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The Jackson Herald,
$1.00 PER YEAR.
H. F. LUSK, Alitor.
VOL. i.
NO. 15.
-a . mm
I - r 1
9Z rj i
Copyrighted 190 ty tht J.
1 1 K I N .ti II
At d 3IH
:;, CHAl'TKK XI.
It was late iu the afternoon when
i the riaurameu'o, slowly feeling her
' Way southward, hod come within
view of El Krulle and Corregidor,
looming up lllie sentinels at tuu ea
trance to thu great, far-spreading
iliutt and his assistants, with the
eld officer In command of the troop.,
peered through their binoculars or
telescopes for isij'n of .'cruiser or
transport slung the rocky shores,
and marveled mneh Hint none could
he Keen. O'er iii';iit)Nt the evening
aim Just sinking to the west the dim
''4 lOl I i ,lf-a nf t kf. II I .lttf tint u f u ntirl cui ru
of some hlg vessel became visible for
f three minutes, then faded from view.
f4 Ihe passengers swarmed on deck,
it lnu- timvnrd at the bridire n. though !
In 'hone of r- look nr word of ennnnr-
It wns midsummer and more when
they left Honolulu, and by this time,
the American force, lund and naval,
in front of Mnnllu ought to be ample
to overcome the Spaniard. Hut there
wns ever Hint vosing problem as to
what Agulimhlo nnd his followers
Inilit ilo rather thnn see the grent
city given over ti the Americans for
I.1W and order 1ntti.nd nf in thetrw
ife -delves for loot nnd rupine. The fact
thnt nil con.t lh'hts thus far were ex-
1itt;uisried wax enough to convince
the Sacramento's voyagers thnt they
were still unwelcome to the notices,
but both the shipmaster aud the cav
alry officer commanding had counted
on finding cruiser, or dispatch boat
at least, on lookout for them und
ready to conduct them to sufe au
chorne. Hut no such ship appeared,
and tho alternative of going about
end steaming out to sea for the night
or dropping anchor where he iny wus
Just presenting itself to liutt when
from the Hps of the second officer,
who lind clambered up the shroudn,
there cume the joyous shout: "ily
Jove! There's Corregidor light!"
Surely enough, even before the
brief tropic twilight was over and
dnrkness hnd settled down, away to
the southward, nt regular ten-sectmd
'ntcrvnla, from the crest of the roek
lioimd, crumbling parapet on Correg
idor Ishind, a brllliunt tight split
the cloudy vista and Hushed a wel
come to the louo wanderer on the
face of the waters. It could mean
only one thing: Mnnllu buy was
dominated by Dewey's guns. The
Yankee wns nniMtrr of Correi'idor,
and had possessed himself of both
fort und lighthouse. In all probabil
ity Miiniln itself had fallen.
"Half speed nln-ad!" was the order,
nml ujrain the throb ofthe engines
went pulsing through the ship, and
the Sacraini'tito slowly forged uhend
over n smooth sutiir.ier sea. At mid
night the pilot and (rind tidings were
abonrd, nnd at dawn the decks worn
thronged with eager voyngcrs, and a
grent. full-lhroatod eln-cr went up
from the forecastle heud as the gray,
ghost-like Khnm-s of the warships
loomed tin out. of the mist and dotted
tho unrurllcd surface.
lint thnt cheer sank to nothingness
beside one which followed 15 min
utes Inter, when the red disk of the
sun en me peeping over the low, fog
drnped range fur to the enstward and.
Saluted by the: boom of the morning
gun from tho bnttlements of the old
city, thero sailed to tho penk of the
flagstaff the brilliant colors and
tract ful folds of the stars and
The three-ceutury rule of Castile
and Arngoo was ended. Tha yellow
and red of Spain were supplanted by
the scarlet, white and blue of Amer
ica, nml In a new glory of Its oivn
"Old (ilory" unfolded to the faintly
rising breesc, und nil along the curv
ing shore and over the placid waters
rang out the Joyous, llfe-glvlng,
heart-stirring notes of the Yankee
For long hours later there tarns
launches, bnnens and rasooes from
fleet and shore. The debarkation ot
the cavalry began in the afternoon.
