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V()l" V "ZvCKSO?nS80UlU. THURSDAY. A1MML 17, 1102. M' 23'
1 v. i' for n y dully rung
Anions llii' iiUmikbiiI litlilinf Holy Writ,
I mlk:lil clt--i:i i r. Tt'iinyiou
International Sunday School
Hccoiul Waiter. Li'xhuii III. April 20.
Acts X.SWi,
When 1 1 1 nt cr-murion of the
proud Cornelian gens received his
latest military assignment, ho
may have commiserated tho ill
luck that cast hi lot among the
offensive unci turbulent Jews.
How little Could he diiceru in it
tho lea-ding of Providence! Mili
tary serv
ice among the Juden
hills was (lod-s wv for l.itn into,
the kingdom His fa.-b ,n Human
wymuiogy, uireuciy snaKcn, grasps
most giutcful'v Hebrew monothe
ism, and is still further prepnred,
to receive the doctrine rtf the
The humility and moral earn
estness of this imperial captain
is put to the severest test imagin
able He is asked to send for u
Galileau peasant amid the dis
gust ins sights and evil odors of a
tanner's house, and such an un
canny source obtain instruction
concerning his supreme interests.
That was a worse ordeal than a
Methodist "mourners' bunch."
The seeker shows his downright
sincerity by not caviling or de
laying. Scaiccly is the angel
gone before his trusty servants
a; o; their way to Joppn.
The Galilean stood in as im -Iterative
need of preparation for
his share iu the transaction as
the Romans, Racial and religious
prejudices the mod inveterate
were to be overcome. Peter
proved as humble and morally
earnest a. Cornelius, and was
soon on his way to C'te-iurea, ulurt
for the faiulusl hint or the D.viuo
Cornelius was not plying his 1
invest igat.ous u. either Hebrewism j W,uu t(J conv-.,)Ce ,ho Church
ur CnriMiam.y . Undestmely or ;t,lal U(c wo,.,(l Wimll M(.Vl.,. at.(.,.pt
Hellishly. When be had obu.i.ed ; Uu, ,us IudaislU) cir
a sure footing upon some new Lumi.isiol)i and al- Tne (.ni0,
height, he was not content until niurci.r ))f Su.ph(M1 ,,., ht,)fid to
he had drawn as many of 1'i prove Uie PI,iril 0f Judaism and
friend, ulc! km.men us posd.le ; i:ijrist-WIlUy i, n-concilable. The
up lo his own uluiude. Ho has a I (.l)llvei.siou of Uiu Euiiopian and
b .use full of them now. They jH SiUuaria &.l!jhvli 1JOI1 lbu Jow.
are sim.- in subdued expectancy. sh chrislia consciousness the
waiting the rising of the Sun of, lrurh ((ml CoJ w;fc. n() res 1Btur
righteousness upon their hearts 1(f l01.SODSi tlalt Juw wnd
'Cornehusdescribes their slate of j GeMe Q fu,,lW.,ieir8 blliiri.
r.ind when he say,: "ow. there-1 an(, Khar0 aljko l0 lU. inheriUnui.
fore, are we all hero present jo c,.aeC
before God to hear all things Pl.oviduoCo Uikc. lho lm.prM.
that are ommauded thee of ; sjb(J a)d M?r u.xin, p.obem of
Co l;" "abeau.iful description of j tlt gU,iig Qf the
entire preparedness to rece.ve thu Juililistn a d c,irisliunilyi Hu
epecieu wivmo u...... oon ,v
ono says it is "a sentence worthy
of being written over every pul
pit in Christendom." Would it
describe or condemn tho average
'congregation of to day f
Peter, in his exordium, con
fesses his late perception of what
was always true, that a God who
is Justice's every self can not bo
swerved by the more accidents of
birth and envirunfieut, but only
iu'responso to personal qualities
of hi'art will bestow his favor.
Jle rehearses the fact of gospel
history, with which his auditors
must pn.b.ibly bo somewhat ac
quainted. li is likely we have
here hut the faintest outline of a
bermon that may have consumed
considerable time in its delivery.
As Peter, at length, reached the
very coro of tho gospel, tho for
giveness of sins through tho
Ineffable Name, their hearts, all
tender and trustful, receive at
crace both gift and Giyer. In
stantl) there is a sound which
Peter could not fail to recognizo.
