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Wheat, 78cU for sljttypound
wbeat, lc extra for eacl addition-
41 ouQd over sixty,
, George Tallout's children have
the pneumonia.
F. M. Ervin, of Crump, was in
Jackson this week.
. .1 Jonn Aiucri, niue sod oi a, u.
Ecbnjuke, is quite sick.
Tbe new Jonn veere corn
Vianters at Meier Bros. ,
P A V Tl. .:.... U7UL
was in Jackson Monday.
If you want a buggy buy a
White JUophant irom cior Bros.
Arch 11. Cash ion has been ap
pointed postmaster al Perry villa.
Mrs. Nellie LSeasloy has been
quite sick, but is now improving.
Mrs. Kate Schtnuke has been
sick with la grippe but is better at
Albert Fulenwider bought a
f number of mules at Lutesville
r last wcok.
.1 . ncij ui II UibcnabVl,
tfhad business with the rnunt.v
Tlio plont. that fall tacit nnal
damaged a great many telephone
lines over tho country.
Some time ago the store of II
A. Helmkumpf was broken into
and somo money und a few arti
cles of hardware stolen.
11. K English, president of the
Jacksou Exchange bank, has been
sick for about two weeks, but we
are glad to state bo is again able
to be at his pluce of business.
We think our town aldermen
will get around to the electric
lights utter awhile. Tbey are
gutting us near it as thoy can.
They now have an arc light on
Johnson Ranney, brother of
J. G. Ranney. of Jackson, who
his been in Oklahoma for the
past seventeen years, has moved
to Jackson, lie has rented the
Fulun wider place on the Farm
ington road and will go into the
poultry business.
We met our friend Byrno Peter
man a few days ago and he told
us that the boy was all right.
Byrno says ho is the first of
generation five. The boy's
mother, grand mothor, great
grandmother and great great
grandmother are all still living.
D. L. Uurford has been ten
dered a salariod position by tho
St. Louis Keely Institute com
puny as their only representative
for all the territory adjacent to
that city. This is certainly bo
speaking for Mr. Burford the
highest and best consideration,
us ho is the first and only man
ever offered a similar position by
this worthy and commendable
Kick a dog and he bites you.
He bites you and you kick him.
The more you kick the more
he bites and the more he bites
the more you kick. Each
makes the other worse.
A thin body makes thin
blood. Thin blood makes a
thin body. Each makes the
other worse. If there is going
to be a change the help must
come from outside.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
help. It breaks up such a
combination. First it sets the
btomach right. Then it civ
riches the blood. That
strengthens the body and it
begins to grow new flesh.
A strong body makes rich
blood and rich blood makes a
stronjr body. Each makes the
other better. This isthcwi.y
Scott's Emulsion puts the thin
body on its feet. Now it can
get along by itself. No need
I of medicine.
ThU picture tcpresrnts
the Trade Mark of Scott't
Emuliion and la on the
wrapper of every buttle.
Send lor free temple
409 Pearl St,. New York.
50c and $ 1. all druggists.
m 1
Valentines at Haeslinger's store.
County court is In session this
Meier Bros, for White Elephant
Carl Wallace, of tho Plainview
nursery, is sick this week.
Farming seeds of all kinds at
O'Brien & McAtoe's,
Sheriff Gockel took three pris
oners to Jefferson City Tuesday.
Get your clover and oats seed
at O'Brien & McAtee's.
Daniel Lnpe. who has been
quite sick, is able to be out again.
See ad. elsewhere in this issue
of Hmkle-WHliama' reduction
salts. ,
W. 0. Schnleder, of Dutch
town, had business with the
county court Monday.
Remember the reduction sale
at Ilinklo-Williams for the next
thirty days.
Rev. J. W. Worsnop will
proach at Williams1 schoolhouse
next Sunday at 3 o'clock.
Alex. Benney, who lives about
2J miles east of Jackson sn the
gravel road, is quito sick with la
The commou pleas court jurors
were dismissed last week till
February Id, when work will be
Mrs. Anna Wolters, stato oracle
of the Royal Neighbors, M. W.
A., is in Jackson in the interest
of tho order.
R. A. Caldwell, of Frnitland,
bought a fine Berkshire boar at
Roll a, Mo. It was shipped to
him Tuesday.
