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The Jackson herald. (Jackson, Mo.) 1897-1911, November 07, 1901, Image 1

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.sBMMiW.BSaM.aaaBMiSMBBB.....1M.BM. , 7. , . . Z T . - ; m . ' I:
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; vmormm.
CHAPTIHI I -A pur of avwtrr te.
rolls urutvr i-harsra of Corp. CnMllr, oa)
era to aaa IYmkIm. eBaeaaas aa at Ow
Sea ana are ooraUd to bousA am old
see aar. A rena. rovma prtaaee, fosta.
toj leeaat boara IB train
srati the beamta est a voonar I
tvala aad U atruak
eaaaes peessn
sagus rs ansa,
w. . Ha trie t make fco
'CRAPTUTt II. vuyweaami discover at).
m Metaon Kay. diaoblee ol Col. Rar. Ba
haa an enoouDter vrlih a dnmseB roonilc.
Murray, who umi rmau. Earlv aaat
. Btornina- in on rearon ear la lucwrtt
Br., caused tor baaMaar o( Journal boxes.
Ma tn. KMiaf uaraijr aaeapa wiib inesr
traas. Btuyvweaart help riwaue Uanr, but
li eeverely Innwa aflsa Kay helps Jane
(ne In Jut ad, lnalodlnjt Atairveeaat. Foa
tar. attaoutti Injurs, Ooolarw he Is ia
Boed of Ba aid.
. CHAJTBR ZH.-M1M Km leaves train
at Baaramaoto. Ob arrival at Oakland
Btuyveeant reralvee letea-raan earta. llou
"teaant'a oommtaeUui awatta Foster at San
Vrsacleeo. ta loekta. blot op U ia diacav
Wed that ba baa dlaappearod.
OHAJTM IV. turreaamt, attached ta
Gen. Vlnbm'e etaJX, la questioned by oaa
9oo. Drayton aa ta kDowledare ef Poeter'.
BlienauiMita. Drayton ahowe bin lattar
from old friend. Footer's uaoU. tollta; of
prrrtoua In Kentucky and ttia lBalatlon
for bar. sHuyveeant euajcasle lookin. tm
aim la Sacranwnto.
CHAPTER V.M array, tba warury re.
mil, la dlseewered ta ba a daaartar. Btwy
reeant accidentally otaeta UaL Kay,
broUurof Mlaa Itay. aa Baa Francisco,
Kay Aorldaotaliy apaak of Foatar. wbou
T knowa, and ha aaya hla alatar'a oatvr
riaartoB nat to Biarry outaldo tha army
mat hara eauaad Foata V anAst aad en
aavor to win tba atrasa.
CHAPTER Vl.-atlaa Ray. with bar
Bjiotbrr, oomea lo Oaa aaciaeo. bat 9tuy
faaat. aitBoiwh wry aoxluua, haa not
ba plaaauDa of maatlnc bar. Ueut. Ray,
whtla vtaltuur tbein ona avanloa. racalvva
jt aac&pea and bla anartra bava baaa roboea.
v nan inuuiMfll on wnca Muyvaani MI4
ta laartn. baroor ba, with party of of
ticara, boanla bb aarart ataanwr to bid
maaaa taravall. Mlaa Kay la aboard and
ha la latroduord. Thoy apaak, and he
noDa off Baaauoa bar nova
bar wra bla ra-
lorn from Manila. Baa amlUnaly hwm
-I uuos. yoa avay aaa m-bafora that."
CHAFTRR VII Jt la htanMd Morrar
H ooa of aacapad prlaonara aad that H.OB)
la bbbobc Uraa. Ray'a atlaainai proparty.
CHAPTER YIII.-Ajt Hoaotahi thrae aoU
(flara ara layolved la a HkIU wtth thro
dnmkaa aaliora by a bwty, ttaahtty draaaad
Wtrancar, a raeant Brrrrai oa tba lalanda.
knowa aa aokatt. tiryraaaat haara of
flcht and from deaerlpUoa Uantifiaa itran
Car aa Murray, aad dlaoovara blm whila
Bacratly attempting to laave for ah to
toound for Au&traUa. A aeuflla anauaa ta
Which Stuyvuaaat la aacaraly at&bbad.