Tliev had left their horses at the
presidio, 0,000 miles away, and were
troopers only In name. The officers
who eame aa passengers got ashore
in the course of the day and innde
their way to the Ayuntnmlento to re
port their arrival and receive their
The lUd Cross nurses looked in
vain for the hospital launch that, it
was supposed, would hasten to con
vey them to comfortable quarters ad
Joining the nick wards or convalescent
camps. They listened with the deep.
ettt interest to the description of the
assaitlt ef the 13th of August that
made Merritt master ot Manila, and
the elders', masculine and feminine,
who knew something of what battle
meant when American was pitted
against American, looked t each
other In wonderment as they heard
how mneh had been won at coat of
so lli'le.
Sandv V.ny, kissing Marlon good-by
and promising to see Ktuyveaant in
the near future, went over the side
with his troop and, landing at the
atone dock at the foot of the Pasco
do Santo I.ucln, found himself trudg
ing along ut the bend of his men un
der massive walls nearly three cen
turies old, bf!v, ling with antiquated,
' n i'y
i mil i' ti
D. Ltpplncott Conp4H)r.l
highly ornamented Spanish guns, and
atreaked with slime and vegetation,
while along the. high parapets acros
the moat thousands of Spanish sol
diers cuatted and .tared at thrin In
sullen apathy.
Middle', knight and rtiarnln In
deed! Ilia duty called Mm with hi a
fellows to a far-away suburb np the
Paslg river. Her duty held her to
await the nwvements of the sister
hood, and what she might lack for
aytnpnthy among them waa made np
In manifest yet embarrassing intrr
eht on part of the tall young aide-de-camp,
fur 8tu.vvu.iint waa hidden to
rcm.-iiii obourd uhlp until suitable ae
coniiiioilntion could be found for him
I'nder any other circumstances he
would have objected veheinontly, but,
finding that the Red Cro.s contingent
w " 8nr0 fMc' ani ,nBt M'""
RT s one of the doicn condemned
to reinnin, ne nore uia rnnirwi m
vrlth Christiuu and soldierly reBlpna-
I ! M 1
"Only," said Dr. Wells, "one would
suppose that the lied Cross was en
titled to soma consideration, and
that all preparation would have been
made, for our cotninif." It was neith
er flattering nor reassuring, nor. In
deed, was It kind, thut they should
be ao slighted, aatd the sisterhood
thnt evening; but worse still wns In
store, for on the morrow, early, the
Esmeralda came steaming In from
Hong-Kong, where, dt-Hplte her
roundabout voyage, tho Belgle had
arrived before the slow-moving Sac
ramento had rouiided the northern
point of Luzon, and on the deck of
the Esmeralda as aha steered close
alongside the transport, and thence
on the unimpeded wny to her moor
ings up the Psslg, in plain view nf the
sisterhood, tall, gaunt, austere, but
triumphant, towered the form of the
viae president of the Patriotic Daugh
ters of America.
For two days more the Sacramento
remained ot nnchor In the bay over
a mile from the mouth of the river,
and for two dnya nnd nighta the Rvl
Cross remulned aboard, un.onIit,
unsummoned from the sboro. The
situation, became more etrained thnn
ver, the ouly bettermunt arising
from the fact that bow there was
more apace and the auraea were do
longer crowded three In room.
Mrs. Dr. WelU moved Into that re
cently vacated by the cavalry com
mander, and Mlsa Kay and her now
earnest friend, Miss Porter, were re
lieved by the deaertlom of their eld
est bister, who preempted a uiajor'a
stateroom on the upper deck.
ltutt atlrred up a new trouble by
iromp'.ly coming to Miss Day and
IHJdlng her move out of thnt stuffy
hole below and take Mai. Morton's
quarters, und bring Miss PorU r with
her "If thnt whs ngroeable.