A lodge of tho order of the
Eastern Star, tho ladies' auxiliary
of the Masonic fraternity, is to
be organized in Jackson soon.
C. M. Walters, the tailor, has
moved into Mrs. Harcnberg's
house, three houses south of
Henry Wagner's blacksmith shop.
Judge J. A. Snider says the
common pleas clerk, E. II.
Eogelman, informs him that the
work of that court had doubled
itself this year.
Chas. Graef, Martin Wagner,
John Sachso and Worren Mabrey
went to tho Capo last Saturday
night and attended the play at
tho opera house.
She was silting up with asick man
No professional nurse was she.
Simply sittinff up with her lover,
Giving him Rocky Mountain Tea
Ask your druggist.
Tbo mask bull at Turner hall,
under the auspicos of the Turners,
Tuesday night was a success.
Several from the Cape were in
attendance. Music was furnished
by the colored band of that placo.
The ladies of tho Royal Neigh
bors at this place are. making
quite an elfort to increase their
membership. At their first regu
lar meeting last month they gave
an elegant spread iti which a
goodly number of iuvited guests
participated. Nine new members
were taken in at thoir last meet
ing. George F. Ward and family
moved to Sooath, Dunklin county,
last Saturday. Mr. Ward is
going to run a saw mill 011 J. A.
Horroil's farm in that county.
He is one of our best citizens and
we are sorry to soo him leave,
but wo hope it is for his best
interost, and we heartily reeom
mend him to the people of Dunk
lin county as an honest, careful,
upright citizen.
A relic of a coin, a mixture of
copper ana other metal was
shown us Monday. On one side
of this coin are the woidm "Or
ganization of American Method
ism 1784," aud on tho other
sido are found this inscription:
"The Methodist Episcopal Church
South, centenary medal, 1S84
Anyone who wants to purchase
this relic can do so by applying to
Wm. B. Criddle, Jackson, Mo.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
With lnrul arnlirat.inna na t.hnv
...... . ( I , -"-.7
cannot rcacu tue seat or the di
sease. Catarrh u a blood 01
constitutional disease, and in or
der to cure it you must take
internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh
(!uro is taken internally und acts
directly ou tho blood and mucous
surfaces, nan s vaiarrn uure
not a quack medicine. It
prescribed by one of the be
physicians in this country
..A.. Ma rxmA ,B O 1 fP 1 1 1 H m m.1 ... .
tion. It is composed of the best
tonics known, combined with t
IiokI l.loirft ni;ritiers- urtinc
rontlv nn tliA nuipniia mirfiiiwA
Thn uprfpft Combination of the
Ivn iniTcilientS is whnt nrrxluci'8
such wonderful results in curing
catarrh. Send for testimonials
free. If J. Chenny & Co.
R..M kv Hrnfciats 0
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Farm era Meeting.
Through the kindness of Geo.
B, Ellis, secretary, we are
pleased to annonnco a farmers'
meeting to be held uudur the
auspices of the Missouri State
Board of Agriculture at Jackson
on Friday, February 14 at 2 p. m.
and 7 p. m. at the court-house.
The object of these meetings is
to encourage tho employment of
more modern methods of farm
ing for profit and diversification
of farm crops. All of which
should interest each and every
member of this community.
In addition to local talent
which will be present Messrs. N.
Murry, H. J. Waters, M.
Butterfield and others prominent
n the work will be in attendance
to give the benefit of their
knowledge and experience.
Iu these meetings will be voiced
tho wisdom of practical men who
havo made a life-study of the
subject to be discussed, and no
one who is interested in advanced
mothods of farming can attend
without being benefitted and gain
ing information of value. They
solicit questions, suggestions and
papers on any subject or topic
pertaining to agriculture or hor
ticulture. This should be a matter of im
portance to all, and it is earn
estly hoped that there will be a
large attendance at each meeting.
Come, and not only favor us
with your presence, but give us
the benefit of your knowledge
and experience so that others
may profit thereby.
County Court.
Chas. Woltcrs, labor at poor
form $ 4
Smude ct Vasterllnff, coffin for
Elizabeth Bowman 4
Hunch & Brant, labor on poor
farm 11 60
II. Poe, one-quarter salary. . 125 00
Petition of Jos. Kirchdoelfer ot al.,
for closing old road continued until
uoxt term.
