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Copyright 190 jr the
Not until the tenth flay out from
Honolulu ai Mr. Stuyvesaut no far
reoovered an to warrant tbe eurfroons
In permitting bis being lifted from
. the hot and narrow bed to a ataatner
' chair on the atarboard alda. Even
shea It waa with the eautlon to
everybody that ha mint not be dis
turbed. The heat below and In ninny
f the staterooms waa overpowering-,
and officers and soldiers in number
slept upon the deck, and not a few
rt the nd Croxs nurses spent night
after night in the hnmboo and wicker
reclining chuirs under the canvas
Except for the ti-oplo temperature,
the wrnthor had been fine and the
oy(fe smooth and uneventful. The
Snrramrnto rolled easily, Uzlly along.
The men hnd morning shower baths
and, a few at a time, salt water
plunges In big canrits tanks set (ore
and aft on the main deck. On tlie
port or southern side of the promen
ade deck the officer sported their
pujamns both day and nifrht, and
were expected to appear in khaki or
serge, nnd consequent discomfort,
only at tnlilo, on drill or duty, and
when visiting the starboard aide,
which, abaft the oaptaln'a room, was
by common consent given up to the
They were all on hand the morning
that the Invalid officer was carefully
aided from his stateroom to a brood
reclirilng-chair, which wan then borne
to a shaded nook beneath the stair
way loading to the bridge and there
securely lashed. The doctor and Mr.
Ray remained some minutes with
htm, and the steward came with a
cooling drink. Mrs. Wells, doctor by
eourtt-sy and diploma, arose and
asked the surgeon if there were real
ly nothing tbe Indies could do "Mr.
rHuyvessnt looks so very pale and
weak" and the alHterhood strained
their ears for the reply, which, aa
the surgeon regarded the lady's re
rnsrk as reflecting upon the reunite
of his treatment, might well be ex
pected to be somewhat tart.
"N'othlnjr to-day. Mrs. er Dr.
Veils," said the army man, half
vexed, nli. at. being detained on way
to hospital. "The terer ban gone and
he will soon recuperate now, pro
vided he can rest and sleup. It is
much cooler on deck and if it's only
"Oil, he shan't be bothered, If Hint's
what you mean." Interposed Dr.
WIN, with proper spirit. "I'm sure
nobody desires to Intrude in the leaxf.
I tifked for my nskocintc from a
sense of duty. Most of them are
capable of fannliii? or even reading
aloud to a patient without danger of
overexeiting him."
"1'nqueHtloniibly, madam," respond
ed the surpuoii, arT.ilily, "and when
aueh lululxtrations urn needed I'll let
you know, tiuod morning." And,
lifting his stilT helmet, the doctor
darted down the companion v. uv.
"Unite!" said the lady doc-tor. "No
wonder that poor boy doesn't get
well. Miss Itay, I marvel that your
brother can stand him."
MIsh Kay glanced iiietly up from
her book and smiled. "We have
known Pr. Stnrgis many years," she
snid. "He Is brusque, yet very much
thought of In the arm."
Hut at this stage of the colloquy
there came interruption most merci
ful for the surgeon. The deep
whistle, of the steamer sounded three
quick blasts. There was Instant rush
and scurry on the Tower dock. The
cavalry trumpets fore and aft rang
ttt the assembly.
It was the algnal for boat drill, and
while the mn of certnin companies
sprang to ranlts and stood in sllenoe
at attention awaiting orders, other
detachments rihe to their sta
tions at the life-rafts, and others
a warmed up the stairways or clam
bered over the rails, and in less than
tninute every man was at his post.
Quickly the stuff officers made the
rounds, received the reports of the
detachment commanders and the bout
crews, and returning, with soldierly
salute, gave the result to the com
manding officer, who had tuken po
sition with the captain on tbe bridge.
For Ave or ten minutes the upper
deck was dotted by squads of blue
shirted soldiers, grouped in disci
plined silence about the boats. Then
the recall was sounded, and alowly
and quietly the commands dispersed
and went below.
