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Much Ado About Nothing.
The southern newspapers are
going off half cocked as usual.
It has always been the misfortune
of the southern poople to be con
trolled by their prejudices and
not by their reason and pood
This man Washington has been
endorsed by the entire southern
press as the foremost representa
tive of his race, as one who was
doing more for the roal advance
ment of the negro than anyone
else. The fact that President
Roosevelt took lunch with a
great educator and the best type
of a numerous people did not In
the leaut signify that he at
tempted to put htm on social
equality with himself or recog
nized the negro as a tit mate for
the white man. And yet these
southern fire-eaters jump at this
conclusion without one moment
of cool thought. When Koose
vclt as president of the United
States lunches with Minister Wu,
of China, or tho officials of Porto
liico, or some Cuban, tuch as
Maceo, for instance, or some
South American or African dig
nitury, docs that moan ho ac
knowledges their social equality
or would introdnco him as a fit
suitor for tbo hand of his daugh
tcr ? Thcso men aro invited by the
president of the United States in
his official capacity as reprcsenta
tives of a people, and in that ca
pacity he invited Washington to
talk over tho problems of
the southern negro, which are
indeed grave.
Why it is the south can never
see tho broad humanities of an
occasion and not the narrow
sectional question of "negro
domination" in every act of a
public man is something that to
tho ordinary citizen is an enigma
past solution.
The south has again put up a
bogie man of something dono in
tho ordinary routine of official
business at tho whits house, and
then proceeded to pound that
bogio into a shapolesa mass,
hang it in elligy and work them
selves in a fury just as the
French did over Dryfus.
Washington is a man of brains,
of education, of refinement or is
bo represented and a consultation
with a mini who is received as a
gentlemen all over this brood
land because of his scholarly at
tainments is not o social recog
nition of the ignorant, degraded
southern negro nor an invitation
to nogro control of the south, but
is a single exception to a general
rule of social procedure on the
ground that by reason of culture
and philanthropy tho man has
placed himself beyond the pale
of tho color line of tho negro,
Political Keviow.
- .
Not how cheap, but how good,
is tho question.
The Twice a-Week- Republic is
not us cheap as are some so-called
newspapers. Hut it is us cheap
us it is possible to sell a first class
newspaper. It prints all the
news that is worth printing. If
you read it all the year round,
you are posted on all tho import
ant and interesting atfairs of the
world. It is the bust and most
reliable newspaper that money
and brains can produce and
those should be the distinguish
ing traits of the nowspaper that
is designed; to be road by all mem
bers of the family.
Subscription price, $1 a year.
Any newsdealer, newspaper or
postmaster will receivo your sub
scription, or you may mail it
direct to The Kepublic,
St. Louis, Mo
Those desiring to bring us
wood on subscription will please
do so as quick as possiblo. We
want to lay in our winter supply
oeiore me roaus get bad.
The Herald carries a full lino
of tine calendars for 1902. Come
and see our stock boforeplacing
your oraers.
One of the most lielnful tmoka nn
liHrve weakness ever famied is that
entitled " Nerve Waste," by Dr. Saw
yer, of Kan Francisco, now iu it fifth
thousand. This work of an experi
enced and rrputahlu physician Is in
agreeable contrast to the vast sum of
false teaching which prevails on this
interesting subject. It abounds in
carefully considered and practical
advloe, und has the two great merits
of wisdom and sincerity.
It Is Indorsed bv both tho relMom
and secular press. The Chicago Ad
vance says: "A perusal of the book
and the application of its principles
will put health, ho)e and heart into
inounancis or lives mat are now suf
fering through nerve iinpalrinopt."
-The book is II. bv mail, nostnald
One of the most interesting chapters
chapter xx, on nervines and nerve
tonics has been printed separately
as a sample chanter, and will be sent
to any address fur stamp by the pub
lishers, The PaciUc 1'ub. Co., Box
zh,-is. tsan fTaooisoo.
Foley's Kidney Cum
Wakea kkfneya mud bltddtr right.
A fANclnatfng story of New York
life by Vance Thompson begins In the
for October, and promises to lie the
popular novel. Our special offer to
the readers of this paper, throe
months' subscription for 10 cents,
affords a rare opportunity to obtain
an Introduction or to promote better
acquaintance with the brightest il
lustrated monthly liiHgazine pub
lished. The Criterion has a distinguished
staff of writers and artl( who con
tribute strong special articles on im
portant topics of the day. KnterUin
lng short stories and poems llnely
Illustrated. Valuable and authori
tative papers on matters pertaining
to music, drama, art and literature.
