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The Jackson IMIekald.
M). r
Triulo at tlio JACKSON STORE! GOMPANY- tlio placo whoro ijour clcll.r fjoow fnrtliost
L ( C A L S
We bought 18,80 dozen eggs' Kinder whips at b olter's,
during our egg contest. Anyone j C. H. Wolters went to his farm
having guesses near thin should 'in Stoddard county yesterday
bring them in nt once and nave; Harvester oil at Welter's.
recorded. Jackson Store Co.
Drink Milde's soda.
Wm. l'aar is now a notary pub
lic. Emil t'enzel is suffering with
nn attack of rheumatism.
Keep cool by drinking Milde's
bottled goods.
Miss Addie .Jenkins of Bates-
the family
the auspices of the W. C. T. U.
will be held in Jackson Thursday ,
night, July 14. j
Joseph F. Koehk-r will go to :
Wheat SOc to-day.
Hardware at R, S. Wolter's.
C. W, Henderson went to St.
Louis last Saturday.
F. W. Bueckemann's little boy
is quite sick.
Go to Sibley's for ice-cream.
Wilson Bean returned from St.
Louis Sunday.
Carl McXeely we learn is going j ville) Arif i visitinj
to put up a flouring mill at truit- 0f jjr, j. j,. Jenkins.
land. I Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Williams
Headquarters for fruit cans at : are viewing the sights at the
K. S. Wolter's. j World's Fair this week.
Wm. Oockel and wife went to j ,lvin Penzel, who is attending
St. Louis Tuesday to attend the 1 t;u, Summer school at the Cape,
fair. j spent Sunday at home in Jack-
The .Misses amun 01 omraiwi son. I
... .Mu;tn.r tliu fumilv of Dr. J. I M.ir.liinu i t', nt Mn Vtfp it ' will
atr t initiu v - - i .'in-, ii...,- .- ....
J. MayfielJ. j Buerkle's I
Apply at this office. ijack.so.i yenttrday to meet his! Fjr Sale One
ssemblv No. 8, F. O. U., ot , wife and children wlioare return-
St. Louis will give a boat excur- j ing from a visit io Bloomfield.
sion .Inlv 31. I Nemember that Miss Collecott. : James A. Bowers
Wm. Grohsman has junt fin-i the lady
Tenncee Mountain Preacher,
Ttie in alorlt a; gift of I he pri-ncliers
(if mininmin reitioi.j of Toi:ni'9me In
mm !i ndmiv -I by tln-ir -'tuple parish
liini rB. If somewhitt too florid for e-
..... i o t vertr lasloa. Residents of that part
Ld Howard is in ht. Louis this,,,, f)p cmin(rj. re,nU, nmny anef(U,,,
week attending the Democratic f th.-lr flixitiem-e. a. woifa their ab
national convention and see thej"rd interpretation of Scripture. It
P . I l the hlKht of every boy'a ambition to
'air- I be a preacher, although It Is an affeo-
For buggies and surries see 1 tatlon nmonx the horny-hnnded por
... tp. I "on of the population to pretend to
oner s. dpgpigp those who do not engage In
The Gold Medal contest under ' manual Inbor.
Creditors Were the Onea That
Had Difficulties
About a i.n.utcr et a century sko
St. Louis in a few days to learn ! the nrti-t v .'-;'it went through the
all the points of a Certain kind of j hanUrurtry r, r.rt-a aeqiiel to the
, ' . , , . . ! Whlsilt.T lliia;.;:; trial, which brotiKht
manufacturing, and when heha9;him on! , r..lUl;11K daii.nr.-K and a
become thoroughly Versed in the . very lur.s bill of rusts. The Jesters
matter he will return to Jackson : ale '"rry ami Whlnler with them.
. , , . It was ,lu that Whucler, the man of
and establish a manufacturing .arra! ,.,,,, Rt!i n ri,,,t was hvHlon
! business. W e hope Mr. Ivoehler , ut last he c;:iUi M make an arrange-
f,.r ii nv Win,) nf a ' m.Mit with his creditors. There were
manufacturing business will help
large, sound
........Ir l..... . rvi-.K. nt thiu
enmedioa enaen.-d In Whistler's home,
as when (by a Ix.rrowed Idea) the
' bailiff s man. put Into c.venlne dress,
added to the artist's Klorles by watt
ing at winner. When the bankruptcy
affair was over a friend congratulated
; him on havlna come through his ditfl
I cultlea. "What difficulties?" asked
announces , Whistler. "Oh. tllfiloulties with the
I ..... n....lt...... ,.- .11 .11 Ma. 1, ..... 1.. .l....:t "
u ...:n i,in,cif .. KVnnh f!in enncii- """""''-
'"'I'"1"' -c " . . i exclaime.1
exclaimeii the artist.
nainting mill A, and it! next week, located at the office of 'date for associate judge in the : lmnnthlrs
l . ... ..... . . . . , l .... . T I", - 1 I
"Theirs, you
looks like a master mechanic had i Dr. F. M. Geeslin, over the post
it in charge.