It so happened that in returning
to the forecastle about a dozen troop
era passed close to where 'fitiiyvessnt
lay, a languid spectator, and at sight
of his pale, thin face two of them
stopped, raised their hands in salute,
looked first eager and pleased, and
then embarrassed. ' Their faeea were
familiar, and suddenly Ktftyvesant re
membered. Reckoning them to coma
nearer, he feebly spoke:
"You were in the ear fire. I thought
I knew your faces."
"Yes. sir," was the Instant reply
of the first. "We're sorry to see the
lieutenant so badly hurt and by that
blackguard Murray, too, they say. If
the boys ever get bold of him, sir,
he'll never hare time for lift prayers."
'"No, nor another chance- to bite,
' jrinm d the second, whom Ptuyvesant
now recognized as the lauee corporal
W artillery. "He's left Ma mark" on
.... S8zsr y.
I Vnlllll m
J. B. liptiacott Costpur-1
both of us, sir." and, so saying, the
aoldler held out his hand.
In the aoft and fleshy part of the
palm at the base of the thumb were
the sears of several wounds. It did
not need an expert eye to tell that
they were human tooth marks. Tbore
were the even traoes of the middle
incisors, the deep gssh made by
the fang-like dog tooth, and between
the mark of the right upper canine
and those of three Incisors a smooth,
unsenrred epaoe. There, then, must
have been a vacancy In the upper
Jaw, a tooth broken off or gone en
tirely, and Rtuyvesnnt remembered
that as Murray spoke the eye tooth
was the more prominent because of
the ugly gap beside it.
"He had changed the put of his
jib considerably," faintly whispered
Stuyvesaut, after ho had extended a
kind but nerveless hand to each, "but
that mark would betray him any
where under any disguise. V as Fos
ter ever found?"
"No, sir. They sent me bock to
Sacramento, but nobody could re
member having seen anybody Ilka
him. I'm afraid ha waa drowned
there at Carqulnes. My battery went
over with the third expedition while
I was up there. That'a how I happen
to be with the cavalry on this trip."
Than up went both hands to the caps
again and both soldiers sprang to at
tention. Stuyvesant.lnoking languidly a rmmd,
saw that Mr. Kay had returned, saw,
moreover, that his sister was leaning
on his arm, her eyes tixed on the
speaker's weather-lien ten face. Again
it all flashed upon hlin Hie story of
Foster's infatuation for this lovely
girl, hia enlistment, and then his
strange and unaccountable disap
pearance. "I'm sorry, men," Interposed Mr.
Ray in pleasant tone, "but the sur
geon has ordered us not to talk with,
I.leut. Stuyvr-siint, and I shall have to
repeat his order to you. You were
In the car that waa burned, I sup
pose." "Yes, sir. Pep pardon we didn't
know about the doctor's orders.
We're mighty glad to see. the lieuten
ant again. Come 'long, Mellon."
"Walt," whispered Stuyvesnnt.
"Come and see me again. I want to
talk with you, unci thank you for
stopping to-day.
The soldiers departed happy, and
Stuyvesaut turned wistfully to greet
MIks Itay. Sho waa already beyond
reach of hia voice, leaning on Sandy's
arm and gazing steadfastly Into Sait
dy's face. He saw Mrs. Dr. Wella
coining swiftly towards hlin with in-
julry in her eyes, and Impulsively,
peetishly and in disappointment he
turned again hia face to the wall, as
it were. At least that was not t tut
lied Cross nurse he longed for, good
and sympathetic and wine In her way
aa she undoubtedly was.
He wished now w ith alt his heart
that they had placed hia chair so
that he could look back along the
promenade dock inst-.-rl of forward
over the forrrastl at the sparkling
sen. Uo felt that, pacing up and
down together, tb- brother and sis
ter must come within tun feet of hia
chair before they turned hack, and
he longed to look at her, yet could
not. Murgis hnd said he would re
turn In few minutes, aud he hadu't
come. Stuyvesaut felt aggrieved. It
would be liigh noon before many
minutes. Already the ship offioers
were on the bridge ready to "take
the sr.n," and mess-call for the men
waa sounding on the lower decks. lie
would give a fortune, thought he, to
feet mice more that cool, soft, slen
der little band on his forehend.