It would have been, very, but
Miss Kay's heud waa level," as tha
purser put it, and denpite the snippy
and exasperating conduct of most of
the alatorhood, tuot wise young worn.
an pointed nut to the shlpmnster
thnt theirs wns a aeinl-militury or
ganir.ntton, und thut the senior, Mrs.
Dr. Wells, and one or two vcterun
nurses should have choice of quar
ters. Ity thle time Miss Porter's vehe
ment championship of her charming
nnd much misjudged friend had es-
cited no little rnncor against her
self. The more she proved that thny
had dona Miss Kay injustice, tho le
they liked Misa Kay's advocate. It
la odd but true that muny a womau
find It far eaeier to forgive another
for being as vrioked as she hea d-
elnrcd her to be than for proving her
self entirely innocent.
One thUig, anyhow, Mlaa Porter
couldn't deny, snld tho sisterhood-
she wa accepting devoted attention
from Mr. Btuyvesant, and in ber ca
pacity as a Bed Cross nurse that waa
"Fudge!" aald Miss Porter. "If it
were you instead ot Miss Ray be wn
la love with, how long would you let
your badge keep him at a dlatanoe?
The aun wont down oa their unap
peased wrath that second night la
Manila bay, and with the morrow
oame added cauaa for disapprobation
Before the noon hour a snow-white
launch with eolora flying fore and aft
steamed alongside, and up the stairs,
resplendent, eame -Btuyvesant' gen
eral with a brace ot staff oftlCara, all
three precipitating thems.lv.i on th
Invalid and, after brief converse with
him, all three sending their cards to
Miss Kay, who had taken refuge oa
the other deck.
And even while she sat reflecting
what would be the wiser eourse, the
general himself followed the card
bearer, and that distinguished war
rior, with all the honors of hla vic
torious entry fresh upon him. In
clined his handsome head and begged
that he might present himself to the
daughter of an old and cherished
friend of cadet days, and seated hlro
aclf by her side with hardly a glanoe
at the affray of surrounding feminin
ity, and launched Into reralniaoenoe
of "Billy Kay," ae he waa alway
called, and it waa soma little time
before (he could sayi
"Will you let me preaeat yo te Dr.
Welle, who ie praoUoally any com
manding officer'" a request the gen
eral waa taa much of a gentleman
not to aoeeda to at onon, yet looked
not too much pleased when he was
led before that commanding deout,
and then distinctly dlspleaaed ae, tak
ing advantage of her opportunity,
the lndlgunnt hid buret forth with
her grievance:
"Ohl This is leo. Vinton! Well,
I must say that I think you generals
have treated the led I .a of tho lied
Cross with precious Uttln courtesy.
Here we've been waiting 30 hours,
and not a soul haa come near us or
shown us where to go or told tw what
to do, while everybody else aboard I
looked after at once.
It iu a matter entirely out of my
urladietlon, niademe," answered Ihe
general with grave and distant dig
nity. "In fact, I knew nothing of the
rrlvnl of any such party until, a
the commanding gweral's this moru-
ing, your vice, president le itt wee
endeavoring to"
"Our vice president, air," mtorpotted
tho lady, promptly, "is in fan Pran-
olsco, attending to her proper func
tions. The person you saw Is not
recngulr.cd by the Bed Crose at all,
nor by anyone in authority that I
know of."
Goo. Vinton reddened. A soldier,
accustomed to the "courtesies Indis
pensable among military men," 111
brooks it that a stranger and a wom
an ahould take him to task for mat
ters beyond his knowledge or con
"You will pardon me if in mv hs
noranoa of the matter I fancied tha
lady In question to be a representa
tive of your order, and for suggest
ing that the chief aurgeon la the ofB-
ial ut whom you should address
your complaint .and rebukes. Good
rnlng, madaine. M! Hay. he
coissouej, ba he quickly turned and
led that young lusly uwy, 'wo ot
my stuff deairo to be presented. May
I have the pleasure?"