John Url Moyd, author of "String
town on the l'lke," writes, "And now
I bog you to let mo say a word con
cerning ttic Criterion. It pleases us
all a a clean family magazine, and
by 'all' I mean my friends who ap
preciate and speak of works they
commend I have yet to rind ad ad
verse criticism from man or woman
whoHe Interest lie in the lines of pure
thought and who desire their loved
ones to read that which tends to
elevate life. The Criterion is a great
favorite, and Jtmtly mi, and I beg you
to take these gratuitous remarks in
the same kind pirit I extend them.
With truest regards, 1 am sincerely
yours, etc."
Remember, three months' subscrip
tion for ten cents (stamps accepted),
llcpiilar rates $1. UO per year, 10 cents
per copy.
41 Kast 21st Street, New York City.
Mothers everywhere praise One
Minute Cough Curo for the suffer
ings it has relieved and tho lives
of their little ones it has saved.
Strikes at the root of the trouble
and draws out the root of the trou
ble and draws out tho inllamotion.
Tho childrens' favorite cough
cure. II. L. .loncs.
Thosu who owe us on subscrip
tion would do us a very great
favor right at this timo if they
would pay up promptly. Don't
wait to be dunned, for if you aro
in arrears you know it, and your
early attention to the matter
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trie most Healing salve in the
m r w -w
If you bsvo lour stomach, indigestion, billousnsis, constipation, bad
braatb, diuinsss, inactive liver, heartburn, kidney troubles, backache, loss
of appetite, insomnia, lack of energy, bad blood, blotched or muddy skin,
or any symptoms and disorders which tell the story of bad bowels and an
Impaired dig-estiva system, Laxokola Will Cure Yoo.
It will clean oat the bowels, stimulate the liver and kidneys, strengthen
the mucons membranes of the stomach, purify your blood and put you
" on your feet " again. Your appetite will return, your bowele move regu
larly, your liver and kidneys ceese to trouble yon, your skin will clear and
freshen end you will feel the old time energy and buoyancy.
Mother socking the proper medicine to give tholr IttUa ones for constipation,
diarrhea, eoUo and elmllar trouble, will find Loxakola an Meal medicine for ehlldran.
It kecpe their bowel regular without pela or griping, acta a a general to ale, aaalata
nature, aid dilution, rettevee restlesaneea, eleara the eoated tonjrue, reducee fever,
oauie refiwehinff, reatful sleep ana make them well, happj and hearty, tjr Chitdrtn
Mi U and ai for 44.
For Sale by H. L.
Urg fr'tmdjr u botik I UutkeU, M&titsu t Imti
Doctors find
A Good
For manMnd
WANTtD rA eu w ba kaakk that ft't-p-A-N-g .01
bt.at. Tkj bMiUb pmtm pralaif III. On. rln
MW. MM OM w B I P A M 8 mm Xl, p.ck., mmi
tiawmlfl, wOi h. mftitm,Umt trt mm.
tfipZ7l c...
Weather Report.
Weather and crop report of the U
S. Department of Agriculture, Jack
son station, ror tun week ending
Saturday, November 2, 11)01.
, is
s s
so ....
60 Fog
0 ....
100 ....
!0 .17
10 ....
00 ....
Day of Week.
Wodnesdsy ..
Total ...
I M. Hkam, V. O. V. H. W. S.
New York and Buffalo
10 Days Stop-Over at
Hiifaln Pan-American
OUliaiO Exposition.
l.v.St. Iiiiln.. H.ti a.m. H.n m. 8..ip. m
A f. I'llfTnlfl. . . . 2 .TA H. In. ftlHA.m. 1 .'al n. m
Ar. Nrw Vork. 2 M p m. (imp. m. c.iOn.m.
nr. minion p. ni. v.uu p. in.iu.-Ma. m
Tlimnvlt I'imclico. Mining fii'ra., SI neper,
itnii Library (;tu Ours (rum St, I.oula.
For (iullli'M. Mlllm. Itati-A. Slnnnln Para
and KiitlniHil TI.-Li-ls, mil on or aildnuu
v. I. iilllrnrjr, A. O. I'. A., (Jueatout and
nruauwny. ri. miuih. .Mil.