There were other hands, soma that
were certainly whiter than Miss
ltay's, -and probably quite aa soft and
can!, hands that before the report of
his slur upon the Red Cross would
gladly have ministered to him, but
he shrank from thought of any touch
but one. ne would bave given an
other fortune, if he had it, . could
Marion Itay but come and sit by him
and talk in her cordial, pleeeant
tones. There were better telkers,
wittier, brighter women within hall
women who kept their hearers laugh
ing much of the time, which Miss Kay
did not yet he shrank from hhe pos
sibility of one of their number ac
costing lilin.
Twice he was conscious that Dr.
Wells and Miss Porter had tiptoed
elose and were peering Interestedly
at hlin. but he ahut hia eyes and
would not aee or hear. Us did not
"want to be bothered," it waa only
too evident, and aa the ship's bell,
ehlmed the hour of noou and the
watch changed, his would-bs visitors
slipped aileutly away and ha was
When the doctor earns cautiously
towarda him a few minutes later,
Btuyvewant waa to all appearances
sleeping, and the "medico" rejoiced
in the success of his scheme. When,
not five minutes after the doctor
peeped at him, tbe voice of the cap
tain waa heard booming from the
bridge juat over ths patient's - pil
lowed head, it developed that the pa
tient waa wide awake. Perhaps what
the captain said would account for
A dozen times on the voyage that
mariner hud singled out Miss Itay fur
some pleea of attention. Kewi de
spite the fact that almost ths entire
Bed Cross party wars seated or
strolling or reclining there under ths
esnvas awning and bs must hsve
known It, although thsy were hid
den from bis view, bs sgsia made
that young lady the object of his
homage. Rhe was at the moment
leaning over the rail, with Handy by
her aide, gailnrj at the dark blue,
beautiful waters that, flashing and
foam-crested, went sweeping beneath
her. The monarch of ths ship, stand
ing at the outer end of the bridge,
had caught eight of her and gave
tongue at once. A good aeaman was
the captain and a stalwart man, but
ha knew nothing of tact or discre
tion. "Oh, Miss Rsy," bs bawled, "come
npon ths bridge and I'll show you
the chert. Hrlng the lieutenant."
For an Instant aha hesitated, re
luotant. Not even the staff of tha
eommandtng officer had set font on
that sacred perch since the voysge
began. Only when especially bidden
or at boat or Are drill did that mag
nate himself presume to ascend
those atalra. As for ber sister nurses,
though they had explored the lower
regions and were well acquainted
with the interior arrangement of the
Sacramento, and were consumed with
curiosity and desire, to see what was
aloft on the burrk-ane-deck, the stern
prohibition still staring at them In
bold, brazen lettera: "I'asscngers are
Forbidden upon the Bridge," had
aerved to rvetrala the impulse to
And now here was Capt. JVitt
alngllng out Miss Ray again and Ig
noring the rest of them. If she could
have found nny reasonable excuse for
refusing Maldle Hay would have, de
cllued. Hut Sanity's eyes suld:
"Come." Butt renewed bis Invita
tion. She turned and looked nppeal
lugly at Mrs. Well, as though to
say. "What shall I do?" but thst
matron was apparently engrossed in
a volume of Stevenson, and would not
be drawn into the matter, and finally
Marlon caught MIks Porter's eye.
There, at least, was a gleam of en
couragement and sympathy. Im
pulsive aud capricious as that young
woman could be on occasions, the
girl line) learned to appreciate the
genuine qualities of hr room-mate,
and of late hud been taking sides for
Marlon against the Jealousies of her
"Why don't you go?" she mur
mured, with a nod of her head to
wards the staira, and with slight ly
heightened color Miss Ray smiled ot
ceptanc at the captain.- and. follow
ing Sandy's lead through the laby
rinth of steamer chairs about them,
tripped briskly away over the open
dock, and there, nt the very foot of
the. steep, liwlder-llko ascent, lteeeme
aware of Mr. Stuyvesnnt leaning on
an elbow and gaxlng at her with all
his big blue eyes.
Rhe had to atop and go around un
der the staira and tukc hia thin, out
stretched hand. She had to atop a
moment to speuk to him, though
what he said, or she said, neither
knew a moment after. All she was
conscious of as site turned away was
that now at leaat every eye in all
the sisterhood was on her, and, red
der than ever, she fairly flow up the
ateep, and was welcomed by the
chlvalrlo Ilntt upon the bridge.
