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The Jackson herald. (Jackson, Mo.) 1897-1911, December 05, 1901, Image 4

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Heaven It His Home.
An editor died ami slowly
vended hia way down to where
he Blip posed a warm reception
awaited him. The devil met
him andsHid:
For many years thou hast
twee the blame for the. bad spell
injr. that tbo printer has gotten
off in the paper. The paper has
Cone for one dollar, and alas, the
dollar has fulled to como in. The
printer hat bedeviled theo for
wagas when thou hasn't a far
thing to thy namo. People have
taken tho paper without paying
for it, and cursed thee for not
getting out a better sheet. Thou
hast been called a deadbeat by
the railroad conductors when
thou baa shown thy annual pass
to his envious gaze. All these
things thou hast borne in silence.
Thou nhalt not enter here." And
as the editor turns and walks
away, Satan mutters: "Heaven
is his home, and besides, if I let
him in hero ho would bare been
dunning his delinquent subscrib
ers and thus creating discord in
my kingdom." Hickman Couuty
A bod bug that was being re
lentlessly pursued by a busy
housewife managed to escapo into
the yard and was figuring on
where he would go next when he
saw another bug sitting on tho
window sill of a neighboring
house beckoning him to como
over. "Como over and bunk with
me," said tho second bug in a
hoKpitablo munnor, "you will find
this a mighty good place to stay."
"Isn't thre any woman of the
house over there J" asked the first
bug cautiously. "Oil, yes, there
is a lady of the house here but
you needn't worry about her, as
sho is preparing a piipcr to read
at the next meeting of the club on
tho aubject of -How to Care for a
Homo and Save tho Hoys." " And
right there tho two buns formed
a purtrjerxhip that lasted until
both died of old age. Ex.
There conn s a period in almost
even school trill'. Mfw when she
iiniiiines herself hi ,,Ve. She is
not very particular who she loves,
:nost any young fellow will do.
but she feels that she is fairly
piuing away with love for him,
and Deglects studios to "cast
cheep's eyes" and write "spoony"
notes. Tho most of them learn
better ha they grow older, and
realizo that the symptoms they
recognized as lovo, were simply
tho result of indigestion, a too
plentiful supply of sickly scnti
mental novels, cr too much moon
shine and promenadiui; and not
enough home and housowork.-Ex.
Poultry Association.
Tho Poultry association organ
ized lust Saturday with tho fol
lowing ollieers:
President George L. Snider;
First vice-president J. L. Jen
kins; Second vice-president Ben
Secretary Chas. JJehrons;
Assistant secretary Wilson
Treasurer -M. P. Kirksey.
Committee on constitution and
by-laws J. A. Snider, Loo Hurt
and Pleas Snidor.
Tho next meeting will be held
in tho court houso in Jackson
December 14 at 1 o'clock.
m m m
We Eat Nearly Seven Pounds
Tho averago adult in exorcise
requires as a day's ration about
six pounds and thirteen ounces,
Of this amount about five pounds
will be water found in tho com
mon foods and taken as beverage.
Of tne remaining part, ono-fourth
will be nitrogenous matter, three-
fourths carbonuceous, with about
two hundred grains miuorul mat
tor. Ladies' Homo Journal.
"I suffered for years with abron
chial or lung trouble and tried
various remedies but not obtain
permanent relief until I commeno
ed using One MinutoCoughCure,"
writes ltev.JamosKii'kman, evaner
elist of ltelle River,!!!."! have no
hesitation in recommonding it to
all sufferers from maladies of this
kind. "One Minute Cough Cure af
fords Immediate relief for coughs,
colds and all kinds of throat and
lung troubles. For rroup it is
uneoualled.Absolutely safe. Very
pleasant to take, never fuils and is
really a iayonte witn the cnu
dren. II. L. Jones.
Foley's Honey mad Tot
torcbUdrtaMtcBure. NoopUUtS,
W. H. Mim.kr, President.
Saving Bank
Guarded by Mowler Screw )xr,
tturglar-Proof Safe and Yale Time
Lock. We carry Uurglary Inmiranco.
Offering Every Accommodation
Consistent with Sound Hanking.
W. C. CuACKAvr, Cr.Airs Kkkstnkk,
C. W. IlBNOEKSOS, G. D.JStatlkr.
Ed. Howakd, Cashier.