CHAPTER IX. Stayveaant llnKara ba
twatn MIc and daath at Honolulu for many
wek. Klcnlty uanaport Harraaianto ar
rlT with Ueut. Kay, htt mothar and ila
Ur. thr lattt-r a Had Croaa nurao, aooacd.
fituyvftaant Ulla kotora ba la wall anouga
ta procaed to Manila with boat.
L'llAITKK X. ilr .oca. but auffara
r!or' relrpse as a rtailt. Ha Improvti to
ward end ot trty; pr ortt ot allaa Hay
tirovtft a wonderful atlmulant to him.
CTTAT'TKK XI. Ob arrlral at Manila
liny ia lavlird to atay with old army
frtaiidH, lite Krcnla. Juat beforw dabarkln.
ahe it. tuki-n down with a hitch fever, btuy
reiant la forced to remain aboard tha aaip
lor eonie lima.
CH APT ICR XII. Mlaa Ray, whose pet
name ia Muldia. alowly convalimoe.i at Cot.
Urent'a home. A inyaterioua atranKercalia
aevrrnl timea to at- l,ar, but la nt-Ver ad
mitted. Btuyveaant calla one day llh hr
portrait, itrtirirmally found un the patale
ffrourd. KIih bromea very paia on steins;
It. Hefuro laaviiiir, Stuyveauut picks up
Maidlc'a revolver, lying en tha tapis, atd
Dia II In his pockat.
CHAPTKR Xin-Ona fvonlnir Stuy
veaant huitliy enivra a native rtfftort to es
wip. a pvsterlPK officer of Patriots Daugli
ters of America, a rival to lied Cross ur
banisation. A number of aoldUira and
civHiana are gathered and one of tha (af
ter immt-diately s'arLs for the door, sprlnaa
around the corner and dlaappeara.
CHAPTER XIV. Tha man ia learned fa
have betn Murray, allaa 8acktt. Mysle
Tious stranger who had so often called ta
ee Miss KAy now aupposr-d to have been
Foster, who, through his lova, had fol
lowed her to Manila. Robbery la attempt
d at lirent'a. Malal dlscovars Intruder
hut falls Id her attempt to capiur him.
CHAPTKR XV. tavantory ahowa loaa to
ba considerable. Falae atory of lire lnntMid
of robbery la uocldantaliy aptead. Bluy
vasant heara of K from a senirr, with
whom ha haa a few words, and hurries ta
the acena. Soon after arrival an officer ap
p roaches with order for hla arrest; aantry
whom ha had just baas talking- to had
been found dead and Maidla'a revolve
found sear tha spot.
CHAPTKR XVI.-8uy-veMnt triad for
murder and elrr-umetantlal evktance stream
a.atnst liirn Miss Hn; la told dead aentry
la Foatar. killed with her piatol.
CHAPTER XVM. Durins trial dead aan
try, known aa Benton, la partially Iden
tified aa Foatrr. Lreut. Hay la called, but
declares ha had never aaen dacaaaed ba
To aay that Mr. Ray', abrnpt an
nouncement waa a aarpriaa to tha
lenae throntr of iistnra ia putting
It mild!'. To say tbat 1 waa re
ceived with Incredulity by part of tha
aoMtary, and concern, if not keen ap
prehenriion, by old friaoda of 8sutdy'a
father who war. preaent, I. bat av
ialnt deacription of the effect of tta.
lad'i emphatic itatemont.
To nine out of ten among the assem
b!y the young- officer waa a total
trantfnr. 'Co more than nine out of
ten the identification of the dead aa
Walter Foatrr. Maidie Ilay'a luckJeaa
"lover, waa already complete, and
many men who have made up their
tntada ara incensed at thoae who dar.
"to differ from them.
True, Mr. Stayveaant had .aid that
he sentry, No. 6, did not remind him
except in Htature, form, and possi
bly in featured, of the recruit he
knew a Foster on the train. He did
Tot apeak like him. But, when close
ly 'iiuentioiiad by the legal adviser of
he provost-nmrnhnl'a department,
the officer who nondticted uioet of the
Vxaiaioatlon with much of the man
tier of a prnaeutitlng attorney, Mr.