There was no mistaking the guner
l's disapprobation of the official
head of tho sisterhood as represented
ou the tinoremento. Though he and
his orticers remained aboard an hour.
not once itpuin would he look to
wards fir. Wells or mtii to aee any
of the purty but Miss Kay - this, ton,
despite the fact that she tried to ex
plain mutters and pour of. ou such
troubles! wutera.
Cupt. 1 1 nt t sent up champagne to
the distinguished party, uud Miss
itay begged to be rxeused nnd slipped
way Ui her stateroom, only to he 1 ti-
stunliy recalled by other curds
Col. nud Mrs. Brent, other old friends
of her futher nnd mother. .he re
member, d thorn well, und remem
bered having heerd how Mrs. Itrent
had bruved all opposition and had
started for Hong-Kong the day after
the colonel steamed for Manila; and
their coming with most hospitable
Intent only added to the poor girl s
perplexities, for they showered wel
comes upon her und bode her get her
luggage up at once. They hnd come
to take her to tbelr own roof. They
had secured such a quulnt, roomy
house III Krmita right near the bay
ehore, and looking right opt on tht
Luneta ami tho piirnile grounds.
They stormed nt her plea that she
must not leuvo her companion. They
bade her send for Miss Porter, and
Included her in their wurui-ln-arted
invitation; but by the time Maidie
wos uble to get a word In edgewise
ou her own account, and begged them
to come and meet Mrs. Dr. Wells and
the itrd Cross sisterhood, they de
murred. The general, in Marlon's brief ab
sence, hsd expressed his opinion of
that onieial head, and the Brents hnd
evidently accepted hla vlewa. Then
Vinton and his officers loudly begged
Mrs. Brent to play chuperon and per
auade Miss Uoy and Miss Porter to
accompany them In their fine white
launch la a visit to tha admiral on the
Bag ship, and said nothing about oth
er ot the order.
The Idea of seeing Dewey on hi
own deck nnd being shown all over
the Olyuipiu! Why, it wos glorious!
Tut Miss Hsy faltered her refusal,
even against Miss Porter's Imploring
eyes. Thnn Stuyvesant declared he
didn't ferl up to tt.
The ij'vnerul went off to the fle?
nd the flrents back to the shore
without the girls. Hut in the course
of the afternoon four more oBleere
cam to tender their services to
"Billy Kay'f daughter," and none, not
even a hospital steward, came ta do
aught for the Ked Cross, and by sun
down Maldle Itay had every assurance
that the most popular girl at thai
moment in Manila army circles wa
th least popular aboard the flsera
aoento, and Kate Porter cried heraelf
to sleep after an out-and-out squab
ble with two of tha band, and the
emphatlo assertion that ifsh were
Marlon Ray she would cut them all
dead and go live with her friend
Hut when th morrow came, wa
It to be wondered at that Miss Ray
bad developed a high fever? Waa it
-rr:'?' thai btfer noon.
front the otflcia. need dawn, from Dr.
Wells to Dottle Fellow, the moat
diminutive of th party, there lived
net a woman ot their number who
was not eager in tender of services
and in desire to be at the sufferer's
bedside? Was it not manlike that
Btuyvesant, whit had shunned the
sisterhood for day, now sought the
very women he had scorned ami
begged for tiding of tha girl h
(To ba contlnuml.)
He Honored the President.
On bciirioR of the president's
dcalh last Saturday our citizens
all showed sympathy, and our
ting was hoisted at half-mast,
draped in black. Tho court
house nod church bolts tolled,
but thero is one of our citizens
that deserves a special compli
ment for the respect and loyalty
he showed our chief magistrate.
His show-window contained Mc
Kinlcy's picture trimmed in
hlack, and two American Hags'
were placed in tho window about
the picture with a black sash
around it. All the jewelry in the
window wero such us suited the
occasion. This loyal citizen u
none other than our neighbor,
George C. Hasslinger.
Booze and Life Insurance.
It is now becoming generally
recognized, says the Spectator,
that the alcohol habit is one of
tho most important factors in de
termining length of life. No life
insurance company will now
knowingly accept tho application
of any ono known us a hard
drinker; and evidence is accumu
lating which says that even the
moderate use of alcobol is pre
judicial to health and long life.