The radiaut Shekinah is there.
In Java
Natives do not glate coffee with
a cheap and Impure coating. Thar
hare too hich
well at for the
flavor 6f their:
verv American
their package
their high priced
Lion Coffee
which rusts upon each Gentile.
"Tho Pentecost of thu (jentilcs"
is come.
The old proverb, "What Hod
dot's, is woll done," never had a
better exemplification than in tho
manner -Providence took to riil
thu Church of its prejudice, break
down "the middle wall of purti
tion," ami prepare for tf.o unre
stricted admission of the Gentile.
Pu u I was no favorite of the
Jewish-Christian faction. They
suspected, disliked him. Had ho
been forward at this time in this
mutter, rupture and schism would
have been inevitable. Paul after
ward Conserved, hv his .ii.rwml ti.
.,. -, . ,,. utw ..a
invincifcc , jc of
lhe fl.HlU ()f a p..0vidDntinl iutur
vention. Philip, Iho egangelist.
was a rcsii'or.l of Ctisarea. u
neighbor of Cornelius; but ho
lacked the prestige of tho apos
tolate. Peter, on the other hand
the true "apostle of the cir
cemcision," 'most authoritative,
above suspicion' any possibility
of betraying Judaism to Peter
the all-fcigniticant 'visfcn ' eafue.
"He was Cud's best man for the
hour." A"ain, tho conspicuous
candidate for full uud immediate
admission into the Christian
church withoi t submission to the
Hebrew rite was admirably chosen
a man at once openheai ted and
opeuhanded; "of good report
among all the nation of the
Jews;" so much of a Jew and so
much of a Gentile as to' form a
connecting link, between both
The place where this trans
cendeiit saene was to be enacted
was as fitly chosen as the human
instrument and suhicrt: fie.i!i.i-:i
Ul0 supfirh dty oj e
brew soil, tho political, tho very
citadul of Gt ntilnism. The time,
too, was us apt. The ten years
of roiimarative! v fruitless mil
i-.enitt.., llln . ,,..
. unmistakable formu'.arv
for its solution in every instance.
As Cornelius and his companions,
rncircumcised Gentilos, had re
ceived a Pentecostal effusion pre -cisely
like that which tho Jewish
disciples had received, tho dis
tinction of Jew and Gentile was
evidently abolished. Henceforth
it was undoubtedly the divine will
that tlio Gentile should become a
Christian without tirst becoming
a Jew. So a partition more, im -penetiablo
than China's famed
wall melted away.
"I had stomach trouble all my
life, "says Ed w.Mtthler, proprietor
of the Union Mottling Works, Eric,
Pa., "and tried all kinds of remo
dies, went to several doctors and
spent considerable money trying
to get a moment s peace. Finally
I read of KodolDyspcosiuCure and
have been taking it to my great
satisiactnu.l never found its euual
for stomach troutolo and gladly
recommend it in hope that I may
help other sullerers." Kodol Dys
pepsia Cure cures ull stomach
traubies. ou aon t have to diet
Kodol DyspepsiaCure digests what
you eat. 11. L- Jones.
regard for health at
naturally delicious
popular berry. -Thi
roasters wno giaze
cotteej do not aart to loucn or giaie
Mocliai and javaa. Why?
u never glazed or
adulterated. It U
Ttt mld paakx luurM ultona oalitr and d-iihm
Southeast Missouri News.
Morehouse is to have a $1,200
Methodist church.
Slo. Goneviovo ia to have a new
bank building which is lo cost
N. C. ChastecQ was again
nominated representative of
Stoddard county at tho primary
held there April 5.
W. t. Uandall has been ap
pointed postmaster at Poplar
BltifT ami ex-Postmaster Lederer
has tnoyed to St. Louis.
The democratic convention held
ir. VVuynn couuty April 7, gave
Judge Fox 29 voles and Judga
Fort 7 for supremo judge.
Senator G. T. Leu received a
cf.r'foed of seed corn from the
st.'l eitsii Merchants exchange for
distribution atnoug drouth suffer
ers. Current Local.
Last week we stated tho Mar
ble 1 1 1 1 1 Times had purchased the
Press. Wc should have said the
Press had bought the Times.