Steuyresant admitted that he had
Mnly seen Foster once to speak to,
'aind that was st nig-ht in the dim lipht
"fit the Pfieraniento station oa what
jmlffht be called the off-side of the
train, where the shadows were heavy,
and whilo the face of the young sol
dier waa partially covered with a
'handofre. Yet Vinton attached lm
'piirtunce to his aide-de-camp's opin
ion, and when Kay came out flat
'looted, aa It were, in spport of Btuy-
vesant's views, the (ebexal wa. ria.
tf 'JKltf aVttAaael
J. & Lrpplawe. Comttf
Bat, except for tUase awry few. Bay
had spoken to urrbellevinff aar.
Bternly the military lawyer took him
ia hand and began to probe. No
need to enter Into detaila. In ten
tniaatea the indignant young gentle
man, who nevarin his Ufa had told a He,
found himself the target of ten mot.
of hontihj eyes, soma wrathful, soma
scornful, soma contemptuous. Borne
insolent, some only derliiive, bat all,
saw thoae of a few silently observant
officers, threatening or at least inim
ical. Claiming first that he knew Waltejr
Pouter -well (and, indeed, it seemed
to him he did, for Ids mother', letter,
to the Htff Horn ranch had much to
aay of Maidie. civilian admirer,
though Maidie herself could rarely be
kodoced to speak of him), Bay was
forced to admit that ha had met hhrt
only twice or thrice daring a brief
and hurried visit to Fort Averill to see
hi. loved one. before they moved to
Fort Leavenworth, and then he owned
he paid but little attention to the
sighing swain. Questioned as to his
opportunities of studying and obnci-v-iag
Foster, Bandy had beoa coo
strahied to aay that he hadn't ob
served him olosely at all. He "didn't
want to xnctly.' They first met, it
seems, m saddle. The winter weath
er vi oa glorious at Averill. They had
a fine pock of houuds; coursing for
jack rabbit was tln-ir favorite sport,
and, despite the fuvt that Fouler had a
beautiful and speedy horse, "his seal
waa so poor and hi hand so Jerky he
sever managed to get up to the front,"
said Sandy.
It was not brought ont In evidence,
bat the fact was that Randy could
never be got to look on Foster with
the faintest favor as a suitor for his
sister's hand. A fallow who could
neither ride, shoot nor spar whose
aeoompltehments were solely of the
carpet and perhaps the tennis court
the boy had no use for. He and Maidie
rode as though born to the saddle.
He had seen Foster in an English rid
ing suit aad Kagliuh saddle and an
attempt at the Knglbih ueut. but de
cidedly without tha dvt Rngllah baud
on his fretting hunter's mouth the one
day thst they nppearetl in the field
together, and the sight wax toomurh
for bandy. That night at dinner, and
the later dance, Footer's perfection of
dress and manner only partially re
deemed rum in Saody s eyes, and
well really, that was about all he
had ever sue a of Foster.
Questioned as to his recolk-ctlon of
Foster's features, stature, pU-., Sandy
did his best, and only succeeded in
portraying the deceased almost to fho
life... Kzccpt, he said, Foster had long,
thick, curving eyelashes, and "this
man hoon't" but it was remembered
that brows nhd lonhea both were
singed olf in the fire, so that point
failed. Questioned as to whothr-r bo
realised that his description tallied
closely with the abearance of the
deceased, Handy said that that all
might be, but still "this txii't Foster."
Questioned as to whether. If the do
ceaord were again to have the color
and action the life that Foster bad
a year ago might not the resem
blance to Foster be complete Saady
simply "couldn't tell."
Nearly an hoar was eouBuined In
trying to convinee him he niMat or at
least might be mistaken, but to no
purpose. He mentioned n card photo
graph of Foster in ranch eostaine that
would convince the gentlemen, he
thought, that there waa no each very
strong resemblance, and a note was
written to Miss Porter asking her to
find and send the picture la question.