That afternoon several of the band
were whst Miss Porter waa con
strained to call "nastily snippy" In
thoir manner to her, and, feeling
wronged und misjudged. It wna not
to be wondered at thst her father's
daughter should resent It. And yet
so far from exulting in having thus
been distinguished and recognised
above her fellows, Miss Ray had felt
deeply embarrassed, and almost, the
first words she aald after receiving
tbe bluff seaman's effusive greeting
were in plea for her associates.
"Oh, Capt. Putt, it's moat kind of
you to ask ra up here aud my
brother, too, will be ao interested In
the rhsrt-rnom, but, can't you won't
you ak Dr. Wells and at least soma
of the ladies? You know they all
would be glad to come, and "
"That's all right. Miss Ray,"
bawled old Butt, breaking in ou her
hurried worda. "I'll ask 'em up here
some other time. You se we're roll
ing a bit to-day, and like aa not soma
of 'em would pitch over thlnga, and
and well, there ain't room for
moro'n three st time anyhow."
"Then you ought to have asked Dr.
Wells first and some of the seniors."
She hesitated about Baying elders.
No ous of the band would have wel
comed an Invitation tendered on ao-
sount of her sdvsncsd yesrs.
"It'll be just ss bad If I go aud ask
her now," said Butt, testily. "Tbe
others will tsks offense, and life's
too short for a shipmsstsr to be en-
plaining to lot of women why they
can t all eome st once ok ths bridge
I'll have 'em up to-iuorr6w--any
three you say."
Hut when the morrow came he
didn't "have 'em upl" Maldle bod
pleaded loyally for her associates,
but was too proud or sensitivs to so
Inform them. IHe eaptoln had said
he would do that, and meanwhile she
tried not to feel exasperated at the
Injured alra assumed by soreral of
the band and the eutting remarks of
one or two of their number.
That afternoon, however, the skies
became overcast and the wind rose.
That night the sea dashed high to
wards ths rail and the Sacramento
wallowed deep In tha surges. Next
morning the wind had freshened to a
gsle. All air-ports were closed. The
spray swept the. promenade deck
along the atarboard side, and the Red
Cross and two-thirds of the martial
psssnger-list forgot sM minor Ilia
and annoyancca in the miaerles of
mal de mer. Three days and nights
were most of the womenfolk cooped
In their cabins, but Miss Rsy was aa
old sailor and had twice aeen far
heavier weather on the Atlantic.
Sheltered from the rain by the
bridge-deck and from the spray and
gale by heavy canvas lashed athwnrt
shlp in front of the captain's room.
Slid securely strapped In her rcclln-ing-chuir,
this young lady fairly re
joiced In the magnificent bnttle with
the elements snd gloried In the
bursting seas. Randy too, ulliclt a
trifle upset, was able to be on deck,
and one of the subs from the port
side, hoaring of it, donned his outer
garments and cavalry boot and
Joined forces with them, and Stuyve
snnt, bearing their merry voices, de
clared that he could not breathe In
bis stuffy cabin and demanded to be
dressed and borne out on deck ton.
At first the surgeon sold: "No,"
whereupon his patient began to get
So on ths second day the doctor1
yielded, and all that day and the
third of the storm, by which time the
starboard deck was slowly benoming
peopled with a few spectral and bare
ly animate feminine shapes, STuyve
sant reclined within arm's length of
the dark-eyed girl who had so en
tranced him, st inlying her beauty,
drinking In her words, ai.. gaining
such health and strength in the life
giving air and sneh bliss from the as
sociation that Sturgis contemplated
with now complacency tlm happy re
sult of his treatment, fos when the
gnle subsided, and 011 the fourth day
they ran once mora Into smooth and
lazy waters, l was Stuyvesant's con
suming desire to take up his lied and
walk, except when Miss Ray was
there to talk or rem) to hbn.