Business (,'ullejfo,
Conservatory of Music,
School of Elocution.
Terms for board and tuition low.
Nine teachers, all specialists. Piano,
voice, and all stringed instruments.
Beautiful and healthful town. Send
fur catalogue to
btnuN h com
Scad fur Irs
VOtgf ttruaTraCaV
for lone
(MA. ftOlt. ill Cbetffww pnpMtVft
For particulars apply to L. M.
Baan, Jackson, Mo. Mr. Dean is
in mutual correspondence with
the Buchanan & Iteddick real es
tate and abstract company, of
Bloomflcld, Mo.
No. I. 2o acrs, at Whitewater.
176 cleared; two houses; H land,
balatwin bottom.
No. 2. imM acres, 3 mllos of Allen
rills'; 75 acres cleared, fair house, 35
acres bottom laud.
No. 8. 10 acres, 6 miles west of
oruonville; 80 acres cleared, nearly
all bottom land.
No. 4. 377 acres, H miles from
WhitewnUr; 140 acres cleared, bot
tom land.
No. 6. 204 acres, one mile north
west of (Jordonvillo; 160 acres cleared,
balance (rood timber; 8 room house;
large new barn; 6 springs; extra
No. 6. 840 acres, at Dutch town;
200 acres cleared; 13 springs, good
house and barns, water in everv field.
No. 7. 40 acres, mile northwest
of Oousinville, all under fence.
No. H. 164.41 acres, mile south
west oi uamiie station; all timber
No. 0. 40 acres, 1 mile north of
nannies .Station, all timber land.
No. 10. no acres, 1 mile eant of
Arbor, 30 acre cleared.
No. 11. 237 acres, 1 mile west of
Ilouck, 100 acres cleared.
No. 11a. 241 acres, 1)4 miles west
of Ilouck; J.'iO acres cleared, house
and barn.
No. 12. 101 acres, i mllo soutb of
mouck; (rood nonse and barn, every
tiling eood.
No. 13. 580 acres, 1 mile west of
t'ousinvllle, 200 acres, cleared 7
No. 14. .KlOncres, 1 mtlo southwest
of Delta, all timber land.
No. 15. 70.75 acres, 2 miles north
west of Jackson, fio acres cleared, 3
springs, house and barn.
No. IS. 200 acres, 2 miles south of
Gravel Hill, all timber land.
No. 17. 198 acres, 3 miles south of
Jackson, 140 acres cleared, good
buildinpi and springs.
No. 17a. 803 acres, 5 miles north
of Cape Uirurdeau, 200 acres cleared,
4 springs and good buildings.
No. 18. 247.70 acres, i milo north
west of Millervllle,8-room house and
two good barns.
No. 111. 131 acres; adjoining Jack
son, 120 acres cleared.
No. 20. Dwelling houso; In Jack
sou, 6 rooms, stable and smoke house.
No. 22. 137.50 acres; 8 miles south
went of Jackson, B r.iom house, 2
cisterns and a well; "5 acres gtsjd
white oak timber.
No. 23. Dwelling house; In Jackson,
6 results, cellar and stable.
No. 2i. Dwelling house; in Jackson,
7 rooms, large lot; stable and cellar;
nearly new.
No. 24. no acres; 1 mile north of
Randies Station, all wood; and 240
acres at Advance, .Stoddard county,
150 acres cleared, good buildings.
No. 25. 18S acres; 1 mile north of
dordonville, 100 acrrfs cleared, well
No. aii. 80 acres; at Uandles Sta
tion, 55 acres cleared, new 5 room
No. 27 97.50 acres; 3 miles west of
Millerrllle, 05 acres cleared, 400 fruit
trees, new 4 room house: spring.
No. 28, 02 acres; 2i miles southeast
of Jackson, 80 acres cleared.
No. 111. 77 acres; 2 miles northwest
of Jackson, 8 room Iiouhc, now barn,
No. 30. 140 ncres; 4 miles west of
JitekMon, loo acres cleared.
No. 31. 40 ;ieren; near Handles Sta
tion, 30 ncres cleared.
No. 32. 70 feet front on Main street
in Jackson.
No. 33. 2 dwelling houses in Jack
son. No. 34. 11U.75 acres; near Delta,
all timber.
No. 35. J0U acres; 0 miles northwest
of Jackson, 200 Hcrcs cleared.