It came, a cabinet photo of a. tall, slen
der, well-built yoang fellow with dark
eyes and brow, and thick, curving
lushes, and oval, attractive face,
despite iu boylkhoeas, and nine men
out of tea who saw and compnrad it
with the face of the dead doclared it
looked as though it had boesi tstkea
tor the latter perhaps a year or so
agone. liay had hurt hi. own case.
and, waeu exouaed to return to bis
sister's side, went forth into the gath
ering twilight stricken with the eon-
aciouaneaa that aa was believed to
have lied In hopes of averting scaodaU
from that alater s name.
And on the morrow with that post
mortem, so insisted on by Brk-k, no
longer delayed, the dead again lay
mutely awaiting tha final action of the
civil-military authorities, and to the
aurprise of the oDVers and guards,
before going to the daily routine that
kept him from early niurn till late at
night in hla beleaguered olBee, Dray
ton came and boworf his gray head and
gased with somber ryes into tba sleep
ing features bow before him.
A pinched and tired look was com
ing over the waxeu faoe thut had been
so cnlm and placid, aa though in uttor
weariness over this senseless delay.
Drayton had been told of young Kay',
almost astounding declaration, and
officers ot the law half expocted him
to make some adverse comment there
on, but he did not. Alert correspond
ents, amaxed to see the corp. com
mander at such a place and so far from
the Ayuntamlento, surrounded him as
he would have retaken his seat In hi.
carriage, and clamored for .omethlng
as coming from him in tha way of aa
expression of opinion, which, with
grsve courtesy, the general declined
to give, but could not prevent appear
ing a week later ia a thousand paper,
ia a dosen different form, ferried
over to Hoag-Kong by the Bacrgua cay
some other nhtri, aad cabled ubeaee to
waiting Christendom.
Drartoa had hi. own reasons lor
wishing to aee tha ramaiaa, then Tla
toa, and later Bay, and aa ha. mows-
aaamts were eloeoly followed, tha vrita
ef the correspondents were ' eorely
taxed. But the examination waa to be
resumed at nine. ' A rumor waa run
ning wild that Ml. Bay haraelf was
to ba .ammoncd to appear, and Dray
ton had to be dropped ia favor of a
mora promising ae natation.
It began with dreary aurgieai teekv
nkft titles. The heavy bullet had
travereed tba aaoeadkag aorta "near
IU Mfuroatioa," said Bricfc who
though only aa aatcrpaseaj adjunct,
was permitted to apeak tor hi. as
soeiates. Death, Mid be, had resslted
from ah oak and waa probably Instan
taneous. No other eaase could ba at
tributed. , Wo other wound waa dis
covered. No mark, of scuffle except
"soma unimportant Beratchea' oa the
boulder. The bullet was found to
weigh exactly the same as those of
the onexploded cartridges ia poor
Maidie'. prlxed revolver, and though
ftrick would gladly have kept the
floor and told very much more, the
pYoVoet-mnrahsl as gladly got rid of
him, for, despita (lie unwillingness
of the medical officers at the Cuartel
de Meyirlr, Connelly had been
trundled down to Krmita in a springy
ambulance and waa patiently await
ing his turn.
The moment hie coming waa an
nounced, Connelly was ushered In and
Brick ehot off short.
A nnrse and doctor were with the
sturdy little Irishman, and he need
ed but brief instruction aa to what
was wanted. Taken to the trestle
and bidden to look upon the face of
the deceased and aay. If he eould,
who it wos, Connelly looked long and
earnestly, nd then turned feebly but
calmly to tho attentive array.
"If it wasn't that this looks much
thinner," said he, "I'd any It was a
man who 'lifted with our detachment
at Denver last June, about the first
week. The name was Foster. He
disappeared somewhere between
Bocramento and Oakland, and I never
aw him again."