For Sale A horse and buggy.
Apply at this office.
The Jackson people divided up
their forces on the 4ih among the
Pocahontas, Oak Kidge and Cane
Creek picnics.
The oienies held ut various
He will n.ake an honest.
man on trie county uencn.
places in the county on tne 4th
were in the main peaceable and
were well attended.
Rubber tires, road wagons-
full lint. at Wolters's. i one door north of postol'iice, . up
S. C. Lail, J. E. Schmuke and I stairs.
W. K. Miller are in St. Louis j The Baptist ladies will have
Wag' n harness, gooci selection,
at Wolter's
il. Li. Graden. who has been
working at Hasr-linyer's jewelry
store, has accepted a similar .jo- ,
s':tion in Al Chenue's jewelry
store at tpe Cape. I "On the Farm in Old Missouri"
1 ,, who ... sunVrint? with the title of a song with good
e it lie eiip-nte female trouble will
do weli t.i consult Miss Collecott
ivith Dr. F. '. GiesKn. Office
first district. Mr. Bowers has1
filled that position to the satisfac- FAVORITE HOME PAPER- j
tion of the people and is weir Established for nearly a oen-
qualified for the place. The Re-, tury ami read regularly by more
publicans will make no mistake : than oOO.i.lOO persons in the west
if they nominate him August 20. and southwest the Twice-a-Week
Republic of St. Louis can
law claim to that enviabl
e dis-!
tiivtion, '"Favorite Home Paper "j
It is great because it has al-
ways aimed to inform, instruct j
and entertain its readers on allj
this week attending the Demo
cratic national convention.
their sweet pea entertainment at
Turner hail to-night. All those
words and a very fine air by V. C.
Armstrontr. exandson of Judtre
E. V. Wilson of Knox county, I matters of public and home in-
1 tool ...Til 1
. i Missouri This song should be 'est. tn iwm u oe epoe
tin the hands of every Missourian : cially interesting an-.l valuable.
; who loves music and'be as hia!:; i Here are ome realms why you
; prized as "My Old Kentucky jsnouiu suusunue ior n;
A marriage ceremony
have occurred between two lov-
near Fruitland Sunday had
not the father of the girl made a
strenuous protest.
Up-to-date buggy harness at
E. S. Templeton moved into
his new residence at Fruitland
last week. Mr. Templeton sold
part of his place to a Mr. Farrar
of Perry county.
Chas. H. Daues and Miss Delia
Harbin are to be married July 19.
Mr. Daues is a bright young law
yer and is now candidate for the
office of prosecuting attorney on
the Republican ticket.
Screen windows and screen
wire of all kinds at R. S.Wolter's.
John N'eumeyer of the firm of
Beirschwal & Co. of Whitewater
called on us last week. John re-
norts business good, and says
they are buying wheat for the
Cape County Milling Co.
Quarterly meeting at Epworth
church Saturday and Sunday,
July 9 and 10. Basket dinner
Sunday. Rev. A. D. Ball, pre
siding elder, is to preach.
A. K. Stevenson.
Go see D. Klein if you want a
buggy or set of harness.
Col. T. W. Birmingham tells us
that the two young ladies from
Ohio that were here last year will
return, together with three other
young ladies and a young gentle
man of Ohio. This speaks well
for the reputation the J. M. A.
has abroad.
Robert Eulinberg buys rags,
iron, bones, rubber boots and
shoes, copper, brass, zinc and
Orren Wilson, candidate for
prosecuting attorney on the Re
publican ticket, is making a
thorough canvass of the county
and is meeting with great suc
cess, Orren is a hustler and if
nominated and elected he will
make a good defender of the law.
. ' ...U. of r AT V,oll in
'Ulii i ... Riii iuilu-:i v nm 2lh nt
vited and all others will be' , J
, , - ork.
Cliargeu IOC aumiiianee ice,
Bargains in screen doors at
R. S. Wolter's.
W. M. Thomas, son of Ex-Judge
L. F. Thomas of Gravel Hill, and
a Mr. Crowell of St
Home" by Kentuckians. Pub-1 1 his is campaign year and you
jlished by Continental Music Co., j will want to be informed of the
Marriage Licenses.