The two ollices will bo cousoli
'diited. The title' to over one hundred
thousand 'ecres of land in S'.od
dar"d eiidnty has been declared
void by a recent decision of the
supreme court. Tho land was
school property '..n.I should not
have been transferred.
Tho directors of the Carter
County bank declared a semi
annual divideud of 5 per cent on
the amount of capital stock paid
in, which is a very good showing
for a young bank just starting in
business. Current Local.
Prof. A. D. Simpson was re
elected last woek as superintend -ent
of the Charleston public
schools at a salary of f DO per
month. Prof. II. U. Elani, col
ored, was also retained for next
year. He receives $100 a month.
Out of this amount ho employs
two assistants.
A tine private car for tho use of
Vice President L. F. Ulomeyer of
the St. Louis, Memphis &. South
eastern railroad was recived yes
terday. It is a parlor, dining
room and sleeping car combiued.
This car is naeied "Poplar Uliifl."
Newman Krb is having a cur built
for his own private use that will
be as tine as any car in tho couu-
fy. Mr. Krb will call his car
the "Cape Girardeau. Capo
Hon. Moses Whybark was here
Vonday night on his way home
it Marble Hill, from Pemiscot
iounty. Ho stopped over to hear
tho Taylor lecture, and was well
repaid for the stop. Mr. Whybark
is ono of the best lawyers in the
state, and ho is tho most promi-
neut republican "Candidate for
nomination for judge of tho su
preme cenrt. lie made the first
republican speech eyer delivered
in licnnott, iu 18SS. Dunklin
Agent-Jenkins, who had charge
of tho office at -Puxico, on the
St. L., M. A: is. 'E committed
Suicide in tho depot-at thut place
Sunday afternoon 'by taking
poison. - Jenkins was ' rom Kan
sas City aud hud been in charge
of tbo office but three days beforo
-ho committed hirf rash dood. Ho
is reported to- have 'been about? 45
years of ago -and addicted to hard
drinking. No cause was assigned
as the reason of hissolf-dcstruc-
tion. Dexter Messenger.
Southoasf-Missouri is tho com
ing section "of this country, says
the DoSoto Prow. Even tho most
enthusiastic of her citizens have
not realized Until lately the posai
bilitics that exist in this part of
the state. All over this soction
new railroads are opening up
territory and bringing tho people
in closer touch with commercial
centers. Eastern capital is being
invested here. Land valuos aro
advancing and everywhere the
keynote of progress is dominant
Missouri is as yet in tho infancy
of her derelopntont so far as her
natural resources aro concerned
Within a fow years she will rival
any of the states in wealth and
the eyes of tho world will be
I centered upon her.
The Hired Man.
As I am a hired man and read
the Special Fanners' Institute I
want lo have the space in the
"Aftermath" to take exception to
my friend Mr. G. S. Kemp, of
Stanlterry, Mo. He says in his
part of tho world the farmers
have the fashion to denounce
trust and combines, but if he
knows no more of trust and com
bines than he does of the differ
enco between a buggy and a car
riago he certainly does not know
much. He says the hired man.
with a few exceptions, is a
failure, mostly unfortunates and
a class of run-away from homo
loys who aro entitled to very
little respect from any one. lie
certainly ca-ts u slur on ninety
nine out of every huudred of tho
hired men of our Country, for as
a rule they are respectable men.
The man that owns the fnrm and
house in which I am writing is
the owner of 200 acres of land,
started sixteen years ago as a
hired man and to day is worth
HO,K'0. Another man owns 320
acres of as good land as can be
found in central Iowa, herds of
cattle can be seen in his fields.
nnd two carloads of cattle aud
hogs in his feed yard, everything
he bus being free from debt, with
large share in a state bank '.n
central Iowa. This man worked
;is a hired man twenty-live years
ago. and to day is worth $10,000.
I do not call uch men failures.
1 could name scores of others.
When you speak of run -away-
from-home boy, my mind goes
back to history. llunj:unin Frank
lin, the philosopher and stales-
men, was suc:i a uoy. ins renown
was spread over the whole civil
ized world ami honors were
heaped upon him; he was a
ruu-awuy-froin homo boy but
he stood before kings. Mr. Kemp
says he lias hud hired un'i. go to
leep in the lie-Id; maybe ho didn't
give them time to sleep at me
house, by his article I got the
idea that ho begrudged ihvm
their presence at the table. He
spunks of tho hired mau pulling
in at 3 o'clock in the morning,
hut failed to state which ho
palled iu, a carriage or a cattish.