11 1 l r
If you have tour atomach, Indigeation, biliousneia, conatipation, bad
breath, diuinen, Inactive liver, heartburn, kidney troubles, backache, loea
of appetite, imomnia, lack of energy, bad blood, blotched or muddy akin,
or any ymptomi and diaordera which tell the atory of bad bowels and an
impaired digestive eyatera, Laxakola, Will Care Too.
It will dean out the bowela, atimulate the liver and kidneys, atrengtben
the mucoua membraoee of the etomach, purify your blood and put you
"on your feet" again. Your appetite will return, your bowels move regu
larly, your liver and kidneys cease to trouble you, your akin will clear and
freehen and you will feel the old time energy and buoyancy.
Mothen aceklng the proper medicine to giro their Httlo one for eonnttpnUan,
diarrhea, eollo and Imllar trouble, wUl and Lazakola an Ideal medlolne for children.
It keep their bowel regular without pain or grilling, acta a a general tonlo, Malata
nature, aid digeatlon, rellevea rotleaaaesa, clear the ooetud tongue, reduce fever,
cause refreahlng, runtful sleep and make them wen, happy end hearty. fy OhUJrtn
Mt it and oak for it
ForSaleby H. L.
Laxakola is no only lh moat trficitnt of family rme1is, but lhs moil economtral, became it coo,
bine two n.ctlictncs, m: laiatirc and tonic, and At one puts, or 60c. At druggist. &cnd for fraa
smil to THK 1 AX A KOLA CO , 133 Nawau Sir, N. Y., and meat ran the tinm of ynvr drurruK.
f w We will eaprrc lo any address on rt ipt of ft, hi lUmpt or LhmI not, ail chaftfea prep4
Utf Family mc LuttU ui Laiakola, aulbttttu ta Us I lor lone Umm,
Doctors find
A Good
Ibr mankind
WAVTKD i-A owe of fad kaaM -pr-jmt mm
eec.pt ma Mtennra. RTPA K . n km eesie, ww
be Kmd at maj an Mt Tea eeeaplee mmi m itiiiiiiil
tMlnlili will be lIU tmf edifceea hi InMM,
jpTlWJ Co., Me. m tprM
The Jackson Herald
Official Paper
Cape Girardeau
equal to any paper
in the county.
Jos. Korhleu, Vice President.
Ar.vi.v Hons, Anst. Cashier.
For particulars apply to L. M.
Bean, Jackson, Mo. Mr. Uenrj is
in mutual correspondence with
the Buchanan & Reddick roal eg.
tate and abstract company, of
Bloomfleld, Mo.
No 1. 200 a crP. at Whitewater.
175 cleared ; two houaea; H hltrh land,
balance bottom.
o2. 180.50 a rrea. 3 mllno nfAlinn.
vllle: " norea cluared. fair Iioiihu.
acrea liottoin land.
No II. lou acres. 5 mile wont nf
Clorrinnvllle; ) acres cleared, nearly
all bottom land.
No 4. 377 Hcrea. 21 mllea frnm
White wrtttr; HO acrca cleared, i bot
tom land.
No 6. 204 acrea. one mllo nnrth.
went of Oordonrillo; 160 acres cleared,
mumce roou tiinoer , o room noune J
larpe new barn; 5 spring; extra
Nfl A. ftJft ftOfM. At. Tlnt..l.inM.n.
200 aerea cleared; 12 tarings, vood
nouee anu Darn, water in every Hold.
ATn T Afi n . , 1 1 1 .... I-
nLuwi 7 unit, iMfiLiiweat
of CoubIiivIIIp, nil under once.
ro 8. 1H4.41 acres, a mile aouth
weet of Handle Station: all timber
No 9. 40 acres, 1 mile north of
Rnndlcn Station, all timber land.
o 10. eo acres, 1 mile east of
Arbor, :0 acres cleared
No 11. 237 acres, 1 mllo west of
Jlouck, 100 neros cleared.
No 11a. 2-).lucres, l miles west
oi iiouck; jju acres cleared, Iiouho
and burn.
No 12. 101 acres. K mile south of
Iiouck; good honso and barn, every
thing good.
