who recom
mended young Graut a n candi
date for West Point in 183!. Mr.
Ilam-r hud long been it friend of
the Grants, but when he cume to
make out the application papers
for Ulysses he could not reoill
the boy's full name. So, decid
ing Unit he was doubtless named
for his mother's family, ho wrote
it "Ulysses Simpson Grant."
Thus was it recorded at West
Point, and though the attention
of the oflicials was several times
called to tho error they did not
feel authorized to correct it
This name was gradually
adopted, and by it Grant was,
and alwa3'S will bo, known. But
as for any mcord of the birth of
"Ulysses Simpson Grant,'' lhat
tl.jes not exist.
1'ropoMilH lor Flro-Wood.
Si'iili-d bltls will lie" rweived by Hie
uniliTsiuni'd for Hie xalii anil flolivorv
of fifty rortN of pxitl hard, Reasoned
nre-wootl for I lie conrt-lioiiaennd mil.
Hitls will lie received for the whole
lot or In lots of ten eunN or more, and
are to be jiresentefl by Snturdny, Sep
tember 0. I'.ml, at li o'clock p. in. The
rii'bt to reject any anil all bills is re
served. The eontriielor or contract
ors to deliver wood within one month
from time of letting.
Wll.I.IAM Pa A K,
Clerk County Court.
.Notice to liiiiluerN.
The undei'.siiriietl commissioners
will receive seatod hitls for tho erec
tion of additions U the past anil west
sides of the court-house in Jackson.
1'iaiiH and sptvi Ileal iuns forsnuie may
be seen at probate oftloc. Hitls will
be received for additions on either
side or for both sides. Hitls will ho
received up to Saturday, September
21, ltXH, at 6:0 p. in., and l;. list he
accompanied by certified check for
Mimi ns evidence of ond faith tin the
part of the bidder. The ri;lit to re
ject anv or Hll liids is reserved.
J. V. Mc I. A ix,
W. II. Mll.l.KH,
, Committee.
Notice to Contractors.
The street commit tie of thecitv of
Jackson, Mo., will receive sealed
bids tii to !1 o'clock Saturday, August
.11, liKii, for briiio-iui.' South lli'h
Street from First Mouth 'Street to
Koili'th .South Street to the estab
lished irrilflc. Specifications aro on
file with city clerk, wIici-h bids lire to
bp deposited. 1 lie ritfht to - reject
any imd all bids is reserved.
'kki) K. Kites, ( 'liairiiian.
Notices to ISiiiltfo Painter nnd
Con true tors.
Notice Is hereby triven thai. I will
receive per day bids until Sep'einber
HUH. for paiiitini' all the Iron mid
steel brldjrcs in Capo (iirnrdcnii
County, Allssouri. All paint, etc.,
to bo furnished by the county, and
painters to be paid by the tiny.- The
riohl to reject any und nil bids is re
served. For further, particulars ap
ply to ri. A. DAt'OHKIirY,
lkOiul und lli itlK'eCoiiuiiisKioiier
The uiulcrsipied Koad nnd Bridge
(!oinmissiouer of Chph liirnrdenu
County, Missouil, will, on the Kith
day of September I'.MU, nt lu a. m., nt
the gite of bridre, let contract for the
bulldinr; of a wooden bridge ou stone
pillars across a brunch ou land of
.. r. Sli itrti a, n half mile north of
Miller villi!. The riijlit to reject any
or nil nuts is reserved.
11. A. IUrilllKHTY,
lioiitl and ).:ridri Coininissloiier
Tho undi rsicni-d Road nnd Ilritliri
CouiniisHioner 'of 'Cape liiranleau
County, Missouri, -wiH, mi September
28, at 2 p. in., nt site of old bridge,
let contiHct for the bull linjr of a new
wooden bridge a roris a brunch on
lands of Ir. Markel, near Alleuvllle,
on roan lrom Whitewater' to Allen
vllle the rit;ht to reject anj uud all
wus is reserveu.
- n. A. t)ArrVMHHTY.
Itoitd and ilrliltfo CouJiHisslouer.
Southeast Missouri News.
The Bloomfield Courier is now
an all-ijtwne, -fl-column folio.
Tlie Cash'-Bobk has dropped
the patent, and hereafter it will
be an all-home, 0 column folio
The Illinois Central, one ot the
best and most business railroads
in the country, is going to put in
two tracks at Cape Girardeau.
M. E. Lemiutr, of Cape Girar
deau, is spoken of as a candidate
for representative af this county.
A better man could not bo put up.
Henry Austin, colored, 6hot
and killed Bob Blount last week at
Uloomncra. Mount wus in
Austin's hosa and made undue
advances 1o Austin's wife. He
reaped the rcware of his folly.