In England a dozen or more life
insurance companies recognize
this fact by giving a reduction
of premium to abstainers or al
lowing them a lurger share in the
profits. The Scottish Temper
ance Life Insurance company
gives abstainers a reduction of 10
per cent in their premiums. The
Modern Woodmen society in the
United Stales bars absolutely
from membership all persons en
gaged in the liquor business
cither as stock holders, proprio
tors, agents or servants. It also
bars intemperate persons uud if a
member becomes intemperate
after admission he may be ex
pelled. M. W. A.
The Like of Which Was Never
Seen Itefore.
There is but one really great
trained animal exhibition in this
country and that onei migratory
in Us character. Wherever you
find the world-ronown Gentry
Brothers' shows there you Unci
nil that is perfect in animal train
ins and education. Besides be
ing the peer of all others Gentry
Brothers are the biggest pro
moters in their line in tho world,
and when it is stated that their
No. 1 show is coming to town in
the near future nothing further is
necessary. This means that over
800 perfectly Iralnod little ani
muls will assist in giviug an
entertuinment the likes of which
no rival has ever been able to
imitate. The date on which tho
Gentry Brothers' Groat Exhibi
tion will exhibit in this city is
Monday, September 'JO, after
noon ana nignt. Attention is
directed to tho street parade and
pugeant of beauty which takes
place about 1 1 a. m. JJont miss it,
H.: "I purchased a bottle of One
Minute Cough Cure when suffer
ing with a cough doctors told me
was incurable. One bottle relieved
me,tho second and third almost
cured. To cluy I am a well man.
All dealers.
a evac asset .."; f Tsavsa rewata
Hlghett Honors, World's Fl
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Avetd Baktag rVwdev eontaialag
alusa, Tkey are anjurlou' te' health
Southeast Missouri News.
Tho public school did not begin
at Marble Hill last week owing
to some cases dyphthoria.
Luther Bagget, aged 18 years,
shot and fatally wounded a Miss
Mary Keith in a cornfield near
Poplar Bluff. Baggot claims to
have done the shooting at the
suggestion of a Mrs.Rmda Giplin,
The contract for building the
now science building to tho Cape
normal has been let to Ed.
Rcgcnhardt. This building is to
be 113 feet long by 63 feet wide,
two stories high with a 9 foot
Tho second meeting of the A.
O. U. W, association of southeast
Missouri will meet at Bonne
Terre October 20. An effort will
be made to have un excursion, run
from Jackson to Bonne Terre
on that day and return that
Will Spradling, while driving
home last Thursday evening in
toxicated to the limit, was thrown
from his wagon and badly bruised
up, but no bones broken we are
told by Dr. Hendorson, who has
charge of tho case. Benton
A railroad tight is on in St.
Francois couuty. The Missis
sinpi River and Bonno Terre
railroad company does not want
the Missouri Southern railroad
to cross their track. The senti
ment of the people is with the
Missouri Southern.
The republicans of Capo Girar
deau county are talking of giying
M. E. Leming their nomination
for representative. If Cape
county will persist in sending a
republican to the legislature they
couldn't send a better ono than
tho aforesaid "Mot." Caruthers
ville Democrat.
Tho young wife of John Brose
wiso danced herself to death re
cently, and the wedding festivi
ties were abruptly brought to an
end. The young bride was buried
within forty-eight hours after
she was married, one robe serv
ing for both occasions. Doni
phan Enterprise.
Frank Jam us will bo here
again this fall. The fair associa
tion has again contracted with
him to start tho races at the fair,
which is to be bold for four days
n October, beginning tho J 5th
The contract has already been
closed and nothing short of an
accirteut will prevent Col. James
from coming. Caruthersvillc
Hurrah for Cape County.
At the log-rolling of the M. W.
A. at Farmington last Friday the
Cape band won the prize for tho
best band. The forester team
of Jackson camp won tho prize
for the best drilled forcrtcr team,
and the next log-rolling assoc'a
tion goes to Cape Girardeau
About ono hundrod person from
Jackson Attended the log-rolling.