Questioned as to whether there was
any mark by which the recruit could
ho known, Connelly said .that he was
present when Foster was physically
examined, and be never saw a tnaa
with a whiter skin; there wasn't a
mark on hi in anywhere then that he
sould remember. Bidden to tell what
be knew of Foster, the young artil
leryman was given a seat, and some
what feebly proceeded. Foster wa
bound to enlist, he said, was of lags
age and looked It; gave his full nuuc,
his home and business; said ha
owned a ranch down lu New Maxleo
near Fort Averill; didn't know
enough to go in for a comnuamrm
ami was determined to enlist and
serve ns a private soldier In the cav
alry. He had good slothes and thltips
that he put in a tmok and expresxed
book to Averill, keeping only a valine
full of underwear, etc., but that was
burned up on the enr afterwards.
Two duys later, bcfuro they starts
for the west, a man who said hii
name was Murrsy came to the ren
dezvous and asked for Foster, who
was then being drilled. A detach
ment was to Rtort the next day, an.l
anybody euM see thnt Foster wasn't
glnd to welcome. Murray by any
mearm, but on that very evening Mur
ray said that he ton wished to en
list ami go with his "friend." Ho
ftqticcsrd through .Ihe physical exam
ination somehow, and they took him
along, though nobody liked his looki.
Then Connelly told what he eould
of the Are and of Foster's subsequent
disappearance, also of Murray anil
Murray's niiReonduct. They asked
Connelly about Lieut. Stuyvrsant, and
here Connelly waxed almost eloquent,
certainly enthusiastic, In Stnyvesant's
praise. Somebody wont bo far, how
ever, a. to ask whether he had ever
seen any manifestation of ill-will be
tween Btuyvennnt and Recruit Fos
ter, whereat Connelly looked aston
ished, seemed to forget hht fever, and
to show something akm to indigna
tion. "No, Indeed!" said he. There wa.
nothing but good-will of the heartiest
kind everywhere throughout the de
tachment except for that one black
guard. Murray. They .11 felt most
grateful to the lieutenant., and so far
as he knew they'd all do most any
thing for him, all exoept Murray, but
he wa. a tough, he waa a biter, and
hare the sick man feebly uplifted hi.
hand and pointed to the bluish-purple
marks at the base of the thumb,
"Murray did that," said Connelly,
simply. "He waa more like a ben.it
than a man."
But the examiners did not seem in
terested in Murrsy. Gen. Vinton, who
had again entered and waa a close
listener, and was observed to be
studying the witness closely, present
ly beckoned to one of tho doctors and
said a word in undertone to him.
The medico shook lata head. There
was a lull in the proceeding a mo
ment. Gounelly was too sick a man'
to be kept there long, and hi. doc
tor plainly showed hi. anxiety to get
him away. The crowd too wanted
him to go. M. bod told nothing espe
cially new except that Murray uud
Foster were acquainted, and Murray
enlisted because Foster had.
"Everybody" said by this time th's
must be Foster', body. What "every
body" wanted was to get Connelly
out of the way now, then perhaps
(mother fever patient might be sum
moned, for they couldn't expect to
keep those remain, another day.
There waa widespread, U unspoken,
hop. among tha aoore of correspond
ents that tha provost-marabal would
feel that ha moat """T"p Mi.. Bay.
Bat before the awamfntr. ooold de
cide there caasm am aaaxsaotad aaaaa.
Vialom yrasjt over, -heat, and whit-
to the provost-marshal, who
looked ap, nodded, and glaaced to
wards the witness, sitting flnahad
bad heavy-eyed, hat patient, aeraaa
tha room. Vinton was plainly Bak
ing .omethlng, and to tha manifest
displeasure of many of the crowd tha
little Irishman was again aee oa tad.
"Ton aay Murray waa a biter, and
bit yon .o that the mark, last to thl.
day. Did yon take not. of any pe
eaUarity In hi. teeth V
"Tea, air. cms ot Van waa gone
near tha' frost, right-hand aide, neat
to the big yellow eye-tooth."
' "Would that make a peculiar mark
on human flesh 7"
"Tea, air," aytawerafl Connelry, fcold
mg up hi. hand again and .howmf
the scar, now nearly five month, old,
"Steward," Bold lb. officer, placidly,
"uncover the shoulder, there and let
Connelly look at the mirk Dr. Brick
referred toy -
- Connelly illd. Ha studied the pur
plish discoloration, in tha milky skin,
and excitement, not altogether feb
rile, suddenly became manifest In his
hot, flushed face. Then b. held forth
one hand, palm uppermost, eagerly
compared the ugly scars at the base
of the thumb with the faint marks on
tha broad, smooth shoulder, aad
turned back to the darkening room.