No. Htl. 275 acres; 5 imleg north of
Jackson, 200 acres cleared, two story
brick house, good barn and out
buildings. No. 37. 145 acres; 4 miles cast of
Jackson, loo acres cleared, good
houu and barn, cistern and spring
No. 38. 120 acres: 3 miles southwest.
of Wordonville, 7o acres cleared, 6
room nousc.
No. 3U. 80 acres: 5 miles northeast.
oi jackon,b, ucrts cleared, 5 room
uousu, goou nam.
No. 40. 230 acres! 4 inilea north
west of Whitewater. 150 acres cleared,
5 room honse, 3 acres in orchard.
No. 42. :i80 acres; 12 miles west of
JucKson, zz. acres cleared, 135 acres
good timber.
No. 43. 185 acres; 3 miles northwest
of Burfordville, loo acres cleared, 38
acres bottom laud.
No. 44. 8.50 acres; M mile of Jack
son, 8 room house, nearly new.
No. 45. 820 acres ; 4 miles north of
ninniuanu, Mo., all timber.
No. 4. 150 acres; 21 miles of Gor
douville, 120 acres cleared, good or
chard, well and 2 cisterns.
No. 47. 120 acres: 14 mile mm
I'uxlco, Mo., 45 acres cleared, new
iiuuse uuu nam.
No. 48. 40 acres: near Idalia. Mn..
an u inner innu.
No. 4I, 230 acres: near ZiiHilnek.
Mo., 100 acres cleared, good improve
ments. No. 50. 80 acres: 4 miles wmt of
van lluren, Mo., 60 acres, fair build
ings, goou spring, on railroad.
No. 52. 130 acres: 6 miles northwest.
or jacKson, loo acres cleared, 4 room
noose, sunns.
Nn. 63. A 4 room dwelling honsn In
No. 64. A 4 room dwelling housn. In
No. 56. An 8 room dwelllnir hmian
In Jackson.
No. 611. 60 acres: 4 mile of Jackson:
this Is the best property in the county
for the money.
No. 67. House and lot; in Jackson,
lot 75 by 1S5 feet, 4 room houso.
No. 611. 28 acres: 4 miles nnrtliuoat
of Whitewater, very cheap.
j acres; near aiarquaua,
Mo., all timber.
No. 63. 50 acres: 2 miles east, nf
J ae.kson, 40 acres cleared, good spring.
no. i. nn acres; ;i nines south of
Kg.VPt Mills. 6i acres cleared. .1 rnnm
house, 3 springs.
No. 65. House and lot. In Jackson,
4 rooms, lot 60 by 150 feet.
No. 6a. House and lot, in Jackson,
3 rooms, lot 60 by 150 feet.
No. 60. House and lot, in Jncksou,
3 rooms.
No. ti7. 40 acres: W mile of Tilsit. SO
acres cleared, 4 risim house, good
No. 68. 1 K-lmrse nower elii'ln.. and
boiler, plainer, rcsaws, turning lathe,
No. (ib. 12 lots in Oliver Morton's
suhdiviHlon of Surrey No. 707.
No. 70. 77 scrna: H milea annthwaat.
of Cape Girardeau, 80 acres cleared,
good improvements.
No. 71. llouse and lot. In Jackson.
5 room bouse, new, H acre lot. j
Subscribe for the ILeuald.
The following counties comprise
th 14th congresaionnl district:
Cape Girardeau, Zollinger, Ilutler,
Howell, Christian, Douglas, Dunklin,
Mississippi. New Madrid. Oregon,
Osark, Pemiscot, Rlpby, Scott, Stod
dard, tone ana laney. w u van
diver, congressman.
The following counties Jcomprlse
tne zlst senatorial district:
vn'a uiini unu, , , c j " vol ioi.
Ripley, liutler and Dunklin. G T
Lee, -senator.
Representative O C Thilonlus
Sheriff Bernhnrd Oockel
Collector , E W Flentfre
Assessor J Flaldwell
Treasurer August Ude
Pros. Att'y T D Hinos
Probate Judge Jos KneTilor
Circuit Clerk C F Betten
Count Clerk Wm. Paax.