Annual settlement road district
No. iU approved. Total rocelpts,
$513.65! disbursements, $50A.
Koad district Xo. 8 reported as fol
lows: Receipts, tl,2ao.tfO; disburse
ments, $901.35. Approved.
Koud district No. 15 reported as
follows: Receipts, (312.83: dinburse
ments, $283.30. Approved.
Aug. Ude, county treasurer, pre
o 11 tod cancelled warrants as follows
County revenue fund $ 2U 10
Pauper fund 812 Ofl
Road and bridge fund 4 00
School township No. 13 fund 530 21
Total $1,815 21
Ordered that $10 be allowed to
Clara Sands for temporary relief.
Ordored that $5 00 be allowed Alice
Russell for temporary relief.
Dramshop licenses granted to Jno
McOinnis, Wm. F. Iluumunn, Kr-
nest Moeder, A. Wingertcr, Kerd M
Duues, Joseph Jaeger, Hoffman Sc
On petition of Oho. K. Snider et al.,
warrants issued to road commission
ers for $2.00 each.
In mat ter of bridge across Ilig Flora
creek contract let to St. Louis ltridgc
4 Irou Co. for $1,850.
Aug. uue, county treasuror, pre
sented somi-uuniial settlement show
ing a balanco of $;7,i15.8t in the
treasury. The separate fund settle
ment examined and approved.
Tribute of Respect.
Wherea-s, Almighty God, in his
wise providence, bus permitted
death to visit our church, taking
from us Miss Myrtie Slack, one
of our highly esteemed christian
young ladies, who was regular in
her attendance upon all the
preaching services, prayerraeet
inns, Sunday-school and tho Ep
worth league; tborefore be it
Resolved, That, as a church
(including tho Sunday school and
tho Epworth league) we extend
to the father, mother, brothers,
sisters, and other relatives, our
heartfelt syraputhios, and prayers
that the presenco of the Burden
bearer and Comforter may bo felt
in the lives of each of these sor
row stricken ones.
Resolved, That, in pondering
the comparatively short life of
our yoiinir sister, wo may all
strivo more earnestly so to live
that we shall meet her where
sorrow and parting are unknown.
Resolved, That a copy of these
resolutions, be given to the fam
ily, spread ou the minutes of the
quarterly conference record,
Sunday-school record, and printed
in the local papers.
J. W. Wohsnop,
W. D. Henderson,
Maiiy M. Baktles,
Foley's Honey and Tar is best for
croup and whooping cough, con
tains no opiates, cures quickly,
Careful mothers keep it in the
house. All druggists.
Mlssourlan Banquet
A paper published at Las
Vegas, New Mexico, fell into our
handi a few days ago. In it we
saw an article gUing a glowing
account of a banquet recently had
at that place by about forty-four
It was a tnemorablo affair. The
good things to eat were prepared
by one of our Missouri women,
and the table contained every
thing which Is Dear and dear to
the heart of the old Missouri
farmer. Among the bill of fare
were yams, genuine lye hominy,
corn bread, ham, 'possum, sorg
hum, pumpkin pie, and cider
all served like the Missouri
mother used to serve it Appro
priate toasts were given, and be
fitting and eulogizing remarks
were made by prominent men.
who were present.
In all the remarks tho speakers
showed that they had not for
gotten grand old Missouri. To
show that the reminiscences of
Missouri reached far back in the
lapse of time one of the last
speakers recited that truo aud
trite poem, "My Name It is Joo
Bowers, etc.'' The meeting was
no doubt a very enjoyable affair,
and it shows that Missouri has
even furnished her quoto of
immigrants to New Mexico.
Real Estate Transfers.
W. G. Stephens and wife to J.
M. Stage, to 38.18 acres part
sec 17, t 30, r 11 $465
Matilda B. Ward to K. F. Law-
son, pt r F In Cape Girardeau
John St. Avit, Jr., lo John St.
Avit, Sr., pt lot 1(1, r F in
Cape Girardeau
James Knox and wife to Julius
Meyer, 40 a sec 35, t 32, r 13. .
Win. II. Lcyhe und wife to
Clay I'helpn, n e cor of lot 1
r D In Cape Girardeau 2,700
Roland Cobb to Oliver Morton,
pt lot 2 in Oliver Morton's
subdivision to the city of
Jackson 25
Albert Siseot toWni. A. Brooks,
103 a pt sec 27, t 32, r 13
Gus Hanney and wife to Henry
Vasterling, lot IS, 19 and 20 r
B in Cape Girardeau
Davo Mt-Laln and wife to Chas.