With hand uplifted he oried:
"Major" and now he was trembling
wtth mingled weakness and eagerness
"I know tbat man Murray was fol
lowing this young feller to aqueece
money out of him, and when he could
n't get it by threats, he tried by force.
He's followed him eloar to Manila, and
that, hi. mark .are', this iai aura's
there's a Cod In heavenl"
(To bo continued.)
An exchange ia authority for
the statement thut "under a new
law passed by congress, after
June, 1903, the person who gets
thu contract for carrying the
mail will have to rcsido along the
route. Thin law will do away
with all the large mail contracts
ami will givo the person carrying
tho mail h chance to dual direct
with the government. If there
ever was an outrage perpetrated
on tho people it wan tho stur
route contractors. Fortunes have
been made at tho expense of the
poor unfortunate, who did the
work while the contractors did
Lf.t the republicans of Mis
souri nominate W. II, Lynch, of
southwest Missouri, for superin
tendent of public schools, and N.
A.Mozleyor Moses Wybark, of
southeast Missouri, for supreme
judge, und they can give the
democrat a good race, and likely
come out ahead.
Wine of Cardul la the guardian
of a woman's health and happi
ness from youth to old ago. It
helps her safely into womanhood.
It sustains her during tho trials
of pregnancy, childbirth and
motherhood, making labor easy
and preventing flooding and mU
oorriago. It gently lead, bor
through tba dangerous period
known as the clmngo of life.
cure, kiucorrhoea, falling of tho
womb, and monstrual Irregularity
in every form. It is valuable in
every trying period of a woman',
life. It reinforces tho nervous
gystom, acts directly on the geni
tal organ, and ia the finest tonic
for women known. Ask your
druggist for a 11.00 botUe of
Wine of Cardul.
Bataavllle, Ala., July It, MOB,
ford a Blaek-Draaeht and I feel Ilk a
different woman already. Several la
diea hare keep tha mediclnee la their
l using n ina or uaraui aaa Tned-
bomea all tha time. I have tar eirla
Bad they are using It with aaa.
roe aevte sad ltunuar. ss'rias. areta.
"rmpuy, 'ft Iua' AdTlMTDeVarC
fhilliilSiI ""' 1
Southeast Missouri News.
Cape Girardeau, like Jackson,
now has a lady sotary public in
the person of ' Miss Maude
Cochran. ,
A fine lead vein has been found
near Froderloktown, which is re
ported to contain lead ore that 1s
05 percent, purs.
Tbe Charleston Btar speaks of
N. A. Motley as s republican
candidate for supreme judge,
lie cari fill tbe bill
Carotherrmllo has been bonded
for $26,000 for water works.
There were only seven votes
against tha proposition.
The Benton Itecord says that
l'bil Haffner is fitting up a
newspaper office, and has gone
to St. Louis for his supplies.
The Daily Republican, of the
Cape, is very anxious for mail
boxes. The citizens of the Cape
should have mail boxes. They
should have a hustling postmaster
like Jackson.
On'OctoberSOabig fire broke
out in Piedmont. The heaviest
loser was the Piedmont lie tie w
Its loss was about 7()0. We aro
sorry for you, Hro. Wilson, and
will certainly wait patiently till
the Review again makes its ap
pearance. The practice of carrying pistols
by negroes in this county is be
coming too genr ral. Tho results
of thoir frequent ute is too ex
pensive to the tax-payers. But
how can the practice be stopped
is a question. The law is strin
gent enough, but conviction is a
different matter. A very good
remedy would bo to stop the sale
of pistols, or tax the vendor so
high as to make it unprofitable to
sell them. New Madrid Mis
sourian. H. L. Strickland, a brakemnn
running between Poplar Bluff
and DcSoto, was' instantly killed
near Loer. He bad been on
duty twenty-five hour, and fell
asleep vpon the track while
waiting to make a switch. The
body was horribly mangled. The
young man was only 22 years of
age. Poplar Bluff Republican.