No 13. 080 acres, 1 mllo west of
Coueiimlle, 200 acres, cleared 7
No 14. 300 acres, 1 mile southwest
or Delta, all timter land.
No 15. 70.75 acres, 2 miles north
west of Jackson, fio acres cleared, 3
springs, houso and barn.
No 1H. 200 acres, 2 miles south of
Gravel Hill, all timber land.
No 17. VM acres, 3 miles south of
jarKson, no Bcres cleared, good
buildings and springs.
No 17a. 803 ucres. 5 miles nnrth
of Cape Girardeau, 200 ncres cleared,
parings n mi goou ouiiuings.
No 18.' 247.70 acres, i milo north
west of Millerville, 8-room house and
two goou Darns.
No 1U. 131 acres; adjoining Jack
son, 120 ncres cleared.
No 20. Dwelling house; in Jack
son, 5 rooms, stable and smoke houso.
No 22. 137.50 acres; 8 miles south
west of Juckson, r Mini house, 2
cisterns anil a well; 75 ucres good
white oak timber.
No 23. Dwelling house; in Jackson.
6 rooms, cellar mid stable.
No 21. Dwelling houso; In Jackson,
7 rooms, largo lot; stable and cellar;
nearly new.
No 24. so acres; 1 mile north of
Ilaudles .Station, all wood; ami 240
acres uivanoo, Mooilard county,
150 acres cleared, good buililfnirs.
No 25. Ins acres; 1 mile north of
uoruonvuie, too acros cleared, well
No 2t. 80 acres; at Handles Sta
tion, ix acres cleared, new 5 room
No 27 97.50 acres; 3 miles west of
Millerville, 05 acres cleared. 400 fruit
trees, now 4 room house: spring.
No 28, l2 acres; 2i miles southeast
of Jackson, M) acres cleared.
No 29. 77 acres; 2 miles northwest
of Jackson, 8 room house, new barn,
No 30. 140 acres; 4 miles west of
Jackson, looacros cleared.
No 31. 40 acres; near Handles Sta
tion, 30 acres cleared.
No 32. 70 feet front on Main streot
in Juckson.
No 33. 2 dwelling bouses In Jack
son. No 34. 119.75 acres; near Delta,
all timber.
No 35. 300 acres; 0 miles northwest
of Jackson, 200 acres cleared.
Noti. 275 arres; 5 miles north of
.lacksou, 200 acres cleared, two story
brick bouse, good barn and out
buildings. No 37. 115 acres; 4 miles east of
Jackson, 100 acres cleared, good
house and barn, cistern and spring
No 88. 120 acres; 8 miles southwest
of Cordon ville, 70 ncres cleared, 5
room house.
No 39. 80 ncres; 5 miles northeast
of Jackon, 65 acres cleared, 5 room
House, good nam.
No 40. 230 acres: 4 miles north
west of Whitewater, 150 acres cleared,
5 room house, 3 ucres in orchard.
No 42. 3K0 ncros; 12 miles west of
Jackson, 22a acres cleared, & acres
good timber
No 43. 1S5 acres; 3 miles northwest
of Hurfordville, loo ucres cleared, 38
acres ootiom iauu.
No 44. 8.50 acres; J4 mile of Jack
son, 8 room house, nearly new.
No 45. 820 acres; 4 miles north of
Mnrqunnd, Mo., all timber.
No4H. 150 ocies: 2i miles of Gor.
donvillo, 120 acres cleared, good or-
cnara, wen ami z cisterns.
No 47. 120 acres; 1J miles from
Puxico, Mo., 45 acres cleared, new
House umi Darn
No 4S. 40 ncres; near Idalia, Mo.,
an iiinoer iiiihi.
No 49. 239 acres: near Zaddoek.
Mo., 100 acres cleared, good improvo-
meii is.
No 50. 80 acres; 4 miles west of
V an lluren, Mo., 60 acres, fair build
lugs, good snrinir. on railroad.
No 52. 13U acres; 6 miles northwest
or Jackson, 100 acres cleared, 4 room
bouse, spring.
No 63. A 4 room dwelling house, In
No 54.
A 4 room dwelling houso, In
No 56
An 8 room dwellimr house.
No5rt. 60 ncres; 1 mllo of Jackson;
this is tho best property In the county
tor the money.