Ho speaks of scouting ttie country
for another man; may bo the
country needs cleaning. He
speaks of the green Irish or Ger
man-not knowing much. Now
who ever heard of a green Irish
man or German? I do not, believe
this man could get a noble Irish
man or a btalwnrt Germau to
work for him at any price, lor I
believe they know too much to
work for such a m m. J believe
'Agricola'' would just as soon
eat at the table with a hired man
as with a king. Live Stock
Who Edits the Progress?
Pr; f. ?. H Summers went to Char
U'Htou Monday On business. Mis.-,
Alice Viuyard taught bis room dur
iin; h'.s abwiicH. Jackson Herald.
Who taught the pupils? Progress.
'If tho Progress editor will
answer these questions he will
know who taught the pupils and
will probutly know tho figuro of
speech used:
Tho court adjourned. What
did tho members of the court do?
The legislature made an appro
priation. Wha'did tho men who
Composed tho legielaturo do?
Tho Capo is republican. What
aro tho ooplo who compose tho
Tho city council mot. What
did tho people that compose tho
council dor
Jonn A- Mott, of 'New Madrid
county, has been circuit clerk for
more than thirty years, nnd is a
candidate for ro-oloction. "Uncle
John" is a stayer, and if ho lived
in this county his reputation as
such would undoubtedly gain him
tho support of one newspaper,
which is vainly searching for a
Candidate with staying qualities,
who will dispel a "hoo-doo." Hut
tho "hoo-doo" ni'ght get oven j
him. KetBOtt Mail.
Capo (Jirardoau county is notj
the only one that keeps good men
in offico for a number of yoars.
William II., son of John M.
Smith, died at his homo April 7,
aged 18 years, 9 months and 2
It is said that death loves a
shining mark, a saying which has
proven truu in this instance, for
"Hilly" was a young man of fine,
scholarly attainments and had an
ambitious desire to succeed. He
never did things by halye-i, but
considered anytl.iug worth doing
at nil was worth doing well.
Honest, upright, truthful, aud
with a moral character beyond
reproach, he was respected by a! I
who knew him. He was a gradu
ate of the Oak Kid go high school
and had attended the normal part
ot two yuars, whore lie won u
gold medal iu a declamatory
Above ull he loved his home
and his life was bound to it by
the strongest lies of affection. A
dutiful sou and loving brother.
who will be sadly missod, has
gouo whero paiu and sorrow
cease to trouble.
The family have tho sympathy
of the entire community in their
bereavement. Tho remains were
laid to rct in the Camp Ground
grave yard, after a funeral sfr
vice conducted by Rev. Latham
A FiUi-.Ni.
A hod -carrier was arrested in
Omaha the other day for carrying
off some kindling wood from the
building on whicn he was work
ing. lie was put in the hurry up
wagon and carried to the police
station and there sentenced for
the henious crime. Senator Clark
stolu 11.000 acres of government
timber land in Montana and they
sen, hitn to tlio Lnited States
senate. Kicker
Half- Sick
" I ftrst ustd Aver'i Sarsaparilla
in the fall of 14S. Since then I
have taken it every tpring as a
blood purifyin s and nerve
strcngthenini! medietrve." ,
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kana.
If you feel run down,
are easily tired, if your
nerves are weak and your
blood is thin, then begin
to take the good old stand
ard family medicine,
Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
It's a regular nerve
lifter, a perfect blood
builder. SIMiMiIc. AllarauUta.
A.h yonr doctor wti.l h thtnka of A vrr'a
Bftipu-il!a. lift kuofl. all ftliout thl. icri.t.4
o.i fftiullf liiadirii.a follow hil ad.lctftua
will uo mll.n.d
J. U. AT Bit CO.. Lnwoll, lUll.
The Champion
As now improved can nt be beaten.
Wo have then:.
If you are iu ueed of any kind of
machinery give us a eall before you buy.
There is u little 'article' that
everybody uses, and'yetl never
soo arrvortised. I look over tb3
daily and weekly press in vain to
And whero it cun be purchased.
On this they are as sitc-nt as the
tomb. In vain 1 look at tho signs
on the street, or in the shopwin-
dow for it. Its price never raises,
and yet it pays handsomely all
who deal in it. And strange to
say there is usually out ono
place in a town that keeps it.