Foreigners seek in various ways to
express their pen?e of the strenuous
r.ess of American life. An educated
.ciing Kaiian, who is a purist in his
own lantunge, tried to express tha
'lea with precision the other day. Ha
said slowtv and with much care:
"Americans do everything rush'
Alfred Chance and Rosa Shell,
Chas. H. Daues and Delia W.
Lous have ! Harbin, H. S. Elleman and A. C.
opened up a new barber shop on ! Phillips, Frederick Tracy and
west side of public square in the! Ella J. Frissell.
old Robert Moore stand. "
Our Strenuous Life.
Paul Francis and wife of New
Madrid have been visiting the
parents of Mr. Francis for a few
days. Mr. Franeia returned
home yesterday, but Mrs. Fran
cis will remain a few days longer.
Parties still wanting Spears
German Millet and Rape seed can
find same at MeAtee A Buerkle's
Seed Store.
The recent heavy rain de
stroyed almost all the corn and
wheat crop of our old friend, A.
M. Rice. It is pretty hard to
have all that you worked hard
for carried away by the water.
Xow is the time for all who feel
so sorry for Mr. Rice to express
their sorrow in a substantial way.
Start your list and come around.
Fifteen members were installed
in assemby No. 10 at Neelys
Landing last Saturday night.
The Colonials is the coming fra
ternal order and many of us will
live to see it. In making this
statement we do not underrate
other fraternal orders, but we
believe the Colonials have the
proper plan for perpetuity.
We, this week have the pleas
ure of announcing L. R. Johnson,
a farmer and fruitgrower in Cape
township, as a candidate for the
legislature. Mr. Johnson has al
ways been engaged in farming
and fruitgrowing. He is a man
of more than ordinary intelli
gence and is well qualified in ev
ery way to fill the office of rep
resentative. If nominated and
elected he will be a dutiful serv
ant of the people.
ut: Tt
Stock and poultry have few
troubles which are not bowel and
liTer irregularities. B lack
Draught Stock and Poultry Medi
cine is a bowel and liver remedy
for stock. It puts the organs of
digestion in a perfect condition.
Prominent American breeders and
farmers keep their herds and flocks
healthy by giving them an occa
sional dose of Black-Draught Stock
and Poultry Medicine in their
food. Any stock raisr may buy a
2."-cent half-pound air-tight can
of this medicine from his dealer
and keep bis stock in vigorous
health for weeks. Dealers gener
ally keep Black-Drauplit Stocn and
Poultry Medicine. If yours does
not, send 25 cents for a lainple
can to the manufacturers, The
Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chat
tanooga, Tenn.
RocniLLS, OA., Jn. SO, lSOL
Blsck-Oraaght Stock and Poultry
Medicine Is ths beet I eier tried, Onr
stock wm looking bsd when yoa sent
dm the medietas and now they r
getting so fine. They an looking as
per cent- better.
movements of party leaders, re
ports of the great National and
State conventions, the progress
of the campaign, reports of the
elections, etc.
You will want to know all
about the World's fair to be held
in St. Louis from April 30 to
December 1, 1004.
You will be interested in and
kept well informed by the Farm
Visitor, a regular "supplement of
the paper, prepared especially
for the farmer and his family.
You will want to know what
the world is doing in every field
of activity, and through the un
surpassed news and special ser
vice op tne l wice-a-w eeK re
public you will not be disappoint
ed. In short sketches, choice bits of
Fiction, articles of interest to wom
en, children am! the home, fash
ion hints and helpful household
suggestions the Twice-a-Week
Republic easily leads among the
weeklies of the great west.
If you want the Twice-a-Week
Republic sent to your address,
order it at once direct from the
office at St. Louis, Mo. or through
your local newsdealer. It costs
only $1 a year.
boa uu.
i i m wjxw six
Made a
Well Ma
the j 4JJA. oi Me.
' prodnoes the abors retails In SO days. It si
j BowerfuJIriodQuleklT. Cuiee wnen ell otben te.