Common PleasClk.. Kd Engelinann
Surveyor B A Daugherty
Presiding Judge Chns Bartels
Judge 1st Dist Wm Thompson
Judge 2nd Dist LK Thomas
Coroner. Ir Elmo Porterncld
School Com E E McCullough
T.-.i n Ben Miller
-u.v.cee o. j J M Snider
Constable G H Grant
Mayor Wm Paar
City Clerk Henry Puis
City Collector Itlucher Sporling
i;ity Assessor :..A. j. t ientge
Marshal Jno Macke
Street Com Adam Hoffmann
Night Watchman Julius Jahns
City Weigher Wm B Kchaefer
City Attorney T D Hines
City Treasurer Joseph Koeliler
i- a 1 r fj Kles
men I I ..W D Rols-ru.
1 2nd Ward j J ' McLaill
, 2nd Ward , c Hoffme,Htor
The regular meeting of the board
oi BKlermen is too nrst Alonday
nightofeach month.
TD Hines President
Term expires April 1904
C W Henderson Vice President
Term expires April 1008
O L Hoffmann Secretary
Term Expires April 1003
Henry Steck Treasurer
Term expires April 1002
M P Klrksey
Term expires April 1902
a i Dciirens
Term expires April 1904
The regular meeting of the school
board is the first Thursday night of
encn inonin.
Circuit Court meets 1st Monday in
January aud May and 8rd Monday
In August. H C Riley, Judge.
County Court meets 1st Monday in
reoruary, May, August and Novem
Probate Court meets 2nd Monday
in February, May, August and No
vember. Common Pleas Court of Cape Glrar-
uoau meets sen ivionuay in January,
May and September. John A Snider.
j uuge.
Excelsior Lodge. No. 441. A F A A
M meets on 2nd and 4th Thursday of
each month. R B Burns, W M.
Modern Woodmen Lodge, No. 4933,
meets on tha 1st and 3rd Monday
night of each month. G S Summers,
V. C.
Royal Neighbors of America meet
in the Odd Fellow Hall on the sec
ond and last Monday night of each
month. Mrs Chas Kehrens, Oracle.
Jackson Lodge No. 138. A I) U W.
meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday
nights of each month. M P Klrksey,
M W. '
Jackson Lodge, Degree of Honor
iNo. 3.i, auu v, meets on 2nd and
4th Saturdays of each month. Miss
Kate Pepper, C of H.
Select Knights and Ladies of
America, Camp No. 25, meets on the
zudund 4th Monday nights of each
montn. f;n Anernathy, C K.
Home Forum Lodge. No. 378
meets on the last Saturday of each
monin. w a Hroous, fres.
Methodist Church Services at 11
a in and 7:30 n in. Hnnrlnv Sclmnl
9:30 a m. Prayer meeting Wednes
day evening at 7:30. Junior and
Senior Epworth League meetings on
ftunuuy at z p m and 7 p m, respect
ivoly. RevJ W Worsnon. Pastor.
Presbyterian Church Services at
11 a m and 7 :K0 p m. Sunday School
at W:30 a m. Prayormeeting Wednes
day evoning at 7:80. Rev C W
Latham, Pastor.
Baptist Church Sorvices at 11 a m
and 7:30 p tn. Sunday School at 9:30
a in. Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 7:30. BYP U meeting
unuay av u . m. itev j u willett,
Mark Twain's
O. C. Clemens, of Topeka,
Kan., the no
ted constitu
tional lawyer,
who bears so
striking a re
semblance to
Mark Twain,
(Samuel B.
Clemens) that
he it frequent
ly taken for the
original Mark, - Clemens,
is a man of deep intellect and
wide experience. He Is con
sidered one of the foremost
lawyers in this country. las re
cent letter to the Dr. Miles
Medical Co., Mr, Clement says:
"Penonal eipcrienceeBdobtcr
vation havr thoroughly tatiitied me (Hat
Ir. Milei' Nervine contains true merit, ,
and it excellent ier what it is recem-
Mr. Norman Vltrlp, Sup. Pres. Bank
ers' Fraternal Society, Chicago, eajrsi
M?,...Pain Pills
are Invaluable for headache and al
pain. I had a great sufferer irora
headache until 1 learned of the efficacy
ci Pr. Miles' fain rills. Now I always
carry them and prevent retliiruif at
tacks by taking a pill whea ths tyap
toms first appear."
Sold by all Druaglats.
rrlee, 8Se, or Boa,
Or. Miles Mesleal Co., Elkhajf, Intl.
Jackson Branch,
Clolng South. Going North,
fieaves. Arrives.
BTafro.vs. .... i r
Freight. Passngr. Passngr. Freight. Passngr. Passngr.