No 57. House and lot; in Jackson,
lot 75 by 1(5 feet, 4 room house.
No 59. 28 ncres; 4 miles northwest
of Whitewater, very cheap.
No 1. 80 acres; near Marquaod,
Mo., oil timber.
No 63. 50 acres; 2 miles east of
Juckson, 10 acres cleared, good spring.
No(4. 104 acres; 3 miles south of
Egypt Mills, 65 acres cleared, 3 room
house, 3 springs.
No 65. House and lot. In Jackson,
4 rooms, lot 50 by 150 feet.
No 05a. House and lot, in Jackson,
3 rooms, lot 60 by 150 feet.
No 66. House and lot, In Juckson,
3 rooms.
No 67. 40 acres; J$ mile of Tilsit, 80
acres cleared, 4 room house, good
No 68. 1 8-horso power engine and
boiler, plainer, resuws, turning lathe,
Nofi'.ih. 12 lots In Oliver Morton's
subdivision of Survey No. 797.
No 70. 77 acres; 6 miles southwest
of Cape Girardeau, 60 acrea cleared,
good improvements.
No 71. House and lot, in Jackson,
& room house, new, acre lot.
Subscribe tot iuo iikkalu.
The following counties comprise
the 14th congressional district:
tape Olrardean, Hrillinger, llutler,
Howell, Christian, Douglas, Dunklin,
MiHsisslnnl. New Madrid. Oregon,
Ozark, Pemiscot. Ripley, Scott, Stod
dard, Stone and Taney. W D Van
diver, congressman.-
The following count ies 'comprise
the 21st senatorial district:
Cape Girardeau, Wovne, Carter,
Ripley, llutler and Dunklin. O T
Lee, senator.
Representative O C Thilenlus
Sheriff Rernhnrd (foekel
Collector M W Flentge
Assessor J FCaldwell
Treasurer August tide
l'ros. Att'y T 1) Hlnes
I'robato Judge. Jos Koehler
Circuit Clerk C F Hetten
County Clerk Win. 1'aar.
Common 1'leasClk.. Ed Engelmnnn
Surveyor B A Daugberty
Presiding J ml go Clms Hnrtels
Judge 1st Dist Wm Thompson
Judge 2nd Dist IjV Thomns
Coroner Dr Elmo Porterllold
School Com E E McCulloiigh
Ren Miller
'u"ura" J J M Snider
Constable O H Orant
Mayor Wm Paar
City Clerk Henry I'uls
City Collector Rlucher Stierllng
tjity Assessor A. J. Mentge
Marshal Jno Mncke
Street Com Ad.iin Hoffmann
Night Watchman Julius Jahns
City Weigher Win R Schaofer
City Attorney T D Hines
City Treasurer Joseph Koehler
...! i FEKios
Alder-) " " . . W D Roberts..!
men ) ,.,, S J F McLain
.L C Hollmeistor
The regular meeting of the board
01 aldermen is tne urst Alonuay
nigntoieacn montii.
TD Hines President
Term expires April 1904
C W Henderson Vice President
Term expires April 1903
O L IIotTmnnn Secretary
Term Expires April 193
Henry Steck Treasurer
Term expires April 1902
M r Kirksey
Term expires April 1902
a r uenrens
Term expires April 1904
Tlie regular meeting of the school
board is tho tlrst Thursday night of
eaen montii
Circuit Court meets 1st Monday 111
January and May nnd 3rd Monday
in August. II J Riley, Judge.
County Court meets 1st Monday in
February, May, August and Novem
ber. l'riitmtn f lift. lnnlu iw1 f,.w1i.i
in February, May, August and No
vember. Common Pleun Ciiiirtof fnna fllmr-
deau meets 4th Monday in January,
May and September. John A Snider,
Excelsior Lodge, No. 441, A F A A
M meets on 2nd and 4th Thursday of
each month. R H Hums, W M.
Modem Woodmen Lodge, No. 4!3,
meets on the 1st nnd 3rd Monday
night of each mouth. G S Summers,
V. C.
Royal Neighbors of America meet
In the Odd Fellow Hall on the sec
ond and last Monday night of each
month. Mrs Chas llehrens, Oracle.
Jackson loilge No. 138, A O U W,
meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday
nights of each montii. M P Kirkaev,
M W.