The locul paper is the one thing
by which strangers judge the
size of a town and the ability of
its business men, hence the paper
that does not Lave the advertise
nient of every business in town is
forced to misrepresent it. The
paper is a mirror that should re
flect a" true picture of the town
and every 'business conducted
therein. Union Ledgor.
Moine-seekcrs" ICxetirHlon Kates.
The Cotton Belt ad rise addi
tional home-seekers' excursions
from Delta, Mo. to all points in
Arkansas, except Little Rock and
points on the Little Kock branch.
between Altheima and Little
Kock. To all points in Texas
and Louisiuna on the Cotton Belt,
Kansas City boutri6n, Texas &
Pacific (except New Orleans) and
tho H. & S. railroad, and to nil
points in Oklahoma and Indian
Territories at tho rate "of ubj
fare pluE $2 for the round trip.
JJales or sale are, duly 2 and
10, August 6 and 20, September
3 and 17, October 1 and 15, No
vember 5 aud 111, and December
3 and 17. 1001. .
Tickets good to leavo starting
point on date of sale onlv, going
transit limit to bo 15 days, which
time stop overs will be permitted
in homo seekers' territory, lie
turn limit, 21 days from date of
For further information cull
upou or address W. K. Gipson,
Demy. Mo., or
K. V. La Ua l mk. G . P & T. A.
"St. Louis, Mo.
The Toledo Weekly Hindu has nu
enormous circulation at all times.
The year of ;i vesiilential campaign
However, it is lejiuiariy rend by near
two million people. Not onlv Hi-
niui leans, out people or all classes,
n pverv weetloti of tlin IthImiI Slli.l.-a
reml It for political information.
for thirty years it tins been n regu
lar visitor in every part of tho Union
nntl is well known in almost every
one of tlH' Tll.lHMi postoHIct'S in the
country. It is eliited with reference
to'a national circulation and people
of all politics take. it. because of kg
honesty nnd fairness in the discus
sion of all political questions. It is
tint favorite family paper with soine
thinjr for every iticiuber of the
household. Serial stories, poetry,
wit mid Initio!-; the Household de
part men t (ln-st lu the world). Younjr
routs, Mtnilay sclinol Lessons, the
Farmstead, tho CJuestion Hurt-nil
(which answers questions to sub
scribers), the News of the Week in
complete form, and other special
features. Specimen copies i;lndlv
sctit ou application, and if you will
send us a list on addresses, we will
mail a copy to each. Only l n year.
If you wish to raise, a club, write for
terms. AddrcssTiiK 1ii,aik.
Toledo, Ohio'
III, writes:'! was troubled with a
hacking cout h for a year and J
thought I had cohsumpiiuu-I tried
a greut 'cany remedies and was
under the-euro of physicians sev
erul months. I used one Itotllo of
Foley's Honey ami Tar. It cured
mo and I have uot been troubled
since." All dealers.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes maneya mna pladder right.
a swag ttaaat cagaat ar vanta rowoia.
, Highest Honors. World's Fair
Oold Medal. Midwinter Fair
Avoid Itaklug Powders containing;
fan. -Titer ere fagartosw t-s-taswHIi
Mlssourlans' Plain Talk,
Hon. Lon V. Stephens, in his
''Sharps and Flats" department
of the Boonvillo Advertiser,
makes tome intortwting extracts
from a letter wrHten by Hon.
Thoir.as Shevokleforrl, Glasgow's
veteran lawyer and party worker.
"Are those of us who stood
squarely -on the Chicago and
Kansas City platforms to stultify
ourselves by now repudiating
what wo then believed to be
right?" indignantly asks this
democratic stalwart. "It Is no
use," he says, "to disguise the
fact that whenever the demo-
cratio party puts forth a platform
against bimetallism as aUnnneial
policy it might just as well throw
up the sponge." Then ho mhU
significantly: "It is moro ob
vious than ever that a convention
of the mass of tho democratic
party needs to meet to arouse tho
people to a sense of tho impend
ing doom to the party. The
great mass of the party will not
stand a condemnation of William
J.Bryan, flirectly or indirectly,
in any future platform."
T-x-Gov. Stephens' quotes his
language approvingly, adds on
his own account that the "great
est mistake the democratic party
oyer mado in Missouri was when,
ninety days ago, a convention or
conference, as suggested by Mr.