L. Hughes, 2a sec 7, t 32, r 14
John F. Woody and wife, R. L.
Wilson and wife. Marly Nee
ley, Amelia Frey and J. M.
Fry to the Painter Reality
Co., lot 70 In r fl in the Capo
Wilhelmina Julius and hus
band to Kn.iiKi Jahns pt lots
7 and U in Morgan's lt addi
tion to Jackson
John M. Wright and wife to
Cha. E. Philips, lot 2 in b 3
in Gibony Ilouck's addition
to Caps Girardeau
F. Kles and wife to C. P.
Wright, 2 a pr sur 77
W. A. Strong and wife to I). K.
Talley, 3!.22 a sec 30, t 30, r 12
Henry A. Nussbaum and wife
Eva I. Wilson, pt lot 3!) and
40 r E in Cape Girardeau
Marriage Licenses.
Borgfield and Lena l'uch
U. K.
L. C.
Barbee and Carrie E,
Price and Nora Strick
Torrence and Clara L?
everyone likes good music.
and a good instrument is one es
Fential for good music.
Call on or write W. L. Wilkin
son, of Sikestori, if you desire a
hrst class organ or piano.
Wheat 78
Corn 6t
Oats 40
Potatoes, Irish 1.35
Apples 50(rf,tl0
Ha.V 40i70
Cattle Viw3
Hogs, groHH 4s!.S
Liiru lo
In I low
Bacon lo
Hiim 10
Hides (green)
Beeswax i!.'
Wool 10
Feathers 3nct40
Chickens 6((ttii
Butter 10W 15
l-.ggs 20
n 1
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
dlgestanu and digests all kinds ot
food. It gives Instant relief and never
fails tocure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take It. By it use many
thousands of dyspeptics bare been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation orgason the stom
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
xictiug uuuuwsBary. 1 icasanvtotajce.
It oaa't helB
but sfo yu good
rppaoniT oj y. um WIT CO.. OfclOM
AU Dealers-
Foley's Honey and Tar cures the
cough caused by lagrippo. Heals
thalunes. All druggists.
Don't fail to pay your subscrip
tion. We need the money.
The most reliable preparation for
kidney troubles on the market is
Winter coughs are apt to result
in consumption if neglected. They
can bo broken up by fsing Foleys
Honey and Tar. All druggists.
Just a few of those bargains
in sofa pillows left at Hutchison
Mothers can safely give Foley 'b
Honey and Tar to their children
for coughs and colds, tor it con
tains no opiates or other poisons.
All druggists.
Ulen Wood broke both bones
in his right arm above the wrist
yesterday while skatiug.
Take Laxative Uromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund the
money if it fails to cure. E. W,
Grove's hignature is on each box.
Reduction sale at Ilinkle-Will-
tarns Mercantile company for the
next thirty days.
Malaria, chills and fever is a bot
tle of Grove's Tasteless chill
tonic. It is simply iron und qui
nine in a tasteless form. No cure,
no pay. Price 50c.
Ed. Howard, cashier of tht
Cape County Savings bank, is
laid up with la grippe.
Kidney complaint kills more peo
ple than any other disease. This is
due to the disoase being so insidu
ous that it gels a good hold on the
system before It is recognized.
roley s Kidney Cure prevents de
velopment of fatal disease if Jaken
in time. All druggists.
Cyrus E. Barber and Carrie
Vice, both of Perry county,
were married last Monday by
Roy. J. W. Worsnop at tne resi
dence of Thoo. Robb.
Worse than an alarm of fire is the
brassy cough of croup, sounds
like the children s death knell and
means death unless something is
done quickly. Foley's Honey ami
i ar never fails to give instant re
lief and quickly cures the worst
forms of croup.Mrs.P.L Cordier,
of Mannington, Ky, writes: "My
three year old girl hud a severe
cane of croup; the doctor said she
could not live. 1 got a bottle of
Foley's Honey and Tar, the first
doso gave quick relief aud saved
her life." All druggists.
Farmers, notice our most liberal
oiler. Four papers one year for
$1.25. One weekly and two
monthly farm journals, and the
Herald. This oiler is only for
a limited time.