Tbe section of tbe game law
that is causing much discussion
here is as follows: Luws 1901,
page 131, section 2: "It is dc
clarod unlawful for any person to
sell or offer to sell, buy or offer
to buy, any quail, pinnated
grouse, prairie chicken, wild
deer, or wild turkey, in this state
for a period of five years from
the passage of this act.1' Dunk
lin Democrat.
Another effort is being made
to sink an artesian well at More
house. A few years ago a siini
lar effort was made, but at u
depth of about fourteen hundred
feet the drill broke off und the
job was abandoned. To reach
that depth the drill wont through
six hundred feet of alluvial soil,
and but one stono was found.
Another surprising fact is that
at the depth of several hundred
feet an upright log perhaps it
had beeu a tree overtaken by a
holocaust and buried while yv
alive was bored through from
top to bottom, quite forty foet.
Machinery for the new well is in
position, and work will begin at
once. Charleston Enterprise.
Mr. Isaao Newton Anderson,
who is in charge of a squad of
men engaged in quarrying dimen
ion stone for the S. M. & A.
railroad company, n tho line of
the road a thort distance below
tho bridgo over Cape La Croix
creek, exhumed a human skeleton
thirty flye feat below the surface
of the earth. Tho skeleton was
found in a fissure of the stone
and over the skeleton was grow
ing a large oak treo about one
hundred years old. The skeleton
was fairly well preserved, and
the teeth were in a perfect state
of preservation, as the enamel
on tbe teeth glistened as if it had
just pused from the burnisher of
the dentist From the depth of
the skeleton below the surface of
the earth and the large tree
growing Over It Mr, Anderson
estimates that the skeleton has
been there two hundred years.
Osr'titaocrat .
Driving us to Socialism.
Combinations of capital and
greed of trusts ara carrying
constant stream of reinforce
ments into tbe ranks of state so
cialism. Suob growth as socialism
ia making 4a the JUnited State
and it is alarming rapid is due
chiefly to the Carnegies, Rocke
fellers, Morgans and others of
thoir description. It is becoming
'increasingly difficult for those
who oppose the socialistic spirit
and its demands to maintain a
stand against its progress, while
tho great mouopt'.i 'rko,
combinations aro rapidly getting
control of the main Industries of
the country, are so busy and so
successful in supplying arga
meuts to those who insist that the
only remedy lies in their proposal
that the state shall take over the
instruments of production and
distribution. ' For, there are in
creasing numbers who believe
this the only remedy, and under
the frper&tton of the syndics -Rnd
monopolists they arVmultiplying
year by year on geometrical
ratios. That the attempt to ap
ply tnis remedy would be a
disanter, not only to the country,
but to civilisation, the Orcgonian
does not entertain arloubt. But
nothing can prevent the people
from making an effort to apply
this remedy, if the greced of the
monopolists shnll be coutinued
and no other remedy that prom
ises anything shall appear.
Portland Oregonian.
AN indeiventlent uVmocratic
weekly newspaper for Jefferson
City Is one of the early proba
bilities. A newspaper at the
capital which would simply tell
tne truth; which had no favors
to ask of anything or anybody ;
whoso editors were untrani
moiled, would attract attention
throughout the whole civilized
world, and 1 believe would be on
sale from the Atlantic to Hm
Pacific rind from the lakes to too
gulf. What we need In this stiitr
at this time is a fow independent,
courageou-i democratic nvn
paper men who hold no offices,
who are applicants for none, anil
who can struggle, if things come
to the worst, throughout this ml
ministration without the printing
of the constitutional amendments.
Clmrledton Enterprise.
Tho Enterprise is on tho right
track. We hope to see him ad
vocnlo ami further hope to see
independent democratic papers
estriblished at the capital and
elsewhere. They certainly would
be a good thing for the country
and especially for the republican
party. Mr. Moore knows what he
is talking about for he has heeu
to the capital .