Shuckleford, was not held. Sub
sequent developments in Ohio,
Virginia, Pennsylvania and other
states, even in Missouri, demon
strate the correctness of this
position. The responsible par
ties are known, and will not
esrafpe famishment.'' Many of
the ex governor's democratic ene
mies said the Pertle Springs con
vention idea for 1901 was his own
device, and was not favored by
any other prominent member of
the party. Col. Shackleford's
words hero.quoted, however, ami
the expressions of many other
veteran democrats, as' given by
Mr. Stephens in previous issues
of the Boouville Advertiser,
show that even if the Pertle
Springs ideu originated with tho
ex-goyernor, it has found favnr
with many democratic lenders iu
this state.
There, is a significance in the
views of there democratic wiir
rlors which ought to command
the prompt and eurnest attention
of the Missouri reorganizcrs. The
action of the Iowa democratic
state convention the other day iu
iudorsiBg the Kansas City plat
form shows that the democrats
west of the Mississippi do not
take kindly to the notion that
they should efface themselves
hereafter. Tho Ohio, Maryland.
Pennsylvania and other eastern
democrats who were not able to
carry their states in l.)tJ or 190C,'
and who can not curry them in
!U04 on any sort of a plutform,
or on no platform, are not going
to be allowed to dictate the course
of the national democracy in ihe
coming canvasses. This is the
position which Col. Stephens
and tho rest of the 'democratic
thoroughbreds take. These west
ern democrats say that the men
who havo been fighting the
battles of tho democracy, and not
the men who have beou casting
republican ballots, should frame
the platforms anil put up the
candidates of the democratic
party. If the United Stutcs is
going to retain pditied parties--and
republican government can
not be mainta:ned without them
there will havo to be courage,
consistency and continuity in
their direction and policy, as
ex-Gov. Stephens points out.
There w;ll be a halcyon and
vociferous time in the Missouri
state conventiou of 1902 when the
handful of reorganlzer bosses
undertnko to turn ' down the
democratic stalwarts and to put
the democratic party over on ie
publican ground. -St. Louis
Globe Democrat.
Henry Braytlon.Harrw.N.C.sayg:
"I rook" medicine 20 years for
asthma but one bottle of One Min-
fote Cough Cnre did me more pood
thha' anything else duritfg'hat
fltne; Best cough cure. AHUealers.
More women are annually driven
to the dogs by the ncrm of other
women's tongues who, forget
ting the words, "Lut'-hmv wlio is
without sin cast' the -first stone,"
8ceri to take special delight in
talking about the frailties of
their less perfect sisters than
some of the professed christians
have any idea of. If you think a
girl is on the brink of ruin, don't
drive her over by snubbing her,
but take nor' hand in kindness
and try to hottl her back. It will
often auoceed, and if it doesn't
you will 'fuel '"better for having
made the attempt Ex.
It has been observed, says tho
official organ of a leading f rater
nal organization, that higher
civilization and fraternal societies
bear close relation to each other.
In evidence of this it is only
necessary to refer to the fraternal
institutions of the United States
and Great Briti.in, note tho
numbers, both as to societies and
numbers, and it will be readily
observed that tho fraternal
institutions greatly exceed those
in countries not claiming uch a
high degree of civilization. There
can bo no doubt but lhat the
leveling up of conditions of so
largo a proportion of "our people
as enter otir societies, not only
impresses those directly con
cerned, but reflects more or less
by example to the advantage of
others. Our fraternities distrib
ute wealth and education. These
arc followed by intelligence und
morals. Again they eliminate
caste, tench good manners, im-
"press lessons of independence und
quality of right. In many ways,
their effect has been to lift the
members to higher planes of
Somo merchants have an idea
thnt a they have advertised in
the past, anil are well known in
the community, it is entirely un
necessary to continuo it. This is
a grevious mistake. They forget
that this is a growing country
and each week brings new custo
mers iu the country T.'ho never
heard of them.lt is unquestionably
a fact that the continuous adver
tiser is the one who gets the
benefit from advertising. What
firm or corporation is better
known thun the Standard Oil Co.,
nnd yet their advertisements ap
pear in thousands of weekly pa
pers all over the land. Papers
that home merchants suy it is a
waste of money to ndvertiso in.
If these advertisements, which
cost them thousands of dollars.
did not pay them a prolit over
and above the cxicnse, do you
think they would continue them?
I.' an ad in your little home p;i
ior can benefit a corporation, is
it not reasonable to suppose it
would be advantageous to you?
When' tho chief inspector of
Iho pos'ofrice ilt'partm-jnt admits
that 'complaints have been re
ceivetl duriu, the year concern
ing rL:t0d lc'ters, (if which 41.
iC)8 held iiiciosiins, und a!.-o
concerning 47,010 packages, the
figures are largo enough to niukC'
tho reader ftel that there are
risks in the mails, though he
himself has never suffered a lis.