Jackson Lodge, Degree of Honor
No. 85, A O U W, meets on 2nd and
4th Saturdays of each month. Aliss
Kate Pepper, C of 11.
Select Knights and Ladies of
America, Camp No. 25, meets on the
2nd and 4th Monday nights of each
month. Eli Abernathy, O K.
Home Forum Lodge, No. 87H,
meets on tho last Saturday of eacli
month. W A Brooks, Pres.
Methodist Church Services at 11
am and 7:30 p in. Sunday School
9:30 am. .Prayer meeting Wednes
day evening at 7:30. Junior and
Senior Epworth League meetings on
Sunday at 2 p m and 7 pm, respect
ively. Rev J W Worsnop, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church Services nt
11 a m and 7 :80 p m. Sunday School
at9:30am. I'royermeeting Wednes
day evening at 7:30. Rev C W
Latham, Pastor.
llaptist Church Services at 11 a m
and 7:30 ii in. Sunday School at 9:80
a m. Prayer meeting Thursday
evening at 7:30. HYP U meeting
Sunday at 6 p m. Rev J O Willett,
of So. Glen Falls, N. Y., des
cribes a condition which thous
ands ot men
: ' . r - I nnd women
find identical
with theirs.
Read what lie
says, and note
the similarity
of your own
case. Write to
him. enclosing
stamped ad
dressed envel
ope for reply,
and ect a ner-
L D. Palmar.
tona! corroboration of what is
here given. He says regarding
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
"I suffcrcil auonblne fain In the l t
breait him liwrfn my hoiiUernrora
heart trrmHs. My heart wouJJ palpi-tit-;,
fluttT, tVn slip been, until I
co.'.M n. !..-i.'it lie in Iwd. Niirhtatter
ni ;!;t 1 w . .cd tlie iloor, .)r to lie down
WiiuM have meant udnVn death. My
cnuJitiun iciiiH'.l ainmdhopelt'MiW'hrn
1 bciTisa tl.i lr. M;ir' Heart Cure,
bet -t lieli'v l r; Iron tie first. Later
1 tiH.k Dr. M.ltV Nvrviae with the
lleait Cure nr. 4 tlictlfcct wai aston
Nhinfj. 1 eaiin'stljr implore similar sui
Icrers to jive thcue remedies trial."
Sold by .tl DrueslaU
on cuar&ntee.
Or. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, led.
Jackson Branch, Iron Mountain.
. .
tiding South. Going North.
Leaves. Arrives.
stations. .
Freight. Passngr. Pasngr. Frcielit.M'Bsiurr. Passniir
No. 35. No. 31. No. 33. No. 30. No. 82. No. 34.'
Jackson 7:80nm. 12:0lpm. 2:10pm. II :40nm. 2:00pm. 4:(Hh,tn
Oordonvllle : " 12:16 " 2:20" 11:05" 1:44 " 8:44 "'
Dutchtown 8:85" 12:30 2:40" 10:45" 1 :30 " 8:30"
Allcnvllle 9:15 " 12:50 " 8:00 " lu:IO " 1:10" 3:10"
Southern Missouri & Arkansas Railroad.
"'' (Knstern Division.)
West Hound Trains.
1 f. 7 0
a. m. a. m. p. m. p. in.
rJ.20 ll..Vj -i.-iii 6.00
fl.iitl 12.27 3.20 fi.3rt
7.2M 8.r7 B.OS
7.30 4.12 (1.16
8.20 6. .13 fi.MI
8.28 6.00 7.03
h.V, 1.4
Cape Qlrardcnii
Mingo ,
Poplar RlulT
Nos. 1 and 2, Kansas City Mail;
No. 4, Poplar HlulT Kspress; daily.
No. 5, St. Louis Express; daily.
No. 0, Qijro and Texas Kxpross; dally except Sunday.
No. 7, Poplar Rluff Express; dully except Sunday.
No. 8, St. Louis Express; Sunday only.
No. 0, Accommodntion ; .Sunday only.
St. Louis, Cairo, and all points nori hand cust. Connections made
in St. Louis and Cairo with through express trnins for
Chicasro, Cincinnati. Louisville. Indiam'.Molis, Cleveland, Detroit
Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, tioston, Vashir...on
and all principal eastern cities. Pullman lUiffet Sleeping Cars to
all points.