Owing to a hot Ikx on the
main line the excursion train did
not leave Allenvillc till 12:30
hence they did not arrive at
ut Farmington till about i o'clock
The same officers were reelocted
Home-Keekers' Kxeuralon ltntea
Tho Cotton Belt advise addi
tional home-seekers' excursions
from Delta, Mo. to all points in
Arkansas, except Little Rock and
points on the Little Hock branch
between Altheima and Littlo
Rock. To all points in Texas
aud Louisiana on the Cotton Bolt
Kansas City Southern, Texas &
Pacific (except New L?rinat")
ilie H. & S. railroad, and to all
points in Oklahoma aad Indian
Territories at tho rate of one
fare plus $2 for the round trip.
Dates of sale are, July 2 and
1G, August 0 and 'JO, September
3 nnd 17, October 1 and 15, No
vember 5 and l'J, and December
3 arid 17. 1901.
Tickets good to leave slat tiug
point on date of sale only, going
transit limit to be 15 days, which
timo stop-overs will be permitted
in home seekers' territory. Re
turn limit, 21 days from date of
For further information call
upon or address VY. E. Glpaon,
Deray. Mo., or
U.VT.LaUaume.G. P.& T. A.
SCLduls, Mo.
Lost Saturday morning the
American fine all over this na
tion was flying at half mast and
the bells of our churchos were
tolling in token of the sad news
of the death of President Mc-
Kinley. Up till last Friday
everything seemed favorable for
his recovery, but . on the night
before his condition grew worse.
This is the third time tho people
of our country have mourned the
loss of a president at the bands
of an assassin.
Tho statement of Leon Czol-
gosz made to the police, tran
scribed and signed by tha pris
oner is as follows:
"I was born in Detroit nearly
twenty-nino years ago. My par
ents were Russian Poles. They
came here forty one years ago.
I got my education in the public
schools of Dotriot, and then wen
to Cleveland where I got work.
In Cleveland I road books on so
cialism and met a great m.tny so
cialists. I was pretty well known
as a socialist in the wost. After
being in Cleveland for several
years I went to Chicago, where 1
remained seven mouths, after
which I went to Newburg, on the
outskirts of Cleveland, and went
to work in tho Newburg wire
"During tho- last five years I
have had as friends anarchists In
Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and
other western cities, and, I sup
pose, Ixjcamo moro or loss bitter.
Yet. I know I wus bitter. I
never had much luck at anything,
and this preyed upon me. It
made me morose and envious, but
what started tho craze to kill was
a lecture I heard soma time ago
by Emmn Goldman. She was in
Cleveland, and I and other an
archists went to hear ber. She
set me on fire.
"Her doctrine that nil rulers
should be exterminated was what
sot mo to thinking no that ray
bend nearly split with pain. Miss
Goldman's words went right
through me, and when I left the
lecture I had made up my mind
that I would do something heroic
for the cause I loved.
''Eight days ago, while I was
in Chicago, I read in a Chicago
newspaper of President McKin-
ley's visit to the Pan-American
exposition at Buffalo. That day
I bought a ticket to Buffalo and
got hero with the determination
to do something, but I did not
not know just what. I thought
of shooting the president, but had
not formed a plan.
"I went to live at 10SS Broad
way, which is u saloon aud hotel.
John Nowak, a Pole, u sort of
politician, who has led his peo
plo for years, owns it. I told
Nowak that I came to see the
fair. He kuew nothing about
what was setting me crazy. I
went to the exposition grounds a
couple of times a day.
"Not until Tuesday morning
did the resolution to shoot the
president take a hold of me. I
could not have conquered it had
my life been ut stake. There
were thousands of people in town
on that day. I beard it was presi
dent's day. All those people
seemed to be bowing to the gveat
ruler. I made up my mind -to
kill that ruler. 1 bouslit a 32
caliber revolver and loaded it.