But figures that anpor absolutely
large often dwindle and shrivel
when they are subjected to u
comparison, and that is true in
this iustance. For the covern
ment which ' received the com
plaiuts handles every year some
8.000,000,000 pieces of postal
matter. ChicagoEecord Herald.
Geo. W. Lanel'ewanio, Mich .writes
"YourKodolDyspepsiiiCure is the
liest remedy for indigestion nnd
stduiich tremble that 1 over used.
Fbr years I suffered from dyspep
sia, nt times compelling meiostay
in bill nnd causing nio untold ag
6v, Ium completely cured by
foklol Dyspepsia Cure. In rec.m-
hflending it to friends who suffer
from Indigestion I always offor to
pay for it if it fails. Thus far I
havo novcr paid." All dealers.
Foley's Money mad Tar
iorcnuarea,sarc,ure. rompiattt.
We-Ring 'Off.
We are thankfull to Bro. Kies
for publishing in English in the
Volksfreund last week all ho
knew about his publishing road
and bridge notices.
He has a contract he tells us to
publish the road and bridge
notices nt-S ecntu per line less
(whatever that means) than he
charges for locals. Wo also
must publish these notices under
a contract, and we cannot see fdi
but that it Is a needless -expense.
Ho-wrrer, if the peoptc ami the
court are satisfied with this nr-
rur.genient we can tand it. We
havo given our jtifitiion of tho
matter, and tiave nothing to re
trnct. Bro. Kies is a good,
clever fellow, ami we arc sorry we
took a job away from him, but wo
learn thut he evened iip n ua
few days ngo.
Now, .multiplying words will
do no good, and our Sunday,
school lesson last Sunday taught
us "That there are times when
it is bettor to surreutlor one's
rights thsn to Pghl frj- them,"
therefore, we will ring oft. assiii-
ing the Volksfreund, that while
wo owe it nothing but good will,
wish it success, and hrrl ' 'ho
mulice against it, yet it may ever
expect hs to represent our
interests without fear or fpvrjr.
L.TK figures compiled at Wash
ington show that we have nuiil In
the Indian tribes several hundred
millions of dollars as payment for
landsY.f which they made no use
ami which wo nectW for the 1 ad
vancement of enterprise, tho
growth of coin merer and tho
building of homes, snys the Mis
souri State Republican. Tls
ercat sum of money would havx
been wasted, even if all of it, or
tho creafer Dart of it. had bopn
distributed 'pro fufti among the
Indians, 75 per cent of it bavin
goue into tho pockets of men
who have exploited the Indian
and his alleged wrongs 'as a firi
vate speculation for themselves.
ihe xopie of this country have
been compelled to pay a few de
signing rascals millions in niouey
for the lauds to which they nre
entitled b, occupancy and tho
cultivation of the soil. Tho
hypocrisy of the enemies of ex
pansion long antedated the occu
pation of the Philippine islands.
Many physicians uro now plescrll
inir Kotlol Dvsnensia I !urn re.ru.
niri.v --naving counu mat it is tile
nest prescription thev can write.
because it is the ore preparation
which contains tire eletrects nec
essary to digest not only some
kir.ds of food, but all kinds and it
therefore cures dyspepi;. nnd in
digestion no matter what iu
cause. All ilea ers.
In every ones lifa there" cori6s
a wuking up lime, and well for
them if it comes at tho beginuing
and not at the end,' wr.Sn '.tir too
lute to mend the past. These
times are private revivals and do
more good tiian any. public ones.
September Ladies Rome Journal.
II : '".-purchased a bottle of Ono
Minute' Coiiijli Cure when suffer
ing wftli a cough doctors told mo
was incurable. One buttle relieved
me.the second and third almost
jured. To day I am a well man."
All dealers.
Foley's Honey a.u Tar
cures mills, pr? c.:ts pneumonia.
Do not bo deceived by those who ad
vertise, a ftiO.OU Sewing Muchliuj for
f.'d.ix). ThiakindofaiimcUliitican '
bo btsii'lit from us or any of our
dealers from?13.00tl'.-J.
WC MAKC A vARirrv.
The Feed determines the strength or
TitaikncHU of Hewing Muchiniu. Tho
ltoiible Food combined with other
st run n Hjinlfl make tho JVew Iloiu'e
tho bust Hewing Muchlue to buy.
w truuiuntctureanill'rlcc U-fotopuic-halng
aaaec, siaea.
34 Union Sq. N. Y., Chicago, 1IL, Atlanta, (fa.
UU )ius,alx, Is.l!a,Tux,tian KraacUoo, Oat
ron aic
Hlnklc-Willlaftts Merc-Ces

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