Ami this wss the stole of sffslrs
when the Sacramento hove In sight
of the bold hcadluuds, groen and
beautiful, that front the sea at tbe
northeoet itiruer of mountainous
Luzon. Once within soundings and
close to a treacherous shore, with
only Spanleh authority to rely on as
to rocks, reefs and shoals, no wonder
old Butt could have no women u the
bridge, this too at the very time they
most wished to lie there, since every
thing worth seeing lay on the port
or southern side, and that given up
to those horrid officers and their
Not until his anchor dropped ia Ma
nila bay did the master of the Sacra
mento think to redeem Ids promise
to bid the ladles of the Red Cross to
the sacred bridge, aud incidentally to
tell them how Miss Kay had urged It
in their behalf' while theyi were out
on blue waters but now It was too
(To be continued.)
O.Unger.ilL'Maplest, Champaign,
111, write:"! wan troubled with a
hacking com It for a year and I
thought I had consumption. I tried
a great many remedies ami was
under the caro of physicians sev
eral months. I used one liottle of
Kjlt-y's Honey anil Tar. It cured
mo and I have not been troubled
since." All dealers.
Atheaa. Tson., Jan. f7, ltoi
Ever since ths first apucaranee of mv
menses they went very Irregular sad I
suffered with srvst pain ia my hips,
b4-k, stoinseh snd lers, with terribts
bearing down pslus In the sUUunien.
During- ths past month I bsvs been
taking Wins of Csnlut snd Thodfuru's
Hlsck-Drsught, and I pasted tha moo lu
ly nnrlod without pels for tbe first time
Is yours. Namnib Davis.
Whst It Ills worth to stomas suiter
iaf lias Nannie Davit suflsrsdT Ysl
Ihere ire womea la Ihotitaaas el homes
te-dsf wss srs bssrlsfl Ihets terrible
ssttrusl sains is tlleaea, II yea art
Sue sl theet ws want to say that this
a sis
will brlag you seraianenl relief. C ea
sel veurMll with Iks saswlsdgs that
1,000,000 woBies kavs sees eeatpletoly
su res kf Wis at Carsul. These saw
as sylared best ksaorrksss. Irregular
si as ist, hessaebe, saskacht, as4
Bearing; sewa sain. Wins at Cars' ui
will stss all Ihsss acaet ssg eelafi
far yes. Psrsksss 11.00 settle af
Wise st Caraul ts-4ay ssa tsks It la
kVe artvaty af your seme.
rwadvtea snd lluraur. was, rtvlivsrais
toatf, "tk Lasix- lnaf UtfUimnt .
J" -sal issues, Meawujsi, yssnsssegs, ,
Southeast Missouri News.
A new hotel is to be erected at
Bitihop Candler will presido at
tho Methodist conference next
week at Fredcricktown.
Dr. W. B. North, presiding
elder of the Charleston district,
is thinking of buying property in
The proposition for water
works voted on at Purimngton
last week carried by a big
The electric road from Far
minglon to Flat River will be
built, and work will begin on it
right away.
The annual Methodist confer
ence will bo held at Frederick
town next week, commencing
J. J. Bowman, son of T. A.
Bowman, of Fredericktown, will
have charge of J. E. Franklin's
bank at Lake City, Ark.
Lawyer Ilight, of Poplar Bluff,
has sued that city for $10,000
damages. It seems that Hight
claims that he was wrongly im
prisoned. There is a movement on foot to
put up a largo flour and menl
mill at New Madrid. C. D.
Mathews of Sikeston, and A. B.
Hunter of New Madrid are the
prime movers in the matter.
Many farmers in tho bottom
lands, cast of tho Cotton Belt
railroad, are improving tho
chances and making largo addi
tions to their farms by clearing.
East swamp will ere many years
furnish one half tho farm pro
ducts of Stoddard county. It
can't bo beat for corn, and is
good wheat land. Bloomticld
Henry Austin, colored, who
shot aud killed a whito man by
the nnmo of Blount at Bloomfleld
a few days ugo was acquitted Inst
Friday. Austin was the onlv
colored man in Bloomtield.
Blount's friends threatened to
kill him, and even followed him
over town whi o ho was under
tho protection of a marshal.
Austin look a hurried departure
from Bloomnald hs soon as re
leased. This leaves Bloom field
without any colored population.
Matters reached such a stage
at 1'iedmont that the citizens
held a mass meoting and organ
ized a vigilance committee to
enforce law and order. Alfnirs
must be bad there, for some of
the bost men in the town men
who never attend to anybody's
busines but their own are at the
head of the organization, and the
mayor presided tit the meeting.