"On Tuesday night I went to
the fair grounds and was near
the railroad gate when the presi
dential party arrived. I tried to
get near him but the police
forced mo back. They forced
everybody back so the great
ruler could pass. I was close to
the president when he got into
the grounds, but was afraid to
attempt the assassination bocause
thero wero so many men in the
body guard that watched him. I
was not afraid of them or thut 1
Would got hurt, but afraid I
might be seized and that my
cb.ar.ce9 would be gone forever.
,"Wcli he weni away" that liine
and! I went borne. On Wednes
day 1 went M the grounds and
stood right near the president,
right under bird, bos the stand
from which he spoil e.
I thought half a dozon times
of shooting while he was speak
ing, but 1 could not get close
enough. I was afraid I might .
miss and then the great crowd
was always jostling nnd I was
afraid lest my aim fail. I waited
Wednesday und the president got
into his carrlugo and a lot of
men were about him and formed
a cordon that I could not get
through. I was tossed about by
tho crowd onU my spirits wero
getting pretty low. I was almost
hoeless that .night as I weot
"Yesterday morning ' I went
ugaln to the - groom. ;Kmma
Goldman's speech was still 'Mim
ing me up. I waited Trtfar the
central entrance for the pits!
dent, who was to board his upo
cial train from the gate, but the
Iolico allowed nobody but the
president's party to pass where
the train waited. So J stood at
tho grounds all day waiting.
"During yesterday I first
thought of hiding my pistol un
Jer my hankcrchiuf. 1 was
afraid if I hnd to draw it from
my pocket I would be seen aud
seized by the guards. I got to
the temple of music tho first ono
and waited at the spot whore the
reception was to lo held.
"Then came tho president
tho ruler and I got In linn and
trembled and trembled until I got
right up to him and then I shot
him twice through my white
handkerchief. I would have fired
more, but I wa? stunned by a
blow in tho fuce a frightful
blow that knockod mo down
and then everyliody jumped on
me. I thought I would bo killu.I
and was surprised at the way
they treated me."
Cape Girardeau Association.
This association of Baptist
churches met with the New
Bethel r:hnrch in th"? northeast
part of this county on Wednesday,
September II. Tbo churches
composing tht association are
Allenvillc, Burfcrdville, Cape
Girardeau. Deray, Gruvel Hill.
Hickory Ridge. Hubble Creek,
lona, .Inckson, New Itelhel. Oak
Ridgo in Capo and Lethum aud
Pleasant Grove-hi Perry county.
All but lona and Burford ville
wero represented by letter ami
Tho usual reports wero made
und were fully and well discussed.
Elder T. A. Bowman represented
stuto missions and the central
Baptist. Elder II. J. LaTour. of
Bonne Terre, represented home
and foreign mission. Collections
wero made for several objocts,
and the debt on the district mis
rion board provided for. Ser
nions wero preached by Elder
Paddock, of Capo Girardeau;
Elder H. J. LuTour, of Bonno
Terre; Elder T. H. Jenkins, of
Oak Rid ere, aud others.
A beautiful recitation wui
given by Miss Bessie McCainKof
New Bethal, during jlheidtaaiu
sion of the subject of Sunday
schools. Eighty-two baplizms
were reported in tho church
letters. The seventy ninth., ses
sion will be held to Duray on the
Wee" ceadity brfera the third Suit-
day in September. T. II. Jenkins
was moderator and J. M. Wibjoc
clerk. The Sunday school con
vention will meet in Cape Girar
deau nnd the oiliccrs will be T.
H. Jenkins president, Dr. Gris
som clerk, and Alice' Vinyard,
The people at New Bethul
were fully preparod to entertain
tho association, aud the delegates
were loud in their praises of the
treatment by tho good people. " L.
Govt. W. LanePe wumo, M ich .writes
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best remedy for indigestion and
stomach trouble that 1 ever used.
For years I suffered from dyspep
sia, at times compelling me to stay
in bud und causing me untold ag
ony, I am completely cured by
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. In recom
mending it to friends who suffer
from indigestion I always offer to
Cay for it if it fails. Thus far I
ave nover paid." All dealers.

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