' touns men will ngtin their lost minnood.endold
I men will recoTer tbelr youlbtul eisor br tulng
: RETIVO. It gulcklr end eurely reetoree Nerroue-
Deu, Lost Viulltr, Impotencr. Nlglitlr Emlneloae,
! toil Power, gelling Memory, Weellnc Dliaeeee, end
- aU effect of eeU ebuse or exotnewd Indiscretion,
, wblch mSleonefortud7,butlneeormerrlue. It
Botonlreureebreterilugsttbeeesl of dlsesse.but
I te eerest n.na .,nl md tilond bnUder. bring.
lug beck tbe pink glow to yule cheke and re
storing the lire of youth, ft wsrde off Inunlti
and Consumption. Insist oa beting IttVIVO, ne
ether. II esa be carried In eoct rocket. Br mell
14)0 per necktie, or ell lor tt.oo, with poet
tie written gmermntee So care or reland
he enoBry. B(. sua eorlse f ree. AUdrett
For sale by H. L. Jor.es, Jackson
hp Gir:;i;:i County Savings Bank,
Jackson, Mo.--
Capital". $50,000.00
Surplus $25,000.00
Wtt i-arry lnuirlary iiiMir;un't' auninst
lth ilnylijjlit ami niirht rolilit vy. We
list the M oslfr Si it-w ).r,. Triitlt- Time
lioek, Uu rii'liii J'rt! Sale. We solicit
Your )usiiicss. whether hirire or small,
jiroinisinj; every aecomoihttioti consist
ent with sou i nl nl eouservntive luink-
W. H. Miller, President. Ed Howard, Cashier,
W. C. Cracraft, Vice-Pres. Alvln Boss. Asst. C'shr
W. II. Miller. W. C. rr;ii-ran. .1. I., llinkle. CIiiik K. islnci.
f. V. Hi'inli-isiui. i. I. Statler. IM. Howard.
Big Sale on Embroideries.
Forrre. (y 50c a yard now 25c a yard
Practically 50'
Our jirices are lower than ever before oflVivil.
To say we sell ten times more embroiil -erics
anl laces than the eonihin-'il stmv- -l lhi
city will 1m-?i .-malt'estimato ol! amount we handle
? anu sell of these articles. (. oiue early.
Sale Going on all this Week.
Keiiieinber. the Cut Hate Store. Visitors and
customers accorded a delightful attention. Ladies
especially utvireu. we also sen
very low prices.
R. REEHAN tS: CO., Jackson. Ho.
South High Street.
Missoutt State Fair. j Notice.
i The undt'i'sitriu'd enlarges jiho-
The fourth annual exhibition ; togrurihs, frames pictures and
of the Missouri Kate fair should; can sell you almost any variety
be the must successful in the his-! (if pictures at reasonable prices,
tory of the institution. The! Call on him at Jackson, Mo.
dates selected, August 15 to 1!), Residence in Shorter property
do not conflict with the live stock near Volksfruend office,
exhibit at St. Louis, nor with any j., Thkopoke Sachsk.
of the great state fairs. This;
should assure a great live stock:
exhibit and an unrivaled display j
of agricultural products. i
Lodge Directory.
The Tribe
Missourians and Missouri tx- the A. O. L'.
Ken Hur meets in
V. hall the second
hibitors should be impressed with ' and fourth Monday nights of
the importance of the State Fair 'each month at 8 o'clock. Chas.
and remember that it is a perm a- j Hurst, chief; Joe Vance, scribe.
nent institution destined to de
velop the state's resources, pro-
The Tent of the
meets in the A. O. U.
V. hall the
mote its industries, advertise its first and second Tuesday nights
advantages, its wealth and its of each month at 8 o'clock. Jos.
grandeur, for all time to come. ' Milde, commander; A. F. Will
No unusual oecurance, regard- I jams, secretary,
less of its magnitude and its at-j Th(, jacks)on a. O. U. W. No.
tractions; no entertainment for a J m meet9 ,he firHt and third
season, however brilliant it may j Monday nights of each month at
be, should detract from an inter-;o'cioek. Chas. Daley, master
est in th State Fair, or cause ' Workman ; !". W. Keuckeman,
Missourians to swerve in their , recorder.
loyalty to an institution that; The Fratei.nil, Order of Colo-
thmughout future generations, i
is to stand for them, or their
nrocress, and the advancement.
of their industral interests.
nials meets in the A. O. Ui-W,
hall the first and third Thursday
i nights of each month at 8 o'clock.
A. C.
troubles bv removing ttie cause. Price 50c
S. H, W1NSTF.AU MED. CD. Paducah, M-
B. F. Lusk, president;
Curei Constiition , Schmuke, secretary.
and nil stmnache !
For Constipatou.
Clears tbe Braiti.V
ce la
t u4
' yon
1 pro-
7 for
I ar
at of
t the
I the
e of
1 will
rtlre .
1 the'
1 (Ted
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