There is no more ogonizing trou
hie than piles. The constant itch
ing and burning make life intol
erable. No position is comfortable.
The torture is unceasing. De Witt's
itch Hazel Salve cures piles ut
once.f or skin diseuses.euts, burns,
bruises, all kinds of wounds it is
unquelnd J.S.Gerail.St.Paul.Aik
says: "f rom lOo 1 suncted with
the protruding, bleeding piles and
could find nothing to help me un
til 1 used DeWitt's Witch Hazel. A
few boxes completely cured me."
beware of counterfeits. 11. Lj. Jones
Those of our farmer readers
who do not take a farm paper
will de well to take choice of one
or the other of the following: The
Farm and Fireside, ami the
Herald; or the Live Stock Indi
cator, the Institute Edition, and
the Herald either for 1 25.
"My little boy took the croup one
night and soon grew so bad you
could hear him breathe all over
the house," says F. D. Reyonlds,
Mansheld.O. "Wo feared ho would
die, but a few doses of One Minute
Couuh Cure quickly relieved him
and bo went to sleep That's the
last we heard ot the croup. JNow
isn't a cough cure like that valu
able?" Odc Minute Cough Cure is
absolutely safe and acts immedi
ately. For coughs, colds, croup,
grip, bronchitis and all other
throat aud lung troubles it is a
certain cure. Very pleasantly to
take. Tho little ones like it. II.
L. Jones.
To the- l'ublic.
It was no deception, and we
meant every word of it when
sometime ago wo advertised our
slock of eoodj for sale. We
found it 'mpossible to close out
such enormous stock at retail, no
mutter at what discount ollered,
without almost giving ii away.
This we could not afford to do.
We have also failed to close out
in bulk after repeated efforts and
trials. Hut we have greatly re
duced our stock which is now in
splendid shape. We have moved
our grocery department into our
main store, thereby reducing
rents and other expenses.
Aud as we have failed to sell
out we have decided to continue
in business, and will sell goods
cheaper than over before. We
are already receiving new goods,
and circumstances allow us to
sell very cheap.
Como and investigate for your
self. Bring us your produce
(Jive us a call. Respectfully,
Wood Mercantile Co.
? . . o
Mercantile Company
After invoicing we find that
we are overloaded with
Men's Clothing and
Dress Shirts,
and in order to reduce our
stock we will offer for a short
time only a ... ...
15 per cent Discount
on all our clothing and shirts.
Our goods are all new and
fresh and we give you the
profit. If you fail to buy you
will miss a good thing. Come
early as this discount will only
be offered for a short time.
Our goods are, and always
have been, marked in plain
figures, insuring a fair deal.
No exchanges will be made
during this sale.
Yours for business,
Hinkle-Williams Merc. Co. o
o f
M O.
The American
PERCY STONE, Gbnkuai. Manaqkk,
723, 724 and 725 Walnwrlnht; Huildinir, St. Louis, Missouri.
Licensed to do business In Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi
and Arkansas. Weekly benefits for sicknxts or aecident. Bunefits (or
death. Free use of surgeon or physician to all iiu-uibt-rs.
Good Organizers Wanted
to Increase inembeohip. Apply for terms to Home Office, SU Louis, Mo
Weather Report
Weather and crop report of the U.
S. Department of Agriculture, Jack
son station, for the week ending
Saturday, February 1, 1U02.
0 -
Day of Week.
2 c
3 a
Wednesduy ..
Total ...
L. M. Bean, V. Q. U. ti. W. S.
The undersigned has for sale
Berkshire pigs, Black Langshan
roosters and a fine assortment of
sutrar trees for shado trees.
R. A. Caldwell,
Fruitland, Mo.
Mutual Aid Ass'n.
C. II. Volmer is now located
at Alleoville, nnd is prepared to
do blacksmithing in all its
brunches. He also handles all
kinds of farm implements, ma
chine repairs, wagons, bug
gies, etc. He would be pleased
to have all his old customers call
on him for anything in his line.
KieninKcr & Gerler havo pur
chased i he furniture store at
Pocahontas and will carry a full
lino of furniture, metallic caskets,
coffins and shrouds, oils, paints,
glass picture frames, etc., and
invite your patronage.
Dont Be Fooledi
Tsfcs ttssw il

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