The good people of Piedmont
have been imposed upon more
and oftcuer than those of any
other town in this part of the
state. Caruthersville Democrat
Mrs. V. M. Greer, wife of Con
ducter (Jreer of the Cotton Belt,
was severely scalded in a peculiar
manner last week, and it was
feared for a tiiuo that she would
loso the sight of one of her eyes.
She was engaged in canning corn
and was in tho act of scaling up
one of the cans when it exploded
and threw its contents, which
were scalding hot, into her face,
filling her eyes and burning hor
face in a horrible manner. It is
now certain that the will not lose
ber sight; but will bo considerably
distigurod from tho burns. Mai
den Nows.
mere are lour men in our
county jail serving 30 days each
for currying concealed weapons.
Their board will cost the taxpay
ers $o or so. They havo free
board ami lodgings with no work
to do. and probably consider this
better than, their usual condition
The taxpayers nro the parties
really punished. We need a rock
pile or other means of making
imprisonment irksome and it is
almost certain that a touch of
the whipping post would put a
damper on tho practice so pre
valent among our hoodlums of
carrying guns or other lethnl
implements. Itanton Record.
tho most h alinfl salvo tm ta work.
More Unconstitutional Taxa
tion. According to the official figures
of receipt and expenditures of
tho interest and sinking funds
for the patt thirty years, thero
are several apparent discrepan
cies. If these discrepancies are
more appareut than real, the fact
has not been pointed out by any
official authority. 1 They stand
unchallenged at this writing, and
this is the most serious fact in
tho situation, for it is inconceiv
able that tho democratic officials
would enter a plea of confession
and avoidance against such a
serious charge, if thero was evi
dence to sustain a plea of not
The Republic has admitted a
discrepancy of more than ?1,G00,.
000 in the statement of amount
taken out of that fund and ap
plied to debt payments. The
figures show an excess of more
than a million and a half collected
over what has been paid out.
Ex Treasurer Salmon manages to
reduce this discrepancy to some
thing less than 700,000. but
that amount he leaves uncx
plained, and it is apparently un
expluinablo, if the silence at Jef
ferson City is taken as evidence.
If tho discrepancy is what it is
claimed to bo by the Globe-
Democrat, then all the interest
lax levied since the date when the
amount of that discrepancy was
first in the treasury, has lcen
unconstitutional. The constitu
tion in plain terms provides that
when the interest tax levied shall
have provided the neccftiary
means to pay off tho bonded debt,
the tax shall thereupon coaso and
shall not again be levied and col
lected. If the discrepancy of
more than 1.G00.0O0 is the true
discrepancy, then it is plain that
tho sinking fund commissioners
have violated the slate constitu
tion in continuing to levy a tax
for debt payment after enough
money had been collocted from
the Missouri taxpayers to dis
charge the entire bondod in
dobteness. How long this viola
tion of tho constitution has been
going on thero is no present
means of ascertaining. What is
made plain by this discrepancy,
if it exists to that extent, is that
the Missouri Bourlions have
nothing but contempt for the
Missouri constitution when it
stands in tlm way of their
schemes of treasury ami fund
manipulation. The present ef
fort to amend the constitution to
legalize the school fund opera
tions is not through a desire to
conform the methods provided by
tho constitution, but is dictated
by fear, and the uecessity of muk
ing provision for the rontmua
tion of the certificates of indubt
edness. which will begin matur
ing in less than two years.
Tho repeated, deliberate and
contemptous violations of ihe
constitution by the Bourbons is
not the luasl serious feature of
those startling revelations of
crookodness and irregularity,
oven if it is not the most serious
The evidunce accumulates that
the financial affairs of Missouri
demand a thorough overhauling
A mere inspection of the books
can in uo way meet the case, for
beyond a doubt tho party which
is responsible for the irregular!
ties, and which has had the ab
solute control of tho selection of
tho bookkeepers, has not suffered
itself te bo betrayed in the books,
in spito of tho discrepancies to
bo found in tho auditor's official
When a party has lost respect
for tho organic law, it has lost
respect for tho state, for the peo
pio of the slate, and for itself.