No. 86. No. 31. No. 38. No. 36. No. 82. No. 34.
Jackson 7:80ain. 12:01pm. 2:10pin. 11:40am. 2:00pm. 4 KMlpru.
Oordonville 8:00" 12:10" 2:28" 11:05" 1:44" 8:44"
Dutchtown 8:85" 12:30" 2:40" 10:1S " 1:30" 8:30"
Allcnvllle.. 9:15 " W.W " 8:00" 10:10" 1:10" 3:10"
Southern Missouri & Arkansas Railroad.
(Enstoro Divisions ?'
West Bound Trains.
15 7 0
a. m. a. m. p. in. p. in.
Cape Girardeau fl.20 11. Mi 2.25 5.00
Delta B.firt 12.27 3.20 fi.JIII
Advance 7.28 8.57 ti.08
Brownwood 7. 3D 4.12 8.16
Puxico 8.20 6.53 6.5H
Mingo 8.28 6.00 7.03
Poplar WuiT 6.45 7.48
Nos. 1 and 2, Kansas City Mail; daily except Sunday,
No. 4, Poplar ItlulT Kxpress; dallj'.
No. 6V, St. Louis Kxpress; doily.
No. 6, Cairo and Texan Express; daily except fcnndsy.
No, 7, J'oplsr BlolT Exprosa; dally except Sunday,
No. 8, St. Louis Express; Sunday onry.
No. , Accommodation ; Sunday only.
St. Louis, Cairo, and all points north and east. Connections made
in St. Louis and Cairo with through express trains for
Chicajro, Cincinnati. Louisville. Indianapolis, Cleveland, Detroit
Buffalo, Now York, Philadelphia, Iloston, Washitv? 'xm
and all principal eastern cities. Pullman Bullet Sleeping Cars to
all points.
Only One change of cars to San Francisco
Gal7eston, Houston, Dallas, Port Worth. San Antonio, and all
Texas points. Only route to Hot Springs Ark.
II. C TOWNSEND. General Passenger and Ticket Agent.. St.
Louis, Missouri.
vwn ran in. tm y
tbm ataortaat Una tram Ji
Kansas City, St. Louis and
Stopvar givra at both polaU
fair Sm fna U. UHt. ri, Mtftfi Utti.
K tmia ftsmt Um, w l tk mm buDlfd
rhcrt it lacrkl.
Wmr BimlpHCT utur, ht, , nil M
K a (tin, lal hnv HlIMMimllT.loni, fs
S. M. & A.
Southern Missouri &
Arkansas Railroad
New Steel Rails, New Bridges, Safe Quick
Time. No Mixed Trains. Close
At Hunter with K. C, P., S. & M. R. R.
At 'Wniianisville with the main lino Iron Mountain Railroad.
At WiUiamsville with AV. G. & St. I,. R. R.
At Rrownwood with tho C. O. B. & S, Ily.
At Delta with tho Bolmont Branch Iron Mountain Railroad.
At Delta with Cotton Iiolt.
At Cwpe Cllrardoau with HIIiiuIh Central R. R., Ilouck Missouri &
Arkannas R. R. and Stt-amrrs on MiKnlnnlppj River.
Double Daily Exclusive Passenger Service
Between Cape Girardeau, Bloomfield,
Puxico and WiUiamsville.
ItlTST T T W lll,-'lurL'i.vr
Southern Illinois and
ror loiaer ana tiHrticulars apply to AgontH, or
E. F. BLOMEYER, Traillc Manufror,
Hook on Animals.
A book treating of the dihPp
of Domestic AnimalK.roailed frco
on request. Address Humphrey's
Medical Co.. William and John
streets. New York,
Dont Be Fooledi
Taka Um ftauttx, artgtaal
MaS iy by Mad) fan MaaV
HM C. Matflaaa. WU. H
i. war
ark cat M each parti aa,
Prlc. af ccata. Navar aats
la bulk. Afoot M nhul.
mim lata. Ask jraar arasvUb
Kodol Dyeaessla Gem
Iron Mountain.
Rast Hound Trains.
p. m.
p. in.
a. m.
p. nw
3. 57
4 'AND f '"i'l
Niagara falls
Southeast Missouri Points.
Taoc MinttS
.V.nn"I""n ktrh and riwrtntlon m.r
?JH2iX !i"rUl? W "P"n whothnr an
'"'nllim a prohabljr palunlahlit. Cnmninnlra.
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