There is always a supply of it
never too much nor too little. It
is never taxed, no matter how
many thousand dollars' worth
aro it stock. There has never
been any corner or speculation iu
it. and its price at wholesale or
retail is always just the same. It
has never mado a millioniare nor
a pauper. That littlo thing is a
postage stamp. Ex.
It might bo interesting reading
to tho taxpayers if soino adminis
tration orgau would explain why
so many "clerks" are employed
during the sessions of our legisla
ture. These "clerks" do little
else than play pokor and druw
their pay. In l'JJl tho senate
employed 132 persons at a cost
exceeding iflio.ooo. 1 hero are
but ;U senators, henco tho ratio
is about four servants to each
senator. Iu the house a like con
dition existed. Since thu tax
payers must foot the hills it may
bo well for them to inquire into
the causo of this worse than use
less extravagance. Scott County
Kicker (Dem).
Let us elect a republican house
this fall aud see if they will not
do butter on this clerk hire.
Hero is a stniifht tip- from a
newspaper called Drains: "There
is only one way to udvertiso, and
tlmt is to hammer your uame, your
location, your business, so con
stantly, so persistently, so thor
oughly into the people's heads
that if they walked in their sleep
they will constantly turn toward
your store. The newspaper is
your friend in spite of your criti-ci:-m.
It helps to build up the
community which supports you.
When tho day comes that the
uewspape;-s aro dead, the people
are near the edge of tho grave
with cobody to wrile the epitaph. "
Til K UKST rKKSl'UIl'llON FOll
Malaria, chills iiml fever is a hot
tlj of -Crete's Tasteless chill
tonic. H is simply'iron and -quinine
in a tasteless formKo cure,
no pay. l'i ice dec.
If you want a buruy. wagon or
harness see Meier Uros. and they
will mako a price that you will
"vSXf Thla Drawa (be Bf
AJ4cd Traclloifc
Between St. Loul and Kaneae City and
And principal points In TViai nnd tho South
went. Tbla train U now throutchout n. Is
nutria tip of the flnoft fiulmw't. provided
ith lM-tHo llirhta) and ail othr moriern
imvptlnfr ftoDVonJuoce. It ruua via our no
Red River Division.
Kvry appliance known to mixlMm caf
ttolMlDK ami railro;uilK ha .orn omplovvd
la th makn-up-tf ihn -vt -innliiHtiif
Cafe Observation Cars,
TJO'lf-r tho matiniriwot nf I'rw. Ifarroy.
Ftitl tuforinaitun u i rati find ull OwalUof
n trlif via thin new rotilr will ho cheerfully
furnfohfvl, upun appllvU m, bj an repre-
auntallve of tho
Look Ahead.
Tho supremo court of Mi-eouri
I has decided tiiat a loooinouse en
gineer on duty inuM look ahead.
IIo must not turn aside lo rebuke
The case was fu'ai of an en
gineer who run over a little girl
because he withdrew his eye from
the rails ahead and aave .-oine
young men btandini; beside the
track a well-merited rebnPrc-for
standing on tho ti nrK ftrd com
pelling him to us. :h'j" 'inr
irericy." Thev had liuM: fun out
of him, but at tho moment when
he rt'proi'ed them the child
stepped On the truck and the
wlieols passed over her.
Loot; ahead.
The supreme court of .nissiviri
declared a moral law In this
Duty i an cuct'.ng muster. It
reouires the whole mind. There
must be no turning aside, halting
or inattention.
Once know your object in life
you shui:!d drive str;vifl l toward
"Do not !i t ' r.iij tbint; itihtrat
your attn'ief M'crt: your
When on duty look ahead. Lx.
V'oley's Kidney Cure makes kid
Neys and bladder ri;ht. Don't de
lay taking. All druggists.
w?T llrftf AO
If you aro looVini; for a Hay-Hake let in
sell you a CI ih i n pi un SoLf Trnp. You can
got them in 8, '', lo and 12 fool signs.
Champion' Mower
dooaclean'cuttlngaod run light.
Remember the Champion ma
' chinea are all so arranged that
you may take up the wear, ao
you will always have a smooth
running machine. For aal by
C. B.Milk
North Side Weat Main Street,
Jackson,- Mo.

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