Globe Democrat.
Geo. W. Lauelewamo,Mich .wrilos
"YourKodolDyspcpsiaCure is tbe
best remedy lor indigestion and
stomach trouble that 1 ever used,
For years I suffered from dyspen
sia, at times compelling me to stay
in bd ami causing me untold ag
ony, I am completely cured by
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. In recom
mending it , frlonds who suffer
from indigestion I always offer to
pay for it if it fails. Thus far I
I have oover paid." All dealers.
Rich Lead Vein Opened.
Noar Gravel Hill, on the line ot
Capo Girardeau und Bollinger
counties, tho Pennsylvania Lead
and Oil company has just struck
a rich find of pure lead oro. At
a depth of less than'0O feet their
drill itctiettatcd a vein of rich
oro. They liored 8 feel further,
but have temporarily quit I tor ing
on account of a break in thek
...ui J . M HO UUItl 13 lUag IUUU
50 feet from the line of a tract of
2,000 acres leased by the -South-cast
M1sMruri Mining. Manufactur
ing and Developing company for
immediate mining purnostw -Glolio-Demoorat.
Sam Hunter Buys a Gold Briefc.
One day lesfyreek a man giving
his name as Toney Hannah, alsmt
5 feet 10 inches tall, nandy hair,
smoothly shaved, squint eyed,
approached Sam Hunter, Jr.,
who doals extensively in mules,
and offered to sell him three
mules for 200. Mr. Huntor saw
there was a bargain in them at
that price, and ngrcod to 1ti
them at that price. Hanuah
slated they were his own prop
crty, and when Mr. Hunter wanted
references Hannah' very re.tdily
mentioned a number of residents
of Port&geville as acquaintances
and Joe Long of tMscfty. This
allayed Mr. II union suspicions,
aud ho gave Hannah a check for
But there was another man
who came into town with Hannah,
and who had nut UnMril-rvirfvr(Z
by Mr. Hunter, ui : thereby
hangrf a tale.
It seems that Hannah 1iin.il tfio
mules from a mar. ntitnoi! Duncan
who lives nenr Bortian.l in Mis
sissippi county, to go down near
Portagevtllc to do sotiso work on
a dmiimgo canal or drodv'o boat.
and Duman sent alon" this man
to look after his team. Hannah,
however, without the fellow's
suspicions boing aronsryl, 'ob
and delivered the team to Mr.
Hunter, and immediately afior
skipped the town ami has not
sinco btfn hoard from. 'Tho
owner of the h'ules Ciih.o aud got
Mr. Hunter sent telegraph
messages everywhere, also ivostal
cards. He received a message
Friday evening from the marshal
ut Martin, Tenn., that tho man
was -under arrest. Mr. Hunter
went tiiPre, but he svas the wrong
man. -Southeast Missourian.
ltouitvMkrs' Ivvt-iirsioii IC;itn.
Tho Cotton Belt advise addi
tional homo seekers' excursions
from Delta, Mo. to all oints in
Arkau-as, except Little Rock an !
points on t'io Little Rock branch,
between Altheima and Littlo
Kock. To all points in Texas
and Louisiana on (he Cotton Bolt,
Kansas City Southern, Texas A
Pacific (except New Orlenns) und
the II. & S. railroad, and to all
points in Oklahoma and Indian
Territories at tho rate of ono
fare plus $2 for the round trip.
Dates of sale are, July 2 and
lti, August ti and 20, Seplemlxr
3 und 17, October 1. nod 13, No
vember 5 aud 19, and Deceuibor
3 and 17. 1901.
Tickets good to lcavo starting
point on dale of sale only, going
transit limit tri-W 15 days, whic?h
time stopovers will be permitted
in home seekers' territory, lie
turn limit, 1 days from (Into of -sale.
For further information cull
uKn or address V. E. Gipson,
Derav. Mo., or
E.'.La1Ui.mk.G. P & T. A
Sl. lyniis, Mo.-
Foley's Kidney Cure
aiMkct kidneys mad blmdder right
s swat eases cnssm e vastus oiDta.
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Oold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
.. AtoM ItaktaeT PeWsrs eoalaiaia
TW are tajo-Ma W aievn

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