Only Ona change of cars-fo Ssn Francisco
Galveston, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth. San Antonio, and all
Texas points. Only route to Hot Springs Ark.
II. C TOWNSEND. General Passeucer and Ticket Agent. St.
I .on is, Missouri
The Direct Route To Texas.
iana and
rM.TTt, -
y ys' illZi- t.Z y Ar. ware. ....... 7 4np.in.7SSa
jyAwf)iXl t-' Ar Dall.a 5 ISpm.IH.Sa
r y fl II ;rrf- v'l"' X.' Write for rntei ami eamplcta
I I Ivfi X5rr "" acheikiln for your neii trip.
zyAi Wf' t. W. LaBUlMt. C. P. and T.
iiMill I' ,aflM 'i imum
Southern Missouri &
Arkansas Railroad
New Steel Rails, New Bridges, Safe Quick
Time. No Mixed Trains. Close
At Hunti-r with K. C, F., S. & M. H. It.
At AVIIlianmvllIo with tho main lino Iron Mountain Railroad.
At Willininsvlllrt with V. (i. & 8t. L. 11. R.
At Hrownwoofl with tho C. O. 11. & S. Ry.
At I)olt Mlth tho Hclinont Branch Iron Mountain Railroad.
At Dcltu with Cotton liolt.
At Cupo Girardoau with Illinois Control R. R., ITmick'a Missouri A
ArkniiHiig R. R. nml iStoamora on MisKiRnippl Jtivcr.
Double Daily Exclusive Passenger Service
Between Cape Girardeau, Bloomfield,
Puxico and Williamsville.
Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri Points.
For folder and rmrticulnrM njiply to Agrnta, or
E. F. BLOMEYER, Tralllo Maniifror,
Hook on Animal.
A book treating of the dibcases
Of Domestic AnimaU.muilod free
on request. Address llurnphrev'B
Medical Co., William and Joliu
sti-pt'tu. New York,
Don't Be Fooled.
Taka the genuine, original
Mad only by Madlaon Med I.
cine Co.. Madltoa, Wit. It
keep yon well. Our trade)
mark cut on cock packag.
Plica, sg centa. Never aol4
In tmlk. Aceeot e aubatle
tkb i eel wn. ua yw ""TM'fi
Kodol Dyspepsia Cora
Digest what you eat
Knst Round Trains.
2 6 4 8
p. m. p. in. a. in. p, m.
5.30 1.17 11.34 3.57
4.55 12.45 11.02 3.20
4.24 10.37
4.15 10.29
3.32 9.52
3.24 9.45
daily except Sunday.
The most direct route to Arkansas, Louis
Texas is via Delta and the
Cotton "Belt "R.oute.
There are two throuch trains a
day over this route. Each train
"s:carrles through chair cars:
The Schedule.
I.w Iflr 1
v. Jru kon j fi l'p.m. ..
Ar Vt-h S :Wp in (S -90a.nl.
? Ar fine llVift i Wm!3:Wp-.io.
Ar. Stuevuptirt .11 :.1Uii.ni.
Ar.1fXArkna...l 8 40i.m.'8 SOp.m,
m nr. ijjrr s up.m.;s .iD.ra.
f Ar. l orsirina ft 3Mp.ni- 30a.m.
, v aro. ,
AnTon Rpnntng stkntrh and rticrirtlon mmg
quirk I r rwtalii our opinion fro whtrther va
Inveiiitnii i probnhlf imtcntitM. Comnntntr
tlonsstnrtly (smoiJtmtU. HiuieitKtnkou Hsxtit4
will frvo. nliltwt kXiiftDvf fur im-urtiiK palffiits,
1'aieuts taken thruiuh Mann tt t'u. reoutrt)
peid notict, wtthuut cbanis, latbe
Scientific JTmcrlcnn.
A hmndeumelf llhifl rated weekly. Lanrmt Mr.
Halation of any .-iwittltto lnuriiat Teruul, 3 a
": lour month. L rkild by all newedoalera.
. Pn SBIBraadwai. Noui
vu, nun i
Mr.ini h CUkc. irn F BU Watblugtuo, D.
Wa 60 YEARS "

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