IT would have been just as well
for Presidant Roosevelt not to
have invitud Booker Washington
to dine, and it would have boen
equally as well for Washington
not to liavo accepted tho invita
tion, btK neither of tbe incidents
nccured, hence thcro is nothing
gained by making so much fuss
about it.
Harmony is a great thing any
where, and it must exist even in
the republican ranks of this
county if they wish success.
Congressman Vandiveu fa
voni a primary to nominate a
caudidate for congress in tho
fourteenth district-
I Dark Hair
, " I have ed Ayer'a H.ir Vijor
BT B area! manv veara nrl al
though 1 am p.t eighty year, of
sir, yet i nave not a gray nur in
mr bead."
Geo. Yellott, Tow-ton, A'd.
We mean all that rich,
dark color your hair used
to have. If it's gray now,
no matter; for Ayer's
Hair . Vigor always re
stores color to gray 'hair
Sometimes it' males the
I hair grow very heavy and
long; and it stops falling
'of the hair, too.
II.N status. All srvfTtsta.
II your sTraawIM cannot supply j
as ad oa ona dollar and we will axpi
voeabottle. Ba aura aad alee tba ni
BV Beareet enreae office. Address,
J. tt A CO., Lowell, Mass.
- ; tf
Improves the fiavor
nd adds to the heal tha
fulness 'of ' the -fodd.
Superlative fa
Strength and Parity,
mice oak ma powde cn-icniCAoa,
hit Centra I'Hiih Sdtfeol.
-a ;
The adt-atrtxti popiia of tho
surrounding districts need higher
education, and the parents' in
any district would rather have
their children at home than send
them off. Now is tho time to
avail yourselves of a good op
portunity for 'high school facili
ties. Tho J. M. A. techool build
ing can bo bought cheap, in fact
it tan "be"bought with no great
expense to district" -outside of
Why not 'Jackson district,
Clover Ilill district, Poplar Groye
district, Tilait district and Will
iams' district go togother aud
form a central high school dis
trict? Then the advanced pupils
of each district could nttoiiil
high school as they nttend
district schooKby taxation. The
law. provides that theso four or
live districts whidh form this
central high school district, shall
at each annual school meeting
levy Bullicient mondyto run suttl
central high school, -not to ex
ceed 20 pur c;it. of'Vnonev ap
propriated for teachers' purposes.
Read ycur school law on central
high schools, and then let us hear
from the directors in leach of tlic
districts wo have named above,
for or aeainst.
An exchange says the editor
of a country uewsDaoer has n'o
business to make mistakes. He
has no business to pv.t things Ir.
his paper that petrple' doii't like.
He ought to know what woufd
suit each ono before it W pub
lished and let "the person whom
it concerns ceiis6rl'.t. An editor
has plenty of time' Wdo 'this as
all he li.ts to do is -to hunt newB,
clean rollers, set type, 'clean the
floor, pen short items, hnistle for
advertisements, fold papers,
write wrappers 'distribute typo,
read proof, correct mistakes,
dodge bullets and dun the delin
quent nubscribnr and take a cuss
ing and tell the subscriber lie
needs the money. An editor litis
no business to make mistakes
while attending to such trifles
and living on oxta'll soup flavored
with imagination, wearing old
shoes and no trollar. a pntch dc
Hie tquators of his trousers, and
at tho name time tutTiing a unit
ing countenance on the man that
nays his paper isn't worth tlia
subscription prrco and anyone
could print a better oiie'with his
eyes shut. ..
When you auk a man to sub
scribe for your paper and lie
saya. 4,Oh. I' never read much,
and besides, the times are so
plagued hard," for God's sulfa
apologize and leave him. Life Is
too short to teach a jack lo sing
soprauo. Ail t'cntlcnuta nowa
days road newspapers, and there
Ire lots of them, Show us a mail
vho lives for years in a town or
community and never subscribes
for tho paper published there
and wo will '6h6V 'y6u a mat
whoso head is shaped like a piece
of pie, with 'tho point up, an'd
whose ignorance ia exceeded Uy
his gigantic gall. Ex. .
Foley's Honey mad Tor
cures folds, prevent t paeumooJk,

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